WWL>Topics>>3-21 4:35pm Bobby, Deke, & Kristian: analyzing Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes

3-21 4:35pm Bobby, Deke, & Kristian: analyzing Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes

Mar 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with Kristian about quarterback prospect Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They sat Arab Puerto Christine dare I did joins us now also would go to Marty in McComb Marty thank you for calling W did you have. Wanted to George Webster fired string Cuba had about the quarterback deeper cricket so we knew the Yankees right eulogy guy. We'll hear it. What aspect distinctive after thirty. Party party to which would be it's is number eleven in the next round with your tickets go to second overall but just in the Olympic and you think. Ago maybe. And maybe not but years is stocks rise and and any team come in and a late first round so. I mean you know legacy of being a Christian McCafferty and is that always a late first round pick. Dollars and here are kind of speculation because. His stock is rising Woody did it become buys the right it's our accident it is the tenth pick in round two Marty which is 42. I'd I still had to go deep principle so I've they do I'll think well come here are Ditka. I think Belichick rumors again I think he's doing well and why would he bother. I don't Marty M might have a what about this morning it might happen all of us on it and and I think this could have because he don't have to sign that the ten year and Wednesday April 21. Via that it could be even. That sees signs they continue because he's as the at the deadline he's been given on the four million dollar. I can even see. The phone is ringing the day of the draft. Remedies prior to allocate that I debated draft okay we gonna get did you done. So it ain't over till it's over but the more I think about it Malcolm Butler might not be in saint Jude. Marty thank you very martz and Christian Derek thanks sound porous joins us now. At Christie game going on today Christie even with the Saints are Aachen going to lay CA you know in. Britt talk about a broke coming off an injury in these with the situation with Keenan Lewis was going to sixteen. Even as bad as the saints' defense was nobody wants to go into a season regardless of who you sound and all season. Was saying that. Well both are starting cornerbacks we don't have many more balls are starting safeties we don't have many more. From a standpoint a comfort knowing the team and so full we saw how that worked out the year when we were I in it was better presume all assume. That their income and safety chairs berg would work well with at to have in a rookie year. A guy like came apparel and we left. To bad basically our veteran leaders. At safety when no harper and no Jacque and and it took in there that never really panned out but then I either was or you don't wanna go into a season about two of your stars even at cornerback and that's why I think. Bottlers is this these things take a lot longer than that they get issued because I don't think Bill Belichick want to go into a season without one of at least one starting cornerback. Oh ye of little things. Bobbie there and relax into it it. I wouldn't have as much doubted you at about about Butler a look he he's expressed how unhappy years with new England and I think it's. It's pretty much that would mean no illusion he's not going back to New England I think it's for inclusion now whether another team jumps in the mix her from the Malcolm Boller will see that. The Saints don't go all in like this you don't have a I'm meeting with that restricted free to talk about it earlier today and FaceBook to you don't have meetings you have with a with a restricted free agent unless you intend publisher. You pretty much hell bent on bringing them in and sign him to a long term extension I think you know the compensation. It's gonna take ultimately to get a deal done with the New England Pedro was better. It's what the Patriots say no we stick QB made dude any being as she visits CPA says that you got to give your Leavitt pig and we nod budget. That's why I think it's gonna go with the draft in the states than you well lately having yell about first let's said that Malcolm by the winning regularly well. And Andy Gonzales thankfully I didn't know enough that he is gonna go maybe to Houston and I said I'm telling you and others gonna happen. President Avery twenty Thursday he'd signed a opinion and other night I can get in the four million dollars basically and now dog just to be fair at the odds on sick when he came in. You should be you should be Jim in my as good as that was me it was felt about that not even our other you've got to need to give him about that that would mean. I. Yeah because Dominic get on you grip to where where we did dog days of summer in July. You told me any team can lose bamboo would you say K dogged them a 100% I'm ready to roll ready to roll. Man oh believe me think he gained him brag about half a bright. Idea igniting Kamal we did we need cornerbacks on I'm with it and look at. That the Butler deal everybody can kind of just exhale and has we will pick that I I agree Bobbie this to go in the draft day. It's not gonna happen while we decide if you believe not gonna sign a contract until it. Tender until April 21 but. I found the news today from pat Holmes and a private workout with the Saints fascinated in particular because Mitchell to Robiskie. A UNC his pro day was today as well so Sean Payton was their Lubbock Texas. Control this work out I find fascinate you remember in 2000 at fifteen and when he selected Derrick race in the third round after that pick Sean Payton the tailed. How painstaking efforts to saint withdrew to keep that work out very secretive and news were negative and get discovered and he worked him out there side just. Lately I regretted not he was worth somebody in high and it's all hindsight it was gonna steal Gary Grayson. Well global maybe we shouldn't reveal that private workouts that would always that third round. And at. That's brutal man that's brutal but well I mean all we put him on the pride is what an average UP that it makes so much since. That said the team was that high on undeniable it expose them to waivers. The third round pick on on the they expose the waiver that shows you that they were willing to lose him right or not sold on him. At the QB of the future so. With the Saints 42 pick in the second round if it's quarterback pat Holmes I'd be OK with it. Now and Christian. Regular appease again and we talked to Mike did do you. And Mike d'Italia to dig it now you don't know. But Mike said that if the Saints are able to net the next Eric cards seats a good pick and he said he's a carbon copy. Of Derek call our IP Derek Carr as probably denoble one young quarterback. In Miami by young I'm talking about nick and union team it was that that's our guy you are yet yet he's in the conversation. So big and FY apart Jamaal does the next Gary Carr I would say hell yeah draft and with with deadly first round pick. But I mean how would you say zigzags nights and I told deep this and you wrote this also in apiece. That Jon Gruden he was a giant group quarterback Cambodia's the end it was just yesterday you wrote. And and we don't go to relationship Sean Payton and John gruden is like Sean Payton a Bill Parcells. So lie. If Jon Gruden. Now Sean and I think he probably at a comedy government look at his skating go to private work out. That that's intrigue in right there is an Amish in pain would trust John groups of page opinion and also has a bye week. And I think it's worth point now you tell me if I'm drawn to conclusions here but remember Kliff Kingsbury the head coach at Texas Tech he was on the saints' practice squad a 2004 so this we know very little bits and you know Mickey Loomis right so I mean look I know that the NFL is about connections about who you know it's about getting scooped getting getting some tips it's at a time and time on a player it's a networking Connolly you know that Bobby better than anybody. So I I think it's a fair conclusion to draw. Saints I'm Puerto Christie Garrett at. Christine gave one on two to take out Christians peace as the Saints so deprived worked out with Texas Tech quarterback at my home it's online at WW dot com paid well. Williams miss and you guys tonight. All right I felt at the expense.