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3-22 4pm Deuce & Deke: on the Saints' latest moves

Mar 22, 2017|

Deuce & Deke break down the Saints' latest moves with Cox Sports Television analyst and former Saint Scott Shanle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk and abbreviated edition degrade deuce is here with me were going to 6 o'clock tonight what handout to the LSU sports network should be a great baseball game tonight from the box in Baton Rouge. It's the Tigers take on the Lions go faster match appeared mid week game between two teams in Louisiana coming off a post season play. A season ago operated jaguar team polls available for your WWL dot com as you. Should overtime and they'll be shortened to eighteen minute overtime period you can cast your vote on line it. WWL. Dot com coming up on today's program will have. Several guests will be jumping in the house a good info almost thing world champion analyst for Cox sports TV Scott Shanle is with talk about. A grooves the NFL competition committee will be discussing and the Saints all season move. He's going to be best in the business known from coast to coast and has a smooth voice to say the least TV voice of the New Orleans pelicans. Both fox sports and the pelicans network Jo Myers will be with talks and pelicans hoops is details. During to have out of AC with a eleven left to play but they are playing as good as anyone who is in their playoff chase right now those. AC Denver and the of the team did in the mix including Portland. Minnesota New Orleans and Dallas among others in senior writer type of a deck camera as a Albie was this. Talk about we'll waive being introduced today as the Tigers basketball coach and SE in in town a take on. The Tigers. You can voted operating jaguar Pena parliament into overtime period at WW you know. Dot com Nikkei didn't ask him to Kasey Kahne is gone so it's deuce and I deuce. You know to meet. I think the NFL I think they got it right with the overtime thing and if if it was a situation about Choi and and it more than they had it all they had and how they are like that before eight the date they had adjusted it at the Saints. And the Vikings played UC championship game in February 2000 January 2000 T Amoco's. You could do short and I haven't won grew. Just be sudden death. You know that that that's his stars need to be so the way they have it now in the I think either leave it like it is right now or you go back the way it was first team is going away. The Deke to probably is the wrong team wore. An atheist and I would both via that's right I mean I went Austin hit an eyewitness to it all started and so. The Rome team goal and and now you wanna give it a competitive and his. At the what you see that is happening. Within the last couple years you know released on Whitman and am up. You have had teams that play. A complete fifteen minutes and no one scores so now they Warman go to the Santo located so plan fifteen minutes because we're concerned. With players' safety. Will make it ten minutes. And I think they'll keep the rules as he is but you know that's really. Hum the only thing that could be. They're gonna hang their hat on is player safety. Quote unquote rule others that. I don't see what where when they would be going. Yeah and here's another one to also you know talking about the good the media and you know dealing gone back to different things about being in the locker room and I've I've always been a part of this to me. You know at certain times you have a player or a coach or even someone from the front office escorted to a certain place. He can be had a banner it could be to a place at a facility. To me induced this is just mean. I don't think that the media I don't think anyone outside of who a coach or owner designates should be in a locker room. That is a work place that I mean nobody outside of us are more praise is close to being somebody else the workplace. The media can be waiting in the media room you can bring somebody out they can talk to him. The media does not need to be in a locker room that is that belongs to the athletes and to me I think a lot of damage you know. How does somebody out there right now but can you imagine if you were in your workplace. And meet with doctors need wood to meters at the major surgeries but they meeting and they mean the kind of courtroom on the woo what a what a media person. The way the doctor does his work away a dot to get ready see where that where there where there aren't mayor BA is all on let's say oh way to break through in the eighth no you don't do that so. I don't know why did they can get all listen to bow it keeps to have more and house especially NFL is trying to. Protect their brand picky tissue it's coach speak. You know we wanna make sure we're doing everything right with a list Chad again in the locker room deuce did it daddy of protect their brain acting. The again again of course and I don't know if you'll be honest and if I can put. Deuce McAllister news. I glances. In the locker room and they are in every locker room and and I can give the NF dale X amount of money for I have in those glasses in the locker room. You think in a physical turnout among no. As losing so you know what's coming nix right. We already have the Mario what is HBO so by almost and I were Big Brother they command lab locker room speed is can be loud locker room for the easily reduce Cuba was on like longer because. I can attached. Aches lies these names. Today so you know. This this this slap shot is brought to you by. Deuce from counselor and then and weird things. And Miami reduce it may not be. As I can though always big time as a player but because they retooled the leading me in the deuce on his followers ID. Gay drastic and they become they go viral so to speak you know and they give popular like debt we seem to most of my damn lot of that's what snakes I mean because the more and access. So to speak that back in writing. Profit off when asked we delivered to I think what else can we deliver to our fans alike attitude now the coaches and the players and all hate. Arnie and even you admit they delighted with the league going dormant but but at some point. It would come to a point in we're gonna have quote unquote. This camera and here and we want the kids much as we gain right now you know to maybe 510 seconds delay. Her sisters and things now but it ended today the more access taking a year off that's what it's going to be about Noah it's a good point it's a good point Sosa the NFL. I go back or our show in the NFL overtime period about ten minutes how would you change over tan do you like it since it changed after. The quote unquote Brett Favre rule was put into place to weighs each team gets an opportunity. To touch the football owner weighty if those overtime period currently and is with the team at first half as the football. As if they go down and score a touchdown. If they don't they kick a field goal in the other team gets an opportunity they can kick of the Ugoh boom in the go back for Danica aside debt. Are do you like it like it was before. Garth who wins the coin toss if you wanna win you stop them you get the ball boom whoever scores first wins. Oh how would you change to keep the same change and it sounded different. You tell us to 601870. Deuce and I hit a 6 o'clock tonight in the LSU sports network it's set for L issue in southeast in state College Baseball tonight on WW ago. And welcome back LSU baseball coming up in about nine minutes here on WW after the phone until we go Oklahoma City from Larry Larry good evening thank you calling always deuce on WWL. Yeah not to keep him in that total rule where you wanted them because. It's great to well I mean you know eagle at. Adam Eaton knew it. What I like I mean. That was it at all our. You know it gives them that you can go ago. You can that your call or go oh you did well. Are you either you know he he used you wanna get the ball he stopped. Mean it. You know. What. You. I think demand right now. And Peyton they've got some this year. I know what would it would be expectation you say some are. Anything I doubt it will mean beat tiger and years. On me. I. Know out. Yeah I mean. Come on you in week. The eagle and I mean. Mean it was Greg Olympic and what. They are these Saturday. Yeah well. Well you know obviously at the end of the day video on what you do is a foam is that he had some of these results have been at they've been to the playoffs that they more people would be more. On on keel about you know what who they Brody and not to say they have or -- any talent that there's there's truly not. That's really not that the case because had to go back and look in not only look at the saint from the there was some of these guys are stacked up look at the numbers of waiting and being in a I mean that you could just point out several on offense but you know in the last couple years we have had some people standout defense they can't get. He got Hillary and you got Robertson just a start Latin managers will last year's team just and they see any of it or not still an address via the big bring those guys the end and I do save the day and you talk about the draft picks to as well on the bomb there was a got to play where when you consider he was just a rookie. Sherron rank it in only about half a season but ought to me deuce that kind of goes hand in hand to where it's. A the rule of thumb when you indicate telkom shown I think a lot of people. Is that you know what it takes about three years to greater draft class however it's dead draft class comes in in the via modem play a lot which is last two draft class all of them that pretty much made the team and contribute in some way or form. That speaks of it but the now also at the end result had just things being close to the playoffs have been a L team he wouldn't be as frustrated as they are now pinkie is an. All all alone he did it mean you talk about. -- into the playoffs or be in seven and a mate you know even this year they made would have looked a lot better and you know you write that have been as frustrated but ultimately. They're the ultimate bills get in the playoffs and you wanna compete for the simple what makes it a lot more a little more disappointing is. To your rivals have go home to do so global you know and it being at the net two good years before that Corrigan had being I was at Carolina Atlanta Wimbledon close teams go to the Super Bowl and you know you have even gotten the playoffs that that's and it frustrates. Yet and there's dues are out in you think about a year before Carolina goes fifteen and one they were 781 and one of division and won a playoff game. And you know played Seattle pretty good and in the air division around in course Atlanta based on our five analytical with 35 down the stretch and they finished eight Nate they come back. And Wayne didn't you know go nine into their final eleven games that they did lose a sumo but they get this to grow so fans the kind of saying that only two would be better but hey you know. If they expect taste of that like for Carolina and Atlanta can't we be in that number two as well so you know we have to wait and see fourth straight losing seasons is not in the cards. Gingerly for Tony Tony thank you for calling WW. In. And you know camera in the locker. I got a break late in the game yet. Had a camera. Right. There a transplant. Or operate. A crap struck out at our. But Portugal support your. I. Reported to lock. Stock and all. Or. Would tell. You don't want. An. Era. I. Like it. It. Plays. And that's what I wrote and I don't know. But. You. I'm upbeat ridiculous to. You know. Saw. It but. What. I think from a standpoint that it at that as a sacred area to mean it's kind of like you know the clubhouse. That's where they belong in you know. But like do say that day and time is as an NFL now meet in America where else can we do. And they're pretty much in the thing they can electronic media wise and so forth so. I think you know may be I do say is that they are more inclined to figure a way to how to bring fans closer to the locker room experience then we are. Maybe to give him more privacy this earlier the NF fail. Is night in America not the team being the NHL Major League Baseball they had those international players and have a international presence the way of there was a Chinese star in the NF fairer like Yao Ming in the NBA branded me would be all somehow they don't have that. And of course that's why you always seen him Tennessee Wales which that we play and the talks of could be legitimately be in the NFL franchise and of the country so. That's in the mix too as where. 2601878. You can hit deuce at the McAllister 26 or text him here at 8787. Coming up bottoming our news for Donnie the first AC BS that they. And welcome back. That's sort of that's the Al to the phone to go hey let's go to lose. In Lansing can Lance thank you calling WW yeah. Hey you know I think in early is it meant to bank that meant the game. Who had the ball. When when it when the end of regulation ended. The Saints in a set did fall fan I wanna say you may who Midas and have to send it to overtime but Tracy Porter intercepted you know I mean in. Credit they were run over time. Yeah but that's when I'm in peak and I don't know where a ball this is why don't they discontinued the game and an award. And in the full periods as the Saints at the ball. And it ended and start over countless Saints continue the ball. Now I've I've heard something insane and that you know I don't. I really don't have a problem average have a problem with that amino on the flip side of you know I think it changes the dynamic of its it was a whale. It changes not only that but you know how does how does so with Stan is it separate in regulation or is it continuation of regulation when I mean by that is it. If I know Lamar had a football two way is a and a giddy here but. The situation is what are you doing over attempts or goes is it started all over you know you just continuing to game because. If you get if the date team that all that mean. I don't understand why he was what does the coin flip to the minute war an element on its draw out there I think it really affects the mind to go the actual not. It's our fault or if it's tight 'cause I'm going rate in drab in. Look AM Mon at three yards on my door about nothing you know I got about Obama and there's no urgency. And how to fix everything about it it really take it there it is out of the game. But don't you think that the person it's on three O line has earned the right to make that decision. Two to continue to hold the ball into school right. We are. Right. It's an Dave guard possessed the ball think they've earned. That that is not. I'm okay I understand I think that I think that at him as they have continuation. Either think too much. All the time is it ethics too much of the outcome of your brick of regulation in. Love. They're talking about it Sean Payton. Apparently screened at quarterback. Active day to you about. Yesterday yeah I mean he the he was there and he was the hated of the work out. But my home to mean but until Lombardi would is in North Carolina with. Mitch to bust your a year ago and rookie from North Carolina grind so. I don't buy into much into it. You know they were out last year it worked out and had Patrick lidge in as well so yeah. What do we say about that. What do you think about the preakness record yes that'd at saint. The best thing for young quarterback as they chrome like Brett Favre didn't quit Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees should groom the young quarterback companies or come in yet what we have to draft. Right and then the other thing art was well to agree don't want to direct but you know young quarterback gutsy want to win we. It was on. I got thank you. I'm I did anything you name it right back to via phone ago and it goes to bow in Dallas both thank you for calling it didn't get Uga. And oboe thank you for Colin. Voted five Vogel Purdue ho as go to JWT dead d.s in the last thank you for calling WW yeah. Thank well that's what I'll break you know check it out to watch. You go to overtime. Got it. In regulation starter in eighteen minutes. You take. Coaches and the staff players. I. Figure out what they won their own right overtime regulation that commitments. You want. One jail. You hopeful it at that whatever score yes their ego. And you'd thank. So late wayward Tamil attackers confuse me with a fifteen minute partner okay well what I did at the end of the game you don't have a team and break. Note so there also are who's at OK in regulation. You say okay will want all worked out don't have fifty minutes spot bit sad that it ain't gonna get a coach or. Stat that players a chance. To regroup herself to grab in the side they don't play. The next ten minutes in orca will be regulation and OR. EXP will help one out and watch college. And after that era that commitment. Whatever the score is whether that dire yeah that's what is going to be. Those two minute break at the regularly. Notes. I'm not a five minute break after Wrigley oh god right right. And went in essence this again now. It's time. Yeah who who. Lucas ball first. Or that so it don't matter I'm 10 o'clock o'clock determines. The clot retirements of fact I know the full full ten minutes about QB told him. Butler. It would at the hands Uga okay you you know for Walker's okay got it got to. Get games stop. Okay. Or spot. On the guillotine and act in a story time there were either get a break this out what they thought they probable on the field. They split that call. Where he has the ball far she's got ten more minutes to play a gay. Internet yet man. You brought out one. Once. In net at ten minutes without a score as that Venus going. So some other words which he sees you don't even need to would you talk about it if I mean it's I don't even need to be on the clock. Well I'm so I don't know if it if they are regrouping themselves get a what would awarded a thing you know it was they were waiting for five minutes a game to start again. Well the awkward what I am. Thank him and it just to give the sting my chance to let all this refs let the defense. Yeah what I'm saying in the main bid need to be on the clock to notice my goal them all right. They they've got they've got ovals I mean is now by the time you in regulation you go to commerce it's it's about seven. Well the technical SI and you know I have to play well. It. Whatever. News. You Marshall. Whatever it reveals he wanted to exhibit an image they need it it did this scene in the movie column. Easy money in as a got to go to horse when he says he is give me a dollar on Mike McDonald on the wing and I would like a dollar ball on the wing on the place and I like a dollar on the show and in the bag right danger of daytime negate the game beat him in the post that. Oh yeah and the next on the dude went to saint nick somebody. Just say in the it down across the ball. Sophie it's albeit Jimmy overtime period but they nearly five minutes on the clock by the two teams to just sit there and you don't like that they can be arrested. They don't ARA the only day OC wanna pay can be used to get them advertisement Golan and of which date of the he is one hours trying to understand there was some different but I really well do you that he did he daily news I veterans echo Tuesday it is a ten minute time he walls on the wrist for five minutes you get itself together but run the clock at well I mean wrists and if I get five minute wrist on the clock. But Jolie plans for ten minutes here and there was kit. If I hold ball altered minutes. And I score the and you still lose you may not get the ball back. Exactly mine and I get the ball back and sometimes drive glanced at. As it deduce and 06 did their job against the Eagles I was sitting there and say yes and at the eight minute drought has over our right at exactly. All right sports I'll continued on WW. Sports analyst at Cox sports TV ankle was squirt him with a bang those guys Stanley joins us now scat aren't you take the Saints most recently bringing in. You know sterling Moore are resigning here I'm a guy who based upon performance may foxy what is contract the league in state it would he say eighty my ego was too aren't thirteen thousand dollars in. Extras and the and a guy like meant at Taylor are your thoughts overall with the Saints have done this offseason thus far. Well I think every every offseason you go in and you don't sit him I need them for years and it be that the side of the ball. What you're trying to figure out right now is. Is not you want to gain some leadership through free agency. But thank you need to do you need to get guys have been productive and and help be a concern about the I mean it you know the injuries he's had. And exactly where that the defense to me. Obviously Mike Nolan be in the new linebackers coach academic Lotta current event like bring in there are guys. I mean that's the argument from the planning to run into more linebackers. If they're not looking to play a little bit more report Mike on the report I don't know it has been so low carry over to a scheme change. But. You know I think I think the equipment less epic Robertson had a great year sixty lottery players of interest as the rotation and all of that position. Owens got as you said you know in good good to talk to a pink one of the things that people have to understand is. You have to have some depth as well. And Nestle ethnic. Sometimes we forget that if you don't have that depth at linebacker in the way that the Saints wanna play special teams. It's mainly what linebackers and safeties you know what where they got caught last year was signing guys really just off the street. And you know I don't know how much you know as far as the guys that we do do it halves on so far. How much just like yourself how much you were involved in the special teams particularly the core special teams out of. Yeah but there's an obvious you have a huge spotlight back where especially. You need those guys make core group of special teams and you don't talk week. You start to lose track of the third base the game is special teams and if there's any team that should know Portsmouth appearances more saves than last year losing in order in the special and so. Like you say you'd need linebackers you need a lot of them comparable in that position and I think the one thing about it a lot of guys who were going to be competing for those starting spot in competition or the good thing and it's not like they went out and Brookbank for anybody yet but he under under contract to where you're gonna have the biker out daily. Scott now when you look at he would overtime by the year by the current state of overtime tonight the way it was. You applauded when he changed your take on an into overtime. Well I mean. Over time. You know will be long when you start playing in the hold of the corner to me I don't think any sport should never in the time so. You know them come up with ways sort over time. Finally Thursday night games for players they've yet panic about one another I don't think there's no injuries they need and wait let me tie somehow someone. Scott as far as so which Dag gone on many about a hating people we deal with social media. But that was awkward is that such Hanley monitor below these little ramped up with with the Twitter talk more but. Usually. Comment on some odd talks going on sports tractors try to keep up. And I I got wanting Scott before we let you go and as we sit now with having eleven and 32. Were you go with those two picks. Well I think one the one thing about when you're a player like Aaron cook's I think you have to get recruited better in return. I think Malcolm Butler is a much pain he he he might Morgan they made the Patriots I think they have more people simply. I think. You gotta go little a league rusher to now somewhere probably number eleven. An improbable quarterback will be the first round but I would like to see elements of doubters at some point putrid. Scott Shanle and Scott as always a pleasure you've been so that if we appreciate good luck. Eyes cut thank you very much convex Steve and be able to you to be a thus talkative about the pelicans. Rea how last night Bart it's usually be in the front court of the Grizzlies and had their way. Man oh man. But because last night on a clinic he took it to. One of the Bay's best big man in the game today Marc Gasol he made and have it all night long it's with the kings and hit on that next hour. Deuce McAllister and Deke Bellavia sports talk Rose on to six tonight on WW yeah.