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Think Tank 1210pm Sal Serio, Do you celebrate St. Joseph's day

Mar 17, 2017|

Do you celebrate St. Joseph's day? Do you go to the altars? Will you go to the Italian-Irish parades over the weekend? This hours guest: Sal Serio - curator of the Italian American Research Center at the East Bank Regional Library in Metairie

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon on the Saint Patrick's Day glad to have you tune in front third and final with a Friday think tank can this now a little bit of a break from some of the controversy all a serious things actually that was all the controversy on the Saint Patrick's Day about. Whether meet could be consumed on this Friday in order to accommodate those who like corned beef and and and cabbage on Saint Patrick's Day on a Friday in lent him. Latest I heard was there wasn't dispensation maize and now also you can eat meat on the Friday in the land if you. Of staying on another day. I know we're asking you this question are ready opinion poll how do you celebrate saint Joseph's day the go to Alter the gold to parade do you go to church and take part the services all of the above on none of the above go to WWL dot com and weigh in on that. If you're not familiar with that it's a very popular. Traditional holiday here in the new wall and there are from very special reasons in the tells a whole lot more about the history in the traditions in the unique. Celebrations that take place in the sport of the country a cell scenario joins us who was the curator of the Italian American research center. At the east bank regional library in Metairie south thanks to a taken some time that talk about saint Joseph's day we appreciate. Thank you to embark Toronto when John Snow who would you tell me Ohio connection its own demise saint Patrick ran absolutely. Or John. No profitable and in the top of the morning ride. The cell if you would tell us about the Italian American research centers located at the library there in Metairie. We been around about Saturday users. Normally we've been downstairs downtown. It's 537. So so putrid what we have low museum. We're here temporarily. Because so remodeling of the facility downtown and that's. For everybody anybody is familiar with new fiesta two yeah that's where we're located there. I can see it from a window here at the studio well progressed. And I am also a member of the Italian American society too proud to say that. As far as the Italian American society in the resource Centre is Jean is New Orleans won the all larger areas that that have such a on a cultural soon. There's flaws that I know and I get a lot of response from people come in from out of town. And on I guess oblivion predators but they say we have the best and lord just one we have over it's gone. Virtually the lover section. And the museum and the size of a building. It's still a little quick tour of the museum and library what what will people see. As well in the museum we. New exhibit on Panetta's follow all the musicians. World. The battalion. Or Cecilia and ancestry. That played in the Waltz. And that'll be downtown. The date will be. Grade will sign on bonuses when that happens. These second floor usually solves the news in itself would purchase of the past. Obviously and all the people came to society's. Media politicians. And the way people lived together. There's a huge. Display of both vote to repeal. Who was at first. Queen of your resilience. Organization. Source and a library itself we are. Probably you'll pharmacy sells boats which is consisted mostly of what to and oh well it may be in English or accommodation both would magazines from around the world to. And we will launch launch collection of individual records. Of people. Plus businesses and societies and that type of things. So beat him. You know I know the us society offers a lot of events like cooking instructions Italian cooking and also on language. Classes and things like that there's a whole wealth of things of people wanna find out more actually if they all of a Sicilian or Italian descent find out there. That's very true classes in two and put. Is actually conducted by a person that was born and it was. And held Sandra does an excellent job but he has pulled beginners. Intermediate advance. Plus we offer to those two it would. Outstanding if you would kind of give us of those not familiar with the the history of the saint Joseph's day celebrations. Santa Rosa goes back through what is. There was serious bout of and that took place and so slew. And the people who handle food he's been stored. In the military bitter laugh we will probably it's. That's political outlook is being. Followed beans were actually. Type of food negative to the panel's. I know traditions is cattle but there's not much cattle and so this would. Maybe goats and not let that. So they're pretty descent chosen please help was in the stuntman and move on you every year and he did help them. And they survive. And from that time forward into today. They have same crucible that is. That'll mean footer on but the food is donated by two people would make him they've donated to charity. There is no choice but any of these functions that go on but the result is. But of course donations are taken. And the reason I got the name of lucky being it's because. Some of the people have survived almost. Beans and you'll look at them. I've been asked to it to to contribute not have done so over the years rid fish which is become common. Item that appears on the saint Joseph's alters what other things can you pretty much count on being a saint Joe's assault. All the essentials Baltic and everything is traditionally Cho one item and that's me. Beat. It's not alone on all those and it's not tradition. But all types of finish pastry. Anything and that type and it'll vegetables. Fruits. That's the type of food additives. And that thing would still from the office and also donated too little. Those who need in that schools on today it's seriously. As it goes in the loans. That's really more the Sicilian celebration. Then dissidents anyway because but it's. But it celebrated in the loans and what should go places around the country. I sell stable we're gonna take a break here we come back what should agree again with that top of the more and I had a text who gave me the proper reply in an owl and the reason number and that's what I thought but talking with cell scenario balls saint Joseph's day tradition is moved back with the right after this time. And we're really picking up the discussion on saint Joseph's day activities in traditions but first on top Manassas assistant program directed joins us in dodger got an announcement. And Don yeah I just total. Everybody know that I was listening RHD two channel there was an incident at the the transmitters which caused it to go off so it didn't affect. If you want which are listening which you're on right now but AG to where we of the NBC sports programming in the food choate Tom Fitzmorris. There was an incident last night went off the engineers have finally got it fixed so it's back on it never went off on the stream if you were listening to it on the stream which a lot of people do. You go to WW will dot com and you have the two. Buttons up in the upper right hand corner one is to listen to use the automobile listen to the XT two stream which right now would be NBC sports. That never went down that always work the app on the phone always were it was just on your HD radio. You may not have been giving signals and wondering about it but it all should be back engineer has been working all day and everything should be ready for Tom Fitzmorris is. So HD radio listeners a safe to tune in Tom and just in time for the you know more outdoor show and I'll be on March himself exactly for your show to be there as well all right and I finally got me got a good deals on HD radio as I understand people can abide HD radios and Islam all they sell them all over I mean not to. Drop me has been a source but there's you know a couple of big electronics stores want them has as big yellow tag out front. They have one for about thirty bucks if you bought a new car you can actually grew long line HD radio. And if you go to that website. It will give you a list of all the cars that have XT radios I believe since 2013. Or twelve Toyota as the most they've been. Pretty much standard but they're in Honda's civic there and Jia and they're just about every car now. You know should be the model that has an HD radio and a lot of you don't even understand that they have an HD radio when their car that ought to do our. Because Neville put there's a certain but you have to push to activated to put it on so check your manual to sepia. And what about desktop home. HD desktop home HD radio as you can buy him. For as little it's thirty bucks. Some have seen some lower entry confined them on eBay and such even cheaper. And comes in crystal clear you get this channel you get the other channel is just like way and TV went to HD and everyone who watches over the year of the antenna. You have channel four which also have channel four is 12 and three different programs the seminary. And Yemeni HD radio you can and get the extra channels. If you don't have one you ought to get one because there's going to be a whole lot of things opening up on HD radio third duo all right thanks to appreciated Todd Manassas. System program direct. I and are looking and operating opinion poll question how do you use celebrate. Saint Joseph's day we've got a lot of choices for you and I will check on that CEO with the results was segment I want to get cell scenario back in Nasser Al. You promise me that you would re greet me with the Euro a typical Saint Patrick's Day and I'm gonna respond to the proper way. You do in denial. Or character that I and so what. Up to monitor your hand pointer on. And morass of the day do you lad alas it whichever applies that I am told the proper reply in and so wanna thank the text of Wayne who sent that in also got a question for you as someone wanted to asks me to ask you if he know if you know Frankel in Giorgio got a lucky being on if they got one yes. If they have one now Frankel in Georgia. I don't know if they personally have won but I have real will I carry a pocket. And that's probably why you you're reduced protruding golf via the smaller. Puck as we had filed a beam in your pocket. For a very good very good but. Again you know typically saint Joe's is day alters like I guess there's a list somewhere where you can find those to participate in them. Yes learner in the morning newspapers both very. Both Norton both papers from the laws just ushered make mention names but they have loose. All those that some people put their name Jeanette and that is one way that they haven't it's no way we have here at trial. Lot I guess that's the whole tunnel stores to. But on ignore all on and on where locations so. Most little locations in previous Q if you want to talk a little book editor tree or in houses. And people go to from dual dual and neighborhoods and enjoy it that way. And held a lot of work so I guess when you're in order or postal people. And churches have taken over a lot of them which is good they have a larger venue and have a built in crawled and helpful presents a lot of work. These ladies and gentlemen who make these pastries. This occurred out in full of them they have a good time but it is ties to work. Cell bill or some. I guess there practices that are involved with some of the items found on a on saying jones' alters. Guess some people might call on superstitions. Do you know about the one with the the bread freeze in the brain. Not really you you. I hate us as well there's a lot of things to come home over the years that Simpson renewal traditional. I'll tell you about it this one says that me you've you've you've take a piece of bread. And may be fig cookies suites. And while the big problem beans and a prayer card in but you don't eat the bread. You put the bread and you freeze. Then won a storm is approaching like tropical storm you must say a pray you break the bread you scattered New York to protect your property from Eric. There's little foolish to. Put yes that is supposed to cut. The problem being and producer in Joseph's as moral persuasion food itself. Does an adult that was one of the reasons they have visual clues. After the fountain whistle blow people who have an altar of foot almost everything. It was very common to World War II beautiful little loose. Safe return of little ones from war. Hello. You have targeted. You know another tradition on saint jewels that you find a lot of citrus fruits. And I do you know about the one about the lemon in the husband. Can't stand out. I can't I just it's a reward or punishment still I buying tickets are opponents to be honest with you I don't know where they can flow. And I have so this would happen but that's one out of maybe thousands. I don't see how anybody can be reward the steel. Well there may be punished depending on the quality of the Boswell and validity to the lady whose stolen. Want to have a limit for the husband and that's a good way to get your right. I covered that some people will love it I can't I can't I'm sorry it. Now. As far as some of the year favorites. Down wanna ask the listeners what's your favorite thing that may be you don't get a chance until Los angels and stay rolls around and appears on the alters anything favorite did you. Really likes them. Well that. So some good affinity generally have a fair we're cooking at home what was going in which was greeted him my grandmother had a great. So I do enjoy to boot. Whether it be possible to greater radio show milanese. Or chokes. The fishers. Pastries. And bring the but if you get to throw out so just look at a consultant at just look at. Cells they Juliet take a news break coming up will be back in now let me check on operative painful right now 47%. Of the people responding say they go too little on saint Joseph's day. 2% make the parade 10% all of the above. 0% only go to church and 41% say they don't participate in any form or fashion moment I am here to tell you. You miss an out on some good activities and some great food visit this angels altered new fund listings. As he mentioned and also you'll find them on our website commitment to. Right now of what's coming up is the CBS news update followed by a WWL first news and we're back with the rest of the think tank. On the big 870 WW well FM 1053 in worldwide at WW all that count. Now we're talking about saint Joe's is day I'll be coming up on the nineteenth which is Monday and asking you this question. To reply on a debit reveal that come pretty opinion poll question now how do you celebrate saint Joseph's day 47%. Said they will visit a saint Joseph's alt that's an awful high percentage in their a lot of them across the city. You'll find elicit the arch diocese of wall of web page. We'll also have an on on W dot real dot com home painted did get a question in now sell cereals been talking weather's. On the wanted to know about the date and time this is going to be Monday only what time will these. Alters the opened up I guess of Barry's whether it's at a church your business on some groceries understand even handle. Yes there will listen. Even rusher to know small and so. Time is so set by the please the people who actually do it. So it is very assertive have to contact them. The usually have the blessing of the Alter the day before the actual feeding. Nobody eats until the holy family each and every muted the whole experience which is saint Joseph's. The blessed mother and juices. And then we want to have one or two Melissa and so we're so dependent on family in order where they have. But nobody eats anything Celine. Sell do you remember when individual homes hosted these I can remember that is actually a youngster he you know I can remember her grandmother I mean they've people would would be up for hours all night long cook and get out. Absolutely and old citizen the one year. As you know new young boy probably 101215. Not an uplifting. But ten or twelve. Opium saint Joseph's that halted but we're among themselves. And I try to place the common winded at an eskimo would that's and the World War II appreciate alone. Thanks and to those are invincible. The World War II. Yeah some a lot of traditions a lot of Thanksgiving through the rituals that take place on saint Joseph's day of you know there's a lot of them Google's the food items that has some significance you know the story about the on the bread crumbs sprinkled on the stuffed artichokes. Yes that the slow portals neutral. We do it until musicians you know and Canada exercise a lot of outlook your questions but. It's called now a much about the pronunciation mood Greek I think is what it's called. And the chrome symbolize sawdust that car rentals which is what's angels as profession was. I had in their work areas in and they also said some people say this symbolizes the dust. That was associated with the drought and famine that you know brought about the that the whole group. You warned that it could be the one and that's what eat a lot of the alterations milanese seats below. Root problems on the sort of flow trees that's what type they used it sort of the same thing. You know I first heard about this one from my grandmother and I and memo full aligns me configure know why it made sense but I'm talking about the the real estate deal with each beat you bury a statue of yeah Joseph upside down in the a. Yard and the other. A verdict. I don't think it has to saint Joe's little blues but that's no way to producer Josep. That some people swear by them but truthfully are seen. And act oh goodness blessings chosen from what cousins. When she when windows was diagnosed with cancer. And he did it this league ineptitude it was and so it's wants. And this is not possibly be 3040 years ago. They all and she went through over at world everything that you put food everything most readers who negotiated. It'll it was pretty. People open. And put the appeal and has little fling. And not only his plea was ineptitude but in lieu of 140. Years so. Work. But as far as it you know of anyone who in the solar panels as soon as they heard bill never had it happen now I don't know maybe they cut the price Newton has more effect I don't know but I liked if from somebody that's. Heard about that Arkin dallas' success stories is the legend goes that if you bury a small statue of Saint Joseph upside down and a front yard and house house sells promptly and it's. The store. In Warwick Oreo. Now Bible sporty 601 late seventies a phone number at weekend at Texas it's 870870. A salad got a text in some would want to know is there in what is if there is he would miss in charge to the museum. The museum is show. And are pursuing Josep with the museum president spoke just turned also person. There is walking. Would portal are thrown. Children or in very. And that's about it. And it governor Joseph would have chosen as. And asked the research center in an elaborate Libyan ultimate honor most of would be alive and. Oh we don't have one I wish Sorbonne trying to get one but. They used to read too much Richard saw just decide not to. And then that would tie me down to Saint Joseph stay well on this little. I'll be insulting thing you'll do. Well you'd landing yeah. You know there's another tradition too and you find them in and I never realizes on did some research on them but there's a lot of them breads and had a unique shapes. And yes his reasons for those Tulsa month. Well they wanna. Put these brits in the shape we'll cross all finish. Everything to represent that type of food. Or little policeman they believe. And the especially made for it and that's an old thing that's very difficult to fund today. When I was more open help they had but he reserve made this season no such hit software and I don't know I guess modern world you'd better. But you know what this tradition has tested time and it's it's it remains pretty much unchanged through all all these years. There hasn't it has not changed. And that is one of the major traditions that was brought here by this civilians. I don't know what is known about but no walls made up. Posts if you and I and the senses soon. Well it's one of the reasons I'm here. Okay my grandfather if you were easy he came from Sicily as a as a legal immigrant. And not a woman not married was a first generation Italian. And yeah in and that's why I'm you know gotten involved in Saint Joseph and a lot of these stories because it's been passed down from. Tradition tradition of actually made a trip to Sicily and was amazed at how many names. That a very common New Orleans names like Oregon or Canas arrow and sell for this city's name and I guess when you came from a city. In Sicily that became your last name is Dave you first. I. Well you merchant ship clueless willow put a lot of paternal side comes from. And my maternal side functional telco properly you know it. I don't know that just when you people need help Oreo within within you know a lot of people had shuffled. Yeah you drive do Sicily you gonna go from town the town of Mosul small towns in the you wrecked do you think you drama through all looking at the new lawless phone book when you're there. That's true very much in there you look at an almost home will you follow our stereo. Absolutely. And most of duke go from a triple. So we've entered the name of the tells little scenario only that when came from. Would you believe it means serious. To commute now. I just got a vote of confidence on that exported says. Talking about the bearing of the small statue of saint Joseph's as yet. Worked for us and we got more than they ask him prize amount oral do you sell any saint Joe's a snatches them at the Italian nonsense. You have to go down I don't think so I don't think there's reed finished with the Euro. Just to show you. Well okay that's another thing. The only thing allow to be so that's obviously to multiple post there's not really slope with a footnote on the Asian. It is. Candles saint Joseph's scandals and they burn it's. And they also have little bridge brilliant. All liberated the people could actually donate and get an extra local residents of the take home. Well I'm getting more validation on the the Saint Joseph stats this would says Don this is MJ in home on my wife buried the saint Joseph's statue in the front yard. Of two previous houses we soul both houses sold with in the week. We are about to put up present house on the market and I guarantee they'll via Saint Joseph statue bear to look for a portrait. Three for three outs and I his an analyst at my wife's a realtor in the city. And we just a civilian and yes we tell clients to bury a statue of saint Joseph's upside down houses have so quick about doing business. Another says Mary's saint Joe's and yes yes yes I was an unbelievable. Two mortgages someone told me to bury Saint Joseph it worked. Cannot explain. I hope it's nice people who it's going to Roosevelt and would recognize donations. Richer now let's get to the bottom and that tradition in the tradition of saint Joe's and so those. We need to get to the bottom moon the origin of that story are those going to be Marion to some maybe somebody can it. Tech as a pro bloated and horror. Yeah basically can apply the upside down and you won't technical. And Anna I got oh lead on some the best saint Joe's bread is found adorned axe rentals so. Well undersized what that is legal for far away. If anybody want to learn mobile today crucible to us we have a ton of information it included many many pitches. From over the years of private homes with him. Very good south thanks for being was we appreciate and and have a happy saint Joseph's day and the rest of August saint patty's day top early afternoon today. Thank you very much dominant grew very honored on thanks again we appreciated. Well it's now. And we'll be back there were rabbit up decimal attacks coming in we'll take a look at that WW Al dot com pretty opinion poll in if you wanna get a quick call in final 146 holes one point seven he has to Friday think tank on WW. And wrapping up our Friday think tank we've been talking about the saint Joseph's holiday in the altars in the east and is not an official holiday sales of people who celebrated his holiday. Someone texted me want to know they missed on the story on the Lemmon won meat to reprieve repeat that there is a tradition associated with single insult has if you steal a lemon. Which citrus is very common on the alters you will find a husband or wife. No traditional and I confines as if you putting them in on a saint Joe's Alter. Your wife or husband leave yet the tests that mature. Here's some more attacks coming in and again the talking about the bearing a Saint Joseph statue in front of the house for sale and help sell his one. So it will buying a home with a predicated off retirement running out friend told us about the statue upside down so we got it Baird yards but also within a week. Another says this is a name drop down I'm good friends with Kristian garic and he knows and the reason to lie okay Christian about four. My home in Metairie on level of street was up for sale a year and a half I buried St. Joe and it's sold in three days where a guy that works. And then another question can you see that alters all weekend long I just Sunday. Monday is today and a lot of people will stop awful launch at one of these as well they'll have lunch even not to work day they'll stop bio maybe after work on before. Some open very only a finalist ammonia arch diocese of New Orleans waves. All right I had asked for efficient report ahead of Saint Joseph red fish report on W mobile TV if you missed it you can go on my website on the outdoors guy netcom. Or WW LTV dot com and see that and in sixteen hours I guarantee you we're going to be talking a lot about fission. That's on the outdoor show from five to seven on this station and don't miss it we gotta HD 105 point three FM HD two running. More outdoors can be heard from seven to nine and I'll see you back here next week when linked.