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3/16/17 10:10pm Double Coverage with Kristian & Seth

Mar 17, 2017|

More on the NCAA Tournament plus hear from Bourbon Street Shots writer Jake Madison on the Pelicans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two down and one ago welcome in double coverage seven Christian here with you until 11 o'clock tonight and for hanging out with us we'll quick programming note. Will be on the radio tomorrow LSU Georgia the open Nancy play the tigers do. So Seth and I though he can in Iraq goes on a number of different platforms. On FaceBook throughout the LSU game. And look we want to challenge a new life FaceBook chats. You can chalice well on on the text line date seventy during the game about the game but also. Anything else you want in on our Twitter accounts. Act WL and a FM and at said the want act crushing Garrett so WT did you guys that information we will not be on the air tomorrow from seven. After 7 o'clock is LSU baseball starts. At seven so brilliant classic shout the fans say our muscle LSU baseball as they open SEC play a little update on the NCAA tournament here. Four games still. In play is day one wraps up. And Florida stated in the battle your nephew Selig retired at 5650 seminoles lead with thirteen minutes left in that game great game. In an east region right now with Wisconsin and Virginia Tech knotted up no actually Wisconsin their up now 4442. With thirteen minutes slipped in the second half. And halftime Iowa State is Nevada forty to 27. And late in the first after its Arizona Wildcats won an attorney favorites and to receive bit. One of the attorney favorites they're up 4634. Over North Dakota that could be and Arizona didn't zag of. I several ways you can weigh in this hour was the third hour and usually supposes this hour it's a little kooky when we keep it'll but I keep a straight for the most partly that at least the first half hour to Madison at Knology writer from her retrieve shots dot com we'll join us and it's about the very subject of float fourteen games remain for the new laws pelicans. After the pull off a blockbuster trade. At the all star break would bode cousins teaming him with Andy Davis for what amounts to be pretty much but he healed. The F five and a half games back. Of the Denver Nuggets right now not a lot of time it doesn't look good that the pelicans are going at all to only make up this ground so now the question becomes. Says and now I'm only knowing you more so. But is. Alvin Gentry the right guy to design an office for two big minutes never been his Forte his offenses haven't really had two big men and so is it the wrong thing in should the pelicans look to make a change. Well did the hot take surrendered quick takes have always been the last season and a half the gentry needs to go his office is working he's not getting enough guys opened looks. It just looks stale well. The pendulum has kind of swung back the other direction especially after the cousins trade a lot of the analysts the writers who cover this team every day are seeing gentry design an offense around Davison cousins that are getting open looks for their guards at a rate. Really that some of the best looks in the NBA. Rate wise and the best looks that this team has gotten their guards in gentry is ten years solo. The question is starting to get asked and we hear the start creeping up a little more frequently now. Perhaps perhaps it's not gentry system because he's getting those guys open shots and cousins and Davis is still performing at their. All star caliber play. But maybe it's depths maybe Demps is hasn't given gentry the tools to be really successful here it's much conversation to have. Right because we just we get reaction right away when you see cousins and Davis in the way. But this team struggled with them oh it's got to be coaching it has to be coaching this isn't working age entries got to go on that might be true but I think if you look a little bit closer at this there's. A little defense. To be made. For Alvin Gentry and his system because of his. If he's getting these guys open looks and he gets at a rate that he has never done before and this team hasn't seen really since Chris ball yours. Then. Frankly frankly Christian he's doing his job. He's doing his job that's what he's brought in to do so is not Roddy and Ed at this level you're not teaching guys to shoot. They're not teaching guys they hit open shots they're professional athletes they got to hit these open shots coaches especially in the NBA. Are paid to design offense designed sets to get these outstanding shooters open looks and he's doing. So. No I wanna see how the rest of the season plays out these last fifteen games see if the strand of open shots continued and at their guards just continue not to hit the shots in the alarming rate what will happen because. To me I think a lot of the blame rests on Dell Demps and yes you gotta get credit for pulling off the history of what you said basically buddy yield and a pick might amount to nothing verbally cousins. But. Hasn't surrounded at the strata those two big guys with enough guards talent to be truly successful lands at a put. Al gentry in that spot is this a bad fit Palestinians Alvin Gentry guiding these two big men is the bad is it that office is not the right fit to. The two big play big players a diva because this final four. 260187. Taxed 8787 comeback which it Madison. Burba three shots dot com. Welcome back double coverage sept eleven Kristian garic here on WW well total pelicans basketball clinics humans would Jake Madison had no legit writer for virtually shots dot com. I Jake the book because straight overall not working in the way that intelligence fans had hoped however in other. If you look at it from a standpoint of hailed the vote he's going to be here connection they have time debt to see this develop and work the right way. Yeah absolutely there was going to be a transition and adjustment period for the falcons team when you're bringing in Q big men who are used to playing with another you know star player of this caliber. You can see they struggled at times some of the species in position on the court hasn't been there but over the past handful of games he started. He flashes of that I think that value from code that the record like the boots for the 360 reverse dunk. Which is one of the most absurd thing that's seen in person and a long time. The senate seat flashes of the biggest surprise of it is actually the struggle through holiday. And hint adjustment and history in addition in this offense but you think about it a point guard is gonna have to relearn the dolphins really learned to read. He started to come along the past few games when scoring a little bit better turning the ball over the last. And frankly right now between Egypt you have DeMarcus Cousins here next year. Right now the Pope has to treat the remaining fourteen games as an extended preceded this and extended training camp and ahead of the curve and ahead of schedule for next year when the expectations really spike and when they're going to be expected to not just getting into the play out but finish higher than the eight feet. Jake when you look at in the world right now five and a half games back of the nugget for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Should we give up on the the hope of a playoff breezing to agony of that ground. Well I did they give up hope on it but keep our. Island this specific games remaining did you quite Portland one more time they have three games left against the Denver Nuggets still. If they win both all four of those games this chance they can get right back into playoff contention they still need to worry about Minnesota. And outdoor in their way there but if they can beat Portland one more time. It does pregame against the Denver Nuggets need to at least probably leapfrogged those few key they didn't come much clear path to the playoffs they don't control. Their own destiny but they still can you make some noise and at least make this right so a whole lot tighter than people are expecting right now. Jake what sort of no matter how you bend been good group. Oh yeah you are here yeah I get to talk to for the first time as part of the show on what's the vibe around this team from a fan's perspective since the because stray and I imagine I mean it was I imagine I know was. Everybody was ramps up but since the losses have started to pile up Bruce. The pessimism returning to the sneaking senate. Yeah you could say that with a lot of excitement I think everyone thought play elsewhere what it was going to be when the trade went down that Sunday in the and that you know the week after than they got up to the rough start. You know their boards six. That this deal has been down the pessimism. Started to return a much of the anger and frustration is. Point eight head coach Alvin Gentry you're not known for running an offense that's really were too big. And they need to play a lot slower pace wise they have apple corps that's been the main outcry you know there were reports. They came out yesterday saying he might be on the hockey he needs to show significant improvement I think that put band wanna he is well. And rather than play out just seeing tangible improvement for the spartans team. That's your number one thing to look forward proceed in mind down. What's the scene missing is a just gentry is are they more guard play obviously what's this offseason gonna take for them to. Even compete maybe not immediately leveled the warriors the spurs the rockets in this conference but just be respectable on nightly basis. The biggest thing is going to be shooting here are the welcome to be getting a lot of open shots particularly from the recent market Anthony Davis supreme played together and you can look at the numbers for them all court together numbers for them off. And right now other poker players creating a hollow wide open looks so no defender within six speed of them. The problem is they're hitting them at a league worst rate right now which is actually reduced driving. And to the point where almost unsustainable it you know that you can use the phrase. Regression to the meeting with these guys. They need to just get better shooters to put around Anthony Davis and the markets cut and you have Solomon Hill who's taking too many reporters again he's not a great shooter. Doctor Cunningham has been known it was a stretched in Utah when they were plainly missed three straight corner three gorilla no one around him. You're not gonna win games at a certain point the NBA it's just a simple make or miss league. And since the trade apology and have been making more than any other team in the weeks. Yeah so I've heard that narrative start to pop up here the last couple weeks so is this something where. Maybe the fans the media started to come to the conclusion that maybe it's not gentry system to those guys are getting opened look she's designing. An offense to get those guards opened look to maybe Dell Demps hasn't given him the talent at the guard position to make his offense work is. That kind of an area of the starting to happen. That's that's. I hear right now and you know a lot of what they depending give up a bunch of shooters in bringing to market presence to New Orleans you gave up but he killed you gave up like figure out way even Tyreke. And then we're shooting a thing called career best from Greece you gave up. He's very good three point shooters just bringing this major keys. You know it would then when you look at this team they're really being when he came to guard you have Jrue Holiday you look Tim Frazier and E'Twaun Moore and that's been about it. There's a reason a guy like Jordan Crawford signed over the and he's playing significant making any time here what they've been rotating guard through certifying that you know a second one that bit. The battle of the problem but the open looks aren't there I was doing the research on it they're getting more open looks her game but they were getting both. Sort of DeMarcus Cousins Iraqi make a big point yup that's been going really well it's working the problem is they're just not making shots. Now keeping more talent this talk even better shooters you conceivable topic actually might be pretty frightening on the night to night basis next season. Had an allergy medicine that no jacor our favorite writer former receive shots dot com and Jake. Looking at now I think earlier today it came out that DeMarcus Cousins his nineteen technical fouls them be rescinded he was one tentacles now they've been spending the game one more game. Is that accurate is that being rescinded by the by the NBA. I had acute with the official went up but I heard it was being rescinded so he still flying after the tragedy OK two more technical fouls for him to mr. game. I'm sure pelican to breathe a sigh of relief after that that technical foul in the game you know he shouldn't shall we got but it wasn't so bad that it should've ward did a technical foul in my opinion. Oops let me see them making right because the correct call. No Jake on Twitter Jake Madison writer for virtually shots dot com and thanks for the visit we appreciate always drop in knowledge human. But at any time they turn me on you guys. They go delegates since then look good the playoff picture doesn't look good for the pell who got more double covered said they'll have Christian Garrett you're on WW LI MF mean not gone. Our I was no Jake on Twitter James Madison right which is just dot com good friend of the program good friend of set the collapses well get a little gamer friend by the way we are welcome to come game with this sometimes might. We're still trying to get you'd I don't find something new cards against humanity maybe. I'm idea organs yeah sure can't go out and we'll do cars and humanity. Now it's now lagging well than a minute ago about that for sure. Iso. Makes ISIS' so is delved into Alvin Gentry like who which domestic and I think look at the rest will blame. Wise has stressed that both of their feet by it's on all and was saying in the last segment when I was defending gentry that is not to say I'd. Necessarily think it's entries. Not to gentry stand ago. But strange analytic and you've you've got to dive deeper and Slade his offense. My guess it's working but it's not not working now when you're giving these guys open look after open look after open look. Across the court it's not he's doing something right here the guys are knocking down shots. And the reason those guys are knocking down shots that's execution and really to be fair it's the roster the putter around ray got a Dili player like. Jake just pointed out that is now being forced to start on this team. So nobody was expecting law urgency in but he. But I think the objective observers weren't expecting. The pelicans Thabeet true contenders here again maybe sneak in that eighth seed seventh seeded things went really awry it. This is really a move designed for next year. And I'm kind of I never like to be the quick trigger guy. Thank you found out about me Christian in the time Weaver wood on the show together never just get on the fire this coach bandwagon like everybody else that's. I'm almost to the point now as it looked at this over the last week week and a half and dug into the analytics that. I think I think you've got to ride this out one more season with gentry I really do I I think you would be a serious mistake. To let gentry coach out this season. Try to start to implement his system with cousins and Davis and a few pieces that will still be here around him holiday and one of them likely. And then just jettison him at the end of the year and then you have to go through you know the first half of next season. Of those guys lowering a new system I think it would be yeah. A wasted opportunity here I think for better or for worse I really do I think got a ride this out gentry now depths. Now dips is another story yet he is one he got a good player going cousins and that it is protected so it is but I. I just hope the ownership team. Has people around them I just tweeted this outer texted somebody this. That they have a team around them that are looking at analytics and looking at what gentry is offices doing. From a hole I'm not I'm not this isn't complete defense in what gentry has done. This season but just hope they look at this in a more top down view and not aids. Knee jerk reaction to the record that this team has since cousins and Davis has been here. NCAA March Madness 5347. Iowa State on top and a lot of right now it's some score updates. Come back at our CBS news updates you want to have a conversation 5042601870. Text 8787 should the pelicans rider now with. Alvin Gentry and and company let let it play out in the next year. UA intelligence that battle four to 60187 text 878 semi double coverage rules on here on W. Welcome back. Double coverage success the last Christian Gary Cain and now with Kia on the first day of the NCAA. Tournaments. Scorers in games outstanding right now there are four of them. A Florida six point away from FGCs. Yes in the threats of racquet that I loss of yours I helped you out because you had a few CU initially inventing and in life. A trademark of dot I'll dunks and no that was there in the name of their squad couple years ago it's only 158542. When he thirteen but didn't get it says that we took from. Yeah Florida State 77. And FG CU sixty eights I'll Wisconsin's. Lead Virginia Tech great game here 7269. With four minutes left. I was states on top and about it that throughout succeed 51 and Arizona all over North Dakota 57. To 42. And every he's he's going to be every Friday authors their last show of the week Christian what we wanted to at how little fun with you in the audience out there are little two minute drill. A little fast paced back and forth tributes when you enact a new show we got to test each other's knowledge through the weekly bragging rights or gonna do. Each show is gonna put two minutes on the clock. For each of us and we're gonna see how many quick fire trivia questions we can answer in those. Two minutes so for just for example here like I would ask you a name the last five Super Bowl champions and the and you would have to answer like something like that and then at. The key to passing keep going. Not without insisting that threat not the falcons and capacity autism lab and no assists and eleven you know we have computers are computers in front of us so you play sports questions at. We can certainly have some fun as well that want the audience Japan but the previous interview questions for us as well to ticket early break here and I agree it yet that we got to put these together a little more we were finalizing a part human ago. Let's go ahead take an early break here. When we come back little two minute drill. The inaugural. History double coverage two minute drill right now my question right now Christians right now and is. This is for. Supremacy of the sports mind coming back next double coverage it simply am 1053 FM and to be revealed. What's early back here on double cover set to lap interest in your rapid our show and actually wrap up our week at number tomorrow. Word going to be off LSU baseball on the big stake here on WWL butts or Savimbi chat with you throughout the game. I'd Kristi Garrett degree Manning the tax ID 78 Ximian Ali Manning our Twitter handles and we will each be doing some basement live chats throughout the game I'll handle on during the fourth inning. Christian vehicle and one during the eighth inning and put and post him as SEC opens play against Georgia at home. In the box wrapped up an eleven game homestand here. For the tigers should be fun that's tomorrow night's you know double coverage tomorrow night but osu baseball and can still chat with us as well OK so. We set it up each week we're gonna do little two minute drill here it's at end of the week. A little tests of art sports trivia go back and forth you just have two minutes to answer. As many questions as weak hand so. The first Christian here to I've got questions here put two minutes on the clock him. I guess down resident right here we go like this little March Madness is the right Christian you're go to literal Korea. Start on March Madness in the five schools with the longest active streak to most consecutive. NCAA tournament appearances duke Kentucky little. Cool. I don't know. We only four but your wrong on three of those so I am getting away with a Kansas duke I can stay and Inzaghi and Wisconsin and Kansas actually set a record this year 28 consecutive appearance. Breaking. John Isner. Me in the last five NCAA tournament champions I will give you bonus points here if you need three of the last five. Flatten. At duke yeah can zag. Good diet and gave duke is duke and a Kentucky blue oval who won last year. Hall of as Villanova right out Dexia for the 5 in the morning there every press. UNC. UConn club you've gone afraid of so I was pretty good by a day on next up a little NFL now relevant soccer for the all pro quarterbacks last season. Person second seed. But the stuff actually does not allow them but it was one of yeah no it Tyler Peterson. No actually wasn't that drives me to chairman. Know again well all right Josh Norman no. But I disarmament I miss my goodness yup and it's no it's not pleasant I need to leave Marcus Peterson endorsed him against Casey Hayward. Enough about. Yeah next up what Mississippi town is Malcolm Butler from Delhi. Yes and was born in Vicksburg correct who did board a Gulf Coast beef in that shot the NCAA tournament game in 2013. Hint it's not Michigan State. Mention. Georgetown and finally bonus points here where is Coors Light brood you're the Iraqis. What city what golds in Colorado right coloring was. No golden Colorado goalie in Colorado on and I did not do an audit is on. Our two minutes on the clock dogs in on Monday the and -- did a year ago. Getty. Who is the first player to switch that's tendencies his. Eyes. Will go. Narrowed Archie Manning and done a billion the opening kick off. The season their first ever season the first place a's history with a 97 yards. Kick return fertile announced here drop in saints knowledge. Old seats knowledge on the citizens pay back our. What's the lowest seed has ever won any accidentally took that one achieving shipments of your question. Nine and that speaks it is eight who. With school wasn't UConn wasn't Villanova I don't know. Who are The Who was the all time sack leader. In the NFL. Australia. Right now Austrian Nathan Deal kindly with Strahan yet but. This season for career all I read you right. It is. I'm not I understand you of what you gotta know these look at Arianna iso of it. Bruce and who's this vote was wrong I lose points and lose any points that I collide. I another one named fives coming in politics like any techniques in the name name for. The college mascots are schools that don't in the nets with forward not five. Who is in not a case of cardinal. Stanford Cardinal. The Norse. Anthony. Yeah northern Kentucky Norse on that out. Isaac July the banana. No no. I don't and it's an excellent Douglas and they'll let us cash. Who I got help via via Notre Dame Fighting Irish out of Stanford Cardinal. Alabama Crimson Tide. And the fighting Illini. Of Illinois. Abortion. Nor is there yet prominent figure does need in that. And in an inside ICI is it that you want to slam like this yeah a silent about the whales fun two minute drill look forward to that each packet you wrap and by the way your little. Much better than expected due to on the NCAA tournament question yes or out of the side's champions like I've told you I watch that term and I consuming I don't know the teams like you do attentive throughout the college basketball season look I don't watch a second of college basketball until. The term I do remember some of these. Some of these tournaments and in particular some of these ones guys you know I'm gonna love doing this I'm gonna learn a lot to ask you some of these questions I did not know for the five guys on the sol pro I would have gone. Patrick Peterson Norman and chairman is well. To leave Peter Jenkins Hayward and another one midshipman. Midshipman and Dario and six that. They speak of Richard Sherman. It's your take on this from the Seahawks in New York. So apparently what you bet on the deal the report now let's take part in the saints fans will forgive because ultimately. The saints is beat Seahawks this year so happy about it. Ambulances. It way. So the report coming out this Tulane green. That's coming on its excellent from 5639 you don't come learn and our listeners are much. Smaller pass. I so. The report left Seattle that was at the Seahawks are quote unquote. Not shopping Richard Sherman. But willing to live for listened offers and is every team does. Didn't we hear the same thing prior to the branding coach trade. Out of Sean Payton and humorous and and the combined in are you surprised by the fact that he would be willing to listen offered or even in other words that's code for hey we are. Shopping here's the thing I shoppers I went and dug a little bit up on this during our top via our brakes are a little curious do so apparently. This rumor that exploded across the Internet started from one little like random podcast site's source. But that he had a source that was saying Richard Sherman can be traded in and everybody recalls articles that are online right now there all sourcing this guy. Not saying it's not true and not saying the podcasters. Can't have information I think this we he was doing apart yes but in the Yeltsin as a radio show and writes who's going to podcast is set. So I put a little less weight of that but here's the thing do I think the Seahawks shopping. No I why would you. This guy's only signed for eleven million dollars a year in the next two years. And he along with Patrick Peterson Peterson himself and Norma baker house or missed one he turns 28. Now so I don't know if it's like 33 look at analysts say yes it does mean you know I don't like the predator on. I'll ever since then but I did you see us saints fans on. In that way agency and make outlook once. He's a great leader think. He's incredibly Smart yes he's he's one of the most I love listening to him talk and not about football stuff necessarily that they get an abortion there but did the bigger issues the societal issues and some like that the football stepped off the field stuff. On the pass to do with the lead. Butts here's the reason I don't think that they will ever even be able to trade Richard term or word. If Malcolm Butler the tenth fifteenth at quarterback and the is going to net a first round pick for this one is one of the best two or three quarterbacks in the league that is only signed. Is signed for only eleven million dollars a year the next two years would he act and he's only twenty only your of the Butler. This guy would. The manic king's ransom but there's no way they. Could they possibly field trade offers like that's would they be able to trade him now nobody's going to give. Up what Seattle one. I mean what this articulate something ridiculously. 21 round picks and outlined it wouldn't say it's now out the youth that's. To force optics three and now. I would. I would not not an overdose that I'm saying it as that's of the Seahawks would I'm not saying well I'm not saying they would train that nobody's gonna pay him I agreed to visit him at a pace that Jimmy Greta what's going on your on WW always called the very end. York close score on any. Villanova game and I'm watching him play that scene unit should have been plan. But I am coming comment was. You know you've seen athletes nowadays whether it's pass or football they get the ticket contract. After the rookie contract and they just they become average you know let our hall of Famer tightly legacy type players like Drew Brees. Literally at heart what BJP that money Beagle in the middle of things that you know with any cooks. We had a guy you know who stole that rookie contract with the played pretty hard but what I'm concerned about Butler any of these guys that you get on the second contract. Is that kind of become go from all wrote an average because. There's not that incentive there are all morning here were to take on that would also want to hear you heard any any further information. On the extreme dog player from Allah issue possibly enrolling at UN though played basketball cryptic that I've been here in this week. Not been confirmed yet so I want your take place. I'll quickly answer the second one then defaults Christian on the first on sec one no haven't actually. Look that up and ask a couple of guys have not heard anything on Craig Victor do you know that would be. No public health wise that would be a great get for them I don't know if you want Craig victor's point not a two programs that there for every. Gerris bird I think saints fans largest forever scorned by our work that which is right that big money contract with the kind of valid concern yet again and contract yeah apple after your contract. Yeah but at the same time I get in their pocket point to several free agents that have been. And have gotten paid well on that second contract and they parlayed it into a third contract in particular if you're a guy like might not Malcolm Butler who's 27 years old. In a few senate for your do you still 31 usual we years old you can. You can you know turn and it's a great a great contract again. Who's who's to say that have to be renegotiated in three years and they're still incentive. Four guys that he that the get paid because. The whale language reads and some of these contracts. And they will play out the ideal scenario for any player if you sign a four year deal and it's worth. 45 million dollars and seat toward the one of the is guaranteed. To you you know the 21 million dollars guaranteed Cuba would you like to make another 24 million dollars you know. He equally up it to 45 mean so that. He non guaranteed contract at least that part of it I think makes adolescents are like baseball yet ripe and basketball's all so I mean I understand the trepidation. But I just think that it's it's a it's a necessary evil he kinda he got a federal night. I I didn't have their cards out there are cases where guys have obviously once they have gotten paid. They've just cash it and read they just care about they guaranteed money and the elderly care about anything else and only the amount who's the big defensive tackle for the Washington reds and guess that was hey hey Haynes is where Al earnings or yes that's a pretty analysts agree that's a perfect example of that. But most guys especially guys who. Have butler's reputation of being undrafted guys have that drive to be one of the best in the league I think there's very little risk. Of that happening thanks for college and your questions to RS like Marcus Colston right. A guy who they have to prove himself in the opposite contract and he got a lot better better after that second contract yet. It's great example art rapid appear when it reminds begin though. Tomorrow we want shooting to enjoy LSU baseball. The open SE play against Georgia 7 o'clock right here on W of wealth pregame starts 630. But. You're looking for sesame you don't find us on Twitter he gonna find is alive FaceBook chats in the fourth eighth and a post game. Fourth and eighth innings and and and the post game. And also on the text line and 87870. Will be will be chatted about Ella she can discuss the game. But more importantly you can we talk about any else aside from the game and it obviously there's Malcolm Butler news. We will break programming and bring you the latest if you want. The the latest as it comes down he could sign a far and arcs are text alerts just text code words sports 28787. You'll get that. Text right there on your phone like your drive lights in your office paid a saints just did this they just signed this player or acquired this player you get right there on your phone so. Tomorrow LSU baseball we're excited about that now. FaceBook chats tax Twitter etc. Says there are master control what their final here what. Yeah alum quick rundown of the games a couple of finals Florida State they knocked up at TCU. 8680 Wisconsin over Virginia Tech 8474. Iowa State seven -- on Nevada City is have anyone with a minute left in Arizona now only a ten point lead on North Dakota with ten minutes left. Come off Florida State thing to help me out and says that's down to six violent there's. Timmy great job as always meant we'll see on Monday to beer says. Yes element to file not been fun thank you New Orleans thank you Louisiana thank you world and real fun. Thanks to make in the show's over rates. We'll talk here.

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