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WWL>Topics>>3-20 Tommy, why did the Recall Yenni effort fail?

3-20 Tommy, why did the Recall Yenni effort fail?

Mar 20, 2017|

Tommy talks to Ed Chervenak, UNO Professor of Political Science, about the Recall Yenni effort and how difficult it is to recall politicians in Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Legacy be apprised of the president's two weeks a minute ago we tweeting and what about all the contact with the Clinton Campaign in the Russians also is it true that the DNC would not let the FBI in. To look just in case you don't follow him more you do. And you drive it. Ed Sherman act joints is right now you know political science professor my alma mater you know and ever suffered a morning. Morning tell me about this recall effort the big guy Bob Evans I think it was spearheading at the Bob Evans third drop because he said he did that hurt was gist. To line I think he says something about. In no parish or county of more than a 100000 population but it's never ever worked. That's correct the only worked very. Small cities are very you know sparsely populated paris'. It's almost an impossible standard need to get 13. The registered voters. Competition last. When in fact in some and that. I found increasing the number of people and actually voted in that election was a lot less and Iowa and it. If he get just bluster and 46000 votes and I think there were over 55000. People who would sign the petition. But yet the laws as you investigated how many people. You need to get 13 of the number of registered voters in the perish and so that would basically equates into about 9000 signatures when only how many people loaded point. 45000. Seems crazy to. Yes no we can't at the highest threshold. In terms of petition requirements when it comes to calling. Their politicians most states should use about anywhere from 15% to 25% wrestled. Diseases. I've been seeing some morning Ed but does this kind of had to make when Edwin Edwards said one time didn't it not true that the only ten. If he could not get reelected I think it was a serious he got a cult with a lie dead girl or alive boy eight. That's what he. And and doesn't I mean it seems like the he might be wrong. He could be might be wrong it's it's a bit different you know we're not the middle of the campaign right now he's parity. In our first and it's harder to you know remove someone once they're hurting and as opposed to. In the middle of the campaign when we're deciding on one candidate journalists. But so many colleges now that said they they ran campaigns for a living. And that really you you can't Connie mound in terms of being reelected. You never know. I think a lot of political prognosticators including myself got burned and in the last presidential cycle so it's very hard. To predict what's gonna happen in the future. You know Burnett whose opposition is going to be. You never know what's gonna happen in the future so you can never count out his reelection. Going a bit wider here uniting at the did James combing and talk to the bomb is senate committee today I think it's senate and president drop is already doing some preemptive tweeting it seems like. And I just wondered is it all about the economy stupid like they said you know back in I think was George Bush the first. From George H. W. Bush when he was running saying there was a house senate and a select intelligence committee James Camille testify before. But that so long as things are going for you the rest of it is just sizzle around mistakes along as things are going well for you. Well you know typically that's how we hold the president accountable. Is that no of the performance of the economy. We are kind of seeing a dip in approval ratings for the president's kind even though these economies in the coming along. Fairly well. You know this to. Charge against President Obama by the current president is pretty it's unprecedented and so we're in uncharted territory and so it's it's difficult to see. You know whether you know people are focusing in on matter they're focusing in on mr. you know have every day concerns about the economy. Anyone miss an entity like Dan. It'll be interesting to see what mr. Communists saying you know whether he says anything definitive or whether he says well we're still investigating this and and you know. Leases and hanging out there. I guess James Domi is kind of a I to say loose cannon but awhile card to be generally know narrow it you know or white and thank yet I appreciate your time. All right thank you have a good day a German active professor political science at my alma mater UN no phone lines are open in 260187. James homing goes before the house select intelligence committee and says there is no evidence of this is all this did not happen. And I don't know if you've we equate those statements it would no evidence and it didn't happen for example and in some text. Here are saying just because the FBI slash CIA did on wiretapped trump tower does not mean that it did not happen. Com it is illegal for the CIA to operate within this country I don't know if you know about that but it is. A text about Mike Denny comes in and says while misty any did nothing illegal I don't like canning and explain to my children my a forty year old man. One a day hands. Let's seminar should swallow with 217 year old children. In what kind of leader in this man be when he kansans put on any Jefferson Parish public school property. A series sorry for his daughters who will one day have to hear about his exploits. And they haven't explained to them why they can't attend mass and any new loans Catholic Church analyzed daughters when B bulletin enhancement. That's what the text says.

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