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3-16 6pm Bobby & Deke: on college and pro hoops

Mar 16, 2017|

Bobby & Deke analyze the NCAA bracket with Jerry Palm of CBS Sports, then talk Pelicans and NBA with Sean Deveney of Sporting News.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Allen numb at 32. Down two to go operated Jaguars general Mazda opinion poll at WW dot com a Saints the year trying to strike a deal were Malcolm bundling his visit is finished he is don't. Would you think would be a good deal for the black and gold. We have several choices for you on line. At WWL. Dot com right now way to the basket and in show and I be remembered as just the polls being Pau. We have signed basically. Sand. Butler to a deal. Again the Patriots eleven. That's only 4%. 51% you are saying here let's give Butler to a deal. That give the pets different compensation meaning. The either 32 pick in Iran first round or the saints' second round pick which is 42 overall. That's 51%. In the end this is right. 45% a year and we had a mixed bag is a column I don't know if they'd see them but it's been a lot of penal colony in the in the evoke with dismal 45% say. Don't do the deal keep your picks they don't think Butler is worth the three hole to you peaks so to meet Bobby epic that's that to vote. Will we talked about you know who obviously the Saints with peak and and also because of the past got this thing to Brodie. Well at the Saints. Big I think he depicts that if you were truly trust organization and it's a better try fact trifecta are back to back years right now that the hitter to drive now we all think they hit on the draft last year who got to him in the draft this year we got to him in the draft and in 2018. Trades trades have been fog. Greater then in the free agents I mean to go back to two. Jonathan Vilma. But could talk about obviously you know to me one you sent a free agent in it worked out although he was here as long as we hoped it was at the it was a little ball player Curtis Lofton. Was at the ball real he was a year he was on Symantec machine before he got here he came here. On the part of Bobby you know a draft day trades the Saints traded up to get it down my time as a molesting. You know so you can you can look back a day compared to the free agents that you know something the first tree with you at the point. But gone back to what you see it and we talked about earned it with that the reason why in my job you Brock is so it's so difficult for doing it. Did name Israel event meaning Butler because of what he's on the even if you look at it Logan. And era he and I say that Buffalo was the guy that's kind. Instead arrive he he signed Bobby with a three you Diaw for thirty me. With a hatred to steal even though you bring in a starter from Buffalo used steel. Risk the chance of not having won a joy incumbent starter is on your team. If I was just thinking oh what he started on one team you do good. That don't happen we know that right here we absolutely know that so it to meet the Patriots the a lot of value in Malcolm Butler. In the fact that you know we've we've got to start called isn't here. But for us not to have both of us starting call us Super Bowl win in order of last year they've been just Super Bowl AFC championship game the last three years. I don't have we don't wanna do that and I think it's going to take is don't take out in the 32 pick for him in front of a guy like but I think. No big of an odd thing was in that happening agency what do cars in that Malcolm in his people who vote talk. Brian and now the power they have because it's restricted. But he. They can match any offer and make it match wedded to Saints architects they try. They can match and keep loose as it lost Logan Ryan that a tie in that three years thirty and I by Ganassi even to say even this thing took 823 of the last few years we had a deep fainted. Put up some ugly numbers. But even the Saints many people can't use it in we've we don't have you know we only have we don't have Lewis Ambrose are real and you want on cornerbacks back. The Saints remember go back to a few years ago we all thought and I was one of them. I don't know how good we thought it was going to be believe me it was a bad move to tan so he's Volvo for their safeties Roman Harper and Malcolm jenkins' went up in common acting his. Very good rookie year and backing of the Cairo and we brought in a safety who led the league from a safety standpoint interceptions over the course of a handful of seasons. Engineers Byrd then Jiri edwards' defense. Well they get we never really recoveries and it's hard not to have a guy Bobby did that don't. That's vague is don't know your team yet and as far as leadership in the locker room the meeting room. Well all all that comes to bowel. You know where that that's why. Lead to more or more I think about it. I'm dissing the Patriots to intercede because at that time frame. Because it's not on restricted. No Malcolm Bo and his view but he still interview with the Patriots you know he unrestricted. You could see him and bug ego gets about. I don't have to give. A courtesy call back today team this summer and restricted. The ability they do have to call the matter with the Saints at tech that's whenever. You'd better future deal that you like right. The Patriots have a chance to match it hit vs visible in the mob and McCain haven't because he has restraint in not on Easter we don't care about me is to Tex around the same thing at the Patriots if they think he's so go way back keeping. Well there's a reason why there's a reason why the Patriots. Haven't done anything yet. Cause Dave Bill Belichick and his mind. He is going ga what he thinks is fair value. For Malcolm Butler and I would think right now Bobby he would think the 32 pick no and the first round and out of the air day Stevens did Texas 25. Right now he might be topic close in the teens I would think. That. This thing together at the eleventh overall paid an outing this year and because their players should be equally got to pick the right now ranked I think if Sammy is going nuts at him that that. That Belichick would probably go for that idea for easy easy thank you for your patient Joseph on WW yeah. AP news there. They look bad out from Dario. Like who go out. EE you deal that would. She he's not eat it bad and they're like we talked. We call the cultural down in the war. People up there in New England Ireland they may think that are all so old. Eat right okay what we had a comment you are at. And bet you he'd angle out there and like you all. Mel and Malcolm made one big play people. You know. You know my golf pro does make and one late yet and I know it's not easy easy he has been and then the conversation amongst the best cornerbacks and I know I'd say because he plays the Patriots defense. According west you could say but you could say it also probably. A bully who signed he always played seventeen games. And then looking to basically guarantee with the Jaguars. Preseason that. Number it's something that you don't bet well we've why do you put him out there. Seem to attract the you know maybe eight he felt that they got. Buddy get well how big you put him out there easy no lie. Because he's restricted they can match any offer. They get a C would DiMarco Adam Barrett. And naked matches aren't they the first truck compensation out that the big that's what it really has protected that that the teams. With the new collective bargaining agreement. When you are young public cub players who really outplayed you contract. The team really all of June. Is that the right of first refusal you restricted unite you came really market itself. To all the teams and I'll dealing with your former team who kind of take you for granted. All right Jay promised. Basketball analyst joins us next to talk about the bracket on WW. I got all the towns in the world at the Saints. Going to miss that you are. And it seats. There's remember well the Saints really Arnie controlled Patriots into. One guy who is oh feet keeping a close eye on the NCAA tournament Jerry upon Jerry thank you so much for the time at Tennessee a from a seed standpoint twelve. Minnesota number five upset without question by you know talk into analyst talked into art you know people from Vegas. A lot of people hot on middle Tennessee who you know what have you done me lately is up in the minds of people who really care about what the last couple rounds the last couple years I don't know how much they really affected this in as being a big upset. I don't really think devoted much of one back at sing it pop bowl middle that you would they are going to be. But. You know that he we all court opened the tournament when he missed the eagle or to be up that. Internment history and you normal guys back. But it really. A lot more pick Nate Seymour because Minnesota. And Middleton at the U of Minnesota. Was probably over he uses the five should've been media experts seven and being out. So team like normal and obvious choice opera potential upset that we entered the. Now Jerry when you look at television obviously the competition you have but it viewing audience in the popularity that. I'll look at and North Carolina holds the regular doubles final four appearances with nineteen. When you look right below their UCLA eighteen Kentucky seventeen. Duke sixteen Kansas fourteen. From a network standpoint it just I guess a casual fan yell like the sea of says but. The thing is I with the big dogs basketball universe is that you've heard of year and in your route. I guess it be better for the ratings to have those private teams verses. Maybe as an era like the middle Tennessee car or someone maybe not on the level of those considered dominant basketball schools over the years. The general Serena bought that yep but for by Kirk and what the people apt. You know you better view I get to the final four over the years towards statement. Beat you Butler before it in the east you know would be able to. It to a final four iron back would. It'll went away from winning a championship Butler was both know what happened what the wild but it. Knew what it does usually. Or your you're talking about teams that are that are generally among the blue blood sport. Now Jerry illiterates it'd take it to have this guy generating I can remember housing college the in 1979 final. Featuring the young Magic Johnson Larry Bird the most high an eighty game into double A history. At 38%. Share is that going to be almost the have you maybe like Carmelo at the Syracuse won and done. Almost have. I don't know like LeBron James I go straight to the pros are. You know cars and Connor. The stick around and maybe have a LeBron vs LeBron type guy no would you look at UCLA and and and ball and is that an all night with the hype oh what is gonna take maybe to have like must see game would you have between magic can Larry Bird. Yeah you know that you need time in the history of the sport where it was really just you know still growing in the public art to it and that was the the Burke you're that they actually EDT in the tournament and you know house he would stuck around longer back there for a you do it at night lead and right away and pac you know he could go out well for early yet he's been back in 1979. So. You know you have a lot more build up for something like that denied beat even. I don't know it that kind of an event. I don't know what circumstance it would take neck and an event to be repeated in cows bat the ball. Jerry palm CBS sports Jerry. I'll kind of agree if the Mason they're by no which he got up on land and how they can value dropped terminals social media. Yet does he get more dot com like creature but it agent air that you keep buying the on Twitter at cheeky all media. And I Jaret Wright is right right break I would do it just just your thoughts on Tom Green in any chance LHU gotta Hamill he stands get a bigger job at a bigger basketball here. Well I think that yeah you might be a good towards prelates Uga player you want the good been Indiana. But he's not a terrible coach he did. It didn't work out and IU but he might work out Ellis you don't meet sometime to kind of find the right there and you know maybe that would be like that. Yeah upon Jerry always a pleasure thank you so much at a time. Think I arrived at the San member arrow next WW they'll give me from local news. Manny moment it's sports thought the first up forthcoming is a CBS subject. And welcome back. Out to the phone we go gives you some updated odds from Vegas and Vegas reset the odds the first odds on who could win civil 52 came out. Obviously tonight at the Super Bowl 51. And they years is set the second fresh set of odds. There week in the free agency that's where we are we a seven days into free agency some surprising moves a bit wished dot com about that just a moment. Marrero for us I am going to Sam thank you for calling WW ago. I got on on his. Act equipment what you did you'd peg the value Malcolm Butler. I don't have to do about positions out. There. Well I don't think there I don't think eleventh pick may get back in this seem a third and actually it may or. Is it. So. Close and years about the draft picks yours saying Brandon Jacobs verses Malcolm. Yet broken. Bat yet. Okay Malcolm Butler and an coaxed it bowl in very consistent not like. Called emerald coast had a great year now they've gone about it I'll keep it in America if they refuse to stand back. And yet add another that years and you know kind of renowned David and he branded Coates and Malcolm Butler. Have been. Now. I pay go approach because they've done it over a decade. As the saints' offense. Really being dictated. Guy. Whose plane receiver. As far as those to have success in the passing. We Drew Brees you know to say no because only. As a board is goals and Austin has forged probably the greatest receiver. In FL issued to never make a Pro Bowl. The utilized a number of weapons. And so when I look even with Brandon cooks has accomplished. As being great in the Saints uniform I think will be great in a Patriots uniform. Because his playing with Tom Brady. Now what that being said. I don't know Malcom Butler. Why have the same success with the Saints as he'd be with the Patriots. Only because is that the players around him. So that's why getting it to pass rush better. But as far right performance I've seen Malcolm dollar goal games branding coax. And he won I mean when they practice against one another in training camp and that's where it was that West Virginia. We went out. To Massachusetts and reportedly the preceding game when they practice against one one another. You know one hole on seven on seven team drills. Malcolm Butler. 180%. And at times in the red zone he won 90% of. Alright here on the updated odds to win super low 52 the first odds came out February 6 2017. New England Patriots started out as a favorite. At 521. Neifi improved meaning they chances. But if you look and bad on the Patriots get worse odds and now. Fourth two point odd looking at some team that it seems it may the most significant jump it's always progress the Houston Texans went from afforded a one. A team to win Super Bowl 52 to now sixteen to one they've made no significant signings. But they have cut Brock possible they'd give credit Broncos are now has to be anticipation and have a great chance to land to roll out I think so as the I would think Sosa they have bath all improved their chances. A from a I've standpoint what Vegas think's important one is sixteen want. Second the New York Giants they went from 25 to one. Eighteen to one out of him and a few big money you wore a big point 51 vs eighteen and while we're talking your money. Verses what Vegas gives the team's chances and of course the New York Giants may as players. Signing fluke or. And adding some pieces yet there is a what did you how well Randy walker liked it because we proceed along with the Patriots like the Jaguars and Giants will what are their eyes like the jags and John Danks in the Giants yeah Giants have wore 251 there eighteen to one day about top ten. And the decks him via jaguar about me. They actor regressed they went from 66 to one to 102 more at bats because the court abort that could be out of as quarterback play. Now the can down the straight about some of the teams that have a unique interesting drop jumps so to speak. The Saints the Saints went from fifty to one. To 66 to one so I think the Saints are. Longer shots now along the odd shot to win the Super Bowl. If they were before so if you believe in the black and go in the imitate what lies in any laws Randy I'd just think there restating the boards goes on here but there's just look at the bottom okay at it. Who who were down below the Saints. Buffalo's Chicago Jackson BO the Rams. And the Jets now that that diners and the Browns this way off the board because it their odds are far more significant from a long shot. In those packet team judges gave you but if you look at those teams down district. And late charges who's got for the river estates 66 to one the Saints at 66 to one. Buffalo and all of Buffalo and beyond aren't hard to one board and check there. You've got the only quarterback you can go halfway decent compared Drew Brees is Joan Rivers yet. Regardless so just from a quarterback's standpoint. Just in you may not ever winning anything but if you look at the value if you're looking of Navarro odds at ten dollars. The Saints at fifteen to one vs 66 to want to. Mean that you you're gonna pick up sixteen more time we WBA meaning if you better her out of it if they want now you've gotta stretch it you'll win sixteen more hundred. Times because the Saints now 66 to one nobody else is in at rail muscle is having according mute is that the likes of Drew Brees. And I'm on the keep pace that it plays a factor to a bye to the ministry is the team that has won in AFC. Has come from the NFC south and at another team remain significant Jim Abbott was and a they went from fourteen to 12. Will too once of the in the big. A good evening and be a better team and were voted Agassi get a job. Then it really joke drastically last year pal Al Leah. Here image on the issue from the beginning your season. Right air year they're from beginning to see him tonight when they started. Right before he won it run. Woody pretty slight and intuit and ask them having games occurred in the post season when 93 to Hugo. It was 41 and Iran they had them like I wanna say. The first week in September a man with Sammy fact maybe grab one yes I go back and put those on but it was some kind of action on Oakland number. They were that close Mayo in you know I think. That would be a good advantage of that and I think as a Matt hear a mobile final tournament and came on the wood and break he again no real problem here in a row and you throw. I this is sports talk. On WW. Cajun cannon on a social media over there Hank thank Casey Kahne and first of showing damn near the spoil our news. Geologists is John thank you so much for the time they give anything earth shattering about you know. What Al industry needs to do but I finest you know when they argue which always asking me is that. What exactly shall would you I think feel or may be the eighth indicated to you. Is quote unquote significant progress in these remaining fourteen games for him to retain his current position as coach of the. Well I think in these shows that the economic system that can win. With the two guys that they have and and to try to I think that they. Certainly changed the way that they've been trying to play. In the last couple weeks and if you look at what happened since they mark or so they had better but between time but not. Quite enough you know it's not quite enough. I'm in terms of what they're getting from from Europe players not quite enough in terms of what they're giving them. On the defense that then they they certainly improved to. On both ends of the floor. In the last couple weeks but. It the but I think that the view is that they cut and make. A little more progress and it got to show that they have to battle way that they can build around in the offseason. Because they obviously brought gentry in the air. To to run a certain kind of bop fans to a certain kind of style of play. And that supplement don't want to get to market Clinton. Would it needed to eat it can't run Warriors style that oh Euro. Tried to employ. Twin Towers and the situation itself. That that the that I think that the big thing is is is it potential direction he might have a chance to keep that job not they'll probably look elsewhere. Yes on number of delegates and they get votes to me is trying to put. Square peg in a round hole at all oil and water and they sit well that's the kind of team. That I don't know Ito by the Twin Towers. That you need to win like 92889692. Instead of you know 114120. In mourning said they go to reasonably to have money Williams coach in this teams that are whose entry. And ended. That kind of the iron is that this is. Situation now when you look at the way that. And Monty Williams was was trying to play in the style that quality man. Is that if setup is much more. Suitable toward toward his up and sent into his pace you know that that the big thing to it that I've been able so we'll see them. Am quite a bit. In the last few weeks here and then that opened that it has been trying to do. Because I wanna put a little more emphasis on the defense to them because they've got these two big guys. And protect the paint. Like they couldn't. Really you before. And then you know that that's a big change for them but yet you know that that that yet he has that happy to speak guys. You want to have a more defensive minded coach in there. He really wanna count the situation where you wanna slow down that. And Poland and in really try to win gains in the ninety's I think they'd about the state make it three games since March 1. In which they held their opponents under ninety point. In all the games before in the in the warmup before that. They had fourteen they would sit so obviously in the in the in the last few weeks they have tried to put them down they try to put more disciplined defense. And and they you know that that's probably the wise thing to do with this team. Now Sean looking at the roster. Now look at a bogey cousins are and that he gave his but it. I'm goddesses than usual and you correct me if I'm wrong I don't know if Bob ever seen this. When they beat the TrailBlazer 177. They will lose this guy at the paladins started Duane Selby and a shooting guard who's playing his first during NBA game. When you got like 61516. Games left and he's starting his first during game and a reason why bring it up salute to the supporting cast shooting guard. Now look at Jrue Holiday. You soaked fans have told me correct me if I'm wrong today drew how it is and I'll like him but he's not a true point guard of facilitator. Then maybe at times he get his points in descending at the shooting guard spot. Is that possible begin a true point guard and is and another question is a guy like Jrue Holiday were 25 million a year. Yeah me neither of these these questions because. You know that that's the thing is what you. Well when you decided to bring in content and and and what his salary is you decided. You know obviously what what was it going to be paying eight going forward you really limiting yourself in terms of what else he can do the roster. And any other almost in a position where what hampered holiday on they'll have to hey because they're. No other options that you know that you're not gonna get other create and come down but he could have got it contained. OK and then you know your handle tied it. Chain you'll have to be that the big question who's going to shoot the ball ended who's going to be in I think holidays can be fine yep he's pretty good to. Utley India and find guys sort that Iran and the running attribute great playmaker breakdown the open is there anything that you don't need to beat guys. Now there I think what you really unique shooting. And that's going to be that they questioned them and the and they go find achieved in the fun to try and have guys. Who construct a war in your views from Spain split those two guys were. Now Sean fans have also asked me and denied bitter didn't it didn't wanna ability to leave of the Chris Paul Miller Chris Paul up and age of we know he's deadly facilitator. And and I just think we should or that he would make and Betty Davis and you know it's perfect for at least to look because a jab inaudible what are the odds of edges break down or Chris Paul's at right now Uggla foreign. The possibility of if any become active appellate. I would hit him in 95%. Chance of returning to. Two due to the Clippers I really want to remain with the Clippers. Do you like playing for Doc Rivers. You know I think he'd like to feed them need to make some changes in terms of their personnel but I that would really be shocked if Chris Paul won the leaping. The Clippers. You know obviously yet look at it if you were leaders Koreans but that was sort of bad position right that the return to New Orleans with those two guys. That might appeal to him but I think that he looked like Cutler was it that you like and LA. So I think he does. I'd be pretty reluctant to do to lead that paprika what you would how they do you know that that India. It's certainly something worth watching when I'll equipped to do that. I'd be surprised if it has also actually there. Shall endeavor in this morning's show what are you working on how to be rookie of the week on social media. I am at sporting news.com at all times than does that Twitter handle that China d'antoni. You know doing a lot of stuff with Lou with the NC trying to Hamilton and sort of looking ahead to the draft and you know we'll we'll see what comes of that for the for the talent and that they get lucky and it made me hang onto that they let it's going to be exciting perhaps. It is something that that the NCAA tournament progressed that much about the people who look. He needs to deny quote look on match. John thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Thank all right daily tees the Brit Brit good evening thank you for calling W did you go. Anybody I I don't read. Man look back at it in blog and it. I've been lit into these Braves fans and up up prided myself on trying to be realistic fair grade. I've never heard someone complaining about it saint team trying to be so impressive. What they have it. Now we don't know people who are going to be accurate we don't know topic but it crack in. Case in point. Where in the New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady. I do some research if you go back look at the other main players that they interact in the draft none of them lasted through speed. Up point is. You never you know. Well in the state of being aggressive. And the fact that they're signing only players trying to build it the fans and trying to get a Malcolm bought who was ball or in beyond. In being. That we have right now yet opted generously your negative negative negative and I just don't understand. You can't win no matter what well those units and all experienced. That are so negative and that are picking all the emotion and not their head. I promise you when they're big column and it will count which ought to move all out will be X dog they've for this city. Because he will be the most. Talented coach he will have a job you haven't cricket jobs. At any wherever he wants to go and everybody knows that all the whining complaining and we should do they have to note they'll be there. He has one opinion not a bad offensive minded coach in the game he's in the top two. So the point is it that we're being aggressive we're trying. We're trying to get players we're trying to handle on it and beat it to at least get back in to play and they threw the ball into the back. Right to be your managerial here in your dispersion is out bread makers as a great place so much for the column may pay you may not agree to a Brit but he you know he made his point. Coming back to sports talk on WW I I agree.