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3-20 5pm Bobby & Deke: on the NCAA basketball tournament

Mar 20, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk brackets with Scott Phillips of CollegeBasketballTalk.com.

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Is our number two of college basketball talk back combo lot of Scott Phillips to be listed recap. The NCAA tournament it is thoughts on the LSU basketball coaching search is well my trip it is here for the Saints at Dayton a 6 o'clock hour. And it went on some LSU football baseball and basketball brown bizarre senior writer tiger made that come in the 7 o'clock power. 26018. Sammy is the number to get involved Tex lines open at 87870. Operating jaguar Pena boat do you believe in tanking. Two team avenues intentionally. To get better draft position and is this such a thing as strategic losing. Meaning. Wrist now any helps me later particularly more in the sports that has series like baseball. Basketball hockey like or who you match or better writers than you matchup better with and of course. Then he had 260 points and you can Texas they techniques and his take about who had to step financing. And I was still competing and the union. He's still part of the line backing corps which the guy I told you this im gonna go to Cornell Minnesota. That follows a linebacker. And I'm lumping coming our experience. And I'm not federal one team there's no better team in. Come to in this thing. Does it you can improve yourself few will be rewarded. And whether it's inside outside it's wide open. So. You know the rule by meant IKO. You know come into the thing that. The Woody played only three games last year you got hurt so club in his and deceive it's insane of late in well with the guaranteeing him. But. We've always kind of did when you think about. That positions we've always done. Inside outside. And we really convinced it was said the Jonathan Vilma. Well when you look at it and Sean Payton who remained in reading draft. You know we brought Vilma and I'm from the Jets. So that's been announced it would be you know it's probably been more unstable don't think history in order to bring this. Jeff Duncan wrote a nice piece this past weekend. You look at the fifties he isn't. Of the Saints. You know how many Pro Bowl cornerback who had not all pro league of emanating you know. Just all pro cornerback K the three. Okay Dave went still that old school 1967. The guy who I play win not by Devlin was legit. And held the dome patrol Dave way Amer. 1987. I don't know. 1996 to more Cuban though Eric Allen as the Eagles tried so the that bills that it three now. The current 21 year Pro Bowl drought. Without a Pro Bowl quarterback he's been 21 years is the longest in NFL. On all the teams. 21 at over two decades he had not had a Pro Bowl cornerback. Either way Jabari Greer. You know how does win it's doable any news but he went pro ball he was still he was. Good bag as you delete went consider him great right. Tracy Porter. Good. Health has been a champion. But and I agree now they've addressed that at those issues. 'cause we have selected course in the first round and we talked about this floated a bus was eleven overall pick that's who we had has been the worst pick. For the Saints we brought Russell org Slavin Sean died and Alex Bolden. Now they should in hindsight now. And develop or are hung on. Lower to Malcolm Jenkins look what he's doing the Eagles uniform but in the first round to select and Alex from Wimbledon Malcolm Jenkins Patrick Robinson. Then you're already trying to address the departed to bright hundred Keenan Lewis and will know by Brandon Browner. And young boy Jason David Patten he was a restricted free agent named we brought in you know over the Canadian Football League and dealt Ambrose will be trying to. Be active. But we've bid snake bit but that position that beam you know cornerback. And even lash remember the rumor. The eagle and after Josh Norman and Joseph hate yesterday and so that's why you see Malcolm Beilin does not surprise me in atop the acorn about you talk in. About that 111213. Million dollar range if you gonna have a long term deal with. Who dat nation is there any other position we talked about initially pay linebacker Colin stable. In the history of the franchise defeat the years of it to defense. I think cornerback might be the worst position. The Saints have ever produced inept at the year prairies that's go to Cornell cornea thank you for calling WW TO. There are about out there on a day he's Ricardo. Good there in case cropped up on that date on pop bang bang and it is. One. The Patriots. They're that it was on the equipment bank and they'll. Malcolm Bob. There aren't dependent. That's why in the in this thing let that. Bring in and oh cool apartment you know. Mark what would bet. What he's good. In the end and hold out without the door if it. All got their card I'll bet that he estimate the team might be I don't know enough about Matt's idea to me doesn't have them maestro has only played three games. They come rob Andrew where he's automatically plug in and believe committee hearing compete. Now I know and in whether you competing. And as a down and distance sorrow. In the rotation linebacker position but also contributed inspection teams I mean I honestly meant I'd Theo got them is truly just it really might be williams' position where will would be the best opportunity for himself. You know Dwyane is options. But to say all man tied the well. I'll live back in now problems are solved because we brought him aboard coma I mean I brought an and I actually it's eighty truth. And I thought he handled the controversy goes way back with the whole catfish thing with a pig girlfriend. That he played he's played pretty good will with the charges but it's all a matter of staying healthy. So. You know the guy and a I mean he'd be like ovals we did know we gonna get a Scott Shanle is god PG that we brought him in here all right Brian is them out hope that work out literally got to see him and it definitely worked out and so he's I think he's gone in that category are right now is in opponents. All right organ latest on their might chip it Saints insider jaundice and next that sports talk continues on WW. And welcome back out to the phones ago which are home for Greg Greg goody and thank difficult. A statement I don't know outlaw Almonte or not make you up and help me out a lot. Malcolm Butler is a proven commodity dirty Billie Jean King did so he's already partner albeit on the eleventh there. Because that eleven pick your picnic out later that you don't know what they're going to be. And they might be held to play Abed did they would develop like to about seventeen season dollars a day DL like the athletes and yeah our the cornerback PGA williams' night was late first round. All of us that looks like he'd turned the corner dating knocks himself vile and in the bad I don't know it that partly to use Gregg and I'll look at PG Williams. He is seven outstanding offseason training camp. He gets tired at the beginning a year pocket recalled they took the ball on the card Adam on the board. And I asked him and he has the Sixers we heard in the word is on the street cars on the public. As he had a concussion. I'm I think him and what got a concussion Beattie have that he's on IR. And Brett and maybe not just sit them out like a month month and a half and and bring them back. Figures at cornerback that would account on a first round draft pick that. It looked like boy he is live enough that maybe expectations starting the season in Indy theater. So why couldn't get with that lot but in eleven and should not get on net on a spark. You get Butler who's practiced against Tom Green. That Butler who's gonna go to the property of the back in the Super Bowl caliber. And bring a different type of attitude or what you get but. You know it and it ended thing is. It's not just a one hit wonder or one year wonder well when you do with a three seasons. And then UN a couple of Sewell Bulls facilities. Is there is no more pressured a knack considering on island and what is able to cheat now bonding I could say great. Is that when I look at the money and you say it was not really about the money to the Saints have paid. But when you look at what you gonna be invested and Malcolm Butler and he has to work out 'cause is that. You know 111213. Main dollar range and all of a sudden. You know what are you guaranteeing him 3040 million compared to for instance if you look at last years eleven pick Bernhard greaves. Sign a four year deal the total deal fourteen point two million because the rookie salary cap. Prayer and then he had a number 32 pig. Odd but I'm pronouncing that right he signed a four year six point six million deal so I think a lot of times if you know the young putters that don't work out. Like bang for your buck is that you can have their services of four years. If not five wood option year you don't really have the podium but I've right now saves and thing like well. Without word about the money missed a bit and being nine years old this summer as I know what we need to mighty produce now that cornerback position. That's what I'll handle. And eleventh pick it doesn't matter what the Patriots lore in my opinion I mean ending it. While you go by this he DAV Greg if you go about it CB gay and him out about is that restricted. Three without any negotiation. Well what happened is that saint. Would have a kind deal worked out Malcolm Butler if he signs that the in your mind is standing. And then the Patriots and have a chance to Max. The Saints offered to keep him. And now ultimately I think Malcolm Boller right now what's market value. And it'd they would decide to keep them in began the eleventh overall picks that are Patriots in the driver's seat. Well. I think Malcolm pissed off at the Patriots. I'll not a doubt I. All of the because the eight hole. It till Malcolm Butler last year could you know he's produced informed that they would never repair cornerback. Over ten million dollars. Well they gave Gilmore. A thirteen Maine now how average. And last year they were trying to you don't think you know you that you that they they would try to get him to sign the Sixers seven million but Danny produce in the wanna assume mobile. So yeah he I'd I would say he's a little bitter about that because in a market are cornerback. And even people it would the pictures that strict the next. Right in the Patriots would gain anything Foreman of some pages that is saying just go play one more year. K but. And now and keep doing what you've been doing bin that you will get. Amongst the top 56 cornerbacks do you get an average of thirteen million. Forty million guarantee but I think as a player. He's look at that okay. I ever ready X out of the high level and at a track record could you never know what injuries can happen and you back right all that. Sosa bats I think Malcolm. Butler's trying to protect his interest in obviously as a as a fan and if you're a fan of the Patriots we say well we we take you agree what you comeback overtime. We are still favored to win AFC noticeable when it's doable so why not take advantage of that and it paid. All right coming up bottom of the hour news mostly tick and is your bracket how's it look and talk him into a hoops and recap. The first couple rounds of the NCAA tournament as you move into sweet sixteen action and in a couple of weeks now be done about the final four teams moving on to. Phoenix posted a seven acog now La Marion and Tim Henman gives us an update on NASCAR. Is it OK to take. That's operated jaguar thing info vote online at WW dot com is a CBS a day. All right. Cajun cannon as some of the rough there were two decades. Yet because. It questions. If you go look in the crystal ball obviously. A top cornerback who is like bull. Like for instance united cheese roll the dice on that being placed on the coach mark is Peters yeah. Humorous watching that she's known guys in. Like like all pros done from like a one. So for instance if you had a chance to pick a and he was there like Marsha Lattimore Ohio State nodding my Google on top candidacy would fall to eleven. And you know he'd be in that level it's out that's a big piece that he got a text them 7770. Decade really but give up eleven to the Butler. That price is too high. The Patriots at testing is absolutely. No wait that eleven week. To the Patriots. Now the point I'm bringing up. Is that the prices to high. As ours. What you have to pay him. He basically let's say you had a top quarterback the because everything slot with a rookie wage scale if you go by Hargreaves when he got paid. He basically paying. A water you know twenty Iverson. Would you have invested in that players basically guaranteed. In his overall salary would you have to give. To Malcolm Butler so when I'm thrown out there. If the Saints. Had. The eleventh overall pretty. And marched on Lattimore was available. They might sell wanna edged Russia wanna outside linebacker Rubin Boston but I'm just used in this scenario would it nation if you had. Marchand Lattimore and played a down in the NFL. A Malcolm Butler. I guess you could say that contract of of the plate Willis it would of the contract and you can look into the crystal ball. Do you think Amare shy Lattimore will be in the level. Of a Malcolm Butler Tuesday when I was reading. Fast physical cornerback. I mean he's almost like McCain myth all the stuff that I've read about him so would you take. A march on Lattimore who projected as the top quarterback in the draft. Over Malcolm Butler who's the second team all pro when the Cubs doable so who would you take. If you had to pick one just like in and a fantasy football fan is he world. As for hours helping next year the city Alvin the next two to three seasons 1718 in nineteen. As far as the enemy needed impact also Lattimore arm Malcolm. All right NCAA tournament time get your brackets out Scott Phillips college basketball talk dot com John just now Scott some big names than that appearing in the round of sixteen Louisville Duke and Villanova are your overall impressions of what you saw his restraint down the sixteenth tee. Well we didn't see a lot of upsets in the first round and that meant a lot of upset round matchup in. Further you it is your turn an excuse me it means that some of the powerhouses got knocked out so I agree. Red hot Michigan team knock off legal South Carolina been lengthened about all they've played all year knocking off Duke and you know certainly some surprises from teams here that. We kind of didn't he coming heading into the second week in the term your. Now Scott when you look at I guess. If you follow basketball and you on top of it. It seems like come tournament time you look where Xavier is that. Wisconsin how well coached they are look at Butler. Any surprises there today made the sweet sixteen our oval what did you take out though. I don't have a final four a lot of peoples that Villanova bandwagon but Wisconsin just talk about. Maybe expectations and whereas they present now going against Arizona. You I was content against Florida and but Butler against North Carolina. Yet haters really interest in run because they are really struggling a lot of point guard Sumner they had only gone a month stretch toward the pole at their own league which obviously they were really struggling they've won on a seven game losing streak in big east Kleber. It quickly turned things around off and gotten red hot it blew up ordered state. Chris Mack is going to know a lot of on the owners during the there's don't know that we are you former secret code. So it's going to be an interest in matchup for the musketeers are confident they've got experience entered the final four years in a row. Other than the sweet sixteen last year as a senior at night and brought continue to want a lot of tournament games for. It didn't surprise me one bit to see them on and champion Villanova they're going to be an interest in eighteen in the east region now because they're gonna have a home court advantage at Madison Square Garden of your rabbit to order Taylor's South Carolina. Not known for traveling like Wisconsin does so. The badgers are gonna have a little bit of flavor which Od shape for New York game but. They have a chance to make a final four run here they went another couple games where they're playing the Olympics have a tough matchup with North Carolina. That attitude that really isn't an ideal match that they have quick guards which Butler has problems with thirteen elect the pocket on the entered her Callahan a lot of up there with. Current Patrick nix and and yeah who have been through a lot of panel for. Now I described in the basketball that I watch says the tournament started. I don't know to me when I look at who you projecting maybe now if you could go from here. On how the sweet sixteen to alleviate a final four. I don't know if you agree with this but to meet the Kansas lose the best I'm on my too far fetched to say that our will what did you take with that. No that's not our such Staal I think they had that first week of have been in the onions internment. You know we mentioned a lot of economic and really strong in the had to pick a team in the state with a lot talented. They won it in by one point we really want to be back and so it really motivated the big twelve tournament like that they had after excellent start back in. The artery in the senior treatment of players you're additional fees. Scott Phillips is what is college basketball at all dot com Scott of course with everything going on now. Becomes talks of coaches last week as soon as his team was eliminated top seed in the NIT kinds among comes back. Towards me whereas he takes a jab at the University of Missouri. Other jobs have been failing. And rumors out there and now it seems that with the LSU coaching search a lot of point toward. VCU coach will wade who could you tell us about the coaching search and there is LA issue. What where would you put an issue as far as a job that coach who's proven himself like way hazed VCU come behind Shaka Smart. What would be what would be the pluses and minuses of taking on a job like LSU. I thought you had some good things about it obviously you look at some of the talent that they've been able to go yours whether or. I'll be recently than and then ultimately you McDonald's all Americans last record with no final or run with guys like one day there. Tyrus Thomas so obviously there's history that ball inning number count the different players in the equation in. It Louisiana produces a lot of quality talent the basketball players so there's a lot of cooks that up with will wage yet despite all of our outlook now Shaka Smart he wants the crowd want to get up. Where he can't like war. Gonna get a lot of I'll aptly enough part of the country to go to Louisiana so really good benefited system wallet and you'd be at night it. You know at 34 years old got a lot of you know experience to grow into the job you'd cool he's who's yeah apart the guy who is in it to win in the country I look at also turned things around is. Like you you're you're rehearsed on is this your way how's. OK you know it's in these pointed to as a football. What you just said about LSU program what is a fair consisted yearly expectations for four and LSU basketball program is it sometime the post season Tammy. Is it top half of the conference is it tournament every year what is son and it's realistic expectations for programs like LSU basketball. That's a good question I would say that because of the stayed in the SEC I think that you have to expect that was huge due to our program that would be in the top half would expect to play in the post he's been here. I'm not in the tournament and you know some down years we have enough talent to hear yourself and other post you know that being experience for both the run. But again this is a program that made a final four in the last 1012 years as a program that had a number one pick their one year. That a lot of programs and Ian a lot of programs what they have yet he's he certainly had a lot of great coach is coming to Korea in recent. Yours were Catholic Ben Howland taking Mississippi State and growth picking Auburn by. Those guys haven't turned it around quite yet Ellis he's still a chance to make an impact and the kind of go in the upper your conference at the right I. As god does begin to turn around as a matter of program is being patient and they do make the right power. Perfect example you're a good coach Marten. Coming over Kansas State what he's done the South Carolina so. I'm saying. To meet at Dallas a big time Horrow like which mourns passionate. Listen is like Kentucky. That Ellis she should definitely be as far as the desire put a vast won't roll as much as beginning cup. Yeah absolutely I think if I was patient with the right hire at Wimbledon situation like frank Martin's done not performed on a tremendous job establishing the culture of crowd and then also. We're doing it with local players got dark likes and there's the one while. Peter go South Carolina seems to stay home of their top recruits in. Ellis you can follow that in print to the heat on you when you know players who. Are in that top fifty to top 100 green should stay home hopeful this spring and again that he hired the right kind of late in place there's a local talent base that a lot of other places and a lot of other programs yes he wouldn't be. Scott Phillips college basketball at all dot com Scott packed and everybody. Follow you tell him what's up on the site have been Anke but we deal on social media. So you can follow me on Twitter at so the soups up PH I L a like yet my last name my work on and on and he's worked cult that both talked. Oh your partner Bernard on the oval turn and then he also parliament were complete report. Scott good stuff as always thank you so much for the time. Aren't god arrive at a market there Braun is honest take on will wait could be an ex coach in LA Houston is some LSU football. Basketball forthcoming College Baseball game two and also. Could he be. The greatest student athlete of all. We'll talk about that next include big go to WW hail hail no. And welcome back once considered on of the best. High school. Players in the country. Out of a Princeton injures in that way to Florida State young man and name of Myron Rolle when he was drafted in the sixth round. By the Tennessee Titans. Played there but only while he was pursuing his main dream to become a down. Mean you know I don't with the Steelers in 2002 of only during the offseason to practice squad member because he was finishing up at Florida State and Vienna on to Oxford. The ropes to be a Rhodes scholar saint Edmunds and knocks the university about the medical years and now as of last week. Missed them out and roll has been accepted. To Harvard's. Screw. Of neurosurgery. He interest in the days when you talk about old. You don't really name a couple big time college football player Florida State national champion. In between when he was drafted all that time he was Q school still going to scoot taken its clients with the Titans and Agassi was only with the practice squad. And offseason program with the Steelers because he's continued education went to Oxford for about a year. And last week he was exit you said Rhodes scholar Asia road Scott that this small with Mary various small Terry. I want to say from a sports standpoint Bill Bradley. Dollar bail was well on. Of course the closest place that I can show like that again is Adam in any in any and all all of professional sports and beaming as a doctor Kolb I remember at linebacker where bomb from Kentucky on remember him with annuity did he probably played onus is seminary years with the Saints with the 49ers. And Ricky Jackson is they the guy he went. The med school. And became a doctor. In their because all of malpractice lawsuits and all. They decided with the law school became a lawyer who represented doctors in San Francisco you talk about somebody learn on and sad that they look at dollars and a degree and a lawyers the green and dallas' goal Rivers and knocked him out price lost yet in the Bay Area semitism our role bombing is accepted to Harvard school in the rooster. Bruce at least he's doing he's residency. Pretty big deal would have well he's a definition disputed that doubt about above India yes and use a good football for a Florida State and that too damaging all right this is sports talk on WW Guerrero.