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3-20 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' pursuit of Malcolm Butler

Mar 20, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the latest on the Saints-Malcolm Butler trade talks with Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our our first our O sports sub point 8 o'clock tonight right here born at WW him coming up on today's program Tom Karen. Took over the Patriots. For Comcast sports New England. Do getting a vibe on now what's the latest in neo rumblings of New Orleans first and Malcolm Butler story and also Tom Brady's Jersey. Was found across the board. In Mexico yes we'll talk about that too is there even if the was involved in this investigation. Scott Phillips a block of college basketball talk dot com is what has to recap the first couple rounds of the NCAA tournament and we move in to the sweet sixteen also gave his take on. The our current LSU coaching search and how close is that coming to maybe. Announcing who will be the next and then basketball coach at LSU's current Saints. My trip to the ESPN and espn.com. Is where the Saints are getting to visit with meant to detail and Chase Daniel on the black and go back up quarterback who has made a successful career in the NFL as a backup QB. And senior writer anti debate back time brown has Albie was this a full sweep of LAQ sports. The ball baseball and basketball the number again involved is 260 point 878 you can Texas and 8787. You believe in tank. Meaning trying to down the stretch of the season. Shut players down like in the NBA some teams like the Lakers many question all wondered if Republicans would do that. With there's dollars when Theo officially if they come officially eliminated. QB and better draft position order savior stalks it will Wear asking online at WW dot com now. Not at taking standpoint but look and hit to the long grueling. Series that facing him basically a seven record seven game series combines two and a half three weeks. So what you're thinking if you make it to the playoffs the second week in April and you go to the finals that's all April all of may and half of June. The NBA draftees Huber on June 20 June 21 to final Jews both in. Eight to ten days before it. They talk about almost another for three months of basketball for those who get to the finals the last two Saturday night it has been atrocious what Roy Adams over. In the NBA do. To Saturday nights ago everybody was fired up the Golden State Warriors in the San Antonio Spurs Saturday night prime time. Graham Spurs and Warriors both took place. This Saturday night like to be team yes Clippers in K it's. Can't say this all Irving love and LeBron James second set primetime Monroe pain however when you look at. One would have to wonder cage again at the players in the NBA. Wouldn't be allowed to do this in the team to be an obvious if they were going to be found that negated some trouble. They have done it in the final four years. Yeah and that's that's an riding a collective bargaining agreement and and they might try to re address that and it is in the best interest of the Lee because it TV revenue. The fans that are disgruntled. When they paid big bucks to go an NBA game. The big I'm trying to think where I heard this but. My own some ESP NA be hoops system. That I heard one thing vegan or trying to do to address as the short term. Is the league and extend this season by a week. So at a championship by Thierry can almost go to with the draft price be for reported July's would be extended by a week now the reason being. So they won't have as many back to backs. But they will have some back to backs but there won't be as many. So I guess that's a step in the right direction when you look at it indeed do that particularly next year but then I can tell you why it. But anything you've got bamboozled. If you ABC are you know be visiting. A people who run ABC and ESPN. And the big money and it paid for an NBA. It is so come on. We've paying top dollar we want the top product out there so that's why they hit extradition to you know and I'm buying the. Oh yeah official because act should tune in on his body. Out of the defaulted at Spurs game right -- because you realize at that time when they played the Spurs only about a game back before the you know tied it. The boys it's gone back and forth down the stretch but I mean people fired up today and what happens. Top coming in. Happy new all the from a coaching standpoint we'll probably use the first one it's a you know I don't care what you think. I'm doing what's best for my team is they get long term he's trying to close friendship he could just about. Prime time within but didn't have you taken long term and and you gotta give the fans a discount. And in you have players take less money whatever we have yet again I mean were you do you created a ticket it's easy to always you don't want X axis makes that point NEC does Arnold thing is that putting up signs of their favorite mainly Arab player. That they paid top dollar they wanted to that I play. And instant Staples Center and I go out there and you don't see him a good thing is you know they got a he would joke. Seated this said if you wanna rest. Now that the time you can wrestling you're dead. Ages totally crazy stuff out there and it. As you know sports I was at. Bobby as a main word of the NFL start doing -- which about the point he says it will be hard because the seasons we have Bears aren't doing it because there's still a lot on the line now the Saints went scenarios the last gain rightward student player or certain players as you wanna be ready the rule in the twelve if you like accuracy like the right right if parity got you seed locked in not just the playoffs but remember that we going like Bob is point out. On the seventeenth week seventeen. You had teams are already in the playoffs but you know waited upon BC did right like one through six so they there was still something on the line. So Vienna even like with the Lakers taken it yet he would. Now some fans might say well I gave problem this season. And so all want is to get a better draft pick art percentages to go in our favor. There's nobody was at the palace tonight gonna make the playoffs but. That that thing is when you look at that. Is that. They have some things that are involved Laker fan alive that's part of their budget. So Belichick wanna see the ever effort in the spirit of the sport as far as competition. So it gave an example. To see Woodstock and about how many gain he would play in never. Ultimately is the game harder now and I would that's a pride thing to you know yeah yeah and it's so even you know Karl Malone a gain of maybe that teaches CBA. Vacancy. If you on the team years. Educate he can Idaho. That that you gotta be like an older older van horn it can be avoided the language and Nash yet in the NFL that though no we don't coaches do it all the NFL players and I because Allbaugh. Was hurt and a track like yes. Big at the end. I'd have to gratuities. And it is just like practice one day Madden goes to that age is gonna. This is gonna hurt me more. Because if you know what to do and and and also during the week if you are beat up. OK just be ready robot Thursday instant wins via social beg coaches to know players boldly go at time of my. Remain college play with the 49ers Wednesday at the end of Jerry rice's career for he went on to blame a couple of the places in at the end by basically said Jerry Rice did. He did one or two and team periods a week. Owner we're looking at opposing team's defense the most important followed evidence that's. I guess you'd say whatever that unreal wars but basically what he did he rode a bike. Anyone on Joe's machine that's or Jerry Rice did like that time you talk about right OT when because he was established and they they think Elisa him with more practice right he's just a little bit more. Leave it all on the field and you start getting. I'd say about 3233. Years these are getting on that back and you still play in. No Ben might take you gain they gain do you really healed up and ready to roll where when you're younger you get beat up on Sunday you get treatment and I'll let you practice by Wednesday. In his teens that there is any name pride in is like game B game can you show a game the game in produce at a high level. Could you don't you do and write you know just to be ready to roll out comes Sunday now and you got the shortened. Winks and all of sudden you play and then Thursday. And all day and it as what they did there is on the road at their future CBA Douby Anderson is see how the NFL draft addresses that. Are they just gonna go by that we had done this or because because as long as their money in about let me use that but he got a tweet that the it has got to somehow and yeah but you know they we got to go to break charges he's a much winning games. Well that's less revenue. Right see it no matter what the promise is sailing I talk is about one not only business is. Well what employees may more than owners and things like what fifty point. It two point 656 to San go to the CBA in north coast of go to the onus denoting MBA yeah it is a different breed like Bob's had a fifth as the Khaled and everything but. This is a problem though there's the pass to say tonight in this ABC ESPN is a major partner it's all about ratings yeah one and it already sounded two point 66 billion dollar TV deal so that's done for awhile. If you get ready. To watch a game. You wanna see LeBron and you know. It also and you put Luke and run the running plays am I going to cry I'm not watching exactly. Now you gotta wonder okay is that I gave him quickly and or whoever LA when cope with playing come late in the year and becoming a lot. I must don't want to see the Brahma someone's seat it can be AD in a couple weeks out and he's not playing. That's always an issue but primetime games at a supposed to be meaningful clue it was camps this past say nine to say and I before it Spurs. Employers and both sides now plane is landed JV yeah and it all right we'll get to all that puts a lot to do is Joseph bracket buster. All are you still. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Are pretty jaguar. Pena vote do you believe in tank and it shutting it down. If they should take it to 601878. You can take this at 870. 870 Renault paging candidates on Mondays and they move coming up an amount that was kindergarten first grade Billy Beane like you know. Show entail on Monday you detail countless dead in the books in the Monday morning march into the week going like we did that totally and you're like what you did over a week in and you get some. Family coming and before long this week in deuce in that will be at the clinic Friday at the an issue crank me speak into the coach's coach candidate. Coach. Keep him he's always thrown off and it is a key thing coach Dave as a coach or Brenda Cotto. And Anthony Munoz and New York is a keynote speaker wily regard about is if not the best tackle in the game one of the great ways in congress it yeah conversation. But this weekend is out I was talking Friday. In one of the girls good France Kate was a birthday such and the birthday party Saturday and Sunday as a work in OK we're going to continue to move. So are an infusion of these was packed it's it is set a record we were just put the box on his numbers to gave me an idea. King Kong was expected to Scola island huge negate into Kris King Kong has made a 110 million. You b.'s may 173. This weekend alone which is now Bobby its own pace to break all the records of all the Disney movies. But now it's also over the dole all on that one out loud and take enemy and it shadow I'll add a so why it would human years and they don't do it but. That movie Kate again anybody likes these new agreement that idea but if you like stories and CD comes alive you've got to see a note Joseph and so identity. Yeah yeah yeah consider that Annie. In which it probably young and efforts can yes and that everyone. You know beauty newbies awaiting me you know especially get two little girls now now the only thing is. Who when is two young. That maybe. Taking young kids for the bees you know desired to be it'd be tennis can only 88 it could be intimidating is they got to be in an elementary as a. I guess it would depend on how big challenge right right about I would think when things don't warn you had to be made between about four you know if they'd seen it before of this out anime on the does that McLemore to definitely do that you know aren't having nightmares occasions and numbers a while Sam Bob LaMont Jones when they did it when they brought a bail to the David Davidson are now you know. We position you're down. That's one of the greatest movie scenes I've ever seen when he when he got everything Ollie or growl in Maine in your era McGregor. He did he was can yoga in the hands they pick it called him. And I don't know if that was his voice to hotel and that he it would different accent but right when he came to a deal in real life person. He game we can sit get to CBS news it just a moment and you'll give back to the more sporty by rebounding battle via. And we'll continue on their BW. And welcome back to sports talk. I'm caring Comcast sports New England joins us now Tom thank you so much for the time and man I was so watching. It kind of found this from afar but it it was almost like a one of these things you come to find in the big time chase are. Not a criminal this with a big deal and if the had so many people on the zone behind the scenes with. Finally they found Tom Brady's Jersey take us through. I'm not one bit. Yeah unbelievable. I mean it's concern enough that you could have after the an incident at the most would would we the most secure. The venue in all the United States at that particular time you have somebody's capable swept into the locker room and not that it hoopla sure you've been right. You know some. Q just wondering they would any credential so it wandering there. Something that Tom Brady had obviously set I just had a great year. What now with it and not only done it once but done it two years before. To me it's astounding in its also interesting to me when you look at the NFL and the way that they portray itself as being so principal sports such integrity. And have everything but not. Number he's known for three years to get itself somehow screwed up this security the last I mean they weren't buying. And you don't you know Tom it could be like almost like a professional pig pocket. What all worthwhile while with a hell happened. I don't know it has all then hit it that sly and nag good to be held to pull this off but that Tom. I don't know this is right after the Super Bowl again he said the value of the Jersey half a 1500000. That does he go up now simply because the story behind this. You know correct and it picked April oh I mean it will be like there court Wagner cards in one of the world. Could be like and accept filters you know. Fifty years ago while line in my work a lot more than worked in 1988 or nine. But I I think the radio actually mean statement. Today. And hope that something good could come out of pitchers could be recovered. And in my experience with him so as an amateur Bobby spent now mechanic I figure out ways to make that. You know it's nice to have security back it's nice to know that what was rightfully is was rightfully yours but if he can. Some out turned that into. A donation. Whether do you Houston PP war. To his best but he organization I would be surprised to try to figure it. Now let's obligated to scenario. Branding coach Malcolm Butler and they could straighten get a couple of interviews and then he was basically. And that's we were speculating that when you look at it. That the Saints fell a branding cooks would hopes and improve in the defense. He quote from him is that I think for us it's improving defensively we're looking closely at our all our options to do that. It really got down to opportunity help improve our team. Possibly defensively in that no rumors about branding codes being disgruntled. Or any of that adage is that I always say you gotta give loves them to get something. And obviously very familiar to one another. You know coach Payne talked about haven't. And seeing Malcolm Boller on film over able to look at three years. Basically practice and against them. And you know you got all that tape and in the seemingly Belichick he said when cook so. I think it's kind of a win win a lot of times fans don't realize. When may be united fish in one area and and the Saints have been unbelievable offensively over a decade. That we give part ways we coaches to have success at how we're gonna get the defense better and if you Malcolm of Butler in that light. Yeah appetites it's really. Getting to be difficult to foresee it simple way to get Malcolm though not the electrical or reckon that's what's. You know unfortunately the cart thinkers and horse in terms of talking. It's one thing to go and deal Brandon cooks some birdies a little bit maybe a wink nudge agreement. That Payne wants. Bob what scientists candle. Will do a deal. But I think they'd you know put 32. What started to get reported out there at the the teams were talking trade. The simple fact that. Butler and the Patriots property. Could serve to make people think. That new England and New Orleans where outside the rules so be spear of the free agent rules. By trying to cut a deal for a guy what a free agent so we might have a situation here where. A little semantics. In smoke has to settle in ducked at the clear before they reconvene on this deal. I think the same thing he read at the same. Yeah well but I doubt me eight is the deal is that done until it's done. You know and and allotted number of Saints fans say what they think eleven pig has too costly. Considering all the Davidson needs now maybe. Given Patriots their last verse from pagan. And maybe some analysis involved as far as you know pigs but. I mean the viewpoint is like oh OK yes obviously. Malcolm bill Boller would be on the one cornerback but. You know I will how is I get a assure lead is that we you know land Malcolm Butler would argument number eleven overall pick cannot. Like you said. Who knows who knows what's gonna happen but the one thing is that in branding cooks I think Anna said this. You know he had great success in Drew Brees when he's gonna have great success with Tom Brady so alive I notre Peters had the feel confident about that you they go with him. We have this year and it's an option on Payton and Mickey Loomis. And I had come to an expectation that I was gonna cut Brandon cooks deal. With the expectation that 32 overall pick was just Playskool. Until. We got Malcolm in here and talked about long term deal that sent them back signed tender. And now finding the Patriot to school by this conversation. That Vienna quality and so PA is worried about collusion. And might insist that the Patriots might turn insist on the ball well there. If from the key and shot it feel like I'm not a good week. Right yet out Tom. With that being said and you look at Malcolm Weller and he knows it might and it's it was just them back and win in this Kubel with the Patriots in the and you going to be well compensated. And now minus and it went right in the four million three point if I'm right. A game paid. That. But he views himself as a thirteen main value corner. You know in the but it wouldn't you know supply and demand. Do you think DB is honored our he'd be able to handle. That pages situation even though. You know if you bring in a guy probably pay him and you know pays them one and now. Not pick I think he is I think he's pretty irritated. I think he wants to maximize as soon as possible. Every out of Ernie Kent has put it this week so 27 years old. He graduated call high school in 2009. It's about 2017. Up and start its season. His fourth NFL season until eight years factory. Graduated high school a long way away upward toward younger than. Malcolm poor round after call high school. Don't know I've community college in kicked out I'd community college finding themselves. Go back behind. And then going out on an angle west Alabama. None of that up helped them out so now he did desperate to recoup the money. Debt in my opinion. He has lost sight of the fact that. You're never gonna get. Back entirely. The full cost of the decision that you needed 1819 and one. Now it's and a via yet now look at it with Malcolm Boller and obviously with the aided defensively in the secondary. And then you look at Logan Rhein. To be bang for your blog I think at times. Might be wrong but I'm outside looking in and Woody. Thirty million now receive it three years but it it's almost like the Patriots even go to have Gilmore. That'd have Logan Ryan. Oh okay oh you know we unit Malcolm go but now. To lose Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler it's it's like they would have him there. I did the pits with the it would do and as far as comfort. No question and that's why day and start to think about it would welcome Butler. And the Patriots. Resigned to moving on the absolutely not they can find a way to say mom accurately here. They'd be happy to have him like yeah you're right you go from Malcolm vote. What was not a great cover guy when on the best sack record about seeing. And very Smart and had good ball skills was not. You know full boo a guy. Could really repress. Malcolm could play press new agreed maker spewed their competitive. I'm not sure you Rory is and I know that the guys behind. Logan are Cyrus Jones and Eric row and Justin Coleman QB Joseph controls from opera to the pack of players but certainly. Their corner play. Is going to have a little bit to go forward approach is what was. In 2070. I'm Tom Caron Comcast sports knowing that Tom had to be picky but we don't social media. That army turned TO NE CU. Our RAM. And be happy to have. Tom is this has done a dam man this is board naming you know phobos bored me that's that's next I'm Jonas this talk about if Claude saint Julien returned to play the Bruins a day in the playoff the Canadians and the Bruins know that that's that's got God's Miller eighteen Cong showdown with the Macon to pick up decreased. World. Ask any other segment and an ultimate once you. Are the gold so right now. And I and I got a men's the men's and eighth as Sosa that they their own coach down. Yeah they're able to keep him a lot of difference though coat yet I don't is can be generous and see what you mean this is the best traits they play you know the last week and a half probably you know considering everything going on so. We had to wade CI we quickly that we ought they pretty much to expect some major changes but we OC was he would have these last thirteen games with them. Our other big body guy said to see him go. Do you buddy now Sacramento. I cannot take care all right this is sports talk Ulysses WW. And welcome Matt still owe a lot to get to hear all today's program recapping LSU baseball there later down the line also the NCAA tournament. That's an text is one that says the date my. Brackett is broke and Joseph T that's all right DOT I'm sure that you know I'm sure that that the loss by Villanova in Louisville and Duke. I don't say a lot of people had their and those teams actually going to the final fall but everywhere and a bit of those three the majority of people had in the least advancing to the sweet sixteen. Maybe this is the round you kind of get a well if he had people in the do van Lang is they won the tournament every year high yeah. The big that that was ovals it is that a crowd that was like a home game this Psycho running game yeah they've dad that's out there and when it came out that's a there was you know meaning Greenville Greenville thug just like Villanova was in the can for this week because they have been at the Madison square garden and noticed the east territory or there. But dating get there so you know sometimes you can get to that certain area of the day in the way you first regional is or you noted the sweet sixteen he can be a home field a home court and that's what I won't. He had big man a little over you know for the Boston and got him about it. The sweet sixteen in in season. But depending on who wins Oregon have salmon on an elite eight. You know obviously the one I can the united sixteen to go to ten hits and ID as a Villanova there at and have Villanova Goran upon a force arcane. As it gets rid of for those you know due to my Arizona and Kansas UCLA and Louisville and Duke going Giants are there among I would Gonzaga had and win now so. Who knows we Chelsea. Seems to be some more interesting. Upsets though the cause and now you're into the sweet sixteen in these are better off at Baylor going to alleviate that I'm manager was nocturnal and now soon because. I guess them on the SEC and why in Villa this is the NFL article can and it may well done well in Florida. The group Kentucky via our 2000. Got on the band in a couple colleges and a chance yet the idea. I'm a lot more to get to this sport so point 8 o'clock tonight right here on WW.