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WWL>Topics>>3-20-17 4-5pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

3-20-17 4-5pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 20, 2017|

Tom talks with Phillip Gaglianno of Ristorante Filippo and Adam York of The Big Cheezy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm confident that upon an unbelievable pump. Hello there welcome back to the second course of the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris yet passing is a cultured person and every afternoon. We sit down and we talk about food for the entirety. Of the program. Four hours a day. Get this though seven days a week where a student now. And you know why because it works. 260. What's a number again 2606368. Of all things that I should remember it should be that you know who was is here. We are being visited. By our friend they'll ghetto geek hagel you know who in. In Italy would be called the lethal got a young and as if he cares. Ifill. And Adidas and you know it's my pleasures it's been awhile since I've bumped in new anywhere. I guess that means because I haven't been into your restaurant often enough. I must be yet you. Are. Yet did you know there's an extremely expensive violin by that name. Now again that's an update you know everybody knows about the stradivarius. Violin is beings you know hyper expensive but but the Dahlia those who were were also very very. Very well made him extremely expensive you have to have a and underwriter practically together at. I'll tell you one in my daughter's. I wanted to. And lessons flipped it and what I learned the Danny Haren had hit down the president. A pattern I can't get one more thing into the actual. In the case at the top of it on. Oh and Cilic and that's not something. I'd. How law poll well I it's probably no one of these big expensive jobs how much. How old is your daughter you said he. It's warm water and see it go lautner and hope I get her started on your mate I'd give. Them a you never can tell. You right you know I'll. It will won't agree we just dumb. All in golf formal all care law won't say silly ball all simply won't. They've seen ears tuned. We're not. We're everywhere and we got him a missing something here what what happened. It's senior week yet could senior. All your restaurant your restaurant there and at least fifteen years old rule always no wonder I could. That didn't make sense to me because I would not have guessed within five years of that had already tends. Yeah yeah I don't believe I mean. On. Win. You know I kind of forgot. And I are in a few days prior. Alight brought it to my attention and she is still believe it is seen in years. While. By you were preparing build. All the classic issues that we yeah calm. That we really. Staple Italian calmed dishes that had been on the menu from day one and and in this commercial that we yeah where there alien. So it's it's been really good and still very exciting and it there continues to grow. So we. Juvenile law. And it. I thought about and that's that I need to call in awhile and end here we are ia absolutely. Well you you know there there are many things about your rest and I really enjoy number one on the list as the waste is Reagan not that's just slow it. High water here. And every time I've been here where I I ordered. And it comes out of bubbling in hot news and and just putting out all of those flavors of the garlic in the olive oil in the herbs and all the rest of it. And he went over what always happens is that two or three people elsewhere in the dining room mostly. What is that and I all right you. You know and feel in the shell. And I am doing exactly the same and I have a moment stepped off the line going to die. And say hello. Shaking hands you know with people all ordering it would come into the cable and you're exactly right that's one of the issues. People see and it just sells them selves from the the chase in. The sensors feel the wrong your right well and that means it's what were the size it is now. A lot of people come in and wanna Canada side. Done. It's really a winner. All you want and she killed it pretty well you know just. Well there are I'm just guessing but I'm thinking you have bread crumbs parmesan cheese some garlic some herbs may be oregano maybe not. Olive oil and news salt pepper I guess but. You you. Basically. Com. Polices. It and Italian right crop that. Well that and call. Dual Rosemary and fresh are plea and all we pepper and remind munchies and and we places in the baking dish column oil and water and now. And we finish and one commodity outlook fresh are in Ramallah cheap but they are delicious cynic especially when he oysters currencies and they are right now right now I spew out perfect and the night and slumps sometimes. You don't have quite as many on the district are so big you full. But he is apt. Now that's it's a great dish now there's there's another dish there in my only regret about it. That that I really love but my only regret about it is that if I get the oysters are really shouldn't get this other dish and vice Versa. And you probably know and I'm referring to or do we. Are there thank god there. The chicken. It's chicken protein. That chickens but beanie which is. Near as I can tell you taking a chicken breast meat you're wrapping it around a lot of the same stuff that went into the oysters I'm thinking but. It's similar on the basically to grass and we pounded and and we layer with ratio. In Italian right I'm not all are or Lee we take a break from the real blow to wearied. The outlook CC com. And it it it's not dry. You know brake problems were cheap and although art scene like. And it will be at peace implement or. On tomato you'll. Brad in and day. It he would he is new it's not something it our all time. I'll know. I Dario Aurora that because it seems like everytime I comment starving for it. It's off the menu that day but I always and I just shift over to the oysters is if it did they have similar flavors so I I would even get both of them in one meal if you would be. I sure do love it. Yeah and they currently are you know a small right on XP would be I try to do different special every day. In I'd you know I don't want it have a lot of things where it becomes confused seeing. And I want you know everything always be fresh and every always you know beaten it's saying to step. So that is one of my is that I probably shouldn't have everyday. Oil which you do it. Yeah. Might that mean you're. Really at night menu in terms are not super big. But only. Whether it's repeal of the chickens when the plan. It's really nice and we have a salad you know we have the classic Italian cities are in the freshman thorough look at race. And we you know I. They theories there was one on. There there was one other dish there at that I'll bet chip is. Very close to blow it among the entrees and UA one of the most popular additions you do. And that is you do that Trout or red fish at the cutesy either one or the other may be a switch back and forth. But with the crab meat and all the other stuff that goes on that every it's all it's a verbal thing that the waiter always tells me about but it always sounds great and then when I get it it's just wonder. Right well speckled Trout slightly on an issue where a white one of water cram me on top. Well that that's what I have in exhilaration English. You expressly you know regret it right now Britney. Where everyone's struggle and live morning and both courts across issues and so. In New Orleans we have so much to cheers from Italy July what is available. And issues that dom art scene Google. And out right now or. Profit as the saying my wife is across this fanatic. And really worked well who isn't it crow finish fanatic I mean it's so good likelihood. She did she's infatuated. With profit. And I am talking about my family are all remembered there. I yup and I can get nod I mean you know family is everything I want you. It is you know I haven't we get celebrated. Sink showed that it was to a yacht strayed you know in the restaurant we celebrated. Saint Joe's on Friday in on Saturday. And we did the changes that tasting menu. Which alone with the island ECU the milanese which is delicious it's that you chose that it's. Very classic. This 1000000007. Italian. Tomato sauce with anchovies and soybean and fresh start at all. In car in time not. And down in the immediate fight speckled Trout with the for a product. And the but don't forget on top of that on aid that was always an issue with some red grows it bread crumbs were big spotlight and Joan of Arc and at that spot. That. The connection error. But anyway yesterday. Of course I am all my family are out and I'd duplicated. That same menu at home and now but we want saint Joe's in it we get one more year and as you walk in Iraq straw. You cease danger sitting there without being in the room we use it actually in wearable way. Now we read changes there and really. Winners our ring Regis. William is art. Just just last week there was a lady who wrote an article in the clarion herald about the the video alters the saint Joseph's alters tolerant Arab city she said. As you know we worry about what's happening to some of our. Our traditions. But that one is now one that we need to worry about because they apparently she said there were more. Alters this year than she has ever seen. So yes you're so right you know com. The end. I you know an Italian born and raised here in new wants which is very. You know synonymous with. New on the other stranger to Alter. Or more. And yeah and you look for now we NC as many come by now it's just incredible every elementary school. Catholic school. Has at all they're whether it's. You know tremendous and being in has all of them delicacies. Church seems to do an ultra now which is really want the ball on the epic did an amazing bank. And it's it's very New Orleans very Italy very. Arteries is silly Sicily. Very Sicilian. You're always an NC of course. You know that beautiful lobster at and in the table on the golf unity at this fish or twelve pitch. The milanese of ports in the and all those approaches are and then all the beautiful cakes and cookies. We view an altar every year and are brushed on right there you can and and wheat is you know every year. So column agony you know people that's on its let's say we used the entrance of Regis now all cookie. That my mother and my sister. And fairly prepare com as well as. We we donate aren't all there is no boring its say in. And we put it on our call to which you really nice and but an Italian restaurant celebrating. Definitely a big holiday month Italian. And what what could be more natural I don't see you are you are there for lunch what days. What are you Monday through Friday Monday to Friday and then dinner. And it is Monday. Monday through Saturday and he says he'll work. You know. And you are you're just off causeway boulevard on west Napoleon it's only about a block away you'll see all the meat neon signs of theirs who will go grab your eyes. Right the ship one walk and of itself cause why. In the nature around the west Napoleon avenue and we're on one garbage like where your future. Well it's always nice talk and you end it's always even in nicer to come over there need all this stuff and I look forward to the next time they do it goes so. Phil gag Leo Philippe Ole re still around they Philippe bow on west Napoleon right just city side of causeway boulevard. And as you just heard lunch and dinner lunch Monday through Friday dinner Monday through Saturday. Okay Phil. Thank the great talk and say yeah. My pleasure that you you. Hope so Aussie of their egos Phil guy Leandro. Organically you know if you wanna be Yankee about it. Will be back with more the food show in a moment but. The the the oh hi it's the food show. On 105 point three FM HD two with the modern occurs. In radio broadcasting. Joined the join the the mob. And and enjoy it where you are. Adam York is here Adam is the boss me and I think. Or find the second of a place called the big cheesy is that right. At now let's see. I think it is the name of the place alone tells us a lot about it so they've gone cheese Oreo. How we'd like. I don't look a little bit. I think it name written that the city in Europe it's not very well. No way it's it's a great though little switch over there what what is the story tell me tell me how this got started and what you had in mind. When you did it my wife is wild about it and my daughter is too. So this is so that's it seems to me to be aimed at the young at heart. Yeah right and. You know where we're all coming honors in the cheesy. We we don't really takers so he's seriously. Ticker there is. You know. Inner struggle alone. Pretty dodgy on yen in. But the story starts to go with a partner Josh really. You know outlook for a note she campus. Wonder why it on a girl achievement and one on one line on potential. She good question. There's there's. Some restaurants that have that you usually on the children's menus huge life. American cheese which we on Google on order it on it it is great maiden. We wanted to kind of take it to another level. Actions of local flavors you know. Very southerners you know flavors that we. We outgrew it we just want incorporated into the grilled cheese is kind of our campus are Schilling are. Give me an example of this that you think god captures. With the idea is. They weren't. One in the one that captures it and maybe want our achievements repeated she's. We took brute beast within your degree gravy. You know home. And my mom not that it or not. Put it between a couple of key in this hour to do a lot slower bakery are in town. At a little tease them talk take green peppers that you're adult it's. I'm going to be that the cheese with a swing goes where's it in the middle or. Why would I Edwards ago. Yeah. That would CP and the seller on one seat yet to cheddar cheese and others some spicy pepper Jack. And we. Topic so broad green peppers are on the honor an accurate with the trigger the it's a little sloppy. Usually bite. You know. I was over at the the CIA the B not that that's the Culinary Institute of America not the greens by guys. And I I was talking to a guy and he was telling me about sandwiches in general but he says I'm I'm so glad I was a student here because I learned something that was worth that just to find out. And that is when you have a sandwich like up Michael Rubin. You have a lot of juicy stuff on it and you just described and other when this has all that roast beef gravy on it. Well what I always do and what they tell you to do is take the cheese and you apply it to the inside bread. And then you put all the other stuff. Together because it won't get through the cheese whereas it might get through everything else. And they made a lot of sense to me so is it does it work that way is of value do. They've done that how it chooses. Yeah we actually says the outside now in the little bit more than one Dick Tracy crunch. When you bought into it and everything into action to open and now. I'm telling restaurant. And especially poor boy joints that for years that the if you take the sandwich to stick it in the oven a couple of minutes after you take it after you finish putting it together. It makes such a difference it becomes fantastic. You know you know why give me I give me some more bureau. Off your menu you I've saw your menu few months ago and it. I if I were just guessing I would say you have at least that 2030 different sandwiches or is a solution. And it may like it to a liberal. Urged I don't know a lot of options. One of one in the when we started with this many huge impact the entire crate you'll get it such. It could see old ghosts and witches and. I know it's it's need to get reaction order crowd it's not a meat. Completely. It Unix flavors that they are very southern we make out accurate that fortunately and it is wonder when it really get a cheap. Their Lenovo and apple apple would debate in just look at stake in the maiden. On a night multi grain bread and the country watt hours well. In Logan threw together and it's pretty unique now the economy and put. All I can't tell you I've ever seen that before. A department insists it art or all of your sandwiches cheese sandwiches or do you mix in well obviously you do with the rose hundred just tell me about. But are there are other will others like that where you you know we have a a fair amount of and say deli meats or vegetables or whatever. Yeah like that we have a little something for everyone. You know in cheated on a water main ingredient you know being grilled cheese and spewed. The big cheesy but you know we had smoked Turkey we got grilled chick in the heat got to say he am. Not a good choice there. That's a great product. It's amazing. Me and even update the angle her outside pressure for and he would spiritual. And not crawfish and alligator sausage is on our special plans that we have done it creole country. Yeah I don't reversed on non. By the way I keep telling everybody who I think we might care. On that we were talking to the archbishop of of the New Orleans archbishop. What what would you call it the diocese. There's guys and it and it on on jobs. Morning crop he he was up in the past stands with a certificate Gallagher hall what we were doing our coverage of the Rex Zulu and all. And I asked him about. The alligator issue. And blend you know those days that you're not supposed to eat Mitt meet what do you do about alligators pieces we've actually researched all this and we've come up with. An answer that is as far as the Catholic church's concern. On alligator is a fish. And so it's okay. I'll agree under yeah well you know you. Remodel of alligators. Any common interest special did not take it one. So how are you making this into a cheese sandwich. So you know we start would achieve we hear what the bread that we cellulite cream flavors. In. You know we had pain like and crawfish and alligator sausage become immune to chatter in a project chi. And we are sad sweetness of a couple of onion. And a little bit of peppered her topic green peppers and accentuate substitute will. It sounds good enough you know enough going on there that's for sure. But yeah what is. Oh what do you mentioned that you have several different kinds of bread. Yes sir or ma where the rundown. Three. You had a Big Three go and preachy. And you gotta put to good butter on. Water well okay. Yeah. Our brand were sourced locally from wall bakery which is inside right timers. You know. Baker. Aren't Leo what's what's the name of it again while our. All yeah on that Susan Spicer. Yeah. Yeah that's wonderful bread that you made great product on that debt but that. Multi grain. Bread that she makes it's just great mean. Parts of it gets stuck between your teeth but who cares. Yeah explain its seat in there it's really aren't. Good greatly in biker pepper jelly there or being in contact. Com. And it. Honestly is the best part start fresh challenge you'll on the violence on and all local put him. Secret ingredients like the bread and saw a thing like I try all the trees and even as some degree spread out there agents made major for what was on the news. And oh yeah absolutely. Well we are are you. And are there more than one if you mean do you restaurants. I wish there's more than one of me around well I don't that's yeah. Thought we three locations now we we have ourselves publication but for out to him. That's our original oil or in you know. We were pretty overwhelmed with the just the public in general on one Willard is another suit. And we sold to a few other opportunities rather quickly. An industry standard I guess. Armed. We. Have not bigger stir up here we go or. That was their second when we opened. And then we. Ministry currently at another location on magazine street. After the sudden thunderstorm broke. Well yeah. Mean you know isn't Wheaties with this parade season and think and it decorate the we will get a good tip your busy yeah. I was on it's just it's great to have its official Brayton. Actually in the coming months they you know if you do. That always helps having people come in her and it's a big. All right well the name of the outfit is the big cheesy with a Z I think right yeah EH EE ZY. And three locations around the around the area. And we have been speaking all over here to at a New York who is the boss and what what is your official title. Yeah I am I am everything is that he uses yeah. I'm just. Him her. I just like you know. Well good for you and a good luck with that. Thank you thanks thanks for spending a little time with us appreciated. So yeah. It's food show on top that Morris the big cheesy. I like that he you know what you say that name. And you have to smile. The preceding. Report an interview with the idea of my wife. Was full of ideas. 2606368. In his our telephone number 2606368. And Tom that's Morrison's. It's lovely to be here every day what you're talking about the food seen around town every part of it in our program is sponsored by theories. You're races. And old fish restaurant they opened in 1983. But John fury goes way back key bloat and harassment at Weston park along comes quickly to was called the bounty. On before that he well he started his career by delivering pour poison which is on the bicycle we gotta start somewhere well east. Pretty much retired now but he has a lot of lot of friends they come in especially on on Saturday night's dinner. It's mostly seafood that they do a little bit of everything and they they fry up some very good chicken now when you order the project and they will tell you this the waitress will tell you this and here's how she will do it too shall say. You know pollen that's gonna take 25 minutes well that's what you wanna hear because chicken cannot be cooked quickly we you can cook and had time to put her under Heatley put that's you know that's no good. And they don't they don't cook that way anyway it theories that you everything ordered they buy everything fresh great little neighborhood place. Prices are affordable and you see the same people every time you go which ought to tell you something you know they have a lot of regular customers and they stand up to their own standards. It's a series Red Cross of veterans highway from door next supermarket and they were open every day Monday through Friday lunch and dinner straight through all afternoon. And then on Saturday they are only open for dinner and Sunday they're closed. Theories. And will be back at more than food show after first. Both on and then down down down. Hello it's the food show. On 105 point. Three is that right 515260. 18 in the 2606368. That's our phone number for short 2606368. And what we do is we talk about food here that's it that's the entire range of it although if you have something that you say. Well this is kinda like food what that's good enough for me. You know you we don't have pushed this whole lot. But so we would love to hear from you our number is 2606368. We will discuss any matter you have. About food about ever even as you can tell we just finished talking to a guy who makes grilled cheese sandwiches. In his place. And Watson different kinds of abs it's good idea but the unusual. But good enough for me. So it gives supplies and tell us what's that pin on your plate lately whether it was something greater something. Were really outstanding. All the CEO I have a puncher reports to give you just things that a busy weekend just a ridiculously busy weekend. But on non slow day was descending nose Saturday Saturday there was going to be. A parade. On urban street. A saint Joseph's parade on Bourbon Street I it was accompanied by something else that I've heard of but I'd never seen before. There had to be. A dozen. I'm that might be a little to me. Let's see eight. Weddings. Wedding parades. Going up urban street the bride is in. The white bride custom. Is that it's not a constant though is. I've been a bit. Them if you will what do what do you recall and you're you're. Well. Bridal gown I guess that's with the best we can do but there's that but they were coming up this that having a great time in two with a little band in the and of the bride just look. Glorious in the in the glee. I think the groom look very happy to a news music playing and it was this look I gotta say it was pretty cool and well so. We were in the neighborhood that what we have a plan to meet some friends of ours we were gonna have dinner or maybe go out for a couple of drinks or something. But as the the date pulled itself together I was going to show that day over here. And awful Big Three hour show that and after we finish that should you know what we can do we can go to gallop towards as soon as they get off the year. At 3 o'clock. We could head right over there they're open they stay open all afternoon and always did. And though we could just have a supper we won't feel rushed forum Obama would actually wind up being somewhere between lunch and dinner. And it would be a problem the food is always the same. It that gallop towards the services to which is they're not as many people in the place which is a blessing if you ask me because. When they fill that place is among the noisiest restaurants and talent and I used to kind of like that but the older I get the let's do so. Anyway we went over there my wife my daughter and I. They. We had a classic Gallup forest deal. Started off while we were waiting for a white mom my daughter to come one. My wife and I had our oyster some Rocha. Oysters that's a classic gala Taurus appetizer. It's oysters that have been rapt with beacon. And then dusted with the flower and then they Friday's. With a secure running through it. And you have it is an appetizer with a little bit of their. I'm browned butter which is just delicious. And then. After that we we have big get a gala toward good today which is half sure approval on behalf. Our crabmeat although they did have crab meat because as a moratorium on crabby right now just for the next week I think it ends then. But we across stations that made the same ways they would do here via crabmeat. And then I had to. All I have more to say about this we have somebody on hold though and I don't like we've injury a welcome to the food show. Andrea is that right. That's that you have you ever been to the rest of of the same name although it's pronounced on the Avaya and and the match and I. Yeah and it I'll bet you when you told him. That you were also Andrea or Andrea that he probably use wanted to put his arm around you. Our arms can you know he's Italian and he does that would everybody who comes in anyways hope he doesn't and bees. It went and memorable night he. We want to do that and that night I asked at a cape on at his best singer Janet Jackson fans. Oh yeah yeah. Janet Jackson and is. The thing to her. Whole only use your. Oh OK well then then you have just encountered one of many reasons why Tom is completely out of it did that I didn't make the connection lesser. And a that still listening to Sinatra I can't help myself. It. Now. But anyway you didn't call about this you know so what's up. Now like soccer restaurant at night I don't live anywhere Alex anymore. Looking for a gift certificate for my parents. You heard early eighties and the lab. And places like it has and then it limits some of their favorites for like that flaming torch now on magazine street and my pride and uptown. They piling on a diet that are out there might be living there. It rather on the does he do. At a strip mall and back now and I rightly lit why parking spaces and you the end of the front story you know what it means. I sure do bug that's it is certainly a need for that all of that. Our glitzy. Boy oh. By the looks looks of the parking lot thing that is that's probably the hardest thing to figure out sometimes. Our. I'm goodness and you too. Off I've got. A guy would do what they like to eat. Sleep food okay. All right I. I would go to one of two restaurants that are actually owned by the same guy but that's just a coincidence. Popped Ralph Brennan. Has a restaurant called Ralph's on the park it's right across the street from city park to beautiful old building. They have to rip the menu. And it's it's really easy to handle they have Alley parking at the front door but that's almighty parking spaces on it's you know it's very easy to get out. But Ralph also has another restaurant it's smaller it's of little more casual but it's a really really nice place tonight one of their food it's it's called. Cafe. It's on. Metairie road at the corner of low bar road and they also have valley park there are but you'll probably be able to find a spot a lot. And that they're they're good with seafood real real strong and service. Those are two that come to my mind. I. Know. Well good good in joy and hope they enjoy to 89080. Holes. Eighty. I'm 81 and I added that these nine. So many millennia I'm I'm struggling to make it to 84. And I'm serious. Because I was born on Mardi Gras. And my birthday has never fallen on Mardi Gras since then it it won't until I'm 84. OK so how long she happened tell you get there. It. Live no I don't mind it all I have. I have another twelve years ago. I think yeah. It moved here out loud and I you're doing what you love your act is. Have no doubt. Well good that cheers me up. What do you think Cuba calling thanks what are you where you being forced to live now. I Ambien quite a lit in Olympia and that's not bad that's actually lovely. It's beautiful out here and thank you out of this as a failure listener for a live another day steep hill. I was sent he would be a hot. So I yeah. Yeah it's a good way to. Adamant that the Illini fans around stick your hand that it's really it greatly as stayed connected to my account account and at. I. I'm very happy that day you're doing it favoring us by doing that. So thank you. Thank you earth. Well. I keep I keep trying we'll thank you thanks a lot they Q zero food show and tell the mourners. Being giving him. The dvd. And it's the answer to this question and it sure you eat you who you ask and answer in your house all the time. But never quite satisfactorily. The question is where can we go that's different. You that's that's you ask this on the day when you know you go the same old places on where you go to have something different. Acropolis talent right now if even if you say I'm never I don't like Greek food or have never had Greek food before I don't know. Try it. It's the first of all it's a home style cuisine is nothing really bizarre about it is one dish that him that might skew view of a moment's pause but you know nobody's forcing you to get the octopus which is delicious by the way but moving beyond that. The lamb lived the the two Italian dishes there that you would very well I think they might have the best. Eggplant parmesan and the whole city. And oh a lot of variety the prices are really affordable and every night they do a special menu is usually three or four courses that runs around 25 dollars that's always a good choice to. Nice people easy to get to with their front parking lot is full to go around back of the building there's an entrance spec they are and it's easier to do. The name of it is Acropolis cuisine they were run veterans highway near Cleary. And open seven days a week like should we will come back with more of the food Joel from talking to him being being being they've. In the country people need to. Oh hello it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris call it's been a lot of harm that glow would love to hear from you about what you've been meeting in. They do what your cooking and if you. Made something lately that was really great odd really want to know about it I really do I'm sincere about it as I'd love to cook too and I like to. Taste different things all the time. So share it would you don't keep his secret that's the dumbest thing in the world and I'm mentally 81 once few years ago she was in her nineties. And one of her daughters that and she just won't give us any of her recipes why. They gonna die with there is some girl that. Now you can get populated into what you want. That was the seed it was something else that wanted to mention here before we. We get them to the end of the road here. Our our numbers 2606368. By the way it would everyone ask about it tell about it you are always welcomed the matter what the subject is if you think you have a stupid question nor a silly. Comment to make call us absolutely because those we have fun to be the best. Ideas that we have the entire program so. I really mean that and knew we'd love to hear from you one way or the other 260. 636. Data program today. Sponsored by parents or police. Grants for voice. It was just the the very idea of I've never forget the first day I saw they are veterans highway 3939 veterans highway. Our poor boys which had been established in my life many years earlier as one of the truly great things to eat. And Iran your godfather. Have my Perez to guy who gave me the first rose before I ever had so it was just like what is this. It turns out it was a buddy of mine from a from high school cook who is running it but. It was always good it's still good. And they'd make everything from scratch just like they used to do it and all legal bars around town that used to have signal group. The guy who won't it was would be up front make you drinks are poured beer and and his wife would be back there make it rose before boys. Well it's it does have that kind of takes its all home style. And all cooked by them they don't get anything made. Out there. From somebody else. It's brand for boys they have two locations the wanna destroy your body and also. There's another win in Kenner it's on west esplanade in Kenner. Just. But three blocks away from a from Williams boulevard. Brand for boys. Tonight. Let's see we are a ways away from the weekend and what Messina as runway cafe. And they went their today there'd there'd be close on Mondays. Put it in the back your mind. If you're certainly if you're ever headed out in the eastern half of the war on to somewhere on down the road or pain boulevard or whatever. It is or let's say you have an airplane you fly where you're picking up an airplane or something. Although I'd go to the airport. And the scene is will be there they have had the food. On empire going on since the 1960s it mainly in the catering but they now have two full fledged restaurants. There in the in the airport in the Lakefront airport. One of them. He is. A breakfast and lunch place and they start off it with not just the basic. You know who have. Scrambled eggs bacon and all that they they even get into the fancy stuff they do it very well and that at lunchtime. It starts with four boys and goes through things like gumbo and jambalaya and and then nations get serious with that and they make some wonderful daily specials every day. All of these prices are very affordable. And if you happen to be with your kids. Like on the weekend. And more let them watch the planes coming in and helicopters going out and who knows what else. It's a lot of fun it's a great day and the have a great sandwich org great. Platter or whatever it is you like. It's the rule Lakefront airport it's Messina is runway krill. Who do choose to do what else do we have to do before we leave. Why not leave and anyway what was sort of leaving it trend us this drove. We got a bone. Call from them a couple of days ago they said we've had to go up the price of our launch. And so what is it now 25 piece that. There was never anything like that. It was 1295 now it's thirteen 95. So wise sorry about that but that's not too bad. What they do over there. It over written. Tree nuts is seafood. It's actually a branch of a restaurant in Florida that. Opened up here in the in the airport. Over at the the hotel Intercontinental. In the NC airport I was just talk about their that there are the are. The hotel Intercontinental in saint Charles evidently so poised for a street. And they open that place up and that no one in the history of that hotel as ever made what I would say is a real go of that spot. It's it's off the main lobby a little bit. It's really quite quite a nice place it's it's even quiet it's casual totally casual so I went and went in there I was expecting some kind of the hotel restaurant it is in that at all these guys are seriously good and when it comes down to buying fish which is what they do best of all. They buy all kinds of fish from all over the place and they have always used on at least a dozen different ways which right there that's I'm I'm a fan right off the so try it out sometime soon trig not TRE ENASSE and ask them what a true and honest is this an interesting story behind that. In the hotel Intercontinental. Routes and although while the applause is fading. I have one more message who share Liu and it is that our show is sponsored today. By you or is their weight and again all of these. I do well so I did a little better than usual. Well keep trying and our hope we have a good dinner tonight played a red beans would suit me just fine. And a continue what listening we have another two hours of the food show. Struggling to be heard. CO.

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