WWL>Topics>>3/20/17 Scoot and caller "Jeff" have it out on air about Hillary Clinton

3/20/17 Scoot and caller "Jeff" have it out on air about Hillary Clinton

Mar 20, 2017|

Caller "Jeff" says that Hillary Clinton was a great candidate Scoot disagreed and it took off from there!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And get back to your calls from which we go Jeff thanks for hanging on welcome to the show. Oh thank you thank you wanna quote it is Donald Trump's own words before I do that. I'm sure any tenants would be proud and grateful to have you as a neighbor screw that enemy action. That they wouldn't wanna pick your brain and get to know you but. A confident this problem I really don't pirate I've sadly I'm not like unfriendly but I'm really to myself and I don't really get to know my neighbors and and believe me if your neighbor to wants to play allowed stereo you don't want me to be your neighbor. Well okay I don't know I was talking about introducing your celebrity in your intelligence that was I would I would look at these for a neighbor but OK and you. Here is here. If you wanna comment on your on your comment about the election that Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate that terrible candidate. And that the moderates. Actually. One way or the other but he elected to our trucks. Usually the forgotten the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular book I read greens and well she wasn't a terrible and it. Well. She was bad enough in the in the key states Amaechi she won't be at least if she was a candidate and she. What you may owe. You one. Well I have mentioned it every at the time. For her cat if you leave that to happen dimension and another ship. Quote. Pro. And on Jim Flick and a new York and halls and we just started happening alternate. 45 minutes and not paying for this because I'm on social security and the phone that. Are you can you hang on. Hang on hang on for just a few minutes I've got to get to a CBS news updates following that our dividend yield is up Davis Chris Miller. I'm scoot and go Willy just signed make his point we'll get back to more viewer calls. Aren't letting go to. And to go to adjusting in west Rico Jeff and thanks for hanging on so you wanted to continue your comment. I wanna quote because that we are established the fact that Hillary Clinton was great candidate she won partly fueled by disagrees she was ultimately go to a go to Greg. And educate you so you want is unchanged Obama oh really journalists assigned is the status Christian OK we go Donald Trump's. Bill Clinton who considered the greatest president in my life and about 74 years old. He was a great president Al bush does it look there's surplus as senator senator George Bush yeah. You know wanted to pop up and so two. Two hours the and so he let it cool it would still fighting and everything that it would draw. Well. Would it even before he ran for president are you thinking about running for president. Donald Trump said that you'd think Bill Clinton. What bat where all of them. And and his supporters have no right the Saint Louis in the muted needed and now in that argument about Bill Clinton. Could joint venture is correct. Because his supporters. Do not listen to the words ma ma. Three more point here because I wanna say to use that Bill Clinton came into the White House without thirty. And dollars. From being credited governor of Arkansas. From happening to Clinton and these. The American dream. The American dream and shall call it and what convicted. Took the Clinton. An adequate like yours actually ended Hillary and record Neil board a court order on res. In Atlanta because at Eden. Did you hear your voice you're you're you're you're. An expert in the media. Be fair here ought to be required or make it went up and restore water on the Olympic shall end my time to run something you do like you Steve's yeah you want a Mickey coin here or. Do you like Jim. He put his own them Neitzel. I'm done with Jeff is Jeff it if you look if you put a call back called back if I pause. Because I'm trying to ponder the outrageous comment that you just made you call me back Jeff and I'll put you right on the air right now. 260 wanted to call it right back up which you went on the air. Jeff calls in putting my tackle. To criticize me for not talking about. An Atlanta based. Talk show host and I think that's where Neal Boortz is. Criticizing Hillary Clinton's size. I didn't even know we did that how am I supposed to know that I can be accountable for what every single person's sense. And my expertise in the media is based on my experience my study. Of the media in the years and I've been in this business. And it's something that most people in my distanced do not do they don't study the industry that they're part itself like I've done for my entire career. It doesn't mean I'm right about everything. But I don't know why we're discussing Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton was eight terrible candidate. She. She had this campaign theme is issue Jeff. I don't don't call this show again if you're not gonna let me answer so did you just hear what I said yeah. Say it. Yeah no problem during times in the past three time you're opened an eye on it in an active program and say OK I'm gonna let you talk now. At what point the break but only time. And I abducted. Didn't you. Master's degree in this in this business so that you can pull it taught me that you pull on the local news local you'll have more on. You know just because you have an education. Doesn't want that went out when you Google when you do let me tell you. And I'd like to have a nice day just. Happens after he. You said planning. Have a nice day. You know I know people with master's degrees their kindness to. I mean they might have some knowledge is so this is not about education this is not about who's the smartest person. If you think I'm wrong about something tell me when I'm wrong about. I have never hung up when yeah. I've hung up on a few people but I've never hung up on yeah. I've gone to another caller from Jeff because I've got a lot of people on hold. I've gone to a break I've gone to news because of jail because that's the nature of this show. And if you don't like that and don't call it radio talk show our time is limited even my time is limited. But don't take your bitterness out on me. Me I'm not thin skinned I should care we didn't take this stuff. And it's OK I love what I do. Sometimes. It's tougher than other times. But just because you think I'm thin skinned doesn't mean I am. And I don't have to sit here defenseless and not defend myself. I don't know what your problem is Geoff you do have an agenda good luck with the agenda. Okay. I pursue it wherever you can. But you get as much time on the show. Is anybody else. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. She ran on the idea that it's my turn. And the DNC cheated for her and Donna Brazile over the weekend head of the DNC admitted now that which she worked for CNN she gave. Debate questions to Hillary. Hillary was a bad. Candidate and she lost. She was so bad that she didn't pay attention to Wisconsin. Michigan. She did not pay attention she thought she had made and she didn't pay attention to the states she should have paid attention to. My definition of a bad candidate is. Hillary Clinton. I've scooped. Aggravate record every hero.