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Think Tank 1110am healthcare plan

Mar 20, 2017|

If Trump backs the healthcare plan that reportedly takes from the poor and gives to the rich are you still a “Trump Believer”? This hours guest: Dr. Walter 'Dub' Lane - Associate Professor of Economics & Finance @ UNO

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our. We org and get about it headline. Kim for its support good GOP's health care plan and still hold on to his older. The administration's. Early exemption from the pros and pull between his home that lose and agenda. And the libertarian. Views economic policies of power and speaker Paul brought. Out. Umbrage at one from the Atlantic would try to think it is it is a good description. As liberal publication. And how that some awkward thing good about but it comes from and Holtz said is it. That every blow him a break. Everything. I read cued don't all of Reading and talked to experts all over the world. The league bullet liberal. Or conservative. So did the few people. Noble thing outside. Of their F gold chain of the independents. Will know from whence it came that. And led did influence from the an influence their thinking. And we won't get to that is some of them sobbed into orbit and Albert de. But but the question urged for open in broad and kind of on play and going up against each other when we come true number of issues. We're a doctoral Walter W with the who's who often move to Airways room used. Professor duties as economists to them at and income rose and them and say expert at dew and doctor. As always appreciate it now. Here so controlled support the GOP health care plan shall will do voters what do you. It's going to be a problem. Because you know trop has taken drugs is. Is that it's been very quickly not Trulia conservative. He's much more progressive and so it's a lot of ideas you'll. Conflict particularly those guys like well all rise who's very much. I don't know libertarians that term that you I would certainly think you remorse conservative but. Traditional dirt of but the key thing is he's you know if it progressive populist type of attitude from has really brought in a lot of these. You know blue collar vote both voters in the middle of the country. And and one of things he'd been witnessing and not going to be. Attacking. And Medicare or Social Security some of those. Popular. You know government programs that a lot of conservatives like to cut back and entitlement programs. Yet what he's doing with healthcare and again the issue is. Drop did not have a health care program he had some border to these spoke out but nothing resembling any type of coherent strategy so yet they'll rely on field most corner threatens the Republicans did it have anything except for Paul rock and but few others Cassidy you come up since then. But it's always the wind when and they really feel like they need to repeal replace and cumbersome to whip. And almost defaulted to a do also Paul right things speaker house had a you know that political power is through state default it is program and I think trumpet you behind it really all about they're but. All right program theory clearly. Hurts a lot of stuck voters that trump has attracted to the party yeah. Good bit of said he places that the debate in Ohio West Virginia. Where you have counties that had gone to Obama that switch to trot and then look how many of those people counties are on. Who owns the Medicaid expansion obamacare. In will be losing there. There insurance under the Ryan plan so I think I think there's a real conflict here is that good that hopefully realizes. They they could really be a threat that is to what is promises. Lateral move you take a look at those in the argument. That opinion. But the Republicans want to call us old obamacare a caller from broad Carol American health care act. And he would says. That leaves again here in the Atlantic liberal publication. Medicaid rollback would cost fourteen million people there hold the insurance coverage. And that's according to the Republican or Democrat liberals conserve them Congressional Budget Office the other thoughts there. Are you out this deal it was a very reliable organization I mean it really is. Nonpartisan. I've known people that work there and W they get criticized by Apple's site. Which is also usually a good sign went with it went in a particular little light but I. That ripped outnumber the Republicans right now out of come out and says eight. CBO one becomes obamacare. They've they were totally wrong. Above the positive side. Well armed quote of the CEO the CBO said several things about obamacare they talk about how many people would be enrolled. And of course that those initial number didn't about because. Because the media you know 98 it did the Medicaid roll out. That is so they enrollment numbers to meet their targets but that's understandable as Republican states chose not to. Do the major thing it was content add to a but they talked about there at the fiscal side of that has been fairly accurate. And in terms of its effect on the budget they would go to the budget neutral they little underestimated because. There were a lot sicker people that got signed up on the pre existing conditions than anybody anticipated. But for the most part but I think that the BO estimates were were actually. Given that there that were fairly reasonable. Obamacare and and so I think you know people be right but I think they're a key thing is they are unbiased estimates and I think that's but it's an apple. Or did. Here Paula Roy and probably true with me. More room. Said he isn't ringing. Of Medicare cuts and it's who was drinking of better care. And and he said that this is in a conservative. Think tank interview. Is if you congress. Truly use conservative. If their boss and brought it. Or they go go along with fraud when it comes to health care. Well the question is is tropical with them. And they're going to be get together their police do you like they drop that wouldn't repeal replace it can be better not lose anything which is. It is impossible for one thing. And so so the rye and came out as planned which would the majority of conservatives are kind of behind the way it is also there's a freedom caucus who what's the cut Morant pastor. That the real problem for the Republicans. And but the but I think a lot of Republicans are drawing act because again they're in states you know Pataki and a lot of other states and Louise that means we have to. Republican fundraiser from Louisiana. The angle this capacity. That the thing looking how how it's gonna pay the population of their state. So I think there are a lot of nervousness. Out there. But trump is the one should be really missed. Because he's the one that made all these promises but he did not going to be able to keep an and the Ryan plan does not keep the promises that prop it. Very clear and again but he meet the terms of the promises to update. But it but the key thing is that the right plan does cut back. Immediately and number of people in the and they EB project communal project tup to forty million people you know within five years. Doug illusory. Or did trigger Greg come right back quote what are things are off tomorrow and I actually ban. Regardless what do you think about it and cramps she shrine. Take a look at this in about 200 trumpet hey hey hey you're reloading your base. The people booed would you in the often that you wrote in their base. And funded perhaps they are ready Perugia drug war opinion poll. What your health care or be affected but approach proposed health care plan and 57%. Of abuse say yeah outs. We just got the door and show were you said you were totally in favor of pro. Cutting back on the federal government. And what does products. Again confuse. What do you think diddley called to his legs or one lead celebrity double. Or brute strength about a problem backs these health care plan and the broad Portland lead tied to Libor that its board of review over and over and Gibson bridge. Or use tool full believer. I think of nothing else we have. I don't replies renewal and Dubai and port. I'll speak for Paul. Donald Trump would columns to. Believe. What helped her sues them should be. Often cola dark Walter Dublin and a professor of economics from the exit you know. A professor of a little relieved as well a quote from Paul raw. It says goal out. Things Obama cures. They say hey this is new prison the program that will work. While making a big mistake here what were offering people lose pulled sloping slow mocked him and impeach soul. Under runs helped do rule if you won't treat kids get better cool their. Then you have to go up there. And hopeful. And make sure you find yourself a better movie awards shall be pilgrim job. Two of the cold voters in apple. In the midwest. Who can't own work. Who tried to go would be news paid program to. We get educated tempered new jobs in the video. And are living. On Social Security disability. When they hear the people be elected Saturday. You do you have from would get about all of the government giveaways. You've got to go out there and cultural make sure you've gotten yourself a better more soul balloon draw. Do they take that is your right that's the way you'd use to be back in the the forties and the fifties. Well what would it into words is score. Well yet again there's the classic conservative. That issue and I think that is the that is in my class on on Tuesday to mine. Freshmen students about what the congress code of restoring the the efficiency. Or just the equity trade efficiency is one. And economists and particularly conservatives. Try to emphasize that how the free market system leads to creating wealth and prosperity. Is by people. Going after news you know the best job seeking education doing their best working hard and how that leads to very wealthy apricot and and that's true. The equity partners well what about those who were left on how to we take care of those and let off. And and we feel like we ought to do that it agrees with that. The disagreement is how much it here very very generous with that with the equity that here mr. just decide that. That you could destroy incentives for people to work. And so the concern that if besides the incentives that were part you give away everything who's gonna Google work. And that's correct. On the other hand if you do you try to create those incentives and focus only on those they're going to be a lot of people ball the scraps gaps. That ought Gannett health care in and and that's that's approximately true it is a trade off. And the title that you liberals are very good about recognizing that that trillion trade off. But again certainly ball in the density get whipped beauty. Hardcore conservatives calling on that side of we need to make sure we have incentives we want and again in part of that part of it although light can buy and kind of lean that direction myself. I disagree with the money help here because. I don't believe that the free market works pretty well health care. Yeah I've a big believer pre market economics but the idea premarket economic assumes. That there's conditions. That make that possible. Are in play in healthcare that's not so much for them because we don't we don't have. Lots of competition we don't have good information for making decisions people don't have the money to buy. Health care that they need to make the competitive so. And health care doesn't doesn't need to conditions. That would that we can vote would we are really paper free market economics and I dope I don't think that house Republicans. Are are really I did that that recognized. Or enough omelets and very close and it's strange question. I grew up in the fifty. My parents didn't didn't have helped him sit and have them and they wouldn't have. Medicaid. They have they have their country doctor in doubles it. Amanda got rules say it you're gonna die. End and also indicted in their fifties at lucky in their sexy. And and bill and I did well look at that and that's a book that was capitalist. In the look at added two day. And we're supposed to be taken care of content from these good cradled two of them took rave. In the end at least bits and pieces by the federal government. And here's a question. Or wind old girl a capitalistic. Suicide. All we know he's socialistic. Capital dues to society. Or something else I get compute those. Well we've always been a mixed economy. But we have if you compare to like for European economies Canada thinks that. We have moved on the spectrum we've always been on the most concern but most capitalistic side of that spectrum. We've clearly moved double. We are still more capitalistic than most in the European or candidate or other most other countries. But yet. We have moved towards the government. Socialist excited less. The pure pre market sides so we have been moving in that direction and that's wanna think the good that conservatives really disliked they really think we need to be back. But if health care in particular. In the 1950s. The weeks that the hawks that they'll get the things we can do you do are immensely expensive. You know giving it yet answered in having the radiation that people that are cost. It tends of thousands of dollar they were you I'd. OK so we now. Options out there and people cannot paper that other pocket and lists you some type of it generous health care system those. Options which are now available because of technology will not be available to the pork for people. Doctor out of time always a pleasure. Get ready Borg would call you about 2000 more time I haven't used home I look important. Always put your doctor Walter doubly pro processor a compartments and condenses June oh. His students were really lucky to have that is teacher. Double dubbed brigades of in the area mortal three at him. Roads switch horses in midstream here. Home won't bore and think about another so. Little scope. Tin remember the big financial collapse of the boy image marriage. About co written. His builds on infrastructure. About Brigham state called me and possible. Water contamination. A bad she can't remember in those but those were big. Thing today. Talking it's boring and conservative. Goal against liberal problem. But B can't remember him. Currently the more important things which all the words or concerned. Or at least should be worried about. Don't show the other doodle on robotics. Didn't show begin to withdraw bruise cards. Now. Let let's go bug could give. Did bush. Financial coats affection. That you can't tell them. Did Clinton. Infrastructure changes. Director of church and to me. Re game on water contamination. Bad she can't tell him. But. Robots take your job. You've brought liberals scores changed when world. I mean car insurance company twelve. Cool way. Parking structures. Who's going away. He. Caught. And please in share of funding. People running red lights. Running into each other breaking the laws. Going way. The car dealership. Goal way. In an action going wrong these or huge. Change. You'd think those and horror. Would you remember a bad word but. We spend part time. Screaming in Britain. Arguing in cinema like did your role and when it comes. To political it's. Depths. Don't look back toes in many ways but in other ways. It goes away. After every Goodman is Fareed shouldn't change. I see Obama care. I want to ever be other administrations. Thought somebody's gonna come in and change. So. Let's let's talk about it. Just. Robots. Let's talk about how good red. Rover and robot. That taker job. I'm Rory what read a couple of items. They're beamed considerable rough on the world and build its own apps and bluntly in sane. But these changes. Or combing at X but doing actual speed. It's your ambient to cultural revolutions. Only aids the that you diss him Suleyman Jim what are we did you you can go back to. Rule moving much much much better. Here's the government of him. Getting closer absorbing it and pro basic. Income. Essentially top and all the incomes. Of people. Blow up particular. Economic. Ratio. Why. Because of people losing their Joseph pa. Policy experts increasingly looking to basic income does stabilizes. Society. Where these human replace a robot to the workplace. Bill Gates who don't agree with them some politicians. And go for Tuesday. And called for a acts a robot. To slow down their adopted. The Greek finance minister. Claims an inseparable basic income and caught in tact to robotics in rigged were ports. About a boy did you with the increasing automation. Fewer dropped three who did you humans. Using national. Dividend. Coral idea. I had a national dividend is give every citizen. An equal carbon societies. Or more all productivity. This couldn't broke making every corporation devote some of that shares shall public products. Making every single member of society is shareholder. And were reds. Weren't countless eggs. We would be against that maybe. You lose your job. What do you think in terms eggs are 107. Double. Arab where thinking about the number of the little as our program. Ever varying from we we have a conservative think that represented. Tell me and I said. If trump cards to be Tuesday involved a lot while we won't do you say you sell Louisiana. Should we just silly to me unions. You goal ahead in 815200. Billion dollars she herself. In that not. From boats in oil pipelines. Christmas trees and the whole DO. Shelby. Shouldn't. The rose cause at all. And boom north. And she said. And if you're going to it or did foundation has Berry and learn to play them every during a breed. And did trump White House say. May be weakened real world. Let's go to true blood Tallinn and hold what problem I appreciate. Oh I. The complain about. Sure are. Our. Jet let go. Air. Re. Out of the or. I. Trying to obamacare. Are arguing. About. And oh. Boy across the street legal your year cost control. I am sure are comparable. Out. That. Job just sitting arguing. That much. But it I jumped in Leo Leo a woman who would should think about. Here's the thought. The government golds in my in box today is the drug companies. And adding commercial rate toward their shareholders. Lose not coming. And then they can totally right way because the only what do you think. Are. You a lot of people. That. I. Jeff. You. All of my oh. Marshall. The there's back and they opted. Awaited. Currently have the technology that the tree and they are. Out of that. The or stroll through to become dirt and you. Quit in them out on the market actually crew saying. Research and the gate keeper. I paper and a great market. We're running out of time but look good vote Goldman whose that it. But again Tom goes back to what I have heard some nationalize two hours. The government. That nor do during. A bad idea. Dave we go to cut back on. Probably go back to the mid season Ortiz in the thirties. When we start doing things totally on oil and even if it's painful. What do you think two's are general Walid celebrity build up. All right weren't little confusion comes back go him. New low study says we could say the book and the team building bunch Ronald about 300 did team over ten years. By not being big prison capital of the world. Would Wear boots they did says you do that pro. You do this time. So we wouldn't change. What words did obliged paid taxes. Witnesses they did says eight run him it is going up. So. Actually its position in our the prison drew dudes and draw where we pay too much aware that debate Barbara thing. Talk about that a more comfortable suburb of bill big itself. A little 53. Open.