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3-23 7pm Deuce & Deke: on the NFL Draft and NASCAR

Mar 24, 2017|

Deuce and Deke talk NFL Draft with Mike Detillier and get a NASCAR preview from Tim Zimmer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports up. Along with the great Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia. One hour might it Didier NFL analyst at Micah Terry on Twitter WW WM IT dot com. Will be whether it's after our first break to 6018 Sammy is an American involved. You can Texas City 7870. Of the Saints news it's floating around that just about Malcolm Butler. Saints. John Payton visiting with Johnny Maine Zale and interests interest. In a cornerback pat mahomes the second out of Texas Tech which when you hope it's true cast a vote online at WW dot com had to have. It is Oregon 35 and miss in 33 just on the way and saga. Number one Gonzaga 21 and fourth seeded West Virginia sixteen they deny Purdue in Kansas and Xavier. And Arizona. Before we get to some text and an email that's got to hammer pressure on John thank you for calling WW. Day ago it's you there. Or. On them all. That. Are out there. It. Or. Shared. You know that they would not or years. Check. Out there. All prospect that the top but. Well. You know it is totally. Not. Very. Well. They would be our sport that you. Were sure. You know. You know you somewhere but there. Are. It got real cheap. Chaired jail bird. And now that. The one thing about denim and other team got to remember is done they go is going to be facing some type. Some type of discipline from the NFL. You know when he got in did domestic dispute with his girlfriend even though they were able to gated you know pleaded down he is still slower exit into the NF fail. There's also you know when he. Quote unquote. Got in trouble fielder among the draw too so that those two issues that he's gonna have to get worked out throughout the the as far as playing in the game. He is an outstanding prospect of playing the game the problem becomes when he's not on the field. You know and that's a problem for eighteen. When you have to worry about is my quarterback going to be able to play on Sunday. You know is my quarterback going to be able to give me what I need on Sunday and so you know that that's that's tough. I mean because it is. Are you available to play is the first thing you know that any coach looks and so. No. My personal thing I don't see it happening. But it is good for us because it gives us on the talk about how about there. Yes in the NFL analyst is Devin writing with a Mike it Didier act Micah Terry onto it might deviate that Tom. Mike you know obviously wade is stories people get in arrested but. On the quarterback's. Job writing and talk about you know what it is Clancy's your thoughts on it. And also Mike generous who won god it's I don't know say quietly but the youngest of the lot my thought Richards saw more. But dish on highs ranked pretty high. And now when you look at how long he's actually played in the game Mike vs his age where he is. One would think his ceiling is pretty happy because I he had had as much college experiences some of these other. You know that didn't clash. At it more. Than. All ever. Everybody. But not. On what went out of that top spot. And it. When you caught on certain things a lot. Of exactly. What. Mock quarterback. What we have. And has done. I'll. Order it. On. And so. But with guys. Book report. Got a call on. Orton completed sixty put an old one. Of the college well. It was. Issues he. Yeah and a college. In the one on the professional. You're not. That they brought you a lot about. That there were. A lot of about. Well. Moment about. And it. And pat them on power. I've seen in quite some not all. About optimal. Oh. Quotable. On the field and it. Occurs. Quarterback. But I'm gonna make a conflict there it went quick now. So that a whole lot I don't know in class though because of supply and demand. Yeah it will be the ought probable were quarterback it now 1 o'clock they're probably. Well. Gene that outlook is. Yeah there are there. Good. Group. Of love and I think will be should. The ball coupled with the Reed player. But 11. Quarterback come off the board you'll watch is going to be dom models and get more round. So you you tell me you like Du'Shon. But I don't know if he's going to be the first quarterback peaked. Right now but this show on just looking at the the body work in his fail that's who would be the quote on quote top quarterback for you right now. Well in my. When they go out in the top quarterback and I think he's. I don't mean war. Ol one at recognizing coverages he. Let anybody. Needs that. At the plate and that's where it all yet he has. Been an advocate in. The market. To market. Yeah obviously yeah I would written. He looks like the part play my conversion. Of what you do in. It was a guy equipment that will make them pros in the pocket that's not that the Gary. And you win. The wind. And put the ball. In in spots where. Then I'd make a play on it and I guess I'd go back to the most important game. That's where you want to quarterback to play it and double double he's been able to do it and bit into it that. This old I'd say that. More won't get it back. That ticket from now they can't do that. 01 K. All this wants. Mike did Didier. Dot com and mighty Didier on two and it would take a break come back get too caught up on how you can go hey im pretty art that you mean 2017 draft to add. And we'll get to Michael and Amanda deal you got a question opposition whose stock is rising who's who's trapped in pro days everything out there. My did DA's it would this for another 38 minutes jump ball ball with a analysts to 601870 text of question tonight at 87870. But I can go made it official today as signing Conan back resigning cornerbacks earning a mole and defensive end Darryl Tapp to. When your contract starting mole was the third highest on the saints' roster that exceeded performance. Money meaning a performance based pay if you seek a contract a little over two aren't thirteen thousand dollars in addition to what his base Larry Willis. One of the highest than when Saints behind from bail outs and this past season. And now also obviously who has was that there are other cornerback deuce they do with pink think of his name right now you're two under Rick. Yeah yeah yeah came in and did well too but those of some of the 33 hi it's a performance based. Plays for the Saints that money got a big earned that 'cause the exceed what their contract occult force of the league you committed. Several seasons back with Mike did Didier and it might need to create onto it in my Didier Dak I might never to try to get on ball over the image the draft report. Point demon right direction how they go here and he thought the book. Thank you speak thank Support.Com. Like it's Ilya dot com what happened out a couple days and they. Dukes my good got a couple questions of a couple listeners x.s and I'm just a little. Lick to go is who has potential to be second or third round steal for the Saints. And Mike would you think about take a flyer on Ted Kelly later in the draft. Second round of the if you had to pick but you know what it. And not know and all of would be yeah an up a potentially. The booklet you'll get it done. I don't know that the coach you know it would open. And not think that. Goes the other people about Indians nubians replacement for any. Every guy who replaced in numbers from that point. Global. In all there. Would be a while ago and I. Without me his pass catching Diaw is built. But. You know. It would not shock me one. It goes. In that direction because I think that. Out in the first round. But we. And the way it is the kind of fallen out being mobile. Back in from like twenty to forty. Portugal and simply back to your liking Jack Elliot well exit but well. All on. That you've got the bulk. That yet spoken is all pro football evolved in their. Gogel as in Asia watch and Arnie and Jack Kelley. And let them. I'm all in my did TA president to send them or arrow but first AC BS up. With Mike to Didier am I to Didier dot com. A might Didier might be onto it and I'm very active on social media 9/11 B we say name but. Mice actively hate to bat at Mike I don't FaceBook as well that's a great job of promoting. His tidy image the draft report might need to EA dot com and Mike's as you can also pre order and it's and report. Dot com Sam Emery error you are aware of and is Didier on WW. They got I don't know. It's. I have I have two questions about the third round will. Be. Being home on that bank if they're out of it it also it he's so there'd be guys that occurred that. The war and pro day. Protect the first rock player would you take it can't win and that their route aptly and it would keep on field. At all but not gotten and governor OT Sam might. What did you take Michael and quality of defense. From the questioned it just got hurt and now he is and what what would be a good steal foot there route to put this thing. And it happened now pack if I. These pac twelve cornerback to be immoral with the horrible. And I just think that some team late round one. You don't get to know that. Means it in round one and yet. I'll. I'll want. RB out and you play is to repeat football player more guys that. No not yet seen year. What is. At a weight where it. But he would report six foot tall range eat. Good what's he's played the pac twelve where you know a lot of or the ball and soul and the big question mark come in England you lot. Divert advances there all on where. Oh what's that and bet on. It but eight. And didn't work it. Out once you get. Adam. Yeah at least much you're gonna Cutler. A you've got shot at Biggio and well. Is not fumbled the ball out of the corner back pocket where. It is a guy. Often building and that I think you need you to repeat football player. I wanted to draft class. Act is gonna fly a lot of people. It's how much it got into that that are well. Where you need people. Like it's old news but these Carolina oh cool book I want to keep. All Olympic audit. All. And I don't want any part in running back. Are going to be. At the open via. What route and let. You know one. On the back. That position is that other. Guy. You don't want to say he'll wind. And don't I'm not a lot of itty. We got a lot of time watching. Andy card you played outside linebacker. Corps back we say the wrong date beat. You know out there where the game and cattle up the world that would limit and Greg Williams and he'll. I'll look at it. Any. Put it away a quarterback Allan were so dominant. Go away from the league. Work out that way. But kielty is. Figured out much. Like the direction. And I somewhere out collapses it cool working. Orchid polite to McGwire. Yeah what it would be great all. The nickel back in Europe. When Mike did Didier might Didier back Tom on Twitter. Mike obviously. Wash in my receivers John Ross turned he had two with a forty yard dash in speed obviously droughts a lot of attention. Deuce and I'll hitting on this yet they got discs of from. Can't go. He had a few me from up in the Al west and state university. And looking at some different things the fastest time in the history of Northwestern State Prodi's and Shakira Ryan. He would be in the eleventh fastest forty yard dash time to come out ran a 43 full. Each time he gets the night they in my regardless if he shows up in the draft easy at least talk at the very least you be invited somebody's camp as an Andre to create. Believe it. Oh the game. And you match up. The match with speed on the body. And why. Short in. It went well and it was in. Airports and Brandon. I'll put recorder. Shut. All of that the public. Now. And I. Yeah in. Speed is a lot running back in. Yeah. But more days. That that. Well might as swimming you differ on I think that they'll eventually give them a a new contract this. I think that he's going to get a new contract of a New England. I think all of you. But. About it the other day and coach under. Oh the Oakland Cleveland. Ran. Oh. In. Like. Sheer and so why you're here. It. In the mail. It in him this year. Oh. Yeah. And why in. The pocket. And I think it's going to be to get. To go up well. A's got Rob Lowe I mean meeting you both believe that he'll trade while blow to get back in the first round. I didn't. And they. Didn't OK out. Like. It beat it. But if you talk about. It in. I. It will it be. Accurate holes. Well if I. Wish all in situations. That it was one is. I. Go. Out again. And it and and they. But. What changed what. The ball well. So. I'll. Go that way. And but. What it up fall. Potentially. Albeit. A competitive. Game and a lot more. It got our own team audible. Actually lose. Oh god and so what that. Collapsed. And so the past but. You know. It low and I. Upper. Back and look up at least. Let let's go to Terry tapper Ronnie Ronnie all of might ETA on WW yeah. Hey Mike you don't but he aren't. Look. Got if you with the Saints number eleven it we know we need defense today. But if Leonard Ornette falls. Number eleven would you passed on him. Dot I want them but that does not. I mean. We would not. And went back. Marking. And gave up opera. In the year. Is there but which which. You don't. Want to call it the product yet. Until I was about. And got a bit. Of great work. All go. Out and go out below. I. Wanted to. Be. It. Ottoman. You beat. Year but it's not been opened with them. And so you could. Have been quite well more. What. Did it all. New to them. And no back. That is not. There. The other one was needed more board general manager like that included. So I'd be shocked if he. Got no issue. But that. But. I'm. Gonna happen you want. Mike a couple more questions voted to add Mike did Didier onto it a mighty DEA down comp pick of the in the deep draft report you go in pretty ought to. Am I to TA dot com Mike's as at saint report. Dot com a couple here and Mike Mike could visit takes coming as Mike it will be benefitted saint Duke rally a Jordan Willis and they also want to get. Break down LSU can go back. Then I. Yard bullet to be amicable football where if you add that 32 pick in the I would pick eleven. But it 32 it would be an option at peace deal. You don't about it complete player. At the beat that. He's a good pass rusher he's good against them. And when he went up in the competition. Shall not be a good. Not that problem in him at thirty do but it in. There. It didn't. If you aren't that dirty tactic. It would certainly somebody. Like a lot. In the well. Yeah they're pretty well. Outside linebacker. Because he didn't want him in arbor. If I'm watching so much college ball back a couple. I think the number most of our. And convert it I mean what. Minute guys but he did so well. Before. And I advocate them about this. But you know. To make sure it. I'm back at what it is so coveted. But don't quite a bit in the third topic in a really good football player. One team that's actually. So the boat was actually in Atlanta. Michael would just as drew and Lugo are greatly let you go tomorrow and LA issued one of the key notes because a guy sit next to me deuce. But while they consider it im not degrade is one of the greatest offensive line of attack Anthony Munoz might. He's a throwback from way back but he he's always going to be made to his among the greats. What a great. And for. Fourteen in the top five out of a typical of the mutinies. How many games in NFL. You'd tolerable one. K now. And you know. Election. Ordered by team how to medical. On film the cut that meat and not be an all time greats. At Mike did Didier on tour and Mike did did GA dot com audio Jimmy V draft now my leg so much what held again early next week. All right we'll wrap things up to some basketball school as in the sweet sixteen and to him. It was in the house to tell us about what's owner track this weekend and has caught. When rabbit dot gates at the Christian and set next on the BW. I'm expert to expert break it down a sweet sixteen the Mike to CAA ten NASCAR shot showed tomorrow laughter Miller issued the 2017. And issue coaching clinic. Anthony Munoz will be that you want to guess because Deuce McAllister. Along with the coaches will speak to coach Dave Miranda. Coach Mack cannon and coach in over Tim Zuma all our sports there is in the house now and he's given us a little taste of NASCAR this week and a traditional the oldest track. There Fontana this and wanna hold of the goodie hunting and. Yeah this is going to be your traditional asphalt track you're gonna get a lot of four wide in this track you're gonna see a lot of people on the straight aways Smith and it's gonna come down to those restarts this race. A lot of the winners in the in the past this race that came down to the restarts so it doesn't really matter where you qualify in the race I wanna say you've qualified outside the top fourteen yet just get a shot. As if you get the pole in this race. Him now when you look fall where are always good travelers you know in football people say well you know when you get to that fourth or fifth game the first quarter of the season. You kind of want to be distracting depth in translating into NASCAR. One of these rabbit like all right he's in the groove he's gained only deteriorates is four races one race how does that work to Wear like these guys just on the give it to like what you think this season has gone well. You'll see you'll see I I guess the type of car like the Ford so far this year have been the the dominant car last year that one start the when you start the year it was on it was the Toyota is that did well on the year before that it was a Seve is there's always one brand has always can be dominant starting the race and this year it's been Kevin Harvick Kurt Busch in the boards that have been dominated in the Seve is and it's been the toyotas that I've been trying to catch up so I guess going in 34 races against you you're eventually gonna see those toyotas you're gonna see those several days possibly this league Jimmie Johnson is probably going to be the favored in this race. So win and to catch up with those boards. Tim que me Hugo over to win his Mankins and and and you don't attract and duel race car race you know has done it in racing cars are racing go carts. Now man race and and I'm a little wiggle past I would go carts and they haven't done it a couple of I've never done that forever and there believed they are on time. No it is we we didn't show the only had a the big race a couple years ago it's unbelievable there's no doubt about it I'm thinking you know NASCAR says so we do we do run run the car literally go. It's Arthur. I chose to go carts is on scare on my record car and into a wall or something I don't trust my drives those are set to go on offense. Im very active on social media which had a ring and on NASCAR fans with him he's a guy that's active. He he can do and raised him packing people people with you on social media all the time and during NASCAR race. I you can follow me on Twitter tens in 1613 I'll suppose my fantasies. And you want up every Sunday morning. So if you win every play DS DFS daily fantasy that which is illegal Louisiana but horse to about a statement about. Arm you can check that out as well. Him a semi Tim had to be the key go into it one more time zones and 1613 I can't thank you so much for the time RI. Coming up tomorrow will be live in a team every December isn't the LSU coaching clinic. Do's and I'll be there would talk to some of the best in the business and get you a date would be to set for LSU baseball a huge series at Florida next. Christmas said Nicky being due to the latest in sports also they give you some updates on the NCA turner were at halftime it's contact at thirty and West Virginia thirty. Lamar Menard and Chris Millen on names on the news on Deke Bellavia deuce take us to the you young men and young ladies thank you often listened to Louis WWL sports talk. We out.