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WWL>Topics>>3-18 2:10 pm The Food Show

3-18 2:10 pm The Food Show

Mar 18, 2017|

WWL’s Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, cooking, recipes, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Tom Fitzmorris a yet passing as a cultured person and every day you know week every day literally now we're on seven days a week with this now can you imagine. What does that say about our city we've got. A radio show that's talks only about food restaurants and wine and cocktails and stuff. Seven days a week for multiple hours each day. No nobody else can claim that. And I'm flattered to have a bit in the you know what am I doing again what's my age Letzing we have on hold. Much more interesting. On Jay. I don't think I think the micro makes the call. My wife's birthday is Tuesday and I'm interested in finding a restaurant that serves really good Thomas. We don't have to get to dressed up for you brilliant address about. Yeah well you know dressing up it's not something that happens much anymore anyway so you don't need to worry about that the best restaurant. In town for this. Is. He's the one that you you will have a very difficult time getting into what when this is going to be. Whose ability to boost they might work can you do dinner. Actually it was looking into walls and just learned school yet. Okay. Are you might be able to pull this off especially if you do it late in the in the dinner hour. I'm sorry build the lunch hour. The name of the restaurant is a shy yeah SH a YE a it's on magazine street around the 4000 block 4500. Block I I don't know off the top of my head it's easy enough to fine. It's by four blocks. Downtown side if Napoleon avenue one magazine pretty pretty good sized place so it's you'll see it. I have never had. Lebanese are Middle Eastern cooking that is anywhere close to his good as what these guys are doing it is on a completely different level. And in fact a couple years ago when they first opened. They had the honor of the best new restaurant in America. Not just a New Orleans but in America from both the James Beard organization and the the and an Esquire Magazine so this is really something in the first time I went and my wife and I we both love that stuff. We were blown away and every time since we've been blown away blown away again and again and again the problem is getting in they are packed all the time. But if you do a late lunch I'll bet she you'll be able to get in without a lot of problems like something like 230. Thereabouts. Well Bosnia about a plan B maybe please send me a later. Off all right. In the Metairie area what do we have in the way of what my favorite places actually. It it's on veterans highway across the side street from the black and gold shop. And the name of it is. This isn't my day for remembering names for semi I'm just people us thank you very much it's being blows. And be blows a Metairie road is a full service restaurant but the people's market. Which is on. You know us small shopping mall it's its shopping mall in between cotta for a Metairie road. And they have. It's it's like a little grocery store for that kind of eating but they have a full menu there and I think there whom this is really good. And they also do a lot of other things better than I think anybody else in town that there chicken sure warm month. Is wonderful. There there. Be sure Norman did and lamb also all of that is really good and the prices are very affordable but it's affect a very very simple kind of a place they do have table seating. But it's you order at the Connors and you pick it up but their promises to respect. All right enjoy thank you it's the food show. 2606368. Have you been to Shia area or at all I did it and we had gone so far without my doing. Blowing that an OK here's the here's the story I'm I'm here on Saturday and Sunday on the big 87. But during the rest of the week I'm on another station that doesn't even sound like a radio station it's three WO thirteen no no it ain't you lose your view we again try to. Three WL. WW LF MHD. Two. And by the way if you have are among the many people and I do not just guessing at this because people have been sending me messages. We're having a hard time finding the week day show. When there are several ways to do it one way is to. Go to WWL dot com it's very easy. Name to remember WWL dot com. All of that is about this stationed really with a couple of exceptions in one of those. Is that we had as a but now red button up in the upper right hand corner that says HD two. And if you click on that while I'm on the air which is between. Three and seven every day. Every weekday you'll find the whole show streaming from your computer but you can also do this with the Smartphone. You can you may well have. And HD phone in your car. I'd say everybody in my family it turns out who we've had new cars bought in the last year to all of them. Head the HD programming in a and I didn't nobody told us it was nothing in them the instruction manual or anything it was just a matter of finding it in the and now where there and you put preset on your good. So up for those who. We're accustomed to listening to the food show. On during the week. That's where you can find were still there every day in fact where there'll more than we used to be fifths four hours a day now. So there you go to 60. 187 he is our number we'd love to talk with you buy anything having to do with food. Only way to make it more Paula go and this is an unabashed plug. On a lot of the information that we give out on the program. On is in my website no menu dot com. And I do a newsletter every day there as soon usually 56 articles in and I always have a restaurant review. I have always have a recipe in it we have our our. Food almanac which you might find kind of amusing. And it's free you just go over to new menu dot com and you click on the button that says home and and is one choice that's subscribe free and click on that and there you are and I promise you two things you will never use your address for anything but sending of that newsletter that he in forum by your own purposes. And be Riviera wanna get off you can do it yourself that system but you to skated in on your off our list and in that sense that I don't want to be passed. But I think you would like it. Not that that I would be a pass but you'll like in the news billion of our program today. Is sponsored. By cafe east peace. Cafes BC is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday and they do have been really nice Sunday brunch at they're kind of well known for because. In one of its past incarnations they they made a specialty that. But if there is one ditch that that they really turned the rest unseen in New Orleans on upside down. It's grilled fish. At the time that they opened cafes peace ahead in an old and kind of neighborhood restaurant in the French market area. It'd been closed for quite some time but it had originally opened in eighteen and jumps 1899. And I had a right the first time. And are they. Were gonna modernize it in fact they did just a beautiful job of renovating an old old building. And they. Decided to put in by a charcoal grill. We're doing fish nobody. Was doing fish. Off a grill at that time you can believe that. And it was a huge hit and the next thing you know every move bistro in town was serving grilled fish you know charcoal or wood grilled fish it became the hottest thing in town. Well that's what kind of restaurant we're talking about me they have continued to hold onto all their traditional issues. Chef Alfred Beck there he's he knows that as he's been working in that kitchen for a long time he's also one of the co owners style. They're open for dinner. Wednesday through Sunday and then Sunday brunch at calf face bees SPI SA. 1011 Decatur that's at the corner pretty close to the corner of a sync Phillips streak in the French Quarter. Kept face Isa will be back board a moment but first please this fellow you are listening to the food show on the big gates have any WWL and WWL 105 point three FM this is Tom Fitzmorris yet passing as a cultured person and Vincent awaits us over here on the orange phones. Hey Tom as nine this week to you again my pleasure. Of different our characters to change change. I Willie. He always same phone number over there it's always been that should be a problem. Well one dimension to attract county operated. I'm currently at full attack until anomalies are so there's. Number. 260636. And 200. Oh that's for this 1260187. Bribe them Serbs. To break the lip that. Could do it quick question was he unable to answer in movements which. Yeah yeah I would say the best place to go for that. Am I give you two different places have them both the really really good. Martin wine cellar. The boom the deli and mart wants either one the one uptown or the one out Metairie. Terrific they've by the best meets the best cheese is the best bread they get it all in they do a nice job of that. The other place I would go is on magazine street almost Welch you could say it's on the corner of Jackson avenue. It's a place called Stein's Delhi. And it's it's in interesting place because the guy who owns it. Has put together this Delhi he's got all these great meets that he brings in from all over the place. And he has all of the the the although the deli meats that you would expect to find in a Jewish deli but he also has all of meet you'd expect to find in an Italian deli. All kind of together who spoke and it the quality of it is incredible and he makes lots of good sale which is there I'm sure he makes a million of those a day. The house copycats and never go Europe and Leslie top. Well united in their progression. Movements and we definitely moves seen. What is so what is the Reuben sandwich to you. Glow or so ago the idea so crowd in India. Won't be and but you know what I'm. And kill them the Internet. To. Well in a note to restaurants on the same which it might be a lot of problem but here's something I have learned a forgot where I learned it from but I believe I believe it has to be true. On a Abe Reuben sandwich has a huge problem in that between. The so the pastrami buoyed the corned beef depending on which you use. And the sauerkraut. You've got so much water in there that comes out while it's being heated that the bread starts to fall apart which is off. The way you can avoid doing that is to ask them to put the cheese. Next to the bread is so you have the slice of bread. You want the cheese then and there. And then you then you put all these the good and the meats and this sauerkraut and all that and then you put another batch of cheese on the other loaf of bread you put them together. And then you view stick it in the oven for a minute and that she's will keep all the juices from the on sauerkraut from turning the bread to mush. And that works. So there. Do we get well. Our debt bullets in. I'm glad DP again. On a local until you all. Yours that you look into what banker right. MI pleasure thank you so it's the food show our numbers 26062. With a 26018 Stephanie. Almost at the wrong when again. Let's see what on where where were we yeah. And it's something else oh yeah okay out program today. Is sponsored by -- a stop those restaurant where we will be with our. 22. We start eating Anna on 715 or so but a lot of people show up as early as by 8 o'clock in the evening for a couple reasons first vault. It's kind of a natural place to have a cocktail or maybe a glass of wine before we sit down to dinner and oil lot of people do that. Also it's easier to find a parking space. If you come a little earlier. And you have also Roy AP coop who is the singer in the bar and he's so worth listening to. And towards the end of the evening he NIA usually do a duet together. It's it's something here it's something that you can. Easily calculate the usage of it because switch on to get people go home nabbed a scared. So why anyways it's a five course dinner we are doing with the and the wines matched all the way through from the top to the bottom. The price is eighty dollars and includes tax tip wine and everything so go figure I know eighty dollars might. Via a big figure for a lot of people but. Once you you take away is that tax and tip it's not. This high is all that. And five courses and a great dinner this is one of the most popular. Venues for. Always have people asking me and a lot of regulars for this would tube more than for almost any other restaurant I could tell you. So if you're interested go to no menu dot com and click on eat club. And then you'll see the menu and dubious on another click that one. Take you to the place where you make a reservation you do not have to pay upfront you infect we don't have any way take in the money. And there you go. And that will be on the 22 at this coming Wednesday. At in a style those in Metairie. And they are they are for dinner. Tuesday through Saturday ever for all the time anyway Joseph and posada went company. Now we have a news so bulletin coming in from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system it's only a minute longer than will be back with more of the pooch social call us 26018782601870. Stay tune thank you hi its approach show and we just keep on rolling in meeting him talking about it and here is. Harold. Out earlier today. We. I'm I was enjoy your show and good advice some. I have a question about cash restaurant down when you loved taking some find my wife to dinner there. She wanted to get an idea what your thoughts or choice food items. It's it's a very interesting places you probably know that we're Kashmiris is this a reference to the wholesale to justice an entire range of fishing in cooking fish and doing everything fish. And so they are very heavy with that. They have they big gold grill that they actually built themselves of stuff they found in this what I used to be on a coffee roasting plant. On and it and it's they didn't they didn't change it a whole lot it's kind of a rough and ready and place but it has its own charms to it so. Not a fancy restaurant but an interest in month. And the the variety of seafood have there is tremendous everything from fairly familiar things all the way up to. Quite a few holes finished that they do there that you have a lot of options. There is one thing only about this Rezko and that gives me pause in its news does and doesn't even really affect everybody. It's really loud in there. And being by the age that I AM I'm effected by that little more than let's say if I were 21. And it's just a bit much sometimes but it's not intolerable of cells stop with the there but the foods quite good this is that the guys that owned coach on. And and her precinct. It. Yeah I absolutely would go with absolutely any thing in the war whole world of oysters that they may have arguing that night yet that's always solid shrimp are real nice right now. Ross Fisher coming in beautifully so I would imagine their they've got something going with that. But that whole fish is what stands out that's what everybody once of talking about on their way out. And this is an. Old guy absolutely that the party loose upon us at every aspect of services. Is. Definitely subservient. To what they what they have been put on the plate. OK over a good time and out thank you were actually advice and I'm not gonna keep my radio on and listen more. They can bring show thank you very much let me know how that goes by that well not happy I don't expect you to see yeah. It's a food show. That's a stomp the Taurus tipping giving team beat him and would love to hear from you 260. 187 he we'd love to hear you also. During the week. We do we do the same program it's not a rerun we will have fresh show every day. Money through Friday on. One 105 point three FM. HD two that doesn't even sound like or a radio. Station named but it is one. And it is the coming wave of broadcasting in radio. Radio is not dead every time they tell us we dead we come back with the bigger everything and we had before and this is going to be another one of those times. I remember when FM first came on to your dial. And everybody wanted to get one of those radio so they can hear it in stereo and much much better quality sound. And do you if you remember that you remember it took a little while but once. It happened in news nobody ever wanted to go back when Mel FM is fading away. Being replaced. By HD. And the it's not just the quality of the sound it's the ability to send. A signal along the way on the North Shore. The station I've been on for the last 29 years you cannot get the station on the north shortly snow where I Italy and and just doesn't come through because is too much static too much too much interference out there. And so this HD thing eliminates that 'cause it took it won't accept it and he won't put it on York. In your speaker either. And it'll allow you to hear stations for much farther away. Then you have been in the past so that's that's what I'm most interest him. And so I'm over there is in a way kind of leading the charge along with you know the millions of other people who work with us. And it's it's great so come on over. By the radio and is sorely gonna do it anyway you're gonna buy an HD radio. They're not expensive of 405060. Bucks you can get real fancy when of course far more than that but not too bad. And they'll also check and find out if your car. Sound system. Especially if it's only two or three years old go over to the dealer and ask him is this this this radio get HD. It might be I I would was very surprised to see that mine new car from a year ago my wife got a new car but. Six months ago and my son got a new car also but six months ago. And all of them head HD on it without our having an even ask for it so what you may already have that. And the best thing a ball. Is that unlike all the services you can you know listen special music on your radio and all all of these of services that you pay like. 1020 dollars a month. This is radio radio as you know it and it's free. And always will be free. And it all until you have to pay for now you have to pay for the radio itself but the state you wouldn't like what I'm. I give away what I'm doing right now free because as we know that's all torn right. 260. Amen nets as our producer. To the six oak. 2601878. Caller right now get right in of Bryant could use. Brian is over here on the yellow phone Brian come on in. Are due until it's well what about you. It it is no. Hurt. No. Yeah. Jump. On yeah music station now. Yeah. I got Omar. Will not necessarily with peace and why aren't you use in the mall. Their bit. Well then I'm gonna be the only one who was gonna get should listen to 105 point three FM HD two. Or you. I. I just you never can. Let. Me be sullen may be nice. Yeah. Try to oil spot or it is just ask. That's only half way there. You don't you don't need the HD next step which you might heaven your car somewhere check out those news unless its view only ten years old this of the but the check it out you make it might already be there. And you can also listen to it on your on your the idea of a Smartphone. Yeah you gotta Smart funnier there you got it it's on there. You are there. And I give you a preacher sell aren't going to want to joke top restaurants and I don't want to win. If it's just come completely. About. Pleasing myself without having to worry about what anybody else once I mean I'm just doing it for me is that which mean. Kidnapped or about the bill and any group. Ally all I always worry about the bill because I pay the bill everywhere I go now that's that's true. But but the answer is I don't even have to think about this so very long and once I just I I love being there. I love the food there I know how to manipulated I know a lot of the clocks back there right no all the waiters there. And it's it's my kind of a place on mode I'm a walking New Orleans cliche. And so my love for that restaurant is part of that. You know as. I don't get money. Well it was so a lot lot longer ago you know like it hasn't fallen on my birthday since I was born. I actually. Not. So. Or or on. Now well I go to commanders if you haven't been there in a while in a good and once if you haven't been there in a while and I got to take a break thank you for calling call me again and will be back with more in a moment the first at least slow the food show. We'd love to eat and here is Jay. I. The question to eat all. Of one dog chewed on a large number of I'll or want this place of confidence. And there was so awkward Guerrero ordered are still. Being done. Alike warn them well. The color of the it reminded me when I was on my grandmother to keep we don't Cold War would be well. The issue now being there that chain chronic greenish chain to. That's this piece agreed. I had like a traditional Irish Q would look like. Well I've never been Ireland. And I have no idea. A but I can tell you this most of Irish cooking is pretty much home style coking. And as you know you pick any two homes in New Orleans or anywhere else and you got to a who different versions of everything they've got from Gumbel on down to. Whatever. So. It you know it. Cuisines are not locked in stone they use their open for a change in its. And just because you had one version of Irish Stew doesn't mean that all the other ones you'll ever have a going to be just like that it's. That's the way it is. I. Enjoy see it's the food show here. News. I don't know. If I'm sorry had a pen I think we dumped him out right before he died on Gerri welcome to the food choke. Hey thank you Tom thank you call you. Yes sir. A little steak grilled steak a lot in under the lawfully. Own. I can't remember the restaurant that years ago will go away and what they he would. It looked like they seared it to perfection categories that they Mehdi. Also saw sport. That it's white and color. And then he topped it with so much. Chopped green onions can you tell me what. If you know what that is what the best saw him pull me. That doesn't. Remind me of anything. Sorry to -- I mean New York State is one of those things where you grill the steak and that's one operation. And you decide what you're gonna serve with that or on top of that are underneath that. And that that's that's an entirely separate issue and about the only thing that I think would not. Work. Who that would be let's say low odds on. Would be sweet sauces suites thought process and B do not go together particularly well not him to my place but we are sky's the limit on that. Mean you might my favorite. Idea about a by doing four ways in particular. Don't buy him already cut by a whole tenderloin. Or or half a tenderloin. Either one but if you if you I have like four people coming. And India and you take the whole thing and you put it on the grill and all you do. After just seasoning in by weight by the way use more salt in your instincts tell you to do most people grossly under sell stakes. And you just see it all over and then let continue cooking until it's the temperature or you want. And right there you've got a winner. I'm Robert because it's all the juices are gonna be retained inside. It and it doesn't happen that way he putted into steaks burgers so. So try to in the hole when especially if they're Malays and I think you'll see a lot of possibilities there. Right and have you have you ever married like your own version of little. I'm not much for life like fours I ones and all that well what I'm only trying to do is make. A little. Goalies are at all with someone drip. Generally I'm sure that's a great way to do it I would no doubt about it they listen that good block let me know how it goes we'd love to hear about the results of things like this it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it will come back with more in a moment but first if you will this hello it's the food show on whereby Donnelly the trip today. But it's. A few more things to fitted before I moved too far. If you are looking to get a taste especially if you're looking for a taste of the Saint Joseph stay altars in the whole load devotion to saint Joseph's. And all of the food that comes with that I mean it's a hole almost mini cuisine unto itself. Andre is has it all day today in fact it's the whole month of month of march you can go any time you want the have a special suits million menu. That's really quite good in involved so a lot of traditional dishes and some. Thinks it you may have never had before it's worth you're getting. And you don't have to order a whole menu set up you could but you can also get at one course at a time. Or however you like it that goes on everyday till the end of march yet entree is right across causeway boulevard from lakeside mall. Seven days a week luncheon dinner Sunday brunch to. And now a little programmer Rooney here is also. Sponsored. By care restaurant supply. Weddings are aways off yet about two to three months. But if you have somebody getting married in years already thinking about what you can buy them. You buy the new couple especially if they're building a new house in the new kitchen. I Wear that that would really be very well received I think. Go to care restaurants applied. Care has like the name says been supplying all the restaurants in New Orleans for generations three generations that's how far back ago. And they have all the equipment that ships use. This is not necessarily expensive because. You can you get them rest and wholesale price the one thing. And also when you have a better quality a piece of equipment it lasts longer too. And you'll find all of that as well as all the advice you might need for equipping your own kitchen. Or that of somebody who is getting married and who we sending a household. They are in mid city about a block and a half off of you know in the old buds broiler is on a city park avenue it's about a block and a half away from Maryland con ties street. It's cares CA IR eat care restaurant's supply and over here. In. News. Mark mark welcome to the Puccio. Operate at very much thank you real quick time via. Boat need to come to a place you yours too. My wife's been bugging me to. Those added costs to wrap it rather than the war on lifted the I owe more on the north uncle boy yeah. Are you familiar. I AM oh it's it's. It's not a bad rest run. But it's if the point debit eludes me a wee bit we've eaten there about five or six times my wife then my daughter and I. And we've had a lot of good things here we've also had a few things that I go where at let's say sub optimal. But. I I don't understand where they're going without it's it's it kind of comes across is a little bit Mexican a little bit Asian a little bit New Orleans a little bit of this a little bit of that. And that works sometimes but it's not really work and for me. I hear there are opening a second location somewhere around town that I can't exactly remember where though. I. So if if if this is a place she wants to go to go ahead the service is very good I'll tell you that and it's a neat looking place. But. As to what to recommend to you why I I don't have anything because I can't figure out myself. So let's. Enjoy it if you go let me know how that went. All right C. It's the food show a before we leave. One more message to get over to you and that is that our each club dinner is this week the 22. That's in the stock goes in Metairie. It's going to be a five course dinner starting off with some seafood appetizers and then we move on. To the pasta dishes and then following that. A salad and then an assortment of countries I think we have five or six countries most of them is seafood but we have some other things for those of you who might not want seafood and may not be able either. And we have wines with everything in dessert too of course and it's a always a fun evening when we do 1 over there I am looking forward to it hope you can make it to. Twos look over the menu make the reservation go to no menu dot com click on. And then beyond that you FTC the menu you can sign up for it. At in a status this. This Wednesday the 22 that but in a 7630. Around them see you there. On the air every day during the week. On 105 point three FM HD to hope you'll come over have a good weekend WWL. Radio New Orleans WWL FM HD 110 or New Orleans.

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