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Psychic, near death experience, and cooking with spices - how can this change your world?

Mar 24, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Guest Kelli Coffee about her YouTube channel - Kelli in the Raw. Kelli offers consult in the form of psychic readings, as well as more basic cooking, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance. 03/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's. It's beyond reality radio is chasing. Spend cheesy Johnson and it is our Wednesday night slash Thursday morning program depending on where you are in the country. Kelly coffee tonight actually yes whether it's Wednesday analysts have Thursday in the eastern struck there's sort of stuck somewhere in between we will meaning beyond reality radio with myself Jason Hawes AMOCO Stevie Johnson a one thing I do wanna start off with saying it's our hearts go out to. Everybody in London panel at the end of the chaos that happened today and the loss of life from terrorist attack. Five people including a police officer lost his life today and I just I can't fathom it's just it's insane. The monarchy may goes armaments world. Whether it's. You don't believe in the same god I believe then or you shouldn't marry that individual way ammunition so much hate so much anger in peace in people alternates it's ridiculous. It seems to get worse and worse and worse. And you know there's there's only so. And and so it's much you can say about it and when you have been people. In the world that are. Basically hell bent on killing other people in the world and know they're willing to take her own life to do it it's almost impossible to stop because you don't believe what they believe I just because you don't have the same belief is that it's the most. It's most. Idiotic things I think guys ever have ever seen her do whatever and our hearts go out everybody's been affected. And just let's hope that it stops bottom line but I'm also today is a pretty he toasty for you to GG. He you know was it tough David is also a good day. We held as. My underwear to prepare a service but it wasn't the funeral from my mother today and at the funeral home and the outpouring of love and support. An appreciation and and just respect from my mother was was awe inspiring and though the blue we and we had a few hours of visitation and the wind started the minute we actually before we even had the doors officially open and went into well laughter. There were supposed to be closed it was a nonstop. Parade of people who all were saying the same things which were just wonderful things about my mother. And it was very heartwarming heartfelt and sobering all the same time and I think everybody who send their prayers and their laws I know a lot of people. Listen to this program were doing that for us as well thanks so much. Like those issues incredible woman and a chip and an incredible life and you've got a great Hamlet so. And shall be greatly missed McKee and she'll be with the loss of life your father that's right now they're back together again this Leo that's the way it should be so there we don't you know that's all right so moving on you honestly javy was sang we have a Kellie Coffey on tonight and create some you might know or she does a YouTube channel Michael Kelly in the raw. And it's Arctic. Channel that they're the only efficiently we got to say it every time because I don't mean but she blogs about being a psychic and paranormal health cooking nutrition clothes make up. Pair supplements and she's relationships anything she can think of two took that video blog about she does so honored mingle a student. Help you become your ultimate best. Yet I spent a lot of time on her website earlier in the day and was trying to get a real sense of what she doesn't she basically does it all I'm really anxious to ask some questions. About some of these the techniques that she uses she's. She's far more engaged in the psychic part of her life sentence that I think we had a really originally originally realized so. We're going to be good comer station about that we've will of course take your calls a throughout that conversation and 8446877669. But the it'll be really interesting conversation about many many topics. Yeah and then tomorrow we got Gavin Italian Paulo Purcell note. Gavin is a kernel of Escude was a huge country singer turned colonel investigator and Sammy you might remember him from national star show that was on USA national start Busan season three user regional finalist. And he's got some songs out there as well but he's also worked on doing this this Amazon prime series paranormal journey into the unknown. And you guessed it checked that out and Amazon has long are we talking animal a lot of things he's working on what he's got coming up and sue and also know. Yes and we're continuing our conversation we had some discussion lively discussion in Chad actually. About paranormal television in general when if you've had some chat a chance to think about that a little bit anyone offer some comments would be happy to take those phone calls. You know tell us what you think about the state of paranormal reality television or prisoner to reality either some more dramatic series as well. Have you noticed it like every big series coming out whether it's on you know one of the cable channels are major network seems to have some type of paranormal connection to it. You know these these new mr. calls things in these you know whatever happens to be noticed it's fantasy it's scifi it's paranormal nature it's really seems to be dominating television. Yeah and we don't write I think it's I think it's great but there has been so many copycats or ghost hunters or or other shows colonel shows that have come. And it and made their mark and then demand cancel disappeared or whatever. And be honest with you soften it and I think a lot of them hurt the field. Some of them benefited known and benefit the field and a wrong there were some of them that hurt the field as well. And yes so and they dish keep coming and that's I think that's the biggest problem is they keep coming but nobody's changing it. Did it always seems to be the same old same. Well the only way they change it is they tend to up their drama of it or they seek things too to make him more sensational and that's addict can't. And that's a big thing is it in the drama. Aspect a lot of them have casting agencies which cast and crew together. And saying this person's going to be great for drama with this person and be honest with you ghost hunters but we just had that Brian McCann was a drama. And drama situation just waiting to happen Tom played in late he know he did exactly. And but we weren't tested and that I think that's important nobody said will this person should be on the team that person that was just it was osu we were taps only existed prior to show exist after the show Linda. And that's so it is put it there's I think there's a lot of production companies say their hands Wheaton way. Too deep into the actual group in and how how works and it just creates a problem. Well we've seen the results of that though shows enough to last very long so I guess in their own you know because their own payback at some point. If you haven't yet make sure you had over the like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And you can head to beyond reality radio dot com just click the listen line of and join the chat button right there in the middle of the page. And you can also listen right online you can acknowledging he had myself and the ball a bunch of the BR our families that everybody's pretty much hangs on the chat room talks. And it's it's it's a great community. It sure is. From the C do we talk about we've got coming up on next week and own and and we don't know we wind land it and say Gavin AM Monday night off course Friday is it is a best of program for those listening on local radio stations on Monday night showing got McCain Jenkins who's been reading about people in the natural world for about thirty years Sony's offer of a book coming out. Called food fight GMOs in the future of the American diet. He's also author of the book called contamination which chronicles it to his investigation into. The myriad of synthetic chemicals that we encounter in our daily lives throughout our diets diets. And the growing body of evidence about how these things harmless and and harm the environment to be talking about some some pretty sobering stuff on Monday night. I don't even ticket should attempt to say who's on Tuesday. I think it would a and an Internet hype is Sarah Ambrose who win. Ten as approval or there are no purpose and punish childhood memories of seeing a beautiful Rangel aura of light around the heads of people young and old. Yes or are we talking with him about. His abilities are psychic abilities and what he picks on com Wednesday we've got Mary Decker. Co director researcher for ghost excavations. Mary's fascination goes begin an early age when she would see her grandmother who passed away. And that and that seems to be very Thomas thinks for children. When they see grandparent or parent that is. Pass away it it really seems to thrust them into this field later on live TV. Yeah it does it creates an interest at that young age and it just kind of sticks with you and at some point you decide to. You want some answers and you start looking around poke around and in learning more about it. Oly TV set our phones are open 8446877669. In the Stoll freed 844687. 76692. Freely give us a call were and yeah. Do you have something you needed to. All right so we're gonna take quick break and after the break we'll. Our best the. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. So it's beyond my own radio chastened on TV Johnson well. And to everybody. You're listening on a local radio station we welcome news there we're adding to that list. I just a couple of weaker so it's it's grown nicely. Yeah and actually we have Oklahoma City coming on and a couple others are beyond posting an information over the next couple days on the unreality radio dot com and FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond really ready. Just for anybody in that area so you listen to our local station then go over just listen alliance to. Yeah listen no minds fine to the chat rooms there you can always join the chat room on its fun and Muslims and is going smoothly it's a great time. It the snow is the case is so well that's and it always happens when I do a stressful life we get so many people are trying to get an old ones after you do that and beacon a bogs things down a little bit. Well but I love door in the post but I mean it's it's tough because the one I just did it hadn't 101000. People Sheehan now and so and in Jackson feels amendment then and it's always great to be able to reach everybody and it's the site is currently can't handle some. And they're returned to beef up the capabilities that can handle more users and we're working on that stuff it's all growing pains it's good stuff to have. But speaking of growing pains we had announced our guest Kellie Coffey I think there's a couple weeks ago she was supposed to be on the show with a us. She is the host of YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw. She talks about being psychic about the paranormal and one other lifestyle things all designed to help people become their ultimate best. And we finally get the opportunity actually welcome Kelly do the show. Kelly welcome to be on reality radio it's awesome having here tonight. Nominees are coming on and you cover so many different topics in your your video blogs you do so I think low left and listening stock quotes. Oh. We're gonna love things that aren't very quiet yet well the first thing I just we just have to ask you because I don't know where to begin here but just tell issue story how did you get to where you are now. Good story well I think I was born and obviously. I think they're all the time I cannot remember. When I couldn't see things that other people couldn't. In noting that other people that joke. I know the future get black people mine and bring out. And and that's okay she is it that you have to know anybody can as the forty Kessler let me alone is doing gets slick getting on that see what's going on here but that's underserved. Something going on there you know every time. We have something very very interesting about to happen on the show we get some little gremlin thing going on I still think if I went outside or another be a black SUV parked out in front of the house with a couple guys and sunglasses out their tinkering. And night with a check now they are going to post this week spell it right there is of the very strange going on. So I'm not sure what's going on with with China hit we're gonna bring a bag in just a second. The peso Arab I was doing this thing today you know wall when disgrace that sort of thing going on in London and this report came and it was it was really strange because. The report had talked about. The richest presidents throughout history of the US now on the assurances that all you listeners out there have actually looked into this yes of course Donald Trump news. Is the richest by far. And with a five point eight billion dollar mountain value network suits. Arm but did you know the actual. Howl. Then maybe you can rate the president's chin and a what what they were worth no. Parent Walt. Harry Truman was worth less than a million dollar rate in Franklin Roosevelt was worth an estimated sixty million content. Herbert Hoover 75 and ten. Lyndon Johnson 98 million. And James Madison a 101 million as you know these are these adjusted so they're all equal. Generally better hope so because ultimately when we have George Washington. The fact Tom. James Madison won 101 million Andrew Jackson 119. Million. Teddy Reza rose Roosevelt went when he five Thomas Jefferson to 32 owners to inform him. In George Washington 525. Million dollars while can you imagine a mile. I mean you think Kennedy would have been one of the richest but do you know that that fan that they were only given ten million dollars in and trust fund. Unfortunately there's life I don't know I mean it is not scrape and by Asia to speak peace movement on the street services. Well let's if we've got to six with Kelly Kelly you back with us. That was a very very strange episode and often are often played with ever have black suvs outside your house with the men in what sunglasses rounder is that ever happened. Not necessarily and you need our helicopters or if he's and that is. Wouldn't I I work with mean I'll probably need to keep that's really what they'd probably like a warning to watch ran out of the show. We that we have a delay button just in case the let's not try to user so. We've got a two minutes here because that we have it we're gonna sort of reports in that two minutes pick up your story and how do you where you are. And well I think berg I wouldn't date you until you Ankara Baptist. So not that was okay at all I confided in another kick at that lead you wouldn't it or not Melanie but it. You know bill I'd I'd get that for a long time pop like everybody else you all the negative vibrations burst through the strongest. They don't even gonna guide planes are gonna crash you know we get all that suffer so it really met the leader at and so I turned my ability to opt for a while and then basically. One of them Tak Ing and learn to New England middle of the I died. In red got a kick out of my body in. Figured out what the world we're doing here I am in what is going on so I decided to come back and picking back had. You're basically told my story. What I found out my top. And wouldn't really going aren't. And basically how do you keep the case. That slavery that we've been under for a very long time Lee and basically people puppetry and I'll. And can. When you say you turned off your abilities how did you turn off Greenpeace. I get ignored down all psychic abilities aren't registered a higher level of weird at. You're aware and an economy that's higher level still all you do it put the blinders on. Are your carry you up the governing this are bad to look or get right after being that you need to kept the puck popped. To bring her level of awareness out to a lower point I mean just reading only. You know which is is a miserable it legally and so that's cliche here ability. Are things I'll say that's a miserable well lowered their level of alert. He says it's a miserable way to live but isn't that the way about 8090% society list this. That person is to deal with a lot of people who are above that and away from a lot of these can call them. I know I've I don't know I might have a huge committed to getting more than that. That I think all the you know what you watch unit you still in do you read pretty injury and information I think at time your view on the world. I don't know what we're in your protection and what would killing on a little bit we have our own troops you make our own world what a book. And and they collide and I'm. Yes they do we're talking with Kellie Coffey she is a YouTube post its Kelly in the wrong. On and the website is Kelly in the raw TV dot com that's Kelly KE LL I. We're gonna take a break when we come back I wanna find out more about the near death experience or the death experience that you had Kelley and you know what you saw what you did in and mean how he recovered from that. It's beyond reality radio Jason most JB Johnson don't. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's radio Jason Johnson Jimmy Jones and win the. Apologies for anybody you assemble difficulty in the chattering and overloading circuits again. Here a long absence or canoe couldn't tell us so many thousands of people sign on any given time well keep trying folks say we we know that there's a problem were working on trying to up our capacity here and we appreciate everybody continue to try to get in there because there really is worthwhile it's a lot of fun being in check and being on the website which I should remind you. That any time we have a guess I'm beyond reality raid you can go to the website. And click on the gas tab and you'll get information about the gas and any links to stuff they've got going on whether it's web sites or books or dvds or whatever happens to be. Absolutely our guests tonight is Kelly classy known for her YouTube channel Kelly in the Roth thanks for hanging out with a skill. We got our I don't. So we were till we are you told us a little bit about you know how you got Kenny you're you're past in this direction. A what are your more about the near death experience you have what can you tell us about that. That basically I had tonight beginning with certainty I removed. And it was about and saying later on the short story so technically I've written out of greed. Stop eating at some. I have dry socket for minutes now campaign. I complex medication as just an a lot of factors. And I stopped to bring. It might have been in there and what happened. And I had him a hole yet. So what I stopped breathing. I'd pretty mobile operating current Peter Parnell. Appear in the middle of my living room I have a thing about that when he QG not feeling. So that that kind of work really hard. And it reminded me of static on television. And Olga block. Are the static. Still there are a blue light being just to Iraq. This tunnel just got bigger and bigger and bigger pretty good drive a car or. Yes and the Blue Line being straight talking to me it was her perky mail boy she starts to come that's why doesn't the way to go. Kabul me it it never stops consciously since the automatic recording. What he'll. And I'm looking around like crap crippled nation ready to come around week did not yet established at all I look at it and it didn't. Still aren't looking around their fans I call cripple cities. I you know in the OJ see we've looking and I think that war. Agency. I'm pretty much everything that exists in all the other dimension. So I stopped breathing. Here is my hand and Obama Kelly green. Kelly can read and entered into the panic and Blake Kelly green. And I'm I had already popped out of my body and you it's like popping through them a membrane. And all the student all a part of that all the pain and bought. You are an estate on all of clicking laureate bliss it's just. It alone so intent. And still we are acute can't even imagine. If there is nothing you can. Indeed on the planet in your reality that even comes close to let. Million pounds more than you can hear it more real and it. So it was just this that and made a feeling of unconditional love art and it was the light the light was still light like a balloon and but it didn't blanket on everything would need a lot. And I would just energy. I would I would just pure energy and I I let depleted. Internally you remember all of my actual state of being that he regretted that parents really steals normal. Yes yes it looked like a waking up from the well dreams are like rock. So my husband Blake just begin to get more staying in the background. I forgot that I had children and how the mortgage you know another none of that existed anymore like. Up from a video game you know just did it generally having meeting right elegant experience that I'm waking up. They'll. It would just so absolutely amazing you touched everything that exit. At what time he touched everything and you know everything an instant. When you believe he's types eternity. Lowell amassed this though when you come back though it must be sort of traumatized seeing if when you pump on your body. You lose you lose the worry about the children and then the family at everything else. And then when you end up back and it is that us as scary situation to be in any way if you ended up in that spiritual realm. And you lost you worry about. Although the living individuals. That that's not a terrifying situation when you come back to this wrong. Well diet is what most people feel that I haven't been through net. Because when you guy you realize what you're actually dealing here. It make sense that you don't remember down it's not a big deal so when you get yourself back in the video game and I'd I decided to come. That this video games. Didn't you just understand that it's your playing a game with a point. And didn't you yo look at Billick all that differently and do my. All Latin going to be different. Because of that you need to move forward. Knowing what all of that is financially it differently then you. If you didn't do it before I don't think I did early elegant living at all until I died and that's when I die I started lifting. It's not really in his mind out. Yes he did you learn what everything in the Powell are enormous appreciation because you think and act if you aren't you. On the reincarnation trap I'd I call it in voluntary reading the reincarnation and that's what the tunnel it is that the people technology. Yet that teach you that strictures all you basically go to our remote viewed as I've I've worked with. The military. To train its own Belmont countering that you'd better think of the government about a way of teaching moment. I'm kind of slowed up again at a pop and how to do that and like real time. And a gentle calm. Anyway just remote viewing all all of this past not eaten yet. Thank I'll let you know. Sites you've actually worked with in the areas and remote dealing. A day on a contest to make they had. Saying they can't let people that are playing ever. Really weird about the method of payment to the all of the strain your dad and I don't care and they would tell me it's like holding my hand you know place. Many are and I can like feel blue beer. You know that you created the energy connect I can see into all the dimensions. I didn't sell their own you can see that complaint yet I can beat them and the Hulk all of this stuff. So I they got attracted me and I pot when he said that the government right now growing interest in remote viewing the future. You can would you be able to teach me how to do and I am like well that's that's what they do in my practice and I'd teach everybody how to how to do that wouldn't and I accept it. So. I've to into the play creek in I gather that information. In the show to down. How container information. But I've you know everybody in Atlanta now. Well let me ask a question them about were a remote viewing and future now if somebody remote views until future and they see themselves in certain plays sort of winning a certain life. Com. It doesn't doesn't give them reason to not strive to be the best they can be through this point of their life because they feel that that's already being handed to them at some point. What happened when some people see our future timeline. I guess. Like okay and I'm here I'm going to be of a world famous musician. And you didn't you hear any seat. And then suddenly oh you are let that stop playing. You lose the desire you his very you know acting irresponsibly. I you know you know barked I didn't break your finger and I get uglier and community or they're not famous and I gears. So you could screw all of that out. Or do you keep injury that doesn't mean and that can happen and you have a can't you I'd change. So the future felons Taliban are based based on the timeline that your been in the past few that exist at that moment if that path changes for. Any reason exam LA the other the examples you just provided them in the future would change. Yes it's like you're gonna have cancer in two year. Oh no I'm not an actor siding and eating I ate at all McCain or lifestyle and they don't they don't get character. Yeah a lot of looking into the future very senior the possible timeline based on what you're doing right now. Doctor Anna and I think that's the hardest part I have with that if he sees the future. Some big news so I guess it's just one future that could be so much but anything could be in the future so I mean tomorrow I could I can hit power ball I saw that in the future. Work and so yeah I I think that's just a tough part I have with trying to grasp on that I mean who says it's supposed to be set forth in the future than. Why would it change somewhere between. Well you've got a software program that running and that we're eagerly accepts the future. I needed to do it equating that in the proper program you've got our video game they're playing now have a pay a hundred level. And you have perimeter here and you know limitation. But when you go into a room there so many possibilities queue jump not for the right left or straight. All that ink in the software program although the apparently you're gonna take. Is not militarily in the popular program. But it every all of the possibilities are there are inept soccer program. And that that all of us together are on level fifty having that experience. A level spoken nine would be considered the tab and mobile if you land. Would be considered future. Still you'd be able to go into the future aren't that software program and see what the to have it. A hot like winning is negative energies are supposed to hit a war to an upswing of energy where. To London in my community a lot where created. We're we're creator. The ones that are in the control of the planet again calling our unit. They and the C basically be energies are coming out when you distract with the main change in indeed good thing in the world. In gamma tech tracked it over your due would that. So the manipulate a game because they know what content to have been. All right we're talking with Kellie Coffey. Video host the YouTube channel was Kelly in the raw. The website is Kelly in the raw TV dot com we're gonna continue our conversation in just couple moments it's beyond reality radio team Santa. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but. Now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Beyond reality radio when Jason on TV Johnson telephone number receipt. 446877669. If you'd like to call and join us on the program we'd love to tech talk with few much of paranormal experiences also you can. Chat whether guest tonight who's Kelly coffee she's a psychic she's also a YouTube post she has a via web series called Kelly in the raw. The website is Kelly in the raw TV dot com by the way Kelly is spelled KE. LL like Kelly again thanks for joining us from beyond reality radio great to have him show. So we're talking. Remote viewing but I actually taped. The conversation back as we kind of veered off from talking about two near death experience and we'll get back the remote viewing sift its fascinating. But what are you know. How long ago did you have this near death death experience and how long has it events that heads as you know it affected what you are doing now. It was August of her dirty and passed in 2010 and when and I had my near death experience. Now is pretty active equity of the ball I'm sure some when I got back to company. Since then since that date since it happened it's been effect. Oh yes yes yes and in many ways go over time but immediately it was oh gosh gravity. Really. Seriously. Don't think your born but it you don't think anything of it but when you get international stage and you come back and it. Did ridiculous show I would still angry for two years and gravity. I was so furious. So they're all adjustment you have to mate when you get back in the body. I think it's frustrating and into this reality you relate to anybody out there. Again you know what going on in her all that happy or liquor store and battery car. You know watch and Obama and bring in icu and all that made the. During that experience did you encounter any other being Newser any other presences other than the people that may have been in the room releasing your husband was in the room with few but did you encounter anything else. It was an act of blue light. That would beckoning me into the tunnel. A lot of I'm right and people are able to look at this tractor beam that was pulling every particle of like being org. The tunnel entrance. Every Mountain View the cattle and it goes to the minute I did this letter Connolly. So why report on our air it didn't I started to wake completely and that's what they're Preval about what he had completely the bring you decision. You're not going McConnell a player pulling or wait I mean a little bit Greek billionaire you've decided it. But don't let your entry Q bait they do you are just waking up and you don't know what's going on. I'd say they try to do this week so I'll do I would almost to the entrance he changed what you said. Andy you get it your time to go into something triggered it would need that of that and I kinda got. I go back. Here when I started to. Q usually in and yes I'm sorry going back to my body. And that's only my gosh they have no control all of you they really don't. You say you don't trick you into engine ask what more powerful in that it would YouTube believed that you lock. So I came back in my body just what it'll look. -- when it was difficult to go to give Google too late now that was the only only paying. But you said these tunnel goes into the moon. Yeah are interviewed a later. Where where you go get it where people go where they got. I encourage that you had an excellent delivered at the unit as well and when you the same place. Until I was a working with a Bobby Hickman a book about were remote viewing and we were doing it yet Lehman got the news. We looked around it and who did not and read different dimensions are third fourth in just dimensions. The main under the water in Turkey's prime channel Lincoln now that would probably intestines and and when and that there are wet black hole appeared in my vocabulary were the spirit. Great that you know flight. I'm a bit of energy that affect internal. Appoint strict law. And then the soul heart attack all the technology. It's temporary because you hit musical one lifetime. And then and I hear that sometimes entry tackle mean you get enough when. They had when you go out there but those are collected. More and at bringing their. And he repeated ability should you explain it here when you're there and you understand and hard hit a pillar Dick playing. There are being that Taylor off to replace being. There are a hybrid grave. In military style. Katarina bunkers. They're not in the whole thing it kind of like the space station currently being op. That he has a lot of control. For the planet I'd shoot it every hopeful that it it will honor that told you look at commodity. They continue to attend film are over and over and over at the plot like says retract you over over over and what I call it against your will. And then they developing. That become more valuable and that it is a commodity. Merit and I'm hoping that. I. Do you judge yeah there's that we have about a minute and a half four we have to go to break again but it just won't understand this do you are you suggesting that the moon itself the center at the spiritual place are you saying. It's actually void of spirituality it's more of an alien outpost. That is has something to do was what you were talking about in your gear to near death experience. If you look like a regular spacecraft and and how they function. That's how the don't live and function of how it's been in different connection that function called it a biological level. And it as spiritual level. Physical level you've got all of that combined in warned you that. Multiple dimensions and working together so if you're you're one against a very careful. Federal allotment giggling a line. There on the main and. Okay as soul and you were saying almost like an antacid type thing so there's all these weird tunnels that are saying there. And it was when you first began in the air and either you stop right your spirit and I'll leave. Physical body. They are taken in this. Piece of technology at the ball. I think it goes in you don't think the straw like I think there is sticking out our community. The only guy in an invite all think you'd been dropped and that the intestines it it's quite liberally growth Olympics. Not awful illegally Elin are expecting to Auburn being. And I can you go through what Gilbert content and any until like I don't know what stomach area that all these other ones are for dumping engineer. AP all the bowl coming from law differently. And Erica I IP unable to see are people conceived at the chamber poll looks like. These are human full. I'm mostly that we're on the air there were others that I didn't recognize different after poll. But no plea human where I was. You know we're talking with Kellie Coffey had known for YouTube channel Kelly in the wrong. Psychic she blogs and talks about everything from health cooking nutrition and you name it so a lot more to come after after this regular city Jason didn't. Listening online welcome to everybody it is beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB Johnson very happy to be here with you tonight it's. And another great show we've got our guests coming up in a little bit Kellie Coffey will join us. She's a psychic she's YouTube host she's got you to show called Kelly in the raw her website is Kelly in the run TV dot com we'll be chat with her little later in the program. It definitely whether you Wednesday in the western Thursday in the Easter stuck somewhere in between we want to welcome to beyond really reveal myself Jason -- and my co host GV Johnson and one thing I do wanna say is our hearts go well to all the people who have been affected by what just happened in London today. Fight people lost their lives including one police officer. With and just insane act of terrorism which. Seems to be more prominent every time we turn around somebody else they're just wants to kills people because they have different beliefs or. They don't look at something that same wind and it's it's such a scary scary world one it's like that. It is and it's something minutes to seems appalling that we have to fear and a daily basis but we do now and it's into the new reality and let's hope it doesn't lasso a lot longer. And and JD my heart goes out to Unix and Linux it was pretty pretty tough day for you all the thank you for those of you follow the show you know that Tom and other passed away last week and today we held. Our services at the funeral home for her it was an amazing. Showing of love and appreciation and respect my mom and I think everybody. Who attended but even more importantly all of you who are listening audience who over the past year. Have a cent love prayers and hope for us it's been felt and it's been very appreciated. Issue an amazing woman she really was and so it's no surprise of the outpouring of people who who swung by and certain to pay Vera. Their respects and everything else to choose a phenomenal lady your father was a normal guy. And it shouldn't police warming are to appoint knowing and you know inside there there are together again you know essentially that is super company actually it's it's it's. One of the only things come from noon time like this you know and so and I'm going through my own tough times over here and you know that so I won't get into much detail but. In my dad's been sick for awhile support for handling not to Bana. Hey I'm on another note Paris so are you and receive the same today from science solar had to do have you the school sleepwalking thing you sleep walker. No I'm not who said never known and I am and so from doing it and doing it completely unaware. Erica well neither in my but I have one among one of my children have has been asleep walker work. Also you'll hear running through your house or get up among confined her opinion on another room somewhere. But arm sleepwalking actually might be the result of the survival mechanism on. Gong are all right a little yeah. Recent research from Stanford University shows that 4% of adults might have had an experience with sleepwalking in fact sleepwalking is on the rise. In part due to increased use of sleepy slate Ambien and things like that which is funny because I meatloaf told media that crazy boy told you about a gigantic recently blogging experience using Ambien why should never use its. Austin often these episodes are harmless. For example there's this guy Lee had when Londoner who's professional artistic talents seem to only be president. While he sleeps. Yes you are in their ideas while he sleeps. Only talented if if yes so another or just trust your wife your only good winners. Except for a lot of us are to be him but. Sometimes of course sleepwalking can be dangerous and some people aren't rational stage during which they can themselves or others. There was actual teenager and English teenager in 2009 it jumped eight meters out of her out of her bedroom window. There was also a case of Kenneth parks in Toronto who in 1987 drove 23 kilometers and murdered his mother in law. All apparently lost sleep closely know who goes it's a defense point. Well I don't know because I honestly didn't there all the studies actually came back and it's it appeared to be true. And he never had any issues with sir there was a severe lack of motive but does now they're thinking that the sleepwalking. And actually might not to speak your brain. You're kicking in and you acting out your dreams but that it's this survival mechanism which he can be a scary thing while others. There is you know we've we've talked about sleep paralysis a lot we've talked about you know that the the fact that the brain. Intentionally shuts off some of your motor skills one reason targets in Europe and stay you don't get up as are running a dual wall so you don't hurt yourself so it sounds to me like sleepwalking is kind of a failure of that system. Yes and and I showed video during some of the presentation. And you see he's seated anywhere. In a dog just. Tests and have this mechanism is sort of barking and anger acting like something's coming up behind him and he gets up and runs at first digital wallet death and you you feel bad but he goes to show that if you didn't if you if you didn't shut down and become paralyzed like that. The EU would start acting these things aren't a lot of times you would get up and just start calling you know running and Lawler. Or jumping or moving and so it's it's definitely a protective. Protective mode the year your brain such human to. Put down on so this is right and chemical scary to arriving survival mechanism on aren't. You know now impala. Sleep is a pretty cool one and the brain is pretty amazing and saying and we have only scratched the surface and Mosul has barely use as soon as I know a few people have a piece of brain lodged in their head to and it's is danger had just enough so tonight on the children be talking with Kellie Coffey she's known for her YouTube channel Kelly in the wrong. She blogs while being a psychic and paranormal health cooking nutrition clothes makeup hair supplements. Relationships and pretty much anything else. She could think of support you becoming your ultimate best. Tomorrow we're going to be talking when Gavin Kelly and Paul Purcell I Gavin Kelly is a country singer turned our colonel investigator and leads fantastic ghost hunters. A three year old group and documenting the unknown down on you might remember Gavin from my. Season three of national star he was one of the regional finalists in the starve and that was and I know nationals are as Manama someone Elba. No it's like 67 seasons but he did really well from some of our take a break when we come back we'll bring our guests Kelly coffee into the program it's beyond reality radio coach Jason. Most Jimmie Johnson thinks it's doing is still there. I. A concrete help you prepare us. But what can you do I think it's time trying to get a better serve back he had bigger better and I are really dedicated sir I mean what if one else well it's this is just a testament to know a dedicated listeners in the stands are it's so great that everybody is anxious to be part of the chat room in in in here with here and listen in Chad knowledge stuff and and just overwhelming demand and we'd we're gonna have to beef things up over the I think taught there. Absolutely I just looking at via the how quickly the sites crown and I mean in the last week and past two weeks so it's received over two million hits yet so tell it there. There's a lot aren't just for the guest in Kellie Coffey is the most of YouTube channel it's called Kelly in the raw her website is Kelly in the raw TV dot com. Kelly welcome back to be on real agree agree to have your show. Having me so I need to tell me what the YouTube channels all about you cover a lot of things which your what should. Gold what do you what do you trying to accomplish and and what's it all about. Yeah I'd I really don't know I I think that's assignment the beauty of it all. Is I need to new television I'd I inherited travel shows. Then they got to the point where players have to kill you can have her own. But not you know. And then OK you have to Turk sleeping with and people are your gonna get them. You know exactly where in it and yeah how. Lighten out of my my career Mike and everybody goalie that though my two iron to twelve years I didn't I didn't have to do that it's because. We'll load up. You know outlying Democrat wanna do and so one can say there is being called YouTube you probably heard of it. They eat they that you are not there and earn money. Ally in WW what did you look really. Doctor and he came up on YouTube and a lot of humanity and it still out on their plate I don't know what to do it on I don't I have a chat here. I'll keep my not a chapter here at home. Just I I did it out like a 100000 feet overnight. Public don't get it like heading here Lehman. Kelly Kelly you decided to do video about how you cut your hair you got a 100000 views overnight. Yeah. That I don't rank is this a real story in. Let me like I've in the Mexican video. Ever did. Person wanted to do David Kelly amateur targeted in yet you're by dog. You know and I think it video I don't know lizards army getting hairy teaching people how to do it blew out. And that would realize people want to be independent. They want to be able to take care of them. Mentality and you can't figure yourself so what else to do the capital partners upper every X and what aren't teaching people independent. So yeah it might be here. But there's a lot of people don't wanna save money went to be able to be in on their own to bill to build these skilled. Can help your family yes a little hugely beneficial thing watching someone cut our hair. Engaged in how to do have a new look at that. So are there the need and a pocket idea of airport. We're doing yourself. How to get people are wanting to become more independent you can operatives felt a bit about bringing people. Not having to be the plan another notre. Not a little wonderful video that would forbid you're entitled started doing here like and I have a license or anything out of a wonderful client have learned from my employees out of context here yeah I would advise I turned over originally. Did that hair looked good do you Qaeda leader. Among some weakening happy with the haircut after that there. And have a more. It would I'm trying to figure out here if there was a comedic element to this video or through you actually you at the end of the I felt like it was a good haircut and were happy with that. It really I'm not undone right here I let my hair care and maybe I'm kinda known and we blacked out there so I'm. Pay TV we can create video you come on you shave my head will do and a scenario where I got off your scalp them going to be really awkward and I and I. So on the way you two I don't I don't know who you who works is funny and it's in TV and I would Hayward be able to sit in a while ago and I logged on I never even knew that you really that it paid for radios or whatever and realize that they owed me it's on a mosque itself is there we have to figure out again there's it was the way it was weird it's weird how that also works. Women intercourse are common in Europe justice owner bring caller in some news in waiting on hold a patiently for awhile this is Leo from Texas a Leo welcome to be on reality radio or have you on the show. Helio welcome to show. Can Omar you guys doing we're doing great you can and I'm. I'm I'm kind words talking about sleep problems that and I. I have my answer but it actually suffered from it. And Mary fairly Earl I'll act feared the Arabs. In the medical medical version of sleep paralysis. Yes or your body is paralyzed. You're still aware of your surroundings. And a lot of people and I'm sharing your experience to Berlin the same thing where you you have a hard time everything almost feels like something sitting on your chest because he's your your body is still in that. That sleep mode and you can't move so even though he Euro waking you're trying to move. You are still only league isn't as much air in as you were prior. Yes and you can't. Scream or alert anyone. Any time I would try. If you ever in the grads. The knowing that the ghost make another movie that noise would come out of my mouth like I can never premarket AMBER Alert. My significant other and honestly they were and I terrifying experiences especially the ones that included like three like hallucination he. I don't really so how and how long has it been since you suffered that. Com it probably get about two or three years and my act up at that. Leah did you have did you get the sense that there is anything beyond just a medical explanation that a lot of people feel there is did you ever. Big for awhile I can't add words. Honestly it was breaking me down mentally so badly that I did it happen. And at that point you probably terrified deep to go to sleep. I was I couldn't go to sleep without my boyfriend and the apartment. If I did. I would just every coming. Everytime I close my I Obama and what happens when it was an expert Eric and I or hand irons separate episode than one in one night. Now did you or find out the cause behind the. I actually. My first for the opening ever happened was when I was seventeen years old and I wasn't very severe. I had a erratically in my early twentieth but I was action. Actually. On eight and Adam and eight drug called Eric while. That helped you go to sleep and we I kind of what kind of narrowed down at that bit and what was making it about. Cakes and also a big thing is a stress stress can create the same scenarios. And Kelly what do you what do you know Bolton and the whole sleep well Cisco. I'm a parent that sleep well there's the part that I deal with it silently crawl since. I mean I own personal turning had to have been. Getting basically admit that I mean that come to visit me I'd say it will pin you down Larry you yet and it went on they try to PG thing. How how global poverty ignorance. There are different than the reptilian type one they can't steal lob it a woman and in women. Pop but they would do a lot of programming and they also will peril you in your bed and and how well you can't make them while they're doing in front of energy work in it and programming on duke. Are there also negative type entities. And people would call on demons are I don't regularly any kind of label these are just other. In his even and other dementia and that. Are very I'm very powerful all familiar more powerful than they are out based. Because you can't see on the day easily and showed it is very scary that they will not treat you like pet. You'll chillier here being stroke. Aren't they wool and I'm lit up and and that ever happened to it to you it lit you up. Often a bed and levity you basically to show you'd be good to hold an open ended and when that happened and it. Uttered a lot idyllic earned from this item and not necessarily a medical speak relic that they actually going on and when they're not able to me. Some times. You guy is. Actual off air I experiences where pop to the point where I thought maybe. There might be something else going on. Yeah we've we've got about a minute so used an estimate where. Thanks Eric basically got that point where all of my happens and kind of surrounded me being lifted up and my feeling. And I have a particular episode where. I actually in all the evidence I would wake up before actually got. The healing working the feeling. And then one of my episode I did and I thought that. A white face. Like that the black man after being opened up in the my feeling and after that I woke up and I looked at air I didn't. We have I would have to be a terrifying some situation Indians. Tap them around they did get very area fell hard to explain to people who have never experienced that how. Devastating it can be seen he mentally. You know I've heard that from a lot of people who've experienced that that it is it is all of what you say it is now. Did you tell us how you view evaluated about solving the problem and in about thirty seconds there was at the medication these have taken the fix that or was it something else. I do believe it was probably stopping taking the medication I haven't had any episodes and. So that was a catalyst for well thank you very difficult. Having all have a great night. Yes thanks Leah. Kelly we've got about ten seconds here before we before we go to break when we come back to what the talk to you about some of the of the classes and that in this sessions that you do with people that you talk about on your website if we can do that. Are. Parents so if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio me she elected page and you can also download the show right from the unreality radio dot com if you download it from iTunes. Just do us a favor and rate the show and helps push it forward for everybody and helps make easier for them all to find he'll listen Jason did he. Today's show is beyond reality read here Jason how. Ours GB Johnson as we broadcast to you over many many fine radio stations throughout the country as part of the broad to be on reality radio broadcast network and online. And you can listen to a son a lot of different row web sites for those stations order to be unreal to renew your debt common and get a link there. You know we air on a ton of Entercom stations and Westwood One and I cramming more stations week to week you know it can be adding some on new ones. A total list come on and pretty much Monday cell. And to Steve I'll look to for those updates for not your area we probably. Soon will be our telephone numbers 8446877669. We always invite callers to the program or guest tonight is Kelly coffee she is the host of YouTube channel called Kelly in the wrong and her website is Kelly in the raw at TV dot com Kelly is spelled KK ELL I. Kelly I am I wanted to ask a little bit about to some of the blue the instructional things you do. The classes you teach one of the the claw my guy. Internet to explain this one to me is alien implant removal class. First of all I also see you off or service for alien implant removal tell us what a what what's that about that I haven't heard this before. I basically I've got the word daily peer reviewed it and she detention people go why in the world are you talking about. I that there are taken Lee but here in Korea. I'd be very simply and in other dimension that our Arctic air. Still on a level when you decided to kind of come into the videogame that that will call and then played that game you don't I think that that would be hard as your adventure. Opt for the sake of learning here when everywhere dignity here you decided to act to have gotten. Now earlier on this level down here it doesn't feel like that you at all that the attitude that. It something that app from another dimension that imposing. A lot. Basically programmed typing that runs through your behavior altar now what you do you. There we go in we find that they need yet eliminate them. Tron with the governor and one of that the one eager talker. Tucker basically is is an implant you don't certainty talk Chris on and people and the kids are called up 456 year old. He started eat chocolate with all of these are basically. Patterns that are ready in the reality. That. Basically what people can buy in Q. All of these control systems so ask you go to school and you go to earlier conditioning. You buy into the control of them and create the vortex basically. There are in template air you just have to kind of like apply the feelings and they and their earlier talker they're there and sat. You know basically he implant that you create yourself. Is to get which to put it but it if all of the western pattern they're all want parents. Count on international beings Dell what can all over the planet aren't some. Apple and they all have. I get strange. And can iron or influences on people to get. Large group of people to try here than to do you know go in that direction what do who benefit don't. What are the warning out out of they're getting. I do a lot of collaboration. Are from a lot of these we agreed to it. But together the kind of show the same equipment and technology. And there are all bring something different tell yourself a dollar tower. All the companies you're on the opponent to. Except Kelly felt this. I'm just if someone is someone who was afflicted with one of these implants and having when these conditions what would this what would be the symptoms they would experience. They're all different tired depending on what implant is there to be car. About 22. Basic ones. Thought that you see on almost everybody. Electorate one that you can't walk and talking in your hand. Talking at won't stop her play that song that just simply not op zoom the sands. Of Canada. Well I hung that they'd clean and try to facility that are not under under control and between let's look at the bringing it. Your ability to see another dimension you don't have that under control and it's scary. I'm Natalie that's that's already uses schizophrenia. Not all cases you have true what I call mental illness but there are a lot of the side note that the people who have. Psychic abilities they're seeing that they don't know how to control with AC and medication obviously that can control that real quick when I'm not really bringing your ability. One on the firm believer of that so I wrote an article on that a bulk and she's almost. Nearly twenty years ago. And and posted it online and would because of that article. A bunch of psychiatrists and and other individuals and in that profession. Made contact with me and I started working with everybody from Adam Bly down to numerous other individuals. And again because I'm from believe that a lot of people are diagnosed as schizophrenic when they're really just becoming sensitive. Oh absolutely yeah you can a lot of that the labeling. And it is part of the control structure they know that Eric the generation I'm out what an early when Allan border or not you thinking I'm. A lot of kind of what it and early weren't to get through the stock opt for the kids that are coming up in what I call that the new chipped. That they think in pictures I wish they'd pot labeled reflecting a they're highly intelligent they took an innocent from that that he can the reverse. So they appeared to be that dogma. They're trying to handicap the new generation that apple is Internet. To change everything you and ask that you actually backed war. It is the one that came here to change the world became two I can help a leader in in all of. And if we went through some more of the things that you offer folks. You you talk about doing a personal Auroio drawing what's that about. I'm you can competitor to act. And copper. I don't or it basically on. That are all heart attack are called temporary like the technology. If I'd all the code on that would be human. Your personality. Your emotions are personal or Oakland the whole area. And it seem impolite. To betting on on what's going on a tear really angry are you might see a lot of red you know in in your order. Contact your balance of the key other colors here intact with spiritual. And you're kind of like a stubborn person a lot of energy. He'll keep purple and a candidate amount. Kodak here or that the color that you see it it fluctuates depending on your mute. Yeah it'll change respectable decades. But it's just a reflection. You know would that person is going through and at that moment it and not an energy around and tell I just I'd take a look at it or on. And I'd lie on our way of what I see in explain. We look at colors mean it yen wide latitude doing it and buy it it certainly reaping the line and I've seen or colored state. Odd because I see everything. I have a hard time differentiating between what a bigger it was that under current draw higher bank. I can also see and inside of people indictment illnesses not a medical doctor I have to keep calling Google. And find out what organ and I'm looking at. When it went in I did and people thought to be drawing vetted as well if I see inflammation and orthopedic problem. You know in in their body. You know that that will be honored here. Yes when you're doing or draws your doing and remotely obviously people out there with you see you do is that a part of remote viewing is it is that how you do that. And it strictly limited is remote viewing. You know he died of old that makes sense instantly that they outside these bodies and the reality that we're hearing fingered as the saying it. It pirate station you can accept any anything at all what you understand it can't have been that easy access information from someone around the world. Just the payment that you're standing in front of you. And hundreds of preparing some of holograms are all all that there is you know these are to back up you look at that planet earth. And you candidate you back out of it hurt your bubble. You keep the hub that technology occur digging on that reality you know that partnering with the galaxy it it turned to Bob worked well. You do not part of our universe if you're going to double all the other universe is them or persons are all holographic bubble. Until and that is what it into my sessions that take people to where they are actually in a holographic bubble right now having this experience at take them. There you know that they want to make changes. To what bowling on the plate but they decided to do that at the Kentucky go back and and it may change its. Well no Kelly or a question from one of our one of our chatters and they're asking. What advice do you have for someone who's not sensitive and wants to be sensitive. I'm not sure exactly what it mean diet I can and then I just thought of opening up put it that way opening up being more sensitive to the energies around them. That's a difficult challenge for the general population. It is you're better if I'm able to ask them questions about what's going on consumption. Might be experiencing a whole lot of trauma. And the inner life and they shall not look our and then you don't want to have your Russians that. Cannot be difficult to understand exactly what would mean that. Spent so I managed. So higher. So suspense this poet's account. To suspense asking that question to you probably should call 8446877669. And asked the question on the radio. So yeah. An Emmy and and I. I get what he's saying as soon as somebody who I've been emboldened in chi and things of that nature and that's a big thing is try to feel the energy around you connect with the energy around June 2 also when you're when you're dealing with somebody whether you're fighting them and tournament or whatever you're trying to affect their energy Westar Energy. So I I can see what he means on that Paul did do is do you have. A way of guiding somebody letting them know how to. Migs they're energy stronger of their shock grow stronger. And just to get off higher vibrations to others. Well I can I help people get rid of their Cochran are so they don't have any limitations anymore. And they're able to accept your gateway outside. Of the matrix. So that's step one and you be able to. To take people need journey in it they're able to tax her energy that you that you can't accept an in baker. I can show that you have a talker they never got that never work meet Arctic I talked about. And out of touch now out of it. But sensitivity that I have and I need to be someone in front of you please get that impression or purple what are you eating. You know are your hairstyle we're all day or you leave video game called you desensitize yourself. What are you doing so that's more than anything how to be sensitive. Little limit out crap from our life. Yet you causing. That insensitivity. By the integrated power station though in the technology out. The clean up our dialogue although artificial crap out out of the air. Two dying opt want that huge and I clean that out. When your body starts to I heal itself. In ivory at a much higher rates you know not to do with being sent it to be able to be the work more tentative. It it it happens in it and you greater collaboration. So otherwise there's you know everybody that everybody got a book out there on and to opt out and do you do it and a 108 degree in your body and balancing getting everything in that. Directly becoming and dad. And I applaud Erica I think around the world with the worldwide. Our problem in the whole area your emotions restored they were never meant to go inside your body. In their factory settings are supposed to be outside of your body so we are hot to argue to pull her emotions in our body. Minute especially got a while your cry. And then you hold these emotions which are like energy bubble in part of your body you start to wreak Havoc on your body and terrible decision. And then someone will go to the love and light indeed after the passionate and of itself its new arrangement with a complete description. And they try to get you to pull your bigger happy. Motion in your body you're going to be completely drugs. You know that you would you ignore your responsibility. Still we're we're taught every girl go to do something wrong with her body to were all were always on the ballot. You get the emotion back into their factory settings on the legal cushioned way beyond their bodies when he can be brought back into the factory setting can they put them why it. And London also. There's so many things that can go wrong with the person that a bit this so individual there's no cookie cutter interpret it and I was there was really you're. Erica. So Kelly we've just got a few seconds or minute or so left here I also knows that he's dead a music component on your website and spices. And crystals and just give us a quick. Am I an overview of what you have on there. Come hang out there and there are a lot yummy as in the door what we're picking the right now is the pipeline. I have by the wind that are absolutely amazing morsel out all the harmony Internet. We're starting our whole helped push you put it into the grocery stores. I'll Wal-Mart target. We're gonna get you into the store. Starting on April the first time we're gonna need that launched. And from that project. I project that when it is really exciting for me it's going to be able to find Kelley school. And I'm basically me traveling all over the world and not having to worry about Ella ticket. You know did you do that and you teach people how he'll have to accept the energy. Beyond the matrix beyond what everybody else is done it got I'm not bashful anybody can do that. It's not a lot of people can't. I don't know I I teach people how to go get healing energy that. People armed it's still alive right now and you still live a year ago. Because. Of the energy that I'm teaching people with a different kind of what I had an offering. On online I did you get paid to that you know. But the website is Kelly in the raw TV dot com it's Kelly with NI KEL ally any other place that you people should go to find out more information. It's it also actually copy dot com time you can get a picture. The end we guided. All the that would love that that's her despite all of the club dot com. Yen YouTube actually in Iran and YouTube I want it to grandma doctor Kelly can't see on an that they look and a lot of good will publicity you give I. What's been great to have you on the show Kelly thanks so much for joining us tonight so much. Thank you very tired of wonder well are you have a great night Kellie Coffey it's beyond reality reading games. JE hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab my out of the microwave no Chafee don't. Life on myself. Don't let this deputy U Brett goes umbrella is the perfect protection for the perfect and finger. The crypto umbrella is made up of high quality heat resistant asbestos and perfectly suited to handle the most dangerous jobs just don't breathe here. He used the umbrella for apple to get some protection while using matches during coffee sunbathing near the pool changing spark plug tingling kiln fires ceramics and so much more and how about those romantic candle lit dinners can you can be left. Don't worry and provide protection thanks umbrella. The umbrella usually. Sells for 2995. But pulled out and we'll triple you'll order. One for Pete's not the end with every order today crap global donate thirty cents to fifty seat the forgotten them international. The crap don't umbrella is the only seed do you approve some protection device on the market it is your thumb worth it. The crap go some relish not. Not considered at some protection device and it's illegal in some states that most states that Allstate. After murdering Jews because you don't just going into the crowd there's nothing nuts there's nothing not to let me and I think it is it is timely you know forward thinking its own talk for exactly a big big shout out to Kelly car chief coming on hang out with us tonight and talking. About. All her abilities and different things like I'm so little loss of poll we had the moon first book packed whatever. Yeah that's a problem of the time goes by so quickly we had a little issue in the beginning of the conversation or phone went crazy or something went crazy but tons in Austria did start late but yet that that deserves a little more discussion at some point. Deserves a lot more discussion about a Paris early and we get some great shows coming up tomorrow night we're going to be talking to Gavin telling him all Purcell. And Gavin sees somebody might remember Gavin from a season three regional finalists on national star. But a sense seasons left the that field and dad's side to on ghosts. So I'm had been working on some new stuff Amazon prime meat check out video. But a lot of great things coming up. Yeah Friday night of course if you're listening a local radio station will be a best of program and then Monday but Cate Jenkins will be joining us he's talking about chemicals in our diet. And GM owes the future of the American diet he's got a book called contamination. Talking about very dangerous things in the things we eat and it sounds like it's gonna make me. We haven't had him on the ground under Specter always comes on talks about the conspiracies in everything you'll easily told me disease to have them on when we're on at 9 o'clock on Monday she said you know midnight need to do is just to Lee it's too plea. Don't know. He looks like he's up all the time ideas but I think the news gets a millstone on amendment and but if you haven't yet may share head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page and also just remember you can download the show from beyond reality radio dot com. It's all free there if you download from iTunes or wherever else is to us a favor please read it helps skidded get the word out and makes a move forward for more people defined by a big shout out from myself and GG for day. It's everybody's tuning in thanks much love out there is Jason javy beyond our only real catch old ma. Any media is to discuss its include things like Alexandria Johnson intercom league. 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