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3-17 5pm Deuce & Deke: on Pelicans-Rockets and the Saints' D

Mar 17, 2017|

Deuce & Deke preview the Pelicans' matchup against the Rockets with Chris Gordy of Sports Talk 790 AM Houston and take calls on the Saints defense.

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It is degrade Deuce McAllister. And he got to be a welcome back. To our number two going about another Alex when he meets here anyway hand things off. To the LSU sports network LA shooting Georgia deuce and I were preview that series. Coming up a little later. And the program Tuesday 01870. You can Texas in 87870. Asking you'll you paid to do most is leaking that based basketball. We have baseball. Obviously yes for Saints watts paying attention we keep it close Ireland the Saints can be developed between the black and gold. Are you signings and Malcolm Butler marked man this saint Patrick's saint Joe's a parades and Kalus as Friday in Friday's the seafood. You could cast you vote online at WW dot com and the Rockets or in town tonight to take on the New Orleans pelicans and PM tip it smooth the keen sinner. Chris going will be with the Rockets pregame host on sports talk seven Manny in Houston the big wind. As the Rockets come to town tonight with him on that as deuce and I said earlier. IT Gallo is being called up from the Greensboro spawn. That coincides with the pelicans that telling us that. They are not. Playing DeMarcus Cousins tonight. Because had an MRI earlier he comes back cut negative that they need that any and a bit of a bruise I am rib injury. And he would not see action tonight looking to close eye on that could this be the sign of things that come as far as. Moving forward to a these should be closed down. So all of that is so on the docket so to speak as of right now deuce and Kalus that we talked to the bit about marked man this ain't game back to the NBA deuce. Big result we goat to ward also Albania for handle opportunity society that we one point. You know Jason. Paul Pierre. Ryan's pass rushing me he needs. A four year extension with the Giants this is 62 million. To 66 million would be. Listen how much was K a T. 4000008066. Million dollar contract. Was game he. Have presented and you don't think about it. Yet he just didn't duty and you'd go great you bring it up knocked up piggyback off you. We give due to give you would deuces give you an idea how how. A significant ideas is currently is Campbell. Signed a six year sixty million dollar idea it was only. Thirty of guarantee so you're talking about a guy's game all the forty meaning guarantees us a BB kitchen Mehmet. That is guarantee you NBA. Any sale. Everything once they signed is no need is that they go get all of that ran in NFL the only thing is guaranteed like would you tell you what they see is guarantee. So I mean you're talking about 66 to two million. He could be department here in about six million and so a lot of times what you see is you see these huge contracts. But money definitely it will not earned because it's so back load. Well here you have situations where and and it's a potential. I mean it is a premium position we talk about the top three positions of the football team as a quarterback left tackle. And they beat it to me it and so he has gotten forty million dollars. A 62 to 66 million dollar contract. Guarantee so team and it that the present all the causes all four years so he was one of the potential guys. That we were looking at if he had hit the market but you know he was going to be. 1214 million and now we see with the numbers are. When Andy gave you an idea of what is going on because today is Doocy. Just the longevity and the value you tell you hear people say you know. Right up there with quarterback but if free agency that's why you see these guys that hey. That may be the older ones on move likely is Campbell. Are they going to be okay and given a long term deal that was will work out with Dejan team Pierre Paul now relocate JPD. Comes out of that South Florida in 2018. So this guy is break in the bank. And he is forty years old Knight talk about longevity. And their value. Guy like Julius Peppers and that time Pro Bowl and the technique as they were all agree he's on the backside is as time has passed him. But he resides with the Panthers deuce he's 37 years old. And that's again when you think about it he goes to show you they steal value out there will be praising Sammy in right troll or you know. Seymour when he gave lower if you can come in. And you can put together. A few gains or you put together coasted WG six you've always has some value space at their position. And that's why Julius that was deuce he's going to what he comes out in 2002. Is going to as he's sixteen year the national football I don't. Fill me impotence who would Peppers on you know I don't know they would split in his Peppers and he's so be soaked fans and a vote they got to do was cut. I want him to protect his knees blown in you you know and so he's a different player now but I mean he's deal some guys that you got to be aware. Are no doubt about it in the it to Jason Pierre Paul. After his game big time with the New York Giants and boy do should talk about him out hours reading our today is people are saying you know looking at who could go where in these. Because. The you don't just don't know what to actual number is going to be where what a guy like Adrian Peterson windup and it was a article they wrote on there is may be a a a possible landing place could be somewhere like New York you are really has done himself some good deuce who you think about on the off it's a sad. Of course Cruz was not as the Victor Cruz's last year with the upgrade that and they may and again I Brandon Marshall to go with what you already have. We ship. Downhill and a Odeo Beckham junior and now Marshall. Are you talking about Eli now they're talking about possibly bringing in. Another young quarterback. And geno Smith he's supposed to be Gingrich is sacked with the Giants it RD Barney Josh Josh and Josh Johnson another veteran quarterback he's been around. In a legal out. This is a team deuce is seemingly this time other than JPP. They have focused on also it's a sad because a year ago is when he saw the end. All of that only defense and they put her main toward a defense induced it paid off the Jazz defense anywhere this year. But on about you know we would we we talked about Ty Hank and right now you're one of the players you know. His market gave back there because. A lot of the decent tackles didn't get paid like you know was quote unquote expected and you know they coverage it's and so public places where he's expected. Are looking for a contract in them in the neighborhood of ten million this is cycle happens you know 11 of the reasons the is even given though. Affected at generating enough pressure that's forest. Accumulate that part contract mean he's a really good player that. In the home ten million dollar mark beat Cuba to be able to play outside as well you know play outside a lot of weapons as a defense being. To rush to quarterback so. What they've been able to do has been impressive you know bomb damage concede obviously there's rumors about bit. The Oakland Raiders are incident Marshawn Lynch you know you. Seattle steel holds his rights they any late the it it it's got some work to do you did personally. He'd he'd he'd dedicated focus on playing football. He got he got eight different opportunities dues to collect almost full on thousand dollars if he hits those base market they call. Money weigh in here and I got an arm. You know that it. And end all of these. If you don't notice these I've never really saw any of blown off season Maine and so he's got some work to do but I mean it's just itching to see some of the older veteran backs. Not given as much play you know Murray in the middle of the night with Minnesota. And he is really just a one year deal you know you could look at it as a four year but it's really honestly. A paint can get out of because there's no guaranteed money in the second year. I mean it was really just a one year prove it type of contract so. It's been times we know there's a deep deep deep class of running back so they can give him for a little bit cheaper so. Those veteran guys as they wanna go hitting it on the squad they've been they're gonna have to lower the asking price. But it's also about Witten and Al time leading rusher ACC grey with Ole miss. And because our timing Rusch in black and gold Saints history he's Deuce McAllister use him right here only on WW. Denied it smoothie king San a team that comes and feeling very accountable because the last time they came and it. It was the game after the all star break in which it was the pop in the arena the most exciting round game the gone into it in quite some time the debut of DeMarcus Cousins on this either rocket a roll over the New Orleans pelicans. And folks is still rolling 47 and 21 wanted to throw records in the league at 22 in twelve. Houston Theo very much in play for one of the top seed in the Western Conference Chris according sports talk seven Manny Houston don't just now. Chris this Rockets team when you look at him a few years ago. Came back and I guess you'd say that point I'm upset the Clippers got to the conference finals against Golden State. When it waited a feat in among state their top three right now Louis San Antonio Golden State Houston right in there. Where do you see him fitting in as far as are they a legitimate challenger in the Western Conference. Yeah I mean epic little arm in the way that they that it's against the up tempo they shot the quickly it all boldly take. And then thing number read the game. They're a lot you know I think there are a little. Quite difficult you don't want to get into the playoffs. And of course the game slowed down in the department of the half court game you know will rocket at least they'll all of the question. I mean there there's no doubt that the tape that he'd been on the B in the year that they've that would games are. Being MVP type candidate leading in the recede in the what. And not that the Greek people but the re seed in the NBA and they've got that out though. Think the great the more than that. And the birds actually are for them to be brought in the way it would be a lot. The rocket there are that they're adamant about that and in the right there at least and there they lock it up. There were they won't be able to be able to ground. I expect market is bad rug. On the bracket that's what about guys like. Eric Gordon right hander who battled injuries were you guys know in Portland. They've been healthy this year so I would expect those guys maybe games are in the right as they get a lot even. And that receiving an approval worse from there are off. You christened there and look at it when you look at dates shooting guards I mean it is Lou Williams hardened Gordon's partly to sixth man of the year. And Lou Williams I mean at blitzes that age you be if I mean your poison in Maine have an all those guys in the soreness acing. And you got basically a power forward did not mean powerful it could jacket like Ryan Anderson I think his defense has improved. This dissed steamy heat it is awkward to gain or if they click and they they can be dangerous you know do you think accounts they really weren't expected to. And I think there's team is much better now. Yeah absolutely I think that's who you know it would play out that everybody we talk about the wars and there. It. That can affect a lot of that problem or one liner community as been you know they they do what they had to agree besides the knockout by. It'll be the with a rocket in able would be when they get beat like. Right at Q does the 40% readers mark. He'd been incredible. Dinner or apple if that meant candidate this year so. All of that on the wants that the big thing about it in the deep you know and they get. And you know look at the bulk objective when they can. Early in the shot clock to run it opened on the court. You'll seem to point. It's because they're Orton wants 10. You know there are going to be to the Super Bowl in order eight point I'd put. They. Expect out of normal. Chris had to be the key though we don't social media. Only act. Record your stock dividend or base. Chris guarding. Rod has pregame post game post 798 Houston Rockets tonight said PM tip it's really keying senate Darrell had taken on. The New Orleans pelicans Chris thank you so much enjoy the game this evening. Nady goma man enjoy it all right coming up deuces takes. On the Rockets and did not get to investigate a little bit more. Also into that protected pick to New Orleans pelicans in Atlantic top three in north and to be able to pick in this years draft. What stock continues the first a CBS have been. Nova gave it a VW Kodak am. Asking you what are you paying closer to do on this big a sport week in 260870. You can take this 8878. Sam and I for a cup. Football of an issue baseball would preview day coming up at the top of next Allen Georgia comes in. Too bad routes at eight in in a slow start and they need to right the ship so to speak in an issue you're gonna get off to a hot start before they hit Gainesville next week with a big showdown to atop. I am ballclub to an issue. And the Florida. Gators were on a ski too caught up on everything it's handing it is a March Madness we saw local team go down today as. Reservations on a fine season but the denim Blue Devils do fall today in round two of the 2000 the seventeenth. You may a means championship. Tournament that was that taking place. Up and Kansas City, Missouri in Dillard was it to see desert of sit by the seat today as Theo went and losing their two. Links in there and the Blue Devils have a great season as they want to gain Gulf Coast in the conference champions. And have a lot coming back so congrats at least the end so all Louisiana is done in basketball on the men's side of things we had to get too caught up on what. Alice's hand in March Madness mark an off mock. Thank Zeke has been a big day already date two of March Madness the first round continuing. We had sixteen winners advancing yesterday's fifteen more to come today so who has advanced already well. We go to the top seed North Carolina Tar Heels they had no trouble whatsoever with the slack champion Texas southern Tigers. The Tar Heels 103. To 64. North Carolina now makes number one seeds won 31 and oh all time in the first round. One more to play later today that's the Kansas Jayhawks. Oregon Ducks advanced. 93 to 77 over ideal not. The ducks are 83 C they're moving on the mobile Cardinals two seed had trouble early when the gamecocks of Jacksonville State that's Jacksonville. Alabama not Jacksonville Florida but Jacksonville State. I gave them a lot of trouble early global finally get their feet under him and they end up winning by 1578. To 63. Baylor advances a three seed Bears 9173. Over New Mexico State. The SEC has the more representation in the next round as Yorker's are Razorbacks move on the eighth seed hogs 7771. Over Seton Hall a late game flagrant foul called. I was a little bit controversial law Chris Webber was calling the game and and really didn't like the call at all. One when they went to the studio show afterward. Charles Barkley Kenny Smith all those guys had no problem with that sells them be able to be able think it was a little bit of a ticket that call late in the game some people say. Hey he's he did shove the guy a little bit so Arkansas. Regardless. The the score is in an Arkansas moves on 7771. Over Seton Hall. Michigan Wolverines. Unconscious today from three. Actually savage from long range 163 porter's for the wolverines today they need all of 9291. They flip past Oklahoma State for the wolverines into the next round. And the days only big upset come at the hands. Of the USC trojans. The eleven seed who want a first four matchup to even get into the field of 64 at today. A late reporter by Elijah Stewart held some knock off the mustangs of succeed SMU. 6665. Your final. I USC continues a trend since instituted. These first four games at least 11 four winner has moved on to the round of 32 in every single year. The USC continues veteran obviously the best of all. Was when the VCU Rams came out the first four and advanced all the way to the final four they did the best out of all those teams been USC has a shot to move on now and then later today. Kansas State. We'll try to make a and another first for team. Join the round of 32. One game ongoing as we speak and it's number eleven Rhode Island. On the verge of pulling the upset now two minutes left in the game. They lead number six Creighton 74 to sixty to the Rams of Rhode Island like they're on the way too pulling another upset today. Games later today. Tough the Kansas takes on UC Davis coming up in about. Ten minutes. We also get Dayton in Wichita State. Duke takes on Troy Cincinnati battles Kansas State Miami takes on Michigan State Kentucky faces northern Kentucky. South Carolina against Marquette. And the latest game of the night will be right around 9 o'clock tip. For UCLA. Taking on the golden flashes of Kansas State that's with been gone on. In March Madness fourteenth date and of course more action all weekend long as we Willis field down all the way to the sweet sixteen. Once on Sunday is in the books. I'm mom I'm not mama knowledge on this at the end of next half hour. Right at that we have with it would I'd guess previous two baseball gave you a preview of comets baseball. That is coming up tonight as the Tigers open play against the Georgia Bordeaux was again hitting on the pelicans in action in nine they are taking arts in the Houston Rockets and has our core our guest Chris Gordy or you think about it it be entertaining you know it was an entertaining that the last time they met because there wasn't as much fire power so to speak. Do some different coaching and and two years ago the year that. The lawyers won the championship BBDO rockets' four game 21 in the conference finals and that was one that pretty much. It that was a year that the Europe. Pelicans lost to the to the Rockets into the Warriors in the caused the pelicans to beat. The Spurs and the found game of the regular season. All the way on the back when he was a six seed they were 36 anyone of hurting him because a game seven was won by the Clippers. Who went on in the failed to the Rockets in the conference semi finals but Houston this time around. Do they got a lot more scoring when you get a front put scored down like a Ryan Anderson. In three shooting guard Eric Gordon will be the sixth man a year and it Lou Williams. If it comes down to reduce take over and every one of those games are the ones have been. You know Houston and Golden State because that you'd like to track me type basketball green. That's Colombia a hell of a matchup with it will come down to those two. MI the question is as far as use that is concerned. Once you get in the playoff lives looking down because the U game he does at least one game into. In Romo Nicklaus has won it happens when they're off on me and I understand that they go eight matched the bar players are concerned and they have legitimately. 45 guys that connection to read the way. Happens when two burritos at all and making it you know that you've been shot in quarter equals some type of slow. Or the defense is just better you know because they're keen Meehan. On some of bills. You know had a rule or hot spot for a responsible players like to build two. You know it's that that that's one thing about basketball and obviously. Golden State at some type of presence in but you know they've this day is always being a jump shooting team. Can't win a championship you know just because they banged knees so much and you've got it in game but. You know we'll we'll see we'll see. You know the match substance. How they don't know mayday is it is it is one that they've raced before. And he he is a relief could be in but you know that's only coincidence. What happens when two streak local. As Deuce McAllister I'm big gallery at. 26 to reads and takes and we gave baggage isn't a date on the parity. Jaguar opinion poll what do you pay most attention to it into a as this week can also look around in fails it there was that any interesting new new new new notes so to speak Doocy on the big one. JPB Jason Pierre Paul how about a weakness so I guess you'd say before. Three CB gang sign these. They was put with a cake but now I forget that day he just broke the bacon game. Guaranteed over forty million dollar that's over half of his contract. Good deuce is that a continue to break that went down for you as a sports talk rolls on to LSU baseball tonight would join the network at 630. A set and dampers dates to Tigers and the bulldogs here on tiger radio WW. And until much just. Kind of a quiet day on the front. On the NFL. Jason Pierre Paul did agree to a a mega deal today with the Europe. Doing New York Giants a four year 62 million dollar deal is to say with over half that forty mean he guaranteed money and you know DeMarcus Ware was a guy do Stan it was that kind of torn between what he would do. Back in 2009. At that time he became one of the top 58 defenders say in the NFL a sixty is Sydney million dollar deal with that kind tech ran its course. And he became a free agent and signed a three year thirty million dollar deal. We did in the Broncos now he's sane produced a democracy ways as a attack from the game announced he has yet to go to a process and time has done that. But I he'd be decent team behemoth men million dollars on the table talk about you know there's a lot goes into the season and is begin with like a veteran guys. But obviously deuce this is that and a gentleman that it is money right it did to these things he was supposed to Duca is a man mean Gaza's in the in the season. I definitely in that you know he's still make trades and you know you in any time that you walk away from again in particular demographic and you always an avid it's by the lone true way you know the easier it is viewed as trade look to do with it more. I mean but you know the top spot for very. Is this part right here we have to go to vote PA's we have to go in training camp picture. But at some point you're still wherever it should yet there the system so. We'll see what happens in the game but when you talk about it dominant dominant force beat him and he was relentless coming off to the age. No doubt about it at Detroit and nine deuce yes today it was the claims him pro day and my guys that were expected. On a lot of the Clinton's talent then receive is not defend his command in the this year but obviously people with the cant iron and aim was to shine Watson and that. It is so mixed reviews reading here my money out and the Marlins scouts same basically he had beaten deep mine is a C plus type of work out. Through sixty passes there I deuce. Is is there a difference on how these out of the gate at forays. If you're in your own backyard vs at the time man how you grade need and so forth and what what does a pro day due to any player but you know you look at a guy's body of work and economically has not. I would be coach Saban wants see it you know when it was the year that was drafting a day every. And now Michael Clayton he was people in and would do every speed. And he would always say you know don't look at just one thing to look at the entire body of work. And it's almost like you know some of these guys. You know you'll hear everything they do good it is Tommy especially when they'd daybreak and down it's. Everything that they do bang it how can a pro day they didn't expected to be all comes out. You know we rave reviews how has that hurt guys deuce all pro day all Cabrera worked out like that time back vs. Why don't we just look at overall body of work. Well beat lot of things that you have to do is you have to put out as much also mentioned on the players as possible army because if you're all the talking good about. Been that long ago make about the team go back can really depicts him a you'll him to beat. Available when you peak you know particularly if you're not peaking at the one position. So a lot of you know but it would to bitch on why it's worked out. The teams that like you maybe like I mean and and and when you were gathered in B vs Beckett hole. It's normally controls sitting around and in which you. You really you. He would Wear worry that you submit it would two receivers you're familiar with the surroundings. You goalie coach may put you through it you know some guys have quarterback COLT is. That put them through certain drills and drills that they know coaches wanna see so you're familiar it would most of that stuff because you've been door with that person a guy. And that person at receiver. At the combine next that case I mean years at somewhere where you know among those guys really. Played trained etc. you know in in B so it's different and in its probably at a faster pace. Then what you do that your old school the one advantage that you do. Become Bann. You've got general manager you get he would coach you've got to position coaches. And you have the scouts and this is not one team that's. All 32 teams that you're top prospects illnesses take Bill Belichick yesterday he was at. Than to be you know kicking out Cunningham. So I mean that that that he didn't mean situations. Now LSU Alabama you know they'll have probably too real for his coaches there they'll probably. Maybe one GM there I mean because those type talent to build schools and out but when you normally work out that your own combo. In Munich are all pro day in its more control you know. Mr. that your a lot more of Mary win in the I think Mike Williams did solidify himself there's a premium rates you know Williams Ross and they think he's the can they go to school but there's premium. Number one receiver spot. That the Williams be a little flat you know about basically running on average about 45. As Deuce McAllister coming back or preview LAQ and at Georgia and mark monarch gives us caught up on the full slate of College Baseball. This weekend sports talk Rose on 630 which on the LSU sports network a seventy MPH the Tigers and the bulldogs are WW.