WWL>Topics>>3/20/17 Scoot 1pm- Should Trump apologize to Obama?

3/20/17 Scoot 1pm- Should Trump apologize to Obama?

Mar 20, 2017|

FBI Director James Comey said in testimony today that no one wiretapped Trump Tower. Should President Trump apoligize to President Obama?

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Well as a manic Monday on Capitol Hill. Welcome to the first day of spring and a beautiful first day of spring it is idolize FaceBook feed from the rooftop of my apartment building up by the swimming pool. I've yesterday and did a review of the Bill Maher at center theater Saturday. I also wrote a blog about this on our website at WW dot com we'll talk about this in the next hour but the end of August titled. I'm liberal Bill Maher lectures Democrats. May part of his whole stand up thing Saturday night the Sanger was lecturing Democrats that's in the blog he could read that you share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com also talk more about that. Coming up in the next hour. I'm there was another bloody weekend here in New Orleans hi this is the start of a very bloody year and so far NO PD is investigating a triple shooting. Saturday nights in New Orleans east and here we go once again NO PD asking for the public's help. In identifying suspects in a motive. There was at least one neighbor in need you more than one they commented. That they felt like at least one of the victims was addicted to crack cocaine so even though this is not official. There's a possibility that drugs could be involved here. And you know I guess the sand it's somewhat comforting thing about that is if you're not part of that lifestyle. Then you're less likely to get shot and killed. But if you do. Illegal business. With criminals. Then you automatically put yourself. In danger and at risk. We'll talk about that a little bit later also locked thoughts and prayers with the federation of family Ozzy. I'm federation deputy who was shot and killed over the weekend doing his job. Another sand. Story about a police officer losing his life. Doing here is centering his job alright so it's going on right now in. Washington DC capital they hearings. Now. Here's what we know so far. It's what we knew on Friday. FBI director James combing has. Confirmed. That. There is no evidence. And here's what he said testifying under oath before the House Intelligence Committee. I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice is asked me to share with you. That the answer is the same department justice and all components the department has no information that supports those tweets and. Is it time at this point. For president trump to apologize. And move all. Now just a few moments ago before coming in the studio. Sean Spicer Press Secretary DO White House. Said that they're standing by they're standing by the president's tweets they're stick that they say up to this point. The FBI the justice Barbara do not have any evidence up to this point. They are convinced that evidence will arise. Now there might be some. Incidental surveillance. That shows up. But at this point it just doesn't seem. Possible. The president trump is accurate. About his original tweet. And by the way let's just let's go back to the original series of tweets. At 5:35. In the morning march the fourth 2070. Here's what trumped weeded out terrible. Exclamation point. Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. Nothing found this is McCarthyism. Fourteen minutes later. Same day same morning. Trump tweeted out. Is it legal for sitting president to be wiretapping. Our race for president prior to an election. Turned down by court earlier. A new low explanation point. Thirteen minutes after that. President truck tweet it out how low as President Obama gone. To tap my phones during. A very. Sacred election process. This is Nixon slash Watergate. Bad where in parentheses or sick. Now. If subsequent information. Does turn out that there were some kind of incidental. Surveillance or contact. That still means the president was wrong when he tweeted these things. And if you listen to this show. You know I'm gonna say it again. I have been criticized for saying positive things about true. This is not a case of not giving the man a chance. He's being given a chance now by some people but by a lot of people he is being given a chance. But this is not about being given this is about irrational tweeting. This is about stuff that apparently I mean we we can't totally confirm this but it appears as if he picked up this information. From an ultra right radio talk show host. Who was ranting and screaming and yelling about the wiretaps. So this is where the president of the United States gets his information from an irrational. Radio talk show host ranting and raving about this. And then he picks up from. Judge appellate panel a respectable guy on Fox News who by the way what is missing in action over the weekend. He won't talk about this anymore. He had repeated some information about. The UK. Under the direction of President Obama the United Kingdom was involved in wiretapping. The president of the United States. Rob before he became president. Represented Adam Schiff Democrat from California chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. During hearings he asked the director of the the NSA. Admiral Mike Rogers about the British wiretapping. Every show I have called the president's suggestion that they wire tapped him for Obama nonsense and utterly ridiculous would you agree. Yes sir. OK so they have been the National Security Agency has no information on this. When this is gonna end. Is it ever gonna and it is this the blueprint for the next four years. And if you love trumping you support trump. Honestly. I give you chance to explain your rationale to me. Human beings make a mistake. Donald Trump is a human being unless you wanna start worship big him as Christ at lest you think he's the second come. Unless you think he's god. And he cannot make mistakes Alicia think he's Christ and he's he's infallible. And my issue think that he is on now he's incapable of seeing. And I'm sure they're people who believe that but unless you think that. And why is not okay to admit that this was a big mistake. And and this is where we we failed to. To break down our allegiance to. Political affiliation. Most of us fail to breakdown that allegiance. And this is one of the reasons we had this great divided America. Is it if if something is wrong with the Obama the Obama supporters would not recognize that if something's wrong with trop the hard court trump supporters don't wanna recognize that. And if you if you allow a president. Or anybody if you allow somebody at child. If you think just because it's your child if you allow that child to get away with anything your child is gonna continue to do bad. And worse and even worse stuff. If you wanna join us with your comment on this Monday afternoon our numbers 260. When he seventy. Every coach final four to 601. Ace happening tech's number 87870. We are just getting started. We'll have it's more highlights from the the senate times yet this it now the House Intelligence Committee. Coming up. And essentially. It is now instead under testimony from the FBI and Justice Department that. There's no information to support with the president tweeted and a White House stands by it. We'll be back on WL. And also it's important to point out that so far there is no evidence that the truck campaign worked directly with top Russian officials to Alter the outcome of the election. As something we really haven't focused on on on the show. Because it just doesn't seem like the evidence is there yet maybe attack may be comes up maybe it doesn't and you know ultimately may be there's going to be some evidence that supports trump and the White House. That history was accurate that the the Obama administration and President Obama himself. Which somehow directly involved in wiretapping told tellers. But you know you you can't continue to perpetrate fake news or perpetrate a myth now I guess. They really do believe that this happened. But just because you believe so deeply and something. Doesn't mean it's true. I mean no matter how much you believe when you were cute no matter how much you believe in the Tooth Fairy. The 23 didn't really exist. Here's a pretty general opinion poll after FBI director James Cummings testimony. That there was no wiretapping of trump tower. Should president trump apologized to President Obama. 100%. Say yes. Now you might disagree with that you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com wanna get to your calls from home John welcome to the show. Take John. You know tribes ship that Obama. Which involved in heaven. Trump how well I. It's that it necessarily. Means. That the FBI. Parliament justice. And any involvement whatsoever. It to happen any bones and there at all. Thousands of people around this country that they have the capability. Happen any alone anywhere. But he's talking about President Obama. Having done this. Well what. It would Nixon went well. That's a different era. So let's focus on this. Woke up quite being news. Department of Justice closing news that go. The to be part of the Department of Justice who was never accused her of doing this directly. Opera who didn't but John here's thing here's appears to point. That the FBI and the Justice Department can't find any evidence that supports what trump said so why did trump saved with. So truck has evidence that these investigative agencies don't have. But it weirdest he in this ultra radio ultra right radio talk show host mark was in where where did they get the information. And the FBI can't find it. Well. You know it channel like coma is just saying and that. Did Justice Department and FBI. And they'll participation in and it. Not what no that's not what he said. He says they had he sensed that there are they find no evidence that Trump's claim is true. They didn't deny you being involved they said we find no evidence that it happened. Well. I think they're sort of that I think it took the book. Communications. Being. And I just I don't believe they've. I'm not saying and it broke the correct understand that the possibility exists that others could have done it. Oh without. It. And I OK okay granite but that's not what trucks later. All right John I but I appreciate the call room with what you were mature economy and you know. Sometimes I I wish people best of luck with their beliefs. And look you know. I am positioning myself to where there could be information one data supports trump I'm leaving that door slightly open. But at this point. It doesn't seem likely and this is such a distraction. Might go out if your child support if you love trump you should be mad at him. Not me. At the Justice Department you should be met him because what he's doing. Is distracting from the things that he's trying to do that are positive. This is totally a self inflicted. Political wound. Started. And perpetuated. By president trot. And this is just the beginning. I mean is this gonna go on for four more years. New Orleans on your WW John. Hello good. It. Did you have yeah element yeah yeah. On the ballot on. Alliance the they. By Amanda Thompson and could be sent a lot speculation. You know you know evidence or any. They're good and is that he school and colleges speculation so you know he's been. They're sweet that they Atlantic. The bandage on it might be they he could and so would. We are saying he should do more but very here's you know and the but legally. And and you know. Ultimately those statement and it goes an okay it would the quote you know. We didn't move it on a more positive aspect ago saying well. Would be you know trying to like you know at least. EPA's. Actually witnessed you know access to water and it may well on the space you know that is. Hogan on the date they. Do you think it is time for the media to just make ignore this whole thing even know. What I don't determined we expect this kind of like the media perpetuates it to look like you know exe O at all but saying you know. We're all local you know issue. They can at. There's speculation that Craig of course you know it was a regulates league oh. Lives and also that window man you know you plug it. As you know we need to focus on you know what you need to administration it would need to be for the people as well as make it America granite state you know even though we want to. Makes so you do the best thing people may have been a bit. John I appreciate the call it seems to me though that this is a matter of honesty it's a matter of integrity. And I don't know about you but I want. A president to be honest I might not always agree with the president but I want the president to be honest. I want the president to have. Integrity. And you know it's it's true the media perpetuates things. But it's like so interesting. How you know it's almost as if the media is beating trial. To not apologize. To make him look bad. He's the only one who controls his. Fate of his image. He could say. You know what. It was early on a Saturday morning. I was wrong I mean he could make a real simple statement about being wrong and this would be over. If information does not come out. Supporting that he's right which the FBI and Justice Department saying that the information does not exist. This is a matter of integrity. Richard Nixon was a matter of integrity. This is a matter of basic honesty this is not about policy this is about basic integrity. And we deserve somebody who is honest in the White House and I know that's asking for a lot. If you're on hold stay with us on scoot in the afternoon we're just getting started and I'll be right type of mark your comments. Here's ROC BS news and having a below news updates and sure we're coming back. Here's a song for the trump White House mark you know we're human beings and sometimes we make mistakes. Do you have a problem with somebody has to show a sign of weakness that somebody admits that they've made a mistake. And apologizes for the mistake. Here's a Texas says self honest like Kennedy or Nixon or Clinton you know look a look I I know that too to some degree. There's dishonesty among every president among every politician. But this kind of accusation this is that this is a different level of blatant dishonesty. Emanating from the White House. You know and it's almost like and this is what discredits. This aspect of president trump. And some of his supporters not all supporters but some of his supporters. The idea that we believe what we want to be true. And look. I know radio talk show host. I don't know personally I I have been in this business a long time and I can analyze how they think and what they do. And you went into the White House is being run like. All wilds. Confrontational. Radio talk show where they say stuff to get your attention. They say stuff to get get a call. I mean I guess you could argue that I say stuff to get choose to call. But it's not gonna be based on something that. That I I know it's not true. If you enjoys the comet numbers 2601870. Text 878 separate from New Orleans Steve welcome. Hey REO. Of today it's. Are about besides the and you could. Yeah you know UT TV and indexes. Or put it anywhere they can in his pocket he probably perspectives and pocket. And though it was there. And if you remember. Are the engine BP gave Obama was. Placed. About straight he would. It would go to FB I ego as he had the democratic ability or is it that he did the to do that bug. And also remember. Courage Charles didn't sell well Bob did with our group will be equally engaged on. Yeah out star rated this partly could be easily these. But the technology that allows the of the bugs to be very small is the same technology could also allows people to find out what people are doing. Yeah oh well if I was a politician today let me tell you like governor Edwards I wouldn't buy outs. Volvo world a regular basis to find out whether anybody but. I. I mean I I I get testy but it the real point is YE. Did trump say this if it's not true. Well much you know you the first of. He hasn't said that he found Boynton and mark looked in the radio talk show host who. Accomplishment not likely to screaming about this on is some right wing radio show he'd he'd he'd never talked about finding a bug themselves this is just something that they. Apparently believe happened. Yeah where are we to find out about probably virtually. Charter boats large Bob or try to do in the bathtub and made sure I ever work again. Steve I've I appreciate the call it that the point is not that. They found a dog because apparently. That's not the case I mean it would be a lot easier to have this conversation if they found if they found a bug. And also if you just joined us mentions a few minutes ago also we're learning with this testimony before the house intelligence committee on Capitol Hill. That there has been no evidence that links the truck campaign working directly with top Russian officials at this point to Alter the outcome of the elections so that has not been verified ether. From Chantilly Tom welcome. Thank you mr. particular call person again he has an opinion before in view of fact I think those who blindly support trial or anyone for that men do so because not to do so. Would mean that they had been even gullible and perhaps played. A college something as important as the vote in the presidency. And they know once the concern that humiliating him there and thought sixty days. I mean that's that's part of this. Public regard to depress the only thing standing between the public in the dictatorship. Is the fourth has made and that's like dictators like potent kill reporters. Now I mean that's that I mean as proton. Here's a Texas says son simply state what truck Tweeter exactly. Because the FBI and the NSA and the brits are saying that. It wasn't them who did the wiretap why I did that a few minutes ago so if you just joined us I will read. The three consecutive tweets that trump sent out on the morning of march the fifth marks the fourth. A reduced or you're just compliments. So after FBI director James coney testimony that there's no wiretapping evidence. Should president trouble apologized to. President Obama. As a party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com I'm screwed in the afternoon. Ever coming back. With some sad news from over the weekend we lost Chuck Berry. But he was nine years also he lived a great life and man what an influential. Musician. I will talk about shock at play one of his classic hits next and WL. Chuck Berry pastor way of the weekend at the age of ninety. So he had a great life and it just very very. Influential. The Beatles were one of the British invasion bands that helped introduce young white America to this kind of music. Mean it was a white kid growing up in Metairie I thought The Beatles wrote this song roll over Beethoven. It wasn't until years later their realized they covered Chuck Berry song infected beatles' first live concert in Washington DC at the coliseum. They opened up width. Chuck Berry song and it was this on they opened up with and the last song they play where is long tall Sally by all the Richard. So The Beatles opened up with two R&B covers. In their first like concert America the stones dated as well not fade away I mean it does does the stones beat Rod Stewart is I mean divorce but in that in the beginning that the Eagles in the stones were among those that erased America. To this kind of music. Here's a Texas says it's scooter regards to your last caller I voted for president trump and I have absolutely no regrets. Warts at all I still believe I made the right decision because the alternative was far worse. I do however believe president trump should either put up or shut up and apologized. I do not agree with everything he says. And does but I believe he is doing more good than bad. And you know that's a great text. And that's exactly why trump should. Find it within himself to not be so eager testicles that he can let it go. If you've just joined us others' testimony going on with house intelligence committee on Capitol Hill FBI director James called me add this to say about to wiretap evidence. No individual. In the United States can direct. Electronic surveillance of anyone it has to go through an application process ask a judge to judge him and make the order. So President Obama could not unilaterally order wiretap of anyone. No president could. OK so here's what's. Donald. 207535. In the morning. Terrible X emission point. Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory nothing found this is McCarthyism. Fourteen minutes later. He tweeted out is it legal for a sitting president to be wiretapping a race for president prior to an election. Turned down by court earlier a new low exclamation point. Thirteen minutes after that tweet. President truck tweet it out. How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones. During the very sacred election process. This is Nixon Watergate. Bad data for a disease or sick guy. He's directly saying. That President Obama was involved. In wiretapping. Its phones. And right now the White House appears to be on a desperate search. To discover some kind of evidence. It proves him right. Because at this point they've realized that those tweets were not accurate. From New Orleans DJ hero and every WL. Of those who thanks particular columnist new. I was writing about it first then and hurt that the agency that at all when they like we expect that hole but the track. Certainly it's actually been rated debt trump well that's up on self. And that's what Angela in Akron U and how awesome that he should apologize. If that happened. I believe on monopoly that appear as they personality disorder. That does not allow him to apologize and and you know what I think about it either make that bet they happily. The moment amid accusations he knew it was true he was McEnroe I mean anyone can do anything. And we spent probably at this point merely about one thing. We hear everything because it's something that's not true. And you know pocket stayed at school they're happy this morning. But it's natural that it's natural period and that too terribly but now the moment in the week it was true. I believe and apologized but the future. Number that somebody here early this morning and right off the bat 12 or hurt call that there. They were investigating. The league's let it be. Connection between. Rusher but he shouldn't that there would know prove that the formal sit down and wiretapping and the pale. Entrepreneur and the people. That was in the however. I've heard that the reality. Focus in on one thing he wants to know who leaked information to me. I mean that's the charge. A lenient that the. Well I'm trying to trick trick out he has a definite agenda he's he's still angry that he has been Ghazi committee I didn't. They didn't succeed in doing what he wondered it to do so. You know I'll watch portray county out earlier and he sent in he's definitely on a mission to not hear he's on a mission to really talking and tell what he police. I'm happy he's here and collect I mean I don't know we're back into the entry agreement they're. But they are proud of it and a lot of exact group without the law and articles that. And you don't call him back up I think. The problem many trumps supporters who like you what the statement it was that people have met with you because you reporting that trump basically alive. And people a lot of child support it's not now but a lot of them wanna shoot the messenger and don't listen to the masses. TJ I've got to get to break him and I really appreciate you taking time to call glacier listening if you're Arnold hang on I'm scoot amber coming back into the if you don't. We are running out of time in this hour and a wanna give you a chance to express your opinion so if you're on hold on gonna ask you just hang on because we are gonna continue this a conversation into the next hour. I've gotten a text and this is a typical of what happens and we have a discussion like this I've gotten text about well Bill Clinton lied about the Monica Lewinsky affair. He looked the American people in the eye and he lied yes he did and I have been highly critical events in my career. That was a mistake I'm highly critical of it today he lied he shouldn't of done that it was wrong for him to do what he did especially in the Oval Office. But it's almost as if those who. Want to protect trump. Even though at this point it appears there's no evidence. That supports what he sent which is pretty outrageous. Mean to accuse a former president. Your predecessor of wiretapping of a felony. It's almost as if double Bill Clinton lied about this what did just that make what trumps doing now okay. I mean at some point we have to recognize and remember the past but just. It's okay to judge what's going on right here now trop asked to be president he's president. And so he's going to be judged as a present. Again if you're holding on by astute hand will be back on Debbie WL.