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3-18 12:10 pm The Food Show

Mar 18, 2017|

WWL’s Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, cooking, recipes, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why Allah it's the honorary Sicilian voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and here we are it's on that magical weekend actually sometimes it if it's right there in the week to assume. Ought to saints both three veered about equally. A Saint Patrick's Day that was yesterday and tomorrow icing Joseph state. And although it's ounce primarily like a religious thing. It really is a big big food deal. For both of those. There was lots going on yesterday on the program. We were talking to various people in various bars and and restaurants. That have Irish heritage in them and man it's sounded just psychic tell just by listening to the background. That there was a party going on just buy it anywhere. Whereas somebody is sustaining around wearing a little patch of green anything on them or their bodies so as Justin. A big big deal and we talked to the guys over at the Tracy's and in other places where there. And the and of course the the Irish house which is terrific so a lot going on still though because tomorrow is Saint Joseph state. And all through Italy but most particularly. In Sicily. Saint Joseph is a very big force in very. Highly thought of by all the people at the official. It's a patron saint of Sicily in particular by the end Italy in general really. And here in New Orleans where most of our. An Italian population originally came from Sicily we have a lot of those traditions here. In our food our Italian food in particular but it shows up in some other places too. So. We were talking about that yesterday with people who were erecting. Those of famous. Alters saint Joe's a state alters that you see around town people. Get into this more and more I spoke with a lady. Who writes for the clarion herald and she was telling me she's been watching the the saint Pat's saint. Joseph day celebrations for years she says she's never seen a year like this there's so many of them so it. Someone else called me and said it is this. I they always have it in my mind that this was one of those diminishing. A traditions that we have to save before it goes away I don't think so I think saint Joseph's day is as strong as it ever has been. And in the restaurants around town too as weak as well as in people's homes. But though restaurants as well they set up. Saint Joseph's day altars in you sometimes they have special menus. For the for the occasion. A lot of that is a lot of dishes. That come forth that the there's some of them that are really good. These Sar Deans that they get out of the Mediterranean you can meet him head and all. If you know which are doing anyway. On those are great if you average if you ever run into those triumph I mean it's it's it's going to be a little leap for you if you never eat whole fish but these are small. And the bones in numbers so tiny Italy cares so way it's. It's really good. And it's usually served with an unusually named dish. Called hostile. Lots and now a bit about forgetting the name of this at the Boston I wanna say Naples but that's that it's farther north. They'll come to mean. And the missed the special pasta that it served it's a tight Red Sox just barely know medianews at all. And then instead of sprinkling it with parmesan cheese that's a little too rich in the middle of Lyn saint Joseph's day always falls in the middle let. So of the restaurants make their own special. It's out of out of stale bread yet club bread crumbs that they season up in the putter on top of the pasta. Pasta meal NAC that's that's what it's called so anyway it's even if you're not Italian. It's worthwhile to tracked down some of these things or go to one of the restaurants that has something special going on one that I know right off the top of my head is Andrea seat. As a special. Menu during the whole month of of march. That is devoted entirely. To this stuff and he's bringing in even some unusual dishes like like baby goat which is too delicious you try it sometime and notes sounds funny. But if you if you find that anywhere in I was sick particularly there it's it's really quite good. And this is so other Sicilian dish that is made actually with nothing but a slab of a special kind of achieves cut she'll Coke bottle cheese called. And they grill with a little bit they send it out they put a kind of up a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Thing on and it almost looks like gravy and you take a bite out of it and just for a second there you are fooled into thinking you're eating meat but you are not your eating cheese. Lot of interest in traditions like that to our number over here is 260. 1872601870. And here's what we talk about a run here you don't have to talk about saint Patrick's RC. Saint Joseph. It if any kind of food to be good enough for me if you've been to a really good investment lately or really rotten one or one that's just kind of in the middle but you haven't been to in a while. Call me and tell me about it would you we have a lot of real food he's here in New Orleans were all looking. For a new dishes new restaurants to go to. And it all kind of swirls in through here. This is the only pres the only program of its kind as far as I noted that does this as much as we do the food showed now on the air. Gil on this day seven days a week. Feel like debt and buy a man or a Miami. I'm getting varied responses. 260. 187. Caller right now you get right in always that way at the beginning of the show we love to hear from you but the way you've been eating lately and also if I can help you out with a recipe I don't claim you know every recipe in the world but they. We have a lot of lists news here. And we can come up with just about anything so if there's something you've been trying to figure out or something you'd like to do a little bit better than it's coming out. Already. Let us know 260. We limit the 260187. Media that you know I have this other I've another phone number the rest of the week and it puzzles me some time. I'm just looking here on the message stream and I noticed there were a couple of food thing so here on here already. Can I boiled cabbage. This must be the cabbage you're caught off the Saint Patrick's Day float yes sure why would I I don't know illicit. You know fell on the ground and rolled into a sewer or something but done other than that I used no Reese might not too. Is there an app any or any way to listen to the programs and three WLO. Three WL no longer exists. So. But there is it the answer to that question is yes if you go to our WWL. Dot com. Hedges open your browser and go straight to that's a that's a short when WWL dot com you'll see up in the upper right hand corner. There are two red buttons. One of them I don't know what it says but it's I don't pay attention to it the second when right below it has says HD two. And that is how are you here. The food show. During the week we go we are on a completely different system with this but it is the radio of the future. And if you what were wondering at all what is radio going to be like in the future. You've got to go on to it to that but vicinity on the web and even better get yourself an HD radio. I have four of them that's how much like a really go I've won in my office I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. 260187. In his of these people IC here they are over here this is hard to read. It looks like Charlie is over here on the go on the blue phone Charlie. Oh my god. On the watch. I should and here. Well it so oh depends what you mean by nice if what you like he is. New Orleans neighborhood restaurant kind of fun sort easygoing place with with waitresses who were telling jokes and and the big menu of local stuff. Then it'll suit you perfectly it's one of the very best of those restaurants they too great seafood great roast beef pork boy. They do strangely enough a really really outstanding turtle soup there. And a fried chicken is really terrific that's one of the best places in town for that they. They do barbecue chicken too big menu. Always packed. Great prices. So if you want a taste in New Orleans though like it is in the back streets. But this rubio palace slightly upscale version of that it is very good. Give us a report that Hugo widget. The book to hear from whoops I'm Soria push the button or anyone you can look at it is Peggy. This is it my buddy Peggy and a child twelve. A notary. And I. That recommendation and then question a comment nation is hawkish. Actually called them what you have there. People who play on time away. Low moment. On Libya on the right. Yet and I think there are I and that they opened the second location. Want to get. In Carrollton. Caller of Carrollton and ambient it's like yeah. And it's a different champs. What they've been at the E'Twaun so electric Crockett that we can hope that you'll have weekly. That's always what I hear it though don't the the place you're talking by the on airline highway near. It's pretty close to trans con meld trans continental and and clear view. It is. Always busy and it's a little tiny tiny place to begin with as you noted but their food in my experience has been real good there you know. Crawfish are fabulous just America at a camp and outlook. A running earlier this year. And they're pretty nice in the price is even going down so this is I think we're getting the signal it's okay. Yeah that that's a good time. Now my question is a place for breakfast or brunch. On and offshore him at Covington. OK I ate at one such just moderate. Moderate prices would be what like ten dollars a person. In the twelve lucky you got that that no matter what breakfast is a good deal on my favorite is my Tina bella. And it's one Gibson street that's one block over from Boston which is the main street going through rule out. Are you just go over one block I think the coin series. In the Columbia street I think it's one block over off of off of Boston street you'll see it go or as anybody in the street everybody knows where's. It's an old building double click anything from the outside but it has been a restaurant for a really long time the guy who runs it. It is on Vincent. Oh gosh which is its Italians very telling used to run the pepper. And you know always says good. Good bona via yet Vincent Rick about read into this and other Vincent Rick Kapono who actually east does owned. The pepper mill but this is his cousin and and it used to work there which must've been a nest of confusion. In his butt. This place is. Mean today they are cooking at the level of the best coaches in and yeah I here's what I hear this morning this is a dish that makes this semi invented myself. I told one that you do this and put it on the menu and its biggest selling it they call it the blue crab. And it and it's too poached eggs. On top of the you know the usual toast. Top width on Jumbo lump crabmeat and I mean you wouldn't believe the size of your little ho. If you can yeah. And just beautiful with some mushrooms in the to a kind of of very light runners on us. But news that is incredibly good they also have another edition. I kind of if they would do it they'll do whatever you want it. On the bottom it was Friday. And on top of that with some Italian sausage in a little bit raids and in the poached eggs on top of that color over the top of that. And yeah the problem this is its Italian. Who would. Well I'll I'll say it's good. And. Martina and ATT night and day. Second award. A lot. And it's Vincent and his whole family works his wife runs the dining room they are among the nicest people in the restaurant business. A lot. Well in July oh. Yeah my pleasure will be back with more of the mucho. At the first please it's the food show and joining us over here on the green phone figures after Saint Patrick's Day it is like Albert Albert. Welcome. Op art called love. Tuesday have been good in the true peace you examined. Shook peace no I've heard of it but I haven't been there attendance a little outside my coverage area. Already a bit there for seventeen year. Yeah. Yeah. All argued the talk show query out on proper part so will pour cream shall all. Ban. Legal effort does should or shouldn't. Seafood gumbo. Yeah it might seem strange but. Oysters raw oysters are a good thing to get all around you from there to meet. It is they had to have a lot of outfits there that that pack oysters. For shipment all over the country. So they have the they'll always getting in great oysters from ago from the gulf and and by news and everything. And there they are but it's it seems you know you wouldn't think of that is an obvious place to go and get oyster but they really do have great oysters. And but. Go check it out deal owners your La law. Well while law which is what's the name of the Bosnian chick he's. Rookies how do you spell. CH UCK. Create Ole. K. Double OK. I. And and it's no Eric well law. All right well thanks for call. Pre seed or number is 260. A 1872601870. We would love to talk with you but you know anything having to do with food we don't just stick on one. One subject here what we're talking about isn't quite which you have in mind. Call anyway we'll change right over what you have on your mind immediately and and talk to you. We give personal service. Like. 260187. Mean theory codes 504 if you're calling us from out there somewhere. Which is easily possible. While going on beginning now we have financing Joseph's day in Saint Patrick's Day this weekend. And then we are not long. From. Having the the French Quarter festival honest that's in early April and then of course the jazz festival Genesis almost as soon as that's over. It's the festival season like yeah I think we can officially say that it is running already. Seems like it's only like come on weeks since Marty grove. Does. Now now 260187. Caller right now when you get right in the league and on to won't be that way later we have and eat club dinner coming up this week. Something we started. Them on on those on the food show back in. But 25 years ago. Since it started out with the bunch of people. Joining me for dinner at a restaurant everybody would pays unchecked can get what he wanted to. But all of a sudden it just after about a month of this we have expanded to where we have like 3040 people. The restaurants can't really do that. On an individual basis point or anything read off the menu so we started setting a menu and that made it even more popular and was still doing them all the time. One of the most MC one of the two or three most popular restaurants where we've done the east and misses in the stop those in Metairie. And we will be there this coming Wednesday. It's a five course dinner five points matching all the courses. And the prices eighty dollars but that includes everything tax tip wines the whole program and he stately enough you get to hear me sing. I I'm sorry but you know with something has to be done to get people to go home. To 60. 187 over here on the yellow fall and is rocky rocky welcome. Pretty good good yeah afternoon will. Where I had just clicked it on and they had sent back Garrett were Cabrera and I don't know that was there back in the commercial wall wart. What is. You know what I met put join holes if you don't mind I just I'm coming up to a news report here and will be right back don't go anywhere okay. Hang on and I would answer that. It's a big 87 EWW Allen it's the big CBS the Columbia broadcasting system with a special report and then we'll be back immediately hello you're listening to the food show on the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM and we left rocky in the lurch over here sorry about that rocky welcome to back to our program. That's okay we were talking about which bat get dia from. What's back at the pepper mill. I don't know when did you hear this. Called here I mean. Radio and in the end and and and it went their M. And any thing. Whatever it meant you'd. Well the thing I can think of his said at this time of year they have a history of doing a saint Joseph's day presentation whether they do. I don't know if they're doing in the whole Alter I know they have done it in the past. And they they put a lot of the dishes that a traditional on Saint Joseph stay all on the menu there so that that's would be the first thing that would come in my mind. Everett had a drama usually have a different on Monday and drums will torment. No wrong with that. Where fish. Editor but you know they and they do a great job with that kind of stuff eyes you know them on the dean's that you soft shell crabs with the brown butter sauce that they that that's really a big part of their menu. And it's a terrific. It's it's a better rest of the most people think news. Yeah elegy. Mark up on her years or. Date we have at present there Wendy structure prep Merrill. It was a court a few years. Well if you ever want to have a began to ask them know my probably make four. Yeah great we column. In a pretty nicely that. Or are. Thank you love Hulu the to hear from you and it's the food show and over here or was I think it was somebody's name was here and they just as I push the button down. They jump jumped off a call us right back in fact there were two people and when we went to the news they dumped so but that's that's normal behavior call us. We would love to hear from you 260187. Mean. And it's a food show what did I said. What did use all yeah yeah let's do that off our program today. Is sponsored by analysts see here will host tell anybody the status before today never finish that. Where we have a year and each club dinner coming up this Wednesday night. We're getting close to being full on that though we we usually take about fifty people and we've got about forty. On so not a whole lot of space left but. I think you'll like it if you've never been one of these things before we are very well fed to put it mildly I mean come hungry come real hungry. The high point will be the fettuccine Alfredo is simple as that is but they've been lots of other great great stuff it's mostly a seafood dinner because of the land an aspect of Saint Joseph statement if you don't want to eat in all seafood menu just element though. They'll bring you veal parmesan or may be that does sirloin. Sorry that the fully mignon that they do with the game that they smoke. Over Hickory that's really it. A lot of good food over there a tempest autos they are open. Five nights a week ago Tuesday through Saturday it's round back of the morning call on north Holland right off of seventeenth street in none of that what you musical that city. Great stuff there and at the expect to see me there and sitting at your table and you can do anything you want to me short of throwing me. Banana cream pie in my face because of already have it done and it was delicious. And one more thing before we needed to part that the use the rest on that it has to get a reservation for our each club dinner. Coach who know menu dot com and OME and you dot com. And only have to do is click on hoping that says each club and then another pay to come up in new once you see the whole menu you can decide whether you'd like to join us or not. I you don't pay up front you pay at the rest in case you wondered and that's it hoped to see there. This coming Wednesday at the also one on the North Shore and 260. Hello 187 Ian here is Fran Fran welcome. Thank you want and it is yet. We don't we're only here today and ran on them around you. And tell uncle owns big Al's favorite room. I have not eaten there yet because it's a little who knew since that move well when when arrest and moves to a new location it's like starting over again you'd you'd be back. That club would members disconnected. All really. That's news to me. But. I wouldn't be surprised if he popped up somewhere else because two things first ball that's a lousy location. And it's mainly because that because there's anything wrong with the building or anything it's it's it's like a rock's throw off of veterans highway on Oakland to bury I've police. Traveled streets. But is that Burger King in the and that will be the presence of the Burger King kinda like the brings down the rest on little bit maybe you know who knows why it. But I. He's that guy who ran a Jeff. He's terrific at the his other Rezko was very good and I expected that this would be too so he will bet you he'll pop up somewhere else pretty soon. One I like about the present location that where was the bomb was. Yeah and you know these Marlins. Asian which. Yeah yeah it was a nice place but hey that wasn't their doing. The with the supermarket wanted to come in and take over the whole chain amino hole a building that's how world out there. And that that kind of thing happens Wednesday's. We lose a lot of restaurants to realist deals. Now let them. Important of my I always enjoy. Lately it'll look let's see we can do this and Jeff you know who you are. If if you were out there are new and you happen to be listening would you call us 260170. And maybe he can tell us to our faces or to our phones or something but I I. I'd be surprised if he didn't turn up somewhere else he's just too good. How long are you are there a moment today until 3 o'clock. So it could happen. All right. Thank you for Valencia. Hours telephone number. 260187. He call right now and you get it in would we be happy to talk with the about anything that just what we just were talking about. Two we shift back and forth from one thing to another all day long. Could good. I'm week for cooking there are a lot of ingredients out there that are hard to find. And most of the year but during this time you especially around saint Joe's Tuesday. You start seeing but I just to give you an example. Wouldn't cartoons. Or card don't the and that they have a couple of the names basically. These are the stems of artichokes. Is kinda what they are and there are very widely used in Italian cooking especially really old style Sicilian cooking. On another win is is the final before and Tokyo is that sometimes called by Italian people. This is that it's a related to. Celery. Except as a big bulbous bottom. And it has a distinct flavor of and peace in fact that's what it's called in a lot of supermarkets into escalating Nece it's really Faneuil is more. Accurate name for it and it's it's something I really love playing into it's I it's always on my mind. Like it occurred to me it was his years ago I was hell bent on trying to figure out the exact recipe of oysters Rockefeller and points. And I I ran the recipe about no joke fifty times I was teaching myself how to cook it in a bit this is a long time ago. And on I I found night I was never quite able to get that. Oysters Rockefeller taste until somebody told me have you ever tried using final and it instead of the cell. And I said no. And he said do and they did it and that was it that was the that was what was necessary. But that's something that again I tell you it's all over the place at this time a year 2060. 187 he is our number will come back but more of the food show in a moment after. First please say a word here on the subject. Cafes Isa whose menu I have by some miracle. In my hand. Can you believe. They do Sunday brunch over there be that they they have dinner as well. This is that really beautiful old style restaurant on down there in the French born right across the street from the French market on Decatur street. Here's a rundown of some of the things you could have their if you went there for Sunday brunch tomorrow a sorrow for the oysters piece of talk about kinda like. Oysters Rockefeller this went on is to accept that they fry the oysters and put them on top of the spinach that has some herbs sink in it and some Tabasco holidays to really different it's almost like will be infinitely. A so that's a great start their crab cakes art first class really nice jumble on. Turtle soup is also one of the best around town and that's saying something we have so many good ones around. But to get there's a salad of course in here and then a following that they have all the classic and fish as they did they do crab cakes with. Blue with the with the eggs on top of the with the poached eggs in the holidays. They have eggs beset this is interesting poached eggs grilled on do we sausage. And smoked tomato basal holidays well and now it's fascinating. Moving on down they have agree odds in gritz says it's always something you hardly ever find around town but it's a classic brunch dish here. Pasta jambalaya they're great roasted chicken. And also that that wonderful dish that they do of the hole. From a big big filet of Trout topped with some crab meat and some shrimp and a few of the things. That's nice over there all of this is that kept face Beazer which has been around since 1899. Long time. And it's at 1011 Decatur street. Right across the street from the the French market that's saint Philip is across street there. Make a reservation you'll you'll you may not need it but it's always better when you do we will come back with more of the food choice the first police that's hello hello hello it's the food show on navigates seventy WWL I WWL 105 point three FM. And now we've leaned over and pushed the green button that corresponds oddly enough with the brown phone and here is John John. A huge. Job. All okay I'm I'm I'm Tom and your John. And I am job in your town. Then at town yet be program Adam and quietly it's fantastic. However. I haven't spent with the menus for Eugene as opera music. Some. Cheers Wednesday. Congratulations. Thank you out and dominated so far. Does that balance back kind of memories and that you know again anxious child support for each program again on the set out in the. All right well I'll give you quiz then. On most of the in between the commercial bumper music's it's all done by the same artist who is. I get real clue he plays jazz by aliens that that's what he was famous for. I. Stephon grip Allie French guy. Let them a long time and unbelievable. Player I rights I saw him five or six times live at the blue room. He was just incredible and he could we have to. And remember. Stitches in my and so were the whip on back in 1949. And Leon. And his band and now. Our graduate from status. And are you want your rock which I could chew on. Very. The young man from them Palm Beach, Florida we just dropped out front page and we went to a parking lot. Together. And that turned on the radio and would you believe that it Libya. Stick it happened Palm Beach, Florida. And I. Did play some the group. You're at all. And that's that's our problems should. Now I'm. Well thanks a lot makes a call on CNN it's the food show. We don't Duckett too many music reviews here but Weiner let's see it's frank frank welcome. They frank you there. That does say frank does it via frank frank frank hang ten hang on we'll put you back on hold to come back to you and in the meantime. We will talk to west's. I'm doing great welcome to a show. And yeah about that I'm a big heart and on yeah they were partners. Austin. And accurate data on. How well. Yeah. Question. So that it did little arm and kangaroo mourned. And a tropical and only gonna get little adventures and try to do some micro pineapple. You don't like them and to carry it you have any idea what. Evolved they've given me tips on how it could animals so what were preparing or something like that he. I don't think you need to do anything to it if you want to if you're really want to you can. The spread some creole seasoning over which will be straight ahead pepper. Which seems like a strange thing but pepper hot and sweet. Art two things that go real well together or membership warm Ruth go use that was so he was always on on. He called it sweet heat and he says no matter where you put sweet heat people gonna want it. And so believe it or not. I have a recipe hanging around somewhere and I'm not sure where. But it it came from a ship who had been a brand and for years and then he opened his own restaurant on Metairie road for a while it's maybe eludes me at the moment. But he used to do one when he called on. Pine apple lomb day or with some of like that and it was a pineapple is very simple people at the seasoning on it. Had a real hot grill groin and right there are flat you know they caught a cross the pineapple. And just let it get black here there and turned it over to the other side did the same thing on the other side and just serve to just like that all the way at his own place he would sometimes. On serve it. The way you would do bananas Foster inflame. Which you could certainly go on a grill in fact. Flaming stuff on a grill is all odds say for the trying to do it inside or. That's a good idea to try to but it think about something along those lines I think you'll have some made it really was a great disparity serve and on top ice cream. Yeah adult appreciate it. Yeah a joy. Tia the food show will reach humour in just a moment after first if you will this and FM on HD on skyway and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM HD one Canada New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from the CBS C Columbia are broadcasting system stay tuned more food show coming.

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