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What does science tell us about psychic abilities?

Mar 17, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature guest science author & teacher, Brian Clegg. They discuss the science behind abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, and psychic phenomenon. 03/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. All in all Dario and and is beyond reality Rio whether you're listening on the East Coast or the West Coast around the world is Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson were so happy to be here and a degree nine of colonel broadcast inject. When the listening on the East Coast of the West Coast you're still a select assortment that's the or could be in the midwest for that. Well that's a jail let's not forget them in the center of the country and if you are listening and any of the great stations we air on across the country from Washington pretty much all the way up through until Boston. You can also head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live join the online chat javy and I are always in there with a great. Scrambling you know be our listeners and it's always an interest in check going on there. Yet it's it's always interesting it's fun. It's light it's it's a topical sometimes it's not topical. They get Evans of digits but they're really a great community and people that join the check get a lot more. Adam and I guess an additional experience well listen in the show. While it's true and everybody in there is so low welcoming to all the new people coming in and so had all their check it out and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio mean she'll like that page if we're not airing on a station in York area. Then nine just wait because we keep on adding more and more stations every week. And as this week we added Atlanta we added. Colorado springs Colorado Springs and we're going to be adding more as well also on GQ if you like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We constantly update that with new and new stations that were airing on and we also put them on the on rarely radio dot com. Yet the family of stations carrying out the show is getting bigger and reaching more and more people which makes on the chat or more interest in makes a phone calls more interesting and we just love the community growing I mean as we've set out to do a long time ago Jack. Absolutely and that's what it's about about Stalin era we just appreciate the support and that everybody's show on a song. And because of you all the show's success and that's the main thing and we owe it all to you. So we've got a great show coming up tonight are hard but our guest is Bryan Clay no Brian is just one of these guys that time. Knows a lot about everything. And he hey you know really does yeah he's written over thirty books on different topics. Some paranormal related some not but they all kind of revolved around science and physics quantum physics CPU writes about in. And I'm a little bit concerned that different instance this discussion and have to open up Wikipedia and Kenny get definitions and in east in a. No idea I do that pretty much an average in Russia. About a O'Brien has a degree in physics from my Cambridge University a masters and operations. Research. He's been a trader with over thirty books published but he's written this one book and really interest me as well I wanna talk compiled that. It is. Extra sensory yes and that that's a big topic especially when it comes down to paranormal investigating these claims whether it be. Dealing with a ghost and Hong teams or have extra abilities and within a within the new human race yet. Yes it's going to be a prequel discussion before we get too deeply into talking with Brian are about Brian we should probably just take a look at what we've got coming up on the show Monday night. Of course on Friday night show is a best of Monday night's show we have outlined stricker coming he's. A forty in researcher and author and an intuitive who rates about various subjects. In 1981 he actually experienced a big foot in countering years Sykes Ville Merrill and while he was fishing on the but taps go river. And as a result he included crypt kids as an important part of his research so we talking about to his blog which is called phantoms and monsters. Plus about they're whole bunch of different things that he's experience it's Landes stricter announced Monday night's show. In Tuesday we got Paul calmly Adam Paul grew up in coastal New Hampshire spending most of the summer shortages attitude pretty much 22 on the beaches right New Hampshire. And as a result of old hat and a healthy fascination with the ocean and creatures found within them on and that spurred. Soreness creativity when it came down to it if it's as he we he's and we're going to be talking to him about. What if the long extinct shark meant when down was still alive you know some think it meant when none is still alive and well there's there's been different has been different claims I I'm not a firm believer on that I know my production company and a pilgrim films actually did did a show for. A discovery along time ago La meg down. And the second there are people out there who do believe this because they will find in whale carcasses or whatever with a huge teeth marks to economic gonna. And thought is that there in their lives their work they're just really rare lived on an extremely deep in the water because that's where it's colder. Who knows I final swim solar because I efficient and I know what I notice some things that women there a series it terrifies me when something all the sudden this huge blip. Goes under my vote my radar. In my my SARS going crazy. I don't know it's there. Yet you wanna see weird creatures look at some of them more. Unusual sea creatures because there's just some some weird stuff in the ocean in that stretch as we're suffering almost everybody a little lamb curry Niemi and what the heck was who was thinking when they made that the -- and -- had this made from the double it has to be as fifty outweighs that we've got Kelly coffee coming in now we had a move Kelly she is scheduled for previous show but her. YouTube channel known as Kelly in the raw talks about being psychic in the paranormal plus she talked about homer to life sell things like nutrition cooking health. And all these things are designed to be ideas and discussions that'll help support shooting becoming your ultimate best. So we have two great week of shows coming up so make sure you like I said had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the page and also beyond reality radio dot com. You can also click the upcoming shows and you can also download all the shows for free right there on the web site. If you do download shows. From iTunes or wherever do us a favor and just had just think she you reap the show on iTunes has helps push it forward for more more people to be able find it. And it means a lot to us and also. Yeah I I I we usually one to jump in here and go to break Embraer guesstimate it's gonna take a second in and discuss this story. Because it's something that we talked about a lot and you know are artificial intelligence is a topic that comes up frequently on the show whether it's in the news or with our guests. We've talked about how scary convenient there's a whole new. Angle and artificial intelligence that's starting to develop and it's called. It's called Euro. The law. And at what this is his artificial intelligence and scientists have used a combination of that artificial intelligence and brain scanning equipment. Tubular read the minds of criminals to determine whether they're actually guilty of knowingly leak committing a crime it's basically a technology. That at some point. May make juries obsolete. Really so in other words it's going to be able to read whether you're truly guilty or not and then you don't have to have anybody trying to decide that for yeah it's basically a lie detector on the steroids. It's the first time in these experiments that neural biological readings alone been used to determine guilt. And according to the study they think this could be the way we judge criminal responsibility in the future. They CT scans are not currently admissible in court however. They are a big step forward in the emerging field of mineral law which connects neuroscience. Two legal rules and standards. While because I know that there was a studies in the past they're trying to be able access memories. And they go and end this ultimately that would be a possible ability to say Wong owns this person claims it into a bullets go back and look for memory. But they were having a problem between memory. And imagination. Issues when they're trying to connect so it because somebody to imagine something and somebody can remember something's a big difference there. So there ever a problem with the them areas of the brain and it was a few years back so this is the sounds neat. Yes a lot of the difficulty with this particular science and it's it's and it's you know ability to move forward is the fact that it can't necessarily determine intent in intends. It is a big factor in determining maybe not guilty or not but certainly sentencing and and that kind of thing you know you'll hear. Between first second degree murder or manslaughter whatever happens to be so there still a long way to go I'm not sure like you know. I mean there is something about having. A jury of your peers people that. That can sympathize and empathize soon intended weed through some of the and in the kind of nuances of of what's going on and make a decision but then again you've got like to mimic the OJ. Decision you know Jason's second pitch and remind everybody knew what was going on there and and he walked free from that one anyway. And that's and that's the problem though is yet having. Yeah of course in jury of your peers but the problem is the lawyers pick and choose them. So well all night and manipulate them exactly and that's that's a problem where you could be 100% innocent. And no but the other guys picking picking his his people that are in there and no matter what they're they're very biased anyways and yet to deal with that let alone manipulation well which is a huge huge factor that's what lawyers are being paid for him to be able to talk you into. Assuming that this never happened or this did happen. Without without a lot of a lot of the evidence again. One of the most frustrating things about the legal system is that you know you get some attorneys and a lot of attorneys when the defense attorneys there only objectives is to get. Your their client. Off fob whatever charges of our regardless of whether they know they're guilty or not and that's always been frustrating to me as well you know it's like what technicality can we find the make this murder go free you know. Well especially in and a country where were supposed to be. Innocent until proven guilty though and now home to more Maurice he would. It seems to fall out under with public perception in the napoleonic where you're guilty until proven innocent. Where now so many people Larry is they automatically assume over the worst without ever having the evidence until I think tomorrow and then. Even when if you do get proved innocent. People still. Believe Simpson did you birdie at the starlets that you don't matter what viewers you were done people already the people are going to assume that you just got away with. Well ought to understand it a lot of times that happens to movement of people and professions like teaching you know they get accused of something city get accused of an inappropriate relationship for the student. And it's not true the fact they are accuser is just deserted street their career always a black stain on America on their careers from there. Are they so we're gonna take a break and we come back we're gonna Bryan Clay you listen and Jason. Jay-Z and Rihanna really. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. RL. And Texas Austin Johnson now thanks for coming along with us tonight with a great show lined up as we've been saying Jay we're gonna bring in Bryan Clay who's the editor and author particularly of science author has over thirty popular science books. And does a great job making science interesting and fun. Really does and not checked out a sorry and just. Honestly he's explained to quantum physics I think the easiest out of anybody ever ever talk to I watched. And washed a video of him explaining it to robber had passed and of BBC's business editor that was just incredible but he talks a lot on EXP and in numerous things like that so this is a great topic. Yeah one of the books we're gonna talk about is his book extra extra sensory which does discuss ESP in those types of phenomenon. And his website by the way is Brian Clegg at CL EGG dot net and entries stop and visit a sprint Brian into the show O'Brien. Welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Our hearts. So tell us about yourself you're a science author you've got over thirty popular science books to your credit. Tell us how you got. There. While right. Star dates for six or convert many years ago our ports British Airways they have on court while and Dolly became increased interest in. Communicating science I think that. We could. Old tune. Was finding out more about what's funds can do and and it's always excellent to me. Some trying to pass on the excitement of people. And you seem to spend quite a top quite a bit of time looking into. ESPN and things of that nature what who really guided you down that path. I guess is it's partly when these things when you're young can you can't beat interest in this kind of stuff. I had a little experience. And it was teenage it. Oh I thought woes. Secretary and always is in their interest it's find out more about what was behind. West Reynolds could have you Rio and Sawyer you are already spoke Esther sensory really trying to say. Other things it's we can. Of a scientific explanation for. But that we would classes paranormal slot I wasn't and you write supernatural. Things natural stuff on basic natural. You're sort of excellence. What is natural but is it possible to do some of these things select a tonic and racist remote viewing. Using. Scientific explanations. Yet there's a whole bunch of stuff the falls under the that category in that you wrote about in your book extra sensor before we get into the you you say and I think you're accurate when you say hit that a lot of people find science dull on an inspiring. And just it's hard for them to follow how do you make it interest in for them. A big part of the problem is sought Sutley sciences rule on the ghetto. Does get a little bit dull I going to schools alone and when I talked to young children like ten Euro style all X election or science but it's fun to get to thirteen fourteen. A lot of on the sauce drop by and forced I think it's because. We don't teach science in terms of well its interest in abouts in sports relevant to buy it search applications. We teach people the basics of how to become scientists but much and an opportunity and I really think it's Tom reached so our science curriculums in schools. Teach people about the interest and stop and Sorenson and if he wants silence just picked up the basic maps so on the unit and the simple slides basics in the new age. Rita quickly. So I think it's the way we approach in schools is the start where we are and know my. Well and and I agree with you this somehow science has been especially over the last 2030 years may become. Boring when you get two teenage years where I remember when I was a kid. First off science was one of my favorite subjects I loved it but used to also be able to go to RadioShack or any of these stores and buy these little science labs and create things yourself. And now it's all. Technology driven where warn you you're going out these stories tall he build a circuit the oldest build that. And I feel like sciences has really been pushed to the side the whole fun aspect assigned to which media interview which made it a good time to to learn. I think you're right and also to unfortunately our interests. True in the US sent me here in the UK. Because of our biggest fear is all things going wrong there is and let's Herman silence ensco so it is less opportunities to Europe. Clara and things and those trucks blow things up and soft York. Are you still of his to Niger over it's in its kinda discouraged resellers yet. But you're gonna go to break. In and when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Brian Clegg revenue great discussions beyond reality rated G. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Now our religious campaign or. Our guest this show is Bryan Clay the author of extra sensory a before or bring Brian back in May she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like FaceBook page if you listening on any of the stations that we Iran. You can also go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lines and join the online interactive chat. Yeah we got a lot of great shows coming up too I'm just don't forget that tough Friday night show is a best of that's who we do during the week and I'm a combatant Monday night with a blonde strictly there'll be talking about his experiences he encountered bigfoot. He's got a blog called phantom and monsters and has had a whole bunch of experiences including. A looking in a moth man likes sightings. In central Pennsylvania and and a whole lot more so bull love be chatting with him Monday night. And Tuesday were cardinal Paul calmly about what if the extinct Madeleine Don was still life NEC actually created a series of books and what if nuggets if you think about it. And over new mainly NB sticking to medical Annan and us see what else seems to pop up. Our let's bring Brian back into the show always a shift in public mindset I mean mighty. I'm not old enough to to know first hand but I do kind of have an impression that during maybe their fifties into the sixties when there was a space race on end. And they were the good government in the United States anyway it was really pushing people to engage in science and math and it seemed like there is. Aspirations by children to pursue those things become astronauts get involved in these things. It was that fantasy was that really happening and did it change over time. I'm sure there was Detroit on the quite. I took over fifty's a sudden they ought to remember. The men on things. And the time and bush saw inside and phony science fiction because ghost square and things like Star Trek came along the that the whole thing just seemed read the extortion and and perhaps we did get a bit cynical about. And lights yes but touch is still there our whole. Society is placed on use excellence technology. You know like. Until you structural thousands models thanks to dots on technology. And it should Dicks saying. I think just the way that this approach nothing we can change. And then you know you look at even the medical profession right now seems like again in the United States that are struggling to get enough people to enter. That education track to fill of the jobs and you know is this just a Malays on the part of society these days people are so used to having. A Smartphone honor our computer that all the information just comes in and they don't have to learn anything. I don't think it's quite as by the GAU painting it. Fact is that people lower interest in. The trouble is frankly we need more and more people getting to and this. So nothing's is much that we aren't getting people going to science and technology and math things small but. We want to grow without area and we're not doing enough to push it. I drove it. On one thing I think it's very encouraging is increasing number women that are coming into silence because. Went I don't look like a Molly physics course on sort of conduct of the seventies. Go to the final your photograph for 200 people and and among those 200 people are art ten women. Now it would be different. Yeah of course and I remember going back and to maidan. Elementary right up through junior high and high school years. Where every science teacher I ever had. Was a guy and now my my children are in school and and they talked to me about all their their science teacher miss so and so and it it's good here because I knew I had never seen a female science teacher until pretty much the last 1015 years. So it's great to see in them really giving a ball in the field in and helping an excel. Absolutely I mean it is it's ominous news that we're minute people saw us take about. Further than a lot of people realize in their local authorities until relatively recently. It's something. That there was kind of sucks a social bias against. And I'm so pleased to see that does seem to shift. Now Brian you were talking about. Earlier when I asked you what got you involved in looking into the whole field of ESPN and all that you that you're talking about inexperience. That you had when you're younger or are you able to tell us what that experience once. Yeah I we think has caused by twelve with thirteen and I was on public I am not Scottish audit remote islands. A way from the world. And I was running across breached. And a friend of mine was way ahead on the each way active issue on always desperate trying to stoke some odds and by. More and I was just. A new welcome charts photos and mentally so it's just yelling at those assault on the just died ten runs. And claim that hurt me saying what all sorts as I was saying to them in my mind that. The fact is like old of these experiences these one offs. Not carefully controlled. We're not sure re out and but it's certainly was some economic interest it. In an area. Opponents up and discerning and seeing you know what could be done scientific what has done scientific and trust and the senate farfetched thing where a lot of people have. Aimed in and situations where they need they need assistance or something. Either friend or loved one has been able to pick up on something's wrong or that they're in their names being called. Even though it never was and so he goes to show that somewhere there's a connection whether you're the human mind is able to project. Certain things into areas and other others are able to receive them what are they. Already have some sort of connection or not. And just trying to figure out how that is possible. I think is is one of them the hardest things what would also just opened up just and most doors forever. But that's right dvds because some I just talked to me Basil who signs. When you do have something like this that this Obama for experience. And it's very much. Keep by some people's memory based on the people that you were like some of them. It's very difficult issue Hopkins. Assignment examples where people think something has happened. GC you're something strange. And when you look into it. Fight it is sorry guys saw us put it up for previous example in trusted what are not genuine example toilet the arc on Tony. But with the amount of claims in the amount of experience is out there it would. Even from a science standpoint would tell you that that something has to be happening there has to be some sort of a connection. Yeah of course sell some people will make things are open and blow things out of proportion but there's so many claims her history of of this sort of thing happening that. Who it's just we we don't understand how it's possible yet but it appears or would give the and the appearance that it does happen. It's and it's like telepathy is. The ball on the barrier of the Ares I looked up to this book extra sensory where I think. Most particularly dire it's a chance of something a moment comes down to experiments on dog gone through Tito the Arab or 618 done. It's disappointing shall we say. The lack of supports Spain from them in terms of evidence. All of something nick but I still think that telepathy probably stands out possibly remark being. Amongst these areas is things that we should do pro mall still. Where some of the other things like token basis I think we can. Pretty much Rula. It's still and it's and I and I do agree to tell him he says thing is tough when delta remote viewing I'm not sure how. House it goes on over there in in the UK and the United States government has been notorious for running remote viewing projects. Here for a spy missions and things of that nature to do the same things tend to go on over there in the UK. That but have been. Experiments. You Rother than and he the military sort of think more and more here a big smile much in the US and Russia and it. Military effort and are. And again you know it. The troubled as skies of it has been very mixed. We know that somebody on tournament gained from since. And world. Basically eat. Definitely. That it should mean that people for. As being experts in this area. How dumb things like don't remote viewing it on energy to and pretty well all the monopoly in motion the camera which was like skirts Rome Saturday it's you know it's it's. It's interesting and the woman are examples it's possible some things happen it it's not something that we can say much to about defensively. Okay we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue with Bryan Clay it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Bryant playing Kansas science author over thirty popular science books to his credit his website is Bryan Clay dot net. Brain you know I don't think there's a person walking on the planet that hasn't had some experience along the way where they either. Had a connection. We that would love and as Jason was talking about. Or maybe in that sense that you feel like someone's someone's watching you turnoff to turn around somebody's there. Or in the distance you can tell I mean there's just this this. Whatever it is sixth sense or whatever. That people seem to possess and it seems as though everybody has at least one if not dozens of experiences when this so wouldn't that indicate. It's not a laboratory it's not scientific conditions but would that indicate there's something there. I think indicates is certainly does something with investigators and which is what they're being. Scientific investigations the trouble with the they did a cat and some things come to somebody's someone is. Net inevitably these things to sorties as they get past somebody other problem. Is this the kind of selection effects say just think about you know. When these amazing things references you'd think if somebody hands seconds later the talk to fund ranks and that on the fired. And cynicism Mason's incredible Austral by somebody and they rang me. The things will we don't think about is how we talk to go by somebody on that didn't. Fact is statistically. Some songs we figure somebody that's enough to honoring. I am genuinely we're really bad ones and it's human beings struggle we're policy and things seem incredible can actually be friendly. The sort of things you expect given the number of people are not a number of seconds there are in the dike things will happen. I said does later and it is an indicator something that says OK something and entrusting. Let's look into it. It must be similar to when you and you start singing a song in your head and then you turn on the radio and sure enough songs playing right there. That's right and yes or number of reasons what I can happen and it can be that they trade currencies could actually picked it up from somewhere you have heard. You know little such that there have been examples that swept people who actually good music. Coming through some windows as the come past haven't realized it. I'm Tanya to the Mexican action that's where it's come from. Sorry yeah sometimes it's going to be. Telepathy that thing about it if he's about it. A little conversation and it's not just about straight straight in my thinking about it cause let's not how we the people. You know it is about it a stream of information. About social passing from one person to another. I think the difficulty moment of cycles of testing scientific musical. What we have these stories disheartening. It's often when somebody's under pressure one that's an emergency the when the some reason that's pushing them beyond the moment it dot com things very difficult. You guys and they are treated it doesn't mean you can't try. So as you've investigated this and looked into studies. Is there anything that stands out to you as being. While maybe near miss like we've gotten to the point where geez this almost gives us what we're looking for and I know that we don't have the smoking gun yet but we close. America far. There have been. Plenty of experiments. But they have tended to be along these lines olives or Sherry says mentions the very first. Tend to silence studying telepathy is cyclical growing Karachi university in Monte thirties. And he was wondering in GCC Nick Collins on with the shapes the square the circle where reliance become a community that you still goes bust as a member area goes. And they have tended always go for that kind of approach because it's easier to you in some measure reputable scientific way. And I'm not so well are actually any good studies that I've dealt with the kind of re taught that speaks from the kind of thing most people think oh. A slightly which is one of the reasons why I've set into the season and extends. Somebody missed a light and west and anoint the kinesis I think Princeton's has been covered enough. And good so it's a waste that we can pretty well close at all I don't think we can with a degree because it hasn't been done. Strangely. Anyway that really reflects normal people normal people think slept with. When nine other Russians messed around with with intelligent he says some things of that nature and our way back when they had some. Results and bu I forgot lady's name that there was one lady who who seem to. Has some sort ability met whether it's moving small objects but again of course are our history. Things are manipulated you don't know the truth behind us but there's an so there's never really been any. Good scientific reports on the ability the ability of pelican nieces. No no not topics nieces that took a part of the problems. Is that. Well with slept for you can imagine. Some potential mechanisms. Are such things like ponson entitlements. If there were some kind of fit fit for us that we don't know about doesn't. A Republican insists is action requires physical energy lots of physical and cheat notes speaking compatible brains to. To be able to physically or something a question asked weather's coming from you know to break. Thought notes and their energies concerns asked to come from somewhere. And just. Finding a good mechanism for it is one of the problems. But the other is that what what I have been arm seemed to show good results clinic and the classic was wrong in the grand. Had to go right through it Dolly's. More than 50000 times. Which must inform and after that they discovered he was trying to get a six and he got sixes significantly. More. And he shouldn't on statistically so people go for excellence in about a even though it's really hard to think how just thinking to Joyce my full on a particular place. Because that's an awfully difficult on Tuesday. But it turned out what a hundred hours is actually Euro your average Colin ago and noise. Next six audit. Dollars. Does come up with a six moral forum on the other's sixes shall elect saw it is more holes and a Liza. And tends to come up until. And then when they then tried it again. Attempting to get it can I want instead of a six is still on six moral from. More on the top pick six for some run some fortunately. I didn't get our program fall without. I'm what the helping people who claimed. Tell the community and the Connecticut abilities. That often pay netbooks demonstrated Sutley beware of frauds. And things like. So little focus our jets have Brett news thanks and things Russell. So what is the science behind any of this if you had to try to come up of an explanation let's assume for a second that. Some of these phenomenon to exist and you had to get credit credit is explain it in scientific terms and in in human biological terms how would you. Let's say I think I can tell tell the health telepathy has the best possibility. All of that being scientific exploration on the resigned fleet. Remote viewing is not so much from arguing in the sense so. I can see somewhat at a distance like I shall not transport muscle and too cheap currency got it's more case I think you exist again going to select it takes you seeing somewhere make me through somebody else is always. Can seek justice. Unemployed phase case is looking for a mechanism gets information from right to Anelka. And just a couple of examples. Like people's are I mentioned quantum entanglement so this is way out of the particles can influence each other. At a distance a friendly it's relatively unlike America's. Very difficult thanks to some real during. In portrait. Using it for instance quantum computers but it's something very difficult set up. Sixteen team brains. A things more likely it does exist. I guess we're looking for another. Kind of force another kind of mechanism rather like electro magnetism to something extra. The tonight people's one. Such blossoms to influence other such awesome in the problem with is that we don't have any other evidence. For you for been happening somewhere else. We have to do you explain the mechanism specific and human brain but it is an incredibly complicated organ. Don't brilliance on consciousness we don't understand everything about the bright. So that's just a possibility. Of things pretty small post but I suppose he's. I don't go away we've got a lot more coming up it's beyond reality radio we Jason JBR guest tonight. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Her. Early on really eerie images and TV. Yeah we get a lot of stuff going on we appreciate you joining us don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page or beyond reality radio on FaceBook also the web site to a chat rooms there are a lot of stuff going on there. If you wanna listen there you can otherwise you can stand one of the great radio stations that sectarian and surround country. The only javy was saying FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like that page and then also had over two three beyond reality radio dot com. And you click the listen life on and join me online interactive chat bunch agreed people there are always in their from the BR family and and also there's so much more you can download the shows right from the website you can also if you do download the shows though do us a favor and make sure you you rate them on iTunes and wherever you're downloading them from that helps push it forward and gets the word out in the and that's mainly what we're trying to do just make contact it's many people's possible. Yeah and one of the thing you can do on the website which we think is a great features and click on the guests tab in the menu heading and go and get information about the guests on the program there's also links there. If they've got books or dvds or something announced their offering to the public keeping find them right there on the web page beyond reality reviewed dot com slash guests. Or just the coming guests heading on the on the menu. We've got some great shows coming up on JF Friday had of course is always a best of programming will be some of the best segments of the preceding week look forward to that. And then Monday. One Strickland will join us he is set a guy who experience big foot in 1981 plus he's be investigated a whole bunch equipped didn't take creatures. And he has a blog called phantom and monsters Sobel chat with up lawn Monday night. In a Tuesday report talking with Paul Conley Paul Connelly and honestly on a book that he's written gym which is very interest thing. What if the long fought extinct shark mag and on was still life. And my production company did and show for a discovery and during that shark week trying to pilgrim films. Couple years back any intention is a lot of people out there who believe that this creature. Could still be alive and then now it's just don't deeper and stays in the colder water and there's less of them so that they don't really see them but. A lot of weird things that are found whether it's large two T sort. Just different things like that. Now and to Kelly come up coffee will join us Wednesday night she has a YouTube channel called Kelly in a row we've. We're going to have Kelly on before we head to head is hood change a schedule a little bit but. She'll be talking about being psychic the paranormal and a bunch of their lifestyle things that she feels can help support you in becoming your ultimate best. So a lot of things going on in the newsman I don't know if you heard the Vatican has finally about to admit something. They. What. Now it has become afraid that has a hidden time machine really. I don't know if this is true. To have a good thing and what I saw a shot claims have emerged saying that the Vatican shared secret time travel technology with the CIA in the sixties and the British intelligence may have its. So. You think this is possibly mean earlier this week a WikiLeaks release claims CIA are using their TVs and Smartphones Solis an everyday conversations of course. What the Australian haggard did not reveal. Is any of the technology that CIA can use to manipulate time. Under our researchers are concerned about hidden truth that the world's most powerful governments have access to time travel. And that the public deserves to know. So I ice I suppose if if anybody. Had the secrets time travel probably be the Vatican. Do you think so because they. They seem so lost in technology he habit they have decent if I mean have a direct contact with them. Maybe a source and I don't know a just and pedestrians. But I now time travel insiders told the daily star on line that. Such abilities known as quantum access are being revealed in light of recent data leaks about the pocket about about the public is only waking up to it now. Author Alfred Lambert martz went brain author of a number of books on time travel exclusively told daily star online. The leaked to WikiLeaks information does not include the secret programs that permit humans to travel backwards and forward in time. To access our deep secrets of the sort. That WikiLeaks has not not to date chosen access and reveals who supposedly WikiLeaks has this information. They just had chosen not to release. Mean I guess next time we have John tighter on the program have to ask him if you know if he is and he belief in or knowledge of the Vatican holding the same technology he claims to hold. I mean maybe that's where it got it from the new bug as self professed a whistle blower researcher and a person who has been a target time travel. Weber believes that now is that we're a great time for him to speak out on us so not to have slick Eddie get that guy named him on the program chat about it. I'm let's see here what are we don't know we are the end of the Shelby two hours in the future that is true and that's you know smoke and mirrors there capsule. Say it's. We're gonna break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Bryan Clay we're talking about a whole bunch of things Prine has written over thirty books on different topics some paranormal we were they waited some. Physics quantum physics and all kind of ties together so. We'll be chatting with Brian when we come back to being on reality great Jason Taylor. Back to beyond reality greater Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson we're gonna bring our guest in brine Clegg he is the author of the book called extra sensory he's got a degree in physics from Cambridge University. The masters and operations research is gonna science writer. We should talk a little bit about some of your research Brian and and the mechanisms by which. People humans can communicate with each other. That may not be in the ways that we recognize. You know we've been talking to or on the show for a long time about telepathy and things like that. But what about other ways you know I'm thinking. You know we there're there're there are things called pheromones and there is. You know these these ways that the body reacts to certain things or projects zones in certain ways that aren't necessarily detectable but they are being detected just not when our conscious of it. Could it be something like that to be fair Ramon thing could it be. Some type of slump already auditory us news that's not the so we picked up by you the conscious year I mean is it is that any of that possible. I think fuhrman's a relatively unlikely calm because front elf senses smells home for tourists fuhrman's a basic chemicals that's not what equity. And taxable Boeing and the nominees are you going to be particulates. And two inches away separately Citi or get a good sense about kind of thanks and any message gonna carried away is pretty and David it's going to be such a way it's. You through one's interest him on. Because our brains almost approaching you know consciously. Most of things of brains. The forests and terms of Oprah how politics isn't conscious. And most impressionable mind isn't conscious. And especially costly took some won't it took bunch and that could beat and or to treat any patient. That we don't pick up. Consciously to get in trouble with our courses again you're limited and tons of distance that. Sound too tough to produced at the other end however is going to be produced. Get the other person's is. Signals and entities site from continent continent some experiments and slow it's it's it's also. And if you look at radio waves come you know there there are the radio is that where you say MS some ways which The Who won his line of sight wanna follow contoured but the limited distance and a short wave radio which can travel across continents is it possible that. You know we have something internal that it is as today the equivalent of a short wave radio. And you know not a frequency and yeah I that's a magic discussed in the Borger is what mom does he say your basic. Could it be exciting content of communication and some what his rhetoric adding a neutral without is that we we opinions stunned dot pretty well stocks like from and it monastic radiation cents a light. Its the same stuff for sex race and microwaves the role assigned kinda stuff just to wipe us to frequencies. But the trouble is that we how brilliant to Texas. The tech team con stuff incredibly sensed to taxes and yet. We do not discover. Hey that was very much coming out the hedge complex owning up to you treat touch at the it is is comes you agree list Iraq but also I do. We haven't found anything else solid brain will detect. A 2.0 wait you do anything we have six hours the always. Cider it's an interest in Rome but it's a I think things relatively. Unlikely. Just because for secretary to size him as a veteran sports. Well if you had to sit back and and I know it's tough as a scientist but if you had to sit back and say this is probably the cause of how this is possible. What we do your theory Peter your thought beyond how how it's being able to one person's able to communicate was somebody else on the other side of the planet. Just using their mind. I agree he was secret biggest con man time within a mission because it is the most amazing thing that exist I think in general slides it's quicker to things can country can instantly at a distance and principal or eco. Trouble edits it doesn't he send messages or April Don telepathy so it looks it they I think some like great. Say lumbering coming back he's a slight hero of fitful so we know about full. And forces those moments discrepancy. And strong and weak nuclear force these exit things that you know you make the world work around us there's no particular reason moderates limits are going to budget another witness but the XX. Field experts on as is going to like having a fifth saying. In principle compute the ones that could in the people's some kind of communication that wouldn't be picked up. By an electromagnetic. Six that it took so still kind of like a wave like our frequency but it's in a different medium itself is an extra. Feel this something of that and Lexmark X and it doesn't exist are suspect looks. To be the. So we we've talked on this program before about the Randy challenge and mostly is it in terms of how relates to the psychic community. And from what I'm hearing here in might be some time before he please click to be able to claim that prize. I think that's pretty fast gust. It's not an easy challenge to get past payment and it pretty difficult on such sites. But the fact remains. As yet we have very little evidence of somebody being able to the moment please things like telepathy Tulloch nieces remote viewing under controlled conditions. And it is that got us the most boring talk read and yes you might thing in my Hutton has often. Because it's something request pressure the request just beyond the stress in the emergency. It's hard to you guys but the fact is. Some people claim the county could get this and yet every time that challenged by some the like that organization the fact is. They don't come with the results. A ton Tommy democratic samples all people have claimed that on a ranked. On table to do it on the truck conditions that is boring but I think its site it does mean it is going to be. Cracks we maybe her way to yet. Well and one thing I've. I've seen as being involved in the field of her journal study. Is a lot of times the ones who were the ones that truly seem like there may might have something. Are the ones who tend to stay quiet keep it to themselves are not always out there on the public side pushing themselves saying on. Trying to trying to him via. Beyond the media as much as possible to get their names out it's the quiet ones tour who keep the salt themselves they stay quiet they do their own thing and and try to capital private. I think has a free for that goes a a classic TV short number it was but it went on March Richard Dawkins a ruckus on a thing. And keep pace is and an icon come possibly exist. Isn't it. People with these abilities would come forward and offered themselves up for testing I have to say I had this on the ability to Austin on Tuesday. It is. You know it. Beat might into a lab rats and so like I can certainly understand that she. It's just cuts. Net it's unfortunate I guess is it is very difficult. To put something like it's. Into a scientific study from me is true looks like the so luckily all hopeful lawsuits psychological experiments have now produced at the that it seeks because frankly. You know that the results of very difficult. Jeep it ain't I think something ridiculous like 774%. Of saw a psychological experiments that fight due to go to some deals destroy it to them again and I'm not talking about. Things and the I'm and the paranormal field demonstrates. College so it is really difficult. The humble people under a lot conditions like that you made a good point there if you have these powers and of course you wouldn't. Come forward because you don't wanna sit around and be tested ya on it that's the case of people having unit. Extreme examples of what Larry Shoney's up well and. This is not a nobody would trust them this is a if you knew somebody to manipulate you or. Or good region mind. Yeah I mean it's certainly something important -- anything Barry is their you're on at the moment you mentioned they'd be idea that these things. Everybody has to some extent. And if that's true united in its salt. And yes you'd expect sometime it more than others and perhaps that was fighting whites but you expect or miss out on experiments on people. On that you like something would come through. And it is is just that worrying I guess that six few. X aren't so much to come where it's really significant results Brian Hilliard. Let's let's let's fast forward must assume there's a day when these abilities are not rare there actually common and a lot of people can demonstrate them clearly and we accept that must just. Go there for second. Do you think that's that's a process to get there that is an evolutionary process or eight an educational process do we need to learn how to do this or news does our brain needed developed in those abilities to be able to do. I really don't think we know enough to site underway. Other ways possible negative. We do develop a commissioner ready we change our brains change the way our brains operate changed at taunts and we'll continue to change unity doesn't stall its current normal it's fun. But having said that you pollution is about small changes which is a lawyer you're not gonna see the X-Men emerging and it's on sick in a casino. Mutants exist in fact I've Ortiz a mutant some degree but the fact is the change is autonomy. Nobody is gonna go from being nothing. Two or seek a Paris. Which coconuts on the incremental changes. So you missionary yes you can expect some thing if there isn't Tbilisi. Then most abilities Camby trains can you need to be trying to bring them out on the shall we and our hearts do. And then a final surge gave but a final question I have been. What would world looked like where we can all communicate. Telepathy. Telepathically. And we can all. You know. Whatever read minds powervu look at it how does that world. Exist. Said being quiet. Yeah. It's it's death as I guess site inspections for you when your best. Golly it's summer about mr. plenty written. And science fiction looking at these cons like it is. And if you're an X site where the tree. You have no control. You receding and I would imagine corporate pretty about why have been pimple quality from all directions like everybody's thoughts. Will be something to be very difficult country and eight. And I think. Likening you've seen that that's pretty unlikely again from that Nelson thank you wish generally speaking it and going out. I think small do you get it did I thought it would be a conscious Seth actually have to make an effort to integrate with and aren't jokes so we're talking. You know something more like helping us smoke fire and then being connect to a group on. Well and there was there was a situation we brought up Michelle in the past there was a show paranormal state that was erring on any channel a years back. Com and one of the the Promos that they were trying to get out there the company ended up getting soup but they had a system on top of or roofs in California. And they were able to pinpoint people and send down voices and these into these people a lot of almost giving the impression of what schizophrenia. But they were and again that they were able to isolate certain individuals walking on the street and send send messages to them saying things like an amateur if you ever heard about this Bada. Payton I'm here can you Simi can Niemi and all these were things in and people that. Angry and then started filing lawsuits. I mean if they've they've already got the ability to pinpoint individuals send signals directly to them. I wouldn't think we'd be too far off from some home being able to figure out how an individual can do that to another. You know get it we gotta jump in to break here Woolen we'll get your reaction. One comeback plans beyond reality ready to do. Our reality radio Jason Hawes JB Johnson don't forget to join us in FaceBook and also on a website beyond reality radio dot com. Our guest is Brian Clegg and Brian forward to the break Jason brought up an example of an experiment that was conducted on a TV show paranormal reality show. A cult called paranormal state we wanted to get your thoughts on it. I eat I don't know anything about a particular example I mean it sounds to me like it would be most people don't be some kind of focused signed. Save it and these are yours and yup. You know. So that's a very different. From the content and which document to a debate. Unless it is match before this sorter who ordered it doesn't go through the conscious. Dotson he sounds fairly unlikely to be outside you would have to get that sun projection coming out of the person. Or haven't. OK well now as. Where we are now do you pay and of course were were ever evil thing come do you foresee in the future and from a scientific standpoint whatever us being able to. To somehow it is just somehow open up the abilities of telepathy and and other abilities. Of that nature. I guess SNC. Nick ease that genuinely. What you mustn't mechanisms especially possible. That is the case is equally a few close it will Napa. Possible there is no sense mechanism published this could ever be able to. I'm I guess you could just thought much people are generating reg airwaves somehow eventually. It pretty strongly free relation madame principal puckered up and and I knew would have it put a call from I think. Only we've got something here that we don't know about yet in which precious funds or slippery we done to you the means of communication have I think it's pretty unlikely. While I'm just I was just think because of course throughout evolution. And we have organs and our body of course and that aren't really being used anymore and in the way delayed that we don't also makes you wonder if with that. And time. Com either other organs will advance themselves to the point of being able to do this or we're not in which makes you wonder. Yeah I mean and I guess lights is the obvious example and I liked his election like mrs. minutes away if that goes. Placed place we how organs in place for detecting liked some of the riches of organs in place for producing it. Seek a sudden imagine that he gets a stage where somebody you pull the ability to send Morse code through Lloyd. And he can Deloitte in principle to Africa as well see I guess you could imagine at some point would be school. But you have to bear in mind it if pollution isn't directed it it's not like. We thinking OK we want to do this am I trust it you can run them. And you know you just as likely not have to lose it policies actually is your game and three British. Orlando also. And there's a saying and I'm sure you guys have dealt with at this hyper sensitivity to and magnetic fields. And I'm sure you've probably heard and throw your time. And that makes you wonder also if there's a hyper sensitivity magnetic fields is that just means of course were were inundated by them daily now throughout our lives. Would everything Alter Tom but it makes you wonder if were building a more more of an immune system. More morning of the ability to be able to pick them up without using devices. And if that's another means of communication how will be able to send a signal back and forth but of course it'll be within a certain range of a certain distance of one another. If if we're at ten points and a. Yeah I mean extra excitement mice they samples all of like sensitivity are. A little tribute to be a racist. But it as a site is certainly possibly principle you could get to detect some of the electromagnetic white truck just like. At some point I can be developed. As a bit. You pollution is pretty slight seem to all. It's on its way you talking a thousand years before practical. Clusters kind ice you'll see installing solar is done. It'll say changes shape squash is up in the direction it's moving. And it gets heavier. And we know that's happened in loads and loads X Herman's creeping up and and essentially. He could do you on the movement's future is studies have already tough space ship go off a high speed. Good let's time on when you come back to yes more tumble past on the look passed your station Sybase you move into the futures Garcia consent seem site might think you're coming back to the 20/20. Chirac Buccaneers 2050. Jumped into the future. Opposite it's perfectly possible the only thing is struggle to get. Austin office yet particular. You know anyway and near fraction of speed at which we need to take to get a good news into the future. I were talking with Brian Clegg we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our discussion don't go away. It's beyond reality radio Jason. Really good Jason TV and a wouldn't talk you brining Clegg on extra sensory and went to other things a deathly fall in the realm of the paranormal. So welcome back to the children. Yeah Brian again thanks for joining us and you know to commute continue to point about time travel it's a concept that is just really been difficult to grass from and I think. Of all these discussions that we had this is one of the hardest. Yet always it'll. Confused me because especially when you look at time travel I mean the future has not happened yet I am I guess in my close minded thought. But the past happens. So I know I always and especially when you're younger you cynical to pass this happen in the future has and I should be able to go back to something that has happened but then again if you get back to something that's happened to now the future you're in. Released hadn't existed if you if you look at it that way it so. Yeah. I think that shortly as we get such a good picture from. Movies and TV shows things like take two or by the future what I see some gets into a time machine and it moves from one Holland to gala. And the thing is there's all this relatively rough sadistic tyrant doesn't like you've never actually. Go from directly from him on to another threat to happens is you'll times lays down. Compared to say the F time. So basically it's almost like you mentioned in late. Like put you in suspended I'm an animation Korea you haven't aged a total so far as you can send. In 12 you jumped forty yeah. It's thoughts on trouble. What he's in the sense you on that in the future that you haven't aged a tolls and it's kinda like about that place you'll toddlers aren't. So the when complex via ordered its currency. You law in the future compared with we expect today. Oh yeah this is a little bit different from the traditional talk mission. Exactly so another year just your slowing down your your being put somewhere where time is moving at a much slower rate. As where it is. Where you're from and then when you're of course when you brought back to that location time has gone by. At a much quicker patent and really hasn't changed much for you at all yet. Yup yup that's right and it it feels like it's cheating but it isn't because you all moving into the future so you could truly. Nick on. They fought your journey come back fifty years has gone posse you have jumped forty orders in the future the world around you with a change people who donate. A movie of the same age as you aren't a classic example is terror twins send one twin off on you spaceship so they buy its site the by twenty to stop with you come by one special extra fought the woman Beatrice seventy. I can't say out arsenal troubling and the future. A coach but also it's new but that doesn't open a can of worms as if I was still on this planet and they figured out a way to frees me to enemy men and to freeze be right there. And fifty years went by. Com. I really at that point can we still say traveled into the future or that an amstel on the same planet just fifty years ago might have been frozen -- haven't aged. So. You know I get sick and opens a whole can of worms on you know play on words solar coaster. An exciting yeah although the always doing. Can sleep and say I'm anti each of the touches your body still lived through every one of those minutes he's your body is actually still six years old. Worsen when using rose seventy genuinely a time has gone past us the big difference not saying it just feels like. You cannot lift thrillers yes generally it's hasn't Tom you'll you'll January 24 set combatants on your program. It was the Simon is not a certainty. That is not a nice old. And you livings are not experiencing it but you know it's got Todd does not. It's the it's just and it's going into a location where time is Adam me either paws are much slower rate as to where warrior from. All right so just I acting confused myself and everybody laughing a little further. We. When we try to understand time we often think it has a Linear thing word you know it's this this this line a timeline and you know things happen in sequence but isn't time really just. An endless series of instant moments. And in there's really no connection from one to the next it's just a whole bunch of incidents happening in sequence. Both suddenly. The general feeling is that the idea of losing three time is is a bit of annihilation does that put the receipt emerge through time. That somehow it's always I'm and so was the present. What about others. And should see so often Condit take a step back on the picnic what Michael block Unionist was imagine. It like a lot three dimensions outlook to a spice monitor on our third stressed mentioned just now cause taught too much for dimensional. On the but is telling me is just want all the dimensions. And you can pick a point in time in sight that's mine. Lemon but there's no real social movement and that picture. And us and works pretty well from the physics you're on just as far as we're concerned. Our consciousness is concerned there is this feeling through a line. It's very difficult conduct I think with a great things aspects document time is that. No front stance on itself. This. A full century to bishop the Garko on. And my. Prince. Especially if hit by a comer resigned. And he based besides. Red light it on fourth century. I think about it time is enough to fuel what it is unless somebody asked me to tell it is an unarmed. Comics and a I'm we're still excited to sign read we know Todd feels like Mena what's. Passing through time fuels like but when it comes down to recon and down the targets. And sometimes I feel like were we misunderstand. Our own. Definitions because we're the ones that have assigned at this this. Sequence we we we made the clock we made the calendar we made in what the things that measure time we there are are inventions not necessarily what existed and so we we'd look at them through those those that prism. And may be works understanding of what it is. Some developments I'm one of the definitions of taught me suddenly it's such thing clocks Russia. In the thing that would save about it is stuck. There're certain physical things that seems out kind of an arrow of time such Hungary's in this direction. So basically is the kind of idea that everything falls well second or third on economics that basically. Rhonda ness entropy increases. And unless you put energy into something to make something happen on the whole things. And it's much easier to break tonight than it is to on Breck connect. And but kind failing you know there is a difference between what happens neutral but I can breaks and matching a meg coming off Florida coming back. In twenties. It's pretty obvious which way you think Todd should go to a bowl our experiences that there's there's this content Arab. But to climb so yes some aspects of measuring it deftly done to us it's our decision how to measure it. But it does seem to be in this direction. And you know we I think we've done of thorough job of confusing people and melting much and it's. I wanna take this it kind of full circle I'm wanted to get your opinion if if you were talking to a parent right now who had a child that may be disinterested. In learning more about science math whatever it is how would you you revise them to get their child to look at it. In a way that might be a little more entertaining still informative. I think I think his stick to go beyond just what's to Moscow aside I don't want to put on schoolteacher Victor joke but the fact is not summed up under a son many ways these race. To find out more how more fun with sisal closes on science. And shows what you are rhymes aren't doing you know it to burst urged on site insurers. There are festivals. Thorough sweep slot money in and there are TV shows are also different ways that you find out stuff about signs get hands on with signs and the white isn't necessarily possibly in school so yes foreign. I'm not attendance goat got the basics for the faxes. There are some and you waste engagement that and I think you look for itself. And talking about your books. Where would you recommend that somebody start to you've got a lot of them so we're we're should they start and in getting as exposed to. Your style what you're doing and you know where of course of where's the best beginning. I have probably if you if you are. A bit of a beginner and science one I'd recommend is called the universe and saw it. Which space he takes Jerome Ortiz. As a starting point and uses it springboard. To think about also different aspects silence is not just our biology. It can be anything like united. The light coming to you when you look at installs sort of falling out from the stalls to our eyes. And on the incredible things are actually insulate your body. But the physics and chemistry biodiesel and you got. In it the most amazing complex thing in the universe that we know off in your head and you'll Prine say it you make. Hasn't ritual my great example of a way of thinking about it silence. Jason and I had the the benefit of going to the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas and we met does the science teacher of the year. Believe in the was at the state of Montana is that where he was front news stand idly sit Montana and he did several presentations. For the company that we are with flee earth that thermal imaging and heat. Demonstrated. At least to me because I also have been as a science. Not fanatic necessarily and had a lot of interest as a kid. But he was showing. Ways that teachers can actually make science fun is that what we have to go. Ali I athlete thinks so and I think we meet as a safe to rethink the way we teach science is by making it fun it's about looking the way it next shoreline it's it's I think about. He Colin signs saying you know a little bit of history signs that people aren't ultimate. Handle Sawyer about. Getting into these things slowly. Relativity that let you do tonne trouble like quantum physics. You know I was I looked at the curriculum for the fifteen year olds and the UK for signs and the woods on some I'm Ralitsa that he did not appear anywhere in the cricket. And I think that's a shame because it's not something. We should be scared don't think she'll list that you said the curriculums are more scared of kids but a lot. Well I wanna say thank you so much for coming on and and talking with us and people definitely need to check out you're what page it Brian clay that's with two geez if he and dot net. And honestly I and we I agree with everything you've you've said here and I I truly wish that they would. Makes science panel they'd just invest more effort into it really pushing the science and I think a lot of people out there aren't doing a great job at it then them they're making fun again and so looking forward to and seeing where it takes us from there. Brian where else can people find out more about what she's doing is the website the best place to have other sites social media anything a tournament folks know about. And I'm on twists which is just Bryant played some PR Ali area and CLE cheek. Handle someplace these great days where to get so it currently is or what sorts of Bryant like not. That's great well again as Jason said we appreciate you coming on the show and sharing all of that with us and it gives us a lot to think about. And double staying in touch with the what you're doing and have you back on at some point. It's been good from our organs they record breaker on the unreality radio you listen to Jason JV yeah I'm really here we'll be right back after this. We shall wishes come true when now they can quit the wishy HD. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wish you each deal along for the ride. They blindness campers by that and now I'm getting extra base kiwi seen HD content. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal to me what is the latest high quality beach Jeanne. I needed money and fast. I didn't use my wish today's. Savage thanks in Africa thank you wish they state. They're crap go widget HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The crap we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. So it's treat. All right well I think that's it for tonight all the big shout out to Brian Clegg for coming on me she checked on his website also had to be on reality radio dot com click the gas tab and you cannot connect with Brian's web site and the book she's written in the past yet don't forget tomorrow night it's a best of program. And we will be back on Monday night with a monster we're talking about his experiences. Encountering bigfoot in 1981 and also researching things like a moth man like creature in southern Pennsylvania. He's got a blog called phantom and monsters and be pretty much creek did discussions on Monday night would sell one. And then Tuesday what if Michael Dunn was not extinct so we got a great week shows coming up makes you tune in if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio everybody have a great weekend and Jason and javy will catch you next week at. And I really ingredients produced by state 88 to include this fight exceeds reed Johnson and her. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality read it all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what pond where you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails too slick Eddie. As slick Eddie EDD one and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.