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3/24 10am Don: Michael Glasser talks NOPD retention

Mar 24, 2017|

Would you support a family member's decision to pursue a law enforcementcareer? It's becoming harder and harder to recruit new officers. The pay is low. The risks are high. The image of police officers has been tarnished. What would happen to society if no one wants to become a police officer? Don Dubuc talks to the president of PANO, Capt. Michael Glasser.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This first hour or we're gonna talk in in depth about police shortage hitting cities and small towns now across the country. When you get the law enforcement of tough job but somebody's got to do and we're hearing reports now that numerous police departments all across the country is not just a local problem that desperately losing men power in new recruits. On fourth meant to nobody's surprise is becoming less of a desirable career choice due to. A lot of police getting a bad rap misses a trend. That could put public safety at risk say some of the policing experts now. The current shortage affects of police forces from the biggest cities down to little rural police departments. They're struggling to find not only interested but when I think is more of an untold story this is qualified. Officer Ken. This is coming from the vice president of the police foundation. People are asking when their considering law enforcement is that Korea is it worth it. And of course you know we've got some. Quotes and comments will be talking about it to find out how bad the situation does not just here but across the country but here and the other metropolitan lowlands area we've asked the special guest judge on a stock captain Michael Glaser. Who was the president of paneled police association of New Orleans and he joins us more talk about the localized situation news in metropolitan lawless. I'm Michael thanks for being with us if you would is is always like to do let people know. About the organizations that people represent tells about panel police association Walt. Labor organizations. A made up actually of renewal we saw search and we represented Serbia also rank and file members and the department. Since 1969. We've been responsible for a lot of legislation a lot of issues that go on of course we tried to look better law enforcement for the citizens well. Michael come on aged panel involved with the recruitment of offices I mean do you get to speak to them or you actively involved in working with the active department in in securing and locating good cannon good qualified to. Well that we don't do it directly we wind up talking to recruits is in Korea there hired. But we're not directly involved in the hiring process their road to get into a process that is gone I'll buy it cities that completion just surrounded contribute to that city has made. Effort to do it fairly good job recruiting considering. The overall climate that we working in the. But that climate through archery association what's being discussed at your meetings with commit. Well that the problems as he's pointed out. In your preferences that if circled the net national problem in the nationwide on the some of the it would single and I don't think anyone's surprised by there are. A lot of issues going on respect the law enforcement what police sausage should should not be doing. How they should be doing it agreed to scrutiny that that involve that. And a lot of people are. Reluctant to take his his career based upon what's going on these days and of course locally we had the same problem child has. We have some additional problems brought on by. Yeah economics and the economic strategies and it administration. And we've been unable to reverse that trend. That we started not hiring people for the first several years and an encouraging people to leave it to balance the budget and now we can't reverse deterrent. You know Michael to try to put this into perspective that I now witnessed. Back when drafted into the military backed and jobs were really good I mean nobody wanted to Eagles certainly in the military. As while we had to have been drafted in eminent people volunteer to go grab a gun and Goldman rice paddy in of southeast Asian country especially when it wasn't a particularly popular walk. But what Faisal was with distilled his draft process they've got some of the best people that were unavailable otherwise by using that draft. So when you've got conditions such as they are when you're looking to recruit new police offices. Not only are you not giving the numbers but how many of really good. Qualified people with the right to adjust not even consider. Quality and you have the reverse problem how many people are taking advantage of the shortage applying war in getting out that may not really be qualified. Because we district personnel what happens. You have to resist the tendency. To lower the standards or overlook. Certain issues that maybe red flag as we say. And hire people they can't do you ordinarily wouldn't and then we have a real. Or asking our audience's question would you support a family members decision. To pursue a law enforcement career in non not surprisingly 67%. Say no they would not suggest a recommended. 33% said they would back their family members decision to pursue a law enforcement career. Captain Michael Glazer who's the president of panel to police association and wall loans as weather's. Michael I've got several walk calls and in tech's some questions and comments I'll get to those but in an effort to make sure we don't miss this. Tell us what it is police associations not just into all of that may be in the state all across the country need. Dude turn this around and bring more good qualify and offices into the. Well then you have two questions have been one as we can do locally and what what may be need to be done nationally which would of course include. One of the issues I think this has come out here. It is a certain amount of lack of support for all citizens understand people concerned about errant behavior and it happens on remember that we ought to have made a human being. And human being a flawed and they make mistakes sometimes there. Delivered most of the time they're not. Fortunately law enforcement agency relatively rare thing but of course when it happens to make big news and make peca line that you're on YouTube. And it becomes big national issue and everyone has humiliated. Humiliated everyone's well. So that's not something that's attractive to someone seeking. Stay in war come to label force career. It's something you'll have to learn to deal with but. I think the support of the public in what we do a daily basis track we work for them that we provide sixty treat them. It's something that seems to have been lost. In a few instances isolated to bill of erred behavioral questionable behavior so I think there's a certain amount of support it needs to come from the public. And from the government well I think which sourced from initial. And to build that trust back with the community is that since we were in the community it's essential unity now spec has had competence. That we are here to do the job for them and competence in the way we do. That's going to be a national issue and include cheer it's important that is for individual department because we're experiencing. Aren't the same sort of thing with the department locally that an Okie. Saint Tammany. Jefferson Parish state police. Some of the local. The municipalities don't have the same recruitment and moreover retention problems. Didn't Opie. And there are some specific reason. Michael I might add in their twos some did not think would help this tennis saturation around is is the media has a big responsibility in this and I think they've failed miserably because as you said. There's always going to be Aaron behavior because people all human in and you gonna get some bad. A very very small percentage but jumping to conclusions with this fast reporting in using. Clips out of context off of cell phone cameras in and basically. It'll prosecuting people in in in carrying out the trials on camera instead of wait and all the facts gimmick is in many many of these cases. We've seen that once the facts come out that the police did in fact act properly NS and. And Marty can click. People rolling to what the technology it is is video. They think that's the end that's all EC. And video tells the entire story that's often true as you know what happened what they start you know Apatow project due to seat. The angles and all the issues that the limited view not television choreographed. It's a very limited use sometimes it's really good and sometimes it really is obviously you're right it can't be adjudicated. In the media in the public. So you have weeks back about the fact will open which in its. Well if the media doesn't accept the responsibility Denis of the public to realize that they have to filter of the media as being fed to them and decide for themselves whether this is a a premature decision on our opinion has been branded on Michael I got John listening to as he wants ask a question Johns on line one. Listen I'm home thanks for you call John you along with captain Michael Glaser. And I like Michael to discuss the benefits. Are done this that all the secure open a lot of spam C. Or you question what again. I'd like to judge the the city's. On opposite shell and all that. It is on a. There are benefits from the state. As well as from the federal government. And sometimes individually from an organization war department at the auction works what it may be something locally. The general state benefits and new law federal benefits that are available for. Also there did kill line duty. As well as educational benefits for children. Oval and he'll like it. What. I don't have those amounts to try to be Ottawa this quote them but it definitely. I don't have the number did to debate that we don't know but he. Is. Right. If if he's not ST yeah unique and interstate that there is money that is recruit them monies the same title that money which is crude but perhaps not pitch. And it he's not. Not not bested by a shot and disabled. He he'd be usage should it's workman's comp it's correct. It should be defeated in the line duties should be where we've come. And a lot of times it's a retirement disability. Retirement that's available depending upon how severe the injury is. And usually losses to a severely injured take advantage of that disability retirement you don't have to be tested at that. Right as much money. Again I don't have certain number and so it is dependent upon what he also was earning it the times and took it to Lou about the not a fixed it. Number. I've handled pretty bird he has in. Son in law was. Not an easy and I understand it now. Our church financial belt law. Up fairly. Structured shall. Consume Bob burial about the white the total work. A chain abruptly. I would think it probably correct I wouldn't expect the amount. Tomorrow recollect and to be enough sustained and we without. Are the primary caretaker working I would be I would be brought it up right now. And it should he and latch. No that's that's not necessarily. John thank you vote the news you put in law enforcement and also for supporting your family in the two we appreciate your call thank you. I'd of fuel on officer and you move Tulane now the force from one we get a calls intelligent objects viable for 260. 1870 or you can send us attacks and 87870. My dog got uninteresting not text message came in asking people help while this to the public they wanna know of panel has launched a drive. To hire returning soldiers from the mid east and you know that Mike good source of qualified people that patriotic. They can be certainly be thoroughly vetted his or as a qualification with a military is out of an effort that's going on all possibility might look into it. Well that's Orton looked. The obviously department well aware of the resource that the military provides in terms of candidates should we watney quite a few more recruits or military. That's already progress in the war. Actively and aggressively trying to recruit people from that and you. So of course we encourage anyone who's in the military uses this time is about to come out what is already out. To explore possibility of coming on board. Very good in asking you this would you support a family members decision to stool law enforcement Korea. And it's kind of turned 61%. Said yes they that if the family member decided to go in law enforcement. 39%. Saying no and give you an example both sides attacks comes and it's as Don. My son is nineteen going to college studying law enforcement he wants to be a Mississippi Highway Patrol and we support and all proud of him. But then on the other side of it insofar confined because a lot of text in between here it is on my father was one life game warden. Then state trooper for the wheezing and it in today's culture I could not support my son nor my brother. To follow I'd dad's footsteps in law enforcement so they you have both sides of it. Captain Michael Glaser the president. The European panel police association Collins is with this and we've been discussed in this. ABBA forget to PS call Michael I've gotten several tax in the common different forms of question but the basic bottom line is. What effect has the consent decree had on bringing new offices in if you would. First explain what that sent this decree is in New Orleans and what is its impact. A lot of people are unaware exactly that means basically it cannot Sheila they consent decree is an agreement between. The department of justice and the city's annual. Monitored by the federal through several federal monitors and her direct oh. And that agreement is in how the walls police department interact with the Koppel. That is for traffic stops pedestrian stops have an interview interrogate. Any contact we have with the public. It is controlled by its rigid set of rules. From the consent decree has agreed guilt oversight is a great deal of bureaucratic people were goes along with that everything has to be documented. Where where cameras are required you must be killed that must be labeled a must be archive the most viewed by several. Different individuals. Forts or to make sure that they think that the oaks is doing correct. Choose agreed deal bureaucracy that goes along with and what happened with that and he's second question. Is it has created. An extremely labor intensive bombardment for. That means this thing they used to take an hour now take 34 hours or tasks now that we knew we never had to do before. And once we didn't have to do. Or now brutal winds redundancy and we had a great deal extricate work. By boat surprises and also which means that it slows down prost at commencement. Everything comes to a kind of grinding halt and as a result. This shortage is exacerbated even worse because now not only do we need 16100 we really need to begin it probably need more late 17100. Just be able keep up the difference in the amount of bureaucratic work that we do along with that and kind of work. It is currently well come on board. And the same day at eight they do want to build stay in at audible problem that is protect. We can't keep officers who warned that it here we can keep options that we recently. You take a look at the number of people we hire. We're actually not doing too badly we've merely hiring somewhere around an excess of hundred people here the problem is we're losing that many and more. By the end the year so world upside down it's their right to. So in your opinion and I guess panels of consent degree bottom line is that the cost benefit ratio is the extra manpower and time and expense. Well worth it in benefits that come back to the community. I think what we have here is the pendulum swung too far the other way. I think that while the basic concepts of the consent decree will regret saying a lot of these things need to be notified that you beat. And been given more oversight and more responsibility and accountability and had I think we've gone too far the other direction. And now we have so much. That we can't even possibly keep up with and it's just bought this down to a point where all were ineffective or response time to terrible. What people call for the police is eight nobody issue and went that it shall shall late. And ordered that has do with the fact that they have so what did you on the previous call. That they can't just clear up and go into the next call. There's a lot has he done so well consent decree in concept is a good thing I think it needs to be modified and amended to a point where it's more functional. Analyst receipt and would take. Well that would take basically the federal judge would have to approve any agreement by the property just knowing avenue department this with the new president. So I wouldn't be shocked if if there was a renegotiated consent decree comes down pretty soon. Because they'll procedurally. And I explained people sometimes this way you know it's like building if you if you could bode well all instructed them to the letter. And everybody congratulates itself passed from one back for a great job when equitable water and things like spill and say well it didn't work so well. We followed the procedure and that's what the consent decree it's a long list of very very specific procedures that we're trying desperately to follow. But we put a boat war things like stone we're not doing so well publicly that the problems we have to reverse. Thanks for the great explanation frank missile amendment issue. Well let's go to here in Metairie up here is online radio thanks for your call. You. When you planned and failure then it seemed that is the plan. Is a problem. But we were little and stick. Ordered weather is in sector or private sector you all week long term management. The fine sort of the problem and in this particular area. Which is tough area you have either. A bad job or. Or bad law when you got a man. It would. That's bad a lot of people that the grid. Well lord you're doing it but at the top when you have a bad day. Couple where. That the killer so. Good ball. The one thing we have here with the mayor. Who from the very beginning. Round. Where. Reduction plan. And then with the City Council. And hopefully. Unlike across the power lines where mule born in the yeah sure. Police and that the department. Would a con. Oh on the politics. And mayor Landrieu thank you earlier inquiries. People believe the war. Not only did reduce the numbers which was horrible but it also created point in this environment. And I believe cheeks are. Part of the problem there. But they couldn't do their job it will open shall there at rank saying. What criticism coming. And that has led to a catastrophic. Failure. On the fourth. And they report the numbers Angela. Primarily. Because you have bad management but alt though because there really is no significant increase pay. He couldn't get any worker to do almost any job. Today is good. And that is simply. That one thing. Well well. And today when he it's related to trifecta on that you're exactly correct on everything outgrow them does go on to explain what you did say. Only because united it would process like we. But you're exactly right. It's management. Comes down to met and it comes out to pick but not just Tate. It's a courier yeah this is something that we've kind of been pressing and pushing for the support for a long time. That is enough to get people on board. It is not enough to keep people want and that's with a problem that there's no career no opportunity for advancement is no opportunity for pay increases. Without the traditional won't advance that would history on. And that can get a management and we're league games some right now as a matter that trying to remedy that. We have to at this point so seeing social services had to increase the reach of today sir detectives just to get them to come work. In sex crimes at the academy to get people could because that job has turned it even less desirable with in the units and it isn't rested upon. And you're exactly right this stems from management it stems from money. Hasn't been leadership. And you get to get the job is difficult but when I went out look around and answer from the Hillary each in the room in the metro area. Experiencing the same problems that hiring and that we could have a court. We're also seeing how they have to work. In this environment. And indeed don't have to do that if they step across the line gets a parrot what step or street doing it there count report to know we can't state police. War go to saint and the think Bernard Canucks. They don't have those problems so they migrate those. In April on their hiring you know pretty like so we're different people and it's an animal of the department. You're exactly right now Batman comes out a it comes down to the benefits that we offer in the process its leadership you're exactly right. I've yet thank you for your call list some move on to Ronald line to Ronald thank you patients. Hey I need to go. I thought it should bury you your handle it and that it. It's only now we are certain option to have reached an X he's. Eric yet people. Good play. We recommend you choose an emergency. And you. Well. Be able to get these actions. Are okay. And it. It. And districts which it's important boards or. It's ancient world media. Leagues you'd hear what would. Street. Ward. Shut the street and then you're out yeah we yet. Did she want to call it. What. You're at all that the language. In the meat and you all in all day. Now let's borne out there and take them. Also obesity. I've never told me all. Happy. They. Reach out. I Rawls made some some recommendations them before Ronald Tom Michael if you like to address. Well editor adequately he's the commander district so we're very well in that district in right now. It is not uncommon. You are 2030 and sometimes what he called back law. Three of four officers striking patrols called anything of course it's impossible not gonna happen. Sort of manpower shortage because it 144 square mile is even more critical in the that is in many other places that it is critical everywhere. You know the idea of some sort of a mortgage or rent that's a possibility so he's been kicked around on the Portman can do it on the mortgage companies. And lending it to you have to be able to view and we've been unsuccessful in getting any really significant going but a great idea we see it happen and I as far as. Manpower you know that the are feeling what would problem that's exactly. Michael thanks for taken on the explode as would listen though would like to do some follow up programming on this thanks again very much we appreciate your I'd coming up but next our amended you know mind. It bad experience attracts a tragic experience when my god tell my nephew Ryan Dubuque was killed earlier this year. Now in a kind of revisit that and kind of update you on what I have experience through the judicial system in the criminal would not call injustice system. Are of migrate from crime fighters is he away and discussed some new legislation that could affect releasing prisoners stainless.