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3-21 5pm Bobby & Deke: on all things LSU

Mar 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke check in with WWL LSU insider Jeff Palermo to talk about the newly-hired LSU basketball coach Will Wade as well as Tiger baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk thanks so much to. James. OK with the Saints taking a quarterback with a 32 pick. In the 2000. And seventeenth NFL draft as the saints' current second pick in the draft currently New Orleans has the amendment pay pats in round one. The 32 pick also on round one. This second round pick which is the I can't pick. In the around 42. Thanks also wind up having cajun cannon. The theme which wanted to give the Patriots in the deal okay yeah we're at the Patriots 103 pick. Which was a compensatory pick. We have a fourth round pick which is so 118. And a pick in that draft. We have a sixth round pick which is twelfth pick in round six point 96 in the third round pick eleventh which is 229 we currently have it. In the fifth round so those of the picks in case you're kind of a look and hated to see what where what what they have on the back into it. So just give me that idea right it to 601 lights and the Texas states and the. And yes again begin look at that you know to text line you have. Obvious youth. He knows kind of almost been like 5050 whether it it would take Patrick homes. Would that last pick in the first round you know defense defense. So it's kind of going back reported just to read a couple of pegs and you know look at along the lines. It might beat Philly the NFL draft analysts that we have on. You know we have the draft and we have me around we do sinking gets together. That he said that he cautions that my home is not a finished product. But he's. He views him as a carbon copy. Derek car now this one and says. It to a party three trust Mike question mark he said back candidate Troy Davis Troy Davis the running back from Iowa State. Brent the steal of the draft. And it takes him goes on and he's so. And so this other than those says 3215. Yes on my homes. He's tall athletic. He's accurate Indy he has big. And I can you in big but he is being 63. Basically 230 pounds Emmitt to put in nine minutes 63. 230 said yes along homes tell athletic accurate. Like you since the bowl game against Seles she's the only quarterback I would draft a lot LSU fans remember. The season before Deke. I want to say he might through farmers yards against Seles she's the doubt the one thing that that guy when I viewed him a couple of games. Educate give over on a plate too early in that 'cause the discipline and that would help but the anguish on Pena Drew Brees can be deadly can and live. But sometimes you and lives too much. Where. I think he has escape ability at times when I've seen them like a Michael Vick he's big Michael Vick. But he can extend plays and make all the throws but sometime descended truly maybe reading. A coverage and staying with the play you see a man live it's still make the play when you can't get away with the NFL. That OK chuck would you but the proper coaching. In the right mint or that you TO Drew Brees gets it done. And I think that. That that would obviously benefit him when his opportunity would come out the plate. And he also has an attitude he's now I wanted to all of them and I got apparently on the man he said no he'd be willing patient. To sit behind guy learned from I Drew Brees are Sean Payton's offense. Ability he's deadly say in the right things you don't interviews. And everything and tennis public eye witness like a number of LSU fans. Our rural watch it at Texas Tech eligible game. And I think game meant by not even their nickel was recorded big announced sane man like and Ellis you get that at a quarterback Wright who would you could if he was. You know VP new does that get a degree he obviously developed at Texas Tech right but it if you think it. You know that's the kind of quarterback the one is Sina elegy tie. Uniform all right missing Hanna for John John thank you for calling WW. Hello John play John Rollins on down is not there. Let's get out two games in the Big Easy James thank you for calling WW. And nobody out don't be looking. Alright cool birds though. One goal bats today and really our feet is in in in this thing like pick an out or grab a it meant that they are saying man I really don't know I don't watch all the pretty. The man back can't be dramatic. Thank you read it it would have been. You not Longoria was nominated you better have it. Given that's in NASCAR know James has dealt with Danny is has it been the issue is San Diego. Alex Billy bitter are. And a bay oh I know you have the Raymond that you say are you cinematic feet and Diego I can't be as big as head as the kick this thing been an issue in approach. Yet I guy had been up. I just just go to truth is going to truth. I know about kept it simple what I mean. You'd think you credit putter but a put up Big Easy. Well noted above about. Fiat today is it. The Cubs could immediately go on. But JJ and I think is when he played three games last year he blew his Achilles right so I don't know. If he's made a role. But even surprised me. Because not that I'll behind these from the Cardenas running hype and but he has he has been the quarterback and it charges Stevens he lived up takes big days I'll Odyssey started like 34 and he does not like he just started a handful. And and he's really. I like it you know like it was technical within itself. Oh yeah. So what you say you got a dog and had no 82 tackles and an end at 32 game season Gordon. I don't know about new breed when receiver. He said he has 82 total. They know I mean have to look data I mean I might be totally wrong I'll apologize but I I'll I. I think I'm in Madrid that but it is estimated. Are all in maybe you thought they did it by Utley is is that true or are you applauded the man like. Brown was that it can be done. I may have Broderick came hole Malcolm butler's job Malcolm bottlers are true bump and run with in the new rules. Browner a bit let him play a little rules when you you can illegal jock and get in and holding a little more all of a sudden brown had that success there with the Seahawks did it change the rules. And no Malcolm Butler. Tim knee is not sitting our records as far as the bits of penalties like brown nova are honored. Brown is more a very physical but not even in the league of a Malcolm Butler all right Iran's effort JJ thank you for calling WW. Dip them in a PG. I promote like that today you know and that are more and the and the stupid elements there about it is. The fans should be there or with AJ green fail cause we don't run pretty well beat. I have been to all of the goat or three haven't been of that or run right at second and the second thing on it to save. Then again I don't want Powell met Butler put in them it. But put inevitably I was Tuesday is the bank when you hit oh that's terrible because the tenth street disorder and the Atlanta. Well okay you saying that because actually needs to be replaced immediately. Are no no no no no no not to be replaced immediately but it showed a they game well well that pairs respite on the come on our right it because you try to end it steep and it beat you let cop pulled him out there. Okay about how by Disney whatever they decide maybe. That David put. Andrus peat on the left side. Andy now is that in my mind. On their arms that it right tackle right cook because that example you gave about the pass rushers. There's a defense to go crazy. If this Saints hookah offensive tackle with the eleven pay the B you gotta be kidding me. Who want JJ to got to get the defense better. And Ingram are out banded abide by a bit different that we do I made about Duke and everybody is old paper but he's been I get up to training camp. It didn't happen go to get in just say you don't put all of their own rights. A soul he's been on them up well. Yes the army evident that this and is seven of led Dallas I mean you look in and then there's 23 team that say well we solid across at every position and offered some line. Did that there's no one that's out 'cause I think cal Monta is and is that experience but he's more back about being gets thinner and. Orbit and but we got more problem diva is an office MR minorities on the cement that Taylor had 221 tackles and 34 games yes which owns an island Wendell eighty so I think you confident coming back my commander lead us on sports so rolls on WW. And welcome back thanks to the six is one man that's chaos turning more solid back up steps are necessary with how many injuries Saints seem to handle a defense every season. And Eddie you look NN. Sterling Moore. Again you prove himself to sign a one year contract you know overpay in you look at. Morry used legit advance even used the Saints is a great the scenario position to him appeared in thirteen games at a couple of interceptions. Not the what I like about that the competition will look at sterling Moore. And you know you have different packages and nickel dime and how many cover guys you would on the field. The show or when you look at the competition. Would you say sterling or. Even if you brought in a Malcolm Butler robbed of liberals coming back and and and you hoping PGA Williams. Plays to his potential because back in the head injury and but I would say when you look at okay you need to say for official report not five cover guys. There's no way you can tell me to him or not that number. And are in here and even right there on the back in BW Webb and it was gonna have went in so. We need all that competition but right now sterling Moore. Good to have them have him back in a full when it one year contract. And I having to prove himself again and based on what I've seen there's. I mean for sure odd things in that top four of five cover guys on the team. To get out to the phone Bobby Metairie foe. All Michael Michael thank you for calling Debbie did you have. A good evening gentlemen Bobby you've participant at that most infamous gangs and sites as straight. It was called quote the paint and you're familiar with that. No. Yet to educate our daughter. Jesus why don't I don't like is this like a big Al if I wouldn't over the pain game would do is come up which is science. Yeah definitely OK we're there. You know you put him in New York Giants. If you needed that missed game to get into the playoffs okay. There was a guy. That it has been pats play in history at large scale LB on the other side it was not like Monty couldn't now Dallas superdome armament game and I am okay and paying. Bobby crushed so bad did you almost single handedly. So the point is that. It's 1988. When we had a chance to pick at these stats a player I expect him all that's at running back. Mack I think on offense and play at Rogers I'd probably. Idiots pay. And it back and they have been there and it's the last twenty some he has taken opposite players Malcolm. If I'd try that haven't put him in the second well we're excited about Delmon probably couldn't come Butler job and that ability Jack. Well yeah I Michael Michael imitate that is a good point now locally we don't wanna hear that because I think I dealt liberal has some glove side. But by delving got to play held the a couple of seasons to even be on the level Malcolm Butler. Try to put him on an unknown and then instead of a player like Malcolm. Peck Buick ejection count as a if and a big. And decide what they can't deal with that number instead. Of that from South Carolina do it dried as right. What do you think went out and we have to witness. Said that so global schedule. But and it. Does this. You don't. It's such a waste of two offensive minds and players. Went in 2007. I realized that. Going brings a great quarterbacks in history and the pain was my irons off that and I did street that's what we. Might look I get to the isn't dame Amanda thank you so much for the call we appreciate it got aggressive as Jeremiah all right CBS news update. And welcome back to sports talk. 260187. You could Texas State 7870. His attacks and no way. Know how you to a number of them for bug. Thank you for the text right back to the phone to go Jeremiah in the Big Easy Jeremiah thank you for calling WW. I. Good good about it Columbia new could be albeit it called. Or Bob it. Local book. On him and a broken hold up now that your opponent disagree. When I sit unlikely he said brandy brown. He says Brandon Browner and holed that now probably not rule on an old now not and an asset and as it go bro we don't know and we don't know yet. I mean he got as the elevated got a puts you get to the wannabe like Malcolm brown and Malcolm Butler is not that part probably is all pro. Second team all pro did they paid for dudes who did that's all pro. And he made all pro at it and B you know we just said like no way no how you trade him eleventh of Butler wouldn't say Texans 7070 fours said. An eagle at Butler that he would it be known tied Pete Carroll. Well rounded damn ball now and you want to add it to David interception it's doable now beg to differ because he built the Poland that. He would make that many days some day in inception regardless if he may not. I didn't at one point and the ban the without pro and right right now pro 198 the general public can help recognize like I'll roll with mr. before ready and play hat. Imitated and it is. You could take a twelve year old and put him in Bill Belichick was limited but probable. But nobody at all pros David approval I agree global popularity kindness and if it especially if you established. But I mean all pro. I know about that that's not popularity. When I look at when I look at the thanks. Okayed and and I'm looking at this fall it up and up previous history at all it did cornerback one team that has actually looked good at other means what spot with Jason David and a couple of two for. The book Malia looked like traders. Mogul Brandon. Dallas terrible attempt to Bob we've got a bright you know what Jeremiah why we've been that bad as a scouting department bomb in a regular in the biggest exit Saints history. Did Jason David. He was a cover. And coach dungy tepid too. That got the Colts. What he actually looked good over there went out and I bet we don't look at Elliott. For what they do what. All I know as silent did that this system Jeremiah this is everybody uses this system. The bump and run man to man everybody did that and Malcolm Elarton as good as again. On idol among park and I'm not really owned now maturing. I'm actually bush and what it's like action global cornerback Greg rosary. Logged in a Bears got a now that not hit the price that you watch his prize Cruz prize. I'm not really that would mean not really gonna have a price is flawed with the top and he's been out already made his money in it. I know him in that age and they were the public they match you've been on an esprit is a lot in a lottery to bite right. -- I Jeremiah have a question for you now I didn't mean it would work out with Darrelle Revis you've ever and I thought he might work out ball but he was Dundee was done Champ Bailey. Champ Bailey is wanted to or as cornerbacks in NFL history. It would be oh look yet but that also look at that a player that we got that report to be done that or shall call you at Oakland. Why in that area that you want to shall I got it. The robbery in the coming out well known to either not really that like. But the Robert that we brought in the right you put on you and it would be accurate all things you go repaid that you not a quarterback animal. Okay you're. It. Change can come that would ship owners and Bears would be Cardinals know. Deep there's water as well. You know pennant thing. Yes I totally understand hey I still think Darrelle Revis mine I'd be Revis island. But he still would be amongst the best cornerback Sammy and now they're not gonna fear always throw away from the he's gonna be challenged as you get older in age but. I mean I don't give a look Tebow what are you gonna pay what you have to guarantee of that that's the big quarters and there's a lot of tees as they'll give wanna give Darrelle Revis. Thank you for the college in my Jeff Palermo columnist at WW dot com reason there was sports directed joins us now. Jeff I it's an opportunity the LA issue I didn't waste too much sand Majoli were basically said that he want to find a guy that pick and coming coach he said he wasn't looking for fear. He got dealt will wade at of the ECU and we talked to a gym and they covered him up in Richmond for several years and says he's as horrible worker. As you'll find he he does everything these posts do recruits and everything. You'll take on LSU hiring a guy like we'll wait. I mean I'd like you know I mean Perella cute and that opened a four time you know our. A guy to leave another power by school and come to Ella few I just don't think that was going to happen this program has a long way ago. During the course that the last stressful these guys in my line. Not the perfect guy effort this job would be a young guy that could bring some energy. Fresh ideas expressed based. Double and it's not necessarily connected to the program right now making comment that really jump started. And about it and output by college basketball the Bonner followed that it goes that got beat but it will wait kind of fit that description they'll. I'm in favor of the higher it's still gonna take a lot of war not going to be a job that you can be done exactly overnight. So the out there outpatient band there with them but based on a six year contract that he's getting up like Joseph label be patient with them. And Jeff looked good at that contract and had a million dollar buyout and you not overpaying them I mean when he's making one point five base salary not think and that's who was scheduled to make it's around two million you correct me. If Farmar all. But the question I have when I look at wade. And he's actually recruit Louisiana again players to leave Louisiana I don't know was that Chattanooga and I VCU. To go to Virginia but. A wanna say it is not two maybe three players that he's been involved global what was the Louisiana connection there and he came down here and able to get players some. The state to leave and go where he was coach. That that you are recruiter I mean yeah at one at bat or equally big BTU one that recording collapse that that program ever. I think it's just the guys that really sell the program now and now. I think we'll find out a bit more tomorrow. Has the price opera that woods entered it and now guys is going to be at the what he's student here. So. You know we just saw a year award there was complete but see what the football program. And it's get a pay. Yeah a real kind of bug grass roots effort to get this program back to where wise I think that Bassett and Ellis you'd try and then out tomorrow. Miami will wade that do a press conferences where they are traditionally done that applicant straight to build it. But and it did it here and get that there debate Barca it heal up our if the fans fired up and at the bank and create some positive manner with the basketball program because the lasting eight days in. All the energy was knocked out of that program that pain and and meaningful way towards Johnny gill great guide but. That what exactly a sport is that happened with that Ellis Uga while program. Now Jeff what would be realistic expectation when you consider to talent and how down the program is like even. The next year you know we talk about what the six year contract secure deal. That it has been LSU is it may be as I'd still unrealistic that the goal 500 and SEC next year. Digital wanted to players can make the beavers began to look at the depth and all that so what would be a realistic picture maybe their third year. That idea are you going to a tournament March Madness are global what is your take as far as patience LSU fans yet now. Lot that 500 next season and Utley epic that would be good at art if they're able to keep Antonio Blake. And it you had yet more than an hour raise. What are three potential NBA type players that are on the roster right panic yet they are like the era. Shortly want more these that it. Why haven't you definitely need it and it turned it. Audience the he'd need to be a program that is not arise though. It's an it's. If you can't get too lightly eight Heatley game if so where Utley. Seven and eleven barker. Eight I I think I'd like that paprika start out by your theory. I would think. A couple good recruiting class the under is now known now what you'll be able to add to occur glad that you're. There's going to be effective early. Wondered that new coaching change and so maybe like the either you go player finally got it up on its ear in looking at finished out of college career one or B it. He might be at the roster that way but within dollar Corey caught underneath that he would think by surgery. He should be playing in the NCAA tournament any outlet for Johnny gill that plant more doubt your theory there yet double market. But all that in that inning without that the buckle is. It's ended up really hurting the program and it would never able to recover. Tip Mamo columnist at WW Louise in network's sports director. Jeff by LSU and SE SE enrolling in game one of their better teams of tough tough nonconference schedule. There actually winners of ten of their last eleven. They are rolling right now LAQ both teams kings at the big week in series is that it is a good mid week matchup between two clubs that are playing really good right now. And Ellis he has really faired very well nobody basically bad job. And you know I think what ballot offensively. They obviously got a lot of veteran hitter on that caught that. Or put up and in haven't that they see that's what Atlanta Kramer Robert. On court Greg Dyke and I obviously hit the cover off the ball I'm like well a lot of pride in that line up the well. And I figure to have the growing pains that throughout the court defeated so our job as a that's the stoic showed up in league play but then again they played a bad Georgia Bulldog club. But I think you're gonna have game sorted out that we do that the score a lot of rock. Valuable by the time may comes around. The freshman. Lot of guys like Jack meant. That there are kids that they can handle all these and play. The beatable than an issue that you've had don't get it corrected by Bayer you're. So that other thing that policy baseball or skiing that trying to get through it. I don't know maybe Al Blanco will open up the turn at this point 00 but he you know late last two out of three start about the very good for him but. You know Jerry OJ went through a really rough stretch lad Pete but by the time both these simply camera. You would you get to go though surely will be in that same. Well will be in net they've got as well. Now I jab after they both the saudis and lines tomorrow night they gonna travel the Gainesville. This series is the Florida Gators. I would have a Florida Gator team. That you think that tiger is going to be faced the one that still struggling to hit the ball are you think. The Saints mean to saint Ellis can realistically. Could maybe win the series and take two on entry. I think they Q I mean I'm it'll work that you guys that I'll let you. Are are what are itchy. Ellis is in position went to lot of three week and I pearl where blocker and her well and could really go to Sunday starter. Opt toward going to be at that retain. Our up with 02 Korea after getting swept by Albert. L what you have to go there. You know that the but it in attitude I think and we'll hear more or pulmonary about that there they've before you leave for game they'll put it Libya will be great past or his team in a they beat Georgia they got there that want it was a pretty at times. They had Ellis these that struggled in that we gain in got to have a five sport and it seemed that early Art Bell. I don't mean it could start from Alex Blanco. You know two out of the last restart now looking for the Friday night starter and it got to get better for them. And it all are without link throw strike it. What it commanded and he's unhittable. When he's Lockett people need nowhere near them down on the breaking pitches. Other team can do it he one at bat on you know it happened a couple times the speed. Jeff Lambeau act Jeff Randle el are in on two and a dip as always thank you so much that time. It worked out prior is one bad Indy which I talk about Manny and brown and he can hope bola Ambrose jock. Hell he had every opponent's Jackson jerseys he showed everything. I. Had to go and they give the big governor from 1883 I just sports WWW.