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3/17/17 Scoot 1pm- St. Patrick's Day and Trump White House

Mar 17, 2017|

It's St. Patricks Day....Scoot gets the weekend started and a caller gets the political talk started....is MSNBC doing the best job covering President Trump?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I hear radio. Not only is it Friday. It is Saint Patrick's Day. Friday march the seventeenth. A party is already well under way in fact the as a talented account executive sales staff here at WWL. They're spending the afternoon at the fairgrounds. So if you have any issues with your commercials I would just a simply page my favour count executive the one that you deal with. I would just have been page. At the fairgrounds. Where you hit the situation resolved and hopefully there are no problems. Our we've got a lot to talk about this afternoon we're gonna have fun we're gonna actually it's Friday and saint Patrick stay right now crank it up this is what you have been working for. All right let's just be really honest about a day like today. It's after 1 o'clock. On a Friday afternoon. It's march 17 its Saint Patrick's Day. A date with which we take. Celebrating very seriously. And this part of the country not just in New Orleans but also in the surrounding areas. Today's a big data party I'm sure there are people who have already gone to launch. And they're not going to return. They're out there and they're gonna stay out there there's been cool since a big street party at aerosols and Tracy's uptown. And town there and again there are parties and bars and places all over the place. If you would like to join us with comment about we are you all are or where you pattern if you wanna give us any kind if update on. The situation at UC if you if you wanna call us alive. From a pair assaults Tracy's from pinnacles. A cost before you get so drunk that you can't. Polite on the year of Oppo output at that point if you do wanna join us are numbers 260 when he seventy taxed 87870. We're reminds you that we do have a few things talk about I really don't wanna get serious this afternoon. And all the things that we could talk about this afternoon with politics and everything. All of that can wait. Until Monday. So I generally when it just. Reflect the mood. Even if your work even a year and a great mood because it's Friday. It's the week is it's a beautiful thing I mean the weather couldn't be any nicer. Than it is right now not to pocked. Celebrating this. I think are pretty general opinion poll this afternoon. Which will run for all three hours pretty much says at all. Which are you more focused on Tuesday. President trump and politics. Green beer. Or NCAA hoops. It is your opinion by going to our web site W if you don't count I know like I could noon in my office. Are always turn on nine WQL to watch Eyewitness News at noon. And it's I don't. Because of the NCAA effect had been last night I want to watch our channel four producers a typical and it wasn't on because of the basketball game is on a little bit later. We're remind you that I have another pair of tickets to giveaway to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd coming to this through the king center on July the eighth. When you hear the Pink Floyd song of the day which is the happiest days of our life. Or should have these days of my life. I forget which one of us its from the wall. It's kind of an obscure very brief on her priest song it's it's kind of it and yeah obscure thing but. It's once again it's a song about being in school. So a song about you know another brick in the wall of AT teacher leave those kids alone we are you doing too well this is some of the song dealing with education. When you hear that if you with a fourth caller. Our contests like Carrie coach 504260. Wins area code 5042609467. If you create value and tickets from Dario were also appear to its coming out sometime between now and 4 o'clock this afternoon. So the White House apparently apologized for. The implication that President Obama worked with the United Kingdom to wiretap. Truck during a campaign. Sean Hannity suggested that a federal judge in Hawaii that block patrol travel plan. May have smoked pot and even Donald little blow. With Obama. I mean just have anything to base that on but that's what he he said that dimension is on his side show yesterday. Which I think is interesting that also visit since it's a story out. And I don't know what to me convinced there's a story out there to and asked her after talking on the air but Sean Hannity. I think was last year. Pulled a gun out and out pointed at one Williams. Who is the liberal. Contributor. When the liberal contributors on on Fox News Channel. But apparently he says he was you showing him the gun but there are reports that. There Bartley is severely upset that he actually turn on the I turned on the the laser and and had the laser on one williams' body so I get I don't know what the truth is about that but we do know that Sean Hannity. Said that a federal judge on blocked the front travel travel plan the federal judge that did that may have smoked pot and got a little blow with Obama. Now. This is I think another indication. That. The White House. Is being run like a radio talk show. This is just again this is something just stupid. If if anybody had suggested this about president trot. Guys like Hannity. That they would have a lick of vein bulging on in their neck they would be so angry and upset. I can say things like well you know Sean Hannity may have had sex with young boys. And it's the same thing. But I mean to say that in a serious way and just say well you don't Sean Hannity I I heard that Sean Hannity may have had sex with imports. And doesn't wanna talk about it because it's a conservative talk show host I mean that's equivalent to Sean Hannity suggesting that the federal judge to block trucks travel plan. Many of smoke pot or Donald little blow. With press Obama so. You know I just again. It's it's it's fake news. But when when he does and it's okay with somebody else does it it's it's not OK and you know this is the stuff that many Americans are getting fed up. This idea that. That you can just say what you want to be true. Or say things that just totally. Discredit somebody without any. Any information. I I don't wanna get into this but I couldn't help but bring this up if you wanna join us with a comment or numbers 2601870. Erica 05042601. A semi tech's numbers 877. Here is a Texas says Cisco I'm on laying on the beach in Pensacola. Listening width. Listening with an ice chest full of Irish margaritas. What is an Irish Margarita. Don't tell me it's big les. Instead of tequila. An Irish Margarita. And a Woodard is who cares. I appreciate the fact that your on the beach and Pensacola god bless you for that. And it doesn't matter where you are if your work if you partying if you just had a great move because it is a beautiful Friday the beginning of the weekend and it is Saint Patrick's Day. Welcome to our show we're going to try to reflect the food of the audience. If you and enjoys the comic this afternoon numbers 2601. A seventy Gary coach 50426. Held morning symphony. Tex ever take 7870. There's a controversy involving New York City firefighters and today Saint Patrick's Day parade. I hadn't heard this before because it's new we'll talk about that when we come back and also I'm gonna feature some songs about drinking. Today because it's such a big guarantee for for drinking so coming up out of this break. A classic Merle Haggard hint about drinking will be back. You know a lot of people who were in Paris all sin Tracy's sand and fin a Coles that's what they're thinking and just gonna stay right here and drink. Hey I ticket can abort take over home or lift or somebody I don't don't drive if you want to have a little bit too much to drink. A similar telling me earlier that a survey where Saddam was taken nationally. In only 8% of the people say that they intend on getting front today. You know more than that will get drunk and only 8% said they intend on getting truck here's an update on our party general opinion poll which are you more focused on today. 33% no 3232%. Say president trop and politics. 53% say NCAA hoops. And only 15% say green beer. I'd like to but point out the green beer he is our representative of anything. Irish not just literally green beer. I'm screwed in the afternoon happy Friday papacy Patrick stay here's a Texas as. Base coach Sean Hannity is not far right Tea Party pit bull and is losing credibility and viewership each day. As he continues to support the indefensible. Outright lies of the president here's a Texas says. Non scoot saying the White House is being run like a radio talk show is an insult to WW Los complete lineup. And I've always agree but you guys don't spout lies well that's true. And when I said the White House is being run by by people who are running at like a talk show. It's that the talk shows that aren't the extreme the talk shows that. Think the people that declined backs and I know he's changed but declined backs and that they had a decent and all of these people who say. Things that are not credible. Just to get you fired up they're trying to get tutored to grip your fork and head to date to the town square to Kazaa is going to be hanging. Amid this is what they do they turn turn around a lot the townspeople. And I mean I've been in this business a long time I understand the strategy understand the technique and I can certainly recognize it when it happens. And there's a major change coming in this country. And it's not going to be a bad change. But MSNBC's ratings are. Really going up significantly. I don't know what this means to Fox News which has been a dominant number one for a long time we'll have to to wait and see. They still do a great job at what they do. But this idea that you can make stuff up. It's just gotten out of control. And Hannity is literally made stuff up. And yet he's a big success. Look I again I don't wanna get series' two. Hour talk more about saint Patrick's. If you do wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601 A semi tech state 77. Here is a Texas says. Scooter I'm recovering alcoholic and I'm offended by EU talking about drinking. This may be a trick or two need to go out and drink and that's from Jim you know Jim I have a feeling that you're part of our afternoon audience. And you're being sarcastic. Because I would never try to offend anybody if you're recovering alcoholic I have total respect for you. From the door sure David your deputy real happy Saint Patrick's Day. And deep. Hello can you hear me yes to him. OK a lot at thank you for having me ally on. I know you love wanted to set aside out here is not a paper I just felt like this very very brief comment was appropriate for what you were talking about. MSNBC along with regional Matt Al only ya good armed a lot of suspicions I had about our opera now. Up urged all I don't I really don't like to identify with a label Obama may and urged all have an American and I just. I'd I'd purchased call actually now. And it obesity what I like about Rachel Matt alleys she's got paper trails she's got documents she got proved. Our government taking taking money yet taking bribes from Florida special now that. That immediate. That's a red flag adopted now that this that this that this is getting out of control because match. According to constitution match trees and whether they be taking bribes from Russia whether they be taken crotch from Israel EU I mean it that the alleged on what you think about that. Well there's a lot that we don't know about that and and I I do have to say that at this point there doesn't seem to be any hard core evidence that links the truck campaign to. Being in direct contact off for the inappropriate reasons that have been mentioned with that with top Russian officials so we don't know about that. But on this. In this White House gets itself in trouble it's not the mainstream media putting this White House in trouble this White House is getting itself in trouble. And it's distracting from some of the things that they're actually attempting to do. Yet says that. Screw that that. That that plays into this hole. That's so fake news scenario because it's like the political correct I mean it's just. That has apparently can't trustee either side of the hour the army because they. They both have their own agenda but like I guess we just got to keep watching all shot that you got. You've got a much both sides of the court to go get an accurate. David what are what I love about you and people like Q is that you're speaking out and there are more of you than there are those on the right or the left. They're more of us and they just happened in. On the holes into two to this idea that like you know OK wait a minute you know we're no longer going to be the silent majority. We need to drown out these these other sides and and let people know how we feel. Because I guarantee you that truck was not elected by the far right. They may claim that but that is for a ridiculous notion. Trump was elected by a lot of moderates who didn't like Hillary and also a lot of moderates who just wanted change. And so trop is gonna have to work hard to appeal to them not the base of the Republican Party if he wants to be real. That's right we're gonna have to. Perhaps the oldest man into a mile look wet weather that we agree with America east I mean what goal what can we do it in and curriculum we got that set. Got all the speak to it as. Exactly yeah David I appreciate the call happy saint Patrick saying here's a Texas says MSNBC's ratings have been in the cellar. You have to. I mean they've been like the bottom when other beating CNN. And the ratings have gone up significantly so you know what you might want to ignore this because you don't want it to be true. But this is a fact this is not fake news. This is not a promo for MSNBC. Is an interesting. Trend right now let's see how long it lasts. But it started shortly after. Donald Trump was elected president of the United States so let's see what happens. You know MSNBC an in my opinion and it is not the most entertaining of the network's deal Fox News is the most entertaining in terms of understanding. The entertainment value of a 100%. The things they percent. They also do a very good job of feeding a specific audience. But now we're learning that there are other. Others out there and there are there are a lot of people who have O I guess aligned themselves with the right who realized wait a minute I'm not really that right. So you know it's gonna be really interesting to watch this and one of the things that we talk about a lot is sex friends in the media and mass media and its relationship with society.