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3-23 4pm Deuce & Deke: on the Saints with LB Manti Te'o

Mar 23, 2017|

Deuce and Deke take calls on the Saints defense and sit down with new Saints linebacker Manti Te'o.

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And getting sick way down from sixth the for a while I was there it's been on the 68 now down to sixteen to sweet sixteen they did tonight. Well have a dim and knows a thing or two about basketball college basketball it's at least you know basketball coach marks last in this mess is in the house up a break down. The sweet sixteen match ups also gave his take on a college basketball as a whole the state college basketball and how it is moving full can you take from six to seven also beat. Mixed tonight sank climb back amend that tail will be what is coming up at our first break to get his take on the coming in new member of the black and gold. We'll go around the NFC south to take in on the division Atlanta Tampa and Carolina grad dominant go with the book for the Tampa trip. To have a daytime is where this. The Orlando Ledbetter an aging CNN journal constitution to stop the bye in the Bangkok now with well. And we'll wrap up things in the south with the Carolina Baptist Jordan Rodrigue will be reduced that'd be routed the Charlotte Observer. 260187. All in FAO talks in the 7 o'clock now is an event and this. Mike did through gate we will be will be with us to 60187 that you could take this and 878 Sammy hit deuce on social media. At the McAllister 26 and it DB cheap. Operated jaguar opinion poll available for UWW oh at that time of the recent stories floating around about the New Orleans Saints which do you hope it's true. The Saints will oppressed continue to pursue and eventually sign Malcolm Butler. Are the newest story John Payton and Johnny Maine fail. They Breaux Bridge so to speak at some type meal during the super bow it's now servicing the Saints beat considering Johnny football. Bought the courting of Texas Tech quarterback pat my home. You can cast your vote online at WWL. Decked out you know reduce a lot of times I'm in the profession. It could have just as good as a positive effect as it could as a negative effect points on their way. And a lot of times being seen and heard in a company of someone they have success birch oak vs not success could go either way. But regardless of what we draw what happens the John means there are future. Him sitting down and sit down with some guy like Sean Payton Beck can only be a good thing for him just image of last deuce four bat. Who hurt himself more than anyone probably hurt themselves in these last. In the last 36 and. Amin that at the end today you know whether it was a favor whether it was truly you know him gauging monitoring. You know to see. If he was truly instant American plant. We don't know beat me you know just to see with this team has done and really feel the last three years as far as. Making sure it right guys. In the locker room yeah you know it would be very very varied surprise. For them to make this move and I don't know they're gonna do enough. But just judging off of their pants. I don't think that we. No I mean because at the end of the day you're talking about it quarterback that is in control. One point five billion dollar franchise as I mean until he's the face of afraid to. Well whether they win or lose. You know people may know they hit coat but. Probably if you're a true true fans you know who their starting quarterback you. And even get to do with a bang it. And so if tests direction they'd go in there and so be it but I just don't see them make in. That decision you know I just don't see them. Is this this is about trucks yeah you know I was told C down entrusting. The other. 52 players and in. In that one mania. Yeah and Housley had to think about too is whale you know. What comes along ways and we're not talking about a guy now. I think it's it's our first guest the data come up at the break is a guy that was removed from the spotlight. It's it's completely different way John Maine's dale Hayes and it to his spotlight. It pay out a deuce and these two men in the league for three or four year is what took place going to the next game to game against Alabama. As not even an only VP even ask about that anymore. Is above average yeah I mean but I outs out of that I'm asked will about it but I mean I wanna see how he's matured and how he responds to questions and here's the other thing. Johnny is steel facing some type of suspension from the league that's right I mean a B you're talking about from optimistic that the domestic violence you're talking about from the crowd and the parting of the view that the drug and alcohol abuse yet sold. You mean to tell me even if it's a jail body. He comes in he learns the system. Okay is four games is six games you know Izzy out for a year rye I did I just don't see. Yup I give would give recommending New Orleans he's a man that tale the newest member of the New Orleans Saints will be whether singular should take two as well all the reasons to always been sort of around about the black and gold. Which one do you hope it's true but when you Chiming in on the most. 2601870. Vote online at WWR Dhaka. Isn't there as memo of the New Orleans Saints operas now welcome into saint a radio man tied to Aleman tacked thank you so much for joining us I congratulations on this deal welcome to New Orleans how are you. Think that. I'm doing and in the paint them. I'm into that did you pride and take us through I mean obviously being a big recruit from college did. Went to Notre Dame what is it might now kind of in this process where. You walk I guess kind of quoted Guillen similarities to recruiting two ways you can it would and eight did you kind of figure out okay what is it like they would stay depth chart with a good place army. Top of the amount hi how you went into this explored it in came about signing with the thing. You know how it is the tip our great opportunity and in I have a great agent. And he does. A lot for me and he and I both looked at the same for the good opportunity for me to come in the program that I want to win. And their whole continued my expertise to help them do that and a one hour and a much trip over there. On my admittedly so low with the people. Very very welcoming. Very passionate about what they do. And you know when I'm around that kind of crowd. A good things happen so it's kind of like well at least that its collect college recruiting. On the going into these places but you know stress on the more than two. As a place where that side could that I could play in and make things happen. Meant well welcome to the black and build his dues with council would deacon. Just I guess. A great some of just your comments that you made to the media outlets which is to let our listeners here. It wasn't really coast Noland at recruited you hear it was more of the organization in the team and just give us a little bit of background that and being. You know I know that. You can play the Mike and bill that we know or the weak side linebacker just tell us your thoughts on where you fit with this team. On the effort with coach Nolan a lot of people thought since we have a history he coached me mark they're here. But the charter on that Hewitt he caught relief you know it's an effort to recruit him but he did on the card just combing. That he was going there and you know coach and linebackers. I'm over there and doubt about it problem. But when Allan Meyer might trip obviously. Are a lot more comfortable because. And coach Nolan went there and handled. A familiar face their book. Our guys got the chance in the other coaches fans in front of people and in the cafeteria. To calm you know everybody really and there but it was just. It down there they go thirteen and that's all you can really ask for when it comes to. Our fan base and when it comes to an organization that you know they're just. There's just focused on winning and wanna win and now as far as me in in this game I think. The fourth period it's middle linebacker not been playing in the 34. I'm in college and not since before they left the environment. And afford it there's more elliptical baucus or four linebackers like meter run and make plays so. As long as I'm. You know I linebacker position really doesn't matter which is it's gonna mommy that run and make complete. One wanting to talk drugs as in was just the growth you know from going from the college to the NF bill and obviously you know with a one story on the that's being put out for you how have you been able to handle that and just show that they look I'm here to play football happen in college there was in college but you know. It's something that I want you to have an opportunity to address and just let fans know that. Your local is here to help this team win and and you want to just go play football. Yeah I mean it goes on not only that that in college with a good food you know the good and the bad days in college. Had a great career. And Notre Dame and Obama had some success. With the Chargers on the for the most polished and I was really satisfied with. With my production. Common that saw me and so. But you learn to take. Those those times of adversity adversity in and using that restraint and grow from it he can grow. When you called Google you can grow and things are going good. In your back is against the law and you have nothing left but to fight on dealer a lot of budget so you gross strings that you know McCutcheon and a number four for those times on the last challenge them little four. All the things that that come away that I didn't expect them because it is tomko are the first appreciate the time that I do have. Good things and helped put him in actual fire that that continues to burn every day so. Comedy just at that college gets from Notre Dame and made him a lot more hungry. Told them all minutes late new saint slam recommend that tailing on century on Deke Bellavia along with Deuce McAllister do. We know last year did you guys heard of that it was a McKee leaves Tillis just gives them a bit of progress and you know is it or you folks and all OTA days or you focus in on training camp what's what's kind of your schedule. And how things progress and with. No I mean do you know what anybody for for a player who was trying to come back as soon as possible. But for me. I'm gonna work hard would return stats and make sure that it is though is that I can make you know. I'm give it my best. You know Lou we're gonna work. We're gonna be Smart about it. Then make sure that this is something that got left. Back in September when that happens then you'll collect a hockey in so no wonder they count on that high level. Home for the Saints and four. It is Norman's and so on and others to do it and he'd be out in whatever and a that's gonna take on the field and do and good as far as outgoing now. When I wanted to know when I went in on my trip there's there's there's cards that. Paul for a column but never had an acute injury before so I can't really. Based on warm match. I've been told them and the schedule. I'm out on the hot for with my work ethic here you seem to be in good. Meant that I am and to thank you so much for the time glad to have you here part of the Saints organization good luck to you and you family. Here annual and we look forward to seeing me in bill load you know with the you know give Milton will see some. Croker I meant that Al folks and there was nobody wants Saints give a short taking landing in the east hang time and to become right two year. Botany Allen news' Chris Miller the first of eight CBS. McCoy is good stuff that the Packers have on line they'll beat Libya attack dot com saint I'm back command high tailed by to UN dues you know. Ultimately just like anything else that compelled to talk god did it at the end today production performance. What you do. Wins and losses how do you play that that's the bottom line but as well as saying the stuff and talking. And sound like a football player you use you hear a guy like that a mile forget everything else that somebody go like. How can some I liked is not make up locker room that because you know he's you know he's got the football knowledge of that and all. He's got that Notre Dame its case as well as diesel that's one thing that definitely helps and I mean but. It will if you hear him. I am sure that he can get up on the board and he can help Bassett plays. You know is his ability to watch the human breakdown for him and you know just BA roots who recognized. Formations. You know that that's definitely something that I think that can help him as well you know he may not be the talents that the most out to player as far as speed power excel era but knowing where to go in knowing where to be in doing things the right way I think he's gonna give you all of that. I do too all right back to the go to the politics go out to Norman he's momentum and the good either thank you for calling how are you. Giddy me into thinking oh yah well. We don't find mr. and I knew day you are right. It's really thinking. Out and get. Out. It out. And everything. Net I want to know anyone. Out. Okay. I'd era. I can't. Act really the issue the and shot patent. Are obvious. And him at his arm and a and it'd been nice. Would be great and citizens are correct that alcohol. Is. Eighty's change in Atlanta change a thing that these. A great place and then give an inch and and in that part them odd. Couple of people came. We're. It didn't mean he gave. On a chance over. It immediately and it. A very. Amy why why it's it's a really healthy people and Andy Reid gave like that kicking in. And you and I you go back and you bring a book of point you know. Chris caught a hall of fame one Keating is Corey he acknowledged did not want to know at the height when he was just unbelievable really considered. One of the top three became a date time and Jay Wright days as well what happened in Philadelphia where he had some issues off the field but but Iran. Can't be quietly been putting out there and that was a big reason why you saw a second at his career reliever surge when he went to Minnesota. And I am feeling beautiful match on as if it is that it may mean you know it is true. And yeah really kind of you know. I got to so where you think about the moves the Saints have made just fallen. And the great. Impact in the game. There aren't out has landed. New Zealand. A. I guess my question is are you wanna be there you go you know oh coming at me one time or do you want to win games. So we just came B can we need guys is going doubles win game. Think he would be. Out. MRI. Sean Payton. And I can't get in key. At. Bat. Camp and I am in the and you know people like the ballot and pat me up on me. And excel with child would be about. Gary. Yeah yeah yeah you know. He's got. Can't pump him up and you know it. Should be okay. But they steal flag severely delaying it again nobody. Well. I am content pop out. Agreement. Every bat they have it at the Matt yeah it is. On idol ought to keep it. Out. If. I don't happen again. What is meant that we thank you so much the call we appreciated and you come back into. And we Natalie Natalie nobody bad America. If I didn't think I am not spoken with combat will be due to take Callista. It's official now but it's early in the week Coco Saints. Freak coming to town and resigning starting mall and also what's Darryl Tapp to a one year contract temple one of those guys Saints picked up in the book got some got some production out of it. High energy get lucky is I've got is going to be all time gold booed the right way yeah helped a younger so you know as had to see. There'll be rewarded and brought back. Yep he comes back to the fold too as well be due to take on. The production of those two guys here. A right I would do is a big ability to sports talk to 8 o'clock tonight on WW. Ugly recent stories floating around about the black and go what you're hoping is true. The Saints can land content cornerback Malcolm Butler. The considering quarterback Jon Heyman Seau according Texas Tech quarterback pat Holmes. The second cast a vote online at WWL dot com before preview of the sweet sixteen coming up in the 6 o'clock now with the you know bad basketball coach. Mocked semester here Jonas in studio without college hoops miked today all NFL talk from a 78 eat in them. You can you can take deuce at 878 him in the combat command that tail or do basically it's a situation where he's played you know two seasons because he goes and do week three of the season and that basically he's on inclined deuce you don't. Tediously regardless of what you dining commons and could be one of those things where as sometimes that. Things do slipped through the cracks mean like it could be some heavyweights on its like a a senate all big week and his son is on a team something to the might be. On books scholarship things like that happen you know somewhat from the Haskell to kind of slow but from college or pro. That stuff don't have. Nobody plays because they're uncle was it is quality DB's mean you know he's a good frame it this is all the businesses broke him up point is that. This young man was thought highly enough deuce he was voted as a team captain last year. I got hurt in week three his season basically the first two games of the season got hurt in week three. But being voted is as a team can't induced immediate that speaks a lot right there because that that's the body of work and you've got to have more people than not. Agree invoked you as a team can. Well he's earned the respect of his teammates actually chose him in you know it's one thing when the coach's name you quote unquote captain but when the team mates named you captain and the guys that are voting on you you play with them and you you you put in work with them. It's so that you have their respect I mean that's one thing is any player in any locker room. If you have the respect of your peers and they at least you know he may not be the most talented dollar team. But you respect him because I do I do word now sometimes there may be situations. Where guys go and lobby and and and you know you don't have maybe a veteran team and and may elect the Rome gas so to speak to as far as. To be a captain that does happen you know that that does happen. But it's normally the respect of your teammates it is what you have and you know it it normally goes along way. Yep and of course now one thing is how is he staying healthy into it is. His foot you know eight and thirteen in the pre season against the Seattle Seahawks what team mister mister remained of the pre season but the idea gave back. To the regular season there and they'll win that one it was 61 tackles. And that thirteen game started and it's fourteen season he hurt his foot deuce. McKay yeah they are all of his injures have been foot aren't always the Angels have been foot ankle he came back in and play well if it is that with a another six to one tackle season in a sense in answer to is Tom Brady covering. Rob Gronkowski and my season with the the season and he went. I went down early in two week three of the season but that you heard he's into it right now deuce court the people who take him out and shoot saint trainers. They fear that he's ahead of scared that's a good thing right now. It's it's a good thing in like he alluded to you know as a player you wanna give back assessed possible. I mean but you know you wanna be able to take your time I never had an Achilles pop or anything like that knock on wood you know the two wanna be able to take your time makes it to two huge explosion back and make sure that you can do things normal that you've done and an end in the past and I think that's what's the most important being. Yet you want him out there FAO OTA's with a pin there today you won't amount or firm torn close games this fall. At the deep McAllister 26 hit a deuce on Twitter right now. Let's get out to the phones are going to be easy for James James thank you for calling WW yeah. A minute ago it's the right times you don't cool him down oh. It all. It. Always is no question who the better quarterback coming at you look at the guys that are signed now I mean geno Smith. If EJ Manuel other ones. I mean data don't have the skins on the wall and and at that me coming cabernet you know. This guy's a few inches and a few minutes away from me these teams to Super Bowl I mean he's a policy is a polished quarterback it's thought early on. I do think Doocy he he did have some. And the effect of Harbaugh was huge on him is every quarterback that Jim hobbled around. But there's no it in Europe. Teams I've I've always been a team person or any meaning that. If that's what they team decides to do if you say you know facial hair and along heading New York yankees' Johnny Damon had because it is there. That's what the teams do and the new look to go back the wizard of Westwood. It's the greatest coach or maybe have a John Wooden alienating anybody it was boom I don't care who you all who have all Americans who have more championships. Think he'd be but it did he came first in my point is this a lot of teams right now I don't think it's it is without question. They are not looking at comic cabinet because of what took place last year and they know they don't want all that extra stuff although he said he will stamp for the panache and at the this year. I don't think it is the Lakers we look at other quarterbacks that were signed now it could be price and perform with deuce. But he's it's a lot of quarterbacks at a sign contracts as a last week or so and I don't I don't think the owner on the level coming camp. That they would whether it's on campus naked sentiment you know right now which lieutenant is two guys that will be backup quarterbacks. You know practically hear that kid TO round NF feeling you know we could go through. Each team and say what year of this team he may fit here but when you come here both of those guys will be back up quarterbacks in the question becomes. Do you think that they can get better in your system. Can you deal with all of the questions not own from us. But the national media as whale you know as far as well you know this guy's done is in his past or this guy and stood for the National Anthem that's all its past. I wanna know Kenny helped this team win games on Sundays you know and asked the question in me and how does he fit in your locker room. Know how does he fit in your locker room. We're not perfect everybody has flaws but at the end of the day. Does he help your team be better you know because he's a good player or does he help your team be better 'cause he can help you prepare for games. Both of those guys have tout I don't know if either fit. In the New Orleans Saints locker. Well tomorrow deuce and our originate laugh from the Pete may have its assembly senate side of the 2004 TL SU coaching clinic Anthony Munoz with the star speak I'll I'll I'll owned Deuce McAllister among others the LSU coordinators who speaks. As well we will be visiting with LSU coach in order on. If it's coordinated neighbor and an offensive coach Mack Canada on that on the program to Morrow bay at 530 we get to sit for a beat early season showdown to stepped in teams in the country. What were attempting Florida surprisingly gets whipped. Against Auburn last week they'll be looking to bounce back. They are while the games at home they have not won on the road LSU is not being well on the road. As so well this season so it's LA should fraud would on the network at 530 on the net to 61 pitch tomorrow night right here on tiger radio WW. All right I'm not geared coming up on they showed mixed now will hit around the NFC south taken on the Bucs Panthers and Falcons on WW.