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3-21 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' draft outlook and LSU's new hoops coach

Mar 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke break down NFL prospect Patrick Mahomes with WWL Saints insider Kristian Garic, then get the scoop on LSU's new coaching hire Will Wade from Mitch Carr, who covered Wade's VCU Rams for WRIC-TV Richmond.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports zone coming up on today's program we will go. Around the Garland in all of baseball basketball football and who knows what else Kristian garic Saints out and report. Will be what this at offers a given us an update is saint towing a private workout with. Texas Tech quarterback pat mahomes. Mitch call will be with a sports director a full eight news WRI see that is Richmond TV in Virginia. The it was amazement at the coach of the LSU Tigers skating and we always official press conference is tomorrow in Baton Rouge. Jeff Mamo talks of a bit about the LSU basketball higher and the baseball team getting set to host southeast and coming up and with LSU football port going to have a big week this week getting close of spring game a less than a month away but it's a big week this week as well as a high school coaching clinic coming up at six Tony Eric Cassell signed the radio voice of the myth is jerseys will be with a says degree it's our intent to take on the coming to tonight's 7 PM tip it's smooth eking senate. Coach all the bad DiLeo. Fiction known as coach bank director of external footballer and raced at LSU will be with us to preview the LSU football coaching clinic they always at great speakers they ship Barrett thought. The issue widely regarded as the greatest tackle if not degree is one of the greatest. In all of pro football Anthony Munoz and owns Deuce McAllister will be speaking we've become the tee and I've been an issue on Friday. And SE in baseball coach of red hot winners of ten of their last eleven man rising easier witness. To talk about the Lions in LA Hughes tomorrow. As southeast and all of 28 hot start. Fourteen and five at sixteen about an issue with a very very big mid week game to 601878. And on the game all you can text it's 87878. Operated jaguar being imposed on line at WW dot com would you be okay. With the Saints taken a quarterback with a 32 pick in the draft that'd be the first round there will be the last pick. Of round one of providing the Saints stay pat. That's what asking you would you be OK you can get your vote online at W did you go dot com cajun cannon who would you be okay. Well I would be okay with that it does the future quarterback in the Saints are convinced of that being Sean Payton. You begin to crystal ball out of it and talk about that he is heir apparent. I think they also privately worked out Gary grace and when I'm there aren't the you know his crazy and then have taken him in 2015. In the third round. And now is treating Christie Garrett rude article Bob is saying it's not a reporter the doll that. Sits when they draft the Gary grace and at third round out of Colorado State it was the high is the Saints are drafted quarterback it's Archie Manning yeah. So they thought Gary grace it was go work out. And I doubt now that that and here's the thing. Is that a wasted peak do you have to do that he had to make it changed yet at that I think guys that. I mean it's hit or miss but you'd be better be hidden like the pages that like him don't drop below. You know when you and you look at that imminent Brady's fitness wasted these wings in ninth while bidding is you know lie. Grace ticketed them being in a pro quarterback with the season things quarterback obligated to give the chance to promote the practice squad. Because of the things that high on him yeah you'd never expose them two waivers tenacity did so. He knew he'd come and here's dale compete it. When you look at. Because like as far as with the pages of grappling if you remember or recall. And and I'll probably learn words. And might be is that in the conversation word or words Saints drafts in there used it the area's tree. And 2014. Because we don't have a player on draft any on that team anymore since Randy coaches now the Patriots. But that's when Jimmy grapple what was coming on eastern Illinois. As Sean Payton was high on grapple like him being eased in Illinois alone. He was the one that brought Tony Romo to the the cowgirls in Dallas. So you know you look at all the connections but that was. The draft when the Patriots all of us and he took. Grapple in the second round with the 62. Overall pick in the Saints had the party second overall pick so. You look at the Patriots in the united still come on Tom Brady. But he took within six or seven 62 in the second round. Knew it would Jimmy Graham baloney pace later we took Stanley's on that these and now we're on the what happened Arabic. You know it was amazing still damage a bad team because his physical. He looks department Kenny played a part. He's on the Seahawks practice squad right now so they still might give an obvious to a trying to develop them. And see Woody's the end of doing but the I would take the approach in. I don't know of the food and nation would take his approach. If you look at the pick they got the Patriots. That they've got to get the pitch better. But I would say that would be kind of reasonable. With the party's second topic and it early second round date. Verses the late the last first round pick you'd use at quarterback as the opening it. You know game Malcolm Butler in the and you stuck with the draft picks. That's a thing that it would be in the pits with eleventh and 32 pick. So few problems there I would do the party's second okay so you wouldn't you wouldn't do it with their thinking but I'm not Shawn Payne and I am not. I I'd be out when I'm unlike some of these other callers he would not nobody I don't know. I'm income if the theme all along in the pot I'm by getting advantage down mass saint fingers at him does go on about what what we've been told in. That we need to get our defense Betemit you know defense better. And you know draft and a quarterback. All right place at the quarterback now. Does it mean even if he isn't a wrap lunacy to. You you can be brought him out day at 120 well it's no they would not throw it that would drive it well I think his foot on saint. Even if he is an a's around a Brit follow whatever you know drew of in drew. Has to have somebody come in for him a we will in the stated okay we go through a rookie out day and he's going to be good no it no matter how good he is is not gonna work so. Had the back after already have been as yet you are art in division native. Is a need to go salmon and he's okay division easy division the yeah Abbott and he's joking beat if you choose to got to work past 23 years. At the Columbine he said he would love to Venus Sean Payton's offense. And and be behind and learn from Drew Brees so if you look at two years and now. Look gravel of the wait in the wings he look he did advantages opportunity and you still probably Q work out. Widow more experienced back doubling UT's and you arm account. Even if you had my homes on now. The reason why I say that and I use grapple as an example. Mike did tell EA said. He's in next Derek Carr. On oh is Darren cars have regained stud for the Raiders now. If he's the next there producer Mike did to mediate said about Patrick world. If he's on the right team the right coach and what better team. On offense in the states and Sean Payton and Drew Brees and your quarterback. Now Mike did Kelly said he could be scary good what does that mean I don't know it's scary goodness he said he's got the best arm talent. In this year client that's over the Shawn Watson are any quarterback did now he cautions though. My holes is that a finished product but you're not Dornan to the world of rod away. So but he said he's a carbon copy. Not now Mike is gonna have to about that is statement he's a carbon copy. Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is day Saints are able to get their next Eric Carr I'd stated it's a good picks that the you did it tell me if we knew it is we don't notice if these the next Derek Carr hell yeah you pick them the last pick in the first round but but I know he's Gary. Call it that he is the thing I can see that he is a year but it's almost like both sides do you pace the close with dances same premise on on both life and death in her rookie cornerback. OK go put the rookie out okay people take that dictate the 8 o'clock article give us that I had recruited did Everett is a rookie cornerback has the player run away. A rookie stud quarterback does not. It has the difference in about another another word what I'm saying as in other words if you look at new cruised to bog man will look and see Estes victory is the semis at a coming for drew. So you've had a 32 note the Beckett no no no you could have three quarterback that I play at that might look easy as has to Chase Daniel might only play for a million dollars that that's a Peyton look. But count of one point five yeah here that you can have anything to me he would if he didn't know he can be the third quarterback not knowing I'd be in but what I'm saying is it all along with the defense now we can don't know I. You know hole I'm on my mop up his Gatorade Soviet because I want to state defense key thing is defense. And do we say because if you draft again like that even if he is the next greatest thing the you know outward about now and to me I think they need to be worried about. Shelling them eight points and joints made it even though mr. bid is turning niners Owens in the summer so they might not be word about. Beyond and they may not be worth only about next year. Could you date with a bid is gonna need all that money is still alive as Philippines what would he still guaranteed twenty million. So he still be guaranteed 21 million. You go to an average seven million a year. So I. Well we think we're probably his pick Sean Payton look okay we think gives Sean Payton does that win next year that he's gone on in my Lehman is focus upon Mankins the team that won him. But but I'll tell you he's plan and Sean Payton. Is planning a B online 2017. That's why he went out to Lubbock Texas and were compact and homes. And on my dog meaning about it I'm going all worked what has been been told I didn't even get a win I might even that. And here's hoping to pull even if you move WP and as you say you give these guy here you Pete does just that you iguana and haven't whose essays on the ground Albright. We had seen it yet. There's a band I know I hit I laying eyes Sean Payton. Isn't it came as they do a great offers according upon what do greatest helmets and a coordinators in the history of the game. If a quarterback knows that the help lead do and what I mean by that I think Shula painted take like a Matthew Stafford. A whoever it might take Derek Carr. It I guarantee they would Sean Payton did they would do often now I'm really nobody's learning what to do I don't know but that will would you go. Or do regain nation you text us and eights and it's and they call us 26018 cent. Emotion us such a wonderful thing but it's very hard to control sometimes especially now with the age of social media because. It would be one thing to say something in the in but in name when you hear in her singing and takes tweet it's always out there and since you know Bobby he has these. Beef with the Cowboys all the time his it takes me about the count her out there and haven't had three losing season row might to maintain. How do you bam out that the nets demo a then you losing and it's okay nasty guy that is separate that is simply just a knee jerk reaction and someone that's got a really good again this year but that eating have been a decade in Dallas what we're about 2002002. Or should we go back to the into the Landry air before Jimmy Johnson got the eighty to 86 when it barely what what twelve games over a six year period. All I have to go back to the early sixties so they've been more than one stretch. And yeah and it's the Calgary and losing seasons generally cowgirls. Give credit game that's at least but it also had Indian valley right. The weather whereas in the words and I agree by the thought. Do the best scenario. A for the Dallas cowgirl fans. Would be me and said that his Saints caught wind is doable I'll bet you ignored day Houston Texans did Tony Romo had Tony Romo. Who leads. Detects in those potatoes through the Raiders quarterback it is dallas' cowboy history and win at Texas in a way to syllable are Jerry Jones or lobbing them would be to be state that would be a text. This story all right Kate out Christie Garrett joins us next latest on the Saints. Also Mardy and McComb and the rest you call a 2601878. You can Texas at 87870. Operated jaguar Pena Pau we are asking you. Would you be OK at the Saints drafted a quarterback. With that 32 pick in the first round of the 2017. NFL address you can vote online at WWL. Dot com before we get about a an hour news locally. We're having CBS that. They sat Arab Puerto Christine dare make it joins us now also would go to Marty in McComb Marty thank you calling WW yeah. Wanted to George worker fired string Q Bobby about the quarterback deeper that was great so we knew the Yankees right eulogy guy. What that distinctive thirty chip. Party party to which would be it's is number eleven in the next round with your tickets go to second overall bruised in the Olympic and you pick on a real navy. Okay maybe not but years stocks rise and and any team come in in a late first round so. I mean you know legacy of being a Christian McCafferty and is that always a late first round pick. Dollars and here are kind of speculation because. And his stock is rising what he did it become buys the right it's our accident it is the tenth pick in round two Marty which is chorus that. I'd I still have to go to defense and both suspects are they do I'll think well come here are Ditka. I think Belichick real rumors again I think he's doing what he why would he bother. I don't Marty M might have a what about this morning it might happen all of us on it and and I think this could have because you don't have to sign that the ten year and Wednesday April 21. Via that it could be even see signs that continue because he's Nesbitt the deadline he's been given on the four million dollar. I can even see. The phone ringing the day of the draft. Remedies brought down arcade like I debated draft okay we gonna get the deal done. So it ain't over till it's over but the more I think about it Malcolm Butler might not be in the Saints uniform. Marty thank you very martz and Kristian garic Saints sound porous joins us now. Packers team game going on today Christie even with the Saints Aachen going to lay CA you know and Britt talk about a broke coming off injury in the and with the situation with Keenan Lewis was going to sixteenth. Even as bad as the saints' defense was nobody wants to go into a season regardless of who you sound and all season. Was saying that. Well both are starting cornerbacks we don't have many more balls are starting safeties we don't have anymore. From a standpoint a conference knowing the team and so full we saw how that worked out the year when we were I in it was better presume all assume that there. In coming safety chairs berg would work well with at to have in a rookie year. A guy like came apparel and we left. To bad basically our veteran leaders. As safety Wendell harper and no Jenkins. Any two in there that never really panned out but and I either was or you don't wanna go into a season about to. A just stars even at cornerback and that's why I think bottlers is this these things take a lot longer than that they get issued because I don't think Bill Belichick want to go into a season without one of at least one starting cornerback there. Oh ye of little fees. Bobby Mary and relax about to hit it out wouldn't have as much doubt as you have about about Butler look he he's expressed how unhappy years with new England and I think it's. It's pretty much that would mean our illusion he's not going back to New England I think it's for inclusion now whether another team jumps in the mix her from the Malcolm Boller will see that. The Saints don't go all in like this you don't have a a meeting with that restricted free to talk about it earlier today FaceBook today you don't have the meetings that you have with a with a restricted free agent achievement and publisher. You pretty much hell bent on bringing them in and sign him to a long term extension I think you know the compensation. It's gonna take ultimately to get a deal done with a knowing the papal visit. It's what the Patriots say no we stick QB made dude anything she does this CPA says that you got to give your Leavitt pig and we nod budget. That's the last thing it's gonna go with the draft in the states and U well yeah we haven't yell that person has said it Malcolm by the windy regularly well. And and it Gonzales thankfully I didn't know enough that he is gonna go maybe to Houston and I said I'm telling you and others gonna happen. President April 20 Thursday he'd signed a ten year note not gonna get in the four million dollars basically and dol dog just to be fair at the onset when you came in. You should beat you should be Jim in my is cause that was me it was felt about it not ninety. Other you've got to need to give him about bill that would mean. I. Yeah because Dominic get on you Gracie where where it ended dog days of summer in July. You told me any team Q who is bamboo would you say K dog I am a 100% I'm ready to roll ready to roll. Man oh believe me think Kiki and brags about happ a bright idea ignited Kamal we did we need cornerbacks on I'm with it and look at. That the Butler deal everybody can kind of just exhale and his we will pick that I I agree Bobbie this to go in the draft day. It's not gonna happen while we decide if you believe it's not a contract until it. Tender until April when he first but. I found the news today from pat Holmes and a private workout with the Saints fascinated in particular because Mitchell too risky. A few and see his pro day was today as well so Sean Payton was their Lubbock Texas. Control in this work out which I find passing could remember in 2000 at fifteen and when ace like figure grace in the third round after that pick Sean Payton detailed. How painstaking efforts the Saints went through to keep that work out very secretive in his word and it was gonna get discovered and he worked him out there side just. Exactly Gretchen and I he was where it's a mighty in high and it's all hindsight it was gonna steal Gary Grayson. Well global maybe we shouldn't reveal that private workouts it would always that third round. At. That's brutal man that's brutal but well I mean all we put among the pride is what it out read your piece and it makes them would say it's. That of the team was that high on undeniable would expose them to waivers on their third round pick on on the they expose to waivers that shows you that they were willing to lose him right or not sold on him. At the QB of the future so. With the Saints 42 pick in the second round if it's quarterback pat Holmes I'd be OK with. Now and Christian. Regular apiece again and we talked to Mike did to you and Mike did tell ya till dig it. Now you don't know but Mike's that if the Saints are able to net the next Eric Carr I'd say it's a good pick and he said he's a carbon copy. Of Derek car IP Derek Carr as probably denoble and young quarterback. And what I mean by young I'm talking about nick and you teams wins that that's our guy you are yet yet he's in the conversation. So big if but apart Jamaal does the next Derek Carr I would see Haley and draft him wit with deadly first round pick. But I mean how would you say zigzags nights and I told Edith and you wrote this also. In apiece. That Jon Gruden he was a giant group quarterback Cambodia's in it was just yesterday you wrote. And and we don't go to relationship Sean Payton and John gruden is like Sean Payton a Bill Parcells. Still alive. If Jon Gruden. Now Sean and I think you probably at a comedy government look at his skating go to private workout. That that's intriguing right there is an homage on Payne would trust John groups of opinion and also his evaluation. And I think it's worth point now you tell me if I'm drawn to conclusions here remember clippings very that that make go to Texas Tech he was on the saints' practice squad a 2004 so there's really very little bits and you know Mickey Loomis right so I mean look I know that the NFL is about connections about who you know it's about getting scooped getting getting some tips etc. from time to time on a player. It's a networking Connolly you know that Bobby better than anybody. So I think it's a fair conclusion to draw. Saints I'm Puerto Christie Garrett at. Kirsten Garrett won't want to to take out Christians peace as a Saints go to private workout with Texas Tech quarterback that my home it's online at WW dot com pay dol. Williams miss and you guys tonight. So that they expect our icon and a Knicks took the Saint Bernard James in the Big Easy in John in Hammond 2601878. You can Texas and 87870. In the Saints are staying there with a 32 pick in round one in Panama home for a quarterback as there. Beat taking it at that spot. Regardless if you think is going to be the next best thing and not be taking there a do you stick with your guns and go defense cast a vote on let us know about it. It on WW. There welcome back LSU has a new commands a basketball coach officially be introduced tomorrow will be we'll wade VCU meet car. Joins us now of sports director of WIC news in Richmond. Thank you so much in tennis what I've coached LSU is a standing to get tomorrow. LSU is getting a very well prepared for action I got fortunate that they get out the first ball thank you were at. What they stretch about what ways that he is probably an artist working. You're ever Agassi watches more game film and I would ever imagine having watched probably ten like. He'd always extremely pair I've never seen it coached. Is that I cover virtually be able to change what that he is on a game by game basis based on what the opponent is giving. A lot of guys will come out there and it is the way we've played artistic too. BC you look different in Africa that are out there and they played. And that is that that is preparation they're also in just about every game played only one game this year but they seem like out of that game against Illinois. They put on neutral court Miami played very poorly but. I would say the top. But bang it out all while it these are working beer here. Now Mitch that you could you talk about that and I would say those people assemble these young legs and into 34 years of age and I was reading where. You know he spent time on the Stafford Klinsmann and Harvard and was named Southern Conference coach of the year at Chattanooga. Magaw 2014. Beating Justine to second place pregnancies and finishes at 31. Year old rookie head coach who when he was 31 years of age. He became a head coach at a college the college level and it just seems like his the globe it that I read a bottom. That he's a very mature 34 year old that makes it's in and very experienced even though he's an idea. It doesn't look like he's got kind of a baby hill but it's certainly very experienced. Oh week four years as head coach but he talks like somebody. They had the wind that somebody that might be. You know slight danger may be at least at the so I wouldn't worry about that and Ellis you. Stand out there and I think that. The experience that you've gotten under shot that Smart. And and coaching with guys like Mike roads at light in about they beat you job. That is given in years beyond what you active field they've which is only when your. Now Mitch. A lot of fans a basket innocent I don't really know enough but he got to investigate. That is he a product. Also being part of a VCU considering you brought of Shaka Smart. And all the success that have VCU has had with their head coaches and they've moved on. Would put gave away a goal and Oklahoma I'm just trying to reflect. And thing is that by the VCU coaches but it does add a scenario where. Even though Z. He had success that DC unit then how we how does the fans though that's gonna translate. To a program like Goodell issued because the good as shocked as Smart immediate success and Neitzel. Much this past season season obviously year in Euro. And did not view on talk radio that we'd take both technically I think the players or plea. Were a lot of the guys that will recruited or less fortunate that we're still in place of guys like Dick one Lewis and Ali talk that senior leaders leaders of this team. You hear that those and that's one reason the team looks so good now that that you've played very different style than what shock smartly. Shocker played Havoc style is threatening all reporters it was you know take quick shots. Not much of an all bent will want more meticulous planner what more strategy. And so from that regard I think you've been very different coach and shock. And the fact that he was able to keep rolling it's like. Changing in personnel and changing tactics I think shows that he is in its own right a very good coach. And he's not just leaning on what you aka had the you know you are able to shock at the air and at. Mean it's Cardona Sele is on LSU new basketball coach will wade who did your eyes CTV in Richmond meets thank you so much how can be the key but with you on social media. My Twitter handle is pat Mitch caller TV either to argent car and all they. Mitch car it. Meets thank you so much this time we appreciate. Thank you they confiscated joked in saint Benoit took thank you for calling WW. I. Order this. Yeah. It. But there. Will be. A lot and right and late in the long. Should not. So I always say it again if they give the bell lab than that that paid Hussein to explain and I went over my head what now. I don't. Know if it would switch. They might go. On the as she goes. In there you go. Eat and he doesn't. So you have this and we knew we were asking the fans what they would do we can switch around from offense to defense which is as in the fans what would they do. If the quarterback was at the Saints have shown interest in in the first round. Should big stand pat like their plan has been all along to go to defense or they take the quarterback we're asking the fans. We got a vintage chuck and out all the wood and nation's trust like that today might affiliate said. That he thinks that pack jemaah homes and carbon copy of Derek Carr. So I mean if you know you're getting Jerry car. With a 32 pig you know that but if you know that I mean even though we need. Defense. That I don't see how you can not go could supply and demand if Patrick calls would be. A young up coming our car all right John Hammond and James in the Big Easy hang tight sports talk grows on WW that.