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3-17 4pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on the Saints and college basketball

Mar 17, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke discuss the NCAA basketball tournament and the latest in Saints news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And get a name it is Deuce McAllister and he going to be here on WW indicates again it was stabbed by a foot segment. After our first break in the deep in March Madness. And of course. Don't get too caught up on that mom and dog as a full well they were to acquit him in the show. And also some of the week you know what is happening is toys College Baseball is concerned. Throughout the state of Louisiana as always in numbers again involved or 2601878. You can text to sedate him needs any deuce is always available for you here. The 86 via phone call and heating and the mechanic for 26 on Twitter and he will hit you back. Operating jaguar opinion Powe and over a month in April. Well we pay more to do this weekend an issue baseball opened up there and SEC series against Georgia. The Saints and Malcolm Barlow watch the NCAA's March Madness. Pelican hoops saint Patrick in saint Joe's they parade celebrations all. So induced and Allen had to put the top mountaineers crawfish trip and crane that's gonna be pain most attention to deuce. All of those sports wise deuce. I'm glad to say without question to be marked man just from the standpoint the excitement level and seemed a bit more exciting things I think today's. Gains on a more exciting what we saw at this time yesterday. Yet today's game. A little bit better and yours is your name and you'll think about it we get marksman as what you're. So out of out of eating. You know most cultures like he. Will be March Madness I mean I would definitely region would relish and does it sorted. Obviously watched Republicans who broke me. It's going to be March Madness. Them the book watched so to speak. We've got failed it but would not want to make closely closely you know like some people are. And there. And deuce you know when you think about it if this time a year to whereas so we've we've covered it earlier and years so many people be involved in the us it's much more than just sports faintest people who don't even care about anything. They've become Fran to distant and out a bracket and a lot of times said the people they use what you would say as I look out studied his soulful at. Those of David don't do well at all the people who just kind of go by a well liked it team mascot. Aaron had a friend of mine says cousin nephew. He had a good friend his went to school there and those people who want to kind of standing to see. You know who bracket got busted and so forth but it draws a lot of attention not only North American sport the world whack people for that Breck. Get a little and I mean always it's in this sort of how you pick their. Colors you know. Booming sound. Just like you shouldn't. Much brilliance best for in sister went there and so it always slow to seed the bracket. If Ian at least somewhat close to right Corzine and you may that we in every game purse say. Normally you know you'd do for a it would it would be at least you know switching sweet sixteen. Deuce to be fitness and value your dad and obviously folks in these poets love fall before you became a member of a the Saints and then of course to do is only added to your lower and what you do but also in the in the community and their reason why Doocy usually wins in the if studio he got help the our Boys and Girls Club open and on the severe round Oxford to be a guest speaker and deuce you know I don't think there's something negates old regardless of what happens. Is kind of one of those things. I like the safety into the week of going to the week if I had done nothing it owning idea not to say you know I went to church is one of those things it feels good. And when you go speak to kids and you get involved you do things like dead Boys and Girls Club hospital it's a good feeling and know that you have an opportunity that this afternoon. The end and and for me it's always been about giving back you know and Upton you do to view back and help out. You know a lot of times people technical realize you're over it it's never necessarily about you and it is. We have the opportunity to help others to and that's what you suppose to do so. You know mama was not original Dallas and now intentionally view and so truck tried to do. That's Deuce McAllister and Baskett to a Kolb before we take our first break I T info we'll we'll good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. Hey how you guys don't have done that I don't watch a lot of basketball as we can and I'm pumped. I'm Paula was so upset to go out there at all at the odd thing about March Madness about fifty wins or. And I. Any any game in particular year you think you might be might be something you look at we're alive when you've got to pound Q you put a photo of that are you just kind of like. I think a lot of people kind of gain into it could you know we threw network in the CBS is and and they kind of command we TVA's and I liked the way for years ago or three is go they and it Charles Barkley Ernie Johnson and Katie Smith. They've put them on in CAA's and they put the comments Jazz on the NBA why there covering it any kind of crosses focus. I think a lot of time we take for granted they'll basketball fans of basketball fan not necessarily not in the eighth they don't want to watch college and vice Versa. But we meet get to watch the clock as it gets the second hand and he can go in you see it looked tight when. Basically like early and late in the in just a minute ago we may see knocked else southern Methodist. He blew up with two and it kind of jump on those game to start to follow me as a sick continues to brew. But like middle Tennessee won he's. Now art and that well he goes yeah. Anyway and I thought I'm baseball on elements about the idea that these are. Stationed out. And it's almost. And I'm only. When you have a we will we will have tonight we joined the network and back to now is a Willis 630 and that we'll have yet. Yeah I was will be on the ninth for his game against a ten geologist 630 and Thomas in the emperor's. Domingo who's there's smoke in that in the. I heard that Rio you or your daughter we can't. Okay thank you so moments I don't know give back Kordell and Minnesota is the greatest news gives us his take on the week in as the Saints. Kind of and now he's just sit back and sides come all over what was discussed yesterday between the Saints they camp. And the Malcolm Butler and obviously also the New England Patriots operated jaguar being able which has your attention most of these tweaking it open minded to 601878. You can text the city 7870. And vote online at WW TO Beckham. I'm always does mechanically to raising Kane and I joins us now the vote would give Babbitt take on a week and it's get out to up to a Minnesota for Cordero Kordell thank you for Colin WW yeah. A week in the you are out on undervalued or. And what you got hold my equipment the Bob Craig. I was wondering. With. The thing probably grab it and the on draft that are rule grip off and be available. Com is there a role. Is there a spot in the world on our beat their Greg Robin that you may well. Didinger and that name though. That. I have heard in every day and are aren't aren't the arc are very well aren't you know I think you know. It got out might be really hit it in in him as much anymore. I call it eluded our pros take deuce once you go for it. Yeah I mean as a role Greg gross and mean more limited her room fox and not create really. And outside you know he's better probably suited. Outside he has the ability to play inside and that's what he did force so. You know and he's gonna have the advantage because he knows what he's doing you know not segment but he did note is decent. You know he had played in and fail and then you know really peak. Don't lose in the wait till proven. But you know he's probably a better fit as they two down guy and he may show that he had the speed. To play all accounts for certain that her but I mean that's where Craig is an advantage on communal thing that hurt Craig also was. He was undersized but he still played mikes so you would walloped. It'll get a morning outs are weak and really uses speed. Yeah I would think it was Robinson and LLC. They weren't good now Alabama. Eyes and now lob it on the wrong side that. The more you could do that it's weaker all in the middle in Robert and potential but he morbid and they're the capabilities. Even men in the middle and been in and night and he hit it there that you more valuable. Or more tackles. You've pretty active and then. Also. Holly tribute pass coverage. It really was the feeling Q is this past season. As part he's getting exploited it and he covered now if you look at it could be regularly. It that they brought. Robinson dispatch that he. Guys on the main street from the mom now. And let it with DuBois Robertson who fought Roy here. It stretches the reported irked some gains but Robert Horry was more college at auto group orbit. Militant about standing there's that these guys that. Our committee and I ending in the middle of Iraq it obvious that rotation. And obviously. They eat he would like to Portland led the trustees tackle would excel at a high level. Paging and has a bracket looking. And racquetball game had as he's. And had a window. And a and use that he'd beat him while one point in the book that was great you eat. We're down that it seemed a property it yeah and it would be at the net and you. They need and and they did beat them 01 point now. And the eight game point in the game right now Taylor. Again. You know get your truth in it. I think I'm. I think now it over Xavier. That I might work better and then. They're. At that you're you're the other epic 00 or so all I had that one loss that. Now you're in the end it the if you could pick and roll it in and in. That bat but yet that favored. And now probably a lot of people who vote in the feet and lag in. I'm ready to look what they thought about that that would connect. Bending the twelfth these that are over there and expect the bank make it big in the back. To beat Michigan State. And Latin beat him now would be your vote. When they would throw Bieber has appeared beat. But I. Actually look at and now the second round. Happy and big Butler but it put on. They're playing tomorrow look at them look at the column but he career B rating. But he victory and we think the blues and the North Carolina figured here that occur. Kasey Kahne and Bobby Abe able Bobby we would go over the brackets resemble on Monday and it said for the second round in the sweet sixteen and we kept the entire week here. Ending up. It is to go we afford it take you are now in New England so packer. Maybe in the way you could have been or nobody in that creed one Derek and ultimately being all the with the privateers. Alright done wrong with that all right KG can have a great week here. All right coming up molded deuce and I will begin their setup that we can come and up the got to take a look at LSU baseball as they take on Georgia Bulldogs coming struggling a bit. At eight in two handed trying to right their ship so to speak and also the red hot. Houston Rockets are in town and alive for despite everything in the western road Enright hard to him on that and see the Rockets in last and they were here. This ball on the debut of the because he's due Sunday gone to 630 tonight. Is a CBS of the it. But a great Deuce McAllister and the ability here. The New Orleans pelicans in action tonight taking on day at the Houston Rockets the Republicans every coach. Recall the rookie forward. As he's made those four games averaging about sixteen points for the game. And then he's been 23. He was so a pick a thick round pick out of Kansas for the Clippers in the 2016. In the day. Draft induce Linehan at this point time and we'll get into a look College Baseball but. I know is an exciting a day you've been around knocked away Ole miss come and all for the best recruiting class they have a hand in the had a lot of good rounds of this since coach Bianco has been there. But done a lot of excitement around middle Mays baseball team they expected a lot. On this recruiting classic comes in the best in the country. He had been just total which you. It was just announced that probably could in the plate tonight and that's why they called up culture. But he's been as. Model I don't call it to India in Ottawa it is what did Dolan. But he has left knee soreness in right rear of contusion so he would not too late night in Mets last. Pelicans called. Cheat but yeah this year Rome. This Sox baseball team they are played Vanderbilt and I by the Turkish and games later all. Bay they have been right about some classifications as having quote unquote the number one. Recruits. As far as overall. This year and so Mike has done an outstanding job. They were words there awhile because they had probably 45 gap. That got drafted and they didn't lose and not any one of those guys. To the Major League Baseball circles. Home. They have kind of oracle founder groove a little particularly wood pitching. Outstanding job of pitching. Manuel lately here. Beep and mini hit you know they have struggled. When they went over they were in the the classic over Houston. They struggled to generate any roi. You know and obviously. UBU. Playing but I think I played TCU they played Baylor they played from the top teams actually in the country. But steal you know you have to be able to hit. And you know be able to do and so privileged to see how they fare against Vanderbilt because Vanderbilt the top fifteen. Program this year and they've always been a perennial almost all visitor. And do so in my cup deduce of the from the time. When you when you're a day at home is the way it is now imagine the excitement level at home attendance and so forth on those moments stand out to you do too as well that. At one point and you know they were kind of support the scuba kind of like that outside of football was like from afar. But now they'll dim they'll make a few weekends of the year to come by Joseph Mays baseball. Well the net spot on the automobiles. You are out our football everything else was an apt dog but now. You know you have sellout as far as little tales just because you can't get a little. Because that is maybe if you see we can you know whether the Vanderbilt would until you win this Mississippi State a big it's easy week in you know you're gonna draw. On average between. About 30000 fans you know you go on average about nine top 1101000. A night. As far as fans are concerned I mean and so to be able to get to Omaha you know they didn't want to undo on the Mike. That that's not a goal but to be able to get to the super mean that is ultimate goal but not they they they wanna go more one. And so to be able to hold super regionals holes regionals. You know he's given what takes and so they have invested a ton of money into that program in new it is it's where the baseball team. Has there own separate quote and quote facility everything outside of the indoor facility the baseball team as it you know they have their own setup so. It's amazing just looking at this CC in general development because each would this be one baseball. Coaches poll USA today baseball. You know I've probably geared PG gonna have at least 67. If you see change in there so I mean baseball. There is it hadn't called football yet but I mean it's it's definitely up there. Deuce now with the with the day and time and never forget to take all on how you know you're just picking your brain. Coming guestimate on what may be the book aside is thank and the Patriots in the Saints. You rubbing our talk about this in you and you we have on this did date you know regardless of what happens in in New England is the standard in there in August and all in all American sports what they have done. It's hard either for a team that is that good to think about it OK now you brought in who was considered to be an incoming star from Buffalo you bring in a quality corner. But they all on the costs. With Logan going to signing with the other team three years thirty Meehan and if they don't retain Butler. I don't think any team deuce just from the standpoint you could be a million could be put a felony and two guys it will all pro somewhere also a first team horrible what had he. But for it and go into a season to say you know we don't have. Our two starting cornerbacks. This year only team to me I think about OK would locker room almost the old and we solved in on the on the outside and look good cares Burr was company and he wasn't slumping and he was right atop the league at innocent in the safeties he had this he had to this HE day. In the car was coming out of a great rookie year he was it would third and rookie of the year voting in the league at a Texas. But we we decided it always that two safeties. Enrollment in Malcolm induce it says something about the will be in the air for quite some time so even the Patriots I think that's when I think lassie Bill Belichick. He's broken it is from the standpoint whereas it's glad to be what they fear is there value. Before you move a guy like Butler. Well I mean is that it always actually and we talked you know what what quality team that is what that the player was to draft pick sixer. It almost seems to start to build their team through the draft you know with the unit and wants saying tour. With the Cleveland Browns it's hard to go out and quarter pole by championship you know Bobo looks. That formula doesn't really work and being in now with CBA in place where everybody has to abide by the rule as far as the cap is concerned salary cap. That it just makes it tough I mean so you normally wall and field eighteen from the draft. And that's how you get no but you can also. Some really good players some of our own big contract that eat up a lot of cap space and so Belichick has done a really really good job of identifying guys that fit his system. And what do they fit his system fit what he wants to do decently and offensively. You know for the last 1516 years it's been Brady off and you know they've run two different cultures but. Defensively he's been able to figure out hey look this is what does god that this is what discuss those bed and weekend's game. Defensively to fit that that that as far as what they do will. Well he he he he will do some players you know whether he'd. Draft some different gatlin ego about it he's on some different pieces. We don't know you know as far as the bowlers concern. Yet they've they've got to do it would be able but the problem is we don't know what's been saying behind closed doors you know we don't know. I I thought it hard to see New England. If they do sign both back this year. Idols impaired you know and so. Is that the case that he is going to try to give something. Our value now they did the same thing would Jamie Collins in the same thing would challenge no let me know the two players that were superstar players. And Dayton to that they were going to train. So they decided to let them go and give something of value formed so it will be interesting to see just what happens I mean and so. It military and we want to happen right now we want to happen right now who's playing and who has led to move who's doing this. Does he like this deal you know well. Until we talked to some of those individuals directly involved. All we can do is strictly that we can follow some of the moving pieces. Steal outside of that you know bundle bundle Houston came up what probably Houston is. While New England. Tree he. Whitney Houston went there and assigned costs you know. I just don't see that happening you know. And that would be a tough one for me to see our see them make the move outside of conference instead of in conference so. Bill will most out patients don't know communities. As there's McCants add the McKenna the 26 Sunday going to be a gonna matter and add a Manny mandates will preview LSU baseball overseas jarred tonight opening up in SEC play. Mom monarch gives us caught up on and in a progress tournament action and also he too said. The weekend in College Baseball across the state of Louisiana this is sports soccer ruling on WW. Well would you pay did you do most this week in its operating and grow Mazda at the info on line had done that WWL dot com is Doucet hernia. Got a one and now is the shut down. Coming out saw they closed the pelicans announce today that downfall would DeMarcus Cousins missing tonight's contest. Against the Rockets do two. Isn't knee soreness. And it right rib contusion he was examined by the pelicans medical staff this morning underwent an MRI on his Nittany. Results with to a negative for them a date will be announced. Lago always says appropriately. So deuce was honesty is we you have being the double digit you know playing in BA. The Lakers showed him down the people of being shut down so to speak it. It's that time a year to where people are predicting. I guess there and say it so they investments moving forward. And we may remain know something about caused him before long 'cause now you look at it might do if you're going into it their thirteen game on thirteen games we have to disease. Yeah all the biggest thing is that going to be tough to beat he's the right things and win the oblivion you. Mean those guys there you know for you can't sit on the firm as can be a tough matchup for anybody to do when you have would be like he. He is but the furthest thing you know obviously one accumulate some eons. But it day they were trying to protect that that. Protected. Peak as well on that is projected top three means so. We planned opening ball game now because the what you view Wheaties you'd have to and it. To draft one ability lead players and there's this draft and has some gas in the mean that the players in this draft they can. Change the fortunate afraid to fairly quick so. We don't really know what what what's going to happen I mean we can sit back and watch it. If you if you Alvin. Gentry posted today and you know eat unless you get some guaranteed. From the organization going forward. Yeah you gotta think these kind of we have you know book that was his decision and but. It is what it is and we'll see how hard they come out of play it you know we'll just see Dow's outcome of the. And because what deuces talk about that how can that week stay in New Orleans via the trade for DeMarcus Cousins. With the Sacramento Kings it went down right out right after the all star game I mean moments at the all star game in which. We got cousins and oh mark has beat and we sent to the kings but he'll Tyreke Evans Langston Galloway and two tactics. Now one of those XA is the issue is second round me very protected first round and with that means. The protection on the peak is the top three which means if the pelicans win. One of those top three positions days do you see it the team combo in the lottery. They would get to keep. The peak this season so meaning if you finished 12 on three. The pelicans he'd keep it be so reduce. It can be very may addressed in the go to ways you're picking early in the draft one to a three remain everything you know. I mean the Mets Brentwood estate will be ligament you know we'll just see what the fortunate now. That doubt and a lot of excitement deuce into the to all these the shootout. You had your overthrowing and did pick yet. And we find out I think it's in the first round a second round he eats Indy when they do that's when they do in the lottery. The second round and that they do the lottery you know that the draft. The people who did it and excited unity if you don't have deep. Yeah I mean you left. If this fall I was sixth in dinners go go to the games. You have made failure left to try to make a move via free agency. Yep that's Deuce McAllister Deke Bellavia sports talk continues on WW yeah.