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WWL>Topics>>3-20-17 3-4pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

3-20-17 3-4pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 20, 2017|

Tom talks with listeners about salt use in boiled seafood and Salt Lick Kentucky

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Crackle. Mean. This is the sound effects voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this. Is. Yet here are going to get to this point every day and I realize there is no name. And not to speak up it's 105 point three FM. HD two WW LFM if you care. And though we would love to have you join us on our program it's about the most alluring things that we have in our. Pathetic lives. It's of food and we eat every day nobody will condemn you further eating food. And we are on the lookout for the best of it. Now you can do this in two different ways you can in spend a lot of money on it and be a complete idiot about it. And just does make big fuss over it and and maybe get out of control even or you can actually do some some research on on the question that research to me is. Trying something you've never tried before that's research. In the world agreement d.s. And if you do this a little bit you realize that some some rules seem to take shape they're not ironclad rules. But they are rules nevertheless an idea they give you a direction. Where if you look toward that direction you. Mike finds more good stuff and more and more and more and that's what we're on the look out for here this is a program about looking for better food than we're already eating. And that's we you can call yourself a gourmet if you're doing that I think it's fair enough to keep thinking we got to come up with something. Wicca. Welcome lapel pin or. Or a little note that would work at all. Which is something to designate our grew many listeners yeah that was a restaurant that used to do that. I hear the T cemeteries which a lot of people remember although it's been gone for quite awhile. Keep the Terry's was on. On nob. Claiborne avenue but to a 23 blocks. The downtown side of Napoleon avenue that took up the better part of the whole block. There's a big restaurant but they had a big kitchen and they held a big menu. They they serve some of the most and usual food that has ever been served in in this city before. And they may will or they may well it's still be around. If it weren't for the fact that a lot of that was. Made off limits a lot of the kind of food that they were serving for example. I have a photograph somewhere in my pilot job here. That shows the chef. Of TT the Terry's carving a hippopotamus. Filet mignon. And that's the size of the very large log in new cross section. Probably larger women it's DC for anything super really old. Live oak. And they had a lot of stuff like that they have a lot of very exotic food on the menu over there the funny thing was what was really great there. Was. What they did with just regular still regular food they had you know good plain old regular fish. They hit just by the everything. And if you. Try that you'd probably like it especially the demonstrated its a thought that the Italian food it was really good. And also. The New Orleans style. Food especially the seafood side of that. Was also excellent. But everybody kept talking about the live Maine lobsters in the line and stake in all and by the way that was no joke they actually did serve that. Well anyway why did I bring them up Henry Beaulieu. If you went to keep it carries and Tom Terry senior. Column moved you'd order a bunch of stuff you know it never ordered before you'd eaten a huge meal and drunk a lot of good wine. He would give viewers certificate. Calling UA grip may infect you gave me one of the month I don't know what happened to a probably lost the deluge. But today it was it was quite a restaurant. But that's not would gourmet is all about me it's not about weirdness. That the story only last a little while now. And we take advantage of it when we can and then we just enjoy the food when we when we can't who's who cares. To a 60. 63. 68 that is our telephone number I would love to hear from you but whatever you have been eating lately whatever you we would like to try. On something that you been thinking about the maybe arrest but you go to pretty often but it's been 34 weeks and for some reason you just have hunger. For that. But that food. You know what can I throw question out on the table here and if you have anything to say about it I like it if you did. Oh is it anything like that works that way you like I know for me. They'll they'll be certain foods. Where if I haven't had them for a while I'll get this hunger for them. And I can carry it with me day after day after month after week after year maybe sometimes. Without having it but still thinking about it kind of wing in the back of my brain. And one day. Finally make it to the place where it's it's made the whale like it and they sit down and it happened almost always it's a wonderful wonderful meal. Now I can give you a couple of examples or really really really good steak like Porter house that it can cheer with somebody. On nice and fix sizzling you know the whole the whole program that's that's one. On really really great oysters everything from raw oysters through Rockefeller B and build and grilled in the whole range of voice it. I get urges to eat oysters all the time but what what is the what are the urgency you have. You know who's coming on the show today I'm not sure when he's coming in where he's going. But though we're gonna have the leap whoa Willis has gone by Israel would fill gaggle yen though. In Italy who would be for the people got ya know. And he puts a pretty good claim to being pretty pretty much you battalions specifically. Sicily. And here's a restaurant in Metairie. That I'll bet you you've seen. A hundred times may be a thousand times but you've never been there before world lol what they do have a lot of regular customers. It's on west Napoleon avenue. On city side. A pot a block from causeway boulevard. And he had no joke it's been a puncher restaurants over the years. Now that you've looked strategy with the places. It's it's very good as what it's like. And Philip gangly NO is a chef of longstanding his family had instilled at a restaurant in the French market area. And that was it that's always been known certainly very Sicilian that would no doubt about that they make good muffle that is world famous for that they were full menu tuba. I think. I think quote fill up their little brother it's like a figure on the families or setup but it's like some Brothers. And Philip is one of he won him his own place and he opened it up in Metairie and that it has always been good I've never had a bad meal there. Or anyway he's he's gonna show up at some point during the programs today and hope you. Give him a listen because since his arrest a lot of people have never been to but I think they would really like. Even if you have kind of cool. I'm not very ambitious. Palate for it really really. Heavy duty. Almost gourmet style. Italian dishes of pasta you know they they do all that that they they gave way beyond that they haven't wasted dish. That a just nuts about it and the the thing about it. Is it's served in a little casserole dish. Garlic. Bread crumbs parmesan cheese. This some olive oil in the in the of course you have the oysters and probably a few more things of them not remembering. It's called oyster is a Reagan out. Very popular in Italy. And very popular around here too although its use the same issues usually called oysters most that's that's how it's best known. Is that although that's a registered trademarks of watch use. And they have. Those of a really terrific. Version of that but over at Philippe blow it when they bring out the first order of business. Off for the day. You can see the heads turning everybody getting a whiff. It does smells so good that you you almost right there are saying. Shut down on the rest of my order. Let me have one of those first. And it's something good there is a lot of good food there who will be talking to a Slater 2606368. Uses the number to call for now. We have any club dinner coming up this week. And it is two days from now it's on Wednesday we will be that in the style those investment saw Joseph interest I know yesterday he was that the ship soiree. On the Northrop big fund raiser for the for a bunch of kids charities on the North Shore we review to obviously. And that we saw him and guess what he was make him yeah you got it in one he the fettuccine Alfredo which I think is the best the best. Including the way the original Ian he in the in Italy in Naples. Wheatley and no they were in Rome excuse me Rome. And that's an idea that's a wonderful dish but I think that Joey episode does that at least as well. And he's there all the time anyway we have a a pretty good sized menu it's five courses long. We have winds matched with a every court's on the menu. And we will. Have. What's it what shall want. That's that's the essence of when the start of with some seafood appetizers then we're gonna have that costs just mentioned plus. He does up and Angel hair pasta with a little bit red sauce that's real good to give you a little bit of both. And then we do a salad. And then there's a choice of a lot of entrees they will have soft shell crabs they tell me they have some nice golf fish and tell me which one but the usually it's like from a red fish. Could be anything. They are doing crab meat of rotten and you know how good that is that's another kind of which dish but very popular. They are doing veal parmesan for those who would like a meat finish this is you may have notice it's already only seafood. But by the way if you look. If you wanna go and use it while metro when you do in all seafood meal don't worry about it just tellem what you do want to know figure it out. And take care that area with that and let's see him make him might have been one another choice here but. Pretty good range wines paired with all of this shoes. And at the end there's a choice of a bunch of different desserts and that use the program it's eighty dollars. That includes tax tip line and everything. And there's one more surprise I did not notice until today I got an email. Message from Clark agreement truck driver you know Clark he calls this all the time. Clark agreement truck driver and his wife Kathy I think is turning. And it is their anniversary that night the night at the club that was just dumb luck I know caucus I set the date myself than there is soaked. So you'll see Clark and his his lovely wife celebrating their anniversary. It's not a complete party doing nothing but that of course but the that'll be a nice little spot. So that says Wilson from going on. Or even if you just will look at the menu NC was this all about anyway. Go to no menu dot com and though and he and you'd dot com. Click on each club you'll see it go menu running right through the middle of the page. Each club has one of the things you can pick picket. And then you take you to another page that as the entire menu has every question you could possibly Mona know but he club itself. Believe me the answer to most things is hey we just do it and whatever way you like it it's probably works out fine we figured out some. But do we hoped that will be enjoying is the this. Very social Wynette who remain stuck up people you know holding a pinky fingers and things like that we've we. We enjoy eating we enjoyed company of other people were funny and interest thing in. And just a ball that do entry. Every so often we do but to a month lately. That's it imposed autos this coming Wednesday Owen. Let's economic news this idea golden dome and you dot com. Click on the club that's all you need to know when you see us at the and and by the way you don't have people ask me this all the time for some reason. You do not have to pay up front that this would we don't have all that computer stuff up there for that purpose you pay at the rest period the end. So we while all we do what your reservation because we you know have to know how many people cook in that. 260. 636. Big weekend. On boy it sure was for me idea and a second in a row second week in a row. Just way way too much activities. But here's what I to a year's musically. I think I'm being told to shut up about that come back with a later after. First please we have word over here. On the subject of seafood you heard me and I hedge my bets a little bit when I was talking about the seafood that that we would be having them eat club. In on Wednesday. But indeed seafood is is not the easiest thing in the world the body. The restaurants that are really good at a they often have one person on their staff full time who does nothing. But fine and by fish. And other seafood as it's not easily done it as well as you know if you if you go to the supermarket. And you have you know speckled Trout in your mind. The chances of finding it are very slim. If you find such a place would you tell me about it because I keep. I have found one that I find very trustworthy. It's mental seafood market they are. On Gerard street at the wrong is not really corner there in effect does not really Jerod street there either it's. Highway 59 Wii's you know I was 59 as you drive away from the lake front in the middle of the old Florida man coaches go straight up north. And after about a mile and a half you'll see the rest and on the side. It is not just to rest you can go in there and get everything from a poor boy to a bowl of gumbo to stuff things in just a big big menu but very casual and it very family friendly. Or you can go to the other side of the building seeing people. They bring in fresh fish from local fisherman every day and it's a different assortment every day because you never know with the fisherman and catch. But it is fresh they fully at all for you if also have oysters and shrimp and crab meat and crawfish all that is Roland right now. Maybe not that may be that the crappy you might have to wait another week. And then there were days in the and you can go home and cook all those great seafood recipes do you have that you have hesitated. To even try because you know that the seafood for his off the well. They have and all the time at me and bill seafood market seven days a week 20/20. Louisiana. Highway. 59. It's pretty close to the old or put them. In case you don't know 260. 6368 we will come back with more of the food joy after first week. If it's easily beat the hello hello hello it's the food show. Tom Morris and it's fun to be here we view every day talking about food. Boy I have a lot of it to talk to you about today yeah that you do to. A dude is Steve beard and you're rumored to the effect that Steve was about. He read his and I welcome. That today. You like stuffed things yeah. It would let you know. Things especially the things part of it does yeah meteor and and it has meteors in it by the way grumbles of meteors. Really by the way today is the the spring. Equinox. 829. Them they make that. 9:29. This morning. This year this that you would like between first step toward effective and then. It it goes on. It did waivers back and forth but that's pretty typical and it. How how has hurt his abilities thing. He and know how you know whether anyone has stepped on the brakes yet you know and that they have and what they please please it's soon. Is asked. Well that is going to live off barbecue place. What do you do barbecue and I. Give their back their back I think it's the same name I I know it's different people on that site that I do know but. And let's see what's on the no one else's. Oh please. Who booted. Oh did. You sure. The one who won. Like. On 19 by old Kmart. Yeah. I'm I'm gonna look that up his I I I hesitate to say any restaurant. Is is closed if with them before right checkered personal lives and I'm gonna leave that open and we will leave it as a as a hint. You know for me to lure you could well use it. Do what happened. What happened is the guy who started it and ran at night but he did a good job for a long time but you know how people are of DC he's a young man really and he just cut interest in other things most of them having to do with realistic. It's my understanding on the and even though they just did a pretty significant. Renovation to the building. Did you could really tell me in the last two or three times we were there is like the spirit had just gone place and I couldn't even tell you why. What areas here is the other side there's more to this story that what is happening is that the same guys. Good have what is becoming a chain. Of restaurants around town it's actually the same guys that own the new world tampered seafood company. They have these wow. What they call on all coach with that name I heritage no that's right it's a legacy thank you very much legacy kitchen. But the funny thing about these we've been to three or four of them they're all different. The menus are totally different. And the environment is different. They have to in hotels downtown they have two of them crossed the river I think to might be just one. And they seem to be opening more of them they have taken over that space that was in the TVs in the growing to do one of their places in the which is. Kind of a natural. Transition I would say. While the getting is you what do you expect of Seagram's just totally. On I don't expect anything I mean I was I was basing everything I knew about the one that they had. In what had been an old Shoney's on veterans highway across the sport across the street from furious. And I I had him a number of times and it seemed to be pretty good to me and then they opened up another win in the Renaissance arts hotel which is only a two blocks away from the radio stations went over there Wednesday. And the menu. Didn't and up to me and all I mean it was just like what what they what's their statement here I don't I don't understand. And they do and I went and went again and I got the same kind of feeling in and then the food was coming in different beast so. But then again I'm getting reports from they have a stake place on them on the west bank and I've heard nothing but good things about that so. Mechanics or else I'd never. Was not about maintaining that and it was OK but it was only been since. Yeah yeah especially at the beginning I their prices at the beginning were really up there. Yeah well maybe that's why they're letting go back home. Be it oh yeah well clearly that's right now than thinking by the they did mention you personally. Yet maybe it would have been what I live and it'll with the surface to air missile you know I mean at 130 yes. It's critical from. You say that like you have three of four of them in your garage and what. About that much public polite and a brother. And you have to worry about it folks. Can get. It is abroad bars Lyndon. Again and again if you didn't see word. You know Portland. Think I'd leave it achieved. Okay. Well it's definitely. My job my pleasure to thank you for call and you're listening to the food show and Tom Fitzmorris 260. 6368. But the token you yup my idea but thank you for the have a program sponsored McAfee Geovany. Kathy Geovany is entering its really good season and there are so many people walking about now it's not really cold anymore. New levels speak but that. It's not raining too much anymore. For the moment and now. And though there they are indicators street right off canal street in you have all of these people on one of them. If I wanted to go eat at cafe Geovany or any of a number of restaurants in that area that immediately. 33 block radius. A just walk over from my office at the radio station it would be about it and block walk but you know we all need a little more walking than we do. Have they would be enjoyable two. And so more people do. And the menu is very special right now they're running a version of really the menu that they gave us for our club dinner there a couple of weeks ago. It was all of chef Duke's award winning the issues they and he really did. Win awards in some cases he won some money too which is the very convincing. And he is has put together a menu of those all of those issues most of them involved seafood put he can do it all. And you go in the in the air and enjoyed certainly you'll enjoy the food you can build this. Did on this menu the special menu. Just the way it comes or you could you know sale have best this course in this course in this course and that of them be fine too. And he also. As the opera singers they are still there that this is new guy he's been there about a year now. And he is he's incredibly funny he does and he sings like an opera singer he's really good but then he tells these jokes or. Or he just does silly things that will. We'll give you a laugh and he was very entertaining. All of this is a cafe du bon won seventeen Decatur street in the French Quarter. If phone number for reservation which I would always recommend 52424. Lou 5292154. That's 5292154. That's a cafe du violent the. Norm in this year. Norman welcome. And it's going better than it was going on Friday. And it's also going it's not going quite as well as. Saturday or Sunday wise but I was having more fun on Sunday then on that Friday so it is all equal crisis. It's. That does anyone know what I'm talking about Al. Knowing and you know it's on my mind is this is gonna take me awhile suit to get this. Straighten out. Hi yo I'm I'm part of a choral society. That had a big concert over the weekend that we perform to a different you know two hour long programs. I use. I was doing. A duet with the lovely lady who is very funny in very good singers. And we've been practicing this song throw out three months. You know and I knew it party will begin. On Friday I blew the lyrics completely. And then on Sunday. I bullet but not quite as bad. But the funny thing why's that people who walked up to me afterwards that would say. That was an unusual thing to do and makes it well what what he would be talking about it all while you use that word. View or is something. And it turns out that nobody was really on to the fact that I was just making up the words as I went along. Which is all I could Dugas had forgotten the real ones. Why I say it was a very it was a very unusual weekend. On Zaria at night if I told you that it's a joke okay. Popular. They. Are about to a limit. You say you have a big dilemma all right all right well I'll bet you anything. The next two words are going to be my wife. No 00. Okay OPEC carry on the. Color that you. Good clinched it. In. A rubber ball go out. They are. Out there were well. I'll. It all out. There. There. We. There was no salt in the oh yeah. What about that. Yeah. All. Jupiter. Should go out. A book you. Are you continue to. Follow. I don't care where or what about it. We are doing. Absolutely let me see if I've got this straight. Yeah the these that your sons you're talking about it. Nephews okay close enough so. That to a different nephews and the bold boiled crawfish and neither one of them used any salt at all. That's pretty strange and it tasted okay to you. Ever. They were salty. The only gotten into a chart below out of the ground ball irritated about it and got her out or been you know. And I'll wrap up there and what are they would vote like. If you put out there. Have been about optical bio war and now. Grew. Softer the bottom which probably goes on me. And then yeah. Well. Gosh I don't know exactly what this say in response to this but I guess you're lucky that it was neither under salted nor on our oversaw that is what I'm getting from yet anyway. Rebellion over note do you. I. Yup this all so these are nephews that you've been kind to and buddy and and you know that's really important in people's lives mind my uncle who was longshoreman. All things. And that classic. Anger out in my neighborhood bars. Why shouldn't be you know and I was anomaly he wasn't just my uncle he was my program use my godfather. That man. Gave me. The first roast beef pork boy I ever ate my life in food that alone I'm thankful to him. To the tips of the via the firmament. The idea obsolete. Well I don't think we're sharing all that would listen if figure out any of it let me know. Are regulated by we will return with more of the food show in a moment but first please this problem being in the boom boom Papa Papa. Hello there you're listening to the food show. On one of five point three FM. HW. Two. If you don't have your hw radio. And again. Eight which that HW integrates HD with the matter. I just up and bumped into. Friend of mine. Earlier in the day and he told me. That he had bought an HD radio. And I said what kind woodland he said cost 120 million dollars. When that's kind of hide that's about three times as high as most of the ones that lives. They said yeah I know what it was in my car. And I asked him if he had actually checked to see if that one already there and he said he did was criminal court. But he had the thing installed. And he says it sounds great and it is so. The cost of about 130 bucks but he's happy about it because. He was he was given me all the good lines actually. That. He doesn't have the pay for the programming. So you know this is. People would think nothing about getting a satellite radio. Kind of thing going by something like that son 01 quite so different it isn't at all. Well anyway. If you wanna know anything about HD radio. A dig a little bit you'll find a lot. And no plan on buying 11 of these days because of so there's going to be a lot of amazing stuff coming down. From the radio broadcast business. That I think you very much like if you don't have an HD radio you can miss a note or missed out on it meant when 160. 63 exceed our program today. Is sponsored by a restaurant that a lot of people on the and on the North Shore will be happy to know as a return well actually it never went away. But they were putting all the emphasis on being a wedding venue. It is of great spot for that it does the name of the the build a world that the that you know that building does have a name but I don't think they've used that long time it used to be just called it would be scheck's restaurant building which is what it was. For almost a hundred years. But it's an old building with kind of a Greek revival look to it that all columns goes up to cut through maybe even three floors. He has a view of the idea of the lake country and it's like no other. And they have a long and slow surrounding it completely and kind of a court order to and 10 lovely spot to have a a dinner in such an environment. My wife really loves it and what I was gonna say is that if you. Come from the North Shore eat there that may not. It's not as a domino ideas you might think I remember when my wife and I were dating. She actually loved going across the late. Just gratuitously and eating at restaurants saw on the other side too late she lived on the South Shore so to die at that time. And we which is get a kick out of it. Well you can have the same kind of kick coming from the south shores too with the oldest part of me and appeal to a lot number one of man to build. It's called the lake house and they are now open two hours. Wednesday night well Wednesday. Lunch and dinner. Thursday lunch and dinner Friday lunch and dinner but here's the change. Saturday. Lunch and dinner they haven't done dinner there in years. So now they're back. And they have Sunday brunch too so it's it's a lot of good good food behead this is at the lake house. It's in the oldest part most historic part of me in the bill right on the lake front in the lake is right across the street. And they would love to have become in their food is real good to its contemporary creole cooking it's my favorite kind of meeting. Of the lake house. Pete could be the only argument about that place seems to be is one word or two words. Knows and figure out. Through 606368. We would love to talk review but where you've been eating it. What you've been cooking at home what what restaurants you've been to. We call us up then. And shareholder with this would you 2606368. Same ol' number we've had for a long time. If you're looking for a way to here. The radio program that might seem like why why would you need an well. See you can't just get it within an ordinary. Radio but an extraordinary radios that's something else again and think about it. Think about it there's of their they're becoming more and more. Easy to find and better and better quality and that's what's wonderful about this. Is that the signal gets out much farther than the certainly the AM signal with the station has been on since 1925. Well we have unloaded ourselves from it or is it from us and does so now we have. Now we have this great sound and you'd use solution get on the decidedly you don't lose it it's still goes on and loan. 260636. Colin tell me what's up. With CO food word of the day when I do with food court of the it's so here are Woodward of the day news. Order yet know. The pickets him so that Orix yet though. What I'm not gonna tell you what it is let's see if you know. And our restaurant of the day. Is. Reese the run they Philippe though it's just off causeway boulevard this is on the south through and now. And on the west. Napoleon avenue. Sits right before you get to the intersection width by tendon cause were able points right there. And it's it's a small restaurant it's been a restaurant for a long time the film Gigli NS he's been he's been running it for a long time. He is alleged to be coming on our program at some point does during the next hour or so so we'd look we're gonna hold off on all the commentary until he gets here. But this place I like a lot where what have you been enjoying lately shared it was this widget and if we can help you. With anything. Edible in another direction like for example a recipe. If there's something. That you been trying to make and it's for some reason not coming out quite right. Call me. And if if I don't know what god might not for his maverick good probability of that. Well will find somebody out there who doesn't know the answer to this and we've unraveled many many mysteries of food on our program over the years so look to hear from you again. They'll spot. We know what's hooked up to 60. 63. Six Paul right now and you'll get Reagan today is India. The equinox at Steve spring equinox. It's always. Nice day I think. Altitude particularly since we're talking about stuff like now look at our. Almanac. Today is that twenty days until Easter. Sixteen days till the French Quarter festival is that all. I know that we are doing our usual. Heavy coverage of the French Quarter festival we have been doing that for a long time I've been doing it myself at least twenty years. Are we will be there at the French Quarter festival. I'm gonna be there I think two days. There and everybody. On our affiliated stations comes on the joints is that when I went and other so French Quarter festival not long from now. The jazz festival with 36 days away. It's the Vernal equinox the spring equinox. A were gourmet guess it's here turns up this. Small town of 350. People in north east Kentucky. 54 miles east of Lexington. In a valley. Formed by the salt lick creek. Which flows into the much larger leaking creek. I've I think I've got to go there now. And it's up in the valley they know there and all these references to licking our own about the much larger. Outcrop things. All of that area that a lot of Olympics all. When he recalled those salt domes I think if you lose it. A local story has it that once 400 buffalo came through to get their minimum daily requirement of salt. And the settlers were there. And when the railroad came through the race the population to an all time high of 800 people. Salt lick anybody ever been or you know way to eat in Salt Lake. It's at the salt lick restaurant what else that really is the name. 260636. Our program today is sponsored. By. The maple street cafe. Was talking to. A guy. Not long ago whole way and I brought blow up the question of the maple street cafe yet don't remember what. Bullet go way did he says what you know that. That place as a joke I mean the two guys that run they don't know anything. And I said well. If you really think that so be it is. I'm always looking for an extra table here anyway. And a lot. It's a restaurant that is under stated. In doses so many restaurants these days. Keep telling you but you know where they bought their let us know you know where they cut their salt of course they got it from the salt lick it means we just learned a minute ago. And you know stuff like that and you ended it just gets to be silly sometimes over at the maple street cafe. It's a lovely little dining room indoors they have an outdoor area as well. If you're into that some tables outdoors in the weather is nice as it is today. The menu covers a lot of ground you can go there and start off with the likes of their oysters on Indian which I just look at events to. And then you or you might have. There shrimp that they stuffed with some crappy this a little bit achieves in the air somewhere in the rapidly in Filo pastry and then they bake it. And then they give a little bit of lemon butter sauce and onion you can make either an entree or an appetizer that. They also do very good soups to the point where I didn't whenever I go there I never even ask what the soup is they say and what the soup. And then before but it's a pseudo warrior by the does ringgit I've never head anything less than fantastic soups there. And the menu goes on and on his pasta dishes there's field issues this chick in this fish is a good ranger everything. The prices of two lol I should keep this a secret but the prices are too low over there. It doesn't show up in the quality of what they buy goaded by good stuff. Maple street cafes that 76 when he three maple street midway between Broadway. And Carrollton. And they would come in seven days a week mixed race people The Who told Brothers. Thanks guys known for years. To 60636. We will return with more of the food choice to respond. Deep down that that he does not that he thought hello it's the food show. Here on. 105 point three FM HD two you need both elements of that to get there you're you're you're about 80% of the way there when you have one of five point. Three. Are on Euro and Europe. Radio there and then all we need to new to do is to work your way into each the two million more. 2606368. As the number to call that'll get it done. Just check on hopefully bow and Steve he was going to call us today in the apparently he has that it was going to be next hour. And that coming up that's our restaurant of the day. We have also. A guy coming over from a a place called the big cheesy. What is at my hip my wife's fingerprints all over the big cheesy it's suspect as a restaurant specializing. In grilled cheese sandwiches and variations of them. And we'll learn about that in more detail. In the second course of our program to 60. 6368. Chlorine Allen and you get Reagan and the the limits on knew what she what we talk about or do not exist if you have something wanna bring up. Respite he went to it there was a guy who wrote me a letter over the weekend. And he said he went to well let's say the name placed in odd is it's. I hear reports like this once in awhile the nod not often. And a he went to bed and sorts. Was there with a few people. And it so happened that at the next table over there was some pretty large party of some young guys it was about. Hater ten of them is something and they were eating a lot of food and they were asking for another beer and another you know all this. And the waitresses were hustling to keep up with that. But in the meantime. This little table for two right next to them. Logically enough. Was not. Getting the kind of service they thought would be right. And the music television Allan anything about that which is state number one and anyway richest it didn't quite work out. You know. But I'd say this all the time embassy again right now if you're in restaurant and something is going wrong whether. The waitress. Or waiter doesn't seemed in no way he she's doing. Or whether it's taking much too long for them to bring the cocktails out or whatever it is that the beginning. Or whatever the problem news if you just sit there and wait. Nothing's gonna happen but it could be that you have fallen through the cracks this happens all the time no one. One way uses the piece taking care of that table and then another waiter says no it's me taking care of that table and it's. If things can get mixed up that way if you were ever in a restaurant. And it's not going the way it should the services slow this is big gaps in between the courses. Raise your hand up and find a manager or something and and tellem. And no if you with a bunch of people you don't when it created seemed. Excuse yourself from the table. Everybody knows that went in the time it takes to get the mid Newark you probably need to go to the bathroom. So running there or that's where we think you're going. But while you're wandering around you find oh waiter or a manager even better. NC excuse me but we're having well for some reason we just can't seem to get food out over here. And be nice about it and it'll all resolved itself you'd be amazed at how well that works remember it next time it comes up. The dumbest thing to think of all is I wanna see how long it's gonna take before they finally realize that if coral and up. You say that your lost. We have more of the food show coming stay tune. Thank you.

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