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3-16 5pm Bobby & Deke: on CB Malcolm Butler's visit to New Orleans

Mar 16, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the Boston perspective on Patriots free agent cornerback Malcolm Butler from Mike Petraglia of WEEI.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Our number two he is a KG came back being bandied about Libya. Kristen Gant Saints on our board telling us him out come up but let's visit with the Saints is visited Don. And nothing new to report. Might try you come with the Patriots for WEE I got camel it would. He has from the New England side of things coming up at the the first break also get a termed a date and who Jerry palm thanks. Could go pull off some big upsets tomorrow in the two number ones the next day two tomorrow in day two of the NC means turning. Sean detonate a sporting news judges and as the clock hour I don't in seeing and in BA. And Chris speier the voice the Tigers the LSU Tigers will be what this in the 7 o'clock hour talk violet hue. Football and LA issue. Baseball taking on Georgia a three game series that starts tomorrow night game or in the box 638 attempts having the him. Tear it to six so when he seventy you can Texas 88870. Eights and yes it can get big. Before the regular phone lines because we get a lot of interaction with Houston the community you know it is right now it's on neighbor nights in. Right and and obviously Alan the Houston Texas to win because I want them to be state champs over to Dallas cowgirls and Bobby that we got a text from. And he seized 774. By Aaron is that why he is that we gamble on Malcolm Butler not keep the bullying. A younger version of Malcolm Butler week. That he he's averaging on the first differing he's ready to this they want to global why would they pay balanced that a Bowie one of their own argued that he lied. Okay now Aussie he's saying yeah they were they should pay him instead of yen OK now let him go I would tell us lack of that makes sense what he's saying now. Houston. They look at a bully. The guy and ninth innings of one hit 11 season wonder. What Butler has more skins on the wall. He did it the more season. Now to me a boy EA you look he's on the number one defense. So he took advantage and opportunity IP he got. Become wanna say five years 67 million nosed out tomorrow and are about this five or 67 million. I'm ten million signing bonus 26 million guaranteed. But the one who really got to pay was to find Gilmore and the bills guard if needed to got parting going guarantees. But both of those deals being the top corners where you look at a bowl eight. Look at it Gilmore. It's about a thirteen million dollar average did so did Texas might bigger. Can they work out a deal what Malcolm Malcolm Baldwin averages that are being. Thirteen million might be in net and eleven million range now butler's people a butler's camp. It's gonna say no. We probably want. On average now you and tweet what you gonna get guaranteed that we want our average. What Gilmore. And what of a bully is getting ahead of the I guarantee ages by that if these view and himself. And has confidence in an eagle and all that. He's saying that the market guy right now. Yeah it is in net for shorted thirteen million dollar range. Average per season and as my username and boom ago. A blue Diego because yet it's like well. They he did it once season. But the like not wanting to and then I guess I'm a money. Because he had done it like that to a three seats on the same. I back to the phone to go about being Al to Briscoe to obviously Dustin Dustin thank you for calling WW ago. It was going to take them go. The got a quick comment on. Which impact on amount and Butler Jerry. We have hysteria on me. I don't know Bubba bell or does that we have a history of not. Assigning threes and million oh will when you look huge errors burden not performing. We've also had a history a nine inning on draft picks. That's also true to a a they'll likely it was to keep the pick. How you got it about pagan Derek Barnett and Tennessee at that eleventh pick. I know probably that probably. I. I don't know enough yet I haven't yet didn't have my homework I do a lot of homer in the close target in the draft but you know ruled it Rubin Boston. The linebacker Alabama Darren Barnett. Mean even as Solomon Thomas back Tuesday Panama wheel house right now. And they are as that's who we need them on yes. We get a drug Jerel opposite a candidate cornerbacks look better. But they cannot to Davies right at the 32 pit. I don't he I don't think he's going to be available. Maligned. Drew Davis white bright guys they like. He's gonna be gone before them right. I'm glad we again again and alone in and investigate they read Andy Reid did I mean as we saw one guy in head the things taken. They're running back from Stanford would eleventh. Yeah yeah Australia net all of us anything easy in the twenties late first round here in and I am like going to the Saints with eleven pay yeah. They SS to do three now now for our prayers he got up a distinct pick him up there at number now the qwest it would be and I don't think he's gonna. Nobody has seen some winners so right impress when he's on the island at top fifteen. But would you take. Jamal Adams. On L issue who's considered a top 58. If he utterly average yet vs Ruben Foster now are Derry born at a solid doubles tomorrow. Okay now that that's a good we got to throughout their bit of wood and an agent thrown out so much to David Beckham came out kind of ice on his boat shrimp but they have a good week I even green I had admired new Cray I even seen a problem contrast with dad she he Jamal I was anywhere from. Three full or you know around there and Alston like. Think available for the Saints yeah 111213. In my life. Yeah I think you could pretty much that you define people who like dependent on I guess and analysts can follow what the players as much as the GM in the team's cancel. We'll look at and easy but it is about their Bynum momma just Google mock draft and you you'll see it I mean people have at all and they even put some on puts trade scenarios and there's ware or Trent dates traits and there. Combat gets out and Jerry and also would take on my trial what is the vibe in New England. Now that Malcolm bottle has visited the Saints and visit his old sports talk. Goes to 8 o'clock tonight on WW yeah. Mike which I had WEEI and a BE EI dot com joins us now Mike with the latest on the Patriots that things might the Payton's Saints have all the course of the Belichick and they and have us on a few Beers insanely succumbed to be a practice partner as a few times as well. It is known of being known over here at these points that Malcolm Butler did visit came in last night's may supposedly went to dinner. And the visit is done that relate to pick up they would do you know about the visit in this whole situation those. My understanding is that the sort feature the proposition. Thank. Likely made an offer to Malcolm Butler. Bought the situation is done. Charlton who has the you know. Existing relationship built ball checked note that the old college are well matched the all or will it at 64000. Dollar question. And Ben will the Saints turn around and guys surrendered the a lot of ground optic. And the first round tender. You know Malcolm butler's. Bigger point soccer or. Regenerate so there's a lot of wheels in motion I really what I'm down Q and crop it. Situation like that. Is whether or not Sean Payton goes into that. Eating with Malcolm but knowing what do go Molitor and tensions over my presumption that he. As of the pre existing. You'll look they worked out a branding coach last week which. In very close to include now are works but of course but welcome Butler didn't find some golfer. Thought he could not legally deep part of Trey. Now might with led b.s take his Saints fans are saying no way no how and eleventh pick begin the pages bagged their first round pick. Is that it part of negotiations. And elaborate on that and awarded the Texans coming. Could not they get that 25. First round. Who and I don't think I thought this morning I think it boosters still Belcher are really want our player it and I think fullback trying to take he probably would. But I think also Belichick is wearing out against. You. Are in terms and a secondary that both brought our our our other about it pieces like on the equally I think. Got picked belt circuit not act as valuable as happened at short are are not combined or back that you are are really in my heart of hearts are out this way out. High talent and pure about Butler on butler's been stay in New England one more year could be on. Now in my gut this I don't know this could be a rule over Jeff how the Boston Herald said that you can have a do is go to player and Malcolm dollar assembly because. It was his understanding last season conversation and Malcolm Ballard have the Patriots. Then they would not pay any cornerback morning ten million a year and when I was reading of the comedy is six to seven million. Was shoot you gave Gilmore thirteen million average Carty going guarantee. So I mean how did Malcolm Butler because everyone has an ego even play one year part of pages because in that circumstance. Well I but also great question. But I'd say because. Malcolm Butler lob knowing and loves playing for the Patriots senate. You know on the team that out a lot still have a lot of emotional bond where. And I think you know it you're welcome Butler you a chance to come back to a situation where you just won a couple won twice. Now in the last three years you could win three more years then go out and get your money and not restricted yet. Yeah I under strict back to Akron right and that's why Malcolm Butler you were back to New England so you know I think that. How Malcolm Butler could swallow as far a little bit it's a good point you raised a leader Dick you know. You know. You're Malcolm Butler why would you come back and play. Alongside another quarterback that just got about three or four times as much you will be making their sheer. A WEEI dot com my which I might then not enough value on Twitter. I tried ER Eddie G out. Am not in program that tract one. Mike thank you so much of the time we appreciate. All right coming back we'll get out in Texas and the rest you colors. Before we about a me out news AC BS OB. And welcome back he's KG can name Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia again a year Saints out Ira port Christie Garrett. Now some might try your from a New Orleans angle Christian my crummy. Doing an angle that the meeting is done between the Saints and the Malcolm but low note DO was a guy gets agreed upon might try your Bobby guestimate it saying native. He thinks there may be a deal was put in place however. Some of the things have to take place and the time issue here. Is that. Butler from a standpoint he got after us he can listen to as much as he wants he had the sand attendant until maybe he feels the dearly Israeli and dead boys get a whale is right into April 21 on the flip side. Doing is that today from the standpoint Ari what we get in the fall of what we receive in return of the ball 32 pick. In the first round a high pick in the sec or whatever. Is it in bill Belichick's mind in value or close to having a veteran proven poorly. Well I big it is seldom Malcolm Butler let's come back in play alongside Gilmore. When it is doable because the Patriots are again favorites programs and ANC in the Super Bowl you don't know where he went behind an end and listen you gonna go from 600000. To basically four million. And in if you play outstanding and you have so you put a number of skins on the Wall Street not a one hit wonder. Then you gonna get. Thirteen fourteen million a year average could you be unrestricted. So that's a big and his cell Malcolm Butler to come back in a Patriots uniform right. Any doubt isn't this what one thing average do you like about the NFL and taint. Eighteen to lean toward more all of the players that are not the high salary cap is more close to that average or. You know what it says it is supposed to make compared to guys that have. Cat scans on the wall so to speak of and coming guys. I'm in FAO gives each team with a considered for me in dollars among players. Performance based pay which means they exceed your performance based about it like the eagle at a time. Right these thoughts whatever it is in their contracts. Now on and on the visit and visit the good part of this clicked a boring right right right compensation base in this park like you said it was negotiated apart. On the collective bargaining if you achieve greatness are you ready that your players you could riveting. You get rewarded for that right so I'm Baylor led the Saints he made in addition his performance based. To tour 43000. Came Crowley to 33 starting more to thirteen. Released need to learn in 101000 BW win what 155 Kassim and a ballet who is no longer here. He may or 138. Extra. Michael Thomas won 38 branding Coleman went 33 a guy like Jerry haven't Bobby kind of look at guys who. Young in their careers of me coming in as an old lousy Jerry far exceed being a veteran. Starting at much implying that because when you look at aided how long he's been in the league something you will you know he's in the long in the tooth he's past his prime he made an additional current points. Oh I big debate don't have a problem idiot though no well I NL. Because it's a based on achievements and is not like one anticipation. Are front loaded car. I like about signing bonus before you do anything dad's based on performance. So fans I think around the NFL Saints fans whoever. A don't have a prominent. And dig basal before it is goes to show you could supply and demand again we always talk about the quarterback position and you look at the cornerback position. A what to bring this up but AJ bullying and I say well. If he's a top guy in the Jacksonville Jaguars how they reward him vs a Malcolm Butler. Are even. Big vs mystifying Gilmore with the Patriots paid him AJ Bowie if you look what he did. The league he's learned a breakout players of this past season. Now the economic economic gains you that is present me seventy. B that's a season you won seventeen games but nobody did. He allowed just fifty in a half percent. Completion percentage thrown his way now I think is because those supporting cast in the defense. Would you Q you know this day and age to be the rules are structured and all bent. He should be about a 65%. Parties low sixties. As far as complete two percentage when he only gave up 15%. On his way Deke. When you look at a opposing quarterback passer rating you know I was Selig Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan. You know they're always around a 10408. Whatever we gave Bobble at fifty now have. Present. Opposing quarterback rating so there were did Florida's direction the balls incomplete. I party was not happening but. Would that being said. I don't want to really got to pay not a look at this. He got the big thirteen million average. Like Stephon Gilmore he got it with the Jaguars. Gilmore got with the Patriots. He signed five year 67 million. Twenty. Six million. Road this Hindu is signed him worth 46 million guarantee but Gilmore got forty million. Guarantee whoever is Gilmore is agent that's. I mean. But the best of players these are. A similar with Woody Woody good to Gilmore was the buying war one of the best in the business coming in CAA tournament all of who Gerry Thomas joins us now Jerry thank you so much for the time. Jerry your thoughts on what we seen internment than over about a half a day so far the night games forthcoming and Nicholas the rest of the round one games tomorrow. He had some and both speed and scares expert team like Notre Dame and for awhile. I guess part of it all the way and I. That one up so be it everybody our home opener he will. I what we do is look at the break we'll get Gerry Allen belt line and we'll come back or it would games get to the top of the Nextel come back let's go to Allen takes a strike quick out thank you for calling Debbie did you know. Okay I don't. Hey Al it's a guy man Nagano Uga you are you gotta you that you are you a Saints fan living in Houston are you at Texas and now listening live in Houston. Don't do it to be I don't know dodges the values that Texas and now. I got OK rate in the odd an odds on your own judgment Schuettler who aren't so. I. I will make a week and I want to courts court of law if you're. Great to play did you. Do it out and right. Malcolm was so all that being you know in the all right so and in the we are so it will be our first. Round pick. Which initiate address with the beat me. I'm back getting caught note weak jam and potentially. An eagle at. Directory. Don't be totally LP. Figure Malcolm Malcolm. Right now I wouldn't. As writers at New England so you can't. Call on out I don't like yeah. Are you know. But okay but how would you say is not a shutdown are not down corner. I mean when you look at this is not unpopularity. This is on production he was all pro nudges a pro bowler and he was second team all pro sets he was among the top four cornerbacks. And I and I respect that. And you take supporting cast and meet and beat it. Makes it. Did he had a great supporter I got an appeal Bob. Went on the I. And we've asked and every person we are now that we posed it same Barry question about supporting cast tournament. Eric every report we talked to they felt like Malcolm but look. Is a hard working guy they would succeed in and he says hey the Patriots deal one Malcolm dollar right. I mean it is obviously a difficult decision Patriots won their keiki needed to. They got to find Gilmore who they know is a top cornerback in the am Malcolm Butler now to meet howdy screwed up and not only to saint George's team in general you know it's a lottery. The meter Tennessee Titans. Getting Logan ride three years thirty million Logan Ryan was the Patriots cornerback. These that is definitely a starter. And might be the best that a lot when you talk about. Bang for your buck performance that money all right a lot more student come this is sports out on to 8 o'clock tonight idea on WW TO. Operated jaguar thing info visit WWL dot com. Where is the Saints are trying to strike a deal when Malcolm Butler and on his visit is. Through and no dealers truck. But what do you think would be a good deal for the Blanco. Given offer sheet. In the pants and limit it that would mean you'd give a bola a long term deal. Sign him to a long term view and give the pats different compensation meaning like the 32 pick in round on on made a pay went some of you have suggested. Or as some of yours also sick. Putting on last cover countless. Don't do either of those keep you peaks. You don't think that it's bang for your buck you don't think he's worth it. 2601 rates and the you can Texas and eights in the eighth in the cage again you know of course. Last year when we were at the team in the toes so the alternative was on the first time so. My body Spezza a cause that's them that's I'm like is the honorary uncle. But different amounts on today's his birthday anathema to spasm what you are they. He's been around before and just a natural. Remote I Hewitt assault by retirement and he about had him down there where you Mona field a Christian he was interviewing Zach Strief and there is any. He he is a natural mind I want it to him every birthday because a lot of times Kasey Kenny you know I am I stay with you. I don't like to be about myself. And how might any time I like to be talk in the semis and I'm Jimmy C in the I'm talking to myself and it'll rule is you can tell you Thibodeau Nancy is probably the east now is candidate did in his team is scared at night here because you rarely Bobby don't have a really beautiful place this just outside our house like I've stated that 'cause I'm scared of the cleanest name out there but put me he comes in the mail at times so. Number of suspense out there having birthday TE's twelve. Excellent sports knowledge and so for you you've prepped up you privacy around nailed them but I want to wish you had birthday. In okayed it can I don't know when my health situation is and on like to have more children because I've got. Two girls I don't know if I we will be able to but if I do I hope they turn out like him that's a fine young man. The days of rays right yeah very bright lights and media companies say yes or no Cecil as a have a habit birthday my body. And they have over these that it now big look at it the Patriots. You know much might also be. I don't know what players you kind of support what would you are Indians youth sometimes depending ago me Uga pain this and that it. When you look at Daunte height. He growls IQ what he could of paid Donte' Howard height on the way to coordinate that is the Giants. And obviously they don't want to lose if say oh yeah that was some some moments at Tennessee might have been interests and that chance Titans. You know the Steelers know and I had heard that but I don't know how it's okay well the reason why bring it out. He kind of kind of tense the margins he was about. And the pitchers know they haven't Donta hightower he knows what he has in new England and how they gonna put him into position to succeed. In nine cover a stud running back one colon an open field and has covered dig in a Russian he's the Bulls weren't most disruptive pass rush and linebackers and obviously style. Against the run to point of attack. Would they resign him a big I don't know the signing bonus but it. A Donta hightower got a four year deal for at 443 and a half million where you got to think about he's. That they had has been in the league he was drafted 2000 whale. So we go back other than the Patriots. The the 49ers. And what that was that that was accident spree came into the week so other than the two who both of them he's been to every year. And when he won in a sumo Eagles and AST VT of games that. Hard to leave too you know when you think about it I mean I'm not all Robbie get heavy kick it needed to get a with the papers to get paid I mean law needs every year he's he's he's in the he's in the game before a Super Bowl or he's in the two robo. That that's hard to deal with is best if you come from Kota we used to winning and winning the hassle now and big even though you have three assume now he. You know it's old school thinking and is that okay we have a collective boring it was the process. In educating and telling Malcolm Butler you are restricted and that's a car due to rules you're not unrestricted. So your ten year with playing within the rules that's a Bill Belichick saying you contract next year he's not a big primaries you go from 600000. The basically for a million even though he might be a better player right and they continue to have success. In game and you be like a number of players you play long enough. Then year unrestricted. Like Donte' height now and then you could truly market is self league. That's why they don't won Indy in itself that. Is that yes we know you've plated highest level right but you almost got to wait your turn you'd turn it truly greatly for the good break. Who gained is the more top the next about what one thing you about a you know even as good as the Patriots are. Any team the best out there they are the best it's hard to imagine that even Bill Belichick is Marty he is a he went he wants to go into all season bank and it. Do I really wanna come back next year we're now. Both in my starting cornerbacks that note I must article today that I don't I don't think that's why I think that's why this has taken a long again doing and yet he's value and it could have been over if logo when one there was DO they'd be the same thing. They didn't want to lose both just on our slogan Ryan wood is signed with the Titans thirty million to three years I concede have Gilmore Logan remind him yet right but now dig they got away you're ready loss Logan Ryan. Well what will do do we can we afford to lose Malcolm Butler all right coming back Tony easy and rest UConn as a sports talk on WW.