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3-21 7pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints and LSU baseball vs. Southeastern LA

Mar 22, 2017|

Bobby & Deke take calls on the Saints' offseason and break down tomorrow night's LSU-Southeastern baseball showdown with Southeastern Lions Coach Matt Riser.

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Finally our sports are coming up southeast and baseball coach Matt rise it would be with a set up by a great big on the Mon night. Alex box stadium LSU sixteen in five minutes and in the fourth team by southeast and lines it to anyone in their last eleven games 260 point seven. You can Texas at 878 Sammy opera ready jaguar paying your ball is up at WW dot com would you be okay if the Saints. A quarterback at the 32 pick in the draft that if first round Lance first round pick currently right now point 6% of you saying yes. Where is simply focusing you saying no don't hit the quarterback. With that. You can vote online at WWL dot com operating Depp Orlando Lamotte has that opinion poll. Kristian garic as April feature applied WW dot com talk about the Saints and their holding a private workout with Texas Tech quarterback. Had my home. And big would you say it was 74%. 74% of saying no no I mean you know ID say no because these teams the Davis has struggled the past few seasons and right and Nate tired of seven and nine. They look at packaging malls club might be the future. But how is he really gonna help the team nature. So then I look in into the future in development. A quarterback beyond reason wanna win now that's why I think. It is not a 5050 deal. It's 74% the same defense defense defense. Especially when you look at them eleventh pick in who knows gonna happen with the Malcolm about the situation and it's still dealing with the defense eleven. The last 32 party think in they would have no problem defense defense defense. And ultimately picking the right player and having them work out. 2601 A sending you can Texas and 878 Sam need to. Minnesota for court dale Korda thank you for calling WWL. I adore. Him they. Good you do Darnell. Darn good good on good. Day. I'm like in Spartan like when are you would of the more things dorm in making me read experiment Ortiz. While on that our tail. To be yet. Yet to complete work that put my arm back and I was that you can at the cornerback position and out. If we don't have Matt yeah I mean upbeat terms injury bug like we did this past season. And out out because of back to be strong in depth. Of course that we did. I'm like how did you Williams goes back how Delmon broke comes back right. Yeah Andy you bag Malcolm Butler right none right dead and it listed day it would be a lot of competition record out take I'll. The game is changing how. Now the it used to be when you are younger. And I mean younger me out to about. 60s70s. Even eighties football. You gotta throw. To assure a what did he pursued him not to be 5%. Now you better throw for over 60%. Because how it's tilted. Did that sort of football c'mon Dan Marino was only quarterback that threw global 5000 yards and look how many times Drew Brees has done it so. I eat in a combat that. You have to have covering guys so even a Malcolm Boller comes here and works out Delmon broke works out Kamal we K stop there. We gotta have three of four are right in five cover guys and you look at the versatility. A Carroll. We can guard slot receiver and and a cover guy he got I have 45 of those guys does. Either without having any injuries eagle or to be the weakling in nag groups so. I don't know a star Limbaugh or I think he's up but it challenges and is gonna have the experience and being very familiar. We did is Allen's defense now I think QB even better. Come into thou seventeenth season. What do you think that where you think that these the other VI RBP. Glad. That. Likely mean I gave me its line may not edit it ain't riding it out. Did Dave I didn't have given Evelyn dame it's I don't know if he knocks himself out again and and nothing gets it concussions. A couple of big Otto was protect. The organization and he got to protect himself also. I would be more suspect. On Damian supplying considering. How close again and hand injuries he's had. Vs PG Williams. A lot being it was eleven up to their first round billing late first round. Watch him and Ortiz mini camp and training camp. And and then he had a great start to the season like he was rate of play that he got hurt early on but I think they counting on him. I think PGA Williams's very capable the C even had Malcolm Butler. And and and in theory now Malcolm butler's here. Dale liberals here and they all ready to roll healthy then I'd and I think they would expect a PGA. Twos it to beat that third best cornerback considering the expectations of where they drafted him. And he'd be ready to roll would you still need that before the five. Fifth guy. Like you have you know sterling. Or whoever it might be with the competition. Everyday we. He'd be. Or. I made a competition the look good Crawley get out Colorado. Candy was named remain in he's deadly to Dovonte Harris very heat took a step back. To be compared to he's doing in training coming under real game. They used big bid but all of us and he ran it in a punt returner. And ninety kind of in the dog house but they gonna give all the cats are crawling. Harry is beginning you know all a chance and coliseum later on a day Oleg it is cornerback how we got him graded he's sitting there in the fifth or sixth. Around added and I gonna give album cover guys you never can have. Too many of those guys legacy never gonna have too many pass rushes also. All right. C'mon married to Sean emitter and receive college sports so continues on that VW. Megaphones don't let's go out to Sean in Metairie Sean thank you for calling WW Rio. They attic questionable or get to that. As sort of throughout Bobby keeps saint Pete do they drafted in the first round it was excellent program are in the last couple. Yeah I about it alive that he likely first round hello they gonna probably knows a Piero made here. Yeah no he. And I knew that you project and maybe or maybe get out cookies but yeah any I'll I'll. But lately in the order Malcolm Butler it's going to be in that thing. Give it a cup money and a top draft pick. It doesn't make sense ability football with our network nowadays the thing. The value laden has spent the papers are top point two picks and draft the best pats are so that's caller. All one of those tough comeback that they can they get Korea and there. They wait bat or two of those players you know other that would be a pop years. And now you. Name it that same money that you've taken a kick in the money. You can get guys that Sheehan in that actually will be free agent achieve it is it. Well you look at their quarterback I want to say I think is for short taken eleventh I think Hargreaves. That. You EG compare okayed eleven it will we have a say you had that type player and top project the corner like Lattimore is higher saying that you go to Fordham religiously. He would be in that area it feel like basically. 25%. That you have to pay him compared. To what you have to pay a guy like Malcolm Butler. Pronger yeah right right now not not not you're not you needed to work out. At a high level and in that Malcolm but nobody has gone in his favor on Tony's like all pro he's not disapproval and now. You could be able to look at his supporting cast in the Patriots scheme and defense. Willie. Now the question would be shot and I don't think you'd be hard pressed because we haven't had that in the past. Now that would be really impressive Malcolm Butler was all pro on the Saints uniform. And that honor now that would be impressive. Yeah it just the Patriots couldn't make called back for the Saints make receipt and right now on the other places and a car built probe that. Moeller about that. What was so shall you say you like to me that you'd take approach. That they upgraded deep as you gotta disrupt opposing quarterback. So gained cliched events pass covers the pass rush against some rush edged the pin there are outside linebacker. I think as the row mine is standing as mighty hi you'd you'd cornerback. Yeah. And that if you give good effort in the cold as he could put Islam back out there and have a top ten simply because it would that offer the party the I got the premium positions. It's not an antibiotic it tackle. There are mop that young young mom back in yeah I needs a couple of in the front for the top that we the average. If you get great corners and great defense here at the top two in the. John thank you so much for that time we appreciate your calling him well Friday night it's a lot of acting going on LSU opens up the win a road time. If first a row conference series at the University of Florida. And the south Lions would take on LAQ book to a four games this week in both on the road at this matchup tomorrow night. Alex box stadium he's won ten of his last minute fourteen and five. Southeast and coach in Matt rounds it would this coach Matt thank you so much for the time and when I look at this. Fourteen of five lines team I'd go back to when we talked to before back to when Jay was in charge. And we look and we go back we say we know what changed about southeast and not only about not always but disarmament conference overall. Several teams in the top 100 even hide in that may knees yourself all Weston Nichols. Very how we think about all he act and that's a sign of conference teams signing up new night and I mean California yesterday some teams that are toward the back end of the ratings of the two or nine and deemed by the ought act. You would see it back in several teams connect from that same Compton today. South man over the course of years has done a great job of collectively scheduling tough Murray State is that Louisiana Lafayette rice Vanderbilt to. This is all part of the grand scheme coach. Of College Baseball into whereas if you're going to be one of those teams it is standing in that too much political hold your breath on selection day. You have to really get it done now and not only use your conference and this has been some and it's been longstanding and accomplice among the schools in your conference. No doubt they map which you can get them it'll always in. Yeah I mean he's on the a big part of this I go back in 2015. And but a year that would those kids those seniors and they'll aim at what point to game school record we want when it game's top urged Palmer's record. But they bodily. Were ordering in that Clark bit the NCAA. But ash gave chip. Duke you know does that have all that. Unravel the way it did in after that we bout make sure that we would dripping all will power mature and Urbina main dish again. And all did last schedule you know and or bid or comment school history and two under that we can't we continue to make sure that we. Put ourselves in the position to win ball games or those games we ever so this you know lower bit shall. No not only do we play these guys do on the road to they had been the biggest thing for shall four look at that you know. Where we've done it we read any regret right. We were fortunate what game you know Coleman Belichick and turn it down there and called the the good job with the other ones stated without truly achieve all but. Followed a lot on the road Mahan and has been the Ottawa or panel and all the road in and handle some pressure early ball. Not these the coda mat rat is a spasm as Matt. And alliance and forthrightly you to Mark Eaton not commit to that sixth in the 631 each year on WW coach. We're look district BC ten out of eleven but he knew as eighteen game doing it camp of the game. The lines on thirteen and for those seventeen. But when you look at and you say what those four. But those all come losses to tie that to six and ranked men tribute to deport him frank and bill won all go to rice you beat rice are two out of three in Houston. South Alabama with the arrests out of program. See all Troy. You beat West Virginia one game with cant do the weather but this sick when you wind up being 42 and a sweep oval hot you know team. And you'd go yet and export this made some tough tough competition late. Yeah you know and and it will war you know more personal mission. We call about it. It and it came up appreciated that Manuel real real schedule this year you know good to beat bishop played a bit and Ollie get a good year. It could be the best you can beat them that pretty evident little you they've gone overlap. Oh geez two decades three decades ago they've been one of the big program College Baseball. Yelled for his venues on the big venues in college baseball's on the ilk optimal pocket. You know back gains in in College Baseball fan base and this is one all on the on the schedule. You know that we can relate to bring in get a win tomorrow night we may have won they all it. Again it is to the open for a lot of people coach rod hang tight a little break into the comeback got a few more questions that arise. Visit with a southeast and coach Matt rise of the game tomorrow night the Lions fourteen and five thirteen for them as 1710. In one in their last eleven before it. This the match up this week in rather after the game at LSU a key series on the road Houston Baptist sunning Friday afternoon in their comeback and blatant attempt right Louisiana Lafayette next week got to buy into the series. With Mick knee statement rounds and the glance at LSU tomorrow night October starts at 6 o'clock at 631 it by the. Now coach Reiser explain this to me now you got a few games in the avail obviously. You know to a three Gainesville Lamar over a week and you know settled Sunday. Winning streak was the snap. A ten game winning streak you know protein and five is that a good. I guess sample size when you look at. That your hitting right now at 252. In opponents are hitting 243. Just break it down a lot of fans. Would you like to see maybe closer to 300 obviously are or what about the pitching in any given up a two party three average I don't know that. A novice and has him against. Or. Yeah you know think it the back average numbers is salt in the week we actually got the double. Not a true indication what we're doing we go to one school. I think review what we've guys you know you get it back and contribute team or animals that on the game. What he's about what we are a year and a point 86 point seven runs per game. I think we have in the mature group sure I understand that we talk about all that Ellicott who guy old guy yeah it. It'll take you walk you BP has built only fortunate. To be able to to build on that come together. And I think that's what got that is really good job at that point. Guys that pitchers on the side they did it in years past the web mobile. It run buyers in in Byrd Ambrose Rusch Wellemeyer last year. Those I got all the the cold sport shall speak early about average and point they're not their normal. All but themselves with what they've done deep and there was tremendous bro. That is completely turn around and beat it chinoy a year ago make it there are some air where they build these non forty and not beat you right now. Portly religion and has played. They were where we're at right now between what we've done much more option. And known history of those got a web mobile buyers and grow what used to charity and need to calm. But god made rather weak in the work extremely order bat. The way early you know normally wore in years past that they want those Schobel into it they will be quick and all killer because. The decrepit played about as well we've we've played in the past five years. All better all of feel that at all. That had good energy and good pop at all they know what actually in and out there Spain hope that justice. This that you shall speak. And then all mortal pitcher was. Collier available then unfortunately that ball Sunday night sports and a chance this week there will be more. But at the street and we we guide the B now that we Gilbert Portugal. They can do a number of things are very athletic and they could start they. They can come in the opening guys you know and rolls. And equal that guys. The we've done that. Throughout the year you'll see that more all out or got store on ninth did start a couple gains in short. It's in his starts. At all the game and really brought the Warren really had store well. Anna Uggla tries that you bring up who's starting tomorrow night and you look at a big weekend's series we travel to Houston Texas. Start well a Sally Roberts theories against Houston Baptist. So law Heidi figure row like you're pitching rotation and oh how Ellis obviously in two of Fridays Saturdays starter. Lying in you know apology. He's still looking at same approach as his conference played and you look RPI. But what it feel like you and Obi Ellis Uga but is that a big gathering he cab if you win they gain. Arguably the balance. Ours is being our average as the beat a team like LSU you pitch in. Against Burres like a conference game. Oh and foremost probable W was and number one when she's cup title that's more or anything. What we do that would move the ball comes tour championship or he'll regional changeup that you read all all that's our Bible that year shall. But that never in in my mind in port takeover. Are played or that we he has. The same time we'll talk about it against the week like this the deepest that we've had. From a numbers standpoint. It's not a typical. You know want to restore our strength is horrible and note got compatible mental malt winner denied just like it but it got close but wanted to it won't matter who better. Oh it's you know in between needing eagle we need to really be more proper shall. What that apple apple Sunday when we ran those guys out. You know audible and that we got out or guys you know and and Portland Moyer Enron's a lot to him and through drama name go up they it was one series. We thought about it in the poll but now days the big thing we can do which is get right back out shall call Baltimore you know we know he's into the weekend. It'll probably be at the experience. Alomar Earl pitch count you know to. The Bible aren't picking pitches but can get there and robbery intriguing you don't money on but the actual kitten yet agree regiment. It weighed on strong kid he can bounce back or sunny you know it's mumble middle Sunday convert only. Well we're ruining these other guys there and back all the ball afterward ankle Sunday and so you'll see. A little long point he popped it made them all out more night. Do you do about it out there in right ago and he talked about it the other out. In Melbourne at the big resume builder it's issued as they do we know it is not our program a national seed. The last four years in a row I mean who else has done that Oldenburg. Is in on net alms and we know they're going to be in the year we know what it is gonna. And development in the pro and 20 lead. And outlawed if we don't in the tournament and get the auto bid this would be a big rather look at it that way that it may be in the year to get in the current. He is southeast and base all coach and dread and have them as Evan at third team for them as seventeen including some. Opponents such as West Virginia rice and bill wiese and at the two remaining you know tomorrow night for blatantly Hugh. The alliance in acts in the voting at Houston Baptist over the week in. Follow coach rise and sports net and also one wouldn't an neck rise seventy coach met rod coach Matt. Thank you so much for that time appreciating good luck to you. All right coach appreciate Wright who has been a preview a beat Tampa it's baseball matchup. Dame coach Matt rats you know I'm sure maybe like these and other states but. Boy than we gained in the week in you know when you whalers you've played Nichols who's the one game while back. And in new elation of things and issuing you've known as youths at the east it. And you're in the top are right now they'll fourteenth without makeup but. Then ranked higher. Than a lot of teams impala for our program demanding needs SE. You know. And on and nickel state I mean as well but yeah in ninth conference game two and also. I think this and is maybe going to be about because then location. You think is Mary and wheezing and in Texas based conference right those schools in Texas like the Jimenez might have been mean in Houston Baptist. These schedule all of bigwigs in Texas and Louisiana those in Louisiana. You that the cup that's the south and it's so if I. Well and that's why I think not only. You know court tries was talking about it obviously you wanna win the commerce with the conference tournament. But then you look at now because our PR for the schedule that large is always thought I think you could see years to come. And I would in a house and play out of this season. But have two teams in the post season that's not only conference because they IR PI at the commerce salinity and you have an at large team because it negative when you compare it. You know it's of the that the resident nation and in no matter if you par five converts are not. Where's your baseball programs that that's right all right he indicating to anybody bad B Bellamy a few more takes to get to. And Somalia thoughts to 60187 you can Texas and 87870. And a big physical or break also wanna mention a special coach and individual commended down. Coach Joseph gives. The world champ Washington Redskins who liners. And argue that NASCAR fame we have laid on it and ran a bit at least I come of that downpour. All right sports talk Rose on didn't double coverage coming up in about twenty minutes on WW. And welcome back here indicating canyon by being one of the greatest minds in all of sports when you think about great. Super Bowl champions but across the board. It can be considered one of the wise this. Sharpest and smartest man in all of sports by the stars in north American sports Joseph Gibbs at Vick as he was the world to me coach it's football and NASCAR and their world chairman NASCAR they just look and announced carport time NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series champ widely respected by RB Joseph gives Brady and Eli be here if you like it the ability Ariza and Davis and I. Redskins fan I did love him you know when these B some battles in the south. But one thing I always had a tremendous respect the Dubya. Well you look in the eighties they were up there among the best right there competing with who was the best in a decade with the 49ers and Oakland even that an early ninety's. So what they're having is that is that is going to be at the New Orleans Saints practice facility on April the fifth. Is Joseph Gibbs game plan for life breakfast in New Orleans as the State's practice facility on April the fifth. The bread is this from seven to 730 and Joseph Gibbs speaks of 7:30 AM tonight at 9 AM now. You can join NFL NASCAR fans in any community leader. And look beyond the field. Play whether it's on the racetrack and a football field. For understanding and wisdom or what it takes to be a champion in life. You can hear a coach gives Joseph gives tell as football NASCAR stories. In how they relate to guys being in his life via and his lives head coach spiritual man getting his priorities in order so. I think this would be stunning that you wanted to geek kids are you friends. To be a part. Joseph Gibbs. Alive for breakfast in New Orleans if you look at it. Where do you wanna look at whether it's AP ER beautiful ball week and I feel or amuses me yeah he was two or three times. Coach of the year again. So you look about three times through bowl champions. It was there on that I was in the right way it was it was either the 49ers out west. Somebody in the east Indian Indian descent of course the bans are in and no 1 else morning at that time but he was it was trading places that was in between the Giants. The Redskins Eagles hatter on the Vikings mean it was that was to me that was the hardest days of the NFL edition in a year and all of us out who won nine games in a row made the wealth and 87. You know we talk about us and the 49ers who won twelve games it was still walk hard team ball the Vikings went on the road to beat us to be the 49 win on the road the Redskins anyway and no answer at the Redskins. Tippett toned it. They give you want any information on this you can sign up at. God's game plan dot com to register a winner credit card. Are from orient amazing contact doctor Betty Jones Vinny Giles been a big part New Orleans and and given back to the community and go to doctor being jolted the doctor beanie jolted gmail.com. Or you can call pliable 44952756. That's viable for 4952756. To get more information. And now this is a sunny day idea you'll remember. And reflect on things that you can share what you kids' friends family members is the Joseph gives game plan from my breakfast. Held in New Orleans at the yard and Saints practice facility April the fifth. From seven to 7:30 PM I AM the breakfast. Cameras 730 and 9 AM Joseph gives. Will speak and now big league and have trying to have coach gives on. Either the night before able to afford it or that I'm tired gave me panic time edges talked to him about life hinges. Sports and and everything he's accomplished. Although on the football field and on the track being associated with NASCAR. All right to the West Bank Marrero for Steve Steve thank you for calling WW it. I don't. See. Right right which I am and okay. What it ought. To go on and doing it. If they get their defense better. Now brandy Kook crooks is a proven commodity. And now we've had a lot of success at a lot of given receivers. So I'll it's David makes divas better yes probably will miss a beat. But at the divas of player we select. In the draft are begin Malcolm Butler. And then because I think branding coach assures the is gonna have success in a Patriots uniform with Tom Brady I'd think you'd do the same thing that he did we Drew Brees about 11100 yards. Seventy plus catches. Because in Narnia gronkowski day to spread the ball around cattlemen. Amendola soloist like. All of a sudden he's going to be the NFL leading receiver. No Il played a high level like he did in his Saints uniform. But right now. I think is saints' offense. We could still roll even without him because we've done in the past over a decade. But you gotta give us on the gets them and right now we're trying to get the defense better. Our winter Europe or yes yeah ages you yes because I wanna get did he is better are we not go win anything. We still going to be fight evil it Brandi could cut it back well and did Davis they'll get better. Will wouldn't be kind as the missing about a five or 1979. In a right way are you guys beat. Okay. It's a parent would pick the didn't want it to coordinate and went into our cute on the back to Ellis and DeMar. All of the key that aren't T part and yeah it was and then I would say. That big to make sure he stays eligible and Donovan put the ball yes and talk in the fall they meant party it is and you be there in the spring training. And ultimately you one of their training when his teammates in the summer. But the god I have no promise that he get his wife and daughter yet and India eligible be ready to go as you're always in August yet yet. He's got thick and a few so lied he had that that I debut and I given up on art keyed down I think it right now. Even though he's not even in spring ball with the team Davies and have a big impact in the 2017. Season. I know coach Iran wants him there and help the defense and obviously. You still in school so you have to did you grades and you got to pass a number of vows to be eligible. To play for and currencies. I'd thank you so much before the car would double cover sports in boys come and I'm nick skate in Cain and and tonight at. Smoothie king senate and New York side because they used on TV that he'll go to state amateur demon and outdated and yeah I'll bouquet and it sound and Deke you know these coaches and his rival. Buford high school the day went undefeated it's they've always made the team to team that Bo and him beat when he was named the coach April and then it was their rivalry as coach are all OK Andy play would not go on go to percent he's yet he's played an out of Brockman he played won a state championship you know received 2010 Malcolm Brian and starts over the Milwaukee Bucks wanted to top rookies and they want to stage an average of coach Martin left great Atlantic Christian with the Buford. Number one team it has stayed the whole season the they stayed undefeated at the beach seated shoals and the four times. And us and as hard to do with the won a state championship by double digit. In bowl as the day coach third night great news. An assistant coach of the varsity but it went undefeated. And won the state champs are so big he was part of winning a state championship as a player. And I school in now as a as a high school basketball coach. Also winning a state championship all right at that anything about little brother and you go all right coming up next is double covered sports and more think's the most tomorrow and our. And Chris Miller all on the news that beach in tune in tomorrow and deuce is what is. Mean dues to be within the rest of week you use it for LSU baseball verses. Southeast and on the ability as always jump by the hate came by the a ban on the way elation all good night people.