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Think Tank 1010am Trump to cut government programs

Mar 20, 2017|

You voted for Trump to cut government programs and boy is he doing it! Everything from education to healthcare.  This hours guest: Harry Stein - Director of Fiscal Policy at the Center for American Progress Romina Boccia - Deputy Director of the Roe Institute of Economic Policy @ the Heritage Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sorry to welcome. How can this beautiful weren't there labs and we ended in body sing. I I've been under. Forty years plus I cannot remember consecutive diaries and incredible. Well. We'll be got a you could enjoy it and welcome to the drink ten. Pro little word talk about putting a team billion dollars saying flat all the bad 350. Million homes they wouldn't. Over ten year period. If we stop being the prison capital although war old. For a couple of of the world we'd put more people in prison. And 8081%. Of the people important prism not compiled an open. And for good news in the please she's some shares of did today we should keep doing it does and way. Do you ever. Complained about. Do you ever express it's a controlled about crime. And is going down home. You even computers statistics. Nationwide. Did say it is do you evil like it's. When you wake up who do you local newspapers like today. UC shootings. Over the beat him a lot of them. Do you view it's a program. That if you don't. About it we saying you know some of or more of me. The goal and two was system that apparently. To some because he won't say for. Barca and health care plan and from president trump. Indigo. House speaker Paul run them. A bit. It's little concern there that brought and watched go one way. Trump wants to the other and both go with the current. Republican health care platinum. And it is of the Congressional Budget Office is right. That the lower income in the war in the elderly. See increased. Health care rates. And the rich C decrees. How long does from team his connection to the foods would put him in office. Our donors are we're gonna talk about do you have for a budget. Carts and lots of them. And they get complicated but. Do it and I think. It's early exit talk about inquiries and have been spending. Increases down payment of the border wall bound from school programs. Conflicts and are more protection agency's State Department that culture. During the part visits but nothing team agency. Organ seat elimination. Of many things they do. We have Perry's own British rector of biz school policy in December of Peru American problems are appreciative to. I think you probably on. So what do you think about these do you overall old coats that you see him Lou let me practices. We're wrestling. World broadcasting. To fire roots and rid states all over the the gulf coats. And I guarantee you if I was looking at whole. Arms reading tests people would routes are cut as much as you can and government pledged to. So I think put and we look at a much like this it's easy to get sort of lost in the abstract. Of the military aid numbers can recede. A 54 billion dollar increase for defense at 54 billion dollar cut to non defense programs. And it's hard to really understand what that means without. Taking into some of the details. But the only team that we see things like an enormous top five point eight billion dollars 18% of the budget. At the National Institutes of Health so that means a lot of cancer research. Or we huge huge cut at the agency departed at start preschool or potentially seeing Oprah out and kids. Losing preschool and an analogue of of of tens of thousands of child care jobs. Also big pots on the test at FEMA grants for disaster. Preparedness and response and and certainly. We know what happens when where inadequately prepared. For natural disasters. We see elimination of programs that are designed specifically to empower state and local officials. To have their own solutions to to revitalize a community things like community development block grants which are specifically designed. To give a local officials have much flexibility as possible and we don't figure out what we want it we want a decent investment that. The federal government and do what maybe. And we want to empower local officials but there are some logic to that end and in some cases. But the thing about tickets written programs that dude and so. That it won't we when we heard from president company which running for president. This commitment to invest in infrastructure but the budget makes huge infrastructure. Portland and child care budget big huge child care cuts. I don't think he's the kind of budget cuts to the kind of weight of not having fiscal discipline. That that people really would would want it certainly very concerned about what that would mean for jobs and economic security and health and safety for American families. Running here and there is a very different story where EU or blues. Somehow we. Would do in decades. And throw him a cup blue. Category three hurricane within a decade. We could literally. Lose some old les. New Orleans. Could be. Shall liberal on the road. Were high ground units. Everything else up toward good measure. And I'd twelve. Could be galling. But we or that it's day. Among others that say he caught government. We go like big government. Shouldn't be use it to where Asian bird we seed to war sell its. Raised the fifty to a hundred billion dollars. Is committed to aid should stick it to sleep where did you shoes. Or hundreds of thousands of you move more. Might have you know I think that that. At and add something that you know in addition to just responding to natural disasters and an advocate the budget is really concerning where that leaves us. You know we can trust the sides of the cuts that are made. Infrastructure programs betterment. To keel. With clean clean water drinking water and wastewater. Floodwaters. And then also armed responding to Clinton with which our scientists Allison and all about evidence that this is. What is it. One of the major reason the major reasons for the increasing in natural disaster ever seeing it right and the level. I don't think that there is there's really much out left after after all the research it's been done about the basics science. And human being across the climate change. Are an important Brunner. You're movies. They they just don't believe in climate change and question walks. If we believe in Linz government. Should we do that it's home to Louisiana ago. Tell the people buried eventually. Make plans to move north. If you believe in the budget cuts if you believe in lips and government. If PR sues Google Warren you then. Should you bull wall with the coyotes. I think. You know that one where we're where we're all. In this together and and I think that you certainly they're there for Gannett were going to have. We're going to. Budget cuts that are there ought to be shared shared sacrifice that shouldn't be something worksheet one part of the murder. One group of people where are paying for all that. On but it and so often what happens is. The federal government. Apple well it has sent a very broad budget and a lot of federal programs don't necessarily work directly with people they might work. Through local agencies were to nonprofit and think oftentimes. Some of the most important programs that we all benefit from. We don't even realize. That the government program or did it help from the government in a good example here it is meals on wheels which kept a lot of funding. Or dominant apple hold that short again take a break. A more welcome back to mule it's on its. Say brother's governor of yellow brigade celebrity aimed at moral pod to the program. Bernard the incredible work programs covering in this budget. I have terrorists aren't with the wounded the Center for American Progress salaried. Yeah you mentioned meals on wheels everything I've read over the last couple says. Don't wheels could be caught it should be renders. I get out of this morning US senate today in an exact viewed conservative publication says quote. President approached first budget proposal to congress last weeks as separately a bit replied steep cuts 200. A domestic programs. Can be yields on wields was not one of them. The popular program which mainly uses volunteer drivers to provide hot meals for older Americans. Crossed the country does not directly receive federal funding newsroom wheels gets money from state. Local. Small moment government bonds along with individual donations. In Philanthropic. Organ its age. Talked about we shall be. So built up we will get funding from a variety of sources. Com and and some of those sources order federal law attitude that I'm thinking about your two programs that president and budget would limit. Community development block grants and community service to block current. And what happens is that block grants go to state and local officials who have a lot of discretion for how to spend the money. And oftentimes. Agencies and nonprofits ardent service provider in that Eric will complete her put on. And meals at meal is one of the program I believe that I saw. Meals on wheels that are there resources alt com from the federal government. So it's certainly not it's not a federal program on an and it's not as if all of their money it's it's from the federal government. But a lot of it is. A lot of their resources to ultimately come from from programs that are eliminated in the trump budget and Amy and I say that I think oftentimes. When we eat we don't always realize. When we're seeing the federal government. Working in our communities because. It often works in Iraq might provide a grant the encode. To a state or local control and get some discussion how to spend that. And it's not as if these programs are necessarily labeled the United States federal government but that date date too eager exist war. They're greatly. I'm assisted by the armed by the federal government and and that is the case meal on real. Ari good me a couple of more and Agriculture. Department. About 200 million and a eliminated from international. Food for a education program. Here in Louisiana approach that gulps I think. You do the majority puede Singh and an optional food. For education program. How about 200 million for food for program that your view on states. Well I thought well I certainly agree that we ought to be funding. Fruit in education programs in the united stay calm and I think it's important to be clear that. This is not a budget despite the program to excellent money out of out of food and education program in the United States. Like to be in. Optional their budget you know it's a very small part of the overall. Federal budget roughly 1% of that and I think it's instructive to look at what president trump defense Secretary. General James Madison said. About State Department program to an international affairs programs he said in the support permit testimony. If you don't fully fund State Department and I need apply more ammunition and that. Because the State Department and US international development program he said are essential for promoting our interest abroad. And preventing conflict into the military actually been quite clear about that for a while. That. It's not just on in the military that we need for a national security budget that that when you're cutting things like international operations programs and State Department program. Bad for national security and and and ultimately bad for the for the military well you could it's setting up a situation where there. A greater likelihood of a conflict where where military is going to be a part. Are you only need lieutenant. Commerce Department it and get back to weaken as soon short coats of climate change. Ocean Robert surge than actual pollution old Sheehan. Atmospheric. Administration. And responded even 73. Million dollar cut proceed brand programs. And and universities. Which in particular. Imports from Louisiana. In particular. When it comps are starting. Why do you oceans rising. While Ireland sinking. This affects us but it isn't. I go back to where the ones that say won't cause I've read more small or federal government. For those that say they've warned federal government caught. Shouldn't you shouldn't they be. Okay it would when they get cut. You know I I think that it really wanted to make it work part time he EU what. What all is going on in Washington. Until you actually see what how those dollars make it into local communities and and so law and that's not. The government to find a way to make that not clear I think that the problem and ought to be more transparent to people where where programs are working. On in their community and and and and in their interest. You know when indicate a change like I mean I I believe that the that the science behind climate change it's it is quite clear that at this point. That there are a lot of search but Purdue and that. The science behind climate change they ought to be the ones. Pushing hard to increase funding for more research and yet the that the budget that that zero doubt a lot of climate research program. Com you know which could not what you would do if you really did decide to climate change to feel more like. And and trying to avoid. Finding. A result that that go against your preconceived notion. Perry cold play drew thank you with the Tom bruising. He read. It. Our book come back we'll tag would give the conservative. Side of Trump's budget cuts they would others. Oh big yards sub in the immortal 53 you at. All right welcome back and merlot they can about president trump proposed budget code should congress. A complicated but overall. Pretty young and depend spending is going to be would be up. Gun down payment normal view aboard Waldman and revealed today advocate contracts being let. Just riding. Blocked the ball will be how will hold a book called for a good round. One depends as a boy and a pro people climb over a or renewal and Olin school voucher programs. All. Going out. Of what's being caught the environment protection agency's State Department Agriculture Department had to hoard their suits. Nineteen. Other agencies are you doing some cuts. Veteran groups and all that slope we have both of them. Remained about through the EU those suits who bumped soared deputy director. Roy instituted economic policy at Heritage Foundation. Room and appreciated the call. Hi I'm sure drug production entered time. Both organs it's a big question what are your world thought she needs to do is watch. But it is of media aggressive budget that shows that the president is serious about draining the swamp and rooting out waste. In in in federal agencies. And all about. Com or storing them on truth federal land by moving responsibilities. That the federal government. Improperly use our backs who don't levels of government where those issues should be best handled like transportation and environmental protection. Back to the states and localities. They know best how to balance they're concerned track economic growth. With the desire for economic. For environmental protections. And that's exactly where those decisions should be made. This budget is. Is a very old budget I think it'll be interesting to see how many of the president's proposals that congress will seriously consider. Because. Every single program. Had a very powerful constituencies. Fighting for it which is why it's been a difficult in the past to make these cuts happen. All right we've we've been doing that shall pro about thirty years ago so do people that are texting and we do a little. Under visual and sign him hole every day. But it covers about five members had states almost all of them right red. And the question we're asking them pro drug board opinion well. Are you or against president for lunch proposed put shouldn't budget cuts 7%. Say actual brutally. When you talk about the EP game and and federal government transferring. Responsibility. Back to the states. We are literally losing. Seldom. We see him it's not in an exaggeration. With the in decades. Given a couple of her obtained three EU. A category three or against. It is it'll be a decade of scripting years we were little or lose and the state. Are huge amount of apps is 30%. Of Americans. In which. You believe and and all of this question if we read slowly. Let's show say we're brutally yours 70%. In favor of the present Scott's. Should leave. Not be responsible. Orb should mob. Breed be responsible. 45200. Million dollars not to save the state of we have Blanche Juan's. But the way it is an hour the whip my B and vibrant and yours now. Shouldn't we you agreed to the cuts and we accept the calls. Back to. Unless there are natural. Disasters and war international response yet most of this that he should be taking place that the state and local level. And you know we've seen a lot of wasteland the federal government has gotten involved and often times. Delays in response because of the additional bureaucracy. Which ends up hurting not helping those individuals to rely on the fun. To get to them as quickly as possible. So it hasn't been particularly helpful to have the federal government on ball. And federal state activities and yes the league and that should be taken care of its own affairs and funding does activities on. And art and kid grandma and I guarantee you wrote in the womb inaugural on the crucial hole. In saying do you believe in global. Warming no. Do you believe him rise in Siegler who know. Why is so hopefully we zoom Gordon way causes sinking. That is somebody in from does that culture. That is doing that rule permits. So we really should say hey. Pick mobile home it's a computer from boats picked up oil and gas pipelines. And golden aura. Because he home. Agree with that rule cards. Our it tiger Greg covered arrived accurate thoughts to surge or 170. I mean you got beat port this right. You for the sir euphoric. Abuse and or you'll lose it. Which one double up yeah. We're about budget cuts and two bedroom and that was glued to the liberal so it up between the the broom and a but. Blew the hundred to around age random. Well we'll look at the EU. There would be to have been its budget. Actors so there. And mark. Defense Department. Increases of the dorm and bring court increasing number of shipped in the lead by a 35 joint strike fighters more rapidly. Encouraged me to do reports from that play in regard to club. Everything I heard from pro during his campaign and a little bit of that tree became president. Is that good but weren't too many policemen were brought that they were in surreal boring game and malware being threatened by Asia. Were bruised spending. Too much. Collateral was spending too many dollars in those efforts. Why and expand the defense department of football news. We have to brute freed from shall of these. And you do illusion. We did laws should. Our group we're gonna try to good memory can. But begin I go back to one that you do. Podium should do more screw the beginning. Should be in Louisiana. Be prepared to pay 5200 billion dollars of our oil money. The end through this yeah. I think have broad fact committed and not quite not quite attend what John lips was just. The lions. Globally it is old laws. But and again if you just shorn of we're talking about trump budget cuts and it was during interest. We ask. Any. Representative. Of a liberal think several pro American problems. Then Malia. A representative. For the conservative. Think tank Heritage Foundation. Should we know we generally. Who were all more cutting the budget. All four reduced that regard. When it comes to the 5200. Billion dollar to won't take. Not to rebuild Louisiana coach law and good to keep it from totally going way. I mean the roads car all in there and. Every every. Cajun. And to do you can Ringo or you will show beach. Tell the ball. Below the hole and pulled cars pulled wipes oh move north. Goods sold his during because they don't believe in global warming. Read thing we believe. It is jaws in sinking. Area. Well the liberals. Depths of Rea in print and kind of equipment hidden with well all I'm sure you have to pit wall we have. Word would federal agencies. That conservative. Thing to. When I said look I've got a pretty judge or opinion poll. Are you Porgy and Trojan Trump's proposed budget budget cuts. 60%. Of you were 53 minutes. In the talked about the rules and viewers know for the big cuts. And she said. Yes. You know as Louisiana. Should be prepared to bring it to your hundred billion dollars. Yourself. In taxes. Or told people affected to move north. Good idea bad idea. But yeah. Already coming back. Think about it a couple of headlines control. Support did GOP helped her plant in the in still hold on to his older. Can serve and the year elderly in the win column committees software. Try to find out you're dead for looted so what's gonna happen. Governor Abdel brigade celebrity a moral. Three of them. All of Robin what do we call that thing.