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3-20 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' offseason and upcoming draft

Mar 20, 2017|

Bobby & Deke offer up analysis of the Saints' offseason and bring ESPN.com's Mike Triplett into the conversation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports talk operated jaguar thing impose do you believe in tank should a team ever lose intensely. To get better draft position in case to vote on line. And WWL. Dot com Maine are right now and it's take of that cajun can man on this you know well. Yes. Next time I'll vote go vote no was he was looking like right now they're wanting you saying yes six and I'm tenuous thing though you company in the tank. Well not if the fans are painful price. For a gain that you expect to see the best thing but where does that put it would if it was field benefit do. You create events Marcus some. Like as far as whatever it really individual player would DA you'll make like extra couple hunt thousand dollars. But it's summer you had to miss some in the whatever he beat me you need to panic. While there's still mad benefit in the fans from a fan's perspective and I know I'm brown come out for you individual player you feed from from to give the fans if you had a chance you think about I had an exam blog and tell you what Jim takes try to do to me to read it before you would tell his mean in 1987. That year to strike you went twelve and three in a five started. Twelve games are more. I had like 250000. Signing bonus. And all the sun to be plays or you don't get it that day on a Brad has got to take the first that. And it hurt my knee against the Bengals at Cincinnati had to get my knee drain and everything but I was shouldn't I was and shot out. I told you know. Basically I Ellington missed a practice you know you don't price and we you know playing the game. As I guess from a selfish standpoint I'll hide that approach. That and Jim thinks of that well. You know you in the in the playoffs. You know we're going to be allow cord and host a block party game. So what she wouldn't say you put a playoffs. I said OK you could save put of wells and let me take the first snap and I can learn a toss sweep today they'll have lead an outcome of the game then you get put in they both on the although McCain and you know. It's Sunday morning in the heat and into any demands so I us that would know that I'm ready to play on the practice everyday Emery regimen each out of every game practice yeah. So all played in a game beacon. And now I remember how crazy was I even told Dave Wilson says Dave looked. Meant they would if they don't start me. I'm not going to be a team player on this. Taylor and I gave you 50000 dollars if if you will the star Murton and and now run out there and a few and take the first nap right. You know I don't brain and it then I'll run all but obviously I practiced good tandem and Andy was look in every game price Ellis price in a practice. You know well. A during the week and then the policy. Gamely green it was a very good and they we've promoted to dominantly three touchdown passes. You know and in that scenario. If I can call bullet who won the game NASA we got crushed by the Vikings in the playoffs with that delay as Damon disease yes okay so that's life that it had to have twelve starts. So a thousand incentive that. I because it was in my bit because as I went in the lottery and damage that is a high you gonna get that kind of my commitment and it all once that. And you San Francisco only finished one game at TO didn't. Yeah probably we want to while we're at twelve entry that they nearly fifteen games it might have been I got a little but it might be third seeded too. That was 87 yes so they probably with thirteen to fight again. Does in that winning the NFC whereas via his arm and the Israel a tight that you want to define that. The standings now because I'm thinking know what you're talking about here. It in win what we've BASF we had to examine its okay so you you are you aren't in the play also do you sense it being honest with bananas a year yeah we law OK so Ellis though would have could have should of the game will be right after the strike Ross that is foreign iron today and we went out there and we beat him so it must advance it must have been some of the under on the what you're telling me. You if you away do you need to play because if San Cisco would allow us go to one. Which delegate count finished. It would it would be came down to who don't get the home field in some other tiebreak because I would hope yeah I I would have bogeyed twelve and three you both what does it so it came out to some of the tiebreaker you got that for some reason being a weekly and better opposition. I got you. Yet and I have been already cooked it mathematically if he got while I had the same record out and and it is so they must have been a topic for you know yes saucy SI says fine. I think you'll see me for the playoffs do that but I think in the first lead. You know and condemn avoided did he can humanity in this damages were an off week which team with teams that. Miss the opening season game. Rudy Joseph lined up on him and today. I lost to the 49ers in the wood could acidity Eagles. One. So they've had this try to gain with four occasional play because they're only two losses they unit lost the Pittsburgh. And then lost to yell at the you know most of most of it yeah almost a loss of two minutes seeking that's when we won. But that's only won nine straight games you week we command that he figures out quick. And go along with two Europe. As well as he would Allah the three losses you have all all in the same conference Eagles. Forty niners and Cardinals and Eagles 49 and caught Seattle of the strike game that I guess the reason I had a tiebreaker in jail yet because they're Cedeno says even that they had lost to two. And AFC team and in his they that's enough for a gain in this strike games you're they were to write one one as it. Then there's one thing and and we won that's the university to never won more and he gains won in a row Bryant and a nine under after you add a comment. Minnesota came to Bosnia as and he tells me I'll. They went over it and stopping my opponent for me to kick that they repeat it right now Webb does -- Emmitt sisco on your ignorant and it went had to go to Washington DC in our literate and that was that was that was the man's you want to paint lately remember. At Soldier Field when Doug Weems came in later in the year but in their mouth game. You may remember Darryl green. Torre's hamstring it gets you on the lead in punt return he gave the bad jump down on anyone's team came back. And bang and they went owners can be Vikings and bad as it it's for the third time it seemed they were both in the same division. But I want to be in Minnesota and a Ramirez on their Redskins had the advantage is they can run the ball and better. Minnesota winner there. And I wanna say it was like it teams typed in games right this coach to Cole Cole thank you for calling them BW yeah. Again thanks for taking my call me for real quick question about what I wanna comment on the the Ole. And I had a player. There's no way a player can throw throw a ball game or take its reasoner. I mean it's that don't make sense for a player you know while would you want it to these in the get it that. But peculiar position you know it is it's. Well I mean as a fan and a little light in that. You know wouldn't anybody on my team. That you that would do that so. You know it's sort all of that that is it. Couple days ago. Richard Sherman went you know they start talking about the possibility of can be in you know. Traded is that some Q would you would entertain. You know. They front all this is that something that you look at me and given him call me what Woody or what he'd been at war and what. Net at Laguna Malcolm Butler but it means and it Richard Sherman that would be I mean who will be an older bit. It is a little bit more proven as well so I would question what's your opinion on that. What they got the Cowboys that. Year what about. As far as they Bartlett probably got more of an outside. On him because of in this situation. And a short term and the long term because. Butler is a guy that you know he's got follow me here's in the league on me he's hot as of right now. And honestly I think Richard Germans agree player. But as much as people have in calling the game put much people have been saying. Wale is Butler of the system but as a system and you not think he's a system guy and and it's a fan appointment every person we asked if follows the Patriots are day to day basis as they feel like. He can Pratt he's a whole world not just because of the system. Anyway. Now in this in not taking anything away Richardson I think Richard Sherman is also a guy that's a huge part of a system and you take him out of that system. Analyzed or. I really don't because it's he's he's an attitude that they get penalties any of the days and any of the defense in the it's got that mean he kind clashing egos the kind of all day anger together like love to hate you know we we we love to hate we love to be hated. So to speak but it all works. Danny chancellor. On Sherman the drastic as it. I just think they all work together and Davis some overall thoughts if you take one of those points away. It's not going to be the thing I think he he fits out there if you take him away penalties is gonna eat out I don't think. I don't think he would be like Darrell Revis. You know the police are really well and big look at it Richard Sherman I think he's way too vocal. Rightly too headstrong. Beware of the princes and you really can't arguing and coming. I really school almost I mean he's. He graduated from Stanford so he's he's a football player and you could always done that now he's Smart trust and he's at he's highly aids he's very attempt to Maine. So a lot of things he says he won ten dismissed or it's a football player out knocked him out. That he may come off as being radical sometimes you may come off as being aired it. But he's got a skins on the wall and he's got is as my mile man can I would say he got to sheepskin analogue that would be your. Education would be and I just think Malcolm Butler this thing would be a better fit culturally. And a whole way around locker room meeting room and when he's from Pittsburgh missive experiments this is the rain came at the hands of Dan Raymond Bubba is that when I'm saying right at that he he would viewed. I mean now that Richard Sherman missiles is skating California West Coast Seattle. That would be maybe above coming that'd be self but I just thing Malcolm vote that would fit better in the locker room meeting rooms and it changes. Better team concept and not as vocal as Richard Sherman then Meeks as the makes it yet. The you know big. Michael is the same way Cam Janssen out of got the right but it all works together our running cry out to coaches nominate its I don't know they. Like you stated there in different places. I don't know if I don't know a thing about our team is. Mike Michael being that would be like day to retention all like Cam Janssen like like they are together. There's not really noted that the one it was kind of flake an Al team but he's not even flaky. Who who went decal is camp jarred it came out at all let lighthearted yea this is some funny stuff aside that we've never suitors like that no we don't have those shelves and Ryan we don't have the kind of personalized and all the now. And if there I'd they do we have seen you write them. Our sport's all continues on Debbie did you have. Add to the phones Picayune for Corey Corey thank you for calling WW it. AL and not let the knuckle but it hit. I would rate. The guy out it create. The right food and don't let it blow like what what the last thing that it got it okay. It's like I'm on it got so buyer on Jerry Byrd B I'm afraid of the. Right in and out by talking about doing two Super Bowls in three years that is it becomes that the Saints and ultimately you know he wants to win another one. Could you possibly entries who Bulls but I think what you have to advance. In that type player because a top thing cornerback has kind of a market. Thirteen million in depending on what you guaranteed talking about. I'd save between. 26 to forty million range. So it's another Gerry is bird situation we just a different position to still be with the back. Recorded that a safety so no. Korea a lot of fans that figure approach. Well not all that anything but why don't you go you'd bet it all. You know ago core. Like Lattimore oiler. Yeah that it is Lattimore let's say that it is said and there's no way kind of speculation that he won't workout that he does is he's gonna work out. But. These. Mine I'd be there Leavitt calling to be gone. In the top ten picks. Now some approach it what do you think it is Corey. And and they're saying. Would even focus. On cornerback and eleven pig that we need like a pass rush because we get a pass rush. Then then the coverage will be better I mean that. I put it this way would you I guess it didn't it's a depends how you have a player rank but what would you take. Lock cornerback and a minus and I cameras at cornerback over an outside backer are a pass rusher them eleven. Absolutely. At. Yeah you know my take written sponsored yeah but on my tape so you have a little bit. There and make them. So you would take elated Barnett over. An edge rusher outside linebacker are. A lot of people that it did they're on it. I'll blog from Tennessee I got you got to tell you you would take Foster are born analysts say over. Lattimore cornerback because the the past for a. What they keep talking about deep seated right corner. Although it as he well I mean it is. That it is indeed but it stint. Did it depends I mean it will once you get past one or two guys who say reality added Steve Bennett are the shores and guarantee he'll ovals Doby. Like the colonial mag I've played Corey thank you for the car I'd bottom of the hour news. Then a a bit it would might trip to look at the Mike here in New Orleans the first and CBS have to. Back on sports talk here on WWL Deke Bellavia Bobby Hebert with you and I'm mark Menard. And believe Bobby over gonna go back to the phones here before we get my triple and on from ESP others go Larry. And Oklahoma City which ago Larry. But. I'm itself to me. Big convincing so much. You don't column it I don't want to be on and nobody could you give up from the hole you looked like it well. Iraq right let you begin to visit goodies about the you know on the old days at the ball well I don't Eric you can knock out the you know down. It would be a tour of Latin dragged it well. Right witty changed the rules volume got a little contact past five yards that's. Yet. The plate he does it go in the best defense and I'm brought into the didn't put me. I like Dave right now because of errors you know about it and it's. The bottom review article. In the but he practiced and it took me some group some Eagles received. But that. Well above Larry as far as the you have a player in mine he museum passwords to disrupt the opposing quarterback I mean. You know. You know I mean it went in the element you know. Someone big because. I'm not that it wants. But like I Garnett you know from Tennessee. And come across that line. He won it caught up because you look at it that I'm making as well. And if I'm wrong middle Islam. But the problem yet yeah. Yeah yeah you know Larry thinks that a call. That. Does it play in the position. That I know top cornerbacks have played against them whipped them. And Deion Sanders is in the argument for the best ever. I'd much rather play against Deion Sanders in the Reggie whites of the world. Might they played the quarterback position. I never was ever Darrell green means and it Marta and I hooked double would we burn down green. I've never been a word about the secondary. Top secondary as a quarterback when I was wired about. Man I gotta get to cricket ball in my hands to his days are coming. And that's why to me. It is a cliche and I don't know Mike Triplett blow agreement is. But in the rules that changed some but to me he's still the best. The best pass coverage is a pass rush and I tell my blitz and I'm Dominic you could put seven guys in coverage. And get out they would for that that's a quarterback's worst nightmare it will bring in Mike Triplett for me as the and dot com my Gehrig are the low attention don't win on I don't know if you agree with that but I was never. Overly concerned even build a top cornerbacks in the league verses. The top rushers like we even had a Haley protection. With the 49ers. Knowing that we're gonna chip on the matter weary does that put him back are tied in. And had to it didn't mean art till that protection towards him because he was that dominant. Where I think you can avoid top secondary players a vs. A Rose get nasty. Well I agree. And and its quarterback and so the story about Charles elite groups is split tackles up back to back Clinton. Well I got Evan let's start at the door on bikes talked about before I learned a little tainted. We play in the 49ers. This in 1986. With an. Yep back to back plays in this agenda Brosnan won drop big numbers have been junior. Now they get odds it is Charles Haley we ran a Colorado got reared a bar member. He hit me in the back. And I broke my fifth minute torso Lamar right foot. Jim Dombrowski is blockage Charles Haley and he tweaks and some coddling his foot gets caught. He breaks the same bone in the same foot. I mean I now as his act that he dog and about trips though that. Human being that he's in the. You. I completely agree. That the price. Yet now Butler some Hitler in the draft fourteen million years. Or two after decent year caller him or don't know. You know the branch. It out. But I think it's number one need number two so yeah. No he's target overdo it and you're on. But I would rank pat church and one cornerback number two in the only problem I see so far I like all the mood individually. But they didn't change and so that stretcher much and an injury quarterback much. To be. Now Mike now you reported meant to jail. Is badges provide more competition and at the linebacker position and what kind of money's look and act considering what he played like three games and he got injured. He's actually. Done better and I thought he would do it. Confident but with the charges when he was held what did you take on him. Fumble on the I'm a little surprise in that would sign him Ian AJ Klein Abel played direction that this correctly in a position Greg. I don't know where it. Yet sing I meant signing. Knowing. That there we too free agency or two weeks and free agency. He's he's gonna break the bank. I think he's better than people realize when he's open he's been a starter captain and signal caller. And and really gotten good reviews there. Appeasing game Jeter's speed guys real dynamic Smart instinctive. He's in the middle linebacker who they have ideas that they'll move him over at strong side it was that movie declined each. I don't know look at and linebackers Batman doesn't cost him. Yet that good to be the price is right in hate bringing competition and all know is so we don't know how they work out when you bring in Scott Shanle and Scott if you Jeter. In obviously look at their achievement at a high level. Now Mike on a bit. And boat load or step on it and it's been trying yeah to it too little back again. Well the thing is it's much board is having and those beautiful ball running sideline to sideline and who knows their advice they got from coach Nolan. And now witty things going for when Anthony it. In the NFL. You know he's always a dumb football player and NFL you can't be a dumb football player always said this alleged you can maybe. Rush the passer you have five great moves. But I just to responsibility designated run pass pass run. And a quick is that yet to make his decision all that come in the play but but Mike what about now. Now and Nathan the past Chase Daniel. Coming up and now boy and he Imus telling dean this. When I look at chased Dan has now look at like Matt Flynn Matt Flynn would be a pour our Chase Daniel is considered all the money they may when I'm getting hit. And now I'm looking at his contract be Eagles but what if he's silencing with the Saints a million dollars the Eagles to old four million or what is your take on him. The Sabres in the count is in the eighties thing he has gone in his favor. I know he was going to at a Jazz but just break him down right now with the Saints they gave him. Are stupid pillows that they interpret the Saints. I think that in the pig organs. That yet to sign top talent. So great probably won't be in the trees being a market more so. Look I mean it's a familiar place for him it into words spot would be offers are out there or am then then become Beckett oh is really like them. I don't know you know you got Luke McCown you like him he knows the system so well he's scrutiny to chill and character when needed. Against Carolina and we go out one point five million so. I don't need a great to lean no other veteran back up but I mean I totally understand if it's chased in and out there on the market and and he can be had for cheap per year while. He tries to hit the market again next year to see the appeal there. But I'd be surprised if they pay. A significant amount of money for him and I don't think he's. You know at least thirty years old I don't know that he would be a back up plan you know to succeed Drew Brees when he enters our. I'd hear you weren't so I don't know that we're drafting more and maybe you can go a slight upgrade from Luke McCown let that. And the account in April 2 Sox I think they like him I can't imagine they'd pay huge premium arm out. Now might go put yeah I GM cap on. That he Lavinia crystal ball on the future with Butler. Would you give it is according to deceive BA would you give it to eleven picked Malcolm Butler you think Albion negotiator our book would you give up on Malcolm Miller are all what you do is to move forward and just keep the draft. Thing. I'd. Eight of paying Malcolm Butler. Let's call it thirteen million a year minutes tonight and some proper club near the end eleven. I would not do that. But you know it's anchor position where it's not about that it's about getting better this year they think their playoff run this year. Altering quarterback who's still playing well this year. I think even if they all are paper Malcolm Butler it'll make him a better team this year. But I can I eat he would he would it would cost that much is being caught the eleventh. You know big contracts. And what he needs to go out and try and step on you Morry do you blow your top quarterback on the street to market didn't cost a draft. But. I'm gonna give the Saints and only cost them the number 32 very collapsed great. Because they aren't in the sort of in desperation mode they can't win in thirteen that should be so important now while Drew Brees and has great doll and what it you know. The emergence of Michael Thomas and a defense is get a little better. So I love the you know welcome Butler but it that suite costs then I think you would have meant smarter replace somebody in my own restricted period of our. Give what you got coming up more years in a Huckabee Q what we do on social media. It's wrote today about the yeah. Whether or not these extra picks could mean anything quarterback in the draft and our defense defense defense. And out following the news with who it meant that they would not Butler. Three weeks in a period that it had let up yet. Known as you have. No and it trip boy. What do you think I guess that still got a ways to go without eleven overall pick you keep it. You know it always tell best player available bullet. And you are mine but who do you think if you do it in my drab right there who who'd you pick. Well luckily load of one positioning not built is that pressure we got rugby in embassy. And luckily in the draft plays out that a lot of people. Think good pass searchers will be eleven work dilemma whether it's Kakaako Gardner partners sell sorts. So like when I'm doing a mock draft. I don't try to get too cute obviously every position in Natick it and other people or Christian McCaffrey or quarterback. But if it's a pass searchers were the eleventh break that break all. Well you don't talk about Patrick. I wouldn't mind that players talk oh Naguib announced that. Mike thank you so much and attack. All right with some Rose on the VW. And welcome mat out to the phone to Doris go to my here in New Orleans might thank you for Colin WW they'll. Hey didn't you guys it might be the case though not talk to you guys I would make a few important that you guys aren't good or gays I agree with you weren't that. All the DP in the didn't go well. I'd DP would you do that as much. I think at one point eight as a pretty good eight but I would hope it will indeed kitty. But you know that you beat in the air and report on what may at this point that don't get it right this year I mean we do with them and Dayton yet been of the day. Porn dad I don't you know I don't really like without the but the cook's situation. And epic guy now men and guys that I'm back wouldn't leak. Small lot. Lot of break in the camp they are the guys you know it could rain in opposite. Well what they've got right what do they bring a man and not really promising me anything is kind of what he's accomplished in. With the charges when he was healthy and as the market haven't compete. I mean is it competition and a good thing Tara that's well yeah I've promised him those starting job. Ryan I mean it actually pick about a advocate breaking it can break the log some. You know that bit of depth spoke. You know that great mix of people I would. But I think now it's up another but that's exactly the about it today. You know about the pride he went or what Toronto police admit that he is able LP. You know but I don't like it kicked out of Toledo like it speak what I would work and a big ball that good a good eight out what you remember. Or a that would kick in up to you now believe the public that probably. No bee eleven to thirteen and lemons on the bottom and and I haven't always there at the end of. But I agree with you learned that what they're not really they do play cornerback Al they call out they want to bet secondary that could do that with any college. Wright would have put the ball we got an old guys rag Randall. You'd need a pass rush indeed he's a guy who you are the quarterback yet let some of the ball the that you are you got my little ball. It might I might I. We watched the film and and I tell you. Toy cook held Jerry Rice to one catch for fourteen yards because because of a pass rush the holiday and they would you know what he did. And he had two penalties like game. He just squatted and we Jerry timed retirement by and you just tackling give of the penalty but he you to continue to pass rush is gonna get there. And it's an. Hey you know what the devil may care. Haven't I haven't watched it well adopted almost like. These DB not carpet in the lead hockey equipment to back to the ball all eternity. That may go back to dabble with that nobody covering. I've now been put double coverage triple coverage and all my life. But well and Ed and Mike especially as you gotta go to news that top an hour and it they cannot play off so mom can bump and run but the play often be a high level glory IDs Debbie did you know.