WWL>Topics>>3/16/17 Scoot 2pm- Should President Trump apologize?

3/16/17 Scoot 2pm- Should President Trump apologize?

Mar 16, 2017|

House Intelligence committee said today that no evidence that President Obama wiretapped Donald Trump. Should he apologize?

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It is a beautiful Thursday afternoon march the sixteenth and now we're going to a slow warming trend tomorrow is going to be. Ideal. He's going to be a great day for Saint Patrick's Day on a Friday the street parties all over the city. I it's it's going to be an epic day and I'm telling you there are people who were going to. Leave work. And they're not gonna return. Tomorrow. Honestly I think there're probably some people who are gonna just. Disappear pyramid they're never gonna come back again because on their date their party they just pick a loss epic happened. This city definitely knows how to celebrate. Saint Patrick's Day. I'm scoot to the afternoon I'm glad you're with us. In the next hour we'll talk about the Stevie Nicks concert last night and even if you didn't go to the concert if you want Stevie Nicks I think will be interest it in my observations about. The concert. I feel like I saw Stevie Nicks relief for the first time. Last night even though I syrup a couple of times including two years ago it. And Jazz Fest there's just something really unique about her last night we'll talk about that in the next hour I wrote a blog about this. And it's sensibly titles are review other Stevie Nicks concert in New Orleans you can read that it share with you friends that are. Stevie Nicks fans but one thing that I got from the concert there will talk about next hour is this idea that that Stevie talked about writing songs. Before she became who she is. She wrote the song landslide when she was a waitress in a cleaning lady. Look what that song did for them as with the song continues to do for her and for Fleetwood Mac today. The point is. Stevie Nicks was doing something. She you know where would lead but she belief in what she was doing she believed in herself. And look what happened. So is there something that you could look back on in your life. Did you did it led to where you are today. Where did you start. How did you start. And where are you today. And this kind of fits into this theme of what we've been talking about this week. And it is that. If you have hope. And if you believe you can do something. You really can't do it. But sadly so many people are told by. By the parents they have around them the adults they have around and the older people around them their community. That there are disadvantaged and they're never gonna amount to anything and the system is totally against that they're totally discouraged. So to talk about the things that. We started with the where we started it what we did in the very beginning that led us to where we are today I think those are good inspirational stories we'll get into that coming up in the next hour. Intelligence leaders in the senate. Have now said the president Trump's claim that he was wiretapped by former President Obama is false. The president appeared on Tucker Carlson last night on fox news network. And the president said wiretapping. Is pretty old fashioned stuff. But that really covers surveillance and many other things. So. Now the president wants to suggest that his phone really wasn't tapped necessarily that there were other things that may have been done. By the former president. I don't think it's criticizing trough to say Bobby does criticize you but I don't think it's unfairly bashing come to say that. He tried to change the definition of what he originally sent. So here's the question whether you support truck or not. How should president trough handle this. Because it seems to me that he keeps sticking himself in a deeper and deeper hole. What would your advice speech president trot. You see that the whole idea of bashing the media is not working right now. Because he was so on this mission. To blame everything negative on the media. Well we got to the point where you really can't do that anymore. It doesn't work. If you do something is wrong in the immediate cause you want it that's not the media's fault that's. Your fault. Sometimes I wonder if president trump is actually having a good time being president. If you think about Donald Trump. And the wings like Wallace. Sometimes I I I I I see him and I wonder if he's actually having fun. But I really wanna focus on this idea how would you handle how we should tell president truck to handle the situation because personally I think he's got a handle. I mean this has just gotten to the point where look. It's obvious. That he didn't really mean what he said. Could he technically be sued by President Obama. I guess that's possible because this would be defamation of character. When you think about their relationship it's certainly obvious that there was malicious intent. In president trump Tweety what he tweeted about. Horrible I just discovered there wiretapped. By former President Obama. And it also seems to coincide with day and ultra ultra conservative radio talk show host going on a screaming yelling rant. On his conservative show marked with him. That there was wiretapping it seems as if this encouraged. President trop to make this claim. So this means we have a president that is totally reactionary. And in a president that is actually taking cues from a radio talk show host. That at this point turn out to not be true Levy who's more credible the radio talk show host or the Senate Intelligence Committee. I would say the Senate Intelligence Committee. And this is a bipartisan criticism by the way. How do you think trump should handle things. If you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 26 cell. 170. Every coach 5042601. A seventy. In a text is a 77. Here's a Texas says very simple. Stop law. And the text as Trump's ego keeps. Getting in the way. There's a tech start trop as a con man and a liar. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601878. Text. 877. At a campaign rally paid for by the 2020. Campaign committee for president trump. This is for paid for by his reelection campaign committee coming up the president was at a rally in Nashville last night he talked about keeping promises. They're a little over fifty days since my inauguration. And we've been putting our America first agenda very much and actually you see what's happened. We're keeping our promises in fact they have signs he's kept his promise are all over the place I have. We have done far more. I think maybe more than anybody's done in this office in fifty days that I could. I agree with him. The problem is he just says these other things that don't even make any sense. That distract everybody from the things that he still. What president trump has it in my opinion. Set a new standard for what people should do when they become president. I love his aggressive attitude. Sometimes I guess has been a little bit too aggressive and maybe he's a slow down a little bit but I love the idea that he went in the and he went to work. The problem is you can't accuse of former president. Of wire tapping your phones trump tower. Apparently taking our cue from a maniacal radio talk show host to his ranting and raving too. Fire erupting. Get his audience all rallied up around this idea on my god he's been wiretap Obama. Where is the evidence mark within. And the president can't even seem to come up with the evidence so both of those guys aren't looking really bright at this point. If you're on hold stay with this if you wanna join us with your thoughts or comments are number is 2601. A seventy every coach final four to six L one a seventy. Tex ever. 87870. Last I saw Fleetwood Mac and actually back you think they would die because she did somebody say we're back songs and she's been such an integral part of they would back for so long so Stevie Nicks at the son of the king center. On this was one of the songs she played in the audience responded wildly even if you didn't go to the concert I think to be pursued in our topic next hour. We talk about a review of the concert. I'm skewed it will be back on WL. It's always president trump simply misunderstood. House speaker Paul Ryan I remind you he's a Republican from Wisconsin. He told reporters today about front sooner in theory about being wiretapped. Quote. We've cleared that up we've seen no evidence of that. How should trump handled this. Opera gin chilly tong here on WWL. Thank you particular calls to a charitable. This is very simple way to clear about it's it's called being the man in the world and not a Q all right. You apologize to President Obama. On it. This year is that as a borderline case for impeachment we're talking about here. Accusing former president of the wiretapping trump tower aren't that it was apology. It was there it was a big deal when he did it and he should apologize because there is no evidence Tom I mean I'm appreciative of the comet. I mean even fewer troops supporter. Intact maybe that's another wait to approach this this conversation. If you're a loyal supporter. How do you defend the president at this point for most Jefferson Becky here on WWL. I do good. I'd get my opinion on it. I actually saying. Number one bit completely I don't believe that we have gotten pregnant and elect Clinton outing and the job he really doesn't know what you. Heading into new and it's just like Al brain and part wily application web while they don't get it be known as our our president to resign. Well on Nixon resigned. You know. Beckett last night's rally in Nashville was paid for by the committee to re elect president trot in 2001. There. A lot of people excited about it but. Mean if nothing else don't you think president front should like just address this this is not gonna oh yeah until he presses and on and says look I made a mistake I should not have done that. It was a mistake I'm gonna be more careful with my tweets. Well and at creating busy and you need acknowledging. That with Perkins out in everything that we think are. Yeah. Yeah I don't see him doing it but it certainly is the thing that he should do. From. Somewhere on the cellphone stand here and Evian you really stand. I am this goes to show that listening to it both sides because. While there any chance. Look at them and falling off to school optical pick up. If so can you want to call new program. Into a. In all their demand chain of he would get more than a few weeks the Oprah no. The stain you can't do you cannot support a president lying about something as profound. What can you didn't. Refute what you stand would you say the same thing to house speaker Paul Ryan are you telling me. What are. You when you wouldn't say this that you wouldn't say the sick you wouldn't. And it's the only guy I don't know camp. In. Oh. You know. Oh. Yeah open. In Poland and in the end. Of the statute. That I remember it. Globally in Germany and there. Would get to now. Believe that they knew where he may have a maniac. And to me and I. Send you used you stand by the president and and you think that he's gonna come up with evidence that proves he's right. I open. And guys can give me a chance points while. Ian we can't you know that is seen he's been out to add to what he has a magnet. This is not. This is not stand listen for meant. This is not about left or right Paul Ryan is not left and Paul Ryan says. They cleared it up there's no evidence there are Republicans say there's no evidence that the president has had the president has had a chance to prove that he's right and he hasn't done it. It's not about not giving him a chance just like he just needs to attack this head on and put behind. So it's and actually. Get something out there and mill churning near. Pull something. I us or ice I suggest that you can. I suggest that you listen and not make assumptions. You know again people. People are so quick to have this myopic judgment of everybody and and briefs everything and I guess it's because. You hear so much bias coming out of the radio. That people are conditioned to think that if you say one thing negative about trump that you must be extremely liberal. If you say one thing positive about president you must be extremely conservative. That is not the case. Gary you're under the WL. So to grow figuring. That particular column and I enjoy. It program. But again a big true and you. There and does okay where did it did. When that it would paid me it would derail. At nowhere and a possible way it's done. Yeah I was hundred children I was Alastair Gary I was joking about it. I was joking when I say that there he. Good thing no way to look at it until Obama an extra they are grew open a Big Ten expanding mid go to Erica did. And I'm did they do is Angel and made an inside take then. You bet not look at Butler that would account that would well so. Normal fall as and you know we're not only are you familiar yeah you know. Wait I wanna get this straight you're a former ex Catholic or are you an ex Catholic now. Noah I'm appalled by cat today so you're accountable. There would audit and you've read the article quit the political pro who took up the creek and each and every. Day Oscar here been. The open a bottle or not. Now Gary I was just last hour when we were talking about Terry eating corn beef on tomorrow I'll receive just joking about the fact that there are people on doing a bomber happened health treaty meet on Fridays. I look at I mean you know Friday if you don't. I've started when I was a candidate you know what did attend that dealt with DeKalb original hostilities meat you know. It didn't and he cited don't. That's you know that's you know an adult but he you know wicca at first I did you know. I don't see Jerry RIR I I appreciate the call and you know sometimes don't take everything that I say it quite so seriously cassette on some kind of joke about stuff that it. Is ridiculous because it's ridiculous. Right doing wage you know enjoyed pool. Russia you have a great to have you have great great afternoon Gary party your whole stay when this if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon yet he just joined us last hour we're talking about the archbishop giving up Catholics in the archdiocese of New Orleans permission to eat corn beef tomorrow. It's Saint Patrick's Day and it falls at a party during the lancing not supposed to eat corn beefed. And I'm I'm not opposed to that ruling on simply using this as a as a point of saying sometimes. Man made rules of the church can change. And isn't that okay. Night after our CBS and W Leo these updates will be right back with more of your comments. Perhaps this is Sarah phrase that president truck Sherrod become more familiar with. The song for the eighties Lauren Brenner and self control. I'm still in the afternoon on this is not an example of a radio talk show host bashing the president of the United States this is an example of a radio talk show host. Asking questions like many people should and like the media in general is asking. About president trop not having any information to support his claim that he was wiretapped by former president. Obama. And you know they're there aren't there are so many mean. There are mean conservative people on the year. It's remarkable event is just a means he's like a mean guy. And he's it was just so mean in this this rant. On a ballots. Obama. Wiretapping trial. Interestingly right after the act president trump himself says I was wire tap in Detroit. But senate intelligence leaders. Are now announcing the president Trump's claim. About the wiretapping. Is false. So how should president trump handled his criticism. Should he apologize. Or do you still believe that he will produce evidence that shows he's right. That's a party jag opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com how do you think you should handle this a joke you're on their VW on good afternoon. I thought it. I just wonder why nobody has talked about that we keep each dome but it seemed like where are Trump's bet there. We we don't vote for make sure they're pretty sure that they're pretty much trapping caught. I mean I don't hear anybody enemy knew anything about it are my comments don't want it open only tapping out. Samsung all over report art followed our every. Bit on what act like any fraud in what. That we ought though. Which are both essential so those who talk about we got app that you look forward. Well I want to do why hasn't the president come forward to that why why is the Senate Intelligence Committee going hey mister president it's all false what. Mean I'm not the only one saying that street Paul Ryan and others are or are saying this Republicans are saying this why why would they say that. I don't want to brown a couple of it is we document because because. I liked it but it how to back up now but I liked you better like Federer looked at it like there's. Well Joseph I mean it could be you know it could be that he looked at information and jumped to a conclusion that he shouldn't have a job too because he specifically. Indicated through the tweet and this was the way most people received it. As an indication that a former President Obama was directly involved. In wiretapping. Trump now if somebody else was wiretapped and and and trumpet some of his campaign workers were picked up in that wiretap that's a completely different suggestion from what president trot suggest. We are pretty much anguish and wiretap on it and he brilliant man election ballot like to know you're looking at a Barbie that to happen. Market. It. They might be by your recent surround quite the problem is that he said wiretapped and if this if the shoe was on the other authority and President Obama did this I've a feeling that you'd be calling. And you'd be holding President Obama to the comment he made. Probably like wiretap the second actually ordered in nineteen expect people have all of them become a public art all right. I'm emit more. Well why why would he pick up the phone and and get the Justice Department on the phone to come forward to the informant who what why why did I mean. Maybe you still think he's gonna comfortable with the government. Alberto. I'd be happy affect what you are all I thought it would be rich so wired I thought I looked at looked a lot of reporting on it. Graduates aren't political from the spoke back because they say it might be a pop. Right so then why is your president. Why isn't he not standing up for himself. I think he's going to bring some preparation next two weeks it would the last thing. And our meeting. Probably and we will say it like it if he's if he's right I mean I'll be the first to a bad luck he's right. I was wrong. But it just. A lot of people incremented which not a part of it and everybody can be incriminating and useful thing. What we are other there. Not so. Aren't they Joseph also beat luck that the president. Joseph the president of the United States is also said luck. I didn't really mean wiretapping and I really didn't mean there's so he's he's he's already backing up home so obviously demand regrets what he tweet. I don't think you regret that could be look back now to me. And you're entitled to tooth to think that Joseph appreciate the call. Everybody's entitled to their opinion and their interview with this. It just seems to me that there's a lot of evidence indicating that. President trump made a mistake in making this. Broad accusation against former President Obama that's not criticism of truck and support of Obama wise criticism of of tropics not supportable Obama. It's in its criticism of look this president has a great responsibility. Is just a Smart man. And Mickey isn't a typical politician. But at this point he should be Smart enough to realize what he can and cannot do in the White House. And so there have been moments like this. It's scare people. And again I'm gonna go back and give you a quote from Paul Ryan today. Paul Ryan said that. We've cleared that up. We've seen no evidence of that. Paul Ryan speaker of the house. Has seen no evidence. That president truck was surveil. Or wire tapped. I didn't say that I agree with Paul Ryan and the Paul Ryan said. If you would join us our numbers 2601 a seventy. And protection oversee 7870. Yeah I mean I I guess is in some ways this is a great example of the fake news. That Donald Trump criticizes others for delivering when in reality. At this point this was fake news. Here's a song for Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary talking about his son his boss now I mean he's a little hard to handle lot. I respect Sean Spicer for the job ESQ and I hope all this comes down because it's unnecessary. Will be Decker WL. On this day marks the sixty to 1971. Simon and Garfunkel worth a first winners to win the so called Triple Crown of the grammys. Bridge over troubled water won song of the year. Record of the year. An album of the year. They dominated. Here's a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll on. Should president trump apologize for the claimed that he was wiretapped by former President Obama or do you think that he's still going to come forward with evidence that proves he's right. 37% say he should apologize 63%. Say I still think he will produce the evidence. Leadership for your by going to our web site WW dot com. I got a text your very critical of me how dare you call it fake news winning in reality it is clearly alternative tax in that was my bad. Are from New Orleans Lloyd here and every WL. Thank you hours a good. You know what I would like to say is that there aren't really disappointed. In people that. We make a case that is okay for our president. To put out. Incorrect information. I'm not insane that child laws that presidential lies and you can't just say hello give them a chance a chance to content. I don't know who started and we are more important stop. Well this this is not about giving him a chance I mean I understand looking I've been very supportive of what discuss the president on this was a fair election and he needs to be given a chance to perform. This is not about giving him a chance this is about. Calling him on what appears to be. Blatant lie. Unless we are proven wrong. And from New Orleans Chris welcome to W well. He's easily. It's. Or soccer. She and chip in. I like to express. I'm not going to aged people are asking for an apology. From general. Between India and eventually you'll whether a leader. Two people yeah. Or for colluding DNC intern in media or. People. Ought. A row without be colluding with the DNC to root that does leaked emails. Trip to a Chechnya to the people who want to you immediately. Oh in their lives on Internet you'll go. But so are journalists that colluded. Would jump at that. Yeah they should apologize for that that was wrong. And it just student it was and it it was a total annihilation. Of their trustworthiness its errors it's actually quite sickening certainly. I don't know why I mean I guy I get that the media deserves a lot of the criticism that it has received. It can be investigated. All my god grant so all I gotta Torres Chris and the conversations. I mean you don't miss that. I mean I'm not gonna allow them. Situation a fake news and you just less total. Credibility with me. To perpetuate that fake story. That John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. With the the ringleaders of a child porn ring out of pizza parlor in the DC area is absolutely. Read my lips stupid. If hero Arnold hang on I'm astute. And we'll be back and imperial by the way happy happy birthday today too it Nancy Wilson of heart. She's with Theo long reddish blond hair Nancy Wilson 63 years old today and man these girls are still rocket. Will be back. This is on the song Stevie Nicks fighting concert last nice who became senator I thought she was amazing. I feel like I saw her for the first time last night. Even if you weren't there I I think you'll enjoy our conversation our next hour where they reviewed the Stevie Nicks concert and also when I took from it was. The things you do long before you become something in life can have a very big impact on on who you become so we'll talk about that in the next hour. Here's a Texas says son had a crush on and we'll send back in her day. Well I had a crush on Nancy Wilson who today is 63 so on you you know we could have could have double dated. Here's a text you kinda lost your cool their man. Yeah you know sometimes I do get a little excited and passionate. Here with callers. Probably should. Maintain my cool so. I probably should never ever. Ever. Lose my temper. I probably should just always remain calm like. You know I'm a human being and I don't want to make T I'm not a politician I don't wanna make a promise and kinky. I can't promise that'll never lose my temper on the show can't promise it'll never get on a forget passionate. When somebody's on agenda is based on the idea that John Podesta. Campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. Should be investigated and arrested for. Leading a child pornography ring oddity pizza parlor. In the DC area I mean that's laughable. It's absolutely. Laughable. Many believe the president trop will still come up with the information and the evidence that proves. That he was right about that they're the Obama administration wiretapping him but the selling Senate Intelligence Committee leaders have said. Based on white vase what they have seen. President trusts claim is absolutely false. I'm scooter the afternoon going to witness recover and right back.