WWL>Topics>>3/17/17 Scoot 3pm- St. Patrick's Day celebration continues

3/17/17 Scoot 3pm- St. Patrick's Day celebration continues

Mar 17, 2017|

More on St. Patrick's day and politics with Scoot. Which are you paying more attention too this weekend politics or green beer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a beautiful Friday afternoon or smarts the seventeenth this is Saint Patrick's Day I'm skewed in the afternoon there's a possibility that you're on your way to the big block party around Paris sauls. And Tracy's uptown or the big go block party and it's sitting around in the cool sense source of last. And you'll a lot of people I did mention this earlier but a lot of people had to the French Quarter and go to Pat O'Brien is a very Irish place to. Enjoy Saint Patrick's Day but a lot of locals. Coach to pal Bryant's let's say thank you know what that that might be a spot to hit two a little bit later. Am I missing any hot spots today for Saint Patrick's Day. If you put a call up and tell me about someplace where there's a big Saint Patrick's Day party are numbers 260. When he seventy. Every coach 504260187. In a text. He is 8787. A coming of and a few minutes governor playback a part of the conversation that we had last hour with a puppy in Ireland we talked to a life too. Guy at Johnny Fox's pop in Dublin Ireland. There was a band there there was playing it was about 7 o'clock 730 at night. Where we are talking to them and I asked him hey anybody passed out yet. And he said no not yet so I guess he was anticipating that at some point somebody would is an hour and a half way to get into. This. So our play decked a part of that conversation we'll do that to sometime this hour. Also. Also we've been talking you know I do wanna get into anything serious today because look we look at this today. I mean even if your work you don't wanna really be in a serious move although I really find are pretty jaguar poll opinion poll very interesting. And maybe it's because those people who are. Enjoying Saint Patrick's Day are not in a position to respond to the poll. I here's a Texas says Molly's that the market yes that is a great place. Down deep in the quarter. That is another a fun place for Saint Patrick's Day and any others are you to call me or send your taxable put that in the year. They're the question is which are you more focused on today. President trumpet politics. Green beer. Or NCAA hoops. 53%. Say president trump and politics. 29% say green beer which is representative of anything Irish. And 18% say NCAA hoops. Here's a text the quarter is packed today. I didn't know Saint Patrick's Day it was so celebrate oh yes indeed it is. We take this day very seriously. Also singled dimaio. We know how to take these policies affect you I think is because of the Catholic connection. That theirs in even a greater. Celebration of Saint Patrick's Day. And I remember. Years ago doing shall lives. In different locations on on Saint Patrick's Day it is a big holiday and I mean you could not ask for nicer weather. I'm sure there are people who are going to disappear in May be never ever reappear again but you know a lot of people have left to work. And they might have gone to and I'm doing airports here they might have gone to launch. But at this point there how to launch they're out there are not coming they're not coming back. And not the WWL account executive staff they went to the fairgrounds today. So if you have any if Europe a client and you have any questions about your your commercial. You might want to call Euro wrap you can either call them directly on their cell phone at the fairgrounds or you could perhaps. I just haven't changed at the fairgrounds here is a text thinking about hot Irish girls today. And I'm sure that something that you might not do just. Today here's a text scoots you're not going out to pat is you're going home to take a nap LOL well you know. I haven't made up my mind yet how we were talking earlier about this controversy in our New York City with the New York City firefighters. And the Saint Patrick's Day parade. The parade committee's president John Dunleavy. I'm moved to the New York firefighters from the beginning of the parade to the middle of the parade. And they were very upset with the he said the firefighters were truck last year when they showed up and they continue to drink all day in uniform. Also gives criticism of the New Orleans firefighters for joining the New York City firefighters are causing the parade to be delayed 35 minutes. While they unfurled a banner. Thanking New York for the support after Katrina. We try to get some audio from the the fire department and and could gut. So I don't know if this is that you were not practice guy is seen a lot of a lot of stuff. In New York doctor firefighters also I had a caller earlier. Who on said that the he he he knew of New York City firefighters who came down here. And to participate in an event here. And they went back to new York at first of all they said that Saint Patrick's Day in New Orleans was the greatest saint Patrick's parade they had ever been in anywhere in the world. And here I can understand that means we can't fund operates. And he said that that some of the New York firefighters tried to take a little bit of New Orleans Saint Patrick's Day back to New York. And it didn't go so well. He didn't get specific. But he did say that the Saint Patrick's Day parade in New York is a lot more formal. It's a lot more serious. They take it very seriously here. We don't take very much seriously. Down here racing I mean I understand a lot of respect for the Irish in Saint Patrick's Day here everywhere. But I understand the New York to be a little more formal. American a lot of fun controversies in the past with the New York City Saint Patrick's Day parade because there were. Irish gays that want it to parade under the banner of Irish under the banner of the game and not just being Irish. And I always thought that if there are I've tried to look at this information and if you have been there and if you have the information please please call the show. If banners or allow. It signify different groups. And you have to let. Gays. Signify their group in my opinion. If nobody has a banner. Signifying they are part of a group their Irish but they're also part of this group then. Gay should not have that distinction either. So again this has been a controversy for years and yet we talked about the big a Boston C Patterson three which is coming up on Sunday. And the parade has now reversed its decision and the of the group of gay vets out vet that's a group of our gay and transgender. Vets they are going to be allowed to march with their Banderas in my understanding with their banner. Which drew some controversy because it had a ringel. So that decision was her first and they are going to be I'm allowed to touch a parade so you know. In Ireland I don't think this was ever controversy in Ireland. Because in Ireland. You Irish. It didn't matter if you were gay it didn't matter what you were beyond that you were considered Irish first on Saint Patrick's Day. And here in America sometimes we have a really. Great tendency to want to divide people up OK we drivers but you're also okay. So you know you can't beat gay you can only be Irish. And I I understand how some people. Think that way. But you know many in in Ireland this has been my understanding in Ireland if you're Irish that's all that matters you could be any mean not like a mass murderer. But you could be anything else and it doesn't matter if you're Irish as a man if you're gay or whatever. You're in the parade. If you wanna join us for the comment this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Arie cut 5042601. A seventy Tex ever say 7878. If you listen to the radio on this day march 17 1984. Annual ST tomorrow morning show. And beat 37 I guarantee I've played this song. When I was talking I was actually playing music. This was the number one song in America wanted to stay in 84 I'm scoots in the afternoon and are coming right back on WWL. Earlier here's a song about drinking. Here's a text that says Skoda I looked at Johnny foxes in Dublin they have a website proud of view it's not fake news. I mean did anybody really think for a minute that I made that out. What do something like that she was very very might not always agree with me that the show is very very authentic. So if you missed it here's part of the conversation we we we just randomly calls this place or Johnny Fox's Irish pub in Dublin. On curing nation was the guy who are was on the phone and he had this band crucial play or Danny boy this was hit live and every WL. Yeah. The okay. And. The length you're. That was awesome yearned thank you very much I hear there's an hour and a half way to get in your place right now. Believe immediately people Lleyton. Opted to be heated. Those. I'm outline that moment that guy and week out snowed in in ought to eat the particularly in any. And went to the times and didn't. Right now in about seven it looked like. Let's. But this site and I have a so what you guys do is ramping up. All the reading it now today when they get named like what they want. You to open up to date Q. Chair alma I hear that didn't every every pint of Guinness it's actually an entire meal it's it's actually good for. All it is indeed in the Ellen they ability at. Age yet it is I mean without them and people told them in the I think he and Eliot data on the national drink legally because you have everyone at Google I doubt that drinking Guinness. You weren't quite fond of here in America. Go to Rio. All is well. Didn't. Are you familiar with the area violent Wexler. I am and he gets you on this reluctantly and I'm I'm half Irish and in my family you know the Redmond family goes and goes back to work from Ireland. Well very good at it and I think it's you know collect coming on now look at. They came in a migrate into the stumbles on the united. Mean. And learning a little history here was an an agreement and it is is in great talking to you what what what's the Hyde item on the me right now. I'm glad most of us who put on the lawfully here. And a fish better yet. Would have an incident like him corn beef and cabbage and we do them. We do them as well but definitely and therefore the puppet government and foods that Soviet that many. Regularly in the cabbage we do indeed. And did you safety you know she sings fish ladders I wish that. Robert fish better. Please factors we do like it speech. And I am. Played there enough that we we dialogue that. I cure one more one more question you know I've I've heard in the past about the the potato famine in Ireland that it was really are horrible time and and people were starving. You guys are an island why did you just go fishing. The let sitting but it but it doesn't there's just that important domino and kept on the good food and outnumber the people. Thrown under the then announces the date of them thought they. Oh apportionment of which we invite millions of people than you but to the highest we've we're trying to tobacco that that was that. I Leno won't do we will rely on the debate anymore. Iso not to get into politics but if things calmed down there I mean I don't I don't hear as much about the at the IRA and and things like that that I did in the past and those come. Thank thank you all coming together everyone is eventually EA you know that the country calming down it was Vietnam. And the world well. In the past. Do you think that the that the divide between them on in America the divide between. Republicans and Democrats is greater than the divide between Catholics and Protestants and Ireland. I'll say no we're migrating that. It but it was the argument and twenty years it would be highly productive and we just people meet me rebuking me these are without the open market them work fine where. We would meet with them and but thankfully it. Because now that we the only idiot Buick open market because of that electorate is at the forty and and they you know tightly. Well. And everyone just doesn't just the name don't do it in the oddest strongly based that the use. And that was my conversation with third guy name of Karen Mason at the Irish pub Johnny foxes in Dublin Ireland and the band could slow played O Danny bush force life. And having a real of one of my favorite songs by YouTube which is actually a very religious aren't coming up right after our CBS and every every real news updates. You know when I first heard this song I don't know. I don't know a lot of scripture. Are references but I mean there are some that I. I I've holes with me all the time in my mind. And he Bruce I think it's Hebrew was eleven point you can correct me if I'm wrong but I think as he was 111. He was 111 says that faith means. Believing in something. That hasn't yet been seeing. So when bono's singing about your packing a suitcase. For a place. A place that has to be believed to be seen. To me that was direct reference to. That scripture. And I think those are good Catholic guys in. In Ireland. I'm stood in the afternoon very happy Saint Patrick's Day the French Quarter is a very crowded and pat O'Brien's will be crowded today and there's a street party going on uptown and one in this city it's in the cools. By the way you know sometimes I I I reference back to. To my years as scoot in the morning on B 97. I wanna remind you that if anybody ever asks Hugh. Remember that I'm on WWL. 1053 FM and a 70 AM. It was on Demi WL. Much longer than it was on B 97 but the beat any sanity for fun sometimes like to reference back to when I saved when I say that. I don't want anybody did you know just. Randomly think largest get in the habit of thinking oh scooby guys have no. On that was in the past I am on WWL. 1053 FM and 817 A yeah. Here's a pretty general opinion poll and a quick update. Which are you more interested in today. President trump. Politics. Green beer or NCAA hopes. 50% say president trump and politics 31% say green beer 18% say. NCAA hoops off on the West Bank Bobby your WW LA good afternoon. I screw it up its impact these days seem to use. That I am wonders got you Google's store which you pack when I moved here paktia and see. Who log into BA. Undermine we used to go on these posted a lot music I was only about 1819 years so the time anyway. You simply don't. And I sit down not not that uses its coat check at large apartment on the grip on the yacht. There were a boat where he used the doctor that proper account stream yeah so a lot. True or not there. Aren't it would Anwar's. At that time and are about ought be turned out to be you'd do one. And I was at our feet on the action and Bono and now. Do I it was just incredible concert there weren't as many people were just stopped popping and it just came mole across to see violent. And I think it would be actual patrol. Which are apt the RL the editorial page. I don't know that's a great topic Bobby you know one afternoon will we'll talk about on bands or artists that you saw before they became really really popular. I remember when I was in Seattle. And I guy I was a river in a pond in downtown Seattle has come mr. Alan racist. Him and I I remember when Kurt Cobain and Nirvana used to play in this pomp and it was like justice tiny pub with a little tiny stage. And so that would be interesting topic to to talk to people who saw bands before they became big. And you know Bono is such great great person as well as great op member. Pop musician. And I'm not yours but integrated in the victory a lot lot charity work. Often. It met the poll different. I'm going to popes so all and dom. Q what do what is that the town and so on. All lock it to trumpet. It does Wear hosiery option in my coupled well on where where perjury or honors now. Yang he he has done a lot of things on for. People that adolescent and I guess in general he would be described as sort of being very liberal so a lot of people would not like some of the things that he's done. But he also work very closely with George W. Bush are under George W Bush's attempt to do something about aids in Africa. Boats. Musicians. Now music. All types of music. But Marcel com. A lot side. Should collapse. Quote jam. One on. One. It's it's easier and quicker to name the ones that are on the right like. Ted Nugent to our Kid Rock. Is very very conservative our. Thoughts or comments on numbers 2601. Point seven. Terry coach final four to 6017. Text number 870 cent. I wanted to get somebody in Ireland to sing a song I think this may be an American song which is why. The guy at the pump in Dublin couldn't find anybody has seen an Irish eyes smiling. I scoot in the afternoon I received after sharing the lead back into the bureau. It was on this day march 17 1975. Share was featured on the cover of time magazine. This also marks the moment in time when gay subscriptions at time magazine went up 50%. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll of which are you more focused on today. 4049%. Say president drop in politics 31% say green beer 20% stake. NCAA hoops. Here's a Texas is my grandmother was Irish god rest her soul that's from and you know the text says. The irony with the first terrorist I never heard of when I was a kid. Yeah form for many have viewed the the Irish Republican Army the IRA. And their their bombings in an eight killings they would've been the first terrorist two retire young generation whatever. From uptown Gregory happy Saint Patrick's Day. I hate to think Patrick maybe you missed the PayPal you. It is inevitable buyers. Are good. Let's start I'm on half Irish my middle name is Redmond and my Brothers cited the failure is back to two expert. In I was and I'm half Irish and half for. Oh yeah chronicle in and savage. And now I'm English like orchard and promote for earth like it's. Entire apartment and a meet and connect week crumble well we. So you enjoy and you'll enjoy today. Is out into I would do a model later attempting to. Dispute something that but it should go on on the tree and I locked up if you are being like the that that I had so much on my Saturday at the that they are. But it being street. You know I doubt we know when you mature Gregory. Sometimes it takes a little longer to. Now you know yeah. Epic might be an. A particular. Toward unity should do topic by. How are really elect Bibi. Or. Are we really in topple I agree with him that when I thought that you would. It apparently it was just. It's looking serie I did read that section and Ira I read that I read attacks yesterday. Okay good yeah it because. It certainly changed my mind and I couldn't believe. I don't know personally that it couldn't believe our personal or you want the art need to wrestle Arnold real general feeling for probably a total at. Let me years to twelve years. Great story about the song the she wrote New Orleans which was read out to the city now owns about Katrina. That's what we're Leo. Yeah like okay. Period examined it in Abu. Get so tired at it would there was long. Dresses and sit around and it's a. Plug in even the slightest. Even the slightest. Even that slightest. Iconic Stevie Nicks twirled on the stage John drew applause from the audience. I'd go. In and and the more you. Under a lot better idea. Terrible. Did you collect it for. You. Think Patrick. Same view Gregory appreciate the cult. If you wanna join us at numbers 2601 a seven here's a Texas says so I'm attack Angelo for condos unseat Patrick's day place I stop every Friday on my way home to Slidell. And saw the Saint Joseph stay Alter have received Patrick say hey these guys are Irish a lot of people don't know that but to thin Lizzy the spans is an Irish fans. Classic hit. We'll be back whenever a hero. Bill Maher is either sold out or close to being sold on for his show Saturday night at this anger. And I I've talked to the promoters the other day they told me dead among the cities that Bill Maher goes to this is one of his biggest cities. And and everybody who goes is not from Orleans parish destroy us from this entire area. So even though this is described as a very bright red states there are still a lot of people here who are not part of the price brand. Color of Louisiana. I have enjoyed our show it's a break for me to not have to talk seriously about politics I love when you and I can get together in the afternoon I just have this. This some more relaxed conversation a global out of politics talk abouts. Monday afternoon if you survive the weekend it's gonna be beautiful on a party going on today and throughout the weekend if you survive a tune in. Monday afternoon 1 o'clock when they die and Newman are to be a real program director Todd Manassas our show producer John Mark our studio producer sports talk with deuce and Deke. Coming up next. Have a great afternoon pat received better stay Lovie New Orleans.