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3-23 5pm Deuce & Deke: looking at the NFC South

Mar 23, 2017|

Deuce and Deke take a spin around the division with reporters from all over the NFC South, including Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is our number two here on WWL. Operated jaguar opinion below the recent stories you've been hearing about the Saints of course. Malcolm Butler now Saints and it. Coach. Coached Sean Payton's and former NFL Rajon humans you know sit down and had sometime the conversation around to global. Could it be considering journeyman go to any football and according of Texas Tech quarterback pat my homes. Which one would you go would come true you can kinship or online at WWL. Dot com now coming up on this Al on the program we would dig into the NFC south. Coming up at that first break what are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers note to this offseason when they've got DeSean Jackson the Bengal fans but what else. Have they done which it immigrate common Brett the break. The Atlanta Falcons the reigning NFC south champions from eight and eight. 211 and five and onto the field the boat the big lead to full court only to fall to the Patriots where the Falcons what are they doing this offseason to better. Their chances next year. And George Rodrigue will be witness that is the right of the Charlotte Observer. He was dealt to us about what's shown it with the Carolina Panthers are done in Charlotte they won't have Cam Newton this offseason you had him ready for training team. Mocks and as you know basketball coaches with this at all comments hoops in the sixth god Allah. NFL and it's my duty is with us in the 7 o'clock. Deuce a lot on the main you out there Nicholas that tomorrow night deuce it is a big when the pelicans have been put me wail. But if you can win somewhere like Houston and then that goes along well Limon ideas being used ought to say people always say okay look. I don't know they can get to the white definitely. Well no doubt about it I mean last night we were hoping that Cleveland helped us out a little bit. I mean but you know Denver played unbelievable last Friday at on the in we'd leading give hill. There are so now I think they're back to four games if if I remember correctly so. You know we would love to see them. Put it together over these the next eleven you know if they can get eight out of the next eleven I don't know if it's deal will be enough. But I think that you know it's solidifies. From the front office as well as and it coaches taught coasted through his concern I mean because at one point. There was questions whether he would be back I mean but Gaza steal starting to play better there's still some spacing issues as Jules alluded to yesterday. For us but I mean at the end of the day it's about winning games. Our telephone to go dutrow nets' go to Tony gingerly Tony thank you for calling WW ago. Young guys they stick my quality news but evidently got off lol delicate but I have a great question real quick. Over the past few days that's it at the Saints have not picked up and create conceded that failed guy. Linebacker out of what does Notre Dame and and he had a great college career and not so good in the NFL he seems to always be injury prone. And I question you guys is why did the Saints seem to always go after these wounded duck that means it's another Gary Jerry has bird at that we've landed. Rodgers was not that was well we're jeers from when Simon he got hurt here. When we were in OT a's and Rangers was coming off an all pro to Pro Bowl years. Comment title tale has missed some games as far as. In his NFL career awhile will not argue with that and he is coming off of injury. Miss clauses that que les is concerned but I mean his contract is not a six you're guaranteed. Percy contrary his contract as a two year it addresses if he is available as far as per game bonuses. So I mean for us for the Saints. It's it's a low risk deal he is a guy to complain or Mike in the can play the wheel he can help you on special teams and mean so fourteen it's looking for help. I think that he can help you and it's it's. Am I appreciated these appreciate you employ. And one book you've got what you all for I think happened was in the pocket yeah that your response. Think this coming year. That they record will be keeping it will make the playoffs. Again given playoffs mean I don't know number wise because we have one we and finesse draft and two I don't think that they finished as far as free agency. It is concerned I think there's still some more pieces missing. I mean son and I need to see. What they look like first to be able to put a number on and I mean but it then today it's got to be playoffs mean it is it is gat seven mammal could you know and now if they get ten wins or nine wins and they don't get in the playoffs. It has to be because maybe they lost the tiebreaker or something of that case. And Andy Europe players to weigh. But it has to be. Vast improvement and they have to be able to say look you know we were a play away from getting into the playoffs. 260187. You could Texas states and the eight send it back to the phone to go here in New Orleans from my my good evening here on WW yeah. Hello little. I'd be it might argue man we do Goosen. Looked look you guys that the epilogue which is today right as we do. But I wanted to say that I like the material. That you guys are beat up about it all you. And all all went out I'm not well cup that sort Eaton and they entry to the Internet live and nobody liked this. Because part that I don't have to agree with that part but it it would which helped including. Let them Wear short because I don't feel too little. And what's that. About you did it why not. So ought to go at it again I. Mean other than running back but at the and yet. It up at college in congress are what player you could be about ball. You know I don't I don't know is sloppy you hear that but at the guy. I learned that you guys. But let yours out the bad it happened did and it guys that you did well. I hit it exactly where Dunlap back our our crop in an. He's played there before told us the problem I mean you can't say that you can't see him playing there when he's played. What three years four years and it in the league already. Oh. Total I think he's missed I know I know I mean he's missed I don't know I mean he's played and I over the last four years he hasn't missed a total of epic 32. Is that correct. I mean two seasons western seasons you correct that there that is two seasons that he's missed anybody hitting it there's no pain no. As well are you bringing him in 222 to be a starter or you bring me and compete for for time. In the dome team the base and an eagle make the team and tape yet another bet that I have the the way that contract you signed instruction that Obama lists a rookie. Just beats him out weasel makes me. Okay with a placard that. Now the bunt it can't come up and out out in. That's got up and think we would be good I hear the bad guys run into an act it's he outplayed all McDowell I get the. So when I do know when did you blog when did you know Laurinaitis was not the right fit for that defense could be it couldn't have been when he signed because of me from what he had done on tape there was no way that you could know that he was not a good fit for the Saints blow. It. Well yeah I mean I had to be in head to be gained him Monday because it would it would it would because like when we signed him today. That's I don't understand you stand it and now he's not help you out can agree which 100%. Would you say that he's not a good fit because he had played with disdain as desolate you you got to give it. If if if we had a conversation FO TA days and maybe even pre season a little bit yeah we got we got concern mil but to say that he's not gonna fit because. He's not help the law he's just not a fit. They'd bring him in to be a starter they brought me and compete. Mostar and drop me but you still have two guys there. Win win help Ellerbe was upheld the play now and that's the BC to stay he. Alabama Georgia all burned knows is he's he's goose takes a thing inanimate. Alabama and. And. In his seat do some opinion a lot of guys I'll only about 78 guys and as this guy very Alabama. So. Yeah I am look at them it's an Alabama hugging an old news. So yeah if you go back if you go look they're probably awesome rosters that have more. But there's not one roster in the NFL it's just like or we got 85% ACC or big twelve schools is a melting pot all these rosters are. And imitate. US knotted at where you all rejected it regardless of what school you come from there's a reason why you hate to be. This top position and here where you come from is irrelevant trust me they don't they don't they can care less where you come from they will find you wherever you are. Look at the hall of fame the greater Cecile volatile week come from it have been a Mississippi. The greatest running back all attend wake on the front Jackson Mississippi where the greatest tackle of all time ready play decades later Jackson State. And they go look at greatest tied in San shot. Great is one of the greatest defense of Lamine ever Michael Strahan Texas a and so it doesn't matter where you come from it's what you do you get them on the man that's all manners. This is sports talk it be like on say good bad call because you call from New Orleans and don't make no sense it doesn't matter where you come from it's what you do when you get this this is WW yeah. Reagan Danes are coming right to be a hospice against Greg Allman. Of the Tampa Bay times Tampa Bay would six or so new players grant but you look out they went to Washington got DeSean Jackson. And known a couple of defensive additions that Chris Baker. And that when you look also on the free safety side in a guy like they re sank Chris Conte. Josh Robinson maybe get him back. And then they picked up free safety from Dallas JJ Wilcox is with a defense that they would make him a serious run there on the coach Smith. When they were winning those games toward in the season do you think the defense got better Ortiz addition. Yeah I think so calm or think you know they believed that go all the correct here but it I think in your job. Addressed in the lead you know Chris Baker ignited example Washington medical help a lot. Every garlic and create pass rush next durable cool he. From the interior. I'd that would help their depth that it be tackle they look at graphs and eager to let yet to beat if we got a little better with with the two guys they edit. Gorgeous great since we're talking about the draft. Letter stated in your opinion or lettuce here you know how lashes drafted that class. You know cornerback as well just tell us how last year's draft to have those gas panned out and you know that the the second year growth a two looking for. Kinda big bag you mentioned a note and we've got to get the second round. You know spent most of the year at about shoulder and the importantly Brooklyn and just played through it I was kind of a one armed bandit there for awhile. It still probably get on FX. A good. Big Easy and I think he'd be a lot more you know dirty in the year if you're a crock of you and him against the run as well as the path. Obviously the topic whatever heart great core of Florida. I really think he'll call played just about a year early on their kind of friction between insider around tiger if you're up by corder. I think they're you know very pleased with the progress. For the stats mean obviously opposing quarterbacks threw at him a lot. I think it's like either on the job quite a bit. And there rookie class it was kinda. Quiet had kicker brutal why he struggled in the kicker. Opposite occurred wrapped into the second round it it and competition just to stay on the roster going into the he would. And in the get you know and it kind of smoked the rest of the rookie class. With development and didn't play too much. With Gregg Allman grade I'd give us a take how compete rookie but we do on social media. And how they can folly at which a Knicks work is coming in the time. Yeah online at Tampa Bay dot com is the time where I get aveda come table where just my name's Greg Norman PR EG. They UNA and and now right now to kind of get raped I think against Korea but Kurt. Kevin temple that online now beat mark paper. Republican TD did a really good charity work without a couple of children's school down there that would have come up next. Greg thank you so much sort of they don't Tampa Bay what talk against him. Are there are all right Tampa Bay came in a second in the division LA issue of Knicks we would talk about the reigning NFC south champion the route and out of pocket also get degrading James the first AC BS up. Al did a phone to go home off a great great thank you for calling WW real. Hey guys. Help me out here that part of the target programs in the first round is to pick a player. That you know gonna come and contribute. It and he's in the talent now you don't know gonna contribute right away that the chance of the draft. So whether it be logical to pick up a player that comes in and automatically gonna contribute our gap in right. And I'm speaking about Matt Butler. Want to do the eleventh I don't understand. Why you take a chance on a college player. When you don't mock Butler would come here and I don't know I'll just try to figure out now. Greg became give up eleventh the only problem is they still don't have a young beat Pennsylvania I mean words repairs were Scot McCall. We're prepared for is gonna come from we saw this offseason. That whether it was challenge all too it was a PP. Whether it would as a Addison. Every young deep into Ian that we thought would hit the market never hit the market. So. Backcourt it would be is that you don't even though quarterback which we really need him. So we don't. Have the threat quarterback that's the Butler. Didn't draft quarterback whether they get Malcolm and that. But that completely Earl. So are you gonna addressed the but the fact of he steal don't have a defense to me it. A young defense Meehan. Well I thought that point and and but we get the Eagles would beat it. So you could pick a spot really. Now you can't pick a spot I mean you you want to medical come in and help. That's what you want to let this don't come in and attribute in help contribute right or right away if you pick a defense of in at eleven. Then nine times out of him whether it's at 32 pick aware of the support set compete. The plated two good eleven should be better than a player you get a 32 afforded to correct. Yeah yeah yeah but I but you know that a lot of back and it hasn't panned out either Bert terminal. And to me yeah you know. He had one good year you had won one bad year that's that's basically what we've read Corey. Yeah based on what these days so far so this BA a year where a lot of people I like us and a I think it's interesting point where coach Nolan comes in Vietnam back and has been his Forte nets is that as these deals. His position that's when he made his name man got to be head coach because being the position I'm back to coach so. We've got a notable I'm back and coach in here without scandal and all let's see what he does with talent profound talent like Stephon and one gentleman is on top of the Falcons day and night the old man that led benefit in Atlanta journal constitution. Thank you so much all the time the Atlanta Falcons when they they wanted to add sounded today defense attracted Tyson Jackson bay and in that area poke. One of the better run stow was big big physical got 360 plus pounds your take on what the Falcons have done a free agency does well. Yeah out thing. You can do. Me. Back to back it's apparent that it. To come out filled played in England that year. I wanna get him a bit. Greg pac. Ten. You know maybe even know about the arms down the but. The no appreciate to come and on and you know I. I am a big guy. I was a big guy when I played in you talked about just some of the weight issues that go he is one of the players and as a clause in his contract. And you know he's motivated V. And and I think that's one reason he didn't have a lot of interest. From other team on long term deal. You know distill a little bit about that as far as their play and to help him you'll lose that weight because of thumb played against him. Then I wanna go moto because I wanna give him time I want them make him runs outside. Yeah no doubt about it you know you. Expect spoiler epic comeback 2000. You continue to live demands such. And we knowing that one on June 20 Moeller. They can mean that during sixty. And you know two years go back there to get them aren't is there. You know compliment not a way and the back surgery. And the implied that you'd get to tackle. Mean it's not appropriate contract. And a you know you're in many programs that the condition program. I think that when they start. You know try and try to get him on formula tell them that way more. Or commitment to being. The Orlando Ledbetter as a basket chicken and on the range Nancy's out Jamie in C champion Atlanta Falcons. You know they still out BS so to speak eight of them on the defense society is at a situation where. What they've already and you think crawl through we talk about dietary tempo and he resent a few plea players. There all day DC it's in Reynolds Robert and now re Wilson. But the rest of those defenders today is that something that they gonna continue to address their free agency. They wanna continue to try and grants I see you know Freeney was laying it up now Weatherspoon. Philip Wheeler we know about Jackson that John them Babineaux was a stable and there. And they don't have the fear of these spots are these some guys that is the B candidates can sandbag late what what about that the group decide. Yeah. You know you pick in the draft and you know yeah. Yeah. In that Manny might get a car. So. Yeah they've got to wait and see what they can get on our image you know certainly. They've been that good ask pressured. And expect them that way early whether it's in our deck. But then active you know one damn bit giraffe. Guys as they open man whether vote Wheeler. You know they'll check back. Freeney around not a good pitcher you want to continue. Certainly want him now and you know that money out there on the 2.2 million. Or kept the other about. It yet. You pull back this week and the guard. You know. Were they dinner on our draft then double back out to the market. After June starts. But I know Alford was up four tall at least talks with the team about an extension. You know Lou Louisiana Kia could you gives us a little insight no matter where they are with that. Yet he didn't say. You know in November. And should. The ball mark and everything. Robert I think explore your third read you know. And I guess being so that. And you can't appeared. Good. Well good for him that leads me to my next question which is the bit the disgruntled running back. And trust me I'm a former running backs I know hat's what it's like to not that it could not get the ball and feel like that you need to be a and that's being enough Raymond you know just where where is he and the team had right now are they on better terms or you know is he still trying to fortunately out. Looks like you know other. And you know he's a rookie contract in it. They didn't top and not leave him out last year. I mean we've seen. A lot to gain. You know right in the round a year round. He's it did out for more Butler to choke. A lot of him now in Pakistan. On corners. The the block and position the redo his contract. But it sounds like who vote don't want to go into a five year contract. But out on top. You know being down oh estimate that to me and you. Talk back leagues make you know Morton. Call talkback. Major meters I would. An eighteen million. A mob. Other writer back money into it now. But it will not work out here and certainly out on and the Moroccan try at the end and in in the ball. You don't want to go into the final year. Are dean how can be that Tebow we did on social media. Article followed they don't need on Falcons know who arm. It felt good mood now I'm. Out now and got our our Twitter feed at bat yeah Orlando gently. The Orlando Ledbetter AGC Atlanta journal constitution ADC deck on the always a pleasure to be sigma man. You'd think condense you. And. Alrighty thank you all right coming up next we wrap things up in the south with the Carolina Panthers other nine signings they have six of from new routines including me in Minnesota hauler for a pretty pleased. We're gonna this is sports talk on WW. On Rodrigue joins us now on thank you so much woods on the Carolina Panthers active a six of the nine signings they have signed through free agency come from different teams including. Three from Minnesota the biggest one Mac Leo the offensive line talk about what they have done that this offseason. They tie it or not having me and yet they're really well Eric Berry. Eat at a did you know had to be on top and Atlanta you're sure that tackle position is definitely there high priorities aren't Angel island. And trimming the day needed to trim on the defense credit. I think if saint confident that one at eight A kind and then. I think that in the back. Really think it in my Alan Culpepper a technical. They hadn't really been able pay day. Option in nickel back relax mentally your captain for departure now. Bringing him back it was really I'll admit I am and then I'll sell. I'm in a couple of and more inexperienced. I am competitive receivers that they're hoping that that and that they are all. And that definitely shored up and up and Atlanta which we desperately need to do. Or Jordan just a quick question. And I know that. And seeing where he's been released from the concussion protocol on nets you know the future of Michael or. Because of concussions you know is he some to somebody at their leaning owned or you know with the signing. Of a left tackle from Minnesota Khalil. Does that Kevin knock him out and in the next part is you know just gives should take home. The late. Surgeries. That cam and Charles. Are both having you know being that you're probably one or two months into the offseason already. Absolutely answer to your first questioner a a lot of people don't. You know about Michael and he also can play right tackle and has a great tackle felt. The Panthers. Team like their plan is expecting him eat drink they're training camp and and inside that right at the ocean and mentally ill. And that that he and Knight now a neck on the bat now. Michael and as. I am at our back in the combine. But is on me your mind that. It was still in contention protocol. We have done a lot at. Studying and writing about the protocol itself. Albert you're a pitcher they're there and definitely concerning distilled in the massacre crop. Seven months after he suffered a pension at that either and that you know her. Michael your present. Or. The team itself about that plan that were not accurately Gila in. Plan and over currently there are right side and I tackle Bill Self. I'm hopefully you know. It as a human being her pop it back out and men as far. Deeply surgeries. Putted it it kind of pride that the hand we're going to need guys aren't. You know about it and told me that queen oh. I think that that lives. Came as a bit of a surprise rat but as far as a timetable and partial Eric. I am what they're going to be a lot of probably based on the doctors sweetheart is probably turning into Brighton in each year. Which means you're going to rapidly moving out and and and it. I'm feeling back together and they expect him to attack the net during program while we all goes well. At the end I think Dan and I think as far and doesn't plan to have the surgery nine days later asked indicating. That he obviously thinks that he can about that aren't in on Matt. Real throwing program twelve weeks. And it's not done things came out of midnight Friday detecting neatly in incredibly sound incredibly painful. I was told today that he came out of it to sign it when when it's expected all of that went well I expected that. Recover well and people that I was more concerned about. Earl. And that is the most painful thing I can imagine happening to somebody at our anchor it if she is the hoping that sounds like Indy are. Covering the Panthers. And the NFC south with a solid observatory not reached at. RI DRI GUE on Twitter George Rodrigue John thank you so much video we look forward to talk to you against him. NCAA hoops to get your column WW.