WWL>Topics>>3/20/17 Scoot 2pm- Bill Maher tells Democrats to "stop being so nice."

3/20/17 Scoot 2pm- Bill Maher tells Democrats to "stop being so nice."

Mar 20, 2017|

Liberal TV host/political commentator lectured Democrats during his stand-up show at the Saenger Theater Saturday night. Maher told Democrats to get off their butts and become more vocal and more active and to “stop being so nice.” Have Democrats been “too nice?” And what do you think Bill Maher means by that?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And what a beautiful first day of spring afternoon it is Monday march the twentieth or like to witness this afternoon. On the number one movie at the box office over the weekend was the avenue dizzy police of Beauty and the Beast but there's news from Kuwait City. That the movie has been pulled from the movie theaters. The film which are grossed a 180 million dollars overseas over the weekend. As we called a movie with Disney's first gay moment for a character there's a moment there where a guy kisses a guy but I haven't seen the movie but I saw there the trailer. Beauty and the Beast on had been showing at two predominately Muslim. In the proudly Muslim country of Kuwait since Thursday. But apparently some people were complaining about this and Kuwait's national cinema company. I'm pulled the movie four unforced seemed difficulties. However they're going to edit the movie and then re release it in Kuwait City. Liberal TV host and commentator. Bill Maher lecture Democrats in his standup show at the center theater Saturday night will be talking about that here in just a few minutes I was there. And I thought it was cool and you know like I can laugh at stuff. Even if I disagree with. The contents of of the joke at the target of the joke I still think it's it's funny. Here's a Texas says what a fool believes a wise man has the power to reason away quoting The Doobie Brothers song wonderful beliefs. The testimony continues on Capitol Hill before the House Intelligence Committee. An FBI director James Kobe had this to say about the investigation between the trump campaign and Russian officials. That includes. Investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. And the Russian government. And whether. There was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's effort. So pace of that investigation does continue put up to this point we've heard that they haven't found any information that makes that directly. Representative on DeVon noon as Republican of California who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He was in the hearing earlier and he talked about no physical evidence on supporting. Trump's claim that he was wiretapped. We know there was not a physical wiretap of trump tower. However it's still possible that other surveillance activities were used against president trump and his associates. But that doesn't really fit what trump tweet it out and I read these three. Sequential top trump tweets just a little while ago I'll I'll do that again if you if you don't remember what the original. I tweets work on it here's an interesting update are pretty jaguar opinion poll has totally shifted. After FBI director James co mes testimony today. That there's no wiretapping evidence trump tower. Should president trop apologized to President Obama. Earlier 25% said no 75% say yes. Now 48% say no 52% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. To VW goes on companies to more of your text here in just emitted from New Orleans Kevin welcome to the show thanks for hanging on. Don't you know all odd odd element in the way waited problem with Crump is now. We got tricked a sense. Only that the Seneca remote control. Of the thing that we. And okay then now we. Our children. Joao. We'd and got blues and it. Blows. Up. Well. Not a no logical way what. About the pop it. Leo. You bull. People not the problem. The problem is when good people don't not in. We've got you know we we. All we won't we won't do the right look at my. That we don't quit it that we view them. And they're an Obama. It. Well there are Republicans on Capitol Hill who are said to tell you know the president only has so much credibility. I'm liability to to to lose be so much credibility assets in Toulouse and these stranding him on something that he shouldn't be spending a mark. A bit but the big question. Our American people all of my mind that we have an. Economy. And yeah. It is met and that. Can not read them. A cheap. The problem that up with a metal case. And it's not. Been because of. I mean it. And it's it's not fair to. Refer to president trump as a metal case because you know that that's something that has not been determined so I want to just let it go camp and so I understand the point you're making a net that that is a lot. I can't I understand that he knew you'd talk to your friends at a bar about that but when it comes to the radio on me I have to. Something about some things it's OK but when it's it was re elect he's not a middle case we don't have any determination that he I mean I get I get text about his. On his mental state of mind all the time and I don't really share those because. It at this point it's considered libel and slander so I've I don't do it kept that I I've I appreciate your call and understand the point you're making. If fact that really leads me into one organ and the conversation this hour. Liberal. Bill Maher. Lecture Democrats at the singer's theater Saturday night. He lectured them he said get off your blanks. And become more vocal Lee. Can't. Just more active in general. He also told Democrats to stop being so nice. We'll talk about that. When we come back. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. And it is a Bill Maher Saturday night and you wanna comment on the show you can give assure critique of that. Other was great it doesn't mean I agree with everything you said that target or to joke but I am not I laugh at stuff even if I don't agree with. The target. Our numbers 2601. A seventy Terry code 5042601. A seventy. Tech's number say 77 yard scoot in the afternoon there were coming back on Debbie and you'll. Here's what I got out of part of Bill Maher show us Saturday night this anger and he lectured Democrats. Get out stand up be heard and stop being so nice. Is Bill Maher writes when he says that Democrats need to stop being so nice. Does he does he have a point. You know in a very general observation I'm accurate on the last but it's a very general observation. There are those on the right that not only express their opinions. But they wanna go so forced to tell you how to reach your life. And there's a general tendency. On the left. To say you know Hank disagree with you you live your life I'll live mine again that this is something that is not his Purdue at Dallas it has been historically. But one of the reasons that that conservative talk radio has has has been so popular in America. In recent years and it's it's changing. The one of the reasons it's been so popular is because. We and you insist that somebody believes what you believe and and both sides are guilty of this to a degree the winners and insistence on all right look I'm not gay. I depleting gay marriage and you shouldn't either. This idea of of telling somebody else what they should belief. About abortion about gay rights about a lot of different things that creates confrontation. And so radio like any medium is subject to the same. Principles that govern any form of entertainment. And what makes entertainment compelling. Is conflict. It's part of drama it's part of a lot forms of entertainment. Confrontations one of those elements that attracts attention to any media. So confrontation has helped make talk radio compel the problem is is that. Air America in the past and talk radio that has been more moderate and not ultra conservative. Has failed to be as defiant as it should be. It has failed to. Be radically moderate. In his failed to. To create a degree of confrontation which I I think we have a degree of that sometimes on the show. Now the election of Barack Obama 2004. Further fuel dump the flames of unrest among the right an election Donald Trump seems to now have awakened the sleeping giant on the left. And now more on the ultra left on our responding and more than more than just the ultra left but. Moderates and those who lean left in lean right but our moderator populace or centrist. It seems as if they have more of a defiant opinion now. And this is really the majority of America. It's now being heard more so is this what build more means when he says Democrats need to stop being so nice. Donald Trump became president. Because of a populist movement in America it is also trending globally. The far right deduct patrols in the White House. It was the moderate voters those who lean right or left who put trumpet the White House. And they were driven. More by a desire for change anything else that didn't vote for trump because he was a Republican that this group they're putting in in the White House. Footer for him because they wanna change that is like everything you said on the campaign. But he represented change. And that was a better option that Hillary clutch. At a text to the show earlier said look. I voted for trump and I still think I did the right thing I don't like I think he should apologize I don't like cut many of the things that he says however. I still think he was the better choice. Because. When America wanted change. Hillary Clinton was the poster candidate for the political establishment she was a terrible candidate for the Democrats but yet they failed so beholden to her. That they were gonna do all they could to you for her turn. Which America just could smell that a mile away. And now we're learning that Donna Brazil has now admitted. It was she was working with CNN and she got a got a hold of some of the debate questions she gave them to Hillary Clinton. She was. She was chairman chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. She was representing Bernie Sanders too but she gave them to Hillary Clinton. That was unfair. And so Bernie was right when he complained about about all of those things. So I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens also we've seen. A change in the ratings on MSNBC which has consistently been in the basement of the trees on the cable news networks. The Fox News Channel has has benefited from Obama being president. Because it was constant confrontation between the conservative base media and the president. What's interesting is that now Fox News is playing the part of siding with the president. And president truck he's using Fox News almost as if it's a branch of the executive branch of office. So it's gonna be interesting to see if the role reversal. Still plays in the favor of Fox News overtime Fox News is by far. The the most polished. Off the networks pay understanding entertainment value better than any of the other cable news networks. But this surge in ratings it may not continue but it will be interesting to watch this because now MSNBC. And secondly CNN. Would be considered the networks that would be confrontational to the president and is the confrontation. It attracts attention. It's the confrontational. Position. That helps create compelling entertainment. And we don't always agree on their show. And we have confrontation at times you know it but it all this talk about confrontation you know there's still needs to be civility. And and I sat there are times when he gets a little bit not control but for the most part we have civility on Michelle. And if you disagree with being used to have a chance to express your opinions. But I just thought it was interesting how Bill Maher kind of if lectured the Democrats that I've got a text here that says. Partied with Bill Maher at the hustler club. Well if you party rebuild Martha hustler but if you went to a debt to show Saturday night you'll know exactly when I'm human I say this. It deal more hours at the hustler club on that's something for him to think about for about a week now. If you are there you off the detector what that was all about. If you wanna join us for the comment about anything we talk about our numbers 260187. As Terry code 5042601. Ace every text Amber's a seventy ace every from New Orleans killed here on WWL. Hi I'm thank you so much. Shall accept in my car and I get out you let them I'm blue shield 1010. I'd say you go between between. Right. You know he. Good and it shows about I don't eat at trump should apologize for that statement America. On the president. Barack Obama simply. All over the world. Each representing the United States and we the greatest country on its plan. But it we keep me now. Learn how the people out without a machine that we keep him he's. After we ought. And when he it would. The only action at this point now is. Being back at history. There is vote if you follow it. And he is stepping. Up. Yeah and I'm not real comfortable with that analogy guild only decline is you know yes there there might be. You know there might technically be some similarities but I don't think there is a similarity in terms of where this is going or in terms of ideology but I understand that you see it in many people see it as a symptom of a problem. It. Well I don't think we're gonna go down that road. It's not gonna happen there are far too many people in this country that would not allow that to happen. I'm a got to get to a CBS news guilt of appreciate the call in just a moment ago I believe I made a mistake at once again proving this is alive talk radio and everything is not scripted. I said to Obama was selected in 2004 bush was elected in 2004 Obama 2008 and of course again reelected in 2012. On here is an update on a pretty gentle opinion poll. After FBI director James Komi today testified that there's no wiretapping evidence about the truck tower wiretap. Should the president apologized to former President Obama 39% say no 61%. Say yes give us your opinion. By going to be WL dot com if your Arnold hang on we'll be right back after to CBS NWL news updates.