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Think Tank 1210pm Prison Capitol of the World

Mar 20, 2017|

Save $150 million…..nah Louisiana doesn’t want to do that.  If we did we’d have to give up the title of “Prison Capitol of the World”.  This hours guest: Elain Ellerbe - State Director-Louisiana, Right on Crime

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've don't we actually doing minute minute minute timed an overview of brutal debris and towards the topic it is. Who would you say as the prison capital. Of the world. Per capita probably the streets of a blow. World. Every be a number. Of people involved. And biting problem with the they beat news for sure it's a huge forums state. They're fighting to keep that bore. I think it's a good thing. And prompt some of them. A good feeling that they think it should be encouraged. That is the number of pros and board board pretzel didn't spend on this we have something called the justice reinvestment. House warts. Bridge is it is an appropriate for a going. May go well Assurant. A different to turn things several judges shall Wal-Mart. And the head of the conservative friendly for him. And kid from him that reporting to governor Edwards. Rosie history. Of gambling share erupts. That then. He usually did true. Now of all let's bill from senator what score at all with the proposed changes. We're cold related. Bridge and director Louisiana problem of shoes agreed to give was so moved from able to ultimately thank you from the biblical predictions. Yeah you're quite welcome glad to be able to come on your program. So so what do you think about this test lose funding Rodman. We know. I think we need to understand. It's just something we. Develop that's just reinvestment passports. Here had things going on and stay. I would collect their ears and Bennett. All right now a lot of Graham and show. Really great result. Not only lowering prison populations. But they're also saying there aren't a lot more they're saving money. That kind of my teachers that we protect public sank. And tell him from wrong we've got to mobile. Have national Arab. Inmates. Reducing that bridge would match that Oklahoma. Would just say the second. More storage. I got a pro every correctly. Similar crime itself Carol and implore them. That'd in the league twice and boom on blood and it is and to prison and self rule and and nearly three times as maybe lower rivers couldn't. That much more. Than South Carolina in lower. Why exactly what I'm finding. Recommendations from the past or are we begged time that we hear locking up more on. People. In the stay in any other day and that sentiment that they. Don't. Realize. Is that people you and I are no more. In one other thing that means it's going rebel. We got to start acting not smarter about how we me. Implement our criminal policies. But we have to realize that we need to be right. About what we're doing and being able understand. Behind all these are outraged somber day are you would be. And many of the human beings can be. That will Accra by redeemable. Or some of the worst of the worst and there are half a lot. But by and large we have individuals. We have people in the state that are going. There. Entry programs. That are true. Eric organic thinking and wanted to. You realized that for. The position. I director. Which is the conservative ball. For objective out one I actually work with my family non profit for over twenty years. Implementing reentry programs directly to the cork right population. I have literally hundreds of individuals. Go to that program. Come to their senses and wind up being not. Tax burdens and longer but tax payers. And that's exactly what happened and that is possible through these recommendations. That passport. On art and then. Odd act or bad hands come together to come up with recommendations. And again reminds. And have been for years and others say. Why would. Continue. To keep doing the change getting the result. Spending that money and then all not being able to stop. The high recidivism rate and crime are. You know I think we've heard you know we go. And it we've got it right here. And our criminal justice. I've never don't show to be in game three will the government will there be Sheridan or. Veteran changing try and do things better. The door and talk about bills practice whose Brothers so the country's. Haven't talked to the duties of police she assured Europe's debt or camps. To have worked recommended recommendations. And it's been practices self Caroline implore him in the of this aids. Saying that bore an outline. Did the wayward doing it is a working just what did we go people would think it was 2014. And there are pleased that and 63%. Of American people. That crime does all the sides if we're doing weren't hitting reported what was so who do you think crime was given words when it's actually getting a little bit. Exactly I think you know light at FBI number now back end of last year showed us. You know we. Now I think that it's art why don't. We are no. And there are and not any have been on the ground. Oh we'd really aren't experts and then we found. Out you haven't by. A or what gets the job and that exactly is Jack the impact. Profitable album to date. To be a part. That. Highly. Specialized type or. And balances are the driver on our president populations. And comparing it. Others and gay and say okay we need and crew appear. Action and that's really what recommendations are out. And critics that we man. You know. I would need and be able to survive why. Me obstructionist here but I'll say. They're concerned. I am from the pack bat. If we're gonna start Rory and me the populations and let people see you. In the part of why mention it yeah ramp. The what we can't community corrections which you actually your preparation robbery and using alternative. To incarceration. Or some people because when you talk about his hand. A drug problem. All our other kind of addiction. That day. Locking in and the leaving but there are many many years. And not. Providing. A real true haven't I rehabilitation. All we do that comes out older. And probably a lot more why there and it. Our lives and they're regular Joes toward this. Talk about the idea task force made. The very people. Quite frankly wouldn't think would be oil business sports. Talker but sure of talk and Duchscherer to turtle it's one judge Jews rule meg groups. Of the conserve definitely for them. Overcome and says that we have has stopped being the prison. Couple of the war the world. We're paying taxes we're playing Maloney regardless of the results. Dead that we simply don't I would say would replace your taxes were pretty well the taxes. Achieved these people in prison. Come right back don't you. Are you were think about it and you. Taft ports coal Johnston is William testament. And or we'll bring you those of which Euro would do. Trillions of law makers and several charges and served at the conservative friendly world. The door making recommendations. To governor Edwards who has long had free and we member. In the and more imports in secret. So they are saying we should no longer breed of prison capital of the world. We put more prison world prisoners. And India and pleas from world we have been leading a will be those. Sit director Louisiana I don't crime. Italy and bear with me. Looking at February of this year. Okay. And you'd report to and and they controlled. The prison slog so a 100%. Cents from wind. The tunes me in prison corporations. Corrections. Corp. Of America and GO. Or traded. On the New York's art collection in they have millions. Picture Helms. We Rea I think growing problem. A little difference it would age from we're share office in particular. Got a lot of funding. And political pawns in Rome prisons in the ruling raises it read and problem on Stewart bowl of Roland. I'll eat on the local prison. Europe's can lob of their. Funding through prisons here in New Orleans we just build today. Multi million dollar new racism. If if we restored putting you were in prison. Oral all we gonna see Cheryl notes and and police chiefs. On the able to do all the work because a reduction in blood sugar in or they gonna point should political. Narrow path or we have. That your age share air. And he is there a quarter. Well we do. She actually part of me. Check the reinvestment initiative. That reinvestment. You know in. Particular where are on the recommendations and rot is the fact that when you. The day it should take. A portion of that and reinvestment act in the bigger programs that lowering it and kind people died. And that we're talking about being the guy you share are willing. You put man Evan and I program. And caring then. It would be somewhat and randomized to be able to do that we can't share. That are actually do reentry program and doing well now the issue that we presently on the pretty yet. My share and not possibly. Kyra. In that have they're okay they come and a lot of and that makes them outside hi I'm just grants or whatever and I'm chair have gotten very and that would get so and there. The whole board. What we're going to see that. And corporations that started in the local prisons. Our local jail that we're Bayer. They were in October they haven't overcrowding could do that court where else and the local jail and and about the prospect got started in the process that aren't because we have such. Hi our regulatory body on our policy. And that's another area is going to be by implementing the recommendations. So that line in and yet. Articulation. And apparently art product that we got news. Tackle and be able to come up with me. Criminal justice reform solutions that we have worked and other right. So. In one way they're being absent. Possibly. Want to play Atlanta at that to me which. By march. The majority shares are behind you you know the governor. And history are sugar yeah. A hotline and though he has been such a clip of the effort that I feel like that whatever they're aren't our. They'll be able to and come to the table and understand. The process along be except you know what it's odd happened. Only go to bloated middle lip a world to a mixture and use them. What gradient. Where you'd talking about. Indy and her. And the fear of criminal justice there are number. I go. Back and can't act that local. Government agency can't apply for George shared apartments are all private funding that is provided. My that the family. I mentioned early one. We actually and aid project to pay attention and. And we deals gone through and children William portrait seconds. A couple hours ago on trial coding state budgets or those groups who gonna be. It likely because in terms of the second chance act and criminal justice reform. We have not heard that the administration really put back. Need to continue. We think Erica. Toledo a big thank you so look for the tar I Q what should do. There's is an ongoing sub I'd like to call you again you have been a great day. And you sir Anthony's. Elated no big state director lose you know. Don't forget DO. Aren't worth about do we. What are get rid of do you label big prison a goal of the world Louisiana. There's that task force Lugo probably share of actors should during these several George Waldman agree and they of the conservative probably formed incidents that we do. And they have ideas. To. The code to re edit in New Orleans at the appreciated ago. Hi you doing today. Aren't aren't. I've been in business. All my ally pots down. Have a law degree which I don't practice out. I've been in the retail business appeared he would stop and wait EU law. By. Law. And I'm talking about that label. That square off. Wish shop where it is probably the number one and on their attic or we're. I'd like to relate on a couple its century a quick. And it still in the water and it generally comes. And try to deal on merchandise. Well. I've got emerges I promise you walk out the door Barry calmly. Not that happened. The policemen on call on Kerry in a report about somebody. Who's what and who is open. Finding that it can't crop both with huge roar from the media attribute Karen know. And two where you sat up every night. And it acted like he changed clothes that you eat he came out on his way in part the only one. And he was playing. I thought typically. Egypt's copy shop put that bunch are Romney Eric and you know at the policeman tell me. Call will arm is. Well that particular shop where there and it already committed. One arm wanted to walk rate and about eight shop where bin incident and the brand water. And Hewitt and stay Chris you know prom policy at any work release program. Well one really cool aid. He goes by this year ago. He deals on the law. Eight running down the street at a policeman directing. Extra pop block in March turned his way. You know cracked. Eight and killed the police. Are you would have been in jail at that urged policeman did take it happens. Real quickly and the other incident accurately. Who whim and. Look put Goldman agreed. I got children really do but let me has skewed question. That all the curb. In our current system. Soon should we keep doing that. Well we can't. It is solution occur that go into. Auditing should we keep doing what we're doing. Prison capital of the world and what is it six drew didn't give them billion dollars. People walk. And everything from Nazis. It's. The 620. Blood moon is well we're paying for a year out. Aren't you in order to get a good education and play use what you're talking about so should we keep Dolan. OK so what you are saying is we should. Cut the. Jail time or repeat it band is it that paid and shop lit in. Both offenses. And that and maybe a couple of other. And I'd see an end to him asking. If so I don't worry about in my hand there South Carolina have taxes she Georgia. Alabama. Chicago. I got 36. Deborah states hear what they're doing differently. Shall we do we're definitely would keep doing mob do. Well let me put it this why. I think the problem is that we them one in the most. It right. Our. Graham and those in the country and each week do dual. We. Couldn't go on and it's on new dog some might break in and call. It. Drew did you realize. Hopefully people complaining in this state are paying taxes. And maybe you bought her some good people put in prison or not we're through talking about. Ma and violent criminals. And we go to Q doing. Well now I think he has said that. That correlation between. All people that are in did it and people back on the street and people that. Who live in an award and antsy off its buildings are someplace that at its security saw. This that. And not think oh thank you march Packard of that. You're going to lower income coupled say that. Saying that hey you march act. You know basically. At. The. Look what happened up counted businesses. Won it it goes on. Well I mean they lost it but why would I wanted to go out there. Monkey hit dole. Act laws. Shuffle I wrote for went I went to the road for wondered two days are out there. They were. By people saying 0112. Rappers and chew and show you and individual. Veteran some violent. Or an argument of effect. Okay now how Dante in it I'm out and put this. And Andrew. A while back. To shop let it still being. Chased it south and toppling the scene and Andre I should and they were an introductory. And they'll vote yeah well that's right or that they. Tree paper and in your why killed you are. What would you be your opinion of what to do with them. Before elliptical willingly trumps that. Day and what you're saying. Is Louisiana. As more violent people more ignorant people more at un educated people. That need to rob and kill and raid and shoot. Them. Thursday. Okay now go oh no question. When have you seen the police department in new law in our announce our new drug box. And no road to. Now I haven't really seen that many in with the new not good news. I'm worried that followed papers Everett and look at television one time but. Unit and then to the court. Or use according. Deborah Horne backwards and violent in the under educated them on Father's Day so we have to remain the prison capital of the world. What I'm saying is on watch you'll wish I'd buy honored policeman. Switch and make India French and it goes back in the operated there to grab a lot and kills somebody shoot somebody in my eyes and hand out walking his dog today. So I'm so used to seeing what they give or not. We heard from other states and we should remain in the print them out the rule of the war. Well let me put this and that Robinette and ultimately. Big true patent law. And I think temporary. I want somebody sent 8100 and it's. And he's only twenty is though should we give me years suspended sentence put it back on Uri. I have no ability and think about individual comment calendar you drew booed individual cases. Of words from educator I am asking who basic question all of our compensation. And I at the you represent a lot of Lou Anna. We use a word over. We're more violent. We're more given to ride in than other states so we you or comparable with being the prison. Now the rule of the world am I wrong. No I'm saying is if you commit agree it ads are you are are were Peta. And you know box sakes I'm you shouldn't get. Probation a cutie. I think that on this vote preaches call but. And he's hard talk about. Were were more violent year. Where we we we we breed for the go and moral failure. In the end that. Me and in the beginning and in the middle. Double uses the parents is one that we remain the prison capital of the world. Okay. If that's what we can can we. It's you bet let's keep paying when we look at the numbers and miniature remote exam written. Senators spending more than 6015. Million and corrections. On the fiscal year which ends June 30. Where would that Omar and paying taxes. And look at too old regardless of what the show. If speed is 63%. To bing or what poll you look at. Certainly think it is scoring. Gives they wouldn't wait a rough eight. We got to keep. Drew decry. During that time. And we don't. Mind. Paying. Board that. Regardless of Alabama. Georgia. Is simply. Texas and 31 of the State's. Decided. Ed Wade's a lot of money. Will even know it's the way to go. Yeah. If that's what we believe that what we wanted to do. What I did know that. She can't. It can't be a big big concern that includes right. UP and taxes. Worldwide do you warrant. And then you say the results are about to won't want to blow you still believe in the taxes. Are brought to his legs are white and celebrity bill. Our red. Bubba Bubba problem. Get a chance to go back to video podcast. Burns. Birds so. We didn't show about president from its board cut. Out of the blue Herron to foundational. Analysts say that did him with the cuts and EPA and Auburn arm move into trees. Should we say it to the people who believe we use you know. We're incomes of fifty or hundred billion dollars needed to save the date you'll go to Pena. Or three times in the third time she's said. Give my unheard of foundation bird powerful. Global right now. So think about in between big tank Abbott yeah.