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3-17 6pm Deuce & Deke: on LSU baseball

Mar 17, 2017|

Deuce & Deke analyze LSU baseball's conference-opening series against Georgia with the Advocate's Luke Johnson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Whining now owns the all time great Deuce McAllister and indeed going to be here on WWL radio coming out and about. Twenty minutes which on the LSU sports network. For the Tigers series with the Georgia Bulldogs tonight. As both teams though over them conference play George comes in eight to unit and they shoot. The in the you know phony hot start and it's they have obviously eight to open next week on the road in Gainesville. It's one of the most powerful programs in all of College Baseball in SEC foe. The Florida game suiting opposed talk about the LA should Tigers. Opening up the ACC me this evening. Is a Luke Johnson Luke thank you so much for the time and this at Georgia ball club you know you can go to through dios ghettos. On these teams and ACC you could say. Where you know man who. They played fans and issues play Maryland. You keep the lead Wichita State you know mid week's us the most of leaves the state Nichols. I would be Georgia's schedule and and I know much about stated don't Georgia and a outside of UT in May be Georgia Tech. Billy not that tough of a non conference schedule so they've got to be able to disappoint coming eighteenth Ian Millen it is scheduled its way hauler and now. Yeah it order exactly. To win again. Against a team with a winning record this year at night. In David radio talking yet he's he's become an cock it would open record. And related does that struggle all they do. There are down near the bottom yet the hitting. It got a four point five odd year which cut for the worst mark the the middle but committed 34 Bears the nine the treatment center at all but it worked LE. So yeah I think there's a little bit optimism at the end of the year Jordan had it occurred. I don't know anybody anticipated at the Indy competing Chris at the east title by. Popping up there are going to be is that the start year so. That is and Erie though he should that would be. Yeah at the very least when here and the really cute bullet sweep this series. Local when you look at LA Hughes Lang in post today is good of a Friday Saturday combos you guys you know. Walt goggles on Sundays to know the freshman. How compared to visit for an issue developed an honest and say as dominant of a Sunday cat as they have on Friday Saturday. But he seemed like you know going into a series. Man you could see he Langer is going to be 89 give him twice in my game policy twice mission later in the year we talk about turn in the time. It to develop that third I guess you'd say ace in the rotation of Pedro we damning imposed a bit is our third on his off fourth on. Where where these guys at eighteen last name and in effect in the middle relief and closer. Well yeah I think it is very important not only. Now because if you ever really a third starter and guide the count. That it you'd weapon because a lot of game though we'll have really good number one. Starters then Sunday's road there. And you never really chance the that in the period where in Sunday's starter batters. So it you know but. On top of that. There's no way they're gonna have either dirt this year Alex my neck out like Bieber optic. And coaches be here that need. At least one guys develop. As a starter got weak inexperienced. The guy he's gonna be our regional super regional against start off. On the could be crucial this year because the captain but he two or. As far as. They've worked opened at the develop with starter in that cat is pretty there that people. Freshman right and there's walker art it's utter. Their company their. But you know yesterday we found out that that honored him in that at the time they're they're closers the back injury. You don't know exactly how long commitment could be pretty significant chalk it year. There argue that there's that guy that Norman. We needed Tommy John are we out. That that then they're ranked pretty good and has. We've going to be there they're number four starter again I think it developed as he did either they're Friday Saturday again next year. You know now you got that he chipped the ball at Ole time. Word yeah you'd probably be set up. They've got a pretty good guy it it would overdo the closer they cover men. Eight. But his ball like 96 mile an hour lighters actually that's Jarrett Bush threw a fastball that. That that the party the one coupons in the back in the game but beyond that. And the middle long relief type guy there Gary. Area. You just habit that because. The Jazz in the advocate advocate that come here have been a senate LHU and Georgia along with deep along with. Luke Deke Bellavia and he's due to the talent to do. Yeah I guess recourse would be in an old different coaches put different. Importance on me you we games but beyond that normally wouldn't make any. Fourth or fifth starter young guy that you wanna get some throws in that maybe could help field Sunday. Forties CL issue Gordon in just you know little political rules mid week games forties even bonus for which is concerned there. Well yeah. Think it it really could've been that. It would have been. Equipment or. Record five in the could be. But it did they just don't have that. Luxury these Hendry all that. That role that the weekend series yet he must report. They go out there aren't or by and Tuesday. There Wednesday. I think. It drilling in the epic struggle here in the mid week game against US and he. Yet. I'll think you'd put too much stock in the that the guys though he threw Wednesday again you know our our guys going to be. Yeah plan and don't count on you are here. You know yup we want when that game and they are an issue at that it go and not one could you read. A big. Hit the other. Absolutely. And there that they're it would end here. Canada. Have a cup situation Padilla wired maybe you picked up the game in. Order or at the end up like that target guys. You. But I certainly think that they're but he round here. That when he is more. Art and you need like. Johnson a current LSU baseball for the ad in the and could downtown Luke had to be the people we do on social media. I called him on Twitter and my job and that where most active I'll probably enough about we think that you like on the quality. Yeah I'm Luke thank you so much for its and we appreciate. I'm right before we closed things out. It is mark Menard a full College Baseball slate this week Ian is a state teams opening up conference late block yeah most of them are in conference play this weekend. Southeastern Louisiana hosts Lamar for three games this weekend in the south and also. Nichols hosting Houston Baptist. Mean knees hosting Stephen F Austin. And you know host Abilene Christian now in the south went to Northwestern State does not play conference play this weekend they're on the road at Oklahoma State's a pretty big match up there. For the demons. In the sun belt it could be Louisiana Lafayette hosting Appalachian State and Louisiana Monroe on the road at Arkansas State in the slack. Southern host prairie view NM. And Grambling is on the road against Dallas Baptist is a school that we've seen make the playoffs a quite a few years here in a row. There should be a pretty nice matchup for the Grambling Tigers to see how they fare against Dallas Baptist in the American conference it's too late hosting Columbia. In conference USA Louisiana Tech. Hosting southern miss and of course. In the SEC LSU hosting the Georgia Bulldogs for three game to lots of Big Three game series getting underway tonight many of those conference teams. Playing conference match has been a few like Northwestern State in Grambling going outside the conference. For the weekend. I'm mark thank you very much Martin and our mock how can be the key but we keep on social media you can follow me on Twitter at mark or thirteenth time mark thank you very much and Kalus looking at today yeah. Some games of golf final in the NCAA men's basketball tournament dash at the fallen behind their team to 280 attuned to. Not much of a problem birdies and review a scare Venus. Against Jacksonville State it was a university around an 84 as any to look Craig nets and 116 of cents or eleven to down sixth. FC North Carolina 103 is successful at Texas southern. This southern count charges at hardy got two wins in them anyway and they haven't seen they took care of in this. A Wake Forest on Wednesday night they beat southern Methodist today by a score of 66 to 65. Of the finals us so far it was in Louisville. Sydney to 63 to fifteen matchup Lugo punched their ticket. To the around the thirty to our game no problem with island 93 to 77. Arkansas is your remarks there controversial game down there. Hudson called Downey questionable as the Razorbacks move on in the SEC for the ACC they take care FC Dallas 7771. Baylor no problem with New Mexico State. 91 to 73 mr. Kane at one point better. And Oklahoma State 92 in 91 right now some games in action have CB Kansas point three. To a 201. ABs Dayton and the eighty you know which tell by a school of a six to five and now also being so. You know going on right now I was in the coming up later tonight. If he's simply trying to fight you over Troy it's thirty seconds in later is Cincinnati's succeed decade tickets in their mystique Kansas State wildcats. And 98 match at these in state and number eight mine and the and it is to Kentucky YK to to see. Taking on. Knowledge than who said. No that Kentucky's right Kentucky in eleventh and took. Those two teams warehouse South Carolina and action tonight and in the late game will be UCLA. And in can't stay in that boy Doucet then probably am proud of a view yeah all sprinkler. On that ball solid will he make his call Tony's Kearse did a perfect perfect Ali told Bruce you talked a lot of knowledge there. Some point you just got a center mean it felt like a mid eighties. He's now leave them he will we look at the club made it on the key day proximate to. Mean he's but he he we won't question do you opera you know that the party is a billion dollars. And now he's he he's in his that it wanted to use feeling now is better than. Is better than Westbrook in the that's the important. Pocket you. Yeah but you know I give I give credit to the Suns the Suns are like man that's there's Reed does have been doing a Villanova and we go to and different so aware I imagine as can be. In drifting down the stretch especially. Deuce because his son ball. The Warner said UCLA many think it is is tight right now he could be the number one dictator in being there. If he's not number one stop army's and so. You know the you have to wonder. Whatever team get to do they want have to put up with Tuesday that would mean because that will be apartment package he's been around. The whole time and I mean it's something that teams are gonna have to consider also have to give a shout out to the gremlins stay women who. Opposite Ole miss yesterday's. News program and in that he knew it was burst. Post season victories of any type. For. A sweat school's most two Wednesday Tigers the win. Absolutely no doubt about it when we should have been very day to mis Tate because 1998 Smith a birthday is tomorrow. And now deuce Emma and Jackie enough that a friend Kate in now. That we got we got a smorgasbord to pick from this weekend I'm thinking. All right do last fight the crowd and week two is seeking Kong. But valued you'd be each case it got. I can't talk about on Monday and I think that I got a soda and go in our earnings isn't it. Odd that can't be handed their team is. 89 and we see Newsweek here all right coming up next is LA issue fighting type of baseball and Tigers take him on. The Georgia Bulldogs do is hope you are the fans have a great weekend have a safe trip back and we atop next week and now good luck. A closer as I get time a year do square of the pro days are stacking up and then before you know at the month April be here. Teams give back to work in the eighties is the NFL draft so do so beautifully and have a great great week here. No problem parishioners broke. All right doctor do says next week you view this to any kind of something breaks the deuce with on Wednesdays. And on Fridays as well thanks so Muster Chris Miller on the news all the sports staff Immelman off a moment on a big ability. LSU baseball Nick's taking on it George WW.