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3-16 7pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints and LSU baseball

Mar 17, 2017|

Bobby & Deke continue the discussion of what Malcolm Butler would bring the Saints and visit with the Voice of the Tigers Chris Blair about LSU baseball's upcoming conference opener against Georgia.

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And gaming the final hour but they're more good conversation coming out from eight to eleven double covered sports in mall Christie Garrett and said done that. 2601878. Text us and 8787. Come into the phone yes can you can't. Yeah big board sort of phones because we address this because it could be a one point one deal. Malcolm Butler for branding coach Amanda could have Malcolm Miller every look at it and is one collar and makes sense. Because when you look at the NFC soundness of 1779. Now before I read this a call correct speed to compare. Malcolm Butler vs Brandon cooks but you have to look beyond that and Malcolm Butler is part of the Saints defense. Because when you face an NFC south. And Eagles on this ages because Malcolm Butler. Beat branding cooks like in training camp in all the drills. Doesn't mean he can beat in this is true does that mean he can handle he'd beat Julio Jones of the Dallas. Like Evans would Tampa Bay or leaving Kelly Benjamin with the Panthers driving under achieve. Last season and he wrote simply because they all of them they weighed taller wide receivers obviously due branding coax. You Malcolm vote the way our bodies they are that they knocked down. All right back to the phones ago and it's boot. That. Oh Saints up down. On line to Saints are down thank you for calling WW yeah. We can hear you Saints a ten can you hit us yet would you guys. Are going to be OK you got little right he's. Been. You know stop him. You know pan out today meaning not like we complain about week in week. Be unacceptable in. And we pay Autry MVP movement. And ability. To draft willow. So I like nobody complained about like yet. You know and we and we are playing we are right like shall you do would be. Is are. We. So I don't know what he. Call me we complain and it could be that we aren't great. A lot. And I don't donating about ID do you and I don't think you have to have a Saints had to use you when you come in and you guys you each time you say whatever you don't think. Yeah I NOAA a Saints have done imitated. Sean Payton even knows. Then he got to you know what again all of the pot seven and 97979. Though. That that's below average. He knows what NFL is it's not. Kimonos professional football. Yeah you'd probably relevant you got to the playoffs come on. About it it is an tournament in golf. You write about the Autry. I thought involved and it was not so much about one big improvement could be very good side of the ball is bobbled it but. You know. Because he know he knows as great as all of it has been c'mon. You know it's that the double digit wins you might say well these so close so close at nine good enough you gotta get that can win. And said there was no he knows. That obviously kimono gotta disrupt opposing quarterback we've got to get better defense than they were not gonna win anything. Our root beer man and until we get the ripple in the you view and people that we did it change. The way animal animal. In the way I the most nervous I like that matter. Okay I think thank you so much we appreciate 260 anything in the back to the phone they go to Gretna for Jimmie Jimmie good evening go right here. He would body do what. Part of what that I don't think Mary game and bought. They would not eat and knowing that data mining. Yeah definitely been there a point and have. A comment and a question and I think a my issue with athlete today whether Malcolm Butler for. You know your holiday and not sold on him either. Oh Butler is it is seems to me when these players nowadays you see that second contract. You know we had cook maybe we now tree. It would adamant that rookie contract break for me in the year. Yeah Uggla two years because the Patriots aren't paying him. He's gonna make now is peanuts of it is not like. Cooks well as they get paid like he's Julio Jones or the line like that 1415 million dollar deal where this series one point eight then next year it's eight million. But what he is he once again it paid 1450 million I don't know. If he continues to produce somebody in my game and in my in ID is not to be the same but in my ninety meter Patriots. Exactly Bobby and my point is it seemed like we been burned but it's the dead money talk and and when these players get it back contract and begin key and I want to do it took like B shoot in their rookie contract years. That comment there mark question. And you've not heard anything about it and I think all players. From Arizona and now you. Coming to enrolling you in a play about a ball or Craig Victor yeah I heard that on to other station this week saying that there's a rumor. He's gonna come in general what you know now that you were not new I think you with the junior last year though that you. Is the local boy I don't know if you heard anything about that I was curious note yielded. We get out classless and I have not been that you would dom I'm Luke thank you so much for bringing it to him to my attention the team because we would never again own that idea if you go up. Awful you know back to the phone so we go and it's 22. Leading about the Al east that Anthony Anthony thank you for calling WW yeah. Well. Do our. Goal. Well yeah. Sure sure. And why should it. When that's all right yeah I mean isn't is like a melt them out of people on the and looks out. It's a god and everybody this new show is don't be zombie would all agree we do and some people don't disagree that one thing I've always had these in the don't need anybody. That close you might not be as popular point meat beat either dictate what you wanna say you say what you wanna see that that's the way your feet. You don't AA and and I would tell you if you feelings are wrong on just do not think. Due. All pretty well I'll tell all. I. And Angel mortgage. Debt beat. What we should we. I. Give. What. You. Or right. It. How he goes straight. That would clash. In the all that. And. Lit bit Malcolm. Malcolm don't call you welcome Anthony. Now let's say Malcolm Butler and I I agreed I think you'd agree that this. That eleventh. Round pick come on you scouting department and the direction you're going you should go to pick the right players. That that that's gonna come to the Saints organization be a stud. Doubling you located in and a first round then that's really early second round pick. And that that basically I know he's 27 but wouldn't you say right now immediately in the Saints have to win. Then Malcolm Butler proud to be better than any player you could pick. What would that 32 pick. Well. Good as well he. That give you the truth I don't want to do. Help educate or to match. Yes. And though that's dread getting a lot of times human nature because they have that security. That but it vastly better know players hard and on now they have that look good in these big and have all the want to they want and have been hurt they hurt so. Again that that that's that occasionally T situation. Where are times you can be bad luck our you don't know for a player. Images that I hit thinks he would alive now he's on these street million only eat it is easy street in to use truly retire from playing. If you can look in the mirror it's on dogging him all. No matter what I was getting paid. Anthony good golf thank you for calling in are right Joseph police is in the house also an area OKC geno in mid city plus. LSU game set to take on Georgia at three game series starting tomorrow night at 6:37. PM dates. We'll have that fall he would talk about that Knicks on WW. Alright to the phones at Oklahoma City for Larry Larry thank you for college. There are those island. Bill bring that up there right god. Planned. Ownership work and Oklahoma Sooners looked pretty used so it means. I have to get. And gave the in the football I mean. You know it opting in money at this season. But like this. Saying yeah identity eagle season and Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and it paying him. I'll probably end Randy regret now regular boggle well suited to the mark you had no idea is ever work right yeah the dumb. You gotta look at. Are an important that a date. Wes Spagnuolo. I think he Beckham. What did I do you know it's amazing he's had success of the defense there. Now we're into right there. Name. We don't we are and what are these are ordinary when he gave the chase Pittman and do the job of so you whip a strange director know you are early when it took talking about arm bitten by Lance. And right welcome Butler. Well big unit industry could get the next you'll Wear mitnick got hurt you later in the year that we've been in there. So ladies they got to get the next available player what now and. Each day technically it's a combine running plays of Gordon diplomatic. I've been makes. Above right in other words you're not gonna be reaching in the draft. And that no matter what the position. That does and I I still say so what if you get Malcolm Bo he's still got a good defense. I'm saying goes you can from them the last couple years. I call it got louder and longer than nick and Greg. Yeah I was like I think we somewhat surprised because all these visits Auckland and saint swing get Andrews. With the thirteenth pick well and all of them best player available. Yet evident act as we kick ass in the beginning know we hope. We know he's Goran got to tackle we didn't he could overcome quite hard yet. You know that. I like our memory holed. Up there I mean I'm not like Whittier. I do so I would baker did debris Oprah with it wouldn't ministry cook. Well coral the only topic debate here and he got I would become harder. Well global will whatever it would have been a sly Woody he could net mad because we utilized through to receive these Peppers with the Cairo and then by bell. Yet because some like that because. As like a broken up by bundle holy just put it in nine or so been on this don't actually recorded big legal Campbell. Yeah. Pain compartment bought him a straight. Yeah it got it atmosphere there there's no doubt about it in the air that productive in Washington journal police thanked I would come at you right at a news. You know we did geno and Jason and in our game 2601878. You can take this and 878 said in an 8 o'clock tonight podium more conversation. Are they on the NCAA tournament in action going on determined and also they give me your take the latest. On Malcolm but law and your chance to sound off with Christian and since it's coming up. And about thirty minutes before he gave. Two on base colander to police we will have a CBS I think. All right. Back to the phone to go out here at home of the call Ku football champions the and a walk on football to damage and then Andrew walker from the basketball camp it would give it up for Joseph the least Joseph how are you. I'm good the Cuba. Has man sit there and call I got pretty quick questions about production. First question. Problem. The Saints need football. Mine G model make you in the in the money crunching. It took me it's that'll solve things and no one to really. What they have to have someone Joseph is an advantage as Jeff Ireland. So it didn't travel we do well in the draft than the perception is we do well last year. A lot of credit has to go behind the scenes to Jeff Ireland now we don't do well. Now he's not demanded a forefront. But I guarantee you Sean Payton and Mickey Lugosi look at it Jeff parliament would the hill. You advise is to do that so they do have a football in general manager behind the scene now whether you like Jeff filed or not that's the guy. I never heard among well educated on that second question is weeks. That you build a championship team grew you'd direct. Giving. Even considering giving out you'll see them take a milk but. To meet personally didn't sound like a great idea I don't think that happens. Eric Berry of course and of course and is. It. At the Saints have an awful on the table would be some negotiations with what Jackson real well Brandon cooks and if so please enlighten me on that. No I don't they weren't ever read with the Eagles and the Titans and I heard anything about with the Jaguars nearly seven and I'm not saying it was but I am I am not not now Deke and it was Geneva will we thought a week of what we try to gas or speculate. Now my understanding with the tying it was never dealing with their. Eighteenth pick overall pretty it was more. Dealing with the eleventh and flip flop and eleven and we get the fifth pick and I don't know what else is involving Everett eighteen Demont guy standing and it with the Eagles. It was even Gilligan Malcolm Jenkins but not the fourteenth overall pixel. You know we have a lot of people a week in the gas and always going on. But now my understanding with the tides are the Eagles. It was not would there first round pick in the teens with the Eagles fourteenth and at times he has code and Lannan G 88 Diaw for Jason Jason thank you for calling Doug Uga Uga. Guys speculate so I'm not product you bet it's about a lot of it is not aware got a front the money play good trade would operate with. But that yeah. Preference still stayed in contact with some great players on the and the competitors is. That Sean Payton before he got the gore. We're a lot more focus and what he is now. A lot of the fun out of you guys fuel on the sidelines view you know you in the mix. Do you feel are focused celebrate nowadays it which you did. Four dollar and if I saw up I saw less focus on pain in the office with the art all these water dropped knotted at top five. Now art and not now nowadays argued status. Now that being said. You don't out of the end result yet it was the end result is kinda good when you said he'd -- a point to point him in three seasons at the bottom line this on that I wrong Andy and you know what else Jason passions fans love to see passion yet you look at the Rams game. How short. Peyton was so I considered the sideline that the fans loved it but if that's what I see him do that every game. And you know wireless in every weekday what we paid him almost eight million right solution Celtic get out and it showed that he emotionally and be passed you be glad to gain guys guys you could feel like Tom Landry stoic. And you don't you dungy admitted that everybody gains they'll. Well we brought it on how he was an. To Doleac. Call he was like that that are Rams game we go over board up there on. You would like Arabic which goal. Greg boil it all and are already well yet all right your idealistic. Days yet but no doubt about it a heart go out there hey Jason thank you very much I voted against the heat to meet CD for geno geno thank you for Colin WW. There should they need to do it one bit. Three in the negative. All that. Yeah yeah. But. There. And I'm very happy. I mean and I cut it some haven't and some on hands on as high as three to the band yeah I'd dead dead dead. Adam was hired creative Bears forward to Jaguars. That Butler yet Jamal Adams. Know that you try to expectation is that where you gonna go in the draft that's about as good as against would you perceived as a top five player. Oh. The guy I don't know enough about that dated that I DBS and yet and certainly not all on the top team is the law and third for around I don't know yet. I'll give idea way way I have him ranked component rankings now as well as. Defense and interior defense and I'm in what used obviously Jonathan Allen is that you know. By following considered as the first round pick a young man enemies can state. A McDowell is and maybe a first round second round but then at the day you go down on the and then they predicted him. Did when he CBS sports that that would that they reputable. They had him Agassi Tennessee man like on the OT defensive line about fourth round so that's still out and Venus still almost topped the bases pretty down messed up top half of the dress well not bad. And the thing is Gino Woody has gone against some changes in the look at the miserables. He's a kind of don't sit over achiever enthusiasm high motor. I just as physical size. I mean it's very it's amazing what he is amazing Woody did and thank god LSU Adam. Oh Woody did an interior. Does he played way better and guys that you think would paper and the better but he loses more football player even though I'm a. Biggest game advances to assign some have I geno some had to give them too many right behind him and attends those Smart. He's projected as a four round pick to his will so you know I mean you've got to pro day coming up so about time you get low ball as they say eight to know how you look at two pro day is a little more. Against a personable because you have coaches at a time and work you out. And I think to me at that cares a lot away dislike Bill Belichick was it. Vanderbilt working out some of their players and knee in May not be think to have it. He's not gonna work out the raising everybody's a pro day being in the B well organized the ones at Vanderbilt is it's like OK what he must receive some that is got. So it was he would do it at the pro day too but I would say DeVine is. He he's listed as right now a corner when I'm looking at about a fourth round third late there now for a company at edge. Gene OJ is his passion and energy. To me. He's a football polar and about eighty yards in the right system and gets in the rotation and he can't contribute and be. An NFL player I mean I truly believe that. Yeah I think that they need to be addicted to be in recent years it it. It would be at each other because there. I've been there that we're a bit. I guarantee that counts article at that somebody that's a top tier. They hate him do you mean you as as to number one you can move up zone went well I think Adam Vinatieri to that you want to this day in you know what if you can look at theory how to draft and pulls and going well is that Cain myth and and is not a 100% but if you have a top five player Cologne. That dudes as and again ago you don't have bridges apart Ricky sample. Our Camaro preparing that is. And live up to expectations. And where and how he went to school. Buffalo what Buffalo big at a university. Julio Mac what Ford pick with the Raiders. The has that it worked out when they want it and here I thought about it so that's why would intriguing about moving up well but you gotta find that kind of player and his. Or Utley in the DP it is widely considered the Mosher stain is at least likely. To raise that brown and is not a good is that picked that people get excited about but. The safest ticket office the last minutes distances or they would GMs say the same you go and look. It's just it it's one is not popular with a lot of I had to say it. Chris blared the voice of the LSU Tigers joins us now Chris so called in the game last night boy. Not a marathon on last night Dick Chris in LA issuing you know it put on some good battles. That's a tough five game leading into a series which dog him and we spoke to coach an area earlier in the week and last week we say coach you know. You've gone and you're playing these these teams anything and this this may be one of the better years state College Baseball. Has hand space when you look from the northern Florida State to down down south there's several programs that are going to be once again of two regional. No question about it good beyond with here and you know not from lack of well for our fifty inning ball game. In order to ramp book on wish she. Yeah ultimately game start on Wednesday in. And get home on Thursday morning but. Your rise in that or the things that you know since coming here from from Georgia. You know. Stood out to me immediately was the level of obviously high school baseball in the state to Seattle test they'll breaks gives Berkman and his family he ought to do with that over the years. And then you're seeing so many great athletes and with the way scholarship limit they're put on for Khaled based on the limited number roster. I just don't have things go around and there are so many players so you see it he's from northern or stay here without these league yeah I mean. You can just lift all the schools division one schools talked about really good baseball programs and we solely in the college. On Tuesday that albeit. LSU get away thirteen about in the debt between thirteen and four in their division race so. There's no doubt about it. But the thing that are considered till you get a Wednesday game southeastern or. Weathered the Lafayette weather beat two way you know whether beat. Laramie nice vehicles stayed early on and on there all of. Yeah absolutely so yeah I mean you got to be ready because not on top of that you know that goes by and we played out well. Mean those guys have a tip on the when they come in you know I I I can pull it with these guys. As a World Series colon mean. And yet you know greatest thing that environment and you know that the one thing you know LSU fans love it down expectations and all that night in the start SEC play. To me all is well. If you could read George Eddie eagle. You know look at the Georgia Bulldogs in. Starting SEC play in and I being hellish as the pitching obviously whose pitch it on the weekend. To overtake a team like Georgia so whether you lost the you know twice or not. To be all as well if you could beat a team like Georgia that mean the ball at Georgia Bulldogs and you could three damn that's my perception. What's your take on that Chris and also. The second part of question. Is knowledge gonna die new worries that and I'm like rule why we even pitch to him in there and investigate consistent hitting. That almost walk mag guy and it taking chances from there. They're Becker on both points I mean you know it comes down to winning at BC series and as we would be nice. Again you said that the expectations. Are never lose a baseball game we were just in practice today that. You know about our plans you know part remember which apartment block. Which we almost not realistic that. At the end of the day comes that what you do and he's he played Georgia is one of those teams that. They struggle that they all program over the last couple years and the only team going into conference play with a losing record they struggled so far. But again their go to that level played as well on the Tigers happened not only accurate but supersede that. This week in and in Georgia obviously tiger has not been the type of pitching legacies are on Friday. And Saturday court and great indictment. That's going to be key Perella issue means sitting there and Cole the cleanup hitter you get some really good hitters and prodding which. You know you have to make sure those guys are getting on base you get col Freeman and on the planets and Kramer Roberts in whatever order they put him right. There's an opportunity to put two or three men on base but more importantly than that. Get a bit when they built in Iraq can imagine any coach in the SEC particular which one over the plate Greg back in that situation. We got to find and really keep five and 60 hitter and probably as we discussed brought gets wet like it might they'll review also handled that I could show up. In maybe it's ebony or even been 90. Sort not all about just reporting Greg I went. But that's going to be part of the maturation of being an apt to do that don't like your exactly right. He got a whole lot to look at me certainly not going to be able it. You know our grid is boy you look coach would Ares you know background a lot of history there and and Ronde history and and I'll look at L issued used to be Ellis you know and now you know arousal lol why now going back and look at did you know. In the and you look at it connections would Blake dean and Ellis shoot. You gotta be proud Blake dean and his shores to realize that the Jimenez drove who is sitting you know basketball. Well what what occurred there. And then to get a couple of wins opera analogy Tigers and and you got Blake dean at the Helm. You go again more of the great stories that I have learned since arriving here and of course I don't want the devastation. Of good friend up from Barrera over in Georgia but. You know one of the things that thing is another story line you know symbolic too and again not and that to complete devastation that. The fact that you know again having Greg they did on after all we're this year I want Christine has done. Over there since taking over the hill at a very young age. You know to look at and what a great job they're doing it you know last night it was one of the things we also coached on the people online and in that matchup. That you sit on an airplane two years you know the main street. Who he considered to this date is coaching mentor and immediately be simply could go to an area LA if you. And I'm sure being considered good and there is mental work. And it's always football overlap that it though it was so you have to put all that that normally for three plus by about last night. Vehicle outside in the music in the afterward that. I'm sure at the game was over a little bit of the frustration of dropping their game again and the Tigers are plenty of opportunities to get wins at the net on great and our current. I'm sure coach may very somewhere deepen that. Was proud and is proud of the job that their coaching you know. Voice the LSU Tigers Chris where would as a three game set against the Georgia Bulldogs come and to Alex box stadium a tiger the thirteenth time overall travel one at home this season. Georgia's eighteen in the George about a club a Chris when when you look at some of the me week gains in nine conference series day's hand. They handed you look at their numbers certainly. This is by far the Dick toughest stretch of games they had paid early in the season and LSU has put together some pretty tough. Not conference series most notably Igawa Wichita State and in man and a team that's favored to win. The big. And this is an interesting series because obviously a lot of people are looking forward takes place next week which you wanna get off to a good starting conference play in Georgia comes in regardless. But disappoint eight to install it. They know they can start to rebound and ship make to ship afloat in the right direction so to speak if they come in LA Shipley whereas week in. Yeah I mean that the pain that he dropped to emerge from Bayern won in Macon Georgia and and one on to the united this week. At home in act and they turn around barely get by the crew or presbyterian people who vote. Last matter yesterday afternoon. They lost two of three to the Ryder Bronx. Last week in they lost the game to my former school to work its southern earlier in the season. So yeah. I think they look at it is turning the page the second part of the season his cup place and Erica and say if we can get things started early we really turned the seas are out. On the outside of that rule that you all comes down. The building momentum. In the weekend series and I think you that that a good timing get on paper everything you just. Tells the plane and myself that. On paper this is the series that the Tigers take care of business they should be able we could not swing certainly clinch to at a already. And that gives them a little bit of momentum which they're gonna step up big demand. The following week not only is one of the top ranked teams in Florida which Ellis in order ever pretty good rivalry going on. That beyond that on the road in Gainesville so I think that Georgia series ball at a good time but he comes down election taking advantage of that upper corner. First time these two plates is 2015. LSU leads our time series we Georgia 6421. In three. It had to call Foyt a minus 630 air time a seventy hampers it can be stored on a box stadium on the LSU campus. The voice of the tiger is Chris where Chris thank you so much have a great call tomorrow night. Think he does always there when you get million by noting concern. Yesterday Chris we appreciate you take out Christa Mon idealist you sports network 630 here. On WW. All right. Coming up next double covered sports im more tournament action live updates and analysis throughout the night we think was gonna win it all goes here's your final four pros that Malcolm by the visit how to go. He's come to town nine he's grown from down at the latest on the all pro cornerback. Jaws of down and down and eight down Amy hang tight Christian ants at the coming at a Knicks we should join me induced tomorrow. If gates of LSU baseball recent all the week it X and and talk more about the in C 88 turner that's from four to 630 to LSU baseball. Now I'm big Bellamy is always tell by the cage canned him Bobby a bad blood the way it is all good and I view. That. Got a Noonan.