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Think Tank 1110am Heather Wagenhals, Can your appliances spy on you

Mar 17, 2017|

Can your appliances spy on you? With all the news about wiretapping, spying and hacking are you concerned about your private information? This hours guest: Heather Wagenhals - Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, host of Unlock Your Wealth radio, columnist, author of Money, Credit and You: How to avoid Identity theft, frauds,and scams

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While commit to our number two of these Friday think tank led to have you with us on this Saint Patrick's Day in this hour. You know of all the news about wiretapping spying hacking asking you this question are pretty opinion poll are you concerned about your private information simple yes or no go to our web page at W Nabil dot com. And cast your vote please. Joined the conversational about to have either through way of our text message board at 870870. We always ask you remember please text responsibly use a designated techsters you're driving. And you can call us at Bible for it to 601870. A lot in the news lately summoned the fake news of some of the real news about Smart devices up becoming the latest. Target in an anti electronic backlash that has now been sweeping the nation on we've heard from conspiracy theorists and YouTube putting out videos all of a social media and the public is kind of being led to think that some of our Smart devices. While like artificial intelligence at their spying on our personal lives now. There are some concerns about electronics that capture share consume a day that we we we know about that but whether we are entering into this orwellian age of Big Brother little brother or sister everybody know on everything we're doing now I think we need to look at the facts of that and makes some sense of it I Kellyanne Conway. Made headlines saying that your microwave can he uses a spy camera whether it's on or off. So you hear and all kinds of things and again the fake news is even clouding the issue more so with. Trying to get to the bottom of the real facts about what can invade your privacy and what can't we amassed a specialist in back. I have though why argun house is a certified identity theft risk management specialist Kenneth thanks for joining. It. Tell me RO appliances able to eavesdrop on listen to what degree or is it exaggerated when they say yeah you better be cold when you walked in by your refrigerator. And without it now it. It's really interesting it depends on the line and and the last couple that it can buy and I knew that ideally. Yeah like what I did say that arrow our home brought together. What's gonna take the device by device Smart televisions at their claim and a lot of the blame in some of the research I've done is showing their name. And not just Smart because of what they will do so they're also Smart because they can pig you loud and provide some data about June. You're viewing habits in May be even your choices of all merchant. Tribal they're Smart and stupid at the same. Let's take this television deal so. We use. Let's have a camera installed in the television and some Smart TVs has the ability or YouTube video chat with folks. If you have maybe like the Xbox game the lot of them it's. Of these video games this track your movements in order to boot controls like others ones were you call it like that where they have to see you know. In order to. Interact with the video game of the exercise and there videos. So if there are those hacked to your content you videogame consoles. There is the ability. Basically. It was you know visually. I should say. But ideally what you're doing is they're tracking hate fear what channel if you watch. For how long you watch them but not hackers have even been able to upload. Filing information on some LG television from US drives that are connected to the television so let's just say. You have a bunch of photos and you put your jump drives you'd flip flop your one device and the future but not your job drives everybody can. Watching a little. Pictorial and elated to venture duplicated to your TV set. If you have maybe your painting information saved on bear if you have other files they now know worked on that US tries. And so that's why they're Smart they're all quiet by connected I cannot block black now. And find yeah it's not broadcasting some sort of signal. And you know I have all their sport and he's. So unless they upgrade. That software that allowed me to shut up popped out. I I can't undo the does that part of the problem but how they're stupid because may have these hard wired wired by actions and this is for any clients. There hacker can get in because you don't have a username and password on. You know so if they know what the people are what your high addresses that particular device. They can totally get into that device and tracker beneath it and anything else that attacked two that they may be able to if you like his city's LG TP. I know the TVs that are coming out now where they are doing voice identification. Is that the reason for even more concerned it may be your voice panning could be taken by hackers in use was some other nefarious ways. Well absolutely. So let me I'd been captured is giving you're aiming at whatever your password is. So you'll have to walk over typing information and physically. And now I've created what are now I have to do is used by hacking software. To figure out what your account Everett I can log in every username is Patrick. And and I can get it. To whatever thinking software whatever the old lifestyle. Apps that you might have. That's all like you is that whispering you know we got those pregnant scattered. All of that aside by these centers now. Coming available we have. Alexa you know it Amazon app go and Google has its own voice system. You know the iphones apple products have. And so in order for them to look really keyword. For them to take some sort of action. They all week after the city technical Butler and oral advocate for keywords that. Popular for a keyword. And a enlistment or other tell me this it seems like from what to tell me I'm more vulnerable from a Smart TV tacking them on would be from my commuted because it's not. Password protected so how do you prevent being hacked in information being stolen from a Smart television. Well the key is they'll put it on your network. And and and that goes back to where we talk about on on my radio program on IQ web radio. Everybody all those disparate lessons say more so why not telling you all about that. That will biologically. Set that you fail at long term anything management whether it comes to money management. Weight management career management unit and it. We survive. We people remember and then we think thinking is the last thing we do in the decisions like that and not the first. And so you can use I mean gone that I have by your open line that you're gonna get neck and and by Internet you can send me at that age and all the that there are no more milk or. In my refrigerator. Or if by Apple Store I can't remember like checked it as it by head bother you gonna allowed that line again. You know like using my boy. Or like fingerprint. And and idol appetite password with. You know twenty to your actors within capital letters in that. Didn't do liberals and symbols which is the military grade straight out toward its extent of yours. To crack. If I don't have to do that each and every time well happily it distances towards pleasure wait for though I'm gonna do and we don't think twice about it. Well you know seasonal saying. People says life shouldn't be this hard maybe it's like shouldn't be this easy is easy he is giving is in trouble stay look the other way and come back I wanna talk more about Smartphone has some real wild stuff going out demo what you Smartphone can do to spy on yet. And after this is the think tank on WW. Both all the news about wiretapping spying hack teeing are you concerned about your private information that's the question are pretty opinion poll 54% of you saying yes all 46 cents a non no worries not really warned about it. Otherwise and house's with a series they certify an identity theft. Risk management specialists and we're talking about appliances. Release pile and you and steal your information. Heather we talked about Smart TVs one about the old Smartphone if you heard this rumor going around that. If you bring you charger when you phone's batteries running down and you plug it into a charge and stripped using USB. And they're everywhere they're in airports coffee shops restaurant we all plug them in to read rejuvenate our phones. Tenure information be stolen through that US economic. Potentially. Now a charging cable and data cable that can charge are two different things. So if you plugging your phone where ideally you know like charging cables it says it's also can exchange stated then absolutely. It can't. Because data can go across that same line so it all depends on the type of charging cabling years in most of them. Come compatible so you can sink your data onto your phones or on your computer you know or laptop or other devices. So you can move the data between yeah back up your phone ideally yes and it somebody's hacked that station and put something that captures data. Inside that charging power absolutely you wanna go for regular electrical outlet. I using just something interesting that happened over the break so we've been talking about appliances that this violence has. But there's some deadly ramifications. That it actually happened was some of this connect at least that the I was thinking about this by novel. And then of this one character John rain and so I could remember the name of the opt out wanted to tell you about it so I Google. John rain and sure enough becomes it's fictional character created by Mary iceberg but you know what else came up in my Google search. Is that recent purchases graveyard every shot means book I said that I bought it. On audible now how to Google now. How did they know that every effective is your idea of how you think is an. And then well with the technology Ameen it just goes to lose end of a series of matching missed of that and it doesn't and in a fraction of the time that'll method would have taken in the all the sudden it's the tunnel it's information about Jeanette you do realize event. Another got a question that came in on text board it says on the appliances what about if we have a different router. With a separate address not connected to everything else would that work to help keep privacy. Well you gotta have their firewall. I'd be it would it would depend on how you connected it to the inner. Because as separate router may not be enough. I I got another Texan in in its count of funny but actually at the same Tom I think it's justices don't care if someone spies on me I'm boring. Just because you boring doesn't mean someone was doesn't wanna hacked into your stuff frightened and surprised you this 45%. And have no concern about being. Their private information be in hack into. Dry and keep the people that just in a coup in their larger. Capacity. Scare me you know because these are the people that. If they had routine traffic stop the black eyed about that the I'd and so they'll allow the police to search their vehicles. Or you know pat them down or whatever it's your right to privacy. It's being passed. And that that the right ignores as the Americans and nobody entitled to anything you don't wish to share and next week for. And that's the problem. United as a people that say that I'm born I've got that in the high paid like it's not about what you have the high. It's about the invasion to begin. N double what about are there any agencies. That. Our government and that is dedicated and emission is to protect us is is implementing our providing. Protections from this saws it just happened so fast they can't keep up. Well yeah there are actually. Several different arms of the government. That actually deal with than. So first stop the FBI has knuckles cybercrime division. And now they also have if you go to see you identity theft got. There's also. Resource is for you to report identity theft if you benefit them. But the problem is with cybercrime. You know it's got that need people. On the other hand. Mean they're. Finger identification they're using your refrigerator is set there's space. But at and your IP address or how to retract them. Incredible. Well you know. That the bigger challenge yet and can't even trust that I mean we've you know. Our RI arrest. Can't even keep track of our local security numbers and our tax that. You know I mean those who can we really look to the government to help us. Well yeah CC is failed at it keep and they do not call program going at first when it came out the registry. They did a pretty good job but it figured out how to get around it to Sobel well. Rise every voice over Internet protocols for phones now. That you know they're they're going through a different type of this at all. Even though it's regulated society at CC you can become anybody so lecture hall as a attic. Caller ID but you could be anything on a computer. I Heather's can you still admit to the news break. I wanna talk a little bit about swiping devices and how you can be swiped my maybe by using his wiping devices a lot of talk about that. You've got a question or comment we invite your phone call at viable for 260187. If you are detects your message in. Comes in right here real time just act responsibly to 87870. And right now it looks like this on a pretty opinion poll asking you cast your vote with a all this news about wiretapping spying hacking. Or are you concerned about your private information 45% still say no day on not concerned 55%. Yes they're off. Back to discuss that but first we are joined by the CBS news update in mass followed by the WW well. Local news with Jim Hance Owen and we're back with more on a Friday thanked. I gotta tell you able surprised though about the results of a pretty opinion poll question right now 56%. Are saying no they on not concerned about their private information among all this news about wiretapping and spying and acting. 44%. Say yes out now how about I am not. Rolling out the possibility that some hack our. Who wants to law all our public into a false sense of security is is actually into this hole in in in rigging the numbers to put the eighties and. Actually the numbers are not that surprising in the game and I'll explain why. You're using your logic brain you're not emotionally engaged yours survival as a big threat you know elected at this yesterday. But that seems wrong that actually you'd take a look at the wage. I look at saying and with my biology based approach to money management. We've got them natural rained it biases and and mental exercises going on here. A one which is what we call normal Levi's and this is where people. Refused to plan for a disaster that hasn't happened again. Just as they haven't been at that epic and they don't think it's an app that like that guy with a boring life I quietly aboard but the people that are actually more susceptible. Because they can be let out. With the little green and five dollar amounts transaction does float underneath the reader because it's not like somebody way. And had a big champagne party and put a 101000 dollar bill your credit card. Nothing really jibe with like these two dollar chargers five dollar charge isn't making that monthly it's only under the radar. So it's not checking your statements regularly that have made bleed you dry it like all of the people that died in nine elected. Super tragic you would think that everybody would then like rushing to get out the door less people would expect you know what. We have drills and so they're thinking oh it's another buyer QL I need to grab another crop up a copy before it walk around. I get a quote the programs here disable my documents sank back to them later. And people we're not in a hurry because the likelihood of that happening to them and they could not. They could not calculate patents the brain doesn't need to waste time with Abacha probabilities of what is making little mental shortcuts. And so the numbers and then surveyed 56% not concerned that surprise you. Explains it. Whether hum as far as. Cards credit card yet she's quiet but things are scanned now you can use your phone to scanned things like you going into a year every airline. Ticket. Is there a possibility that that. Someone can pick things up off that much more easily get your information from the. Yes sir especially with these what they call and at the or near field communication devices so now they're the do. Wireless contact. Seeing your so. Likely they'll help Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and 3456 genes on our phone. We've got something else called near field communication and this is led. Facilitates our ability to use. Google wallet is apple page and we don't even have to swipe our card a weird it was to happen against the machine. It's what would you walk into this store also get coupons on your phone. When you walk by an item you're looking out opposite a couple of pops up but it's not because they're broadcasting in this flatly called near field communication and so. If I'm walking down the history. And I have what do these devices that can capture your data and you don't shut off your NFC as a switch. In your setting shut like to turn on an opera Bluetooth. In your pocket on the street I can bump you and you know what streets are crowded you about the people got bumped you and capture. Your data especially with RFID chips. With some of these computer chips that are out there and planted in credit cards if they're broadcasting his signal. All I needed to capture device that I can get that information and ally. A ways to spend money without having the capability because I've still here they. While time got a warm out who bumps in them in these days have. Why or you can just simply turn off that feature I've never. I don't pay it that way and so I keep that feature off. Now if you insist on paying out way for whatever reason convenience or disabilities people with disabilities. You know rheumatoid arthritis people like Heather this is that a god and I have to have an NC I can't. Dig into my wallet pull out a credit card each and every time. So for some people that are physically challenged. I say okay great continue to use it. Just make sure the target on right when you're at the terminal and turn it up be careful of the people. Approaching you in the grocery store line and where is UK that they're not close enough to captured by capturing information please let me. Lopez stuff your writing out a check and somebody could look like they're based on their phone and they're actually taking the picture. Your signature your account information near accurate and now that they today they can access to bring it back at kickbacks to you that it meets their. I think we can you know. Theorized about April ways that people can capture as a speaker still not where we Beverly. That's not the answer about that not the answer we just activate. Simple Smart choices and not always go for what you see here convenience because that's where we get the trouble and that's our natural. Brain biases. Go towards pleasure away from it a whole I have to remember pastor well that won't. That is Taylor we're gonna take a break we come back on one share with you they kind of think a chilling text messages that came in from one of my oldest will be right back. We're talking about news saying that wiretapping spying hacking your private information is not under attack. Is it that's on WW all dot com ready opinion poll question 56%. Of what he's saying no you're not concerned 44% say yes I am will be back with a final results an F does. While many this hour of programming has that changed your opinion of some of our listeners and now we have 53%. Say that they aren't concerned about there. Private information with a all wiretapping spying and acting on one point 7% say no. I have otherwise in house has been kind enough to spend this now with this talking about it in detail. I want to share of this text messages and again and it's spooky it came minutes says. I routinely show folks how to recover apparently erased files from apart phones how to transmit phone numbers while calling. Out of remotely turn on cameras and microphones anyone using Smart anything is foolish. If they do not also learned to install software to exert executive control. How these devices communicate my view is simple I like my privacy if you want my data. Amy four finals if I will sell it to be out phone's data discarded. Zero. Inflammation that can be stolen and use. Absolutely because look that we breaker. But you know we discard them and they should just spill size and most of the time their impact is because it's green it's damaged that we used leader Arafat. And we don't think views completely destroyed the chance. You know we're we're so focused on. Recycling is that you can recycle the pieces parts that you know. In don't know what happened that I what you Politico. He's right you know if somebody can take back I just because it is and it's going to take that far apart on YouTube about people's take on the part repair them. You know they have little how to videos and they can reconnect that and everything it was not her is to chip and damaged is still on your phone. You know we have to be really careful you know app. Then acted in one specific thing ask prop eight Cree permissions I don't know why one of my apt. That it's supposed to just track mice that. And I don't want that GPS that it it can't think from my. My device that might wearable. In my computer via Bluetooth without requesting. Four. Location and like you know where I'm thinking back up its visit Bluetooth connected to issue a news. I don't you don't need to have my location to use synchronize my Bluetooth so subterfuge then becomes the thing you know my AM. I can't have a let you make that I have a service because by the letter goes well and I like to track that lecture my might ten dollar device died. And they'll have it anymore. They they stop making mr. exports that spot as the other one. And in order for me is synchronize it with my god I had to create a profile and it goes to work out and I don't want my medical data. Being uploaded by had to create a knob of Lou I'm a writer and author writes I just created a fake name at a fake email address because I don't want my company. Getting that information and artificially raising my rates. If I'm managing myself and I'm not diabetic but I don't want the inference that perhaps. At some point in the future might be you have to get Rick is that I mean. This data can be used for all sorts of not just nefarious purposes in the sense of stealing your data becoming new I mean. Insurance companies can by the disinformation. And re re you know. You can be risky assessed for. For any day. You know think about interest rates you know and you and your credit score. You know eight now check your credit score for insurance now so if you don't pay your bill is statistically likely to make of fraudulent play. It's insane what let to let it happen if we lose our identity and by giving away our permissions. With all of these devices order taking up without our permission is the dangerous thing that we have to be aware this has to think how convenient it we really want allies. Whether thanks for spending the time with a sock in your book money credit and you how to avoid identity theft frauds and scams. I guess a lot of these tips that you've been giving ask is a scenarios analysts of how people can can get their information stolen I guess a lot of that is covered in your book rocket we find it. Yes well if you want half off for the cover price just visit our website at money credit you'd dot com and when you sign up for argued letters to issue up to the minute alert about. You scams or data breaches that are out there you can also get out of the book at many credit and you dot com. Very good have you chosen an excellent fashion one that will alive keep itself going with a lot of times. Yeah or unfortunately. I've got job security but it's been a pleasure of sharing with your listeners. Make it across. No we're gonna keep you on on calls in case we need because I know from time to time is new things develop low will will get in touch with. I'd be happy to help you out. Thanks again we appreciate. Analog and house and of will be right back after this and I'll check on that pretty opinion poll giving the final results of it tell he was coming up in the noon hour of the think tank on WW. I take a look at our one last look at the pretty opinion poll question for this hour. How many of our listeners are concerned about private information with a all this recent news about wiretapping spying and acting from your appliances your. Smartphones are Smart TVs and otherwise. 51%. Now say yes 49%. Still a lot of people not concern. I'd coming up in the next hour. Saint Joseph's day it's coming up saint patty's day today but. Saint Joseph's day kind of a special tradition and some unique celebrations take place here in new wall as the you know why do you know the history what it's all about. If you don't sell stereo old John disease for the Italian American research center at the east bank regional library in Metairie. We will explore all the different aspects of saint Joseph's day celebrations very unique to new wall and some really you know lot of other places in America and across the world will be right back with that after this on WW.