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Think Tank 1110am President Trump’s budget cuts

Mar 21, 2017|

Dead on arrival. That is, President Trump’s budget cuts. This hours guest: Chris Edwards - The Cato Institute Rachel Bovard - The Heritage Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Storage yards or do we did do an emotional we cure the Euro on crawled budget cuts. And and it was Lowell homered. In my life it's open. That I had totally forgot about it and totally different article but the word would sequestration. That's when the government would do moon shall lose that quite a while ago. So did the usual Google came up to third 2013. Budget sequestration. Automatic spending. Carts. And Wikipedia it can be brought what is says reductions in spending for a drew the fiscal year 2013. With the similar Koch for years 2014. On it'll. 20/20 one and sequestration. Lords spending. By a totally. The by a total of one point one trillion dollar purses free seek clutch during levels. Over the approximately. Eighteen year period from 2013. To some twenty won't. And it lowers. Now depends discretionary. Spending. And the it's been and will likely be lower by 10%. 2013. Eight point 5%. In 20/20 one. So it's probably. A dumb question which means and on the show. But how does trumps budget. Yet perhaps sequestration. Orb. Doesn't have to. As always we were broke repaid pulled through glued to the national. Experts went nuts say you're insulting him intent. Welcome get very bright people who actually correlate your forgetting about. We have Chris Edwards the Cato Institute Chris I appreciated the call. They I think the amount of it. Here at MMR brawl at a dinner agreed that brought you. Isn't sequestration. Lou bootable. A problem for Trump's budget. Well I mean I mean the idea is that the budget that you would be in new law passed. By congress so. Quite. In recent years congress has. Packed new budget law. Of up and did. Those those eggs. Previously. Enacted budget cap and sewed up or they've broken through the Arctic a couple of times. And previous taught and expect them to do that oh lead again this year. So. So that you know that that's where Rio meeting with the trump budget last week I don't agree with is it fifty billion defense increase is. But they do give them credit for trying to all of that those increases completely you know increased defense but 54 billion. It any proposal off that Bangkok but 54 billion so at least he got into the depth of that. In you've talked about then their gold through the ceiling for. Tell you destroy him written a quote from the military's spending expert in December. For strategic. And international studies in foreign policy think things I've noise and that liberal. That's liberal. I think they're kind of interest actually can see it is yeah. What he said and his name is taught us. Surely the budget deal that would increased doubled its spending to lit the budget caps. Cue ball Republicans. And breathing in. Eight Cendant Democrat. Its and are gonna happen and it doesn't exists. When you plan. What the American. New company. You know the we actually have a deadline coming up toward the end of April. Where the current what's called continuing resolution Ron wrote. And then that agencies and federal agency is not been any more money April when congress is. God it would. Dumping by the end of April. Two finish 2017 spending. And then after that they've got to. Passes and another budget law to. Agree to 28 means spending so. You know congress often have that sort of at gunpoint into it had on the budget. And is it that struggle a lot of newspaper headlines but they ultimately get it on. In a pumping oil to come up we'd hit the official legal debt limit that the federal government. Now and the Treasury. Department. Could spend the next couple months doing some fancy accounting work to get around that. But at some point in the next few months. We're not going to be over borrowing anymore either the congress is gonna have to act on that as well though. Now I wouldn't put too much creed in. Into. The factored into what previous laws or agreement have the congress seems to always. Find new ways to spend our money. You know when the gun put through their head going forward. And I group we've done and for twelve years. We're doomed shows rerun them will throw more good news the government shutdown effort to is includes a deadly amoeba. But or their agents since the Democrat. That they're patrol needs to get plots all the Republicans. To increase the than spending. And if that true. I left one right here at what are the chances of. No I don't I don't think either that here because he'd need. Bit of what they're trying to do well with the obamacare repeal and oh where we're getting there bit first strong budget pat. They need the need fifty votes in the senate. And if they get them you know they'll be able to get the fifty vote with their own members. Though it that would be but even now will be challenged and you're gonna have liberals likely to work with independent. And who went wrong book Republicans. That aren't gonna like the trump card infected trump cut by party promoted that the really the challenge. From Republicans and it is getting but it just do their own you know members of the senate. Ought to go along with the the defense the. All of programs that and or bunched ludicrous and all these need is lifting. Did I understand you saying that it's going to be negative go together. Yep and Adobe it is going to be difficult getting the fifty. Because they gave you know from the liberal Republican likely the work he. I did do not favor. I don't believe you know off that included defense inquiry would domestic product. Com. And Hartnell. Do in the blog right now quoting. Some video liberal Republicans in opposition to the trump cut which. In my view unfortunately I'm glad that from. The proposed in the cut I think it's responsible for him. To do so it open when you think that President Bush put required defend the security spending increases. Hundreds of billions of dollars but he did not call that with domestic cuts so at least competent trying to be more on only given credit for. It can be overcome. Its ended. Filibuster or do you think that off. Well again something that they're gonna. Somebody they have to only get an agreement. We've had a we've had the budget some government shut down in the past but you know the you know they usually when if you gave the media week or two mode. And then you know these menus human revolved so. I guess the question is the Republican leadership. Have duke they had there that they balance well if we go a little more conservative do little more cut. We're gonna get like that coat freedom car a on board without on the one hand there was don't want elude the liberal. A muted problem Bennett that there's a few moderate Democrats like Joseph Manchin of West Virginia who may come on you know on board with. Republicans on their own budget proposal so. It it will be a bell. But all in ultimately they've they have to get the news they would all have to get them on because you know budget shut down usually don't last long within a few days or week by the it it's going to be rough planning for the next few months for sure. Are a couple more records and got a big break in the equation column that it's. Terms eggs are what he's somebody eat Dublin. Or did everything good about that something Dodd committee Dube will think about it may be because it's no concern. Bugs because British and 2013. And congress both. Republicans and Democrats. But it kept up on depends building put. A cap blown hole you can goal and and socialists and and and were were looking at real good debt limit its boom which we always seem to grow through this signaling. And take hero. I've Chris Edwards would it would Villa Pedro institute. Christian moral fortunes and doing his real age ago. Europe. Troll and couldn't get the votes needed or do you go boxer fifty. And if you do go back to them to change. His program. Wouldn't eludes. Too many Republicans. To get. The the French crowd that depend spending in particular paths. So Bacon's. Yeah I mean I would say most Republicans favor defense spending but not at all I mean for example did you know prompt. Current budget director Michael clean view remember. On the conservative or libertarian member. He was quite skeptical when news member of congress and on defense increases and you know you. He's favored and production across the board so. Not all Republican favored the defense increase but you're right that is the back on that. You know prop proposed 54 buildings that spent the increases in 54 billion non defense. If you. If we try to keep all of those. If you try to stick in Duluth have political Republicans but it beat start. You know reducing their defense increases the conductor Lou and similar Balkan hawks. So it will be an interest in budget battle you're obviously you know Kia person will be called Brian speaker of the com and you know I think one of the back on issues that. The Republicans in line note that their most important thing they have to get on obamacare repeal and the big tax reform Goodman problem. So I think a lot of Republican rule we willing to cut a deal on the budget to get away. Because to the party to re election the most important thing. In the obamacare. And that tax cut that they've. Obama. Okay bear bear with me for admittedly. Those strange corners and long question if you puke cut down the middle. I think on the financial side to unload terrorist if I had that believe. Col mark so independent. On the oldest so troops. Probably liberal. But all the conservative side on that open and tools. I believe government should be small. I believed state should pay more for what ward I believe in the individuals. 22 handled. Their loan problems. In this state handled. Those individuals. Say. With that said. Look would you and a it is if you can get a couple of category three hurricane. We could lose literally. Not figured. Half of the state. 30%. Of bars sub in here. Sends energy to do you mines 30%. Of the United States imagery. And we would have to cede to communities. 101000. My old supply blinds. Pick it up. Movement north. We have to what he. Have to Poland fifteen to 100 billion. Dollars. They're just they were we or much less. Do anything more. Is that what we should do Wimbledon trump. And the fiscal conservatives. Say we need to cost. And states need to pay people what they need. Shouldn't we easier embassy to their residents. You need to appeal hundred billion go roads. It seems to me you know all the money that the federal government then ultimately come from taxpayers who live in the fifty states including les and though. You know your taxpayers there. Send their money hundreds of billions of dollars. Go to Washington. Every year ago pro bureaucracy and government. Critical back to. York state depending on helped the supple and politically powerful your congressman. Why do we use the a poor part that was being an education in Louisiana. Wanna raise the money in the air keep it there you think they keep close tabs on the bureaucrat there. You can spend it efficiently and as you want you don't get what you wouldn't get all the top down regulations from Washington prompting public education. You know I think he would decentralized approach is it a lot more efficient we don't need want to Washington ball. In all the properly state local areas. Craig's. Pritchard calls him. And and Jim this is the second. Eight couldn't serve on quarter. And when we get down to the bigs have to blog he said. We get a handle it ourselves. Keep them that we make you think Washington is alleged to that we pay bills and New York about Florida. About the entire East Coast the West Coast it's every bit breaches a road. Do you think they're gonna give odds. Billions of our dollars. What the conservatives. Are saying to what's your wallet you pay for it. And that's dipped to a hundred. Million older. There's debate that what they say. Your thoughts in the coal intact. It. OK I'd bet. Why did begin. Probably nothing to do show good yesterday I didn't show patrol budget cuts. And yesterday afternoon you mood landslide. A dual homework in him and I hit words sequestration. To. Remember that. One it is. So bold blue dog is actually owed 2013. Automatic. Spending cuts. To the federal government get this the reductions in spending a torrid. During the post to your 2013. With similar code three years. 2000 porting to a when no words. All the way to 2021. Sequestration. Hold true. And maybe. And there was say ever again Wikipedia and active that are ranked anymore. But they saved sequestration. Or spending by a total of one point 14 million dollars forces were you sequester leveled. Over approximately eight year period 2013. 2021. It lords and depends discretionary. Spending. Duke bench blending well why would it be lowered by 10% 2013. Eight and a half percent. In 2021. Shorter breath that I said nobody in the media's reporting news or intruders moments Stewart so. Looking up to get green you experts as saying Garland. You've got to Bieber who think in the wrong way we've got. Rate to low ball board with the her dutrow and to ensure operational it truly appreciated to. So can Crowe hopes budget. Would these sequestration. Law. Well what I'm talking about two different things here that sequestration quiet you. And the ending crock that an appropriations process that happens every summer to the budget. Process is what you know happened even before that and process started the budget you know top line numbers. For you account in the budget that will work and the next. The budget and actually and Annie. At the Jack you know where we went and how much. But budget does proposed an interest in cut. And you know in congress is still under the budget control act passed sequestration. Although. Tricky thing about congress at that. And congress can pass a lot pathetic and you know undo them for itself so. Even though sequestration has bent in late congress has never fully. Apply without the never police CNET cut off at that sequestration what the court to force. It helps them that Britain probe told him. Jones and taught her some military spending expert at December reports strategic. And studies. Foreign policy think and everything I read says it's it's kind of middle of the road tell me you roll in. But his quote board shortly the budget deal that would increase the debt and spending. Live the budget cap. He balled the Republicans. In breeding in eight. Senate Democrats. Are gonna happen that doesn't exist. We're going to be tricky day you know for how to public perhaps under Republican pat. And new president from one the corporation a lot different ending by about four billion dollars. A lot money to stay under the cap. Sequestration and you going to how he cut from the discretionary hadn't. And I think that and Democrats are really. Primeau and prioritize so that come up with some kind of compromise. In which trying to get military and a lot but and Democrat. You know I mean teens under discretionary spending and that they want. Congress what their job and get it. Good news indeed eight send the Democrats. To increase defense spending and if so do you really think that camera. Well there are a lot of factors in play. On some of those eight senate Democrats could be from red states and that trumped one winner big military. Installation. Natalie goes into it I'm also a lot of eight and it Democrats may be an that are up for reelection and you know don't wanna look obstructionist don't wanna look like there. Holding up in preparation process. Leading to a shut down I mean there are a lot of actors in play not just what on the table that. It's very possible that a deal could be cut in which it brain eight cent Democrats on board. You did duke kidney you'll overcome assume that Obama. Well if he can get eight senate Democrats enjoyed it because Republicans he overcome filibuster and only takes sixty votes and I think trump has shown that he. Outcome per credit. It less concerned with what you counteract it gets hot you know the outcome to be deficient. I'm and I think he is. And deal making president CNET with the health care bill. He's been very involved in setting it negotiations so I think you know even more certain President Obama dairy period ball. Wait at cutting you hoping congress so I think it's very possibly conceit an unprecedented deal be struck on somebody's issue. Courage there where a married couple more questions you'd you'd ten minutes we're coming right back please call had good thing tech. But a bit of 170 amoral 53. Open. Our border. MF don't show you I'm sure the radio and president from its budget cuts in addition. To defend spending. I Hitler and so laboring and doing little home word for word sequestration. Rung a bell went back and look 2013. Puts cut from the cap Poland on all of this blood. As to a Vargas had said congress. Has so. Or rural route. A depleted that cap found a way around it. That I have bridge wobble board with the U Heritage Foundation with me. Ritual of of of go about Marie and sued him descent. Control in order to overcome that had to fine tune. His budget program. Whitney lead dog wouldn't lose the Republicans. He needs to pass the botched. I think they're definitely into the back force when it comes at a budget trumpet not gonna get in that he wants. Congress is not everything in line and I usually a good deal on the house and senate Republicans are much. But he died in front and from president budget but they won't make wholesale. I of their likely take up again and decrepit our Mary I'll. President from yesterday and a budget drugs abuse in number of of it in Provo. Global warming. It's too low moral laws which you don't believe in her Louisiana. We're borrowed literally on the verge of losing have over state some say decades. Barbara losing them in crumbled. On the daily monthly basis. If we had a couple of big category three hurricane and we could lose a state within that state. Is 30%. And of Cuba and its seeds in surgery. Would all bets that on the conservative. Side I'll. States need to handled general situation. People need to pay for what they pay for. Shouldn't we be given them the these directed. Of finding 5200. Billion dollars just to keep those they border do as much let's add. What Wallace. The state. Should should that be the case. I think that's something congress ultimately have to work out I mean congress has. The authority over the over spending and try and make recommendations but he is controlled congress. I am not talking about chrome bug gives talking about. He conservative. Ought to load Terry. Idea. All. Self reliance state. With the muddied that the Abdul and they can and should we not a hundred that theory. Pay you for what we. I think you know what you were essentially happening is the act of federalism I hit. I mean the idea that we passed 58 who aren't you know they're at their own sort of have their own government structures they hold a lot of their me. I am not some mean. Republicans and targeted in general has. Has really promoted it and hate that true you know meeting at federal open and free and at that speed to make their own decisions about how they handle. Their own climate regulation their own I would add heat their students. And that does require money the federal government hasn't started out. I'm usually with federal money comes around and it. But I think a lot of conservatives and you mentioned libertarians. What he deregulation of the government and more eight ownership over some of these issues you're talking about. Rate Joseph appreciate the time appreciate calling me every day. Did it again and for those of you who were loosened. This is these third conservative. Thing take a prison. In two today if that is Vera applaud. I mean no real qualifications. Of winging need to do to 100 billion. What you should brazen. And if we don't. Would lose a state. And abusive well we Tim's a billion dollars a dependent children Florida. So does New York so does California. So it'll all be errors and losing. Whether it be. Land sinking currency level rise. Wing gotta get it and led the political power literally above poll. Do you worry as a conservative. We're the paid for it or we moved. Nor. Double via. So we did to all conservative. Organization or talking about. From its budget but we couldn't and he liberal. Come on today. Pull. Your coach law's the our debit rubio Pruitt drug board opinion blow suitable. For some reason. Basically. Said. Do you think trumps budget is gonna pay outs and I'm looking at figures but I remember correctly. 67%. Of you said no and but the conservative vick's words we just federal and say oh were you get a Democrats and descended. There's been no gridlock at all combined. La artery WW no big age seventy liberal 53. At.