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WWL-FM HD2 The Food Show 2017-03-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Tom visitd with the owner of Tracey's, Restaurant Rebirth./Galiano's, and Parkway Bakery.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of these days. Gonna wonder where it came from where some mommy where did where did they come up with this each heat who mean what does it mean I don't know whose son. But we just we are we've covered by it. Mr. Tom said it was all right. Yeah that's right sunny and it's it's great to be here with the food show as we get ready for lunch or dinner. Some people it probably happened at lunch. I can guarantee you if you were to walk into Gallic wars right now. You would see a yeah pretty darn near full house even though it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. But that's their tradition over there are a lot of people show up for lunch and gala tours. They are among the movers and shakers of our city two and there they are and they usually an hour goes by they're doing business they're talking about stuff. And then another hour goes spines it's 3 o'clock and then it's 4 o'clock and sometimes it happens they tell me it happens and rather more often than you might believe. That of some people will come in for lunch. Talking business or whatever. And are still there. When he gets to be dinner and they just decided well you know what the heck let's have dinner so they wind up writing two checks per person. As they've had two meals. As anonymous but that has that that happened to a lot of wonder if anybody knows what it is. You OK little will will do little game on this I have no prizes to give you if I had some prizes they would but now they I don't get any prizes ever for anything. They just let me do the show which is so bully me I'm thankful enough of that so we. Rule we talked about there you know the I completely forgot what are we to what were we talking about it. We are weird with the food show and we would love to talk with you but. Which have been eating what you oh yeah I remember what it is now I I challenge you to name another restaurant where it is frequently true. I'm not once in a blue moon but. Often enough that the nobody. Did that everybody takes it with a grain of salt. Where of a restaurant that attracts the wealthy and powerful. And and sophisticated. Will still have a lot of the customers there. By the time it it's B 6 o'clock in like dinnertime that they had in the house says it's 801. O'clock in the afternoon. The people are still there they've just been you know Trent acting business and talking about. Everything under the sun and they're still there and they just say when we just stay and have dinner here why not. There's another restaurant that's famous for that happening around town and if you know if you know what rest and I'm talking about call me. Are numbers 2606368. 2606368. You may also use that phone for anything else on your mind at all we are not this is not a show with a focus really I mean we we have a Fuzzy focus on food and wine and food and drink in general. And that's kind of always in fourth solo you know if you have something that's a little bit off the beam minutes. The seems reasonable and just go ahead with the so you never have to worry about whether you're. Europe called Europe question your comment it is it is that you. Appropriate for the show and believe me it is just go ahead do it. 260636. And it is Saint Patrick's Day I've exhausted my Saint Patrick's Day duties. Last Saturday when I was honored to be. The grand Marshal of the Covington. Saint Patrick's Day parade which was a lot of fun it wasn't a big parade and it wasn't long primary. But there were a lot of really nice people along the way and you know what they did. That made me just perk up my ears and say. I'm reaching these people I'm reaching these people. A lot of them along the way we're seeing. Not saint Patrick's you know happy Saint Patrick's Day. They were saying happy new year now you know what that means on this show what you. If you don't know what it means from visa be in the U via regard what a way to argument of the it's of this program. Keep listening in you'll get it at some point it's hard to explain which you'll get an issue as we roll along. 2606360. Let's see today is we have we DM did you say is that when I heard. Dan is calling us on the green phone Europe first caller of the day. Atop the top of the iron today today at the each day to day and happy new year to this year. Well let me the other brought that would be support it now or would these. I'm guessing at the end caught. I'd imagine that once in awhile that happened today and once but I can't imagine that it happens a lot. May be around Mardi Gras when they went where they have the balls have a lot of warden at the balls as much as they have vote luncheons. On this are they free their people who pretty much spend Albania but this is something where the people involved. Don't intend to do this it just kind of happens. So that that's not the one I was thinking of anyway. We did you didn't lose anything because we don't have any prizes. Began on. I used to living world that family still lives. It out counts that. But the bit last year. It it's on the court and was the first time. I'd ever been to and it ought. Owned up you know what I actually hear that very often. And I went to lunch got there early. Gain and I just mentioned the fact that Eric Cameron and look to. Take a tour I understand that. He would allow me to do so and I tell you what being rolled out who wrecked car for. Is. It L went to the wine world of wine cellar is you know. Amazing isn't it. It is that that Lloyd looks like it goes on for two miles. It's beyond belief and they would tell that this is should charge for mission because after you. Yes he should she Shan. Who should keep their client they might actually do it don't coach don't talent but that's. And that Luke was just outstanding where you're on foot it was just. A five star yet in my. Oil. You music to my ears it's my favorite restaurant that I wouldn't ever put it forward is the best assessment found but I sure love going there and whenever. It comes up on and I just blow it it's such an essence of the city councilman anyways. No one night you know they're not perfect and if you're going in the air and you expect the same kind of experience you're used to getting. You know more modern restaurants UB gonna probably be disappointed because they do things the way it would they would done a 10050. Years ago it's. Or yeah its own. Oil our guys and you. Thank that that's enough thank you very much. Are you hearing from you by its food show life got to ask him how was that he was listening to us. Calling this is very easy call 2606368. You know just the normal phone call relief from the same number that we've been using for ages that spells out menu by the way and if you ever were wondering about that. 2606368. On it spells. Enemy and you at the end of it to win you do need to be told that. But see what else. When else we have going on today oh yeah it would have meant to say is it's a little difficult to hear us. Right now none of this metric we have the strongest signals right now in the history of this radio station which goes back in 1925. And they tell me that they're just testing it right now Allen and when they get it up the full power. It's going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four times more powerful than it ever has been. And one of the reasons we've made this change which is upset a lot of people frankly I mean I knew it would. Is that there are large parts of the city that we you couldn't hear our show in any more just because of all the static and and noise in the atmosphere and just everything else they got to be kind of hard and if you lived on the North Shore up the gulf closer towards Baton Rouge or. In any distant piece of land away from here of away from downtown a war once you can all sometimes not get the show. Or get the station and all the where I live here at the cool water ranch. You can't hear the show we used to you can now that she couldn't hear the show and that's terrible. But we're fixing all that we do now all that for you and all we're asking you to do is to go get one of those one of those radios. Courts see if you have one in your car you might already have one in your car. A lot of people have told me that in fact I go a long letter from a guy today. Who went on in for three pages about how much he liked all of this of self refresh by his movement mainly people call me to complain about it. But I believe me in the long run you're gonna love what this has been done. And it's going to make for a lot better listening and also and it really interest in potential radio shows that we are thinking about. Our number here is 260636. Seeded where where not a program about radio you know I'd self reflexive stuff I never thought it was a good idea but we law. We are very interest in talking about food about restaurants but cooking about wine. And about everything else that's delicious. And the numbers 2606368. You are welcome to call us. Even if you think you can it will have either stupid or trivial question or anything like that story about it just call us with freedom we're friendly we're we will never tell you stuff like that we don't even think it's true so. There you go to 606368. We have an. We you club. Boom boom then go to the pump. Above the 105 point three FM. Is going to be it in the style knows we're going to be in the style knows this. Coming. There is no Wednesday sorry the 22. I wish I had a calendar that sort of floated within my vision all the time and so it is that you never find the calendar for some. So just nail into the wall but anyhow. On where was. We were talking about. The the Wednesday night that it in the style knows this is the and the style goes on. On the North Shore on the in in Metairie the original in a stop knows. Right around back in the morning call on Holland street right off of eighteen the seventeenth street I think at seventeenth there. The rate that you re around. That city. And this is one of the most enthusiastically. Attended. Dinners that we ever do we that which is why we do a little more often than we do for other management. But just people love that they're always asking me about it well. We are up to about thirty people. We only feel comfortable with about fifty. Although. This the Joseph impressed auto he would be just fine if we had a hundred people in there but he knew it that way I can't get around and visit with everybody so we. And try to talk about that but we're in other words where about 60% full up and that they've made reservations have all of a sudden started really coming in so. We're looking forward to being able to show you one of the best dinners we've we've ever had it is they've lent in dinner. In that most of the menu is seafood but. If you show up there and you say listen I'm allergic to seafood I don't like seafood or whatever you're recent news. Just go ahead and tell all the waiters and he will. He'll get something for you in the movie probably if anything a little better than what you were gonna get so that they are very very amenable to. Doing special orders even during these dinners that are all set. It's a five course dinner we start with some seafood appetizers and we have their famous apostate and it is rightly famous on the way out you can hear everybody say. The best thing that was here was the fettuccine Alfredo and really is great and it's worth it just to go there for back. And then we're doing a salad. House made salad and then no we have a bunch of countries we have soft shell crabs. We have oh crab. Are all Groton which is just. Wonderful. Crab meat will be coming back into the market right round then you know this in a ban on it for the last month. And then Knology what else we're doing on the veal parmesan nets in their mainly for the meat eaters. And let's see we're doing a fish dish with artichokes and mushrooms and there's one other thing that can't seem to call but. There's a choice about six entrees. And then we have dessert in the as the choice of several of the desserts there we have winds match with every court's. The price is eighty dollars includes tax tip line and everything else it's eighty dollars on the nose. That takes care of the waiter that takes care of everybody else and now you know gives you all these wines we have five different wines that matched up with each quartz. So a lot of good food coming to that this is that in the start those this coming Wednesday Wednesday night. We start that we sit down eat it about 7715. A lot of people show up as early as about. Six or earlier. Mainly to get a parking space up front I think is the main reason for that. But. We also. You know a lot of people come in and they they have gotten to know one another because of the past and is that we've had there. And they just start shooting the breeze and you know buying each other cocktails and it's it's just a neat scene it's everything I was trying to do when we started doing these dinners about. 25 years ago when everyone's. Hope you can join as one of these days they really are lots of fun you'll make some new friends. And you'll you might even make some old friends see who knows who's gonna show. Here's what you do if you're interested. Go to. No menu dot com that's my own personal web site. And OME and you dot com. Right in the middle of them the home page here you can see a thing with this heat club click on that it'll take you to the page that has the whole menu in the tail. And then and all the lines too and it has nothing that says click here to reserve you click here to reserve. It'll take you over to one another page in all you have to do was give us how many people are coming in what's your name. We don't take any money over there we you pay at the at the rest so what that's our key club if you've never been one of our. One of these days you're gonna do it you gonna say as because a lot of people told me this. That was if I didn't know and that was what what was upon eyewitness started coming years ago. So. There it is 2606368. Would love to talk with you about whatever on your mind about eating in restaurants cooking all that will be back with more of the food short the first police. Than it did then and then. Hello hello it's the food show. On 105 point three. HD two. Sounds like ought to say put right after that doesn't. Eight. 2606368. Is our phone numbers 2606360. We'd love to talk with you but where you've been eating in though which you're thinking about eating its. Big weekend we have. A Saint Patrick's Day today I did a little article on my website I think most people know this stuff already. About some of the places to go off work. Forcing Patrick's day. I am part for me it would be more of if I were making it was from my own personal needs I would be doing a list of places where. You might be able to avoid being hit by flying cabbage you know some of the like that. But they it's a fun day and probably the best place to go is the is the Irish how loose on cause weakness that actually cause right now I meant to say racing Charles which is a totally different thing. Saint Charles avenue. At the corner of melt a mean. And they are they're due in. The eye I saw live music all day long they started at noon and it's just one act after another for the entire day so. We'll be looking for a place to go after you had your big platter of corned beef and cabbage. Four for Saint Patrick's Day you can go there and you know home there's always seal classics. Like Tracy's which was us and in that if I understand this correctly Tracy's was a spin off. Of the on what's name please write off the magazine street that that's famous for two weeks in Patrick's day. They. Which diplomatic I just have to shut up about it for a minute then pop up but a lot of places to go. And I'm. Why haven't a few stories about that mostly involve. Are people getting drunk but that you don't take it easy it's one of those days where you can really let yourself go. And there it is so 2606368260. 6368260. Menu is what it also spells it is called Telus which you've been up to lately you know what you would even been cooking at home. What are you trying to find in a restaurant if there's any issue need that you have a handle on time all of a sudden you can't live without it for some reason. Me a buzz and tell me. Tell me where that is our program today is sponsored by our last eight by the lake house. And I have some on some good news for you if you had ever been to the lake house before we've done several. The food has been great the view has been really great because it's right across the street I mean without any anything to block him at all. Right across the street from Lake Pontchartrain itself if you just walked on a B line about a 500 yards toward the walk on water you'd be in the water by the time you finished at we don't do that please don't do that. And if it's an old building goes back to the early eighteen hundreds miracle itself has a lot older than most people realize it. Was there in like 81804. Through it but the seniors than Louisiana purchase. And this is a a big old wonderful almost Greek revival building. And it's has been used mostly in recent years as a catering facility. But lately the the owners of it. Have found themselves doing more and more and more ala cart business and so they have expanded their hours they are now open Thursday. Friday and Saturday. For dinner and lunch lunch and dinner both of those and they also. Have a Sunday brunch. And I would say you might have to Wear a pretty good jacket if you went out there today but they would certainly allow it's it's been a warm enough over here. That they would let you in London and what you out onto the courtyard or even. How India. In the long run there it's very nice you have. Then all of these the views. That are possible one them is kind of funny that seemed like it would be attractive at all but it. This something hypnotic about watching the cars rolling across the causeway back and forth the concede that this is tiny dots there are almost like stars rolling along some sort of shoot. From miles away but it's as something about it you know it captures the atmosphere my wife just loves. Dining near. Because it's. It's outdoor dining and it's sitting in in the best form of it so. They have now begun opening on Saturday night which believe it or not they were not doing for years. But now you can gold there again it is. Right there on the you know. On the North Shore if you would know how to get that to lake shore drive to it it's at the corner of lake shore drive. And Jerod streets so there it is that's. The lake house and run it all together LE KE HUUSC 260. 636. Say you're listening to the food show. Don is here. Don welcome to the Puccio. I can't hear it should not. You and you certainly aren't you can really tell. I'm an EU in. Able to operate here in Europe the only. That you electronics. Business slipped in early picture to. Hold on it doesn't work. And welcome glad you're that. Art in. Can be reached let it all you. Speak to public. Throw in with John should strip show on home. Hatteras peaceful over. Am. You know there was initial. Issue terrible conscience they shared. Brown sugar. Chinese foreign HIV. In the end footer or breakaway. Ha. That's weird. In the interest in bonds. Makes perfect sense to me because the the the one recipe that if I ever become famous for a recipe. It'll be because of my root beer glazed ham. Which uses a lot of the same things you just mentioned. I'm not accusing. Of course not nobody would believe it anyway but I've not certainly not accusing my friend. Over there it. Wow or restaurant August and went to be snappy when it could've just said noon. John. But where my we're. So you like to. See you'll you'll like this of this hand the way came up. There are better in several times in the world it's very it's so simple. You know and it works really well in this program. He feared a sheet through the camp Abdul. And ears to support can be reached. It's a little more substantial. There are no. And Jewish what you might expect you you're you're out of a light rue grit true. The trinity. And you know you you you make sure thing you were each candidate meets. Up with that she roots her. Yeah this surprising. That you wish we felt like it was told us. That it longer coo coo or should it. You know a year you're absolutely right about all that and and one thing I've always noticed but cabbage recipes you tend we tend to think of cabbages. Kind of like good low down low rent kind of a thing that you you'd eat when you don't have anything else to eat but in fact I find that that. When dishes are made using cabbage and their stuffed with something more there and some other way they are brought together with a little bit of bought. You wind up. Getting some really wonderful dishes and another when this is very different from what you're describing but in Croatian cooking. And that means something to what's around here is we have so many people whose names and didn't pitch that we have you know we'd there're there are everywhere. And they have been involved in the best restaurants in town over the years to. But this had fish that they do call so arm it every now and then it pops up and it's basically. Big leaves of cabbage wrapped around. What amounts to sauerkraut in the middle and they put in some meats but I've also seen it done with seafood. And it's just wonderful. Adjustment delicious dish. As you say. You know where to go on there. Those programs it was suppressing your first two recipes. Appear on the same. Public television. For you show. From him they do appear in her books somewhere you know. Thought his cookbooks John bash is cookbooks. And I find that that he takes a really realistic approach to this what I know for sure is that whenever I publish a dished it's kind of ambitious. Knew a recipe. That he's gonna take a little work in a little bought people tend not to even bother with it they they like the old time. Home court kind of stuff more than anything else and he John vicious books are really more about those sorts additions than they are but fancy stuff. My might like it recruit or go to cookbook. It's we've been very big key three years. It's the everything normal since we were married in to use it at all. Who but I am I am having gotten better from a friend or partner and I'm doing from Julia Child. French court. Well let me see if I can guess which one it is beef or vigna. They are ignorant you go down there this when I'm doing now. And struck there you go after terrorists in net well. Niche it's it's change. Complicated. But it's Kirsch you really does look pretty good job explaining. The people who don't know what they're doing out and prepare every. That's a lot of cookbook is for if you if you leave it puzzle you haven't done a very good job of writing it. I remember or aren't sure ownership question it was very distinctive and show. Me somebody who Turkey. And they hope their two weeks later and send me that they national kitchen car owner and Bill Clinton in opinion. I. Well you know the you tend to assume certain things I mean that would would be used to I would be on his side with that that's. So like that could could happen you never know we've got a long time ago that. When I first started doing the program. Sites in 25 years ago when the rule it was Thanksgiving again. And a guy called me up and he he said and so he told me that the best way to cook a Turkey is in a grocery bag clutch wegmans. And I said you know on. I've I've I've heard that to be true and I heard it for a long time and I got so curious about it that I actually did big one of those and indeed they are right it really does keep the Turkey very moist that keeps all the juices inside or something but it really does work. And he said well great I'm gonna try that this year. He tried it he called me back the next day. And he said on. It didn't say anywhere and nobody mentioned. That you need to use do use a a paper bag not a plastic shrugged and it just like coded on the outside to go then layer of of of a of the last. A but we're laughing at the misfortunes of others which is not. 00. I had a I had one other thing that askew. Oh he would be when you got into that business with a five spice powder and I've I had a feeling you were. Coming around to where the heck you get that anyway. It's actually pretty easy to find. Or you can use and now to. Restore. It's it's not hard to find Rick so there. Arnold. And certainly. You know. It's easy enough. Well listen thank you very much for a lot of interesting stuff I appreciate you calling. You again everybody here. Well we'll have to send it will have to make some sort of certificate for people who have been put up with this that long aren't. Sealing it by it's the food Cho I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here were you talking about. Food restaurants cooking why are we talking about Thanksgiving this time a year I don't know but it just proves. What I always tell you in that is will talk about anything you want any time you want a program today's sponsored by Mickey mode oh. Mickey moto I would and doing a series on as a commercial series on Mickey moto yesterday I mentioned how it is that they delivered throughout the entire area so today we move on something different. You know and Europe are the two classic on trees that you find in a Japanese restaurant. Are. Tempore of witches fried with that fairly thick. Soft kind of spongy almost coating. Then you have teriyaki dishes which are on skewers grilled over a pretty hot fire. With marinades. Usually have a lot of savory stuff going on. Those are the probably the two most popular but the boy theories so much more to be had in that cuisine. If it hadn't been for sushi when sushi came along everybody who went to Japanese restaurant started eating sushi and nobody ate the other stuff. He would tell you that it Mickey moto even though it's not a big restaurant they have a big menu in the have a lot of great pot. Appetizers next time you go there's even if you're a regular maybe even especially if you're a regular. Going therein you'll get your sushi dissing a for an appetizer you can avoid that it's too good to ignore. But then maybe get one of the hut cooked on trees I have found them to be. With the exception of the tempore stuff like which I just don't like it at all generally no matter who makes it. But you'll you'll really love what they are able to do there they were on Carrollton avenue. But two blocks lakeside. All of your hard pool for the open seven days a week lunch and dinner they deliver all over the city it is Mickey moto in my KI MO TO. Mickey moto. And let's use a break time. 00. OK let's wait say that again. Jeff Jeff Carreira while access I'll ask him Jeff are you there. I am here welcome to our show. Now. On I'm doing I'm doing fine perera. I'm writing all this analysts and so I know who oh with a chance yeah so where does the ESCO. At the end. Iraq all its eight RCA. RR ER TS. I got it right okay well you know now I know your name probably do what I'm doing great how are you. And then you're mad out here. Why is it a man house. Mark culture and oh that for the day all okay well as so I'm still missing one critical piece of information who you work for. Tracy. Trace OK now we know ideally yes sir I've had many rose before boy there the other. It should and there would delicious. Yeah and connect the guy who is I love the way you have displays setup. You have like half the place is a bar it's that the blood of bar and it's an ice bar and it's a comfortable barn you meet lots of people you know when you go to. OK see you got that and then on the other side this is one little window where the guy is making the roast beef and other poor boy's right there. And you know yeah. At bright it what. The dying inside. And I went in the air this was about a year ago and they did a while since the all the time before that. Mainly because every time I try to pull in over there it's hard to find a parking space but you know on and that everything on magazine is that when these days or so. Cycle in the air and I got this roast beef and it was for slow bigger than it goes going to be but they hosted the bread this is something I'm always making. Restaurants that do you view tripled the goodness of rose before VoIP you to stick it in the oven for but. It every minute. Then I think that's what makes an actor you know why not. Winning so like that it just based Krispy play tee an eight. Yeah beautiful thing. Fantastic stuff. Anyway ahead one of those. And I said to myself this is just like the poor boys I used to get at the old. Martin's poor boy restaurant which created the poor voice him. And I thought if they're up there this is this has got to be on the list as one of the very best. And I would say you have a chief that. Anybody you love you know are so now it's beautiful thing out there and and you know look for him and make him since. You know used on at one point and we just kind of moved everything over in Tracy's. Always a. I was here Hillary I would I was gonna ask you in a little more detail about that so what was the story of that. You where yours is the management team that was running. Are Paris sauls. And it LO do about it bill and they just didn't work out Conoco Bhutto actually amount. And that's what thirteen Ugoh at this for us also from 98 to 2000 chairman. You know in front of the filmed several different times we just we couldn't go up or the number of so basically. Moved one brought down the street on magazine street and just do all the rest is with basically. Oh well they I heard somewhere. That on the sign that you have but there was actually an old sign for an old bar years ago and it was like in the weeds are in a garage somewhere else. That's a great story and they're raping Katrina odd loose this Katrina lived on the street or any other channels so. In this day and grace he used to be so that the location Antwon Burton concerts. How long story short economic gain. They only that there have been bought the building on certain magazine and then. You lose your own. Certain magazine that in 1949 actually move at all. 4748. Moved to you about this build and the original signers actually on the up in the as it traces man on third magazine know who actually shortly with all want it known he'll amp you know house. And the of those who signed in the trash like anybody who aren't you know you. Crazier. We're usually on side and so basically took him home grown and my sense and a but I really love you that I'm hoping that the deal would come home late night trade name let's. Go to Tracy. You know social issue that was in on treaties so in 1971 and two mountain club. Just two hours. And you know when Obama signed into cornerback who would always know you know you look at an analyst literature it is which is a backyard. And then now you know war a year that we want to pick it up on third magazine in what we name it you know. Orchard Maine to Mike. Particularly when they would have been treated treasury to in nineteen marina. Makes sense to me and also. Well it's it's done well for you know that in it has been you know that's the tradition on magazine street today which lists so many people waited so I had a little house right now I hope you are by stealing a little of your time to go with no. Well it is middleman out right now I mean just on the people you know everybody wants the Irish for the days so. Because you block them on third street between magazine comes to a block port Saint Patrick's Day. In India literally it's a lot of so I'm green beer cabbage. Corn cabbage fruit people who are obviously. Well what you live here for anyway you know it's it's for all that. To eat to live to enjoy. People. That I have. I've got a story I can't decide whether the talent not but it two involves a guy in the restaurant business who had a big. Saint Patrick's Day party every year for mostly for his friends. And afterwards we we go over there. To pat ourselves in this case but he could be could have been view one. And you know I just realize I can't tell you the rest of the story who are out there without making without making people mad I'll tell you Sunday in person. Kelly you guys go today. Well until 8 o'clock at night. We'll we'll show Oprah money issue. You know wouldn't do we can't children in the moon the united basically it begins to be a little man. Here on out Leo and company PO. Well good luck with that and the thanks for taking a minute out of to a talk to a you'd be in on the food side you do and any like corned beef and cabbage uranium that. We scrutiny we do so and accordingly. To you know some global it's a limited menu. You know and which and the two and it is limited menu because so many here with you know what you saw Dario. Buddy of people that. You know don't go hand. Happy saint patty's day thank you for being there and they keeping the color of our city green at least you know. What you're very much. See in my collection. That's Jeff carreras who with. With. Well formerly. With we are with Tracy's now but with Paris all along time ago. It's the food show until the Morris will be back but more of it in a moment but first here have a mind of a story here about something else that is equally. Exotic to Irish and that is Greek cooking Greek cooking. Is another one of those cuisines that is really home cooking style of thing I mean he when you. Go there and you try to make it into some gourmet thing you it's it's not gonna work out for so when you go. Keep in mind that all these cabbage rolls that that to him. And all the other pitches that they have become known for Greek cooking everything from Greek salads to move sockeye with the egg plants and all of that and the lamb chops in the cup blobs. It is this is an authentic cuisine it's so much so that I I find something it seems. And completely counter intuitive when had been too. To Greece and have been there are four or five times. And I've also been to places where there are a lot of Greek restaurants like a Chicago most notably is of the street in Chicago. We're if you walked on the street for a mile duels the fifty Greek restaurants there they're really into it over there. But why try it whenever I'm there and I find that that the Greek food in Greece in the Greek food here in America is pretty door near the same questions exactly the same. So you you were getting the real deal when you go over to a crop was squeezing and they are their seven days a week lunch and dinner with a big big menu and also. A nightly specials complete in arrayed around 25 bucks for three of four courses that they throw together from that discrete food but also Italian and New Orleans food. It's on veterans highway right near clear either open seven days a week lunch and dinner at the family run place it is Acropolis cuisine and will be back with more after first please. Confidant and now I'm on. But he about an album but well there it's the food show. On. 105 point three. HD two. Radio. And sitting in our studio all by himself. And I'm sorry to do that through your Manny. Many Pineda who is one of the guys who runs. Restaurant rebirth. Which I thought it was one of the two or three. Where one or two maybe even better. Best new restrooms of the yearly issue when you guys open and did that that menu which we have enjoyed many times since that. I'm Manny I don't sound. I'm the same ol' guy how are you you know just another busy day in that and the like out of the restaurant industry. I'll bet you. You since we last talked I have a new restaurant yes there up the street the Galileo is right that's correct or. I did you did you name it after somebody you know named Kelly you know or is it named after the liquor. Well no actually it's named after my partnership for keys hometown. Galliano Louisiana all hope. I should've thought about that first that's like the obvious answer. But. Welcome to our show you what's going on over there for saint patty's day you you guys are you doing some of. With that you know we we were just running. Our army and you know we've been really really busy with via the conventions have been going on and right now we're in the process of tweaking both via. Both the menus that rebirth and Galley and Ellen on star and a note transition into the end of the spring with. Different cocktails and and different menus but nothing really special going on the day was with. You know we're just checking and you never can tell us the ideas Irish people every week ago only. Now Salma with a lot of green at that. And I'm an Irish guy myself you know so he. Watch out for you yeah whatever whatever that means. OK soul of the and the new restaurant Kellyanne though. On this is is actually a rebirth. Of another restaurant that had been there since the old location know route. And I was so I had my fingers crossed it when you moved in there that you would do something else with those screaming yellow blue yellow greenish shares that they had to inhale which were really outrageous. But that kind of comfortable. But I think you did get rid of all those is that it looked like it to me anyway. Boy you know absolutely and we changed all the furniture around and kinda get him more video by you feel. You know in the restaurant and and that's are always tell my my guess you know whats the difference between the restaurants is. The reckon describe her restaurant reimburse the city and Kellyanne was the by U the food Darius more cajun pot cooking and you a lot of the stuff that Ricky grew up beaten him but you know stuff to his mom and his is is aunts and Graham would make formalize pot cooking going on in. This Ricky share of me right that's correct yup now. They he's been around a bit over the years it seems to really know what he's up to a Nate comes from down there on a volume as you say in that there's a whole different. Bunch of flavors there it's all the same ingredients it looks like it ought to be the same but it isn't. No no definitely not it's got it's got more of a home cooking style feel you know it's our it's our casual location and we do raw oysters chart growth and whatnot. I did see that the prices seem to be very affordable there yesterday's the first thing that hit me as I was going through the menu. So so Europe Europe mix of both he would say or is it mostly. Buy you stuff. No known hired all week we you know for lunch we offer po boys. Now we also do the cajun specialties. And then at dinner you know gets kicked up a little bit that's when. Connery QX is shows so awful little bit and you know we have a a special team you know I anal side on our menu that that's a little bit more kicked up we do a and do we stuffed pork chop. We also had me. Tornadoes wrapped in DK and with Marchand in Bernie saw. Gonzales are you you're dipping back into the old old days of creole. French cuisine here which is my favorite cuisine so I'm not complaining. At all definitely. That definitely something that that Ricky shines. May style cooking and you know it's something that a lot of people are going away from that we we're we're pregnant back on the forefront in my only a lot of twists you know I feel like we're seeing it more than we had been for a while I do think it did slip away from slow because everybody was basing everything on ingredients. When you know that kind of stuff the old French real stuff was. You know where we have something in mind here that we trying to get them whatever it takes together we will do we know and that's that's kind of how it all seemed to work to me and absolute certainly is true your place over at the rebirth that's certainly true there you you guys have some Greek reconstructed issues. And many we have run out of time and of we sorry I know what you're doing here NC Patrick stable will get together again I hope. Sounds good. Yeah thanks for dropping in this is such. The two restaurants one of the sun Fulton street. 800 block in the other is on it's south Peters I think right 200 Julia yeah chewed Julia I was close. Thank you are you welcome. Happy. Saint patty's. From two to bump up over HD two. That's us HD to welcome back its second course of the food show or program of eating and drinking and restaurant and cooking. I'm Tom Fitzmorris yet passing is a cultured person. And every day. We sit down here and we talked offered three no new four hours every day four hours of programming. All but food in restaurants and stuff. And trying to find that in any other city in America. And I'm not bragging on ourselves here with this show him bragging on our city in the and all the food that we have that is so worthy of being talked about such great links for all these years. And no we love being party you in your your day and you're especially on days like this it's Saint Patrick's Day. And I think we've heard a lot about that already I it has to be brought up at some point that that we are only two days away from saint Joseph's day. Which it depending on your proximity to Italy. Is either something that's you know all of a pretty major feast on the calendar but also who really really important thing. For Italians. A Saint Joseph is the patron saint of Italy and really the patron saint of Sicily in particular. And we have this and so many east's this billion people have been nice enough to come live with us here in New Orleans. We have follow lots of Sicilian food it and it's that kind of dominates the kind of Italian food that we eat around here and MI glad of that it's really. Wonderful. And sit on them. The on the ninth that's the Sunday. I'm at saint Patrick's and so icing justice they all over the place that all those alters though there are many of those that are already out there. We had a lady on yesterday who was kind of an expert on the subject of saint Joseph's authors and she says that this year she expects it to be the biggest one. She's a pristine. So we have that coming up we can talk about either of those things are none of them whatever is on your mind is is good enough for me. Call us at 260636. And we'd love to talk with you but. Cooking if you having the recipe issue if you are looking for a rest on for something or other or you have. The special occasion coming up that you want to celebrate in a very lavish sort of way or even in a cheap sort of way with a lot of fun people to be with any of those. Who work for us a call us tell us all about it. And will tell you what we think and then we put it altogether and I say we because I'll give you us some ideas and some answers. But if I don't know which is very possible we have all these other people out here and everybody out there seems to be a good cook and has good taste so. We we find out about a lot of things here. Program is sponsored today by the maple street cafe the maple street is of course on maple streets but midway between Broadway and Carrollton. It's so run by two Brothers. The the two guys have been through it together running separate restaurants for a long time but then they decided to get together but twenty years ago. And they found this wonderful building is on maple street that was obviously somebody's hoax at some point but that has become. Such a commercial district. On a very artsy commercial district at that. That a lot of people. Now I think of it that way as a as a restaurant rather than ever having been host as clearly was one. And it's very comfortable the lighting is good the sound is good you know how many restaurants we've been to lately where that she lost so loud in there you can't have a conversation let alone. Sometimes you can he could be comfortable. When putting your plugs but anyway he won't have that problem at the of maple street they up. It's lively enough you know it's it's not a mausoleum but they they will give you a nice environment in which to. Enjoy a pretty widely varied. Venue everything from the Italian side Tuesday creel countryside. All the way across. To some. Here in the air a couple of Middle East conditions it's just something they like so reported on the menu. And you never know which can run into a tell you this as long as it continues being cool outside if you go there. Ask them for a couple the soup of the day no matter what it is I don't even ask anymore it's just bring it out. Some time to get a bull because that's how good it is. And it's always something different and it's always really great it's one recent of many reasons to go. For lunch or dinner seven days week. It's the maple street kept pace having 623 maple street about four blocks before you get to Carrollton coming from Broadway play that. Really cool neighborhood with all kinds of things going on. 2606368. We would love to talk with you but food we would love to talk with you but wine or drinks or anything or traveling. Or any. So callers to 60636. I and now it's time for a visit. With chef Andrea. Out. And you're I know you're in the thick of this saint Joseph's few probably heavier Alter up already on cue or do you not yet not yet okay. And though it would be a familiar consensus that as you know we do the whole month the festivity of it to a which I've been in quite a few years now for a long time and that people look forward to this menus. Wonderful. It's only yesterday that you actually have goat on the menu yet you know. Go on like hotcakes. Really want if only it would sell like go to it's that hot cakes and we'd be business. Man Palin she disputed. People love it and and do as silent as I attach it to any goats ketchup tortoise. And it's really one view and so for the people love seafood today. We have the it tuna Sicilian style to it I would rate it dish. It's simple. And is that they would go to as a Rosemarie like why are going to be coach up. Olive green and black column only if come from the advance from the city as you know usually you being so mean and Sicily. On this a lot of bountiful olive tree grate cheese it's history on this. But good I agree great base ploy. But the main menus with a bang. Generation engine nations mission to. It's wonderful extra originally well that's really outstanding. But out so that our. So they chopped olives and permanent. And just and that's emissions signs which again. You Kim and opening patients are meaner which is about people of fresh mussels clams. Squid. Sure crime it was in which perpetually line recruit that potentially could. And Serbs just plan that would be some crude tones. On the make it to a guy like. Bread grilled Clemens the that India. And so pretty patient it and so faced down dramatically bishop. Spaceship. That I like get get that they've friends. You know. Famine Wednesday need to name entries use it yet. You know all this book for a pool he's favorite thing of famous for. A painting he did of a comet in the Scott. So did cases particularly outstanding. Fresh. This is spies you know bountiful in the area in them is dimming led. Lots of. Ando we had a fresh paint is that there was well and then all kind a wonderful way lights. Chopped. Green olive cent chance that keepers BP's. Those cuts to child Roma tomatoes. That you white wine to serve like it. Outspent. Didn't have the classical. A I mean Jenna they implement generally on the fresh bout them. But it happened it I guess really. Trail about that its because Scott two is did but that you mentioned tea and other classical bit from Harry is an. Panamanians. And this really. At one. And that is that says she's masquerading as a stake. Our last yeah. It's incredible. And that is the difference in the past them but some of them isowich severely. Classical this but I associate New Orleans as you know we have Sammy and me and hear from Sicily. Italian. From everywhere and it says that it possibly miss that. But to do is two different vision come because some people like to which has been. Simply this denies is that when the dust no no no no city to open up problem we do and due process should. And it would take bread crumbs and that that's a Pickering and she's actually with brown need to asylum on their. Comes electoral collector and ducked from them sawdust and tensions. He William confidence and open up spring months really doubt that. And then in addition. Wait wait wait before you before you get off of that you have the Sar Deans this year. Okay garages check and I figured you would Tuesday you're about the only one not that you don't see it too many. Places around town but I love those things. You. I'm doing an alien like it right at all yeah and broiled. Post I love that. And any other line is he has violent means of sound which is that like keep being it's very very. Wonderful classical. In an area where I was born and raised in April Baylor. Caprio of course I was that you minimum mummies to goto conference. But he can't just that the past so. That solid means slightly so tickled that and then I can make it wonderful so. Which I recommend they go right to that did not recommend because. People really. They think it like it means if show. But is now in the process of being too is. It's. I'll have been really unique. From may mean Manny mania is in a talent you know. Some homes couldn't afford to eat. And that's what really for the items. Definitely a good Soria. You know I don't know him out so it's it's everybody's lucky being in India Italy yeah yeah if you think you're you're down on your luck go to of saint Joe's it's altered get your lucky bean and everything. Absolutely so we have this sort of conservation network to shoot it out. And you show of course we log shows and they do bridge a potential. But go you know this wonderful I think his unit should matter about your ability that. Well I think so too but who knows you know nobody's called me yet. But he did it and good gently used. Oh lead would love that one and we you know we talk about wind everyday. We are some great wine list and we talked about it before that it it. I guess well when it because we keep that one fair reasonable but a runt who we have a different kind of war. French Italian Argentinian OEM Chile mean we have a strong and we have African we have I. I I only I wish I had as many minutes to talk to you is site as you have winds this will be on the lot longer I don't accept that as time new shuffled down the road. I. Am. In the end it tonight. One that nobody goes seed I know we've come over where Anna I'm performing tonight double in the way we're not sure. And he. Yeah the North Shore and it's the least known the North Shore of performing arts society we problem. A big long musical program about dancing. It. It's 7 o'clock. At all you sure you. I don't body aches and Ali are having fun than anything and anyway I thought Andre is he's there right now and will be all. Evening long and then through the Saint Joseph stay. Weekend and beyond all the way through the rest of and march he has the Sicilian menu available which really is good a lot of unusual things that. And it's Andre is right across causeway boulevard from lakeside mall and give the phone number I don't. I mean they've loved me to have an upbeat some passing day about it let any of that army today in the manually and Venezuela. That's. It's them that they've it's just that they've all Italian and Irish and would love to have it chug that there they. Area code. And try it someday someday goes there goes that. I say it is the food show welcome welcome welcome we would love to hear from you particularly if you are listening to us. As well as calling as you can I don't mine you can call out of the blue and you don't have to be listening to the program you don't want to be although you know what a guy called me the other day and decent people who can't pick up the show just yet because they don't have them this special HD two radio. What they ought to tries this call the on air line and we I'll tell you we we are perfectly good with this listen listen. Call are only going on the air. Phone number which is to a 606368260636. And when the call screener ask asks who you are all that just tell him I don't wanna go in the year I just want to listen to the show. While you're on hold as it just comes right across your phone. And if you have a if you have a our wireless phone Noory what we call those that then speakerphone that's when I went. And you just put it on the and then you've got that you're listening to how easy can that. And anyway. We'd love to talk with you one way or the other 260636. And Tom Morris. The world to talk with you buy food obviously. And a program that is sponsored by half face Pisa. SP YSA. It goes back in the annals of New Orleans dining history to 1899. And that that places it. Well on and you this is hard to measure and they they wouldn't that were long stretches when they were not there mostly in the fifties and sixties disappeared for a while but it's a wonderful. Old place that the owners. Windy and did a beautiful renovation on some years ago and they just did it all over again within the last year looks great especially. This the area where the bar news. They've moved it's what seems to me to be more tables that used to be there but the uses something about it that brings it all together and and makes it a very agreeable space too well hang out with friends have dinner. Have a bottle wine or two in a talk about stuff than just enjoy it's truly New Orleans environment that has set field to a you know. And that those amazing. Painting that sort of one halfway on the on the wall halfway on the ceiling by George dual role when the great artists of varsity. He that's still up there disappeared for a while you're going to be here and that story is just nobody knew where it was but they found near and it's it's back where it belongs. Kept face bees is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday they have Sunday brunch as well and that's good to creel of French food. Of the kind Europe pretty familiar with but with their own style. Lots to be choose in from. It's like can't face peace SPI SA ten the eleven Decatur street that's right across the street from the French market. At saint Philip if you wanna get hold. Focused on. 260636. It is our number twos and 6360. All right now you get right to hear from you. He club dinner this week it's that in a stock nose. In Metairie ray room back in the morning call on sixteenth street just right off the news honestly I tend exit really. And always a very busy place and always a very good investment and we will be there on Wednesday. The 22. And we are all about a 65%. Fool on the dinners and it's always a silences no question about that what trying to say is. If you think you might wanna come I would call in the next year too because I have a feeling it's an Acela. Prediction. And that's going to be imposed autos in Metairie. The food there is terrific what you will remember more than anything else is probably the simplest thing you'll eat witches or fettuccine Alfredo it is not a lot B and overly rich it is just her it's her fiction in Costa. Mr. Joseph makes its own cost the right there in house he makes everything else he. When he does the fettuccine Alfredo in the dining room he's got a big big bowl in the east tossing everything around its release policy. Great Rezko we'll have that will have any other things we always do you will not walk out of there hungry alta area. It's in post autos that's coming up. This week on the 22 if you wanna look at the menu. Or make a reservation go to no menu dot com. And oh in the and you dot com gentlemen you dot com that's my own personal. Web site. And you'll see a thing right in the middle of the page that says eat club click on that. We'll take you to another page that has the all of the the menus and everything and than you does this thing that says click here to reserve and if you click here. You'll and tell me your your name in Europe email address that so we need to know how many people you have coming. And that sit there you pay when you get to the rest but so we're not we don't have any money coming out units that run and but I think you'll very much enjoy it it's always a good dinner we have a lot there's a lot of people on the list here. A more than usual who are real real regulars at these dinners and they. They all know one another but that's not necessary you know media and I'm gonna come visit you at your tables so much you make because that way. And if you stay there long enough you'll hear me and and there pianist. Or wait he disciplined but she did wonder feed it was ever. On January we usually get engagements on. Roy there. Its windows. 260. 6368. All right now you get right you want to talk with you by the food restaurant cooking wine whole program. Q and is that when it's not so. We we were slipping away behind for a while there. Thank everybody who came on the showed a lot of attendance and on the field. And also my wife Marianne who is very good at than selling these things up so. Little program today when most of the talk about it. Well on it I'll I'll think of something when we come back from this. Stay tune. Bundle up. Hello it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here would you talking about food restaurants cooking wine and all the rest of it the number news 260. 6368. I hear that we have Norman on the phone Norman. Are you there. Either come on now. I'm doing pretty well we have you know few oddities today ages of real busy show and I'm not trying new hurry you up by. We'll go right ahead yet. Get. Well. Man. And jerk world. My. Broker and out via. Oil which which which you're out there. Well let's see you said look what what was that you you would talking about it chalk. And what was oh. All our world and road gross. A row pros I think I'd go with the rump roast if you got the time it takes a while. And you wanna do that low and slow with a lot of water in there. But the other one that you mention it is is nothing bad I mean chuck roast. Should gross in in a lot of ways is is a real lead to one of the best of flavors up your for things that you cook low and slow. But it has a lot of fat in it and it also its its in the funny kind of shape so. Trying to slice it is is is difficult so you wind up cutting in in that chunks and not everybody likes trunks for I don't know what you're trying to make here but that's. That's what you wind up with if chunks will work for the dish than I would definitely go for the chuck roast. But if you if you want it more like slice story in stakes like slabs I think I'd go for The Who romp for the top round is what they tend to call it more often now rob sounds like well romp. You know. Our. Well that says that's a good thing. About what we have here. Yeah oh I'll I'll do my darnedest but that. Nazi leader by it's the food show that he we have somebody else who is on hold their in the I don't know who it is though who can we use just pop them out there will cave and I can keep it welcome. UW game. But there are. Very good to hear from him. Some were enemy Oprah but Joe's today there are who do you one have you done this before. We've done it now. Tenured. The most important taking over from her mom. You know the Sicilian. The burger people talk about doing as a joke folder was curious. Anybody talk about or ever will. Yeah yesterday we give up almost the whole show on that we had a lady on who it is a writer for the clarion herald. And she has published an article came out about a week ago and it's still available with you're looking forward especially it's getting it from their role online presence the clarion herald and she was the telling me that first of all this is looks to her likely. The best bunch of saint Joe's a stay alters that she ever remembers that she's been covering that for a long time so way and she gave a lot of the traditions that I. Frankly had never heard before but it's a closed big things it is probably growing even as we talk about it. But I do and I thought it was sort of a dying. It traditionally on the war in. It it I can assure you that it is not dying if anything it is getting quite a bit bigger every year. And I knew it. It's the kind of thing that you can really latch into because you know who doesn't like to eat especially if it's really good food and that's what's going on there. Europe where we've middle of the court you're in this can cookies domestic cookies now we're onto the milanese. And all the caption rolls. And the book. Well so far so good let us know how it comes out on a bluff you know especially if you did anything unusual. Well my mother out of eighteen. The possibilities there in the regular Redgrave yeah borrow it. Boiled eggs. Oil rig that served very fitting that it was fourteen source. Well what what come through and I'll betcha you're exactly right about that that that makes perfect sense but The Who what what registered in my brain news. One of the classic. When the classic a Sicilian dishes is Russia Loney. And it brush one you have you know beef that wrapped around a stuffing of garlic and tomatoes in a whole bunch of stuff but one of the items in there it's hard boiled makes. And you wouldn't you know that there wouldn't be the first thing that would come in my mind is something you would stuff a veal and beef role. But they do. Reload. I I think eggs are really under rated a bit you know with and it had a bad reputation for awhile behind cholesterol moment. It seems like every time I read something about eggs these days. It's. In that article says oops we we had that totally wrong eggs are you should not be avoided you should be one or two a day. Well why not. I. And there was a time. When in French cooking you would go to some even fancy restaurants in order negation not the waiter wooden bat and I remember for a long time. And it's once had a whole section of entrees on its menu and eight different items. That we're all eggs. He who who knew. All. Week to corporate. You know why it makes sense. You know lord knows it's cheap enough. That it. Oh good Obama in Europe or actually a few. That would girls are. Well thank you very much are always great to have you calling via. Its seafood show I'm Tom that Morris. But he we have somebody on hold here bug that you wouldn't believe the clumsy way we have to do this that it has some goofy thing going wrong but. Nothing in nothing. Important but let's see it was there was somebody on hold but I don't know who so if it was if you're on hold say hello right now and it'll probably be. Felix welcome to our show come on. Early. Really. Yeah. Including the one. A whole new can. You know frank miceli. No idea salary. Well. You know. There. It was a priority lien. In and they get from pro. That are not correct grave are far away. New and that's true it pops up stop. So awesome. For the program. Obama in an apple shares. At the turn. Of. I'd go whale who stick gate is immune you know wine. Did you ever go to did you ever go to Charlie steak house this wouldn't have been so you would. If you were going there let's say in the seventies or into the eighties. There was ago there was a waiter there he was tall he was skinny. And the spotlight today Tuesday and yeah what what you were on his name was Pietro yet troll. His last name was the same as the people that owned the harassment just it was coincidence though. And when he retired. Yahweh hoo he he was from the air and then when he retired he went back here. And new we've lost track of him ever since but he was really a character. Yeah we are a few LA we U we're in the you know under. Two people. You don't have to you don't have to focus on the one who does that you know puts puts it on the web and all and anyway so it's. I will write it down in the piece of paper and of course you know pieces of paper I never ever lost. That. Six you know. OK so you YouTube YouTube people. Okay. Our audio. Don't want. I will gladly do that for free. Throw off. Yeah that's that's dead and that's about all it's worth two. It's I love it no I beg your. Well I'd better use you know. There you're absolutely. We are where we had a little. You know we'll thank you for calling. Yeah. Riots of food Cho compared to more to the AV club list Ford Tempo style those taking this. Up to about 70% full. But won't ends met them with you this is the very song and singing tonight on stage and when. And if you can but you know what you're lovely and I don't want. Hewitt lovely widow what. You'd do to me. Unlike in ocean wave okay that's enough will be back with more the food show after first if you will this. Bob Barr. DDB DD BB hello hello Louis seafood show. On one of five point three. HD. Will five point three HD. No it is not there will we can keep trying but we won't. Accomplished very much we have somebody hanging in the studio right now I understand. And they did it and I'm not sure who it is so. Not only on the show would we have dilemmas like that. Let's see we let's remotely remove ourselves. To our studio and who do we find there. I'm I'm asking whoever you are to speak into the microphone. I hear nothing. Well they hit areas now you know we have somebody. May care who doing what we're only just in just its. It was physically in this city. You're. Well usually usually I am but well they always lose a conflict ahead to deal with. And I co I just couldn't be in the studio today but but you know this this usually works seamlessly and you wouldn't even know what's going on but does today everything decided to go haywire. At. That's four hour hour. A consistency at the moment. What's go. He is the man who pretty much runs the parkway bakery. Or parkway poor boys. And daughter Justin and IE saw that you are doing a corned beef and cabbage horrible is that true. Well it is no tablets that we don't do well I mean we do we're doing our regular corn be global it was pepper ball. On the menu about six years. Oh yeah yeah court beef and cabbage if you count sellout crowd pickled cabbage. Yeah you ego then sure about. Who would've guessed. Yet written. This. You know I'll live here and on that awkward right now and I discussed without the kitchen. You know take a little break here yet but election mainly. We've been we've we've cooked about thirty brisket for the week and the people eat corn beef on nonsense patent. Go they sure do. And it's it's more popular you would think that more restaurants would have that's than do what come because people ask me all the time. About where they can go and get corned beef and cabbage Horry corned beef sandwich or whatever well you've got and I'll remember that from now. Yet again it was funny that we we we got involved with it the owner Vienna beef company in Chicago. You and your being in the ball one day and who was that beauty trips and election. He asked me welcome. He's. The mine in the country of this so there's some room. It comedies. I'd probably do. Anyways he had a great core of these I get it from him it's a brisket that Borland those contentious and world. Well I love it especially since I'm good I'm gonna give you a cooking tip and I know. And I try to be presumptuous here you guys have a roll over because I you cook every day and night I called. You know. Or writing articles. Are. A buddy of mine who strangely enough. Is it a fellow barber shop singer. We we will not torture you with any of that I promise you. But anyway a real nice guy also you pretty much agree or really knows his way around and he said that he made up. He he he called a corned beef. And just something crossed his mind while he was doing it and he tried it out and he said it made the biggest improvement on a corned beef sandwich that he had ever had in his life. He put crab boil in the in the in the boiling liquid. And they present a lot it was like a tablespoon for the whole you know for a whole brisket which is not a lot but he said he could pick it out and everybody else he gave it to. They said well I pace something but they can't figure out what but it really is good. So Bob I've made made like that every sense. Well when caught early and I don't know you know wind night. Anyway you don't have put my name on a who's who wasn't original with me anyway. What else is gone on over there at the the parkway bakery the other. It is through. We're. Even. Start probably break ground in. First of April we isn't. It's going to be where under. It's going to be kind of in the Portland on next to the house that's raised up to raise dole ran about 2000 square it speak to the restaurant that's gonna. Dream on what we go go 10 and will move in the put some new restrooms. Talk that new cooler days. Make that make it we'll go back to make a lot of shorter. Serviceable that. Well that you certainly are I'm not gonna tell you you really needed but every time I human even so much is passed there this huge crowd outside all the time. Sounds like you have the back up for a. Yet the idea yet we will we'll blowing go on. You know you know I talked to a buy you guys. Couple weeks ago. On May your land drew was at the it was a Gallagher hall of course he was on Mardi Gras but you know we're at Mardi Gras and Kelly your whole every year to doing a broadcast from there. And no we had a short interview with him at night I asked him. Was he still going to parkway. Like everytime I go there I see him there as he said well. The is that. True bill goes to flip he's out regular annual you know he'll he'll come to the balk call and grabbed the food and go this is you know this is Fella you know. Well I yeah I would imagine so but that he I I love this though of for the mayor of the city to do something is emblematic of being in the world's guy. You just don't get past. Eating or voice you know which I mean you know that's the essence of right yeah. Well OK so the corned beef is still Roland over there you can get a poor boy Heller H ago. What are your career 10 o'clock so we are all. Plenty of to be had and a corned beef of great quality coming out of that Chicago outfit that does actually their hot dogs are really good what's in Vienna beef I think. You know these companies and beat a probability old new. Talk what we have here resuming. Its movement of the console would. I want to put up from the old days. You know other than one dollar and that the that the thing that struck out and you'll see anywhere. And that was on the field manual labor sees. Well. Yeah Oakland you know which is great. And so on the handout. I tried. In Bologna do well on the viewers what I really popular one would be just because as you know the track. Nearby in another note boards. Libya. It'll secondary. So. It it will remove it but one thing I found out about our Steelers. And he got app that risk it hot and ready ago and the house you know win and yep and it was not dry either and it absolutely steamers and cut it to or not what the New York but the vote was just Jewish deli. Watch how they did that two days which they go to convoy would make. I got a little babies. Just like you know what they do up there. Well you're always on the move. Very well the red carpet they are my pleasure. And no talk to again it's been it's been a long time. Yeah man. We have come on the show we actually saw it. Breaking ground with this or actually physically in the ma expansion project had come over that was cool moment of hope. Well you or you always were welcome here and you know that. In fact might we haven't tapped you as a guest host lately you know I'm happy go on vacations he can come and do that again forest there wouldn't. Oh they will. But just in Kennedy thank you very much for dropping in he runs the parkway pour boys over on them by using John. And it's a food show on top it's more it's he really we we ask him to be the guest host once that was so good that we've you know for smallest are looking at whether I could. Keep my job and secondly. We civil skip this guy on every time we go on vacation like nod yeah. 260. 6368. And Tom the more it's a program today. Is sponsored by analysts whose response this time around it is such care restaurants like. I buy everything for my kitchen from care restaurants applying them to do in that sense I remember the very first thing ever bought from him. There are these wonderful little. On rotten dishes that you see only in restaurants have made very very happy to take a lot of heat where they could take it out of the refrigerator and shove it into hot broiler without it breaking. I'm more like the shape and what you can do with that the little shallow thing you can do it like things like crab meat of rotten whatever. But I didn't know way to behind him and somebody's always gonna go to care restaurant supply because that's where we go. And we're not in the restaurant business it's open to the public did know that so we went over there and sure enough it isn't that I believed that he will take your order and even give you the rest on wholesale price you could rebuild your kitchen that way paid you have somebody who's getting married soon friends of yours may be son daughter whatever. Good place to buy gifts would be there. The casino kids these days they're not so much interest in the copper pots hanging from the ceiling just for decoration they won actually do some cooking. And so one. It's care C a IRV care restaurant supply they have been in the business of supplying restaurants. We've going back three generations they had really no way or thereabouts. It's here restaurant supplies. Tune into community news hello it's a food show on Tom Fitzmorris. Policy. We'll take a break we'll come back but more of our little programmer Rooney up to first at least that's. And of the things. Oh you're listening to the food show. And joining us over here on the blue phone. The that he is Gregory Gregory welcome to the food show. I've been viewed at a year of. At that happy new year will do just fine thank you. They were telling me that on those on the parade the other day. They Soviet built. Well look scripted jokes immediately to rip that boat or a diary but not. Lol what it would look if you miss. Jeremy. He'd bring in all rights from from the go pro European with the mullah that's for our Internet and orally but he certainly. The court. Like. Beta I I yeah I have plenty it. Adelaide today in. Corn beef and retreat to record would be a which if you wanted to happen for the language. It's a little you know some some some nights irishman and it was pretty good in great an open mind in parts per minute I mean you know lower court. In the you mention it. Yeah it was accurate in and out strolled by April. Track and in third street we do see. Parents so that was going on there and well but frank you couldn't ask for a better day and it all perfect. Even cold anymore. And never able to just for a guy and I don't white button down shirt repair agreeing economic arena at all and are all those little Britain took that route and notably it. He thought Richard became effective in patients who we eat meat. And. And I am. Or are they don't so are the mark Corey is that they weren't part meat oh and I. Knew 00. Yeah. We know that. Yet it. A bit darker richer pay you know and if you've got me 01 day in. From. He's fit you know pretty that would rotate. Courtney. Let. You know that that is funny but you know it it. I remember hearing ones and I think it it was from a good resource from a good source that. In in Mexico. They don't have the rule little about yeah. I don't. Count on Friday yeah yeah. What do you know in and get a bird. Dog play well. Oh. And you know. Anybody walk and don't get brought up but. Gregory I'm running out of time so I know are you. In I call again. Yeah all right favorite. My yeah my pleasure 2606368. And we have. Moon. I am I just had the name here then that's been the thing went off yeah it's. Ted Ted welcome welcome to the pooch. Mun. And that's it no he just. Turned around here resided our program today is sponsored by at face Isa. If you have if you've been there before I go there and try to took ticket yes has to win that restaurant opened. Now that the it's a trick question because they they opened originally. In the eighteen hundreds they were there for quite along time and then they went away. The only came back with a really brilliant idea. In the mid 1970s. It was the first restaurant in New Orleans. To serve in the modern era anyway. Fish that had been grilled. Instead of being fried or broiled or any of that. They had a charcoal grill and they were grilling fish shown here and it was such a big hit that restaurants all over the city started doing it. And the beyond that a second time through they had this sort of an Arty kind of a group of people that would be often hanging out there. That it became a social center for the French Quarter people who lived in the French Quarter undertook to have that kind of almost officially designated as such. It's still good for all of those reasons and they are back again with the with shelf Alfred in the kitchen. And a great looking who renovation of the dining room. Plenty of other reasons to have lunch or dinner well forget lunch using. Did Earl Li what a Wednesday through Sunday. It can't face peace SPI NSA they are at 1011. Decatur street. Pretty close to the corner. Saint Philip right across from the French market Catherine east peace Sunday brunch dude did I mention that Sunday brunch don't forget that. Or remember written in China re remember it or limit on. 2606368. What do we do you need here to to be done this era who have anybody waiting here. I don't have to be is assuming that's the story. Or program is also and by invited no probably not but don't. Well but sponsored by witches. But the same thing a Koran or voice brands makes everything from scratch in house. They buy whole roast beef. They put big big pots out the year with water and only of the season vegetables the unions than you etc. etc. etc. He cooks for hours and hours and hours and hours it falls apart. And or big slice it before it gets that point they have a natural. On. A natural. Gravy that forms from this and it's all done that way that's the only way they do it. And that's separate for voice 3939. Veterans highway in Metairie and also in Kenner and west esplanade just off Williamsport board. It sounds like our program is coming to a close.

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