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3-18-17 5-7am Outdoor Show with Don Dubuc

Mar 18, 2017|

Don talks with our local guides about fishing in our area

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And but that guy among law last year and a traffic stop in Turkey out but evidently it was a different bird well. I'll get Oregon and intimidate Turkey hunting morning at least here in Mississippi Alabama Korea that we haven't. Seasons are open on which it looked almost Turkey on out there. We're all result it will open up everybody one week from today next Saturday morning. The promise of getting beat up there this morning today and tomorrow it's legal for the UConn is to take a Turkey remembered bill helps supplies call but cannot she. Meant that's that the open mail room mate for armed reaper in the for the season going to be inch minimum in the beer. Are they in Colombia are currently this week. And hopefully this weather this week and a lot of problems school Alabama. Took you on over Alabama the first of three zone is open. That will remain open through the thirtieth vote April and then we have to others in Alabama check where you're running these bill listings for your area people first and third. Shorts and it. Small on April 22 through 26. Although it will remain open to the thirtieth of people go to all season Alabama five current limit there and also the front will be taking place on the two weekends prior to the opening. Of those others. Outlet goes to a normal got a kayak armament you stroke and it Koko marina. That's all people. It seems theories began an adult for his thoughts about Lafayette kayak club sponsors and I can talk about that they're going to be in that it in the local marine I might wanna take pardon no China registration necessary at all. Also they are Japan and wild game he's gonna take place from one at 5% the new wait and 77. We talked a couple of the organized and scenic that we will be. That lot to talk about boy of the outdoors on the intimately and report cynical public forecast all coming your way after these messages on the outdoors on the radio network. It's like a pretty good weather weekend today looking all yourself these winds may switch will be pivotal point north switching out these one way or the other battle between eight knots on that too but he's a good bit get a snap only 10% chance rain. You're going to be this year on the interview Walker's Wetzel in light. I depend not crazy about the direction that all of the intensity only got a terrible smooth conditions. I tomorrow pretty much since then the change in direction on inside these South Beach on the tenth. Smooth conditions northeast winds ten depicting it suitable which he's not sure yet and it. Couple about with that look like little weekend shell beach at a bold Marie. Don't break bill. Great. Should be in this week. Well. Carrier's official was. Quote as we'd like yesterday it look like and we had a big turnaround. You heard it below we've alone in one was on and on the war it was thirty. Into much at all so yeah. Just being able to live. Change in weather it felt when jet that one vote out these down here. Wasn't on world. LP. And they'd be really cynical efficiently corn if name basis now would dilute current round in court summoned. On the other there but don't pop into rocks. In the guise of yet today and it went out to central. When did she didn't. Finish spinning out at rated it did great. Couple much ought to get the full article at all could come year. But for the most applaud local treatment. You know I just need real close in many did he did very well. It limits and anything like that it is well caught all want to. So are being done. It looks like he's this year but towards last week based on agent wants them why they want Ito we've got to become a dam road. Is Shelby today from what you know we've got for a while and then. You know you can. He would have you'll go in Asia in the smaller and south west and bought a lot. Heels style so well as we've blown and so. Maybe that it went in chula. Might the might be hot spot like boom boom box could headed out to rock this point media might be a good spot today. You know opens should panel somewhere that's what I would do vote vision so you know odd. Need contact as he is problem for him during probable bobbled it ought to return. 377. Probably intentions that they rich and a lot of people Google that it is under the unity. It. All on Monday I'll make an issue. Well basically done is go out there would be a trip Nam. You know they assume they did they get right up by all rights the problem a year and not efficient rate down you know just. You know but what are period mostly in particular avenue to I mean this break now. You know just like Procter and just about. They give out more about you know you know it is subject you know the intrepid. When you get them on the back of bow out and elements. In it. Okay. Well you know if I happen where you know while. Ayatollah that one I'm told that won't want that it. I Becket yeah it was early bird probably a flawed Opel you do you've been. Lol I ran into the back in the Balkans dollar buyout. Maybe 1012 feet deep so. Yeah but. You know a couple that gap bought one has been in you know in panel and manage it would influence knows so. It did not mention. Number Patricia Campbell writes this on topic like Iran and I'd been you know break on. That's that's basically it you know it's not rocket science does drop the rate down and Walt when he took when he gets in them into acting. Pipes that are basically it by it is it's a lot on and those guys did very well and it blows and it blows the vote yes it did for that. Pretty good isn't. Kate McCauley. Yeah a lot to do about aggregate principal of Turkey bones on an update on and Vienna. I'm home I'm a tea oh and I'd get that he I don't know about Cuba and he. While on it and applauding and it and it has only one article fuel you know no with the band birdie so I'm ready to go. That idea as well walk outside its -- that was and then Monday would be apart if you wanna know. I would love that you. But on the or not happen by. Evidently gave the old days down below you better believe I guess. Robin thanks Angela. Extend control meant to Turkey on. Yeah. Thank buddy was in the opening I mean about. You know for example yeah a lot of has been on about they would get out that you have because in Louisiana your age or years would be. And a pointer to supply will be back at that it. And we'll talk to them in the end man modeling is that it got a text coveted. Told me to actually in brands got on the little Turkey vote colleague doll. White school and that he does she beat him to a repeat on the issue opening weekend and congratulations on that beautiful church again as we don't be in Columbia. I Tina and stick it to you wanna shoot 1870870. Listen to the outdoors on did you rate. And is now upon the economy and report the captain Tokyo opera you bought flam ball towards exclusive make. That goes he must tackle boxes all sides multiples side note compartment you can keep it tackle well organized and real rust thinking outside the options 1947. And they'll the mission appeal collapsed that so I don't warrant. Me and made them sit and about in the in the by use and that. Entity. And about that decision yet and just use. It. Get the jump cables that problem. It's the in did you. Know. I got. That. Prediction. Wets we need yet they wind predicted for today. Beautiful and sciences is. Should be may. You're about Asian deeply in blow it happened. Apparently at. All. He and ago Asian. In the you again about. Him is immediately. About columns. That. That. But yesterday there actually any bridal. Are they. Not here. But suggest he would McCain and party pretty. I could be able. He spoke. Of the bodies it can get. Them and and they have a couple of carpenter. Is here on in. Last night. The had a gear maker yesterday. Morning. Five yet in the quality of this quote did make. A pretty great in the body. From the to Asia in Japan now it is in the action to make sent him he never do that. And pretty Internet in that period. For the treatment. As consistently given night but no limits this week to keep all place. A feature he had it is not a bike around and Islamic rate in revenue each week though. And that. In. You back. Knuckleballer. ABBA he best rock Newman and saint bring in our. There to view it. Again yeah fantastic factory report. But and just act you are few and happened not again like the beat top quality if the I even wondered back they can that just if being when he has. They mark but the back and they just yet. That it's count is that the government. Did you get a little rows that you open. You ran an injury is that it happened so. This beginning that we can bring you buckets and Pete Pace in been fired for capturing and reading these can. By pew. What he's out there they might do on issues. It. So vote and become this way. Problem that Agilent again an equally it to pieces and about he just beat camp and the scanner. To keep you can do. And it was still a little below below normal on the size of the national people. So can keep in step one get to the issue. You wouldn't bet you'd detect it and it. Well. Actually you know. Rule for the Utah this weekend in. Actually admit to yell out ago it looked like Elvis to wait till next weekend but hopped in weight on again you know. Pay lessons and and the islands you probably haven't made flight ultimately which account and know that probably some big Trotter out there in the wind that down and it's simple one outfit today in the get any work reports. There will actually and being part in Oakland two days and in new toys or so. 10. I won't be that today but tomorrow the fact that the mob even that they have bit. It debt ignore. By actually last week or out there. Except he's gotten up and the big guys yet but a new age we write an edge to tokens can be big chart on the Eagles get going. The last three years I haven't caught any big physicians and assisting in in. Everything that like switched meaningless and that and to our big beautiful girl and Russian Mondays at 814. Out there have been some people commented that on them and yet. Temple in the green and Whitney did in new plane at an average time limit Internet and about it and grew new checked out. Elected you know and it's somewhat capabilities. In communities Sunnis out these so yeah. Is that let's talk about that because he really an open how little rocket but. Not a good decision handed them regret it really. Really great green complexes LaBranche and not allow them early as grist its struggle thing. So which is critic who so that you'll look like well good water not update page to ship a little bit work in and grandstand and it a big did that come Robin onside kick and most of my big question room grant. You know I can't stop that first solo was seen from the base opponent without the next sanity I will hands on his own death the need pitchers. In them. The good record then again there tension there but right now it's been in inning boat. They have not been blown and nobody can he now has a different world golf at a normally with a prediction. I'd take their boat rabbit is in a chicken out subsidies to Dayton. You know now. I will be. Company and boy it is 2.0 wait what color 2.0. Oh like you let it play in the is he he's in Egypt. By. Oh. Is yeah. Beak straight that about one. Blue maybe it's me. And and that the people they've got. It. To. You that. We're back. In. And these like a plane and Terry. It can be imposed the pitches that we in due in May be on. Chicken. And and good talk about. And it is and what is Liu ran. A great tradition in these. Look at these books. That it is being and the Columbia. About the picture. What the Bible reluctant reports and get the report on the plane stopped all next week and in the meantime somebody want to check out the latest pictures eventful in Ottawa let alone do. And then that. Nuances and neck and check out there. Is a book. You'll do. And I'm hopeful order and I've excellent role. No matter. Who act that. And Micah Hyde are weak and yet it. He goes Louisiana man all right welcome back I got to man to sit at the opening it's about inflammation importantly. If you are sportsmen all target got some text come get those to Europe that does it it's a huge text went back and bring it. It's on the outdoors and down the U. Radio and I'm a little bit inflammation in them and so when Alabama. They have true media advisory board has approved what's called alt encroachment a man. Like many other states in areas where that dog running could be usable there's always been some controversy problem trespassing on prop property well they took. Actions last weekend in doubt that he. And policy in amendment that will provide it to strike rules football the year whose dogs get brought property. It's called adult been broached an amendment that says that dog install is encroached on private property when no permission to run Ingram get to war. It's an outlook whether it's in the current and will be issued a citation. Now. This amendment. It's going to be in the all over the state whether it's in the air York county. When their own apartment system I'm not. You know they appealed views about my adult in regional coast spans scientists. Is not going to be that. Accepted as a as an excuse anymore and it's a dog he could whistle break them could be told Breaux can use. The same type techniques used with column on bird talks to to control. And basically the concept is Q privileged adults and women infringes on someone else's property so. Let me on to tech is next on the season be aware if you all of you don't you know sort. They don't give it to two strikes in the third strike inaudible would actually like the citations than. They've they will beside. It that last week about it. To topple ball which we all lock on and also the Rudy read it series that was elbow but all I've got the final results from both. And wooed back to check those out for you ratatouille policy the exact ten seconds and so are all local stations. Good that upon themselves on the outdoors not to be. I as the red faced and that took place. Article on his last ride in and Saturday it was all a little bit but still every team not talk to dissuade ecstatic about the number is finding. Out wanna congratulate the winners. A plane which Iranians and walk coordinate care about to win. 46000. Dollar check that your right 46000. Dollars forward to this limit on each day it's overweight. 34 point 60 problems. Second place went to audits on team and outspoken and also was 34 point six so long it. 34 point 55. That it's one hundreds of pounds separating first and second place. It was a big difference in in print out to Paul thousand dollars if it's so congratulations to them also Austin Angel. And Lance Reynolds teamed up they caught the big issue the tournament nine point 64 pound. British and even and perhaps parties too big that's caught Buckley slogan injuries and white. Four point 71 council congratulations. All of those who participated exposed it will we can may contribute enough. At the job they do launch. The problem arena in Oakland will be there covering forty quite outlook jogging tumble last week at the parts to build bulk of golf club sponsored by the the line at the football. Boat is called. And it it was his first place in the Czech and it's not it's category went to shops tablet Springfield we it'll. Second place will the ship and the most lenient cook David Atkins. A second in Joey threw three lines and pot. Finished third place that you look at in excellent day you momma humble. And they had been crate up in smoke took second place. And strawberry festival board. Quote Donald W. Not David stumbles salute to brought laws ample placed in that challenge poignant and it was a grand champion. A war would get pointed in the Lebanese seafood gumbo. And the people's choice award to Asia limited sample cast your vote. Indeed do breaks Gumbel. And the best decorated was down route via. What will the gumbo so congratulations to all the Gumbel ships and coaxed an island very successful that we integrate to hopefully. It good again thank you. Back at this up front fresh water report jet rule about sports they will will be right back and listen to the outdoor not abuse. Radio. As some problem that vision report with yet rule out yet not with a small but what's happened in order minute report a book about partners. Q fishing makers of law will go on and enables outcropping. Trying to repeat scraps. A little while. It's floor apartment great all around test it and that got to do patient Lockett on the Berkeley division of Q this year. Got it by peace in net England and that outside team trail brought night stage in our David compel. Corey wheat at the big string of Salmons looks feet sentence and a although there is on the rebound. I'm reports leading up to Japan will it was a lot of exploration most of the areas. That was a rise in the renewed push to muddy water temperature water permits should because we can't watch you must win. Some of the water out on turn and today it's typical crowd stuff that that's issues experienced. Appropriate. Drop incredible that you don't engage. It is no rain this weekend it should continue to fall lots of finish in the march potential written in the grade. Dixon the bolts that dates in the march suggestions as to finish. On down to outline updates and results that he 3.2. Some call on the slopes of the reports on probably just lack about it. He might wanna look and action pick up this weekend as the weather warms back up jets'. Suggest candidates crop last week's good choices that the year and one used to it the first primary in a lot of the reports. Some upcoming events it's coming. This Friday that they will sell the strangest. You need to register and you know this as an Eagles believe it is when it helped sought to 6 AM. It to prop als partisan going to be in five years old petition that would. A petition now they like to do is to treat this limit. No it's allowable. 91 it's not yet questions about cold when he talked. Or adult well when he took three weeks. What they're under and doctors to two 9954. AD tree and decent lodge and refreshments on the left. April 1 now the mention all past or it's this issue tournament. This is the that it meant for Albany high school baseball program. On 100 Powell's oak tree in. Speaking at bats edition law should not coming up next week in one week from today while there's time. On Wall Street park will be posting its annual. Rodeo that. Oh this stretch or fishing rules you'll be in our country. System will let pol and exit the demonstrations. Vendors and raffles. That's. Agent tackle sale. And they do that much money talks and a good way and kind of throw out fishing tackle for the problem solve that is pretty. One trial where information the city on a global city park it naturally on the line now wanted to pick. Additions to it. That's our last couple years is the boats on the body. On the a lot of the which I exit that not mobilized on vessels to this book species bodies John bode well paddle boats in this. And is also. A competition it was and Blake street called battle for the ban. And that's I school competition mix and it teams announced on to about. Altman on wildlife and fisheries so I'll open it up there. Originality in at least 630 so let you know let the clock is the way he would entry peace with the adults. Don't intend dolls kids world upon. If you want to sign up for the bolts on the body panel division that's fifteen dollars per person. And that's if you do pre registration if you register on site. Today on the want to talk about in the battle of the ban on high school entry is only about five calls personal and registration tent bowels of person. It's gonna be outraged and that they again fictional small steps to an entity that with the boats on the body. And weigh in will be at 1030 of its civil. That kicks off at. Now in a L Nichols told me. All routes open to a deal package so arrogant that can be taken place in the world should walk out historic if you aren't if we don't want. Radio. Apps on my website we put up for radio vote conceal lottery web site on the outdoors guy. That competent big Turkey that was called on the trail camp this week but recently we. A bass that was organized around that was caught in city park and angle actually released so the chance that that there's still in the relevant. Maybe so lucky angle cook on the that we went. Wrote. I got some other news to tell you about. Place at all some good bank pitching machine to bat and what deal the recchi sent. It was pretty much knocked out doing the you know flaws that that took place long last summer. But it will be reopened at least portions of will be opened into the public this coming Tuesday. That the troops are part of them that parts going to be open air like ranged archery range. And the bathrooms to complete the call will be open than normal cells hours. Could open Tuesday through Saturday. From 730 quarter to. 0:5 PM and that's going to be in this commentary in March 21 uncles sub facility which will be open at its. Very popular area. Of people. In Baton Rouge a total votes like petition the bank shooting ranges and expect that in England they want National League pitching baseball and and exports. The boat so to campaign will be back to do that little bit later. And at this time I'll regret about this report about captain Darryl carpenter restraint does not count. On the back at the bit Sony outdoors not to be. And at this spring times over the so we didn't catch YouTube to go to a place that bill which stops off first with a lot of particles Michael Trout fishing grant now areas to ignore those marshes and most of the west in the east kept them down continent with a right now it's an -- that I think it would cap and now owns more broad. Lana dominated the target can be gorgeous morning and it's not mean did convert you can to reflect and on the light Earl the bank. And this year I mean he does about Kerio. And that meant that it just didn't look like it's going to be ignored the more wrong. Got a little bit of money war effort you mentioned Ottawa the other altered that's where I'm well. But we got to look muddy water situations sort slowed by now well. You know last week slaughtered well I think we would do coming anything you'll do get struck a child gets the reds finished. And then I'll sort that fronting group. And it looked like a branch year here until two yesterday. And yet these sort of common that council hearing. Yet and looked up I mean we get to pit we get Smart trial there again bigger bigger than average Trout on. But this time of the year entered game away but on. But they ought to be the better it is giving it a chance to come down and the great old Libya regaining the other woman has just uptight and in the big city and it. Well we got Novo well last of all you know. Optimal title range but. Shouldn't be a big problem on some good clean water factional bickering this weekend could be could be weakened again now optional means that I don't want to Nazis. The united is it would be ago and it looked return reports to become an ear you know particularly epic that shouldn't still be some caller on the launched. On the lot who's been trying to open down reports we're getting toward the end of that street and every tactic given that you better group unum out because they're they are closed and all six states. The evening neck growth are you distorting the shoah so don't expect Gil the boat with whom but it wanted to mention prior moment or harming growth because I'll. So yeah there is it's going to be a really likes really knight's tale sort of. Rich snapped of course for those that stay and stay warm as I mean Nazis and the open and then it should be a no no Brighton go out and pick up those two reds snapped a bit. Got to remind people you know Q going to be efficient all sure you want efficient state once the snap you got a goal first and come back in he can't catch snapped and Louisiana waters for illegal and it's taken into federal waters could that would be possession and intent of waters. Right in the same thing apply for those that are pitching you know those that are pitching trial boats. Could we never got a technical problem if you get rickets and broad you know that the grandma and operate at all. Yet to that believes that it will do they come up with a lot of the apartment that apt to do anything where. Well. I guess to keep some if not then you know we'll get some results out of the question has been matched all along commonly it's been a lot. Correct. Possible now that we know availability date that the stolen of people. Right now to go on. Ultimately replenish depleted and packaged in the sale cat. Look at that they trawl and that they did little beauty Croker sort show probably a little bit while orbit so fragile and that small or mullah. They do that there. I am waiting that he might or stool bogeys and it should be doing. You're hearing pan and an extra pretty weak right now prime earning them. You can sign watchers know that that it by north. But other than that plastic will work right now I mean you're and that during that season where the blue water not just look it would lab aid itself. So plastic will work well. At least sufficient. I Milwaukee school she might Wear away it is still protest from the beach it is a lot of people. I haven't market that you do this week with a workable and that wrote. But there again be talks were legal and yet to be driving what they've yet to drop in the commercial police were popular votes than they were little oral children roadways. But but other than that that the side road and great pocket like a trooper and weeks ago that he would chart this they were holding more probable it simple and successful that they are from being opened and beached. Haven't heard anybody in Trout yet to either Trout that we market will actually going to be this will mention it should start. Our eyeball let's now. Good news coverage in London now thank you would somebody want to get real scream dot com the web site that seems to be awake people build they want to use good old telephone call was number. Tutu and net and for the student in. Opera and Google get them you know holy. Gripping the or more mature. And I would give it light a little bit. It's like Q that's good news. That one day it. You do the same captain now Koppen and down and grant now the real screen does not count might not bought next or are we gonna take your body go boating safety campaign got a lot of people still realize that we have mandatory. While law that it's a certain age groups. Have to take mandatory sick political before they can operate out what will go launch of the panel so we're all upset about that. Also say boating courses that are going to be in Slidell area we've got the annual archbishop rubble the east east tell you about and the national federation apartment chapters it's on and heritage bank we come out real soon to use in detail that. Once we get that report and and Ryan plan the equipment debate about stroking panel's report captain Mike Gallo and the illness and couple looking vehicle stopped succumbed to caught the disease not call. Indian help pay the price that will be out bad boys out or so ago that still look on. Also special about where we're going to be broadcasting shall we shall slate and all of that when outdoors and done Dubuque. Radio network. And it's so there will be Austral and look at the local marina. They got the salt group. It seems to me off and not a capsule with Reno on all courtesy of the Latvia hacked club sponsored members. To have some pretty hot dogs there afterwards we might want stop by between 637. And sign up absolutely brilliant he's bringing kayak along. I'll also that Turkey season with the and so you that some people all the in all three of Louisiana bills today and tomorrow and that's ideal weather conditions hopefully in the next hour also will be getting the first early reports knows it and some text messages in about. Successful you've promised Mississippi is open. For statewide hunting on May first is the closing date is remembered now that the illegal birds got at least to succeed beer. And you'll limit the three currencies and Louisiana limit is two accomplished this season. Alabama they have got the first of its regional is underway. That will remain open end of April then on April 1 the son of Google and open them on April 22. People on the album due out at places like and we you know on the weekend before the opening of those cells looked almost Turkey on what a great sport Turkey earliest. I've got some luck selling items to I would mention it you know boating education courses mandatory bug in Louisiana YouTube on January 1 1984. If you operate a blow over ten horsepower. They have proved successful completion one of those courses and getting ready to have seven re boating education courses all across state. They'll be beginning attack on the way. Starting. Tomorrow. Through the 28 bit. And one on one unit there eagle movies you know wallet which is website look of the bold courses. On the intimate you need there alternates and say owning classes that will be all about US coast gonna pilloried in Slidell. March 20 hit next Saturday and Whittle that list that at the first united Methodist church on curling drive in Slidell. It is helpful and that is considered in calling for more information. You can call William Murray. 9852853826. To eight eight point six. Not too far ought coming up at the archbishop global will not. Beats the this is going to be on March 1 night at 530. On super avenue in Metairie featured things like it is they assault stick all the new patriot talk a little moose chili. Gave a lot they can wrap quail. Goose will be senior goose brats that agent Mike who waive all white sliders smoke shops. And he looked at including raw and charm real strong would be. It's what they want prize will result that it that it is an advanced 45 now that the gate. And you can eat all you care to as long as auctions raffles. You can get advanced tickets at rubble. Raiders dot com that's rubble to them Rommel raiders. On all of it. Open alone in incident and that opened up and we outlawed the national wild Turkey federation and apply that chapter. And it posting you know hunting heritage banquet on March 3 that Thursday night they cropped the student writes fish pride alligator. Salad and dessert. Want you or did it get away I got a custom built cap that several different charting fishing trips and hunting trips. The one thing that they failed to provide mean what does the location where it's going to be black amid. So on the if you Ryan Lambert so phone number you can call and say Ryan gone no where is the doors open at six where it is and it's Obama arrived at 25. 268. 1775. Cents to 6817. Cent fall in that area code. Also. Gets an issue workshops yet that's going to be people always talk at the 22 may twentieth by. That deadline to register for the first one is come and produce in April it. They'll also be a grand out trying to. That you couldn't get by taking its course so you want silently from the original Mets are about our wallets and fisheries and he's CA. And the Louisiana wallet. Fisheries foundation that women stationed workshops it's going to be held Cabela's in Gonzales and on information we can wallet entry well well. And a pitching workshop to win and not coming up next week we'll program. Broadcast news program live from the grand re opening. You adventures located right there on one night in the Colquitt the slate wrote. Not far from the ball launch. Right colts to the volume. And they've expanded the stored there and help celebrate the grand opening up for a screen cap to be speakers that be great prizes. And lots gains and activities lie in the name is because that will pick up five additional. The odd that such as location in all home. I can go back to their double. Like oh sure an outpatient someone won't be getting for it gets that vote. He get a report that might help you will be back at this time out. For those who like the patient in Lake Pontchartrain like or not watching more optional on many areas to the east and west wall the ship is musicals the walk away captain McDowell got involvement territory is reports are brought you by Ito. They get beat you at the peace of mind. Given it to get we get please tell 179 bucks a year like Evan AAA on the war bring if you W in 24/7. Jumpstart whatever the problem is LLP units now. Get on. With those 20. Dot com. Call kept in Michigan reaching my own Bible which region you'll want forty what joining us now is Quayle. And pitching captain Mike Gallo. Hey ma. I enjoyed quail hunt so sweet love. Outlook on some days more to those votes are public MarketWatch just built now are shocked and on. That's just due to term and probably at about the same percentage. Dropped. You didn't do badly. It looks a lot easier when it is you know and the birds bust them especially that the cup you know you know on the people want to stay on him and all the distractions gullible and so. You came through fine it was a real pleasure we had good weather body called by I was up there it is lab and the part two categories in Italy it was a it was a really good really good day so I got back in the ball now what's been gone Jessica. Our good report and different direction. Wednesday. Certainly. There. Random in the coastal them to blow. The hell are more in the bodies were well. But the lead edges of the bond. Or loss. I did play actually on the court. We caught I think it was eighteen true fire on 11 o'clock. And they want the current judgment essentially move into the problems. Where we gave it if you written of course. He's now on court. So they're. Via an area honestly. Don't count the in the volumes of people that came on and it would maybe thirty truck and the problems they needed the ponds and concentrated in terms of probably political and and tend to do with. That was much where the rest of the week and traveling and so each to Biloxi marsh. What we call a lot. Head I had forty. All on our. Yes then so far. And yeah Petit you know shall under. Color didn't seem to matter used opening night color. One well leakage in color and ensure me. But eighteen inches under popping cork just put the win tomorrow back in growth in financial problems. Mean. You might go to Moscow in a statement that you might get into and it was etched. Congress. And then and the might go another ten minutes without bite. In the next ten minutes so they definitely the schools. So when you get one or in this one communicate with the young people commissions and task. In the sand iron. There's. A lot over. And something up to seventeen and so someone. This is. Mission bow to what about the size of the one bottle all on him. About her about it. I think being there you know part in this angers our rooms. Ever want Somalia are medal. And then once and while he once and seventeen just. Well. You'd be so it should read more it was some cool I was. Lake and lake who goes. We we came across bowl. You know. Anywhere from Christine twenty terms. We're on our program so. And we don't. Saw it. In the blocks demolished all the problems are and they are kept secret war it would be on Thursday. And he spent some time in the red and and more on. That. That go to that party so goes out. There. The understand why exactly com. Any reports from the bridges and I'm sure that the winds and settled down the front screw this week in his going to be a lot of boats trying to get those mid march trial normally shall up any any indications. Our that there are some reports of the bridges and it was slow. Computers. And it was better for the growers. Although not a spectacular I didn't hear anybody kitchen doubled it. Unfortunately. But they were out there you know that those internal that in that. Right about that Formica people again. Those spots and dots lake house lot accommodations. And jump in the blue wave and finished I'll go rich traditional bowl which leaning on you on my web site on out those guys that can't give them you direct. Website that they wanna go there and also helpful. No you can directly aren't yet any day of Ireland dot com he call or text me back 98. So remain one certainly. 11. Our eyes you know we got just a short time left on the quail hunting don't know we'll get to make another trip but fortunately count from Wichita only get a little speck out like that didn't get it. Yeah yeah yeah that argued that you can then that some good. I'll be looking for thanks to a report Micah today. We're clear. It kept Mike Gallo he reported it was a good report a couple of areas so I can and yes we do have apparently reports with a view attention kayak giggles canoes and it wraps council a rap whatever floats your official report coming your way after this all on the outdoors and Don did you radio. Stroking it ought analyst report news halt sometimes brought about a backpack mr. locations. Yet way also via collegial movement which on the two backpack locations and all the top branch must Google launches will be you know we deal in the states. Lot of these accessories for the panelists also post those great old days where you can try kayak that we thought Brandon bury on the feel report by calls kayak fishing club operate in the morning stall all with a text message I got someone one adult the fishing around late they can't. And Uga anything. I'm not record exacting detail unknown league Boudreau in the general area at the route right now. Ultimately cannon ball going to be home ground. Yet also on Google's early spring good areas that turns nontraditional. Missions to the little white no mostly human player. Oh. Time and today we're up talent out and buy it right now. I would say that I'm guiding. I got a couple of accomplished guys. They wanted to learn new areas that organ. And where my QB. We are actually in leave bill today. I'll probably in about around. The golden meadow. And it's kind of covered the highway one area little. Pretty gal in her pal pollute the coming up in my it. Well we will tonight. Well you know one of the areas that's been given me some of the best reports you know before that will blow came tournament shouldn't pick up right where it left off until a quick run down across the pros what's happening in the kayak is from salt war. Outweigh it did they have really been turning on the whole east bank is it hold it right now. Not a lot of you achieve it. But a lot of politicians. Want me to. 23 inch range and he can't complain when he goes there and they kept Canada so. Now the company you don't early spring by. It's going on. In late count. Very good anything at all to more point knows. Trek toward him some problems via Banca in among the time ago ago. Oh wait until. Later in the fall they hit the more occasionally. He kicks off a little earlier that promote the time the very beatable. Seasonal police document to read. That you probably go shark bite to read but other than that a lot of the guys they that. There are Trout fish and come about October November. LaBrandon given McDowell crop at the told Stan grant dollars also successful fisherman patient from the that the highways and social wrote I would imagine that I had been doing well that too. Yeah I was one pretty much. I'll pull her out. We're just trying to we grew media mall and try to get some of the you know eighteen to 22 interest today. But but other matters that really fish anywhere if you wanted to be in the poll you can pretty much. Graphic card can annual pitcher around here that actually been written show on and on nicely. Bill Luka flounder. And I come in math but I assume that they'll be in in the second do you read it I'm a year links are migrating. Our side and up over the let it out about port so movement down highway 23. They had a lot of guys go out down hotly won pretty last week. But wore a little bit dirty if you want to stay up in the war at BQ could grind up from red fish. They eat out of the rivers a lot better right now. In the Della crow radio where a lot of guys are accurate pitch. That's good news broke of people that are aren't the written rumble. It's going to be happening in a few weeks on 88 week. And that term it's gonna take place on India. In the Saint Bernard and eat glass and now. And not registration information and he can get wet size on BC at sea that'll. Yet there we have registration up for that as well. Lou but it went live last week that we are. Got you beat people are so I'm not that that's going to be in the April. Our tournament beaten taken out strong right now. I think we'll let you put the couple of them getting into it on the no doubt about it upbeat and great the winner in that are out here grade we have a low light you win it looked like but others match. You turn the corner. And read and it pane of glass here you're stroking on if you will and in good condition. Announced it was good luck to you one thing before you go like snapper fishermen fish Ky. And oh yeah we got a bit. We. We never there's a lot from kayak. Actually but. It's usually win. Port into the summer are the beginning of the summer. Guard via the politics season that we do on the track record. And drive. The most like to do it out to the panhandle area but. Early on that Memorial Day weekend a lot of trip they're opening weekend. And at least on the bar area. And barter offers that you can be. There. Location for kayak because that have a many past next to. The total vote won't trouble themselves to go. Along the coastal wouldn't barks we usually have that area to sell a couple of miles well. Accents but ultimately you. We will let ago but it the so much pride are apparently on the have a great beat debt to buck kayak political opinion a couple of weeks. There it goes and video deals alternates with the reverend. A bill Crawford also updates we hear from him next week. I'd get back. It yet everybody's name on Saturday morning and boy does the outdoors and on genocide and disease. Up with the name on call Hitler and to change Euro has caught. Will tell you this story coming back after this time model outdoors. Without the Butte radio network. Well and into the bat boy. And at worst thing I want to mention. I mean what we call by this week a really good can be easily for peace a chance to do that much that is the creation god that. You know let that thing about these quail plantation on the economy president's exit the time to pick today. And you can do it on your own schedule. And that's exactly who did agree again at two dollar million grace there aren't any lamp and we just had a casual walk to the party would in. Now 3030 quail table with stop Lance let it operate you know it's getting it Wanda could. Giggles on quite awhile but most of weather starts getting warm it's just not conducive to a more people thought he can't latch on is not very comfortable on that. He's still got a met so. Quayle it took to get exposed to that so many cities and try to get rid of that and move about. Fully of the year so you might get a great deal on some extra quail people could trip up this should interest it. You can pop they'll Mississippi. And the name is Lance let you can call in the 601. 96687. Pretty or is don't have time to write that down drop and I would need a great contacting go to crane like the birds CRE any Greek hunting dot com or at number in the 601916687. I pick up. Apple TV show post two prompted. That the series. But we're gonna anything outrageous not going to be a lot to do it because they have become the latest victims of the disease I title. And I bet autism act that we paused then check it. While local station to identify themselves on the outdoors with Don did you radio. Well our cases only began in Hawaii resident the La. Quite right in between yet so. Partnered in the sticks that was titled. Weston redemption. There's also chill 37 year old Ricky gate males in point five year old Junichi dumped him. Or seen shooting and killing to global deal. The key you at all the policies when he noticed that the area they claim they kill BO Ian. Didn't match the area for which it licenses we issue. Authorities were able to locate to kill site and pick up enough evidence to build a strong case against the poultry. In conclusion it was determined that the two coaches took two L on private property. But not just in front property. That area and it took two bulls out as a highly coveted on areas that yields are very few today. And that specific. Variables or allowed to be taken every other year. Gathered temptation. It indeed is powerful. All the crime Ricky meals was sentenced by the quartet playing 7460. Dollars in funds. Six Al restitution for the bull he killed and 240. Dollars in court cost. Jimmy Duncan was sentenced in order to pay 7500. Violence. 6000 restitution predictable well. Well to restitution for yet another you'll be illegally to. Packed into 113. And 240 dollars and court to bring in the grand total out of pocket cost to orbit thirty. Thousand dollars. So tropical. And wondering about the future of hunting in this state Stevie chill well and both have been stripped the improved just. Put fifteen years under the interstate while light violators compact. At compass 43 participating states so it is Tuesday. To blurry. While running in the sticks and didn't poll tribute to. And not only in the sticks almost anywhere else in America any talent citizen. 37 year old James Neal and 25 year old Jimmy gee don't do at all. And bad enough regular law illegally killed and well the delusional PP shall. Not good not smoke I think in the back. It's check out the plastic man and a two week old captain on the cajun tradition matches in a report that for you right after this outdoors on the radio. And we refer to cap and run like that is a plastic man it's like captain Mike Gallo was used a lot of plastic it's we kept their argument on plastic animal. New book. A good week. Update bit really well this week you know that whoever it was government added that about seven and open rise in the best not to bed but I you know we have got around we have many. Keep a red completely blow I mean. The groups have been ever really good to. You know guys come from a modest pay judge you know you're either twenty bull and get them to read them throughout the legal limit of eight. That make ethnic group. Absolutely down in official balls not the Rivet down a black in the east and west though they'd once been yeah oxygen bar. You know both. People in the east side they would go to the limit on the web and on the lot navigated so. You know outpaced that territories who let mostly in. Both good guys there's east. It got no less true well. You know I don't like it good enough ago that you. Used to be a not you hear. That no one day in in the bull on in a that you. Nick shooting will be here. That's only good thing too old little island. In there about it so. We might lose 100 certainly on the left so these you know. Still if he'll grow. If you look at the bright spot in eagle finish but. Again it's been really good most of most of the guys pitch in either you know originally we did that would spur debate in jeopardy. And then item as it should. The main Dudley the corks. Until like I cited as efficient broke. They're big and real good you know you try to you know get on some. Reason I throw both sides ever. In and down of members of extra silk. It has been great for everybody this week. As the ridge is. All kinds of violence on the well known all along the big days and pretty much in the canals double. No on knows who will use the canal that it's really bad indeed you know we we saved. Apt it. So. We. That vision or other analysts summary should point. In going out and sure line but it may get in the equipment like everyday is different to what true of some interest some. And god what is strictly a mutual. So you know you're Dick Guttman whatever they want to do. I want a look is equal amount the site issue. Is yours are but he definitely setting government I would have been an Alice. Just wish. I could see in public that it was cute. You know but he just print you know you get on the east side. Log on and as Clearwater. But it did get some under the screen it just depends on where you have a quality education realty reality they'll order to clear. You look it'll most. You know yet today well in the bay. I'd look yet know what most in Cuba. Kind of secluded area and they had a lot of mayor. So. While I'd be issued a bit chicken strip yesterday in an that was true soak it everything idle time you know. Per day Thursday as spring government so. That's I think I think everything we. Just straight this year I mean is that black bears right at the market down. Well and that is so. Well what's the plan but today people. Today they would six and seven both school and out NATO and ripped the roar on the big some palm trees must sell. Sitting Indian. You'll all tree in the front yeah I got 16100 and in the ball may take in DC marred Google. The politic it and get some coastal restoration help. W yeah a couple of days not combat operation again. Or bring money back when you know. I'm the public that nobody you know biggest thing it needs the Corbett it is only into the apartment Sydney. They talk about five record years to give apartment on the card right now. The unacceptable. I don't willow also all of them so much of and it and it is. You know it's just not acceptable on the going. There is is predicted that they did. Washington to regain gets built. Well you know you make a plan to extend about oh well. Period of five years and and you can't get those things work until the side. Play an important or you can put it meal more than that it happened. Make it possible. You know but and and repay them and to expedite depending quicker and two record years. That they need to be fired was are all over again while Latinos city you buddy you know trial they'll stop intensity that we Ellen well. Publicly everybody acting get my handle them up there. Thankful to resign and that thanks the reports every week in the somebody want to check out cadences element. Sure that eagle putt that gate inflation image is back. Or it because of the direct model line it viable war are 95111. And but that particular can be a great year looks like. All right we're looking forward to it thanks again we can't I think buddy did you. Coming back. This break. Financial crimes that you related you know we get coach Becky and not kept him away come August tell about a minute and a couple in the coming to later on sent the new new going to be so a lot of wild seafood okay. They'll that went after the ball on the outdoors what time did you radio. I just got a notice in that late yesterday the National Marine Fisheries service's announcement ambit Jack will be closing on the 24 of march thanks to captain now are staying on top of that unfortunately it was shortly season but the good lonely and record empathetic thoughts. All I can say is get a while to get good. I don't got a beautiful weather weekend out there for going on not taking use Turkey hunting and fresh and saltwater fishing what is going scouting and listening that Turkey's. Also gone on later this afternoon after you loyal to a trip if you get hungry like got a great suggestion for you go I'm going to be the late hawks softball wild game beat the fourth annual. It's going to be an archbishop and and I school. That's on highway 1077. Just a little north of my twelve incumbent that. And Jonas is talking about it is one of the organizers and he's also pretty good captain no way you know. And coach of the lady Hawke softball team Becky glam Alon Becky thanks we get a pro Indian ones. I'm good good sound like you're close to the water deal. You know out of school right now getting hurt at this. So. Assault work all right Becky UN this. And how's he doing. Well. And it popped up literally. You weren't Catholic like we lost game but it goes in very good piece in the evening money AJ and enough. You know we had them but we came up short that we built Obama. That I got deceit team and a ala continue to Becky is. Girls' softball is such a grandmother's game anymore most girls are. I'm out. Actually apple based game. Well well hopefully you can raise some funds and one invite people come optic hardest one to five dollars. Actually at the door it's going to be thirty dollars that he got to advance tickets 25. And students it's ten dollars he'll tell some of the items on the menu. Well it hasn't. Rose is. That it has some right now it an insult to call shall see a lot. We got three response commonality. Just cook got. Look cool you they could dias two. Check in years to grips. We got Georgia's actually are common on him and EE news. We got black great he's got most of tried bash. And he just. It's a lot to go out each. Log got to tell you billion dollars you know all while game is is something precious few can't marketed or sell that it's got to be donated or you get it it's that do it yourself kind of thing and I love all types a game and I understand people who don't and in mobile I believe it's it's psychological because they try it they would like it. But the people that on into wild game and seafood now what what's going to be out there for them. Or some chicken. Where some shots that some hot dog. While some back entries are so I'm changing it. W. Lust and you know we gonna have been used. In the community. And to this. So that's not while Mac in Jesus domestic. She's over. Billy didn't talk about the seafood and all the business and it is all. Potential oysters. We got. Shaq sources. They're going to be open and up out here. On it real and of course some. Well. Maybe get a surprise that early so. Well I left a little surprise only hurdles that come out there. I'd Becky outlined music by LA express two to five on the team members of the girl's gonna be an advance. And now we chat on it in anger that comes on and Emma. It played. And I love it like to get tired and and saying and then yet they will be. We you'll. And little slug useful. Well yeah it. You know it. Armed now with equipment helps to. Now we go. To to turn it. You know maybe you and all the way in and that I you know options are pretty popular that it when you know they're going. You know it's on his right here in Mexico Q we have a player. Really my numbers. There is in and went back. With that group went to explain that to miracle league that is a wonderful. Asian open field for. You're here Tokyo and it. Children with disabilities and you know important that interpret and apply. We have players that. What you and art and indeed caper can actually out playing and why did you get hit that it integrate Eric when he got the dollar into the press he does he couldn't hear. Outstanding well open everybody shows up obviously is today one of the guy is serving time to notify the content online music again it's thought that Japan and high highway 1077. In coming in. That it's definitely the hawks softball. Thanks Becky the artwork and also you make that thing. Says some open seat and then I'll see are a little later on offering of my appetite to. Thanks again milk thank you. I that's gonna wrap it up actually yeah we got especially show going to be at the grand re opening of the place called by you adventures in look forward to meet some of the punishment to be doing some demonstrations in. Well seminars informal chats he launches going to be was measles of those emotional nation report. Also Wigan have a lot of prizes way to register for lots of activities on its obvious by conventional all. There on highway ninety it's bought from the by EU the big its national wallet and the bi bull all about that next week. I would say goodbye to our affiliate stations but he went as well or outdoors we got talking guns from seven. In the nine it's on these are always interesting in catches on. 105 point three FM HD to see you next week with the outdoors with Don W radio network.