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3-21 6pm Bobby & Deke: on Pels-Griz and LSU football

Mar 21, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview tonight's Pelicans-Grizzlies matchup with the voice of the Griz, Eric Hasseltine, then check in with LSU Director of External Football Operations Charles Baglio about the school's upcoming coaches' clinic.

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And good evening went on to our number 30 sports talk coming up this hour preview tonight's game at smoothie king center and that being. The New Orleans pelicans and attaining it the Memphis Grizzlies Eric Cassell ton of voice the minute his peers to be witness at six point. Coach always Magglio director of external football nations at Louisiana State University is where this talk about the LSU coaching clinic becomes a Friday keynote speakers. The great Anthony Munoz and don't Deuce McAllister. And there was a tomorrow night's big match a bit instate matchup between southeast Louisiana. And the LSU Tigers southeast to coach Matt arise that ticks of the radio little at seven point 260187. The Saints own the eleventh pick in round one in the 32 pick in round one. Would you be OK at the black and go pull the trigger entered Texas Tech quarterback pat mahomes within 32 pick. In around one cast your vote online at WW Leo. Dot com and cajun cannon or is weak a couple of signed to saint an anti tape out and also Sheppard you know the Europe. Cornerback became and he did pretty good in about a wanted to talk about that for a minute ago because sterling Moore skewed masters championship starting Mo what was the third highest performance based. Pay out at the Saints had this year based it would this is this would you make seed which are contracts says. Basically from a stamp always percentage of plays a bit small on tackles. Sacks playing time whatever. Found bailed at the Saints making an extra two or a forty Soriano played UConn try yes. Came crawling me to rent 33000 extra and sterling Moore made over 213. Thousand dollars extra so tech that our. With the as a base pay by audio where he makes or is he's. Base salary that's a very good year for during the. Yeah at Indy guys seem more and more now now we gave me anti detail. I don't know enough product to CO with the numbers are two year deal. But you seem now more and more teams. Kind of taken. And make fairly approach. OK who gave your contract and it was the market and all that like one year deal right minimalist in the long term. As the prove yourself for UC from there whether. Who wanna give you pause that long term contract. So we got Denard dame linebacker and you know fans have called in and talked about the L issue linebackers and I've had success. In the NFL and you look even in NFC south. Well Kwon Alexander with the Buccaneers and do you vote Jerome. Would Atlanta well the reporting leaving Kevin miniature. With the Cardinals and Justine Kevin midterm or sign a one year contract. With the Cincinnati Bengals. Will know the being as deep pits it was on paper. They looked like being the one of the most talented teams in the have won anything in there and disciplined yeah Dennis and this is really cost them in the right at and so you look at they've always been noted snot nosed kind of not that that's not bubbling you know that type linebackers have Kevin Mench are now going. To the Bengals beat and we bring it Chase Daniel as you look at web movement around as like chases and is this that you could pay him one million. The Eagles and have to pay for me into his contract with structure was guaranteed as they released him. And Adams Luke would count about one point five roasting his brother. In always called in the form and Manning's in when you look to and had Peyton and Eli when you look at Josh McCown but here we got Josh McCown and the Jets need a quarterback the he's out there and compete. He just signed a one year deal. With the New York Jets and you know Smit stayed in the city just went to the Giants the back of Eli tonight I geno Smith lead in the Jets. Going to and you are Giants then I Joshua Powell. Going to the Jets by the how about this guy you know is made money. And what does he really done. I think he was over drafted EJ Manuel member of Florida State yeah. He Gimenez valid Oakland Raiders you can say the same but geno Smith yet he had to back up big he's not gonna back up obviously Derek Carr. He was a former first round pick like we say look at Manuel. He was sixteen overall with the bills back in 2013. But started just seventeen games import season with the bills. But he's going to be in Oakland raider. I'm not speak in other news also wanted to bring yourself loses his old school. The Kansas come. Although that name hall of fame of incidentally here's Gale Sayers. The he's dealing with dementia. Is why did in a view of the Kansas City stories Sammy three years and be joining these two say. Image is a date yet begin he was dying knows four years ago she said. Which dimension and she's now. Things that if she's Lima football it has letting I'm never gonna do with Erin now. If you the footballs been so good to me even let's say all of a sudden. I started getting like that Mitch you are. How's timer when he played football or not I've had that disease that America has to deal like my Graham Paul. He died of als arm moms that he was 84 years old and I remember. When he hit like seven in nine you can really see him. Dimension and Novoa and have an alzheimer's. But I'm never gonna blame for Obama's the ball's been so good to me. I don't care even tomorrow. Are stunning 510 years down the road. I don't know when it's gonna happen. Now I'm just saying you know you know what's best that you self and your family right at that time in so I never. Will look down upon the ball because I truly knew it was a physical sport and you might say well. Now and you know teams are the public Torre educated where. If you do get a concussion united plain and next week you'd obviously sit out. You know a month or even six weeks are. They got to still puzzled by TJ Williams. Here's a top cornerback. Mean today they took a modern all on the cart on the board he's drafted down. To me that seem like boarded a concussion. Was really break his neck or some that never came out. The not only did TJ Williams is doing outstanding work on him a cornerback. But he has put an IR for a whole season. Right now my big and so that that sounds a little shakier fishy to me. That Dallas morning concussion considering that ages didn't wait. Pay him. You know it is looking at the doctors and and waiting a month or six weeks deceive you do tribute on the back in. Of the season but that's just a little soap box I went on about the whole Gayle seers think if you have a memorable the players. That. The football provided a great lifestyle for them. And now and his pros and cons of both ways on them terribly open about that but I would never. Proved food game of football. And flag grandkids. I would never forceful but they wanted to play football. I would let them how to sell it T Bob my tooth and Cuba invoke. Play football. Because I think it is it's a great environment to development as an individual. You're personality. Camaraderie saw all of that. Today and announcing is the real world but it feel. You know shows you about communication. And along with your fellow man and team work all of that stuff. But now I think going forward it's evening gonna be better. How they teach you know more racial shoulder tackle instead using your helmet as a weapon. So enough for that but I just thought. We Gale Sayers know what he's did the away because I was a deal sooners fan. Considered when it. You know you did you'd tutor greatest players they're always thinking Kansas and we have been and that's what Wilt Chamberlain. In I'm just looking at a Gale Sayers. And you know you don't necessarily think and Kansas Jayhawks though and the back and football terms you think your name in basketball. Terms and prayers go out to go sooners and his family is he's doing that dimension 73 years in me. I come back get out to Ben Russa some column on it takes to as well this is sports talk. You're missing it WW. The voice of the Memphis Grizzlies opera's Ottawa coming Eric Cassell Eric thank you so much. It's on the Memphis Grizzlies and town the night at some movie Kingston to take on the pelicans and playing some of their. This ball and it's a new look guess you'd say. But he cousins with Anthony Davis still trying to find out there way will be pieces next week degree is coming forty and thirty well within the playoff. Did you and your take on Memphis would have dismissed his team compared to pass me if there's teams in way to a seed in the west in college real pitcher. Well out their plan like event planner or game there and beat here. It day in and be up on just about anybody and a lap or game at how well they are under. Under point Matt when they're at their bat. Compare them pretty accurately and I think it's an interesting. Because in years past it it really. Clinton knocked down outside shots the way they're doing this year they've struck out and probable or sheer Mike comedies Mankins. Three over 40% mark is all that much so. It's opened up the opposite quite a bit more accurately. This year. Really got a good job using that three point shot at. Bat. I think they're more this year but. It static it written that been played like that little bit and and lately it laps sport in which. Really committed on the offensive end it and move a lot. Now Eric guy obviously people. Gasol. You know how they can matchup down low. But if you look at right now would it you can maybe enlighten me if I'm this is may be too far Frenchman. It is harder to be a season highlights him you know look too old to me you know like yeah a young guy there. And it speak outta the contract when Michael Conley everybody college level of attention what did Peña that. It's it's like he's he's gotten better at an out there and tried Hamlet. Yeah it out greatly because technically what happened our on track. Potentially what happened at some back that were struck out the owners' story that dollars. And what I like the money came out of you know increased ticket sales or increased by itself. You saw them really upbeat contract that currently the Detroit pretty simple either lose my hand. Go back use where one or three that battle catalyst or court but it unity as well. That about you like comic strip it Q you lose and you lose a lot of these particular little loose lottery. You keep them you probably make a run outs which I thought that national experts were overlooking that the lat injury problem. And I think that a lot at the paper before mark Culpepper before. Out. They were on May it be but yeah so. That a lot of rap and it salute and so they decided where they are. And it it is my cat and an art is I've. Dollar contract going in the league in. But it might he would be I thought but certainly well but Mike what is it. When you compare you and guy he's right up there yet because we at all as far as it goes. Manner at forty year it'll. I don't picture father time that are that challenge the late in Carter's challenging spot that I brought up the other other other. Right crop from Carter back that one and it drawing ordered that I'll eat it and I don't lose. Op because he by. You know. Bobby you've been around he'd be around it aptly well on time. There's been no more humble superstars I've ever been around that part I hit it under. These guys. Acquired the rule for. Meant Carter act like he is one of the boys and for that matter matter that our Robert about not. What basketball not football not that well but it pocket here. I am at now in my book but your spot in that color man who literally jumped over seven reds are. In the Olympic ruin his career and he's one of the guys and and that move. Because of the champ apartment situation when I am currently shut down. Moving him in the starting rotation really out there because it. Ultimately not that quick it he never bat an optimal like he never bet he don't got out quick and what is it that. That go along and credible intelligence game where outcome of that the or really try that and it really made. Every but he can make it he brat and mechanical factor being. I unit they can rely on other why they're in the sport and stretch I believe they got back to eat at all not a regular. And you know air to get it appellate right now. That. They've kind of turned the corner a little bit and expect it to be the Rockets and in. You take care to tee woes but looking at the Grizzlies and how they can hand that pressure hosting where. Fifteen hits these these inning changes scoring Martin is three points or less than a minute. A regulation or overtime to the split at the pelicans so big games close it's things like how you and not go with the Grizzlies. Yeah they're they're really good note Michael on super clutch situation. I think we will wrap up and a lot thing in numbers and everybody trying to analyze everything I doubt that that. The couple back at it than what you got or. That make it Berry went though in that one person well at that I. Have a lot ever get to you when you know like in but. And the team in terms of what are they. All. Like he. Perreault they don't we got to CBS news. And welcome back up to the capital city for bad routes that he ran he ran thank difficult and WW. Hey take I you do. Direct action got a question. The most important play a football game that we ought to back. What trotted out I would say yes that you can't win a championship. Went out the best quarterback and it has happened before. Trent the oval with the Ravens Brad Johnson broke the Buccaneers but. Usually if you have quarterback. Like Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Tom Brady I definitely increases the chances of winning the. Bought. Back about. Yeah I would say like John that bill we need a quarterback and defense. Now it solid stay along the I'm not don't have to be this sentiment I'm Maggie Vietnam outside linebacker like bridges with the dome patrol is traded don't patrol was. Islets days Sam mills. Was the quarterback would rate you know. I would Rickey Jackson pat swilling and Von Johnson I would give Sam mills that now on the secondary. On the backhand. I think he also needs to one. Becky communicate a pilot blog today it is with the del potro days it Britain Maxi. He pointed geno like him in the right direction. Jean jacket I mean gene you know it's that this being. That means that I'm not released you've seen on the draft on this front that we get from San Diego it played a daughter being. You got attacked it I can't I don't think that's model. Yeah and it wouldn't what are what he's done in the pros or you don't you don't last three years in the pros momentum gone at least. Aaron I realize that you know that you recount that will go and I average out to Aaron Aaron really understand that we tend to kind of go about. What do guys most notably fold because nobody wants that kind of jump on the gavel for you know the whole can't feasting and all that but is is never been an issue since he's been a pro. So I mean is there any other things that you can. You can you know I guess you'd say articulate about all criticize him about like you say he the only played well and dreams may she is injuries. Nick hit this thing the name Mike you know John has spared Joseph cassava and if it if there was the issue somewhere else certainly would be brought appear brick. Is is not being means. Now all of a rainbow tee rat that it is the average would you do like all yes off the field of the field issues vs on the field. Now would that being said I don't know how his love life how we security he was dealing with girls and all that so when I came about the catfish thing and it. As he was drafted I was yeah yeah like in the Archie dame I think you guys so a lot of control. Right right so what happened bill being a guy bamboozled at the beginning and fooled and then all of a sudden. I don't know it was seventy and lack of maturity went along with what we went down the whole message and email all the good it. Good guy here yea you know he never really he never and he came out it was kind of anger about it whatever he was Ayers the answer the questions it. Is kind of a point where as you know with if you don't kind of fight against the current that stuff kind of subsided a little lady did in a way because it was a Heisman candidate yet and any didn't allow any progress they were in the long and in the public Iraq Dolan course. Play it on a feel it's not gonna be in deep in great par. I'm not that now and I'm not Baghdad that's how they that's legit chance of stamp on it because Dan Ellis and I don't care who you are. And to walk run you Achilles tendon basically pay two full games Macy was hurt in the third and India's Phillies intended you have to build the run. So I'm sure now hopefully the Saints given him a two year deal that he passed all the physical. And I would think they weren't to moderates and see how he can run. ID love ma ma ma ma will be aggressive and and gone out free agents. I'll let let me not get to play it would be we we need some wouldn't it be. And just get ought but it for New England. Like Butler. Learn about it at Rhein. In. On. That factor the be great. And guys like that ought the ball. But buddy he was the one bad did you Cole. The Oilers out here aren't how can community county yeah arraignment in the west now background after that so well when you look I think. Guidance. Just coming out of high school a lack of maturity. That's why. The what he's been three years in the league and he's 27 years old Bryant because he said man. You know a look at delve liberal night he would buy another reason because his neck and injury but he got a late start. So bending you can play but Malcolm where Malcolm by the worries ID. If not all of us so we talking about given a big contract according Baghdad's 3132. Right note this could be that one big contract 27. Territory still at the peak I could excel at a high level now this is the only time you get that contract he will get his kind of big contract because it is aged on the ropes. Mighty. Bring it up it takes mechanical point toward the man to detail situations John Payton Drew Brees and those guys scandal film credits. They're pretty Smart people know hate. You're exactly right. What will with the deep snapper is dame yeah I mean you can double cork in the Ohio State entrance thing you it was a Dresser. No go don't know or don't know addressed own dresses again now not an accident I don't know a dull little beckoning. Yes I thought I I shouldn't say that that that I've Sonoma. Yeah parking wrong yet the yeah I it was on the hands that India on his go to my on line tonight thank you for calling WW real. While I think I'll pick academics you play here and be a ball coming up like you normally and. What bluntly it might this year might we don't know knob amateur and a pass and the right here and NFC's out two linebackers and dad's been. Obviously. A sore spot for the Saints look one Alexander with Tampa Bay ended Tebow Jones. Right here from New Orleans Jazz and high school will win Atlanta. Mostly. Kevin Mitchell went that it Cardinals. One and a bad as the events in the NFL now he's had good angles. When The Beatles the role and they use that word of as the event is. I really gain an accident like to know why they stayed away I'm not even on the idea is to elegy players. But what you've got stale issue defenders. Yes I don't know I'd listen. These scout the players right here in their backyard you should know to me what was unacceptable. What happened that Lyle Collins. Yet that they should have been hailed the called the police ease Baton Rouge ordered state police whenever. In behind the scenes fine out everything. That we really don't think he's involved in the murder are anything and he wasn't. You know dealing what is next throw for owners go over that time if I can recall. That there is no way Dallas should have been able to take advantage of that about that on Lyle college you or I mean nine. You know I've just given to sever the crown don't let him get to be a free agent. Drafted and a seventh round and just take gadgets. And yes I've had that package be it good bettors right now I think. With the Saints there's at least for sure to have that three players on relishes radar and he's one of them. On a not Ellis regardless Saints radar. But the draft from Ellis shoot the short of being the conversation. It all right thank you very much expected of phones ago Stevens idea ST thank you called NWW yeah. Actually in my caught up. All right Steve and quick question poignantly I'm thinking things but no we need a lot of help beat that respect in the money tree the it personal. Reason there's a lot to spare. It could be enticed to take the air carts Drew Brees if you like him enough I mean the cult lucky enough. Hey I gave tasty bait if Sean Payton. Flies the Shawn Watson is it like this day and age you fine art everything you can't hide now than. It is Sean Payton would bring the shot I wanted to New Orleans. Are what goal somewhere like he went to Lubbock Texas evolves and then. Work him out one Poland in Alexy the Saints are really interested. In the Shawn Watson. But but I I got and number eleven. I. Is they'll see that. I hey I. You know your lucky enough to get Andrew Luck they'll need Manny it would be nice to hear situation like that mile. Agree Steve thank you so much it's and the guy were there before but with. Kevin how is he was a fullback animal house thing he was actually sent to contract extensions. With the Saints he was on the longest senior players. Our goalie is into disarmed pain air and know what the team Noah they had there with the Saints. That long since 2000 over to 2000 in that and he send it to a three Contra distance of the black eagle. To to sit around draft choice out of you know if you contract extensions double digit career in the National Football League he had made a twelve seasons in the league. Well you never it was is that the only. Con artists that played the Saints are disease you know was cut like house that he went to jail Russell mostly. It you know I communities and you really believe before me really deal people yet it's time out gave them convinced to part with their money. In an AMOCO we have this interest which is. Wise. All right we'll continue its sports talk on WW. The director of external football nations at Louisiana State University. Coach Charles bad the bad Leo junior joins us now coached Bakes. Always this time a year we gauge on it talk about the LSU football coaching clinic Cotto to Ross spoke to us a couple weeks go by how important is is to extend the relationship. Amongst high school coaches and also getting in and now that. He's in charge. But also I hit mine gains gassed like in the pairs event Odeo Beckham dogs and animals recently. A guy like Brett falls in this year widely considered the greatest tackle of all time Anthony Munoz allow around Deuce McAllister so this is a big big week in on LSU campus. Yeah I think it is that I had the chance for all of us who coaches to come and you know. I just remember Lotta pressure throughout the coaches who refused. Gabriel pebble is more credit with the water too good that is you know it's not it's well worth it then. We got some. Some great speaker is like you sit back as premier you know is going to be here. Also kept them alive I was result comfortable. And this site is Deuce McAllister Aaliyah. Certainly appreciate him government. But you know a big we'll get through there about two of the best coordinators in college football. Also loves speaking against coach you have Matt Canada alt of new look for as a club and and they've Miranda who was is that defense of course is so we've got to besides all the the coaches go speaks so well. We had a great round up some high school coaches and it's it took a big 22 days well. We'll have full coverage on WW radio Friday from a Baton Rouge director of external football relation to LSU coach bag new told meg no Jonas now previewing this big leaking coaching clinic. And out coach back speak you know coaches speak in by since Mike has been. Kind of fiery on the football field as far as the coaches being vocal. Did you break that down a little bit because they like is that solves pulled it what we are a lot of passion coach candidate can be heard far black. Yeah birdied eighteen to budget gap probably do what we do it. I tell you what. It's of fresh air out of a bit of pressure oh boat you know because. He's just. And so. Passionate that is offensively can do it. Particularly in the had been there but there had been at the three practices so is. Try to catch up on offense because the area Logan favor them because everybody has got to you know. Go to bags of those that did it Japan days and not register yet in that sign that yeah it is is DO time in on him in the right direction if they can. DL yet the gavel. A lot of coaches walk up at most biggest crowd that. It starts Thursday afternoon with active. So we registered 233 street at the football ops builder and then they go to practice and what the practice is over. We go to the arena. And we have the critical what. Oh. Look social before woods some barbecue ribs involved fugitive. And then. Followed that coach Joseph welcome everybody and kava bowl I'd pick golf democratic and and attraction for the third and I will be at the academy of outlets reported. And it's Saturday Saturday it just started 8:45 in the morning with coach Muppets. We just quite result at all sat up in practice. And then Saturday is discovered. Revenue increased coaches or stay that wants their. I got to almost as beacons on on on Thursday in front. That guy out. There tells you how important crop is all I mean. It. So I lag yeah you do and looking falls. And we eagerly looking forward to or maybe it is though that. Now he will these guys guys spam these girls come and able blow it up well if they could but I darted into the 2018. Yeah yeah yeah I got a clearly got a hitters and I could imagine it having what was Eddie Vinny you are of that high school. Yeah I did not Kukoc. Credit he had as dramatic as it approaches. And a ball but the coach back slowly that you go. How that number eighteen now all of a sudden they're writing articles who's gonna get that the number actually be feeling wedlock it. But. It's a character deal. It's you know it started way back got they would bout talk about. Yeah yeah yeah yeah man mountainous right. And it is just big you know that they get for a Shia it was a part of that these are you know what it and it's leadership and character. Number and everybody that's awarded full. Bit more of our top leaders real football team. Out of I don't have great decide who's little and. Chris and knocked it tells it like to try to do an interview. But that's good and it's it's a big deal for those kids do. All right he's director of external for about race it LA's you'd be in this deal of time he can go to the football I've been in. Thursday evening before the clinic kicks off that stuff there is an inning or Dave try to on the LSU campus that is. Coach tallest bags back DiLeo a junior college bags we will see on Friday. They live look forward to see it all out who go through the appreciated. I thank you grandma yet none out PB Jimmy by the on WW radio Nazi uptown baby. But that's like actor original big for a coach that he is everybody. Well at that that's the two plays Cuba though it schedule before them and it was if you coach here because he's in he's got wave mobile out tonight. All right this is puts out on WW.