WWL>Topics>>3/22/17 Scoot 1pm- Does going to concerts make you feel young again?

3/22/17 Scoot 1pm- Does going to concerts make you feel young again?

Mar 22, 2017|

Scoot talks about the Chicago concert last night at the Saenger....does going to a concert from a band you saw when you were young make you feel young again or old?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's another beautiful Wednesday afternoon march the 22 glad you are withers it will be another great day for the you know Wednesday at the square concert Lafayette square young leadership council concert series. It is a free concert right downtown Lafayette square on on saint Charles right across from Gallagher halt. Always great music there's arts and crafts and stuff divided drink and to each and day insisting it's a great gathering every Wednesday afternoon this time of year so. If you haven't thought about it get out there should be a great afternoon for that. Went to Chicago last night at the sinker and I can go on and all not only about the concerts but just about the feeling that I had being here. And seeing people like Robert lamb and you can't go. The original members. Antley. Out there. Doing what they've always done looking great. OK so they've got a few wrinkles so their hair's not the same and it's it's what they have is great but it was just such a feeling of comfort. In we're watching those guys do that last night because you know that's this was a band I grew up with. No this is a band that I knew before I started in radio and in the early years of of my radio career doing no morning chill when a music station. I did a lot of talking but we played a lot of music I mean obviously Chicago's hits it over the years have played Chicago's hits and they've been doing it for that long. They were incredible last night. But if you weren't clear if we're gonna gonna talk about this later wanna extend the conversation to include you as well if you weren't there. Has there been a band or artist that you seen recently. If you remember when you were young. They just made you feel great to see that they were still doing it and that you were still going to their concerts. To me there was just something really comforting and in and among those on stage. Jim Hinkle was probably. The oldest are among the oldest guys on the stage one of the original members of Fatah. Chicago and I mean he was. He was so alive and soul into it just happening so much fun. And I look around me and I see a lot of people who. May have been listening. Victory over the years and we all share the same thing you know we still love Chicago. They still sound great and I'm looking of people around me who are not acting their age. It doesn't matter if you're 25. 35. Or 65. Is there something in your life now. That kinda proves that you really don't always act your age and Emmy last night was a great example that we'll talk about that will play some degrees ticket to Chicago played. And last night I screwed in the afternoon the it's a senate confirmation hearings of new course it shows he selection for Supreme Court justice an affront president trump. They continue on Capitol Hill today but we have some breaking news this afternoon. Violence outside of the parliament in London is being treated as a terrorist attack. One is dead twelve for an injured. A car was used to run people over on the Westminster bridge in London. In the car rammed into the gates of parliament. The attacker got out of the car used a knife to stab an officer the suspect was and shocked. And wounded. The European security official says that there has been increased chatter. On the terrorist networks. Itchy Hadi networks. This is yesterday after the UK adopted the new electronics banned on flights from certain predominantly Muslim countries. Nothing officially linked to the attacks yet but they believe this is a terrorist attack. What stands out most in your mind. When you hear about one of these terrorist attacks and if you haven't heard about it yet this will be all of the news later. The State Department is of course monitoring the situation closely president trot has been briefed on the situation and we'll be continue to be briefed throughout the day. But when you hear about a terrorist attack in particular. One involves a car. It was an issue very popular suvs you see in America. An issue V and a knife. No big bomb. No secret bomb hidden anywhere. No fancy weapons. I just. A car. And a knife. Does this nine. Prove once again. That if somebody wants to commit an act of terror they're gonna do it. And I also think this is interesting that this com's. Just the day after the UK adopted this new electronics ban on flights. From certain to Donnelly Muslim countries. If the United States in the UK. Are now banning laptops. Tablets. And other portable electronic devices except for cellphones. From flights from certain mostly Muslim countries. Should that band be extended to all countries. If you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 05042601. Ace every text amber takes every case every. And getting an update here Scotland Yard now says four dead twenty injured. How one of the dead was laden was a police officers so. You this this looks like it hasn't been officially labeled but it certainly looks like. A terrorist attack also on the question about whether or not these electronic items should be banned from all flights everywhere. On that's a pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our website WWL Todd can't but if if there has been determined to be in the possibility. Of. I terrorist attack. Using. Electronic device like a tablet. Laptop or something like that nothing other than a cellphone but other electronic devices. If this could be a problem. Why Hispanics from. These predominantly Muslim countries why not ban it from every country. Mean that suggests that somebody flying from Toronto to New Orleans Toronto to New York. Somewhere in Canada to the United States. Or. Paris to the united there are so many and we're learning about this more and more there're so many radicalize people in this country and around the world. And there are studies that they seem to indicate that there are a lot of people who come here and they don't become radicalized. Until they get here. And I'm not sure what that process is it is a proud but for some reason they become date they're here they become disenchanted with America. And so they become radicalized. They start to sympathize with this. This jihadist. Type movement. And I think the other thing that stands out about this attack in London is that a car in a knife were used. So. We're not talking about. The problem with goddess we're not talking about the problem whereas. With other weapons other than stuff that used every day. A nineties used every day a car is used. Every day. Here is a man who's on the scene and just a little while ago in London. And he talks about what the scene looks like they're on the Westminster bridge in London. The attack appears to have begun on Westminster bridge in the shadow of big bad according to police sources the attack or driving a four by four. Plowed through people that were there on the bridge before that ramming that vehicle into the gates of parliament police say he then got out of the car. And stabbed an office or before he was shot and injured by another police officer that was their outside parliament and. We CBS news correspondent Jonathan. Vick a lot of I thought that was so I just. There was just going to be somebody who was on the scene but that was a CBS correspondent we've got more. Our reports from London and the update apparently is a four people dead twenty have been injured as far as I know this has not been linked directly to. Eight terrorist attack but it seems to have. All the characteristics. Of a terrorist attack and what about this ban on electronic items other than a cellphone. If this is something that could be used in a terrorist attack why not ban it on every flight. Everywhere. You got a comment 260170. Erick are 5042601. And seventy Tex Amber's age 77 yard scoot in the afternoon we're tired of Chicago a little bit later but. What an amazing concert last night at this anchor. It was either sold out or or were close to it. But if you weren't they are you gonna be part of this conversation as well because I'd like to know what artists what band did you see. Relatively recently. That just gave you such comfort that you were still going to their concerts hearing their music they're still alive and they still look and sound great. Will be back whatever material. There has been violence in London and I don't believe it has yet been declared a terrorist attack but it sure seems like it and and here's the latest in you know and in situations like this the numbers always change. Three are confirmed dead and twenty are injured a car ran into people in the Westminster bridge in London. And then the car rammed into the gates of the parliament so mean this is not some kind of sophisticated weapon. It was an issue very. Of vehicles it's readily available to do and me in almost anybody. The attacker got out of the car used to knife to stab a police officer. And then he was shot and injured if you majorities for the come at this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601. A seventy. In a text. Is a 77. If the United States in the UK are banning all laptops and tablets and other portable electronic devices except for cellphones. From flights. From certain mostly Muslim countries. Should debate and be extended to all countries that is a pretty general opinion poll. Thank you for your opinion are going to our web site every have derailed dot com let me get a quick update for you here are right now 54% say yes banned from all countries. 46% say. Now it is your opinion by going to WW real dot com or two so your text here in just a moment from gentility Johnny welcome to the show. Or you don't it's not good. That sure about that demonstrate. That the people who can put in jeopardy. As you yourself that seat it's we can. Inadequate and mr. A. And enjoy it seems to me that I think about think about all license has to do if if these devices or banned from certain countries on certain flights. And you'd have to do is if you worked on a member of prices are terrorists go to another country and Latin America from that country where it's not banned and blow the plane up. Don't act and act which. That until they. Do to. Cuba. Punch it. Who actually country. Mob. To attack approach them. And problem people can say intrepid and country is eaten. Country is going to change. My country. And occupy a country couldn't. But. Then again being. You are dominant. What about religion. I try to be careful and talk about for example in this case the question is worded. From mostly. Well yeah it does say mostly Muslim countries. So I understand the point you're making it is not the Muslim population and if you listen to the show you know that I'm very very picky about not blaming all Muslims for the behavior of some. From a veto Larry year and every interview on good afternoon. Back in Iraq afternoon skirt. In the park geared and you bring an honor king did you come elsewhere. And I. They're saying to band from alt country. Anybody in this country. There are electronic band should be. Yeah and do better. About it. No surprise to people are complaining about this and thinking both. You know it's a little bit of inconvenience but if it has been determined that these devices. Could be and this is apparently based on chatter. On jihadist networks that they figured out that this is something that we need to start doing. Why not ban it on a flight from every country because. Jihadist and and radicalized Muslims are. Everywhere were and I agree with here at 10% and go watch some people out there pretty. And the air and they don't realize that it and there are and over some kind of a lot of people. I'm that age you know and he now agree that he would some percent. Here showed great today machine and now you have what were you money for your time. Gradualist are going to part of an awesome uptown and Kevin welcome to WW well. And execute. Would it look at my life did you did you feel lonely national. I'll English as a brake after I made me want to go to mark concert de ma 65 bureau clutched gentlemen and a black doctor do in my forties and even might get these and other controller could be an Odyssey. I wouldn't doubt much in Chicago. Wet day war. You know actor. I eventually Ike are brutal corn board jab more and and not to let that that the lunch or what would be a lot they get like. Yeah and you know overnight when I just when I saw some of the original members on Robertson and yeah Ali and today and Jimmy and I saw the way they weren't their energy in a way that I areas like this it's all cool. They're still doing it I'm still going to their concerts and music sounds great. They look great OK with change we've matured a look exactly the same but so what I mean if if if we if you live if you mature you gonna change a little bit nobody should be embarrassed about that. But the guy who just because over Peters a terror brawl. Based Ed B yes. It which I. Yes and and they got a guy with blond hair cut a long blond hairs of fifty of divisional image that Jim Peterson terabyte. You you you would have thought he used to terror was there it's ironic I was. And I need your role now. Everybody wanted to comment directly by cat. Am. I do it here on the child health care and everything in this. Feeling that people can get to the marketplace and buy insurance then I I think it soul unrealistic to think that. People making 3040000. Dollars and fifty dollar million page. Jan and sport that there purchased ensure he'll bird bar that. It's not realistic I would bet seats that people ports deal core policy ineptly and try and live god did he doubt. We are calendar that that's a good point because one thing that when they talk about cost to cost going up for for a lot of people the one thing that they always say is. Everybody will have access to two health care coverage I have access to a Bentley but I can't afford it. Jack collection and let me tell you I think what that there are real rude at the problem and an odd not. Kevin I gotta gotta gotta you gotta make it real sense of government to CBS news. I'd make the minimum wage is unbelievable. And we'll get straight but back. Gap that make it truly wait that you were dirty our report are we have a Nike inlet. I appreciate the call CBS to be a real news site studio and we will be right back. And people already wanna talk abouts. The Chicago concert last night they already wanna talk about concerts at they've been to where. It was music they grew up with and the performers are still performing now and they look great and sound great here's a Texas says. Sting it you know Crosby, Stills and Nash in Biloxi. And here's a text out panic at the Disco last summer was nice panic at the Disco was awesome. And it didn't they open up for Weezer that was attention it's gross at that concert I'm very impressed with him. Here's a text or went to see and we'll since Sunday night at the house of blues. And has seen hard over the years since 1977. Love the band love their music. And they still sound they still sound awesome but less like Chicago was on believable talk more about that. A little bit later and again if you were not their last night for you to bring you into the conversation we're talking about. Artists and bands that you've seen recently departed years teen years. And you want them then and you still often now and they're they're looking great and they sound completely different that's okay. But I'm telling you up when I saw those guys from Chicago last night the stage I just got such a feeling of comfort like okay cool. You know you can be a member of the establishment today. The immature. Person but you don't have to factories because those guys were not acting their age. And fallen a little subdued it concerts I'd don't know that I act my age in a lot of aspects of life. A very quickly we're talking about the a quick update we're talking about the attack that may have been a terrorist attack in London. Sure seems like it I'd nobody's saying that for sure yet. Three people are dead and twenty are injured or somebody took an issue V are driving issues he rammed into people the Westminster bridge. And rammed the gates of parliament got out as sort of stepping officer that person was shot and injured here's what chaos sounded like earlier. Seemed very confused we'll find. Then. Medical rifleman. It's like second. But here's our project brought to you told us hours also warned that things are talking about on the air. If the United States and the UK are banning all laptops tablets and other portable electronic devices except for cellphones. From flights from certain mostly Muslim countries. Should the ban be extended to all countries. 55% say yes and 45% say no. Leadership regular corridor where sector behavioral dot com. Honestly I think they should be banned on all flights if there is reason to belief. But these devices could be used and there is reason to believe this now I mean there always was but there's been more chatter about this. Don't just banned him from countries that are predominantly Marshall. Banned them from every country. Because there are radicalized people in every country or they can so easily go somewhere where these devices are not banned board a plane blew off the plane. I mean it is seems to me if there's a danger there they should be banned on all flights and usher slice from some countries are from the North Shore my gear on WWL. You're right in their main. Calling in about being out there hanging around. You know yeah lap option and tablet devices in recent aren't. I called in the other talk about the border control and aren't down. Well that would that would caveat. You know some of the nation world. Don't have half the in flight checks or security all bombed at being dog and it especially when country. I mean out people abort point countries that we Ito Harvard cherished. Aren't you can't download it it's our it might work. So if you look at it like. They're trying to. Do the problem. It out are. You are calling on. Eric patriot in part terror you know Marie Ingraham. Are what they're doing it now like it's Eric here. Oh on. Germany and Italy. Because churning. It is the art. Airport security. So we'll keep doing it and grow corn well not meant to be sure. And you're all allowing. You know their country Eric Barton. Correct in trying to blow up at our regular. And there are laptops are at. Yeah I mean I understand this this point my head and there are people who are not happy with the yourself a ban on these electronic devices but you know I'm willing to give up the convenience of having something. If it makes cents. Now that we realized that there are people out there and blow it up and die their call. Hey border controls aren't that. Eight east flight checks you know and all that all are never gonna be. Silver bullet. Yeah kill bit. It's going to be high chart OK well. It. Usually. Act lately it back. The other thing about it is it that our country certainly there's. You know like as a country like united church you know like. We're not in people from your country ought to appoint our country with a life like there. Have put. Economic pressure when Newt countries to change your procedures and upbeat if you. But if it's all in the name of safety and many people would argue that it's okay Mike I gotta get a break here but I I appreciate your call. If you rejoice for the comments may be something I've said or something a caller has said or something's been sent the text if you wanna join us with a comment it is. Undermined because of what we're talking about our numbers 260170. Erica 50426. So when a celebrity tax a 7870. Right now we've been talking about says the updated news on the attack in London three people dead twenty injured. Ands. This is something that looks very much like a terrorist attack but that is not yet to be determined still to be determined. I'm skirts ever be back on debit bureau. Terry was a rather historic day on the rock calendar it was on Tuesday march 22 1967. The Who played their first US concert at the Paramount theatre in New York City. Here's a Texan I don't love this audience I can't tell you how much I lost you and love spending every afternoon with you this to access saw Justin Bieber last year and OMG. It was so awesome it's like he hasn't aged at all. That's. Great comment Justin Bieber doesn't look like he's aged at all and the the other with an assassin returned Mardi Gras suck yes. And because of all the heavy make up you can't tell whether those guys are teaching are not quick update on our party general opinion poll it's a part of our discussion this afternoon. If the United States in the UK are banning all laptops or tablets and other portable electronic devices except for cellphones from flights from. I'm certain mostly Muslim countries. Should the ban be extended to all countries now 63% say yes and 37% say no you can give us your opinion are going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is some here's a CBS national security analyst Fran Townsend who says that. I used to their cars a weapon I mean it's pretty hard to stop people from doing that. One or two individuals. Who could have a car or truck and they drive plow it into a crowd it's. Very very difficult but it stopped. Which is why what you're looking for is intelligence driven operation that identified these individuals before they have a chance to act but that's very hard. Yeah and if you're just a tuning in a European security official reports that there was increased chatter yesterday on your body networks. And this was right after the UK adopted this new electronics span like the US did on flights from certain predominantly Muslim countries. Now I don't know if that's been directly linked to the attack. Buy it is seems to me that if there is a danger in the use of these items like laptops and and and tablets. That they should be banned from all flights because it's just too easy for. A radicalized person or a crisis Muslim terrorist. To go to a country where it's not bad and get on that flight with their device and flight the United States. Our flight anywhere in and blow up the point. So this is something that if there is a threat year I think it should be extended to all law all airports in an all flights. A three are dead about twenty are injured gunshots were heard but there was those with the gunshots apparently that we're used by law enforcement to metropolitan police in London. To a shoot the attacker this guy used a car and a knife. So. How do you stop that. As CEO CBS I terrorist analyst just said how do you stop somebody from using. A car and then of course knives. Are everywhere. Now Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary has not said much about this on so far. So we're trying to get a hold of Melissa McCarthy to see if he has any comments on this and if we get her comments were of course pass that on the if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about this afternoon here's the number. It's 2601870. Area code 5042601878. Text or were they 7878. Also some communications have been collected of president trump I'd during the campaign. But apparently it's not related to Russia will talk about that when we come back also worth your comments next on WL. And I do read all of your tax and we get to my tweets as well I get to his very as I can we ought to respond to a few of the or do respond to some during a break. Here's a text thanks for the techs due to I know you're busy there I really enjoy hearing you from time to time you're like a brother from a different mother to me. I have I appreciate that because many of us have known each other and maybe we haven't been face to face but you and I have spent a lot of time together over the years. And I met some more of really great listeners from our afternoon show last night after the Chicago concert and I guess the one that stands out most in my mind was his son. This woman and her husband and she was just talking about how much she loves the show. But she's very much on hard court trough supporter and trump loyalist. But she was a show anyway. L I hope that's these the feeling that you get from there show that even though you and iron aka always agree on everything. And this is America here that we do have a right to disagree and that's something we should celebrate and not I try to stifle. So even though we don't agree I hope that you find the show entertaining enough to. Two enjoyed every afternoon. Going to witness here is Texas says this mean via attack in London. Is a prime example. When criminals wanna commit a crime like this the find a way it exactly. I mean if this had been a gun there'd be talk about gun control but it was a knife. So we talk about controlling nine us or you're all sort of win it all started when I was a little boy in my mommy gave me the butter knife to spread butter and jam on nine Moffett. And that's when I still love with a knife and that's when I realized that I can just. Do and frankly its you with a knife. And that's where start itself can be patient and nice if in modern times. I'm scooter in the afternoon are coming right back in more damning of you well.