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WWL>Topics>>3-18 1:10 pm The Food Show

3-18 1:10 pm The Food Show

Mar 18, 2017|

WWL’s Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, cooking, recipes, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that's right it's stomped its Marcus all right and then hand me a beer or eliminate document. It is the food show. We have a whole three hours today going all the way to 3 o'clock this afternoon I hope you can join us tell me where you've been eating lately that has been. Marking. Nice marks on your code sheet that you keep track of all the rest when you go to. At we'd love to hear about all of that stuff to 60187. He is our telephone number 260187. The that we call right now oh see we only have one person had you so over here on the blue fallen it's Larry I think. Larry that. Yes or no good. An immediate and we. Yeah I'll have to be this violence. Yeah I don't know I think right now huge amount usually on Saturday I am there. Drop down. To it as your grass doing allies need to cut my. Come on out yeah you're happy now dad got a break on power in your life. And how about them armadillos to. Armadillo Ankara and yet at the constant problem like Korea dig holes. Here. It. It's unbelievable I'm Eric. Internet beard. And all so I am a control that and yeah did you know it's it's cat and our. It's like here on your own attack you lemon count him. Ahmad among the middle of nowhere. Yeah a good supply of Ellis yeah you know the stars are all so nice and then when you burn something on your barbecue pit nobody gets match. You are aware that's right exactly. Well I'm sure you didn't call that it talk about this kind of stuff what who collects. Talk about anything right here and please I'm mad I. Would. Bring it right. Good portly Karl yeah. And art I never heard. Okay Greg you got to cancel. Its Martina. And AT TIE eight and eighty might hear an. The analog to EL LA which means beautiful morning. And and the guy the guy who runs it it's him and his wife and and also his daughters are involved with a two. On. Yeah its Vincent rip a Bono who used to. Be the manager over at the pepper mill on the south through but he opened his own place about a lot by six years ago. And this guy as. He he has everything you could imagine having for breakfast and he does everything she does so it's really nice that my favorite. Is this a dish that they do with the two poached eggs on top on the aisle you're on top of that and underneath that. The news this mixture of crab meat and mushrooms and and rural areas. It is kill our. Really great and and even expensive but you went to UC decides those problems. So. I got there. Yet. One year old man. Flagship gap around yet here we accidental harsher or. You know days deepening French order. A lot of play in there now. And I was there are gonna get more and more innings and real hole. Okay and then and the first place at work when I came here with so little. They're torn. And hardware approach challenging. Yeah and in Baghdad. Iraq. And yet they are. Black start near it and it shore sure I'm. Which honored at reduced side and I'll autobahn Konrad ground. And man bill. Show. But I have a tell I was having a conversation with somebody and in the business. Side of the restaurant business. And we were talking about employees which is the biggest problem for the rest once the states anyway and and he told me something I've always noticed. Is that if you go to a restaurant and ask around in the back you knew you. And who is who has been here longest. Other than the owner of the restaurant. The next. All longest tenure in a red in your typical restaurant are the dish washers. And it. Has some of Amare you know come in and work a few days and then they disappear forever. But any room just what any rest when you go into and you start talk into the dishwasher is they've all been around like thirty years that you could just incredible. It's a nice thing that no. Yeah and donate it job. Job security that. Why well something he said for job security. There have not waited. Tables and aggregate waiter. You remember it cotton. I do that's Lou little before my time but after it stopped being the cotton club they had a rest and in the O'Connell is Kanye. They're in a Spanish restaurant but they also did Italian food they did and -- -- both sides of the menu were great and used to be a swimming pool aren't out yet listening. Thanks for calling nice talking you a call me again we will be back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this because we have Jeff Smith on the phone here hello Jeff. I Vietnam logo. I am I tell you that Jeff who owned the creole went what was the name in this place. Or old grill and bar it was sun veterans highway near a green acres. And my understanding is at the that the supermarket they want to expand beyond where it was and you were you were kind of in the way. Beard just below there you go over your bigger picture or multiple order you out that well. Small or Mayo. The yeah. Well I could understand that. But now all I've had a lady here called me and to tell me that the you're you have flow moved out of the next location to is that true here. Your career. Well. But the second thing she wanted to know about is say is there any chance we gonna see you again because she and I agreed on one thing you always put out a great feed. Spoke. Lower. Right now. Would open again in the future. Now. With a double. We. A lot during governor so country. Another job market so we're real work hospital. What is. At that location is the location or. Were in two here or because we're great or we needed new onto. A server. It is because are ordering a cute or importantly. It's it is unfortunate and it's certainly not the first time I remember years ago. Win. That I think it was Petro of one of the other restaurants it had been in that location. Here. One day a guy called me up and he said you know I'm looking for a restaurant to go on and a date to do this as well and I said you know it sounds to me like for the prices in the menu you want the best perk is the perfect place for you would be. This freshman. And decent whereas at night told where once and he said well buy the burger King and I said yeah. And he said while I don't wanna go to Auburn game and is at it's not a Burger King it's a really nice restaurant it just happens to be next door or breaking and he shook his head. And he said no no no I can't that can't do this September. And here are funny how people think that weight by. Anyway well. That's that's great news in a way I hope that day you're out there and and okay. Is that we had no idea but please keep me up to date on where you wind up as a lot of people are fans of yours this century you know. Yes of La followed below it and great people great into the restaurant. There were more than yours you know hatred there aren't there. And a and a lot of good recipes too and York and our and a and a well I'm sorry to hear that we look forward to bumping into you another time met another arrest on durable or who knows where. Yeah oh let me know lately if you got any news at all I'm always say eager to hear it. Yes thanks a lot for Cullen. Harper he had Jeff Smith and he has that restaurant used to be called the creole grilled. It it started out it was a spin off of Bob mr. Ed's. And it's just like changed hands a couple of times with this guy was doing I thought really brilliant work over there is it Norton Norman a normal New Orleans kind of neighborhood style kind of mixed in with a little bit the grip makes sort of stuff. But good prices and a good rest and now it's gone no well it would be the first time we've lost some good ones it's the food show. And top the Taurus calling us now on the green phonies Allen. Hello there kimono and. Yeah outlook below laundering. It Q Jack you have been ordered chicken ball all. It at all and our kids ages. Show up been ordered. I think most of the time they have that ready to go but if they would meet. I've believe in making reservations everywhere you're going anyway because reservations are a free and be. You'd get you better food and service so it's always a good idea to make a reservation but if you do it a day ahead of time that gives them the you know all the time they need to get it ready this year. Chicken. Especially baked and broiled chicken which is kind of the way they do that. Right that's that's you know I thirty minutes. You know and it's. And no way somebody who comes in and once that did you know you might not be able to get it at that second publisher willing to wait an hour. But that's. That's the story. Electrical want. You to knock. I've that works for yulia but that the easiest way to do this didn't make reservation and say and I'd like to get the chicken bomb bomb. And then they will respond to that I'm sure they give it a lot is at such a great dish. Indian or out mood good there I haven't eaten there about about 2000 years. All right well it has changed tremendously. The the guy who was running it for years and he was here for thirty years. And Steve the latter was his name and his he passed away about three years ago now I guess three maybe four years his son took it over. And at the same time he did there was he is the people who actually own the building. We're gonna run them off and and start over again. And he managed mark latter is his name. The young guy he he took it over and held it all together and managed to to continue the history of two jags into the future meets next deals and and that's good year but he also brought in some chefs to completely redo the menu. It feels a lot more now like may be one of the uptown real bistro is but he still does have all the old stuff they still. Do the brisket the shrimp or I'm alive their famous for the chicken bond farm their famous for but the very best thing on their menu. Is this. This dish of new hockey which are like little almost like ravioli little ravioli. They're made out of half flour and half I'd hate to lose. And they stuff them with various things but in this case it comes out with wild mushrooms. And on crabmeat this is an incredibly good dish it's either is an appetizer or as an entree. And I've I've yet to have anything there that I didn't love so you're gonna find a very new kind of two jags. But with a lot of and a lot of good new food really good if they've taken it up quite a bit. Well they're only gets a note here on the saw it. Yeah that's good young or an appetizer however you Soria. Well there you. Thanks a lot for calling it's the food show and let's see who's next and theme kid is Michael Michael Michael welcome to the culture. And I am doing. Or quick Q. Well that Clinton. Beat a rule that world. Today home. I looked at it for. Sure two and I have to kill you. The lawyer and current. The world. But only a forum is not what I expected. What you could mean the best work or at the vehicle or Q. What you did agree. Yeah absolutely. The best. Mister b.'s. Corner of ever bill and royal street. It is in the quarter but it's real easy they have a parking garage right behind the rest but you pull into it and they validated down to I think three dollars a sump and insignificant like that. And on and mister b.'s. It's a really great place it is always really busy. They only marginally take. Reservations you might have to wait awhile for a table but it's worth it as they have a lot of good stuff there that is good they're. Chicken on do we gumbo is I think the best in town the bread putting I think is the best in town. And they have a wood burning grille to grille fish on that's really something but there Barbeque shrimp is really really great. Now we have taken their input and you notice as well to listen. I wouldn't sure rational aren't nearly a year ago maybe report you Google calls Skelton and Ellie oh yeah. They all they invented the bench. And mark caller and it was out more austerity ill beautiful. You can elegant just a beast kills him. I wouldn't say kill some what what happened was the chef at mister b.'s he loved the barbecue shrimp Pittman Alex. And he said this only one problem with that and that is that the butter kind of turns into like a clear butter and it just to me it didn't work. And he said what he did was he kind of re engineered the dish to Wear the butter win in the last. And a lot of black pepper. And it it hit it really was a step up at Minnelli east they really can't change year old recipe because everybody likes it that way and they never one to change. But mister b.s really did. Come up with a better version of it in my opinion I still loved and Alex to go there all the time I but I eat oysters there and only the shrimp I get all oysters. To beat you Google it mr. B you'll you'll really liked yeah. Okay thank you. Yeah YouTube C yeah it's a food show on top that Morris. Let me reach over here is we are about to go to. Go to the news here and let me just ask. Ray will you hang on just have another minute or sue are so it yet thanks alive hang on will be back with more of the food show. After we check on some news from CBS the Columbia. Broadcasting system bellow it's the food show on the big 870 WW Alan WW Olin five point three FM the team we left frank B I'm sorry re behind I think we did didn't we. I think so. Raid welcome. Thanks thanks for holding appreciate. Eight Saturday my wife's sixtieth birthday. What plans to go to dinner at our nose and then he'll play at a lot to be bigger yeah. What I'm open or is an ideal world could pick a particular after the play. OK but wait both let me back up a second here you where you going for dinner. Our nose all while really great choice there that really it. Let's see good desserts around there who would that be. The first the first one that comes to my mind is there's a place on the corner of royal. And kind Ty streets. It's. And it's run by an outfit. That calls itself. It's it's a candy maker actually but they do they do pastries in the two all sorts of other stuff. And I'm a test I am desperately trying to remember the name in this place it's. And it'll come to me in a second but. Right there on the corner you'll see and it's it's pretty easy to fine. And they have a lot of desserts they have their own factory where they did make all of these a desserts and as well as Candice of various kinds and they do espresso in the whole think it is a full service wrote restaurants call us so long is the name of SA LO win. And as. That that would be. The first thing that would come in my mind. Another one is on eight and write off of pirate's Alley. On that saint Peter street there's a restaurant there. That does Italian style. Everything it's it's actually vote is sit down place we can go and have. On pastries or or a dessert and that's that's a really scenic spot where they are. And there's more around the corner from and once on royal street right in the middle of that blocker royal street. They have part of there they're building actually backs up that way. And they have a little please call and once and acts and that's also what they do they do desserts more than anything. So they are this three of them in your general neighborhood. Immediate site what was. It's called I Eric Elliott. No no it's it's called. Hampshire it's this is not a a day for me for remembering every little thing counts are. Some so long by so great that's that that's the first when I told you but but the this one. It's it's a reference to Italian style. Ice creams and and that that kind of stuff. Am sorry guys you got me at a brain dead moment. But I don't think I keep people listening for the next few minutes Kazaa all of this will pop out of my memory unit in the next couple of minutes for some reason I don't understand that. All right thank you and hang on. Or just yet just keep listening Metso. All right over here we have frank frank welcome to the food show. They'd done this is frank thank you for taking my uncle and enjoy the show. You. I don't listen to it quite often are aria award introduced in the past. Earlier this the provisional introduce a new coffee shop. It's open opened and ultimately end up in the woods. Edited down to councils and it's called media. Giddy up is this your place. Oh OK and a do you have Czech Greek coffee all the time. We're trickery all. For a true honestly do all the traditional coffee drinks. And we'd serve food as well that we about it and say what is. We're just regular appreciate it's not a mobile and and if so move Bellini. But. And and what what's the difference. Well it. It's got a precedent it is only ingredients that move. On shabbat and expressed. And brought them. What kind of bread. About a god bless you what is it again. Shabbat god bless you. But expected to become. Very. I'd George of settler groups and industry. Witnesses say this is a press that was so you sir your serving up hot. Awful. Okay and located. If you felt that we like it. Well. Nice it is say I don't take free meals and and I'll tell people on there so why I and me and one day. All right right in the middle of false and then that's that's it's not. It's difficult to get lost in polls of this is not a lot of balls from there to 60. 187 he its Puccio and Tom Fitzmorris great to be here would you talk about eating. On our program today is sponsored by in the stone rose restaurant. Which is hosting our. With a big menu I'll give you quick rundown of it because it is pretty big we're starting off with him a couple of different appetizers. Seafood appetizers. One of them I know is that shrimp. Aug rotten which is except you hear you hear about crab meat in oyster or grunt but too often trip while this comes out really good that. There are also doing of variation on it with crawfish so that will be nice. Then comes the two pastas that they bring you this base or pasta the way they actually do in Italy which is very early in the meals so you get this. What pickle pasta a shoe this is Angel hair pasta toss with the a minimal amount of red sauce but it's got little little kick to it in terms of pepper. And then the other policy is their fettuccine Alfredo and I'm telling you just you just do not find better than that it's the best it's the paper thin noodles just perfect sauces great. Then they do there on the their house salad. And the entrees. It's mostly seafood although if you are trying to get away from seafood you cannot back away from it and get something else. But no. For example of veal parmesan will be available but they also are doing. Soft shell crabs with artichokes and mushrooms they're doing fresh fish of the day with crab meat and shrimp on top of that they're doing it crab meat grind which is wonderful. And a couple of other items were entrees and then finally a choice of several desserts we have wines with each of the courses. And the price is eighty dollars and includes tax tip wine and everything. And it also includes a stop at your table bide knee until you tell me believe. And dead then we will and then we'll talk about it some more but anyway it's the coming Wednesday you do not need to be a member infect every piece remember we we're open to everybody all the time. And we always have a lot of fun at these things we're getting pretty close to getting fall on this when we've got forty some people signed up and I usually like to do but fifty mr. Joseph would like to do about a hundred but you know it we'll have these ideas. Certainly good enough rest and a lot of fun to to be there that's this. Wednesday to to read the menu. Or to make a reservation code to know menu dot com and OME and you'd dot com and just click on each club and there and it will. There it'll be and you just. Telus you wanna reservation you don't have to pay anything up front we collect from the US the rest and it's always a lot of fun over there hoped to CU. And that tell me where you heard about it. You heard about it from me right. So. Things we will come back but more the food Choi after first please slow you're listening to the food show a pay right before. The brake a little bit before that there was someone who wanted to know but some good places to go in the French Quarter for. For dessert just for dessert. And you know what I should've asked care. Is if you know place and I'm not thinking of that's good producer in the French Quarter and a bunch of them call us NTELOS what that might beat. But and how. One I was trying to think of just couldn't hold a name up in in my consciousness is log did vina. I and it's on saint Peter street write a pretty much at the corner of pirate's Alley right around back of the cabal though. And that's a really good placing it actually they have a pretty good sized menu there but their desserts are especially wonderful so that was that was the one I was trying to think of but I couldn't. And here is Ricky Ricky welcome to the coach ago. It's a pleasure they are well. It was what do you call. Yeah what did your. And and their collective group and its election of places than it in place and manages Jeremiah. They get pretty do. Know that the you'd date and I can't say much in question would be. Will say it's a one gallon of them that the people's comments from my plan. And and I want a bit since he threw them getting that naked and badly lately. And I want it's from the OJ is that a little entry you know tiger. And practice for a day it is. You enjoyed huge this is the year reached. And then when I hang out and among the lucky get this information. And to protect America. Thank you yacht sure. The place he wants to go to. Is the the gumbo. It's happening again. It's. Shaft don's. Chef. It's on one I'll tell you where it is it's on causeway boulevard right before you get to the I ten. It's in a little strip mall on the service road. The first time you try to approach it. You will miss the place where you have to turn to get to it and it'll force you to drive almost all the way to the lake to take you to earn. And come back around the other way and then take a left. On into the into that area there with the gallery. And it's again it's on the service road of causeway and it's I don't know what turns around and becomes the service road on the I ten and it is what's that guy's name it's its shelf. But it it's called the gumbo. On Gumbel hunt or some anyway he makes five or six different kinds of gumbo he does sell them by the gallon or any amount you want. And he has some very than usual once in will someone please save me and tell me what that guy's name is. It's the gumbo shop it'll if it that's not and it's not it's definitely not in the shore up its gumbo. Will get it in a minute all right. Over here on the blue phone is Pam Pam welcome. Hey am you there. Yes I'm right in the eye. Or. It. I read. Stuffed red fish. Are is his arrest on doors and you wanna bring home. What. Town a restaurant. All stuffed with wecht. Cram me. Basically same thing and kind of floundered. Nina. You don't see that a lot. Anymore it used to be fairly common but what happens these days. Is that they bring the fish out in the crab meat will be kind of in its own little butter sauce and just right on top of the fish. But for. I actual stuffed fish and I'm. Teaching my brain and I. I and it does it's really a lot. I and I I Egypt it's just not something you see a whole you know I don't know I've got I've got a you wanna go to your knees it's a little neighborhood place. It's right across the highway from doors next supermarket. And in your furious FURY. Apostrophe S. And it's just lakeside veterans. It's by half a block the street you'll see it waved is that he's got a bigger is a sometimes at Vegas sign is bigger than the rest. It's a little this little neighborhood placed but he. He makes everything to order everything is fresh and everything is created or so comes out nice and high. And that's a place I would go no windy when a dude it's. Looking potentially at night. All dull old they are open on Saturday via yeah they definitely. Can do that for you they they do the of flounder as well but the patella he won it with the trial. And lower or with the read it you never know what kind of fish you're gonna get these days is that you can't get rid fish or Trout or black from consistently all the time it's. It comes and those are hard. It is it and I I truly I'm I'm sitting here trying to think of anybody who does that old style stuffed fish which used to be very common but I'm thinking about me. Now our. Restaurant on the law on many two. I do I you'll see that again on. Out of Bernanke. CO. And if anybody has an answer to her question call me let's see I am getting closer to the Chevron's. Push up don's. Oh Gumbel. I had it for a second and went away. Oh it is on the screen okay it's. Ryan's. Chevron's. Gumbo place that's not. That's not it it's gumbo. Stop that. Chef morons gumbo stop and it's in a little strip mall. On the city side of the service road of of causeway boulevard. Just south of the interstate I guarantee you the first time you try to get there even though you can see it very easily you gonna wind up. Going at around in circles to get back to it it's of very visible location but it's it's hard to get to the first time you do it after you don't do it a couple of times you've got. But he's got a million times a gumbo there they're all real real good and he does indeed sell it by the gallon so that's that we got that taken care. All right we will come back with more of the food chill in a moment after for a first police I have a word here but chef Andrea. Over it on trays in Metairie. He has had a tradition of his own you know we we have lots of traditions. Pressing Joe's Tuesday which is tomorrow. Especially among the Italian community and even more so. Among. The Texas million community here in New Orleans which you pretty much touches on almost everybody who is Italian in our town that's been mostly came from Sicily. Anyway. All over and it Andre is about 1015 years ago he decided to do a special menu. On of the traditional dishes of Saint Joseph stand there a whole bunch. And he has put it together in them in 04 course dinner. That you can either order as one hole. Menu by its if I remember correctly it's in the thirties it's not expensive. Or you can order of one course of you one dish at a time you could or even just one of them. And you'll see all the the old time classics of the Italian Sicilian cooking beer he includes in that. It's really good is probably the best special menu he does all year long it's at Andre is and it's available lunch and dinner seven days a week. All the time just ask him for the Sicilian special menu in a you'll see a smile spread across his face because he loves to serve that the people. I'm Trey is is on. Right there in the corner of nineteenth street and ridge lake Red Cross causeway boulevard from lakeside mall 8358583. News there at number will be back with more on the food -- after first please it's WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL. FM HD one Kenner and New Orleans the news is next from CBS.

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