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3/16/17 Scoot 3pm- Stevie Nicks concert

Mar 16, 2017|

Stevie Nicks in concert last night at the Smoothie King Center. She was amazing! But it was as if I was seeing Stevie Nicks for the first time!Can you think of something you did or something that happened a long time ago that proved to be significant in your life? And how have you changed? Politically, socially and personally?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the saw Stevie Nicks said did last night in concert at this movie king senator. And one of the first story she told was a story about how she first met Tom Petty they became friends his name would resurface in another story later in the show. But the story she told about Tom Petty had been let into this source outright in my heart was just aren't great about how they. They became friends and she would go to his basement to are recording studio in the LA area and record stuff and heart breakers or come over never record things together. I Tom wasn't there last night dissing this duet with her but Chrissie Hynde other pretenders opened the show for a Stevie Nicks. Christie walked out to a tremendous applause and saying that Tom Petty hearts of a song that was an epic rock moment last night. I saw Stevie knicks last night and even though I've seen her before I felt like last night was the first time I saw her. I broader review it's on our website at WWL dot com a Stevie Nicks and it was concert tour of the review. And even if you weren't there if you want to feel like Stevie Nicks or just appreciate. Rock and especially rock that comes from the past with performers still performing today. I hope you enjoy this this blogger reading this year with those receiving expands. I worked talk about this at this hour still let people on hold a wanna talk about trumpet if you wanna stay on hold all I'll get to your calls. But last night was an extraordinary moment for me. I think a lot of concerts and I've got to see the concert last night has now gone into my top five concerts I ever did to. I've seen Stevie Nicks in the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in Baton Rouge shouldn't because it was two years ago sorry chance fast. And I got tickets but I wasn't sure either wanted to make the effort to go only to stay home and watch all the stuff developing about trump what CNN and Fox News and MSNBC. And that's my night going back and forth between all the channels taking notes for the show the next morning I could've stayed in general out. So I don't know to what some are right you know what I'm gonna take a break taking a break from all this in a going to the concert. One of the reasons I was somewhat reluctant to go was because I feel like every time I saw her she was the same she was great. But she was the same. I was wrong. I feel like I saw Stevie Nicks for the first time last night. She turned a bigger arena into an intimate evening. Of singing and storytelling. With Stevie Nicks and with a degree of honesty that really gave us a glimpse into her personal life. She talked about how much her life and success have been a surprise to her. And we she first heard playing music in a in a band. She lamented about being a waitress. A cleaning lady. And she and her love Lindsey Buckingham drove around in an old Toyota that did even have reverse. Division those early times helped us understand. How she. Reacted the first time she flew first class and was picked up in a long Blackley missing. Her life has been a surprise to her. So we're talking about the concert in place in the sun is that you played last night. I also wanna talk about. Things that you in your life can look back cause. And realize it's something that you do it early in your life. Was an indication of who you would become today. Where were you. Compared to who you are today. And as I mentioned earlier this. Kind of fits the theme of what we've been talking about this week about hope and about believing in yourself. In about having confidence and in yourself and and in the future. She just talked about things like. She she wrote the song landslide. Which she was 27 years old in nineteen so everything she was a cleaning lady and a waitress what she wrote that song. That was in her. When she was just a cleaning lady in a waitress. Can you think of something that was in new. Can you think of where you war. And how that might have been an indication of who you were to become. She believed in herself she did know. How she'd get they are when she would get there but she she believed that herself also I have to be honest about this you know I don't know firsthand I know people in the business. And it was really no secret that it's Stevie Nicks and Steve would Mac. Really love cocaine. I mean want to date cocaine according to people I talk to on one tour was in a quart sized shark. Backstage. And when I saw her in Baton Rouge a particular and she would leave the stage. A number of times for costume change. The assumption while she's going back there to do pop. I can't verify that I know people in the business and this was just generally believed in the distance not tea last night. Stevie Nicks did briefly leave the stage to add something or changer a costume and including the regional bell and Don a cape which was also if you brought that out. And you really got the feeling that she was just trying to freshen up her her look for for different songs. As she wasn't doing what she may be used to do. She was really. She was like I've never seen her before. She looks happier she looks great she sounded great. And she had this personal attitude with the audience that. I think gave a lot of credence to the notion that. You can have bad habits in the past you'd change those habits he becomes somebody completely different today. The theme of the current tour was performing many of the songs that she laughed. And ended up in a box on the floor they were never heard in public. Now she did a lot of favors like Gypsy at age of seventeen Rihanna and stand back a song GO divot prints that you talked about her respect for prince and her brief. Pricing relationship I don't mean sexual relationship or musical relationship with prints. She says that when she gets nervous walking out on stage now. She looks up and asks prints. To be with her and to walk with her to hold her arm and walk with her and she police cities there. And like so many rock stars Stevie Nicks love New Orleans. Put her story about sitting on the sofa. Overlooking the ocean. Watching the breaking news about this incredible story may Katrina. Touched her so deeply inspired her to write a song titled New Orleans. She said last night was the first time they performed the song in public. You're gonna hear part of that song coming up in just a few minutes. I mean the crowd loved it. And it was obvious that she was writing a song about the resilient strong people of New Orleans. And she was also. Writing a song about it she explained. People that she knew loved their city. And it no matter what challenge the storm brought. They were gonna come back. When she was right. And at the end of the song New Orleans when we applaud or her. The spotlight Bernard her. She applauded us and receive rewards. There were times when she was a bit philosophical and and motivational. And at what point she counted the years. Which you throw one song and performed it last night. She figured it was 44 years ago that she wrote that song which he performed it last night. She explained how amazed she wants at disarmed she wrote in which she was a waitress and cleaning lady. And here she is it's funny this huge rock crowd 44 years later. She told the audience that this is an example of having a dream. And believing you can do it. Can you think of a time. Early in your life I don't know what you do now what whatever you do now was there something early in your life that gave you an indication. Did she would be who you are today. What was that. If you were there last night to rejoice from the comet are numbers 26018 symphony. And even if you worked there this is conversation for you as well and if you weren't there because everybody can Peter and I. Surprise I hate to talk about how great concert was because not everybody can beat you are and what you feel badly about not being there because she can't be everywhere. But if you if you like Stevie Nicks this was. This was an amazing show I I hope you couldn't at least vicariously feel like you've got a sense of of what happened last night if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260. 1878. Every coach 5042601878. Text number 87070. And here's the song she wrote which he was a waitress in the cleaning played a song it's been covered by Smashing Pumpkins. Dixie Chicks. Landslide. Is an unbelievable songs about life it's a very prophetic song about life. Had a song that she wrote about her relationship and her dad. Coming up out of this break you'll hear part of this song in New Orleans written by Stevie Nicks that she performed last night for the first time. It's about you and me. It's about our city. I'm scoots and we'll be back on WL. Stevie Nicks wrote this song in New Orleans about terrorist she says New Orleans about two I'm products that are sitting. It was a Katrina and it was about how she had dissents watching the bulletins about as the storm approaching New Orleans that. The city no matter what I went through was gonna was gonna come back. I'm getting a few text here saying they did not like Stevie Nicks last night and they say she talked too much. There were times as the show went on a few times later in the show win may be the story's got a little bit too long but I wouldn't trade. Shorter more concise stories. For this overall biographical feel that I got for Stevie knicks last night. And an issue no art is subjective not everybody's going to like the same thing I'm just giving you my opinion of Stevie knicks there might be totally different the years. But you know as I am I ready critique for a concert I've I I feel like I need to find something to criticize. But then that's really not fair is it. Sometimes I think that it's that the critics look for things to criticize to justify being a critic. And feel like if they just say something positive then. They're just a cheerleader for. Whoever. I don't feel that way and just being honest about about the show what about the oppression and her had on me. Here is a text. That says scoot you're making me mad at myself for not going to see Stevie Nicks I went to solve daily until recently. And have seen him before but this time was much a much better concert I feel also like he was telling a story. Yeah it was like it was like being part of storyteller Swiss with Stevie an excellent site again I enjoyed it but it it was not for everybody. Mean the place was almost pull it may have been a sellout or close to a sellout. And there were few seats dice our sovereignty but sometimes such as people who who love who don't show up. But I've you know again I enjoyed it and I'm not trying to make anybody who didn't go feel badly about not going. I'm just giving you my impression of the concert off from Metairie Frankie ride every WLA good afternoon. Might might it mean OK Mike give yeah. Odds are it's out of the concert. Q quick takeaways. Which are saying. First take away from me personally think he kind of goes to sink in I think. The girl's diary should probably like 51. So hooked my girls to go. Yeah yeah I don't object to Egypt and exactly. Beyoncé but Jews liked on the book and imagery from a I don't. You going sightseeing tour. That would don't putt well and I've never seen her before that a a big fan but it monitors and that some people thought that she talk both so much. How we met some people actively kind of got a mixture of fuel to some but I thought she did talk about but I. Percy took a little different some historical tapered somewhat and came across Camille Little. Self indulgent to me and I've never beaten batters. Buy it at this summer. You don't mention did the noise thing she did the cleaning it just seemed like a lot of it. Was even historical focus on her and like he said there's some of artists like that social restored actually it was when Paul McCartney was here years ago. They told a few little small stores and all but it was specifically about the music and the music's impact and you know and I've found that. A lot different than say judges should she came across look at me like Summers or global self indulgent but. I never heard before and chic and single phone book I think you sound very. Mike I appreciate the caller you're rejoice with the economy if you their last night are you receiving expand or. Even more importantly I'd I'd I'd like for you to think of something in your life. They're very early on gave you an indication that you were going to do what you do now for a living. And I thought about this when I was at paved the concert last night in and Stevie was talking about writing the landslide when she was 271970. Before she was an event she was a she's a waitress and a cleaning lady. Darting around in your old beat up by Toyota that didn't have reversed. She brought this incredible song that can such a monster hit infection said he kind of put Fleetwood Mac on the map. I remember when I was in a bag boy at fifteen years old. Reckon bottles didn't Kosher carts bagging groceries on the the grocery store I work for at the time it was national foods to. And rescind in that area parasite. And it was a union. Store. And one night I had to go to we union meeting. And at the end of the meeting the the union leaders were telling everybody who they need to devote four. Well I was fifteen. I was too young to vote. But I stood up and challenge them said you people shouldn't be telling people who devote full. It's I guess we look back on that moment maybe I shouldn't be surprised that I ended up doing what I'm doing now. Here's a Texas says thanks for your Stevie Nicks a concert review wanted to go over had a real mean a lot of people could go apart if you hold stay with us CBS to be revealed is coming up it will be for a backed. This was it on the son Stevie knicks played in concert last night time wrote a blog about this it's refuse to concerts on our website at W dot com. I here's a Texas has they also put the pretenders on the bill because she was having pork ticket sales from I don't know about Diana I'd Wear a suit as I heard about her I'd heard about the pretenders. I have to admit I'm man myself because I didn't break away from television sooner. I went home after the show. On had dinner my apartment and I watched at the news it took some notes thinking about the show today. And I missed the pretenders however Chrissie Hynde came out and did that Tom Petty part of stopped right in my heart. With a Stevie Nicks not thought there was it was amazing. Here's a tech's all I want to know scoot is miss nix as fine as ever on I would have to say yes. She is. Here's a Texas says chicks concert. So why. I don't care mean Alex Stevie Nicks and went to the concert. Somebody said since I mentioned this is now in my list of top five concerts I've ever been to. You know I don't have the list economy ever brought us a while back I think I need to re do this this latest Emanuel talk about this sometime soon show. But I still have to say that the best concert I have ever been to. It was not just about the music but it was also about the moment where the band ones at this point in there career how the audience reaction just everything. Was terrain and Iran Baton Rouge 1984. And I have been criticized for that effect I was talking to Roger Taylor on on the show one date period drama for director and and I said I was there he goes oh you're the guy who was there yet there weren't a lot of guys there but what was interesting is when to rendering came to the smoothie king center last year thanks last year. And there were guys everywhere where there are guys with a baseball caps. Guys that book like it would never have gone to winter and during concerts suddenly now they like Duran Duran. On it was back in April a canoe is beckoned picnic on which instantly recognized in April. On Kid Rock 20102011. Was. Just an awesome concert and then I've got to put Stevie Nicks. I'm right up there and in the top 50 we'll talk about that another day. Here's quick update on a pretty general opinion poll in the four I read the opinion poll the White House is now standing by president trump. Now when it comes to his wiretapping claim. And leaders of the salad Senate Intelligence Committee has said that they have now ruled out. The M validity of the claim that he was wiretapped. But our question is should president trouble apologize for the claimed that he was wiretapped by President Obama or do you believe that he will still produce evidence. That he was right. 41% say he should apologize 59% say. They still think he's going to produce evidence a for Kennard David your under the W a good afternoon. Good afternoon scoot it up I'd make comment on something that a few minutes ago I was an AFL CIO union shop stewards the largest containerized. Think chipped up in the Wally the office of professional employed dimensional that no one was leveled for us to attend a union meetings and I would quite often encourage. The employees that I represented. In the and that collective bargaining unit to both put certain candidate for the good of the future of the union to protect they'll pay benefits and I don't see anything wrong with that whatsoever that you. Well I mean you know they were taking money out of my my paychecks thought I'd and I thought it would it would go to the union meeting you know hero voice fifteen years old and there there are telling people who say they should support for the as the president in the presidential election and you know even though I couldn't vote a silicon I think it's fair that you people tell people how to vote. Well I think the union. Should protect itself by encouraging people to vote in the vote for a person who's looking out for there there of interest regarding pay about. L I now I know I understand that that point of view but I you know I couldn't help it. You don't react the way I did which again that might have been an early indication that I might end up doing what I'm doing now for Olympic. That experience that aspect in my life and it's not what I do today but when I was young land about 45 years old below French Quarter New Orleans. There was a fired up home television burst that defines. And that was an apartment complex next to walk home. And that was several African American skilled workers which was uncommon. To employ African American. And that type of work back in the old days they wore trainers and brick layers in. Electricians and carpenters and what our home with a blaze. Every one of those African American guys. Killed about eight non wood brick wall came with Koppel with fire hoses. To protect the family of white people. Put putting their lives that rests in and the blazing inferno almost filled with smoke. And I pledge to myself now but to be a bigot. I hate and racist and I always spoken out against hate and racism and bigotry. At every opportunity in every chance in my life because that was really an experience that taught me now about now but yet hey there. David I appreciate the call laden if you wanna join us with comet this afternoon about Stevie Nicks or about any else for talking about our numbers 2601878. Tech state 7070. Here's a text that says I had lukewarm feelings about Stevie Nicks as a solo act. After last night I have a new opinion of her. Wonderful. I thought it was a nice the concert she was on stage for two hours 120 minutes and by the way. You know I was prepared for her to start late which is why I stayed home and and had dinner my apartment and don't watch the news and took some notes for the show today. The concert started at seven and the pretenders were on first Stevie knicks went on stage at 843. I was really impressed with that. There's a surprising stars like you know hang out and they they they they show up late on purpose is Amy Amy you maybe you crave them well sometimes that craving disappoint readers. Damn man Adam. We'll be right back under every WL. Light on who said they had a pop culture calendar on Tuesday march 16 19917. Members of country singer Reba McEntire is banned and her road manager. Were among the ten people killed. When a private jet crashed his Southern California just just north of the Mexican border. I'm she had given a private concert in San Diego for IBM employees tonight before and just happened to not be on. That plane remember tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna play a pay close Pink Floyd song and you'll have a chance to win another pair of tickets to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd concerts movie king center. On July the eighth. Here is attacks were talking about things that you do when you're younger that might have. Giving you a clue as to what she would turn out to the mystics has given a toy fire engine became a farm. Here's a Texas says scan that person that said they didn't like Stevie Nicks last night was obviously someone who just wanted to hear the hits. She said that it felt good to sing songs. Other than the ones that she felt she had dissent. It was very refreshing to hear on less mainstream stuff I enjoyed it very much and I am a male. Yeah and aunts and CB also. Talked about on. How she really never liked the word single. She was told it would you gotta have a single off to solo album. I just have a lot of respect for her and like to like what she said about. Are persevering in which she did bella Donna as a a solo album. She wanted to come back into another win to prove that time she was not just a one hit wonders a solo artist. I just thought of something else that I did when Iverson and a teenager. Win the election between. It would have been between Lyndon Johnson and every Golar ranked. I guess 1964. I set up they blackboard. On. In our garage area and the storage room was they was the the private voting Booth like a setup of voting Booth and I had all the kids in the neighborhood come over and vote. And a portable X on either side either for Goldwater or for. For Johnson. I held my own little election in the neighborhood. And I mean back then I was a teenage Republican. And this was in Metairie. And Goldwater won by a landslide but of course did not go on to win the election so I don't know you know maybe that was another hint that. This is what I was going to become one night. Militancy. When I grew up because I totally think that I've grown up. Here's a text I ever since I was a very little boy I dreamed of being. If professional artist it's all like to think of I didn't start gaining until age 42 now 53 and the full time professional artist. You know that's another thing and you know I I think about that with it was Donald Trump. The guys what Seve three years old. And mean this is like the peak of his life. So you know it's never too late to start it's never too late to try to follow that dream and it's not easy it's not easy to follow your dream when you're young it's certainly is an easier and easier to follow when you when you get to be older. But it doesn't mean you can't. And you know I always loved the song by Corey Hart I'll always love the words about never surrender. You don't ever have to give up. Believe in yourself no matter what people tell yeah because. They may just be trying to discourage your. I'm scoots the Rebecca to be a real. Here's another song about believing yourself and and succeeding I love these words. John Wecker studio producer just history during that break global what happened when you told these union leaders when you are fifteen year old dictator what would happen when you told him that they shouldn't be telling the union members who to vote for. Actually when I showed up at work on the next day they had colds. Whoever anyway word got back to the manager of the growth ashore I was working for. And I basically told the are told them to tell that kid did you shut up. Patience the heat he has no business telling them that they should be telling people who to vote for so we don't very early on I got to of criticism for a foresee my opinion. I tomorrow is safe Patrick stay the White House continues to stand by president trumps wiretapping claim. You know you wonder if they're holding off trying to put evidence together. That makes his claim true they'll have to we'll have to wait to say there will be a lot to talk about. Our sports artist coming up next with by behavior and the ability F. The saints the latest on the saints visit with Malcolm Butler coming up next to the guys had a lot to talk about from four 28. When I thank Dianne Neumann RW WL program director Todd and assist our show producer and John Rick our studio producer. Thank you for your calls thank you for your text even if you don't call or text I thank you for being part. Are incredible afternoon audience. Every afternoon have a great afternoon I'm scoots lucky New Orleans.