WWL>Topics>>3/17/17 Scoot 2pm- Scoot calls an Irish Pub in Dublin, Ireland

3/17/17 Scoot 2pm- Scoot calls an Irish Pub in Dublin, Ireland

Mar 17, 2017|

Scoot talks with Johnnie Foxes pub in Dublin, Ireland and gets the band to play some traditional Irish music for him.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm before you to cause I'm looking in the other studio just to see if maybe we have contact. With the pub in Ireland. Okay not yet but if if we if we do make contact and get some money on the year lies in Dublin right now. Opera put him on the air. As solid erupt at any farm any phone conversation and having. A witness who holds okay all right hold on. Syrian Sunnis are challenged Johnny. I hope I Johnny flexibility in Dublin on certain welcome to our show on a New Orleans in the bag I'm mark how are you. I'm fine and you I'm I'm great all right so tell me tell me about the date and Jimmie Foxx is right now when I mean. Absolutely fantastic day we have. Queues of people trying to. Leave the light Monday going on. We get into the during the day we. Engine monopoly. Payment under. Could be on on apocalyptic nine book. Completely booked a joke but it been at that very very good paper plate date simply can't. As soon as anybody test yet. Not yet know I don't know if you market. At the moment anyway. Listen I. So yeah I think we can find somebody here who could via a couple lines from the song and Irish eyes are smiling. I admired over the if you ask me I think it on the radio remote that they are now like I'm saying. A bind at the moment on. I on stage at the moment. So maybe give you visited but it's not matters as mine and. They say that that beside. Ramon come I think yeah I mean we're we're on the air right now lies in New Orleans in America. Relied on the air settlement since Johnny Fox's club in Dublin Ireland. Just one moment that is the revealed one musicians to. What I wanna and luckily it was. Which you can you can recently that would be cool or. Any anything you steal something very Irish. Yeah. You know. Now beaten I can't. Now let's get a quick. When you look at it there. Unarmed opponent respect now. Yeah it looked like it would. It's an. What. It would. It's. An. Are. There. Yeah. I. It. And I'm. And good luck. And it. It. Oh yeah. This. It. This is a policy decision lines limit how he responded don't know don't. Clarke says it's. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh you are. Listen it was really Austin do you mean it was really great appreciate desert do you think you could find somebody in there who's made him a couple of uses includes missing an Irish eyes are smiling and I. Can hold on for a minute. They wanted something higher than the mining. Being tired tired tired lining. Up. I don't know but it is definitely. You couldn't say when I count them. Beginning of two in the moment. And wouldn't you know Doug Neville and here at the moment knows the milk would. Any idiot you'll into and out. Oh easily. Easily and I. And the one that and it has been put them completely. You hold that. I Kanye. You didn't. I carry out government it is extremely and then look at the podium with you gotta gotta do some commercials. And how they didn't come right to use those. Okay why nobody. Hold. It's yours and I just gonna try to find some money to a SC I can't cry every time mere days but we'll see this. If this actually happens we're live on the year with. Syrian Mason from Johnny Fox's pop in Dublin Ireland scoot it will be right back. Today's Saint Patrick's Day I've stood in the afternoon we are live on the phone with the the Irish pub Johnny foxes in Dublin Ireland and that's cool excellent. And they're gonna universal forest now life from Dublin so you guys go ahead. And you know. In and her little. And. It. Yeah. Cool. It's. Oh. Yeah. That was awesome year and thank you very much I hear that it went half way to get Indian place right now. In the equally. It could be heat or food. I'm up by a little bit and we note in the equipment. And went to times. Right now. On the it looked like it. Might have. You can. Always reading it now today they get named. But on. Do. You. Share an alma I hear that didn't every every pint of Guinness it's actually an entire meal it's it's actually good form. All it is indeed in the Palestinian go to he would. Ditch yes it is I mean without them and the ultimate in. I think in a neatly in the national drink legally because the US and everyone at Coca to drink again. And we're quite fun to be here in America. It Rio. Is. Didn't on are you familiar with the airing a violent way expert. Family yeah yeah that's reluctantly I'm I'm I'm half Irish and in my family you know the Redmond Stanley goes and goes back to wedge from Ireland. The party that it is an audience and relatively iron coming on now look at. Think you mean in any migrate into the stumble on the united. Mean. And Tony little history here was an an agreement is is in great talking to you what what what's hot item on the menu right now. I am then most of which go for the club on the most of the year. And it's better yet. It's there and suddenly it would be CNET cabbage and we do them. We do want him as well but completely and therefore the puppet government in our foods that Soviet many. Regularly in the camp we do indeed. And did you safety you know he's a fish ladders patient. A fish back. Well completion tractors we do like it speech. Android and wait there's not that we don't know legal. Mike you're one more one more question you know I've I've heard in the past about the the potato famine in Ireland that it was really are horrible time and and people were starving. You guys are an island why did you just go fishing. And left in England invited it is just that simple in Illinois kept on the good food and outnumbered the people. Thrown under the and activity is an example today as. Oh unfortunately if you read by millions of people and we did I actually we're trying to be a tackle that noble. I lean a little too real we and they anymore. Ice or not to get into politics but if things calmed down there I mean I don't I don't hear as much about the at the higher terrain and things like that that I did in the past and those come. Thanks Hank but he coming together everyone is eventually be you know to countries on the ground it was Vietnam. I'm a little world where in the past. Do you think that the that the divide between. In America the divide between. Republicans and Democrats is greater than the divide between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. Well I'd say Millwood might mean did it they would like it and twenty years it would be like these people need new rebuking. These are the open market them we're fine here. We would meet with the announced that thankfully it. It's on notice we you know nearly Buick open market because of that electorate is that the forty imagining you know tightly. Where all that well. Everyone just. Doesn't get that name on it in the other strongly based that the use. Here are really order I really enjoyed a ticket I'm due to talk to end until the band crucial thank you for the music and it was quoted to USA Panthers have received it Thursday. Thank you very much. Are part of life from Dublin Ireland. Johnny Fox's club Karen Mason debate and crucially in the background to Vanessa she did a great job getting older than John McCain did great job in the studio was well. This is silly that I used to do years ago on the radio it's it's it's it's fun to do this. It's not and we have so much technology to David still fun to just in this one moment his goal lines to to Dublin Ireland.