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3-20 7pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU and NASCAR

Mar 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the latest on LSU's basketball coaching search and football offseason from Bryan Lazare of Tigerbait.com, then get a review of the NASCAR weekend with Tim Zimmer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming up a little LSU accident where it's. Brown has sought and also on NASCAR report went down Tim is Emma 2601878. As number again Bobbie can text as an 87 eights and got some good enacts on social media they cage he can't in good takes command. Yet despite he wanted to bags as tanks. And nab a picture. That this show 2996 that I'd be one of his death. And a break it down he says I agree with the last caller. Assessment. And Matt tight tail. Obviously. You know you can follow college football household name and our game and in the hole cat is being goals. The San Diego with the charges and play well and his LB would have been dealing with injuries so he said I agree with the assessment of detailed. Ready to quit trying to find the next Jonathan Vilma. Not a Curtis Lofton not laryngitis. And now I'm not entail. Instead. Look a little bit I can interstate ten where we missed on mid terrorist Kevin minter. Georgia linebacker whose no blue with the Cardinals missed on Deion Jones. The we all know with the orange also from jasmine is that with the Falcons. Available now. Banquet. Duke rallies peaking going into the pros Jamar Adams peaking on to the pros I think. At a you know Jamaal out of all of defend as the Tigers have come and yet I would say Duke's ceiling is higher. Because of you know him start his last year but he's just. I think he's just scratched the surface on what he can do I think he's going to be a far better toward it was a constant nothing Jamal went to it not because. Held it to recall that this is unbelievable because. You know familiar with the stated George and obviously Louisiana over the past. The dozen years or more Devlin to 20% tree. Look at this significant linebackers you've gotten from this stated Georgia. That are playing at an end in an NFL level. K Kevin mentor and Perry Riley who is the one I'm forgetting. Meant to ownership. Yes Kelvin Sheppard did they look at it that that date. Played they made it in the NFL. And Timmy was surprising. Because I know Georgia football season is not bettered in Louisiana football when you have been high school level. You know when you look like head to head not a guy more people. But I'm dumb and individual talent you know it's kind of been an Achilles heel overall. Where they haven't had. Linebacker from the state of Louisiana. I committed to recruiting process I'm going to go out of state. Really before you look at. The guy gets knowledge Devo jolt has done. It was when north Louisiana was it was it Brooks and think you know. Michael broke trying to think that it it was like so that I felt like forever and we did not have a Louisiana high school linebacker near Michael Berkman Austin played great great career here yet yet played great. High school grade LSU and in was NFL ball more. Yeah led to me always found that there Michael and an entity vote Jones what he did Atlanta. This year speaks for itself. But I had every interest in this seat now the one thing I wish you when he got hurt the quid that being banquet. You know it it damaged knee. You still get an opportunity but like you said who's on of sewing. Who's actually it looks like he's getting better compared to when he first. Came on campus and LSU Duke rally right over not a crash in from the west bank and John Curtis. Senior right at tiger made that Tom Brown as our joins us now Brian thank you so much and it timed his jump off right with the college basketball coaching search. Report net advocate dismal on a reading across different places on line will wage how legitimate is the eighth. Well there. Literature and yet the net will wait. And in RB Willie where you know we're probably not think. Board in order come. Out you know that it was for contact. You. And record that Corey could each year. Though is their greens like. You guys. There at the right witty young guys thirty years old. And go to war years true check that you were at the U. Acute that your pitcher this is like he would like term. Well Bo Woody left the program is in good shape. Yeah it chatter in the AT&T doubly hurt your aunt and now. You know it dated the EU. Virginia commonwealth AT&T German boat here. In proper proper they're Atlantic ten. You know I chatted with the other. So I believe they record in. Conference like in conference play in what year you want it. I want more than four cop for any or eight record chat or the yourself young got there for later. He wished. Shocker or a. You wouldn't think you'd make it in years I think eleven. Or shocker art there. That. And he got the heat can you drop shocker are. Lapped the track. Went and got a lot it was the shirt because it's our bread on L. Go on with. It's art. Market announced that it will be back next year. So. They're Al you want Woody bear that there. Now Bryant. If you look at coaching searches. I mean I guess that depends on the university does age come into the page visit to me Utley coming in. You look full of fire and it's gonna have fire with the new late fifties are. Our early thirties and I'm looking now like Kermit Davis said. And I did middle Tennessee 57 years of age you said wage being 34 years of age that this age come into play and obviously also. Well what would it take. I mean what is Ellis eulogized in his only two to two and a million judges brake pedal down. Well lot Kalish you you know I don't make it one where our soccer field goal. But it coach art. You look. Our cop aren't all or think that Martin's. Moved from California regarding any year. Brad Underwood oh well they colonial or eat out three year. So. It looks like it going to be out here are. A. Our copper a wall you know. These guys you know talk about her eight. Will only need to upgrade right. Art. I don't he didn't pay that much. Those guys out LU gonna vote for. But I think that they were willing to that spot acute. What we. Eat. We eat great Kart it is. We got it or leave it in the year. John Brady out. What year I believe that you out or eat. At da. L you see young guys. Jack excitement who's been here at the program. Ya. That well. Almost a year ago or. Billy on each heard you were co. War. That is a year ago they are like why. A young guy like there were ma who Sri but it is what we. And Ito a good job or why I. A jet or. So La. Tech but you need to go trot. You all. Think coming coach would want. Want the ball. By on I don't know what are they coming dot. You know it is early right around what year oh they beat elite group that I'd. They're not too many they're a ballpark where football program at its basketball while they're he'll he'll bat well. Not think he'd been you know go for younger guy. We may and and many in the wall secret. Program right now they look at where. You know we're not twenty program which may. Yeah Brian by I'm just really impressed your coach Barton the paces saw Carolina what he's done there and and now just watching that Duke game. I was intrigued now is like a home game with South Carolina Greenville bullet you know you can make the right hire and I definitely think. People are being excited about LSU basketball deeper produce the product and a winning team. Well on on the court now gone a different sport Brian look at that LSU baseball. I thought for sure you got to win this series obviously is Georgia's done a very good. Where you know okay and you win two out of three are you should sweep them but. But to start the league off SEC play. Well mobile what did you make on looking at Florida and all grounding anyone see it saw this coming. That aren't shuts them out this leaves them and then a and M struggles. Obviously against Kentucky and almost got swept. Yeah I think over the years abroad. That cry eat we get that back in college they should make it. Moore brought it up he's going to be pretty good in here. So that door and airplane Ole. So. Yet in the league and College Station out what. All our. Web. I did not know all that would without doubt that the biggest surprise of the week and not but I. Lord now lady I. Think figured out all. Away from game until this year and the one game away from being cheered baseball and LA issue. Who after playing out when we go to Florida this week Alex in the water or in the box this year. So Ellie she added problem well all week. But they're. Not the only here or. Played probably the early holes that he ought to be. You don't think we. But you'd. You up. Ron in what spot meaning you don't hurt you are available. In the back there in the beer. Yet. You only. Players. Or three. On the weekend. Sweep here. So at least go (%expletive) from out of the number packs. Don't play out the look odd that we thought like you won here at which we. Exactly happened indelible on the road this week it's going to be. Then again so they ordered seen which I'm sure not any good mood. After getting let at all. Yeah right as far as you obviously fraught Florida behind eight ball the have to be somewhat desperate. What what is your take right now obviously a push it as speaks for itself how well he's being pitched. About Lang have vs the Florida hitters wears it like it is struggling to hit the ball but that could be. I guess. Against who will be a big confidence builder. From Florida they could somehow get hits against LSU disease. Yeah particularly good or early on rightly or order keen batting average. Both for the all year about forty. Though they had not been all year. Lol yeah that they. It would certainly be out there you'd you'd think that line would be able to get out there pitching slump this weekend. And it's better. But gut it out to little -- weekend and rock out. He went out against Georgia and talk. About Bobby. You know why and it great curve ball he won't be getting her role would. Is it all about the pitch placement Brian I mean the you know yeah. And it's and it's in your fastball right now he's got a pigeon hole you don't eat eat eat eat its fastball out over the plate a little bit. And how lucky he throw 93 or it's gonna get here is it. The bulk Ottawa played thought you gotta come out a little bit more. And it will be in trouble really what the other against Georgia you know it's got a great curve ball at a Major League curve ball but he couldn't draw that oh strikes oh. So the Georgia hit that hole cutting the lead at error but he court for strike. Alicia that are at bat ball and that's what they. Senior Ryan tiger made that com Ed BL dolby it was legal or. LSU football Brian. A big week this week Friday is a Cotto to Ross first opportunity as head coach in attain that. High school coaches to coaching thing and him Munoz will be speaking their Deuce McAllister. A would be taken and now but why why I say this is important because you know I don't know necessarily if it was along the line and met at the end a Mack Brown used but toward the end. So to speak some of of the things that I heard amount on investigating from high school coaches I had coaches and a top recruit with that school a year scooby. From a different state. Showed up several more times then LA issue would in their fight these recruits and particularly some of the how Arab tried to coordinators at the head coach. This is an opportunity now for coach coach Ron completely look hey what was the and we that we can't control all we can do is control now. And regardless not how high you all on the recruiting is to whatever. People wanna see you on campus but they wanna see the main faced on campus and that's one thing he became not about nick same from the smallest of boost to the largest is goose. He's there to overtime but Devery when he gets time to you know couldn't timing in close in the deal and that's on the net poured in. It's davis' high you know position go by brick Haley less mouse they weren't there. And all some places but much and that's on the no draws on definite to capitalize on. And updated. I think there's no doubt that they did strike or not want you to great mode they're number two note got recruit and I think that. You saw when he took oh with a team here at our inning. The players to play. That was no problem it was no it was chilly game or an article that the vote should state what horde after each that you law were. And then would recruit. Oh. Let out a lot of players' party in. The bag where he was fired and it was able eat and and you're at right Palin did did you recruit. Sure he'll do a good job the coaches where I'm sure they'll well. Good relationship and the coaches and we've. And then you know although the most important thing is there on the field light. At that would make out what if anything out though. It'll all come down or being out they played twelve games starting next September against BYU you'd. Now Brian for the number of articles I've read. By it seems like I guess the battle with the position is. The passion that the coaches that bring in that a football field and how vocal they've been dealing with the polar. But I don't know what type of quarterback coach you had in your career but I. You know usually the offense supporters at quarterback go to war. You know proper Oriole you know analytical like June Joan kroc. Try try try that he really examine what's going on very quiet. Candidate in the complete opt in. You look in LU a rant is like that would seat that you are the Al and Canada is all over the plate on all. All over the plate Ellen everybody. Very high energy so it's usually. There are usually beat technical ignite the high energy got. And the offer or Gator from more analytical you know you think of Bill Walsh though he was when he coached is up. Quarterbacks and that's which you think double a quarterback. Coach and Matt Canada is anything but that. And you don't need O'Brien that you bring that out and how it's mab had one coach. That was vocal with Bob Lahey with the Michigan and honors but. A look at all Oakland invaders and Larry who hairy. June Jones Carl Smith know that they were more like Iran this personality. But Bob Lahey. He was very vocal kind of you know what I wanna look at it kind of like coach cannibal it would it would he's doing Canon is doing would LSU offense. Is a lot like practice when we are. Not eating. Now knock out not the other off. Coach on the field of view it much out and not. And you hear the boat a little war. 00 and you gonna get. Your work you know jagged. Horry Raymond. That ought then not. Want. Oh. Bradley is off Brian thank you so much for the time. RI CBS up to. All right. Double covered sports im more Kristian garic and said that labs Saints continued to Malcolm but look boy you know I hope desert him to get through on out of town but this. It's like a Malcolm but a lot to me about what EA Dion Sanders man I mean you know I'm saying is not like oh my Malcolm you like when. Who when Reggie White hit the market drew with somebody and what big as yours I definitely our defense I am and I'm Hussein. Kamal mean. Now we had. Von Miller's right exactly Ray Lewis. On mile somebody like that you Beilein and as were the ones that we it and that. He's like the LeBron sweepstakes. Are you ready for the socket to come to me and yes yes yes they count to a mean all great things were wearing full also get delays on. The saint Purdue pursuing back of quarterback tasting. But he'd be a better option in movement camp I don't think they I don't think so either an issue baseball with a three game sweep over joked. Tiger is the before hopefully this week southeast and we denied the three games that at Florida beginning Friday and Saturday and Sunday. And in the or take out your brackets matchup yours with Christian incest tonight at 8 o'clock to eleven on WW. He is our chief. Meteorologists were content not a meteorologist but it. NASCAR when we were put with a twenty years though as he's on the as colleges. Mr. Tim is Emma on NASCAR expert where it was another exciting week and this time it was out. In Phoenix in that was that decided that this is powerful it's him what happened on the track this week. Well one it was really really really hot there at the temperatures are the rays were in the one hundreds and they said early inclined throughout the race and you have no air underneath those cars. So you could see like guys like Dillard junior putting ice down there. I into their units they're their seats while the race is going throughout the race. And it that would that being said you could see. Hi surface blow all stars more common and hot pavement. You know just that come of income on a so so hot and you think. Hundred degrees and mean. He ended desert march against. Using that's I think you'd see maybe in June of an event I've been business over the you know climate change who knows it. Then the Dallas too hot really for racing. Particularly in March didn't expect respect those kind of temperatures. Yeah you look at Ryan Newman the winner of the race this yesterday after the race he said they asked for comment and only could say was unspent. He was so tired and so exhausted from the heat. That it really put a hole them but you go back the blown tires a big key in this race is when Kolb was that the leading led the most laps a wanna see lead over a 112 laps in the race. He did he he has a 32 lead on the field. 66. Laps remaining but it was for six laps remaining night things man I got this guys got this but if you go back the lastly remember Joseph O'Donnell wrecked him. Into any goes into the beat goes to the pit and let him ride and then went eagle putts and after wall. This race you know Kolb was is in the league next thing you know Joseph Madonna's breaks give out he goes into the long caution comes out so was implying. Well we got all the time was running about twelve please see our so I wouldn't say it was planned because obviously you're not gonna just crash cracks in the water running in the top fifteen. So look kind of goes out the race everybody goes they go into net when it's called NASCAR overtime you get two laps basically. And then some of the field decides the Pitt will three drivers and out and I stayed out on the racetrack. It was Ricky Stackhouse it was. Ryan Newman your winner and then Martin Truex Koppel is Kevin Harvick the rest of the crew they go in for two tires and gas. Tell us city they've pit stop then again you need to. Yeah he tires so that he can get the advantage about two laps left. Well no on the restart of Ricky stone houses cars his tires spin. And next scene joke how Larson kind of you know gets jammed up and causes everybody behind him that I guess ball back. And Ryan Newman once he got the momentum and got the leading tennis is that as the winner and he hasn't won a race analysts say over a 127 or. 127. Race when listen the 39 year old he broke don't want 27 race winless streak. And when you think about it. That it's all tied in because it was the first win he's had. Says that 2013. Brickyard 400. And then you talk about the comedy should be cut competition. Between Ford Chevrolet and Toyota about business Aniston gave Chevrolet. Its first figured his season and ended desire household name for racing and it ended a 112 race losing streak. For Richard children Childress racing. Yeah Ryan Newman did even have a top ten car yesterday he and the well winning the race only because of that they cost and that's not. He is it takes it to him from a 810 forces McDonnell had a front right how about that put him in the ball not his brakes just. And yeah flat pay for all that Corey. Well he did have a tire go up and up all his breaks forgiven him trouble all all race dribble and off the tabs office front. From which happens the deuce on with the brakes and not quite sure what it what it was not that technical with the car yet but anyways his brace or given him trouble I'm I'm assuming that cause. Him his brakes to get out and also it's hard to go out into the wall what looked. At 8104 man thank you for it takes. Feel free to takes in any Thursday evenings and Friday evenings Tim is withers preview NASCAR and on Monday he recounts we looked at. Do adept in generates more it to see your own as Coca we got to expert we got a guy and it was an awful lot about he's. He's excited it has about an ass cause we all righty thing we talk about a year now Tim what was this I was reading where new winning it held off Kyle Larson the second place and. Your opponent third street race yet that Kyle Larson ran out he's your points leader with a 184 point. Hasn't won a race all season and always a bridesmaid he's yeah he's he's placed second place the last three races that you go back to Miami homestead. The last threes of last season he finished second in that race he had the lead on the final lap of the Daytona 500 but ran out of gas. That's what I that's how Kurt Busch and then winning the race and technically he's had first or second place in every race this year with seven it's seven the six laps remaining. And us street you know Larson this is innocent did you get enlightening Gaby about this gentlemen if I mean pronouncing it right. But this series have runnerup finishes gave Larsson the cup points he like you said. The first time Chip Ganassi racing. Has led the points race this late this season since 2002. Yet chipped in as race and hasn't been a very strong I guess you know they're a very strong team it's just him and Jamie merry senate probably else's spot this year right now that's hard targets as sponsorship Jamie Murray. McMurray he has the McDonald's car mean. They've actually ran pretty well woods and make Mary was one of the few racers in this race who got kind of gestured but I Collison. He was running ninth place when the caution came out with six laps remaining. He gets jumbled up in the re in and in the on the restart and ends up finishing fifteenth place so we actually lost six spots because of that as well. As we preview preview of course gaining in mowing mowing beats you into NASCAR this week to be out in Fontana California it's auto club speedway at international. Speedway corporation and owners it's Fontana California. And broke ground in 95 distinct opened up it was about a hundred million dollars probably nine top meaning in close about a billion dollars to resurrect something like this. And officially open in 1997 in the part of the NASCAR monster energy. Cup series auto club 400. Now it's as well it's two miles four turns take take us through what what the drivers stake what type attractive sees him rate does down. The two mile track is kind of like Daytona five fronted you got different tracks you have two miles or one happening at short trot your for your short track which is over one mile track. Fontana is a guy is a good racetrack you're gonna it's a wine country by Los Angeles. So you're gonna see guys like Denny Hamlin a Joseph Gibbs racing Kolb was those guys who had good runs last year it's probably do well this year one guy who's been really good all season. I just say so it wouldn't be surprised they Celek. Gets maybe its first win of the season here one that's actually really been disappoint so far has been Dillard junior Dale Junior. He plays fourteenth yesterday thousands highest us up finish of the year so a guy like cam is the one who can rebound maybe and Fontana this weekend. An up and damn you say going forward Odyssey since nineteen and the music and every race. Knew obviously. When you look at Foxworth wanna when you watch in. Leading up generation and the different story lines obviously things like Joel Modano and Kyle Busch who will be in the news. Yet there and the guys ever race the race yet know the Ghana has he's had I guess trouble with all of Joseph Gibbs racing north east had it would match ends up before he sat with Denny Hamlin he's now had a with Cowboys so when you talk about the good guys in the bag as a race and it's always Joel Ghana it's always Kolb was in one of these races. It's a tough five right now as as or Tim's Emmitt told you doubt cal loss and that threw a few races at the turn 84 points. Brad Kozlowski as 178 chase Elliott once every one out mark tricks junior is it one feet three rounding out the top five. It join Modano six routine and Ryan blaming Kevin Harvick Jamie make merry Kurt Busch and Kasey Kahne at mortal lap. One thing one thing that came out of this race is Brad Kozlowski failed inspections after the race with all the lasers and the way your carcinoma the team. A technically he filled expects and so the fine to be at maybe 30000 fine and a three game suspension at the races that's a for the crew chief and you know I'll see rent paid the money and they also lose thirty points on his on his stands right now Brad Kozlowski as 178 in second place. He can drop down to 148 but it really won't make up much of a dent considering he's won a race before Atlanta. So he's already qualified for the selectivity is we wanted to break. The offense and racetrack and Leos have a favorite playing fantasy W goalie yet you take that me and are not. I haven't really looked at yet but I did look at it Denny and brake yeah he that you pick us aren't welcome back more of him always dims and wrapping up on NASCAR. Preview of the week he's here on WW. And welcome back. You know at sixty with how Marla got only got two good if rain here in 810 full with talk about. The tires this week in and we were asking our own and NASCAR inside our expert teams them on TM had to leave people with your social me. Tens in 1613. Tim exams 1613. Two whereas coming up there they're going to be there at Fontana the auto auto double food club. Ariz its coming at this week in and Jim you were talking about who you thought was a favorite who else historically as of late race is good out in Fontana and as good. Let any time you're out west you want always take Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick is one of the better better races out west. A guy like Kyle Busch who should've won the race this you know yesterday. A guy like him he's one of the top three racers and in NASCAR you look for him to win a race like that and is teammate Denny Hamlin has once he raises their before. I'll like Denny Hamlin to be over author favored this weekend in Fontana. Now Tim it is this story you tell me. About he prepared drivers and Al Dale Earnhardt junior Alex how would junior and he died when he. He had his best finish I think though yesterday he finished fourteenth I know why they had some trouble in Daytona. I just think his car is loose all day yesterday I don't know what is issue or whether it was issues have been lately but he hasn't haggard looking all mean. He's still got time there's a lot of races left so if he wins one of the races he'll make the playoffs so make the chase. So it's not a big issue here. I would just slow it including you telling me basically it is seen Carr Alex moment for example he took over for dale Arjuna last year at Phoenix and dale Alex Bowman led the most laps that he went over to our laps in Phoenix last year. And Bowman almost when the race he uses almost uses the exact same cards on yesterday. And Taylor junior just. Different you know it's it's a different thing in so maybe is union thing and their retirement is in the concussion I don't think so I think he may play a big factor EU receivers put nice honest it's real high bring in hired yet it deathly cause fatigue necessary. All right Tim resemble it on NASCAR report he's back with us on Thursday or Friday to him again how to beat the people we get on social media Hudson's and 1630 counselor all right be sharing Jonas tomorrow we're back on the program did you set a recap everything could tip LSU baseball or southeast and they went on Wednesday night talk to both coaches. And continue following NFL free agency. And around the horn as we get to it later in the week the gonna break down the sweet sixteen with a couple local coaches including you know coach. Mark Messier will be in the house to give us his take on the sweet sixteen thanks so much to Chris Miller on the news and mark and on our necks it's Christine gag and set down that would double covered sports. And more and the ability along with a K Kahne and by the a bad bunt the way elation all goodnight you'll.