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3-23 4:20pm Deuce and Deke with new Saints LB Manti Te'o

Mar 23, 2017|

Deuce and Deke sit down with new Saints linebacker Manti Te'o and talk about his career up to now and what drew him to New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is a there's memo of the New Orleans Saints up there's not a welcome into Saints a radio man tied tail man tacked thank you so much for joining us I congratulations on this deal welcome to New Orleans how are you. Think I'm doing them and I think them. I meant that they just pride and take us through I mean obviously being a big recruit from college did. Went to Notre Dame what is it like now kind of in this process where. You walk is kind of quoted Guillen similarities to recruiting two ways you can it would and eight did you kind of figure out okay what is it like they would stay debt jawed with a good place army. Top of the amount hi how you went into this explored it in came about signing with the thing. You know it's just the people are great opportunity and and I have a I have a great agent and he does. A lot for me and he's nine goals and looked at the same as a good opportunity for me to come in the program that I want to win. And their whole continued my expertise to help them do that and a 101 how much trip over there. My admittedly so low that the people. Very very welcoming. Very passionate about what they do. And you know when I'm around that kind of crowd a good things happen so it's kind of like oh please that it's kind of like college recruiting. On the you'll need to these places but you know starts on the lamented. As a place where that side could that I could play in and that can happen. Meant well welcome to the black and build his dues with council deacon. Just I guess. A great some of just your comments that you made to the media outlets which is to let our listeners here. It wasn't really coast Nolan that recruited you hear it was more of the organization in the team and just give us a little bit of background that and being. You know I know that. You can play the Mike and the wheels or the weak side linebacker just tell us your thoughts on where you fit with this team. On the effort what coach Nolan a lot of people thought since we have a history he coached me my third year. But the Chargers on that you would you go ought to leave you know it's an effort to recruit him but he did on the card just calming. That he was going there and you know coach and linebackers. I'm over there and doubt about it problem. But when Allan Meyer my trip obviously. A lot more comfortable because. Coach known whether there and I know that note that I don't see a familiar face there. Our guys got the chance in the other coaches then in front of people and in the cafeteria to. You know everybody really and terrible it was just. It down there they go thirteen and that's all you can really ask for when it comes to. Our fan base and when it comes to an organization that you know they're just. There's just focused on winning and they wanna win and now as far as me in in this game I think. Of course street until a middle linebacker not been playing in the 34. On some college and not in it for the left in linemen and afford it there's more elliptical baucus or four linebackers like you're running in place so as long as I'm. In at linebacker position really doesn't matter which one is it's gonna plummeted run in the complete. 11 thing that you talked about just in was just the growth you know from going from the college to the NFL and obviously you know with a one story on the that's being put out for you how have you been able to handle that and just show that they look I'm here to play football happen in college there is in college but you know. It's something that I want you to have an opportunity to address and just let fans know that. Your local is here to help this team win and and you want to just go play football. Yeah I mean it goes on not only that that in college with a good to you know the good and the bad its stay in college. Had a great career at Notre Dame and our mind had some success. With the Chargers on the for the most polished and I was really satisfied what. With my production. On the net saw me and so. But you learn to take. Those those times of adversity adversity in and using that restraint and grow from it he can grow. When you're comparable you can grow and things are going good but. In your back is against the law and you have nothing left but to fight on you learn a lot of budget so you grow in its in the McCutcheon and a number of well for those times I'm well challenge them little four. All the things that that come away that I didn't expect them because it is tomko on the first appreciate the time that I do have. Good things and helped put him in actual fire that that continues to burn it every day so. I mean you just think that college kid from Notre Dame and made him a lot more hungry. Told them all minutes late new saint slam recommend that daily on century on Deke Bellavia along with Deuce McAllister do. We know last year did you guys heard of that it was a McKee leaves Tillis just gives them a bit of progress and you know is it or you folks and all OTA days or you focus in on training camp what's what's kind of your schedule. And how things progress and with. Yeah I mean do you know what anybody in the four for a player who was trying to come back as soon as possible. I'm give it my best. You know Lou we're gonna work. We're gonna be Smart about it. Commemoration of that is that something that got left. Back in September when that happened in the welcome back to the and so you know wanna play down on their eye level. Home for the same thing for. It is Norman's and so Miller to do it and you'd be out in whatever kinda. That's gonna take on the field and do and it as far as outgoing now. When I wanted to know when I went in my trip they're very very surprised that. Paul fought Crum never had an acute injury before so I can't really. Based on one match. I've been told them and the schedule. I'm I don't know how far let my work ethic their putrid to beat Unger. Meant that I am and to thank you so much for the time glad to have you here part of the Saints organization good luck to you and you family. Here annual and we look forward to seeing you in bill load you know with the you know give Milton will see some. Greg barker.