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3/22/17 Scoot 3pm- Terror attack in UK and latest on Trump wiretapping

Mar 22, 2017|

More on the terror attack in the UK and new revelations that Trump conversations were recorded but didn't have anything to do with Russia according to GOP Intelligence Committee chair.

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I loved it not only did I enjoy a good music but I just loved watching it. Jimmy. Roberts. Lee the original members of Chicago. Doing what they did last night on station this anchor. They were awesome. Where you there and what did you think of the concert and did you get the same feeling that I got an and I got this when I saw Stevie Nicks the other day I've I've gotten a silly when I've seen people like Rick Springfield of the past and the performers that I grew up where affair worry in my part of my life and ours was younger. To still see them performing today. In Chicago just really hit me because. You know Jimmie and Lee and and Robert OK so they've got some wrinkles and they are hairs I've changed. Not Roberts but definitely. Had Jimmy there the other hairs theater and it's it's great what they have. You know what they looked great. There are awesome I mean that this is a sign of the experience that you get when you just live life to it and I just I love there. I love their energy on stage. So wasn't just about the music it was about confirmation that rock music was not a passing fad. As my parents' generation thought it was going to be. Rock music is still part of who we are today it's still defines our our generation. So we're gonna get into this and and if you were their last night great but even if you weren't there you're part of this conversation. Because I want you to a group called the the last time we saw somebody. That was part of in your life when you were younger. And you saw the recently. Told him maybe the last couple years even. And and you just got this great feeling of a comfort inn and security. Knowing that you're who you are now and they're still doing that. You know what somebody like Kurt Cobain. Committed suicide. I sat at the time. That he dropped the young generation. Are seeing what he would be like as he matured. And I would be very interest that he was such a genius in so many ways that I would be interested in seeing what Kurt Cobain would be doing today. And yet we're robbed of that did not know it's not just me but especially the generation that is you know part of that grunge alternative. Generation. And he brought that generation of seeing what he would do is he matured and it's important because I guess in some ways it's sudden. It's a mile post I guess in some ways it's. Are a reminder of of where we are. And you know I've changed you change we we change as we get a little older. But some things don't change. And there's still a spirit in our hearts still spirit in our mind. And I just I loved I loved watching the audience last night and I'd I loved watching the band. If you like to join us with a comment this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601. A seventy. And a text is a 7870. And will play a few the songs in Chicago pols look Chicago played almost all their hits. Last night I don't remember hearing wishing you were here. Which was a song they did with the Beach Boys. And I don't remember hearing dialogue which is my favorite sport I mean they did just about everything else and we've got some of those songs it's a bumper music. A this hour on the show. Also if you're just joining us we've were talking earlier about the senate confirmation hearings pretty of course which. I think he's gonna be a approved and I feel really good about the guy. You know you expect a Republican president. To nominate a conservative. And of course which is conservative but I like so much of what he has said about it's about the law not about the politics it's about. Applying the constitution. It's not about politics. I like that and he also said that he is is not going to rule based on how he thinks trump wants him to rule he's going to rule based on the law. And I respect you for that so. I disagree with Sean Hannity who was centered and articles that he thinks is going to be a bloodbath over the confirmation disguise. There's going to be a lot of reluctant on Democrats who who vote for him. But I don't think there's going to be a bloodbath at all I think of course it just going to go on right on through and become the next US Supreme Court justice but we'll have to wait to see. We've also I talked about the terrorist attack in London a guy in a car. Started running people over in the Westminster bridge in wanton. He got out of the vehicle after crashing into the gates of parliament. And started stabbing somebody then he was shocked I don't think he was killed but he was he was shot. And you know this was just a reminder that we're talking about weapons. Car. And a knife. If it did a gun to be people to be talk about gun control well then didn't theoretically you should talk about nice control and nobody talks about that. And we also talked about this a couple of Phoenix it faces first degree murder chargers because of mother admits that she put a gun in the hand differ two year old. And was teaching him how to pull the trigger. Helping him practice pulling the trigger of a gun. Well at some point picked up a gun and killed his nine year old brother. And a father was apparently not supposed to have. Pentagon. And I just don't see how anybody can justify putting a gun in the hands. Of the two year. And actually nobody I disagree with that here's a text just announced that trump tower was under government surveillance since November trump was right again. Exclamation point explanation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point exclamation point. Yeah I there was some incidental. Information that was collected from Donald Trump. While other things were report being looked into I don't think there's been any question about that possibility. The problem is is that notre was not right because he said that President Obama. Targeted him. And there's a big difference between. Looking into somebody at trump towers somebody associated with the campaign and targeting president trop. So again you know if you if you wanna justify it that way that's fine your entitled to do that but. Odd doesn't mean it's accurate so there was a possible. On. In direct collection incident a collection of information. Great but again you know it's a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in fact it's another afternoon of the free concert Wednesday at the square with a young leadership council Lafayette square saint Charles right across from your hall. It's free to be a big gathering their from five until eight. So you might wanna go enjoy the afternoon right after worker try to sneak a little early. And get out there are few after work after five but it's a great way to beat the on the rush hour traffic. But on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon I really wanted to talk about. Via the pop culture aspect of a band like Chicago continuing to perform today I thought they were great last night at the center. Opera man if he'll Hank welcome to WL. And experience he would get that the cap regular pac. That was the first cancer that looked into what problem the child like sixteen Indian rule six E Street. Where it's at the site but let it is very nice I'm trying to as the best. Acoustic record and the animals. Our our our search India. In Beijing and I'd like. Them to be it appears. But this sample so everybody. I think anybody and 40. I saw I I and they were at it there were few people that I knew they were under under forty Michelle much younger than forty and I saw a couple people's it had their kids there who might have been. Ten or or or eleven. But he was so pretty much in over forty crowd but did you get the sense that I got when you saw some of the original members on their doing an acting like they acted last night. It and it was at the CO. Mum when he did begin our strength and other. In all. On planes is still active and who are out and it didn't take a commission to pick. Up. Don't know if they had to him that I'm bans take care taken intermission they had to but they did take about a fifteen minute intervention. I intermission they went on they went onstage she just before 9 o'clock. And the concert ended at 1130. Terms also they put on. Malia early Chicago. And Terry can't control our eyes again I mean they played a lot will be. Well you know when they came back toward when they came back toward the end and they did. I'm a man and what they did that they did on it and then no later between the and they did I just wanna be free. That was so what's Chicago solely on there was a lot of great stuff there. Hank I appreciate the the call. If you're a whole state witness that coming right back with more of your comments I it's a beautiful spring Wednesday afternoon we're talking about some music and pop culture but if you wanna join us with your comment about anything. Our numbers 260170. Erick are 5042601. A seventy text numbers 87870. Here's attacks Metallica still going strong after 35 plus years. That a text here Steve Miller on the coast a few months ago fantastic the Joker some people call me the space cowboy. Here's a text saw yes in November awesome. At a text says that there are heading to Dallas to recede Don Henley a for his seventieth birthday concert. In July. Try to get back toward your calls in mortars Texas was another one of the songs Chicago. Played last night I'm skewed to in the afternoon on W well. I don't wanna songs and had great energy at last night at this anger on scoot in the afternoon. This is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions aren't everyday hero. Got a text here though it says so I sort of disagree and Chicago's music is best suited to elevators when they were on the charts I avoided them and Disco. Instead listen to zeppelin the Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd. Well art is very subjective. Idiocy and and I'm not comparing Chicago to Led Zeppelin or the Allman Brothers Syrian advanced document Chicago as. On there are their own. Genre because they did and horns to rock music at a time when the establishment was very critical of rock music. Late sixties early seventies and the establishment is trashing rock music and your Chicago comes along. And they actually define themselves as rock and roll with ports. And this was a big deal this was something that was a it was unheard of there was they were there were hordes of our indie music. Madonna and rock music. And sharp Chicago was one of the bands that define this new genre of music so you know if you don't like Chicago Walt that's fine. But even if you see Led Zeppelin today. When you see Jimmy Page Robert Plant do you get this sense that my god they're still doing today. And to me that was the the biggest part of the concert last night. And he wasn't sure I was gonna go in at the last minute to somebody offered me a ticket and I'd decided to go and I'm just so excited I was there. And I talked to one of the members of one of the top a successful. Tell local governments here. And here's his wife and on his wife said this is the best concerts she's effort into. Ever and I've got to put this in the last week I've mentioned Stevie Nicks was now in my top ten. Chicago last night is now in my top ten I'm gonna redo the whole thing but these two concerts are now in my top ten I think it was amazing. If you would rejoice for the comet whether he was their last night or you were. You were getting the same feeling that I got wind. You saw somebody that you remember loving when you were young and they're doing it today. And it got a section says that they saw Chicago are great defense to grant of fast and on Stanley draw have a broad tackle a lot of these dances and those two events or twice a year bring back on a lot of a lot of great pains. Was their band that you've seen. It brought back those kind of feelings are like I'm so glad they are still doing. Our numbers 2601878. Text numbers 870 ace every from New Orleans L when your under the WL. They can I was doing aka posters. I got we electrocuted. Wouldn't posters in America be they could and so. Tell me what you thought of man it was fantastic. And again. Yeah I was. If I was. And figure out today and so and figure out economically with good. If that's the youngsters who will we. Has been agree. Now content to the argument. 20 Chicago. Yes indeed it. And. And while some were you surprised. They were that good. No. Capacity before. What when McCain it would hurt when it finally did at the simpler now. Support that they would do. So I haven't seen them anytime recently sold our I was I was surprised at how great they were now again I was surprised at how I felt about seeing. On you know Robert lamb and and Chilean and lately onstage he's original members side I'm I underestimated how that would make me feel when I got a great feeling Washington. Did you look did city Terry kids but it is with the EPA. Yes. Terri Katz whose guitars with Chicago and I think he was 19761977. Terry Kass was was clinging to guns. And he told the person he was where I forget who leaves with the time he told the person he was with decent. You know look I'm gonna I gonna play like him to commit suicide the gun not loaded he put the gun who has had pulled the trigger there was a bullet in the chamber that's what kills. And that's. Did. The deletes it was beer business. On the late singer was not Peterson terra but don't tell the guy Jeff coffee date date date the guy whose whose younger than Peterson terror blond hair. Played bass that guy you're. Made you think Peterson Terrell was there. Yes yeah. Yeah he uses so good. Alan I appreciate I appreciate the cult. Here's a Texas there is and Elton John three years ago today at the smoothie king senator Billy Jill February the tenth this year. I if you're on both stay with us I've got to get to this CBS news and to be everywhere on this update to bring you up to date on everything that's going on. And they were a lot of comeback with where it was more for your comments. And once again I'd I met some listeners of the afternoon show so I have new faces to envision as I do the show every afternoon. And it's always on always great to meet you so we'll be right back we're talking about Chicago where the concert dates just really brought back great memories for whatever if you don't. And then you know Robert lamm sourcing in this song and I forgot that they did this are you able that was another one of those Chicago songs. A got a text here that says that Jeff coffee he was a bass player and the guy would blond hair cut a long ish blond hair so he visually kind of fit the image of the Peterson terra. That is way better than the guy before who replaced Peterson tyranny last night fantastic. Yeah this this on his bass player who arrived sighing the Peterson's airports. And songs he was amazing I mean you did not. If you closer eye she thought Pedersen terra once there and you know again there was enough of the authenticity of the the the guys who were originally Chicago still doing it last night which is made so much fun. I get to architecture just a moment from homeless Steve welcome to the show. I'm not pregnant and actually trial and her well by Prada and I did that. The speed area side who. Then it was unbelievable. Cents earlier oxy needed to music and attitude. And knows been a performance but really didn't expect it could be my efforts anger out there are both former. And exploit was incredible band. Put together. There's you know that battle violent quiet Chela. Saxophone. Two guitars and it just really. Great chip. So could you relate to what I was saying when I was talking about singer Jimmie Lee and Robert on Stacy original members and and how it made be feel to see them. They look different but they still look great I mean we we all look different as sweet as we mature. They look different but I mean it was awesome to sing and did you get that feeling when you saw Bryan Ferry. Opted to 71 years but he reform efforts by 400 minutes straight and yet wondered too little quick break wary. Not just introduced the back. But nobody but outside of that I was more disappointed in had been in the crowd and it would pick. Well you know we do change is life goes on and there's nothing wrong with that because of the spirit could still be there Steve I I appreciate the the comment. From Hammond Charlie here on their BW or good afternoon. Street I'm sure. And I remembered that it is. We grew comedy it is big payments. It was so yes and oh yeah. 11. Pastor the issues. In your eyes to. What do you try out of order in the morning problem as it. Worked for R&R. They certainly the street Louis and Chicago. So much sister and I bought the bulls. Played them over it over and over. I've seen nothing seventeen times a bonus ours the woodlands seem to do 11. Of no this year. I know on stage ten. Being able to shipment that's because. You don't. Tried it all mob had this huge. Shall we did at the last night. The net. He and shall. The course strategy and welcome one on. Before Katrina or Katrina in glee as well. There are phenomenal Boehner I mean from your words. Should be equally. This pitcher. Well it's it's it's it's better than ever and and Jimmy tanker order so a lot of the the arranging and he was just recently along with Robert lamm inducted into the the rock and roll hall flaws not the world but these are writers songwriters hall of fame. And he was just so energetic onstage cities just brought such. Great pleasure to be two to witness stand to think that you know. You can mature in life but you don't have to act your age. Which you know standard. Should be. And you know and a which used in many aren't. That's pretty well. There. Which are expecting. That sort separate. Charlie I appreciate the comment I have not seen Chicago since they were popular years ago but I've missed on the last night and I was just. I was shocked. They were inaccurate. When they played this song last night I thought about to president trump I know I should've just let ago but I couldn't help but. Think of my truck when they do this song. I'm scooter and we'll be back. This is one of the solar Chicago did last night at this anchor and it. I'm getting a few texts from people who say man you're killing me talking about the concert because I had to work I couldn't go. When I talk about this I never wanna make you feel badly about not going because you can't go to everything. By its. I do like to. I do like to try to explain the experience because if you didn't have the experience last night chances or you've had the experience with and other banned another setting. And I I love reading all of your text or bring back great memories are for me as well from Hammond she Acura and Evian you are good afternoon. I'm good. And goes. Out Jack it's like you're from you again. The group. Well you retired in now Lama even if you were retired I would be on all your own making the rounds. He would yeah it didn't work. Jack his driver member you very well seriousness is great to talk to you guys are doing well. Well it should go back to from the but I. Heard you on to the next month. Which has. Alex and bill should get well. But it is just far enough. I sonic the sank last year and it was bought an awesome concert and you know Alice is just such a great guy too I mean I I love seeing him still do it in. You know he he does it with really did the same style that he always that it. And it showed. You know yeah. You can't get enough. I appreciate the call and I appreciate that so I appreciate that memory and thanks for delivering my mail although not all of a male was pleasant because she did bring me a lot of bills over the years. Here's a text saw Chicago right temple revive show about 45 years ago they were basing the horn section rocked a from the West Bank John welcome to the show. It. And so when a computer one market is. Well I'm not sure. The strike but you're so all call home now and try. Know the song was hard to say I'm sorry. A struggle or bottle in the. Well like its look I don't dislike Donald Trump I have to comment on some of the things that he talks about in Dulles and I I've been I've been criticized because sometimes I say positive things about trump. But I I understand what you're saying oh the song was hard to say I'm sorry but it was not put that those lyrics or hold me now. No I don't need Donald Trump to hold me. Ire of harm her I am very. Why aren't meant to seek liquid yet in a couple years ago did you deal. Well it was awesome they still get at least they'll drop eight. Other bands that. All people in wheelchairs and walkers one on. All the technical walkers they ended up in the young it was accurate. He got a lot of John I gotta get your break Jim and I I've I've I appreciate the call. And this was another one of those on to a sort of playing its last night I'm going yeah Africa about that Chicago song like Kuwait. I'm screwed it will be right back on W well. Last night Chicago reminded me that it's. It's OK to have another birthday. It's okay to mature. You don't have to accurately you're never have to act holds. And those guys last night just reminded me that it's it's okay for us to still be that rocked generation. And looked even if you're thirty. Either have to accurate age you can act younger than that I mean their people's 303132. Of there are people who are alike younger who actually. Act a lot more mature than they really are and don't don't give that don't give up that spirit that you've got. When you're enjoying music in your chewing going to concerts of where I was reminded of last night and we are still doing it here we are. The establishment the baby boomer generation 2017. They're still playing and we're still going to concerts. And it's awesome when that happens and if you port their last night I'm sure you can think about times when you saw somebody that reminds you of music that you love the long time ago and they gave you a sense of security to see that they're still playing it. And you're showing showing it today. Sports August coming up next deuce is sitting in for Bobby Hebert so it's deuce and Deke. So one of the questions is such an overtime in the NFL be shortened to ten minutes. One thing Diane Neumann RWW a program director Todd Vanessa star associate for a program director also. And girls and every assistant show producer and John wick studio producer. Have a great afternoon we're back tomorrow warned lucky New Orleans.