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3/21/17 Scoot 1pm- President Trump and Colin Kaepernick

Mar 22, 2017|

Are NFL teams avoiding Kaepernick because their afraid to receive a nasty tweet from Trump if they do?

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It is they know they're beautiful afternoon in historical New Orleans on scoot collector with us this afternoon. I wanna make this promise to you. At the beginning of the show. I promise you I gave you might work. That I do not go home every day. And look for reasons to come in the next day and criticized president trump. I don't do that. I'd be criticized for complementing trump saying positive thing and I have been blasted by people. Who say that I I saved positive things about trump our top supporter. And then I get criticism on the other side as well. I give you my word that. I never leave this show. And looked for a topic. That opens the door for. Criticizing president try. However. When the president hand use these gyms. When he hand you these kids. I can't turn down. So we've got a great gift to talk about this afternoon. Also the senate confirmation hearings for new course it showed Trump's choice for Supreme Court justice continue on Capitol Hill this morning. And you know I do listening and watching on and off and I really like or I hear from this guy. And a lot of people reply I will be really surprised if he does not. I do is just not overall on win the nomination to be on the Supreme Court. But these these nominees sometimes on seem like their political pawns in the hands of both parties. And here's part of what they're gorgeous said today of course a shed now before the senate turn confirmation committee about. Being independent. I have offered no promises an odd rule. In any case to anyone I don't think it's appropriate for a judge to do so no matter who's doing the asking. I agree with that. And that there are so many people who were interest it and that litmus test answering that question that's going to predict how you're going to rule. Uncertain especially controversial issues wanted to talk more about that in the next hour also. A Starbucks in fact a couple locations a Starbucks in West Hollywood. Dave I've done something that I would consider more in line with conservative ideology. Then in line with the company's liberal image. The store has removed all of the electrical outlets in the area where their customers sit because they say too many people including some homeless people. Having going into Starbucks hanging out not buying anything not drinking coffee just sitting near recharging their phones or tablets in the computers. So Starbucks says enough. And this is a test program for the country. To remove all of the the outlets in the public area. And I know this is a very popular thing to do it at Starbucks. Locally PJ says she knows it CC is that you know although it did the prominent. Local change that we that we have here there are two coffee shops everywhere. And it's a popular figure due to go in and charge appears following a tablet or. Your computer. Or to release plugin so it doesn't run down while you're sitting there for hours and Angela when I first moved back to New Orleans I spent hours. At the pitino's. When seventy Streep on lakeside. I reserve first living with my sister when I first moved back and it have a place to go. And I we spend all day there. And so I would use those outlets now I would buy things while I was there. But I did spend a lot of time India and then in there. Coffee shops so anyway this is an interesting if receipt topical talk about this a little bit later also there is a bill. That would allow Louisiana gun owners. To carry concealed weapons without a permit. This has been brought up before is being brought up again by Baton Rouge represented Barry ID. He's bringing back this idea that would allow non felons over the age of 21 to carry a concealed gun without a permit. He says the constitution guarantees our right to carry guns and it doesn't dictate how they should be carried. We have the full story on our website at WW real dot com. And you know I agree with us if you could open carry without a permit. Liking to open. Why can't she just carry a concealed weapon without a permit. I mean if if if it's okay to carry. In one situation and I think it's okay to carry in another situation bubble talk about that later in the show. First up yesterday. The day that FBI director James Koenig testified before the House Intelligence Committee. At the FBI and the Justice Department could find no evidence to support president Trump's claim. He was wiretapped by former President Obama during the campaign. Trump told a rally in Louisville, Kentucky last night. They're the reason NFL quarterback Colin Capp critic has not yet been signed by an NFL team. Is because all of the NFL owners are afraid of getting a negative tweet from Donald Trump. The president told the crowd. There was an article today that NFL owners. Don't wanna pick him up. Because they don't wanna get a nasty tweet. From Donald Trott. President truck was basing his comment on. A single Bleacher Report articles. Quoting. And AFC general manager. Who said the teams. Have not signed cabernet because they're concerned about a backlash from fans. Now you know last year last season Katherine and sparked a huge controversy over his refusal to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. To protest racial injustice in America he has since renounced that protest. At a stated that he will now stand for the National Anthem but he remains a free agent. The president trump is taking credit for this. Saying that no NFL team wants to sign Capra nick because they're afraid topic so powerful and so thrusting. They're afraid of getting a nasty tweet. From the president. Okay you're a die hard tough supporter. Paddy and party support this asleep this stretch. An article. Quoting an AFC general manager. Who said the teams are not signing camper and it because they're concerned about a backlash from fans that turns into president trump saying the owners are afraid of me. They're afraid of getting a tweet from me that's why they're not. Signing can't predict. If you would like to join us from the comet this afternoon our numbers 26 cell. 187. And I can't make this stuff up I mean I couldn't go home and make things like this up. So I've I appreciate that at present trouble doing so much writing for our show. And look I mean I got positive things to say about trump will continue to say some positive things about it but I mean this is an absolute gift. And I realize that this is about something it's it's kind of minor. But this is once again. Perpetrating this pattern of thought process on behalf of the president. All right you have a comment 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601878. Tex embers a 7870. Happy birthday today to Eddie Money 68 years old. There's a rock starters lucky to be alive. We'll be back whatever realm. All right president trump told a rally in Louisville, Kentucky last night's that the recent NFL quarterback Colin Capra nick is not being signed by any team up to this point. Is because all of the NFL teams are afraid. That if they sign Kapanen they're gonna get an ugly tweet from Donald Trump. And that's a project opinion poll. Do you believe that no NFL team assigned talent happening because they're afraid of getting in every tweet from president trump. 18%. Say yes. 82%. Saying no. Leadership to you by going to our web site WW all of our economy it took at least text. There's a Texas as what was the context of Trump's comment. Was the only joke. No I heard it last night I'm sitting on myself and my apartment downtown and I've got my dad and fun I mean I've I've reach over grab dependent and and write this down. And it was in the news again today. I mean this was one of the things that it's that doubt in my mind again this is some minor. This is a minor issue. But he supports this pattern of of of a thinking. Of of just making stuff. I mean you know I I guess. Whether somebody's joking or not somebody can misinterpret whether somebody's joking and and I guess you don't you trust yourself and if you didn't hear this you either trust me you don't trust me that he he wasn't getting. But hi I'm being honest I mean I I've said things that support from because I think people took the wrong way but in this case it was like no he was. He appeared to be very serious but here's a text that really really scares me. The text reads more fake news. The NFL doesn't want can't predict too much bad PR. Has nothing to do with trump. The Russians packed the Super Bowl. OK let's dissect this. More fake news first of all this is just another reminder that there are a lot of people who don't understand the definition of fake news. This is not fake news. This really did happen. So that's scary. The NFL doesn't want Capra nick because of bad publicity that's true. But has nothing to do with Donald Trump trump brought this up last night at the rally I'm not. Again I don't even think I can make this stuff file. The other writers of South Park decided before the election or many of right after the election. They were gonna no longer are right trumpeted their scripts because they said they can't even compete. With. Trust creativity. Sony when even gonna truck. Meaning that so much of of what has come on the White House now all of the puts so much of it has just been this kind of a total distraction. So for those who argue that president tropic is not mentally stable. And are people yesterday. I had to correct you guys say look it's not fair to say that president tropic is not mentally stable enough to lead this country because we don't know that. And there's no information indicating that he's mentally unstable. Now people can talk about what they think. The president continues to provide evidence to support the theory that he's not mentally stable. To stretch. One article. In which and an eight FC general manager. Comments that the teams have not been interested in signing Colin can't predict. Because of the possibility of a backlash from fans. To turn that into an article that states that every NFL team is afraid to sign Kemper nick because. They fear an ugly tweet from Donald Trump. Is totally reckless. Most discouraging. Is the probability that if President Obama had made an equivalent fallacy. Conservatives would be calling into talk radio shows like this one bashing Obama and questioning his ability toll. So let's let's remember. That there are many conservatives who voted for president trop who do not approve of some of the ramblings of the exaggerate or entry entry. Not every conservative on every Republican not everybody who voted for trump. Agrees with trop on the wiretapping. Claim. Or agrees with trump on this. And it it it seems as if lying and deceit. Or acceptable actions. In the world of politics. But should we expect or at least more importantly. Should we demand. That politicians. Do not allow their egos to fabricate. Self praise. I am growing more and more concerned about president trumps infatuation. We self promotion. I mean I think about it an individual who has achieved so much success in life. He's a billionaire. He is no reason to the point of being president of the United States. Illegal election he warned he is president of the United States. Should a person who was achieved these things be so obsessed. With proclaiming that he's number one proclaiming that he's the best. We talk seems to have an obsession. With this status. And to me that's trouble. He is number one in many ways he's president of the United States. So why. Why exaggerate stuff white mixed Arafat. Restate it seems like there's a new challenge. From an extra support to find it more more difficult. To explain his words and actions. Truth is an imperative element in a free and civilized Republican which we live. And truth. Is becoming more and more elusive. The truth is less important than what some Americans want to believe. And no matter how much she believes some some things. To be true only the truth really matters. In this. False conclusion. The president told sees himself as being so powerful and so threatening. The NFL teams will not sign Colin camper and out of fear. Of getting an ugly tweet from the president of the United States. I realize that this does it ball he superficial subject matter. What happens. When the same mind obsessed with self promotion. Creates false conclusions on a subject like within the United States should launch a preemptive strike against North Korea. This is an important topic. This is something we should be focusing. There are more important things to focus on but. While this is a minor. Issue in terms of the contents of that matter an NFL quarterback who is. Freeagent. Is the idea that once again. President trot has. Totally exaggerated something. To make himself look good I mean is my country is he that insecure. Is he. Is he that mentally fragile that he's he he's he's got to have this constant stroking in this constant approval. I mean at some point you gotta take back agog at what. I'm Donald Trump. I'm a billionaire I've got hotels and businesses around the world. And I'm president of the United States. I mean at some point oh she just kick back and and understand that that's who you are. The idea that. Anybody criticizes him. It's kind of scary to me. Because criticism is is his. Part of life especially if you're president Leno does that mean there's no way any president is gonna do. Everything to make everybody happy that's just not even possible or realistic. But it's the pattern of thoughts. And the application of those thoughts. That are crucial to having trust in whoever is president of the United States. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601878. Tex embers a 77 mark you're Tex coming up on screwed here's a news updates and we'll be right back. Yes mr. trump we'll always call you Superman. Again I've said many positive things about thrown to the point where the criticized him for that but I I just I McCants. I can't let this go without without talking about it. President trump sent last night before rallying. That's the NFL owners are afraid to sign Colin cap for nick because they're afraid of getting an ugly tweet from Donald Trump. And he got that idea from an article in non blitzer reports. Quoting. And AFC general manager who said teams have doubts on cap and it because they're concerned about a fan backlash. Is it fair to interpret that into. Fear of getting any a text from trump. I mean we've got things like North Korea and Russia and I ran a lot of things to worry about and shops. But if there's a pattern of exaggerating everything at some point this patterns can really set in and people gonna wonder. What if anything is true. I mean I'm not even bringing up the ideas that. The the whole repeal and replace of obamacare. Is not going as promised on the campaign. And clearly Donald Trump is a candidate said. Everybody's gonna be covered it's gonna cost less on me that sounds great but that wasn't realistic then and it's not realistic now. So who's the fool. The candidate says that. Or everybody in America who believe it. Gail that's what he's gonna do he's gonna do that book by his own admission by the White House's own addition. He can't do that. Here's we got a big shift and are pretty general people here's an update. Do you believe that no NFL team Boson Colin cabernet because they are afraid of getting an ugly tweet from president trump. 48%. Say yes and 52% say don't give a sure thing you by going to WWL dot com I'm Mike welcome to the show good afternoon. That's great. This whole thing would temperament ought to earn election. And in play clothes and that at all. I'd gotten up in the column and not because shop I mean c'mon at church yesterday during the premier commercial. I'm out there and all. In a moment of real time that I. It has been bit this. Week. He's got a narcissism. But. We're. Agree. Out. Program. People. That people. Are. Couple other. And won by. Boat. With current the current. But. It went. By. I. Well sure it's gonna go but. There. Well Leo are arguably aren't there are some companies that appeared to have responded to trumping in the White House and have made decisions about jobs so it is it's yet to be determine whether or not he's really gonna have an impact on jobs but. You know at this point some people get their jobs so people don't got their jobs back like I I do appreciate the call. But here's what I wanna know OK here's another update on our our attorney general opinion poll. So do you believe it no NFL team assigned cabernet because they're afraid of getting ugly tweet from president trump now 47% say yes 53% say no. What are you if you among the 47% what what do you base at all. I just I read the the I read the the content to have part of the content of the article. That he bases this on. And it just seems like such a bizarre stretch that what. If you want to believe it. That's one thing. But my question is the 47%. Have responded to the polls saying. Yes the NFL owners are afraid of getting an ugly tweet from from trot that's why they're not signing Colin tapper and maybe they're not signing Colin can't predict because. At this point in his career he's not the same quarterback getting used to day. But yet the reason is because piece of that they're the teams are afraid of getting an ugly tweet. Me what you based at all. And the problem is is that it's since it's one thing after another and then today it's in this. India is a pattern here that we all should be concerned about. I'm scoot our numbers 2601 a seventy Harry coach 50426. So 27. Tex ever say 7870. And we're coming right back with more of your calls and I'm getting a lot of text your mortgage or some of those text. As well. It was on Tuesday march 21 1991 Leo fender of the guy who invented the telecast her and the Stratocaster guitars. Passed away from Parkinson's disease at the age of 81 tender began mass production of a solid body electric guitar back in the late 1940s and one of the most are famous. Artists who use the the telecast or is the boss Bruce Springsteen. A from river ridge Jack here on WW or good afternoon. True value. Skill. I'm a Democrat and and Robert wore me out. I mean I can't I don't wanna get up every day in complain about now treaty during. I'll ask the people order form say yeah. Don't even watch the media. Just to get the things blog that he says that every day at all upset you don't make you question why you go to all. The key question itself. On there. You go and watch. Watching it is his relationship where what Angela Merkel. The prime minister approach in the Germany and why. In the commentary. Just watch what he's done. On emotional moment coup. In Communist east Germany or walking down and he's making jokes and why it happened. Although he won't accept the fact that no how many people tell him that didn't do it he won't count from Adobe shows. You don't know elements. You know and Obama did. Projected it to the people who voted for for president trump there are people who still believe and I got to I got a text to two this subject or yesterday. They still believe they made the right decision because they didn't like Hillary in India that there are people who who believe that is so that's all that's okay. But but even if you don't regret voting for president trump. The idea that you support this kind of mental behavior is scary to me. What's that been around or maybe you know like a lot of people if he gives you know impeached. You know. And the prizes is pants and with things that. Being gay can beat you in that you know with a European ballot foolishness so are coming. He wouldn't. Read a book policy wouldn't change a whole lot. Well. You know I don't wanna do that we I didn't complain you know when when either which president I mean it it's just it's it's ridiculous. I mean look it's it's made my job very very challenging him and I got I got home and and and watch the news in and take notes and I do that on a regular basis anyway but I find myself doing it more and more because there's so much. Pouring out. From this White House and it's it's it's stuff like this that they're truly concerns me check out I appreciate the call. If you would like to join us with your comment our numbers 26018. Saturday. Tex ever say 77 he hears a text or you can't have it both ways you can't discredit the media then cite it as proof of an allegation. Here is a text Hillary won. I tying to get over it's I love listening to liberals cry and whine don't think I mean obviously this person a major mistake. Hi and and wrote Hillary won when they've really met Hillary did not win or Hillary lost the election. This is not about getting over. Hillary lose. And maybe for some people it is. But for a lot of Americans. And for some who even voted for president trump. This is not about crying over Hillary losing this is about something much more important which is the did the middle patterns. Of the president of the United States and how scary they can be what you think about how much. He does control in terms of our security at our safety. North Korea is. Is a big threat. Because that guy over there. Is wacky. And he's young. And he probably looks at these missiles and computers like it's at a computer game. And his goal is to hit the United States it's going to be the West Coast first with nukes. This is serious stuff but if if you can't trust the president and look. I'm not talking about two. I'm not talking about policy. I'm talking about just basic brain function. Of being obsessed. At infatuated with self promotion. To the point where it appears as if you're not always rational. That's scary when it comes to dealing with North Korea and look. I don't care how much. In cahoots. Trump might have been with the Russians and there's no evidence to that yet there's an investigation and by the way. Speaking of hypocrisy. Didn't president trump say during the campaign that Hillary should not be running because she's under FBI investigation. Didn't we learn yesterday that president from his under FBI investigation we like our. Let's if nothing else let's just demands of consistency from all of the the people who run for president for for all of our politicians. They get away with it because we allow them to get away with it. If you are helping argue got a comment 2601 a seventy terrico 5042601878. Tech's number is 87870. Here's a Texas says I Shimon the president to expects. Americans to have pride in being American. Now the text of the NFL owners couldn't care less about a tweet from trump. He is the definition of self absorbed. He really think the NFL teams are not signing talent cavern because they're afraid of getting an ugly tweet from the president. Will be back under the deal. Our here's a song gonna turn helped define their music the mid to late eighties this congress number one on the R&B charts in this day in 1987. Terry while laying. Looking for new laws. I'm screwed in the afternoon here's an update on a pretty general opinion Paul. I do you believe that no NFL team assigned Colin can't predict because they are afraid of getting an ugly tweet from president trot that's what he said last night. 55%. Say yes they believe that the NFL teams are afraid to do that cousin Mike in that we tweet. 45% say no if you're among the 55% I would love for you to call the show and explain to me. What information upon which do you base your opinion. Are from New Orleans this K welcome to WWL. Connecting with valued on the and I just like this in the first and foremost I think America reckon. That down the child comes on. Went in from the began on it he noted to me it would have been. We experienced activity of the election that many have become an while because it was just unbelievable. Three million people will either dump truck that he liked it. Based on electable. Well that's not even worth bringing up anymore really because it would very much and and and Hillary didn't play the game right. Boxer but he and that's that. Here again screw. That. Not only bad look at the individual who have been published in in his. Target both of you hasn't billionaire who don't have interest call it that that the majority of the American interest at heart. In addition to why he is to cut debt and that's my last statement why the president Steele campaign. And let me tell you I have been a trip that can't say it's simply keep continuing to market to go wild emotion that his bill. He's he's he's he's admittedly campaigning for 2004. All right if you are on hold hang on we will be right back with more of your comments on WWL.