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3/23 12:35pm Todd: Entrepreneur Week

Mar 23, 2017|

Idea Village Executive Director, Emily Egan, joins Guest host Todd Menesses.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Emily eakins the idea village executive directors joining us now Emily thanks for picked out of this no problem I know it's a pretty busy week for you guys have right now and a lot of things going on. So we appreciate you elected as it was just happy to get a little break she got a Snickers has not gone out of their way to much you literally. Tell us a little bit about what has happened so far and what people can expect still cup. Sure so where on Thursday we started on Sundays so we had an opening party on Sunday night which is great was. Fantastically attended and we had pitched competitions we've had keynotes we've had the blessing Miley. It's fantastic content and workshops and you know what's great about it is people are really sticking around on the campus. Which you know has happened in the past but we also have this great tent that's in the parking lot and so people are working. From here they're spending their time here so while they're waiting to go to their next session they're hanging out there meeting people we have companies that are showcasing. Today specifically to companies that are showcasing our from. The delta region which is eight states surrounding the Mississippi delta and no this afternoon and actually probably they're switching over right now. We will have a great representation from the Baton Rouge region itself the world's after week is obviously is so rate. In addition entrepreneurship and wore on we also want to make sure that we recognize there's a lot of activity happening around the south. And you were saying just before we went on the air that this event as it grows every year it's grown it's got larger at large correct and like you're saying this year year year weatherproof. And so a lot of people are sticking around you know and two and that's that's a testament to what they're learning and what they're seeing their because let's face it. The world in itself is a distraction to leave and come for conventions and let's come here for commissioner coming forward. Any sort of seminar but who have their sticking around and learn for the information. Then that tells you you guys are doing the right thing. We appreciate that yet people are sticking around their staying back coming back day after day you know we we want them you know we want. Hi registration numbers but at same time what we ones those frustrations to come back each day. Ernie thinks doesn't hurt and we also have our set up so people are starting their happy yards a little bit earlier than maybe they they would and normal case but. Correct it's it's it's what we liked how we actually elect for the festival. More than more than a conference because. We we understand that it's just a little bit different and so we we like that and I think that's the reason why people keep coming back in the numbers increase. People come and and obviously we it's the New Orleans for her weakened it's not just people for prom there was this not just for people crack in the world that we need to distress sex I think a lot of people just think quote my businesses and in the world and I can't be involved. That's correct so it's for anybody really and it doesn't even necessarily at the entrepreneurs it could be professionals that can be people that are thinking about becoming partners. You know the obvious that a majority of our tenants are local whether they're from you specifically New Orleans or just some the greater New Orleans region but we have. You know we've continually try to focus on making sure that the contents is both relevant. Ford and Marlins but also for. The outside of you know Louisiana and so I think that what we're starting to see is more people are catching on to that. And they're starting to see though what we can do is uniquely new New Orleans but has it globally relevant scope. Well the idea village always has the big idea that every year which is the big culmination for this week. What exactly does is is the big idea in which people. Applied it to be the winner of the big idea what would they plight. Source so we do it's kind of a multi stage. Process rates they might be an idea what we did well over the past couple of years we will all select twenty companies that we. Nominated elevate to a floating platform on them. And through that process the crowd decides the voting was open for about a week this year and the crowd. The public decides who beat and that pitch act on the big idea and the big idea the ten companies starting tomorrow at 530. They will be. Demo Lang and trying to win over the votes of the attendees that counts to the big idea. Each vote each attendee that. Buys a chip so it's important to note about the big idea is free to attend anyone can come but if you wanna support of the company's only if used by as many or one 25 dollar poker chips that 25 dollar poker chip is actually 25 dollars and so as you go around you see the different companies. What you decide which one's your favorite and then you drop your chip in that bucket of the company that you like the most. Those companies that get the most chips the three top companies will go on to pitch at about 6730. On the big stage. In front of panel of oil industry. Business minds entrepreneur is close some local celebrities. To pitch for our grand prize 25000 dollars. And so that the crowd decides that the three will be the real B but the panel decides. Who ultimately that the winner of the big idea will be with fantastic about it is it's. It's a fantastic event. It shows the different types of companies that are going on. It allows everybody to be an Angel investor for night which is exciting. Everybody who put his face the big idea from a company perspective they take on the cash value of their ships regardless if it gets. To beat a top three or the final winners so to certain extent everybody wins everyone gets something. And then you know like I said it's a great parties will have permanent rough and the barbecue swingers will be doing two sets. That night so after the winners announced. And we that we playing while the competition is going but then after the winners enough to finish up with another hour onset that's going to be awesome and like you mentioned. Where weather for the rights of him for perhaps it will be at the CAC inside the warehouse that we don't have to worry about. Any elements even the weather expert speaker so would it make does it does not as bad as like Sharpton it's not as bad this good but the generally people are pretty patient and it. Yeah but I think he's right you know you're pitching and thousands of people there and I think everyone thinks they're really comfortable pitching their business. It's a whole different ball game when you're standing on a stage here looking out intimacy of thousands of people if I get a little bit of a gut check at that point in time and so. They'll pitch for about three minutes that at some human aid from the panel. And then the panel's deliberations. It we'll see who wins. Has it ever come down to where it's have been really really tough to make that decision. I think every year it's really tough to make the decision and we spent a lot of time with the company is over the course of the past two months as we you know whittled down the group. And you and a lot of them are companies that we've worked with the pastor that we know because you know through the other organizations that are sporting not France nor lines and it's tough you want. You want everyone to win. Heavily in the idea village executive director thank you so much effort taking time out of your incredibly busy week and I know which wrap it up for this week right now being on Thursday in tomorrow's the last day so. Really there's not much going on you need to plan now coming up this. With a New Orleans that murder week thank you so much for joining us here at WWL.